Mercury In Kataka Style Guide – More Than A Poncho

Beautiful People, Mercury is going to be in Kataka/Cancer until AUGUST. Jupiter is going into the very same sign in 12 days time. This is a whole new look, a new season, fresh vibe.  Here is your style guide for referencing.

Swedish avant garde fashion

This rain jacket is made from a synthetic fabric based on recycled PET bottles, Maxjenny Forslund’s specialty. The poncho is one circle that drapes into contours that follow the body’s movements. The print is based on paintings by the designer’s mother, Swedish painter Margareta Forslund.


Avant-Garde artisan eco-geomancy mother-referencing Swedish designer poncho – i mean, seriously, it does not get much better than this in the Cancerian Mood Fashion Chic stakes. Let it rain.

avant garde gemstone jewellery

Stalking Etsy for Yoni Jewellery – you know (right?) that Kataka/Cancer is THE sign of the Yoni, Womb, Mother Goddesses, Sensual Moon Schizz and Sacred Feminine. This is for when you want to make a strong sacred vadge statement. You read the Da Vinci Code (you remember because you were doing the South Beach Diet at the time) you know all about Jesus being Isis/Mr Magdalene and the Holy C*** Theory. Plus you can whisk this piece off and use it as a weapon if need be, street brawler style.

Diana Studies. Lobbying to have the lady canonized. Waiting for a new conspiracy theory/evidence to emerge with this retrograde. She would have been 52 this year, doing her Chiron Return.  They say the book on her bedside table at the time of her death was that Men Are From Mars – Women Are From Venus relationship guide. This haunts me.

box of cash

Cold hard sexy cash – not credit, not debt. Because if your bank’s biz model involves turning you into a debt slave, you’re not up for it. The return of ye olde small-medium businesses, artisan, personalized awesome. Every dollar you spend is a political statement. You don’t buy crap. You don’t eat crap. You are the smart money.

Femen Protest

Femen as your new fave charity – ultra Uranian, totally in the Zap Zone, super Moon Goddessy in her ancient guise as agitator, jungle huntress, nudist, anarchist and protector of the rights of females/children.

Balenciaga Dali

A la Balenciaga Resort 2014 Referencing Batman AND Dali in basically everything that you do but particularly fashion and workplace politics. Drawing personal inspiration from surrealism over and above a decaying ‘New Age’ set of beliefs. The Law of Awesome trumps Law of Attraction. You, Batman and Dali know that the universe is not – in fact – a fuqing ‘ordering system’ just waiting for you to phrase your request properly or act like it’s already happened. Think positively, sure.  “It’s not who I am underneath but what i do that defines me.” Batman Begins.


Reading profound young adult fiction to reconnect/connect better with your teenage mojo. What would 14yro you think of you/your life and choices now?


Shunning “authentic snakeskin” shoes and handbags etc. Even if you’re a Paleo person, you don’t have to be a Neanderghoul.  The process to get the skin off the snake for your wallet or whatever is unbelievably cruel, they are alive when it happens and then their bodies are just thrown away, left to slither around in agony until they die. It’s not even a by product of meat, as can be argued for leather. AND it’s the Year of the Snake guys!  I sent a rant to Country Road saying they should not be so cruel to an innocent, sacred-to-the-Goddess magical animal – did not get a response. But f.y.i. if you have budget, the Vegan and Virgo Of Fashion Stella McCartney makes genius faux snakeskin stuff and so does (heaps more affordably) this site that has all the fancy Italian Vegan designers.

Panther psychic powers

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204 thoughts on “Mercury In Kataka Style Guide – More Than A Poncho

  1. Cold hard sexy cash – not credit, not debt. Because if your bank’s biz model involves turning you into a debt slave, you’re not up for it. The return of ye olde small-medium businesses, artisan, personalized awesome. Every dollar you spend is a political statement. You don’t buy crap. You don’t eat crap. You are the smart money.

    dang, mystic I wish I could quit you.

    • And this had better be ME with my progressed Taurus Sun, Kataka Moon and Capricorn Ascendant.

      It is my exact aim of late, and it amuses me to see the astro progressions.

      • This is my aim of late too (Pluto on my Venus seemed to trigger it off for me.) Actually after a lot of hard work and sacrificing of my instant retail gratification mentality I’m pretty much there apart from a mortgage but I don’t see a mortgage as dumb debt if it’s worked right.

  2. I LUVED that movie.

    I LUV money. Saying it for the first time out loud. What a relief.
    When I couldn’t connect so deeply to my own spirit at times, and trying,
    I was afraid I would put money first.

    I won’t. Just love cash, freedom ya know. Necessary.

    And when you’re creative and mature enough to know what you need and what you like and you got dough…ah. Working on it.

    Wishes for everyone to get more than they need if you don’t have bucket loads already…and great health.

    (Did some things that scared me today and it feels good.)

  3. I just love that you wrote to Country Road!
    Nice work MM.

    If Mercury is Kataka till August, I will keep my poncho on!

      • Hi ALSM, wasn’t sure whether to engage, pass agg comments aren’t much fun and I thought you might appreciate a little directness.
        No matter what a person writes good or bad you get really stuck on them. You scare me because if I say what I really think then you might go bananas at me & stalk my comments.
        I really can see why a person might go permanently anon sometimes! So thanks for the interest, I hope you understand.

        • Nope all my jokes have been leo ascendant focused….. stalk comments lol? Could a mercury in pisces be so focused? I wouldn’t worry… I was talking about mystics poncho post. But I understand u are under the weather and a probably a litltle sensitive, or did have a comment stalker before.

          You never said anything I have ever disagreed with.

          alot of times u dont even have to respond to leo ascendants alot of time were just putting out like the sun and expect none comment back out of social nicetys…

          • I thought u would think the poncho pony thing was funny. Lighten the cold a bit seeing we share some of the same views I thought you would be able to see that but the astro weather is full of retros and other fun things so …

            If you feel scared to get into debate with me well your probably just jumping into the future. So im 3 fixed signs and prettty unmovable so what is the big deal? 🙂 I dont take it that seriously I wouldnt either. Its just words view which are all subject to change…What is there to be so afriad about?

            unless your siding with people that have been anon becauses you used to be. I dont know my leo ascendant just believes in standing up for what you believe in and anons in debate on an astrology blog to me are just kinda funny. Were supposed to be learning by who we are as are charts and hiding the deets just tells me you are not confident in who you are and what you say or do so why should I give u much leeway in being right or wrong on a subject?

            holds us all back in my opnion. posting anon are just a cop out for not wanting responsibility for what is coming on the net by way of there thoughts at that moment. I respond to bravery courage and directness you are right about that and many other things.

            But at lest I know you are not a person to joke with anymore and for that I will leave u be. 🙂

  4. Ha funny! …. I’ve rediscovered all these clothing items from my youth – an awesome chunky silver belt with a big samuri-style circular buckle, another shabby chic belt with a picture of Jesus on the front, Doc Marten boots … thankfully I had good taste back then and I’m not nostalgic for fluro Wham! t-shirts or anything gross.

  5. I’ll defo skip the sacred vadge statement via the Yoni jewellery – with all those pointy crystal bits in the middle it just screams ‘sticking your dick inside me is like fuqing a cheese grater’…

    • As a crystal lover I didn’t want to say, but that poor spirit quartz thing has been dyed in fake pink too – ick.

      • No wonder it looks so tacky! I read something (written by a gemogist or whatever the fuq they’re called) that shitloads of the crystals you see for sale at markets and new age shops are in fact dyed glass/rocks/whatever and not the actual crystal they are being sold as.

        • Yes, but you can usually tell, the points of clusters are really deep in colour at the ends.
          Plus the colours are garish. Pretty much all citrine is amethyst that has been heat treated.
          I ‘hear’ crystals, so when I hear something that is heat treated it has woolly tone. LIke it has been covered in a poncho..

            • Some make high notes, some low notes for me. Like, Mookaite is like the drone of bees in summer. Kyanite is a light baritone, elestials have a choral alto-soprano effect, etc

              Don’t worry, I won’t break out the birkinstocks & patchouli.. 🙂

              • well people “play” crystal bowls, right?

                but that’s cool Andy – um, unless it gets annoying?

              • Lol, Calypso, no it doesn’t annoy, it is an effort to sit & engage with rocks, plants & crystals.

                Crystal bowls are interesting, would love me some of those!

                  • 😉 Happy connecting, crystals are recorders, amplifiers, see how crystal set radios work, your thoughts register frequencies similar to a radio, not so odd really they can be used to connect to other frequencies.

              • Haha, I’m not worried! I know you’ve got much sexier taste in footwear than that 😀

  6. Announcing the debut of a new term in the Daily Horoscopes for the weekend: Mind Job. The Mind Job is like a head trip, evolutionary neuromancy not so much ‘brain teaser’ as brain fuqer but in a GOOD way.

    it’s being used for scorpios and in connection with karmic love schizz now kicking up. People, Eros and Psyche are in opposition. soulmate a go go. The Mind Job.

  7. Diana was born in 1961, meaning if she were alive, she’d be
    celebrating her 52nd birthday on 1st July,,,

  8. Diana was the Lady of the Lake and is properly buried on her Avalon. Her flag bears the pendragon-

      • The red dragon on the flag of Wales is the Pendragon which seemed so fitting and poignant.

      • Her bloodline is as old as Charles, and as powerful. In fact their bloodlines meet in generations before, so they are related…I’ll need to pull out my genealogy book to find the exact bloodline connection. She’s related to Winston Churchill and so is Obama.

  9. Hmmm….I am Cancer sun.
    I would NEVER wear a poncho. NEVER. NEVER have. yuck.

    venus in virgo gagging all over.

      • NO!!!
        But I am guilty of going through huge velvet, velveteen, silk, and rayon phases…oh soft. Not sure if that is the Cancer or the Mars in Taurus. Or both.

  10. This post was everything MM. Bring on the kataka!.
    Cant wait for the di movie and Love that the royal baby will also be kataka just like Diana. And is due on or near my bday! Total mind job

  11. Mercury is sitting on my natal sun right now!!!!

    I managed to bite my tongue today, concerning my children at elementary school graduation.
    My son was suspended so wasn’t there. They didn’t even acknowledge him. Like he never existed, never went there. REally? Then a friend told me someone my family has known forever was talking about him, saying he was expelled from the district. That hurt. He wasn’t. And why gossip about children.
    They also punished my daughter and many others for maybe knowing what he was up to and not tattle telling. WTF?

    • People gossip about children and teenagers like crazy. It’s absolutely horrible. Sorry to hear this.

  12. THIS: “What would 14yro you think of you/your life and choices now?”

    I have been kinda possessed by my 14 year old self for days now. Super powerful. Asking the oracle about it, this was literally the answer. And here it is again!

    I have to ask: what’s the astro link between 14-y-o Self and Mercury in Kataka?

    When the issues from this time come up, I get so clumsy. Latest, best “accient:” cutting my forehead with my left thumbmail so as to leave a perfectly crescent-shaped scar on my 3rd eye. Buckle up, self!

  13. Best ever post, thanks Mystic!

    Love the crazy pagan femens… I will never buy any ‘real’ snakeskin, even if I can afford it… prefer ‘faux’ anyway… more practical.

    (Kataka Venus and True Node) Preparing for Winter Solstice next weekend, candles, meditation, self pampering and journalling… maybe a new Diana/Artemis painting!

    • oh that sounds divine. i so wish winter was on its way here instead of the blazing interminable summer. darkness and soup and self-pampering. there will be no poncho wearing here for many moons, unless the tinfoil one can be modified into a personal fire shelter poncho…

  14. I’ve got quite the stellium in Kataka/3rd house at the moment… Venus, Mercury, Ceres, Moon, Vesta and Lilith on the cusp;;

  15. Okay Mystic enough with the Cancer/poncho thing. I feel as I have my natal sun at 0 degrees, moon and mercury at 2 degrees, eros at 5 degrees and psyche at 19 degrees cancer I can speak with some authority here. NO!

    but maybe that’s my Venus in Gemini talking? Anyways am totally obsessed with scarves at the moment, knitting them, buying them, watching you tube videos on how to tie them. everything from gossamer thin silk scarves in gorgeous prints to 12ply hand dyed alpaca yarn.

    BTW have had an ephiphany. Doesn’t the bear make a perfect animal for Cancer/Kataka? Strong protective mother, hiberanation = reverting to the womb, old old symbol of magic and female shamans, love of honey, also connected with Artemis so moon and wilderness. Yes?

    • I’m also doing a lot of knitting and embroidering the back of a velvet coat I bought cheaply in an op shop… Sun Gem, moon Taurus, Kataka Venus…

      • I want a tauro mooooon… Tears Tears Tears.
        I swear I dont remember choosing this scorpio moon in the reincarnation center on 11234th and Andromeda way.

    • Yes, bear, totally. Teddy bears also. Also cos they are hairy (in a strange way). Not saying Cancerians are hairy but just that mama-bear warmth and earthiness.

    • I had a Katakan lover I called the Golden Bear – strangely enough….other people called him that as well, unconnected. When he got his Katakan whine on I called him the Grizzly Bear.

  16. Femen? fuq yeah.

    Surrealism >> new age rainbow themes and crappy tumble-polished crystals, giant amethyst bubbles/inclusions, and huge selenite, quartz rocks from crystal caves in mexico discovered and plundered during road and other construction projects ….AMEN (maybe AWOMEN)

    I see this crystal thing as a violation of earth’s treasures parallel to ripping the skin and fur off live animals. I MADE myself watch a Humane Society video a while ago of exactly this, so that when I was protesting about it online or wherever, I has some basis for it. I think I died at that point. Horrifying. The perpetrators have no souls I swear.

    I decided that I am going to weave myself a couple of metres of cloth and make my own poncho. Yeah. I am going to make every element of this thing magical. The fibres, dates of weaving, colours, music I listen to etc. this feels right actually. hmm.

      • Yes love new agey stuff as long as it’s not too bats or fluffy… e.g. vegan rebirthed stone-ground millet etc. etc.

        • yep one whiff of patchouli and i am outta there. thanks to some past personal experiences, if I see / hear any hint of some kind of ‘ascension’ or beings from the Pleiades or other interstellar light forms whom I must supplicate before I can access some kind of secret knowingness of the universe, or conforming to Someone Else’s Idea of What Is Spiritually Correct, or that i have to be in posession of / use some kind of device (including a crystal, whatever) that i must spend money on to “facilitate” my “spiritual” development, my thoughts instantly turn to *Fuq Right Off*. Call it a church upbringing, call it superiority consciousness, call it my idea of a rip off, but in my opinion it is undemocratic, hierarchical, and encourages us to follow the line of thinking that our destiny and power lies somewhere outside of us when it DOESN’T, everything we need is inside our heads. and if someone tells me differently, LOL.
          wow, i really hit a nerve for myself there! no more ranting.

          • WORD. you are hereby official saturn-neptune spokesperson. so right,

            except the patchouli. i love patchouli. as a background note in small quantites of course.

            • *clears throat and approaches tentatively, yet determined to push through the epic level of denial that may ensue*

              When is patchouli ever successfully a ‘background note’ love? Rather than a discreet note I see a neon billboard flashing ‘hairy pits and questionable logic re personal hygiene ahoy’.

              But that’s just me and a truckload of bad experiences with foul smelling hippies.

                • noooo!! patchouli is the greatest substance ever distilled! one must bathe in it! so sensual, you know… 😉

                  hahahaha. that’s the best epic denial i’m capable of in the wee hours of the morn.

                  in reality i like two drops per (shaved) armpit mixed with a bunch of sweet orange and a drop of geranium rose. best deodorant ever. also in the bath. but i quite like foul-smelling hippies for the most part. they smell real. so there. ;P

                    • must be a toro moon thing. gotta really feeeemust be a toro moon thing. zen cows need to feeeeel the earth. smell the grounding…

              • ok so, when I ranted re patchouli, i meant as a single note (with top notes of B.O. AARRGHH – in some blends sneaked in rght at the bottom, like HDQ says, it’s like an X factor in a good way (imo). but I LOVE Nag Champa. ok ok so maybe i AM still a bit of an incense-burning rainbow-scarf wearing hippy .. now I really AM confused *sigh*

                • In love the smell of the temples in Japan whatever insence they burn there is divine

        • ps sorry gemyogi – rant not aimed at you obvs – need to clarify my thoughts on this more xx

          • Hey I am right there with you Pi… as soon as some ‘guru’ starts charging me money for enlightenment, I’m outta there!!!!

            • If I wanted to know about scent of something astrologically Id stick with a tauro moon. I have no idea what patchouli smells like but im gonna try finding a place to smell, it then downgrading it to one or two notes in my mind. Or ill just like make sure I dont smell it super upclose.

              • any shop that sells candles, tea, incense, maybe an independent pharmacy that is a bit bigger, hippy stores should have it. It’s kind of intense, sweet and earthy, with a pungent, resin-incensy- kind of smell. its intensity means that when other aromatic oils are layered over the top, it gives them richness etc. it’s the black truffle equivalent of the aromatherapy world.. on its own it’s overpowering, used to enrich other things, it adds new dimensions.. 😀

                • Pi I love ya but I have to disagree with patchouli being the black truffle of the aromatherapy world. My brown eyes are putting patchouli in the cow pat of scentdom.

    • your poncho sounds fantastic Pi, would it be bad form to evoke the obvious biblical echo…

    • It just BREAKS MY HEART what happens to animals who are harvested and tortured, I just CANNOT comprehend how someone could do this?

      Thanks Mystic for writing to Country Road, and Pi for speaking up

  17. i love this post.

    Yes to Femen, yes to that beautiful bejeweled snake, yes to Diana, reading, Batman/Daliesque self-definition, panthers, cash, yonis and rain ponchos. I love the idea of a rain poncho the most. the time when i most want to be able to retract my arms into my portable house (aka poncho) is when it’s wet out.

    I don’t know if ponchos are Katakan, but i tell you what it is not – Aries. I bought my Aries daughter a cape once – a beautiful red riding hood style cape. She said, “but i want to be able to use my arms!” and asked me to return it. A poncho is just a cape in a different language, right? Sherlock Holmes was basically wearing a tweed poncho.

  18. Leo friend with Mercury/Venus/Saturn in Kataka has just bought a craft shop so suddenly my facecrack newsfeed is filled with knitwear patterns and ‘how to’ crochet instructions, I’m sure it’s only a matter of days before I scroll down and see a poncho pattern…

      • Knitting and crochet isn’t my scene, so not even vaguely tempted to go there (I’m more of a Houzz whore), but I will tell my friend about it – she will love it! 😀

  19. my 14 year old self would say that he was proud of me surviving the grouphome life and proud of what I have accomplished as of now. Happy to see that im pretty welll adjusted to losing my family at such a early age for a practice that is not done in the “juvinale justice” system of today.

  20. btw is this the first Boston reference? because I swear when other people were making cute lyric replacement jokes the other day I was singing “I can see MaryAnne walkin’ away….” in my mind. Fave singalong song <3

    • I read the title of this post and was humming “More than a feeling.”
      My musical brain has just switched stations to easy listening.

      • turn on the real thing! I just heard a Chisel song in the car and had a good old sing along “You and I had our sights set on something, hope this doesn’t mean our days are numbered….”

        pop therapy 🙂

          • One of my friends, the smartest man I know, loves Don Walker for his thoughtful eulogising of a certain kind of masculinity. I think they do a beautiful line in heartbreaking sentimentality under the rough exterior. Combined: soaring progressions that I can join in with in a heartfelt way. Not many bands do lament quite so well. I love it. Go away and listen to Flame Trees and then come back 😉

            I just want you to know that it wasn’t a cheap thrill but an authentic experience of joy 🙂

            • Flame Trees is one of my fave songs ever !!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

              Don Walker is genius. I’ve got his book “Shots” sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read one day.

            • Tex, Don and Charlie so good. Prefer Chisel (except Jimmy) members in other forms. Meet Jimmy not a good experience, maybe that’s why I can’t vibe Chisel.

            • I agree! The lyrics are beautiful! Grew up on a heavy diet of ska and soul but can appreciate heart felt anywhere

        • God, that takes me back. Back in my pub cover band days, When the war is over was a favourite request from blokes who (you could just tell) were drowning their sorrows after a break up…. Ian Moss had one hell of a voice.

            • Several! Made a living out of it for a while, during my misspent (but hugely enjoyable) youth. Best years of my life…

              • that’s my idea of a good time….when Mystic has her warehouse party we can do karaoke – there’ll be Divinyls, Billy Idol, Chisel, Boston, all the poncho songs….

                I think Mille used to be in a band too….we sang a Gary inspired version of Copacabana here once 🙂

  21. Wow!! That snake is gorgeous!!!! 😛

    “Neanderghoul”. Tee hee. Love it!

    Great post Mystic. You’re on fire!!! 😀

  22. My 14 year old self….HA!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t imagine what she would think……That was 24 years ago

  23. That’s a pretty crystal. Looking forward to this transit. Cancer represents home, foundations, security stuff but can also represent passive-agressiveness which I now know how to handle if confronted with a person behaving that way. Rock on.

  24. 14 year old self: She’d be disappointed.

    June has been a non-event month. A beautiful stranger told me she was a bit psychic and mentioned “June”, but then again maybe she meant last June.

  25. of the hippie trail for a mo
    i just found new respect for the sign toros
    i said really loud outside my landlords window
    that he was a f’ing cunt of a landlord
    and he did not even react. i was bawling my eyes
    out because a rat go into my room and he did not even blink an eye.
    emotion is so overrated toros is actually a very composed cool sign. i snapped out of my psycho babble state immediately after seeing that
    i was the one so out of line. l0ve crystals

  26. femen, psychedelic snakes, and the black panther. hells yeah. even sans-serape it is an excellent style guide. and three months of yoni-honoring can’t be too shabby…

  27. What’s with the ponchos? Us Cancerians have great breasts, and even nice waists to show them off. I don’t think you know our style, we’re not all chintz and frumpdom.

    • It is a little running joke on the blog where there was a debate in what sign ruled the poncho. Relax, put on a cashmere poncho & have a glass of shandy-booze!

      • thanks for explaining: and Ha, I did put on a cashmere cardi so frumpdom not so far fetched

  28. That is horrendous about the snakes. I had no idea. Not that I own snakeskin-ANYTHING, but that repulses me. How can such cruelty be legal anywhere? Thank you for spreading the word on this, only when people know this shite will it come to an end.

    Love the Yoni thing (never thought I could like a bit of jewellery for a yoni, but that’s not bad).

    NOT a fan of Diana. Read a biography or two. The camera obviously loved her and that went a long way to her winning millions of adoring fans. And yes, I sympathise with the position that she got herself into… but it seems also that she somewhat threw herself at Charles (who was dating her sister at the time)… I sympathise with them both. But she is lauded for all kinds of things that she didn’t actually do, eg. being a perfect mother. The biog I read (obviously pro-Charles) said that Diana was quite erratic emotionally and prone to big drama emotionally manipulative scenes… what, a Cancerian? Naaaaaaaa. So the kids William and Harry actually chose to be with their dad on many an occasion, as her dramatics and erratic behavior were just tiring and demanding. Charles is actually a good dad – well they still seem to like him – Diana was just master of the photo-op and he wasn’t. Which I can appreciate, not being adored by the camera myself.

    Don’t wish her bad – but she gets a lot of credit for her “commitment to her charities”. Which tended to consist of going to a couple of engagements a month, dressed in full designer gear and getting stacks of media attention. Whereas people (eg. Charles) who put in time and hard yards but weren’t so photogenic or media friendly, didn’t get as much credit for far more actual effort.

    She was young, she died, so now she’s an icon. But I think she’s more an icon for her “situation” than for anything she did herself. Playing to fairy tale and orphan sympathies.

    • There is A tribe in papua new guinea who venerates prince charles, it beiNg a commonwealth country. He seems to get a kick out of visiting, even delivering his speeches in Pidgin English. Maybe youtube it. For some reason I like watching royalty doing their duties. It fascinates me!

  29. I’d like to see animals start harvesting us humans for…stuff for their own survival or just to look good. Prance around with a human handbag for fuqs sake! They don’t need it just to kill a few of us off for the food chain hey they are hungry, they would never throw us aside, there’s always the next in the food chain & hungry. Love the wildlife killers of the planet…snakes, spiders, sharks are my favourite.
    This Kataka moon rising will only ever wear a poncho to a Mexican 70’s party.

  30. I love all this kataka action. I love doillies, food, vintage rose plates, vintage gloves, golden era hollwood champagne glasses – who you the ones that are not the flutes. I’m auctioning my home soon which is kataka too.

  31. very impressed with this astro and daily horoscope stim fix. I notice thru no control of my own (thats how i feel) some deus ex machina organism sorta call me out, pop up blocker and spell checks my impatience before I do something incredibily rash and shady. Hey don’t tell that coworker to fuck off because you might need their help one day, don’t emo over nostalgia – it’s not okay just because your feelings moved into kataka, sleeping all day is bad for your lungs – wait that’s smoking duh, drink bourbon will have negative consequences to your cardio regimine, rock a mohawk – corporate is gonna love you dude. anways, today, i got up late, decided to not go to work, yet somehow turned it alll around by noon. had a brilliant moment, fired up the vpn and finished a work project, then did an hour workout, ate a salad, all before noon. loving my personal TSA life coach, ready to frisk and pat me down before i make any regrettable decisions. “like dude, getting stabby is not allowed so get a grip man”
    did i just wake up ///// is this related to that medival personality disorder in a recent post. have not been caught up.

    • sometimes i think my browser crashes or won’t click through a link in order to make me stop and think before i blow another half hr procrastinating , or write something stupid (lol, ahem)… the forces are there if we listen to them ?

      • you know there should be sleep timers or a pixel counter where you can program your limit so it shuts off after so much browsing fun…or a big a pop up that says “get back to work” or this is not a sufficient way to get your vitamin d”

  32. For all my rantinng about crystals above, this eve I headed out with a perfect apophyllite crystal in my pocket. Something about it has always appealed to me. All I can recall reading about it is something to do with helping to access akashic records. Bit I am not sure our akashan(?) Friends want me messing around in their records..

    • I think my records need to be dusted off. I have to have been dropped on the wrong planet…. Im supposed to be on the one where everything and everyone knows astrology… Jk chiron in the 10th = bringing respect to unrespected professions. READY SET GO.

      Leo Ascendant= The Ascendant of Oppostions. Check

      Im gonna def look into past life regressionist as Jupiter transits My 12 tho cant wait to see what wisdom will be gained.

  33. I know this post is about fashion. But I need to tell people: my relationship is over.We broke up officially on Friday.The Uranus-Pluto schizz that was in May finally brought the resolution. It was unexpected in the way it happened…just like that over.Everytime the Uranus-Pluto transit has taken place our relationship has changed in a certain way-I’m hoping November will be the same-that we will get back together. is it healthy to wish this?

    • You can wish it but don’t be a love zombie. If its right for both of you it will happen. Sure say what you want but don’t try to control the other person. And respect yourself.

  34. my 14yo self was suffering cuz so much came to a head that yr n I was just reading plath constant n writing poems about death n praying all the time n wishin someone would just put me in the psych ward all ready. n then they did! LOL I did 2 mos in there n it was so awful but then so awesome cuz I totally rised up from ashes n nade friends n finally felt safe support that I hadn’t really felt before……i was so innocnt thenso yeah………… after 2 mos n without any meds I was sent back home cuz I was totally fine n by a yr later I was partying n lost virginity n skippin schoool……it was bad. I moved away form homeas soon as I could. now its 20yrs later n I live next door to my family n doing this uranus thing again but without being deprssed this time. we have all chaanged in good ways over the last 20yrs but am having alot of echoes of that yr I wwas 14. what would my 14yo self think of this n me now??? don’t kno. probly that Im half awesome n half fukkin nuts n I just don’t kno which is truer!! ha!

    • It sounds like you’ve come a long way since then. I do think difficult times help you grow. I’ve been suicidal a few times and I really believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Glad to be here now. Good luck 6th.

  35. Think my 14 year old self would cry tears of frustration, gratitude & just be glad to have someone to talk to that understands. I might go & chat to my 14 year old inner teen now!

  36. I cannot even begin to express the Cancerian retro weirdness I am in right now. Of all the vacation spots I could have picked in the world, I rented a lake house, sight unseen, in a place I’d never been and invited family. Ends up being eeirily familiar to the last home we lived in together, neighborhood has the same name. Cancerian mother arrives tomorrow. Hope this means family healing and not repeat. Weirdness all around.

    • weird! I don’t know your sitch but I heard someone say this week is good for letting go of parent schizz.

      yes, good luck. can you use the Chiron Retro? xx

        • I hope so. I’m the youngest of 8 and none of us would say we were raised in a happy family. Plenty of mother/father issues to resolve. Nothing’s happened yet but the setting of the scene is just too synchronistic to be ignored. Pure weirdness. My brother and mother arrive today. My sister made cookies with my daughter yesterday. It was worth the trip just for that memory. 🙂

          • Cookie baking is always a good memory bank saver.
            There is a synchronicity misting the air at present. Being able to see other family member’s negative/destructive patterns. Then learning how not to be collateral damage because of their cyclical self conditioning, is latest unearthing. Hearts be with you 12HV.