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L'Officiel Marlon Teixeira

* Update at the bottom of the post.

Those of you who browse the Virgoans Of Fashion section of this site already know why it is that Virgos dominate fashion. I mean where else is obsessive attention to detail and neurosis so richly rewarded as it is in fashion?  See the section for more but here we have two New Virgoans of Fashion.

(1) Marlon Teixeira, the Brazilian boy version of Gisele and a Virgo, obviously. I see it in his eyes. He is incredulous, having just noticed a split end on the photographers otherwise perfect mane.  Virgo Vision never sleeps – not even when the Virgo does. They are like ducks. Or whatever the animal is that sleeps with its eyes open.

(2) Romeo Beckham, scion of the highly Aries Victoria and Triple Taurus David Beckham. At 10 years old, he is featuring in this Burberry campaign and well, you know, showing some serious bratling form here. I mean, if you start with this at 10 and you deep-down know you got the gig via nepotism, where is there go to when you are – say – 19?   I foresee a rebellion via grunge.

If you have not already seen it, may i introduce Not Vogue, edited by a person calling himself Steve Oklyn – the site is like J.G. Ballard if he reincarnated as a Gen Y Fashion Student all of a sudden or like if Adbusters started a fashion magazine. It’s also seriously cult and hypnotic. Totes insider. Very Zap Zone. i love it. Am certain he is also a Virgo of Fashion. I mean, come on, he writes his commentary in haiku.

I would describe the current globalized VOGUE brand as a network for consumer control. A fashion network built with one operative purpose: addictive consumption. How it ensures control is through a tightly guarded series of rules referred to as style and a tightly organized hierarchy of rewards for obeying and promoting the guardians [Newhouse’s-Arnault’s-Pinault’s…] ironclad control of those rules and hierarchies. I believe repressive is the clearest description of the editorial consequence when referring to VOGUE. That is also a definition of Anna Wintour’s role and source of her contrived influence.

Burberry advertisement Romeo Beckham

The fault lines are a purchased sense of power [advertising budgets-event sponsorships-artist collaborations and global ambassadors] plus the guardians false sense that they are the guiding leadership of societal power. Pay to play is not power but if that is the only sanctioned fashion industry process then it becomes power. Currently the weakest of fault line narratives is the young tastemaker. The guardians are baby boomers and older. They have begun to use their children and grandchildren to retain their false sense of eternal youth and influence. To extend this fabricated influence their progeny are repackaged as tastemakers. Acting as global agents of irrelevant consumerism. Remember rule number one: they own and control the media to own and control the message. A question. Who would Andy Warhol be besties with The Kardashians or The Roitfelds? Just posing this question exposes a major fault line.


Man in hoodie with back to camera

Steve Oklyn – Not Vogue

UPDATE:  Hey Mystic,

I did a shoot in NYC with Marlon (and Lara Stone) when he was just starting out, I think it was 2009.
i was the assistant to the stylist so I was the young 20 something that had the pleasure of dressing him all day long.
He is one beautiful soul. He was so polite and kind and told me that he had cancer when he was younger.
From my memory I am pretty sure he had a tattoo of his mum’s name or something about his mum on him.
He spoke so highly of her. He had such an incredibly genuine nature.
And god was he dreamy!!!

Here are some pics of the shoot I did with them:

Marlon Teixeira Lara Stone shoot

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64 thoughts on “New Virgos Of Fashion

  1. So many opportunities to throw in a poncho reference, so little time…

    • yesterday I helped an old lady put on her poncho in a cafe where i was having lunch. The woman had had a fall, and the cafe staff gave her tea and lunch – she was got up in a very groovy outfit – leopard print hat, orange fleece top and the vintage, orange/brown poncho – yes I checked the label when I was helping her 🙂

        • good work to all if you really! you for checking out the label; the cafe staff for loveliness; and her for the extended groove factor!

          • I found out she lives near me – maybe we can adopt each other? she reminded me of my beloved old cousin who died New Years Eve – very with it and not at all self-absorbed *sigh*

        • I bought one the other day! And I have a fabulous multi-coloured one that I knitted about 2 years ago! Love them!

      • How about a psychic poncho. When you wear it you know what everyone’s thinking.

  2. Interesting! Not sure what to think about “Not Vogue” but it is intriguing.

    I’m sensing he (Steve Oklyn) has some Aqua action going on. It’s all very “New World Order” but without the illuminati.

    I mean, as a Virgo personally, I’d write a succinct investigative piece on the power lines of global fashion/influence/consumerism rather than vague ramblings about “power” coupled with arty shots of designer duds, right?

    • But who would read it if the only mass medium in which to publish it was controlled by those u investigate?

      • Presumably the same people that read his blog. i.e. publish it on the web. And throw in some interesting fashion pics for good measure. I haven’t got a problem with his blog, just the vagueness of it all. We want specifics! Who ARE “the guardians”? Their children? Name and shame, I say.

        • Agree it’s surface skimming and not digging the boot into these offenders.
          To answer his Warhol question: BFFs with both, but a public split with the K Klan over a snafu at a Beeb party.

  3. Although I agree with what he has to say, the guy has no taste or style whatsoever. His clothes don’t even fit him properly. A cheap ass with sour grapes?

    • I find it interesting that he posts pics of actual designer pieces (e.g. Nicholas Ghesquiere, sp?). For something supposedly “non-mainstream” he does seem to support established designers (rather than random op-shop looks).

      • Yeah why not do street style if he’s so anti consumption and established order?

  4. Why not just go for the elephant in the room instead of attacking the elephant’s pants aka Vogue. Fashion is possibly te most wasteful and exploitative industry in the world, certainly both the textile and garnet industries thrive on the misery of one lot of people and the gullibility, avariciousness and credit-fueled insecurity of another lot of people. Forget about trashing Vogue and who or what are the gatekeepers, that’s just blah blah blah self-publicity for people who have nothing to sell. Trash fashion, and the need to own so much and have a look and go shopping and be so fuqing surface all the time. Question that, cos that’s worth questioning. Anna Wintour is just a hag. More fool him and anyone else who can be bothered trying to question her or nominating some people ‘gatekeepers’ and some people ‘arbiters’ .Get your clothes from vinnies and let’s all become real people instead of dress-em-up fools for exploitative big business.
    We’re all just beautiful anyway, whatever we wear.

  5. i had to get about 20 pages in before i really got it. then i was hooked. not sure that it’ll revolutionize anything, (though honestly, neither will deep analysis, naming of names, or street-style blogs- the interwebs are full of that stuff already and does anybody really care? yes, but no, i’m afraid…) but it’s fascinating in its vacuousness!

  6. Sophistication comes from sophistry, the ancient art of making others look wrong. Fashion is just a by product of the art.
    Look at me wearing my new poncho …if you don’t have one your just not in the loop, but of course once you do get one it will have been superseded by this new short jacket …it’s just a step up from 3 cups and one ball on a table.

  7. politeness and kindness are wonderful – libra rising or libra mercury perhaps, though he could have leo rising – mum.

    • i soooo want that colour of his hair, and the colour of sea behind him i would want for my eyes, or my lovers eyes so i could be swept away in them..