Happy New Moon In Gemini!

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Happy Fresh Gemini/Mercurial/Uranian vibe everybody.

This Moon is at 18 degrees of Gemini and particularly good for swift, glib and beautifully executed turnarounds/startovers in pursuit of your Awesome. Do the Law Of Awesome, stay glib & out of reach from Qi Vampires.

Current In Attitude: Gemini – light, fluid and zipping through multiple facets of any scenario for the most genius solution/explanation possible. Power Flirtatious. Effervescent. Ambiguity is not a character flaw – it is a survival technique – like camouflage.

Administrivia: F.Y.I. my Carb Flu from sugar withdrawal or whatever (yes, i spent a good proportion of this Dark Moon hypochondriac googling candida sites lol) is ebbing away and i shall rise again with the New Moon and in major in catch up mode.

The Neptune Dream Diaries were meant to be being dispatched on Tues BUT the strange ongoing celebration of Queen Victoria’s Birthday has delayed delivery by a day or so.


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87 thoughts on “Happy New Moon In Gemini!

  1. I have 2 tickets to the Superman movie in 3D… WHO do I ask! [tapping foot on floor].. I have options! πŸ™‚

    Bring it Gemini moon sitting on the cusp of my 8th and 9th house. The areas in my 8th house don’t seem to be highlighted. My 9th house definitely. Had a conference call on Thursday to talk about my trip to India. I am looking forward to it. It has changed my perspective on my job, my enthusiasm in a good way and my eagerness to experience a new culture. I have a friend over there now so I am happy to know I have someone that I am familiar with that can take me to the best Indian restaurants over there! If all goes well… I am very happy.


    • Congrats!!! Trip to India and a local friend?!? That sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

      • Yes.. I was a little nervous about the trip at first but after the conference call knowing that I will be traveling with well versed professionals I got psyched. Still several months away but it is a nice feeling!


  2. I feng shuied the garden and my room, just in time for the new moon. Already feeling amazing and beautiful.

    • Hi Lotus.. how did it turn out? You feel great so that is a good sign!

      • We will see! I did it to attract love and career prospects, both of which could use some more development. Gemini is my midheaven btw.

  3. Spent the new moon meeting with a real estate agent discussing how much my home could sell for. I have no idea what my plan is, lol! How’s that for keeping things ambiguous?

  4. Ambiguous as in I’m not telling others, it’s just between me and the gods.

    Definitely still hooked on canoli and cappuccino.

    • Ha I prepped for the current astro a couple of weeks ago by buying a used pasta machine. Homemade ravioli = carb heaven. Guess I’m feeling the Kataka more than the Gemini.

      Ps cinnamon soy lattes with coconut oil = heaven.

  5. “Ambiguity is not a character flaw – it is a survival technique – like camouflage.”

    Yep, yep, yep. Multi-Ram and I decided to de-label whatever we had so that we focus on our battle plans instead of getting caught up in the potential interpersonal drama (he is moving to LA but coming back often). I felt confused because it felt like I should be sad but making such a mature decision means that I DID learn something from my nightmare with Uranian Pisces, that I am not a Love Zombie, and that I am finally valuing Awesome above all else. Bittersweet, but mostly sweet. And who knows what the future brings. πŸ™‚

  6. Yesterday, I went through my place like a whirlwind and accomplished so much in realm of organizing and de-clutter. Lots more to do, but felt good. Now I am kind of lethargic like a cat. Just enjoying the day and not super motivated…

    Also on a food intake reform of sorts, but not on any program. More veggies. More water. Less sugar. Paying attention to alcohol intake and how I feel after… Not that I drink a lot, I just have a system that is so highly sensitive to what goes in. One drink can make me feel really weird sometimes–sort of out of the blue. And that’s not what I am going after. Ultimately, I think I like alcohol FOR the sugar:) Yum! But I do not like the feeling I have when it’s in my system. It’s not drunkeness. It’s more like an allergy. Sinuses respond, unpleasant beginning of a headache, feel confusion (this is after a few sips!), sometimes more grumpy all of a sudden but not always… It’s too…bleh. So keeping an eye on that, although pretty sure it’s the sugar.

  7. I wrote my manifest for this new moon, which happens to be conjunct my DESC, my natal Saturn and Vesta. whoo hoo! good times ya.

  8. I have tons of Scorpio BUT a fabulous natal Gemini Moon in the 8th house that helps to keep me from dredging the Oceans floor. This new moon is pretty close to my natal moon along with the Sun and Jupiter. So I’m feeling ok .. and that’s pretty GOOD.

  9. I’ve started to feed the cat from next door, she would cry at 2 and 3 am for me to help her. I thought she was being feed. But her owner wants her to eat the foods she no longer likes and doesn’t want to buy more until it’s used up. I just couldn’t standby and watch this cat die in front of my eyes. Because a cat will pick you to be its owner, not the other way round.

    Gemini anything makes me indecisive and I don’t like that. Mercury square Pluto has activated my pre-birthday blues (eg: Who am I?, what am I doing?). The Venus trine Neptune and Neptune trine Uranus kicks my love-less life direction in the guts. The only remedy I can think of is to regift some of my belongings. Things I haven’t used in a long time and decisions that I won’t later come to regret (and feel ashamed of). It’s an odd state of play this New Moon, and I guess that is because I do prefer Full Moon life.

  10. Yes well…(heehee Scorpbot)..but was sitting in my car last night eating pizza and drinking red wine (what would Dr. Gundry think? Yes eyes were a bit shall we say ~puff~ this morning) when Aussie next door neighbor Patrick (come to find out he’s actually English…born in London…)

    But he rocked up to his car and I yelled out “you smell good!”..love the men’s colognes quite frankly..

    Next thing I remember it’s 7:30 am and I awaken on his condo living room floor after we did a bit of rolling around and such πŸ™‚ ..

    Did…in the throws of passion..manage to ask his birth data…lol…he’s an Aqua…

    He’s been my next door neighbor for three yrs and this is funny as hell…

      • πŸ˜†

        that video was crap but there was this like mincemeat pie filling called “Some Such”..


        Some Such what? lol

        • WAY to GO Sweetpea!! πŸ™‚

          I love a good men’s cologne too, here’s to the scent of intrigue and adventure in the air

          • 8 yrs celbicy (did I spell that right? lol I dont think so…)

            But broken with a next door neighbor (okay, I rarely saw him other wise)..

            But Aqua men sure are fun as all get out and when I next see him will probably just laugh and maybe we’
            ll take it from there.. He’s a couple months older than me so thats an easy cool.

            This morning put the cover on him as he lay stark naked on the couch and he lifted his face up for kiss..

            Gotta love it.. x

            But yes, copped a bottle of red from his collection on the way out the door..for abso reals…

            What, you think I’m stupid?

            but it will be a fun convo piece later…hehe

            • wow, way to go Sweetpea, that’s great! sounds like it was worth breaking your impressive streak πŸ™‚

            • yaaay!! That’s fabulous news Sweetpea!! πŸ™‚

              My drought was only 3 years. I can only imagine how you feel after 8! You must be over the moon!

              Of course I got a text from the Saggo dude on Friday night – which was my 3rd date with Katakan man. Funny how old flames come back as soon as they sense you’ve moved on. :roll: He had his chance and blew it. Too late buddy!! If someone tells me they don’t have time for dating, well, I’m not waiting around. Life’s too short. Get stuffed πŸ˜€

              Anyway, looks like Neptune retro has worked its magic on a few peeps.

                • Awww… missed you too love ! Weirdest thing, looked for Seth bks in whole library system, nada.
                  Cripes, repubville metaphysics section needs a pump up. Then I go in bookstore and voila there it is Seth Speaks. Knew how you and DavL love it so giving it a major re-read (read while at uni maybe not ready yet to sink in) I tell ya, great stuff.
                  Reminds me of you and our chats here.
                  Bushed from gardening all day, now laundry and dinner. I dare not sit – or timmmber ! lol
                  HUGS xoxo

      • way to rebel saturn in scorp… sex rations? a scorpmoon has never heard. lol

        Its a cathardic must for us…

  11. Going out on physical first date with gemmy man in an hour and a half. Nervous as FUQ. New moon on my ac and his sun. House and psyche are decluttered and habits of depression and insecurity are ritually released… Can’t write any more because my hands are shaking. Eeeek!!

    • If you focus on having fun and not worrying how it goes, you will have fun and it will go well. πŸ˜‰ But you know that. We all do.

      The anxiety butterflies are part of the fun!

  12. I just finished chilling with a Italian Pisces with Scorpio ASC and a Pisces Moon, and damn I forgot how annoying he is to me. He is nice he buys me stuff, somehow he knows my scorpmoon life without me explaining it ALL to him. & I appricate that, but its not enough to sit and have my ideals laughed at. Everyone has a breaking point and the usual upright citizen reaches it pretty quickly with me in this Era or Pluto in Capricorn its overplayed, overdone and overdue people start having a backbone and not tra la la la-ing through everything. & when you start sounding like “everyone else” to an aquarius-Its time for us to go.

    4 inst..
    I told him they still serve dog in china, he said hes just been. Mr consumer reports states this is not done and anything on the internet is made up. (ironic this is how he comes to his conclusions) which any semi indepth google search from what is inches away from his fingers daily for work can prove.

    We were supposed to be on a nice bike ride but he complains about me buying him the “wrong salad” and why I dont get him a drink which he complained about the night before…nothing is good enough for this guy and he is so feking picky without philosophic reason… hes just anooying me the whole way being wrong and not being able to bring up anything significant, recent or relative…and then expecting me to laugh with him into Neptune land about GMO foods. I gave him 4 days to learn it. Its not fair that I feel the unfortuante starts for little kids at mc Donalds having no idea monsantos depths on human destruction.

    I told him not everything is a game or funny. So I had to leave and i just left him at his hotel with his rented City Bike lol. I told him play submissive to cororations on your own time buddy.. and remember to have a Pluto In Leo myopic one perspective of me viewpoin,t while telling ME KNOW about how u dont mind if it affects YOU as usual. Another one of those. He also has his sun conjunct the Asteriod Narcisis but, at least the sex was good. Cant have it all and dont know if Id want to spend everywaking moment with a human, Back to my regularly scheduled program…

  13. Mm, I had an absolutely wonderful night’s sleep after a week of restlessness. It’s 8am and I feel revived and relaxed! Yesterday my boyfriend and I discussed moving in together later in the year – this relationship is so easy, no resistance on either side, patience. It’s really great.

  14. 😯

    Happy New Moon in Gemini peeps!

    I have Natal Gemini Moon at 18 degrees in the 3rd house conjunct Sun and Venus. I walked by the seaside, through a stadium full of people and then had my eyes tested in my dream last night and I felt so amazing, the best I’ve ever felt.

    • Oh doll, you know I love ya..

      You had those eyes tested so could perceive ..Of course youn don’t need me to tell you that! x

      • I did get a new picture that’s for sure! xx

        I also sat by a person who opened their mouth to an ocean that flowed out of them. We both watched as it ran up the sides of the curb and then we walked down the street together.

        • Jezus Gawd Girl..You are a Guru…x

          As a matter of fact, years ago, as I felt the Kataka teacher was trying to guide and empower me, he told of Those Who Could open their mouths and nature would respond as that vibration came directly from Source.

          You are Special luv…Happy birthday, I don’t remember your date lovely…I have it at astrodienst still I’m sure, but blessings to you…If I never should come back to this site know I love you eternally and will be there for you…You will understand when the time comes…

          Never the less…meanwhile…writing a new chapter in my book “Me and the Englishman”…brahahaha

          • Oh….. well, your birthday is quite evident from your post! …xox

            Just been too long I think since we all brushed up but as Aries I do listen…truely I do! lol x

            There is a song on the Best of British cd set sound track… #10….I cannot find it on line and don’t have the cd sleeve but it is so right on about rebellion/current astro atmosphere, etc….If I can find will post.

            Scorp bot…wanted to post to you about your current Katka sitch and my roll around on the floor 😯 with the Aqua but can’t find which thread it was on and time here at the library is up…No, I do have wifi at home but have not had my computer fixed yet…yes, it’s been good for me cuz I live more in real time and I need flippin real! x

            • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDHl5djnYM4

              Of course I don’t live my life in this mode but have woken up in certain cold sweats…(it ain’t just post meno peeps) Saturn square the Aries stuff..The male, authouritive stufff..

              The lyrics are so right on…

              ~Tricky~… Black Steel…

          • 😯

            I love you too Sweetpea! We have a special connection that I love and cherish for always!

            And anyway I know exactly where to find you if you haven’t been around here:

            Knock knock on Mr Englishman’s door!!

            Ah there’s Sweetpea rolling around on the living room floor!

            Look! It even rhymes! πŸ˜†

            Birthday is on Thursday! xx πŸ™‚

            • haha….

              If I don’t come here on Thursday have a great, wonderful Birthday Gemmy! xo

              Neat that the New Moon was so personal for you. Portends of a happy Solar Return I wish for you!

              The NM was right on my Gem Eros at 18 degrees 12th house…No wonder I ended up on the Aqua’s floor…haha. I saw him this morning talking to a neighbor but he didn’t see me and I had basically just woken up 😯 wasn’t ready for a hello yet.

              It is strange that this is the second man whose Sun-Mn midpoint is on (the Toros was opposite), but on my Moon…And this one’s Venus in Pisces is on my MC-Sun-Mn midpoint opposite Pluto…Of course I had to look at the deets….it’s always so fun and fascinating as to the why and wherefores of attraction..

              Spooky synastry with this one in a good way and if anything Aquas and Aries are usually pretty good at being friends. If anything else interesting happens I tell all heehee but what is amusing is the night I was sitting in my car and he said hello and I said he smelled good he then said “that’s what it’s about, iddn’t?” and then like a little shizz drove off only to later come back and ask me in for a glass of wine. I’d already had some so needless to say I was a bit shall we say “loose” lol…

              Enjoy your Aqua man and good grief I hope I never come here love lorn and needing your advise in that way…I’m going to be a bit cautious but not too on the fun front….x

              Happy Happy for you Again luv!!

  15. It’s all happening around here! My long-time Aqua housemate is moving out in two weeks with his lovely new lioness girlfriend. We were just reminiscing about how far we’d both come since I first moved in (we were both in a bit of a fuqed state). Much has changed and we’ve been a good influence on each other – even if he is a slack shit that leaves a trail of crap wherever he goes.

    So since a lot of the stuff in the house is his, I know have an opportunity to buy new furniture and set the place up EXACTLY as I like. πŸ˜€ …. and my new Virgo housemate is a lovely chap who channels his Virgo Sun, Cap moon, Libra Venus perfectly – thoughtful fellow, very intelligent, lovely speaking voice and after deciding on a mid-life career change is studying to be a nurse.

    I’ve decided to follow my intuition and look at changing my career. Put out applications and got a bite from an arts organisation looking for a marketing manager. Interviewing for that this Tuesday.

    Have lost 4kg since eradicating sugar/grain & cereal based carbs and am now starting to fit into gear I haven’t been able to get into since 2009.

    Still fancy the pants off Mr Drop-Cap … but ya can’t have everything I suppose.


    • Wow! This all sounds very exciting – new furniture (I’ve been really indulging my Crab Ascendant homeliness this year by setting up a nicer nest – so much fun and comforting!), new health routine and changes, new energy in your life with new housemate, new career! Awesome stuff! πŸ™‚

    • onya prowlers – good luck with the arts thing, there’s some great things going on over there xxx

    • The Virgo Sun, Cap moon, Libra Venus housemate sounds delightful!!

      Good luck on the career front too. πŸ™‚

  16. amen. sugar is how the migranes and acne got me. So much better without. (okay, except for a little in coffee)

    What I feel even better without though is fake sugar- asparatame, etc. THAT stuff I have not missed once.

    thx Cattiva πŸ™‚

    • The new one is NEOTAME unfortuantley at least here its in all meats and alot of processed foods because they use it as a sweetener in feed that is rancid, it masks the smell than an animal would usually pass up..

      I just had my first Vegan burger this weekend and after that news couldnt get here any sooner. But it needs to be known because until we make some noise over it like aspertame its allowed since no one believes in consparicy. No that dont exist lol and like the pisces told me this weekend its the governments job not ours to study this stuff.. wow owe kay.

      The FDA here passes this stuff thorough even on organics. Its worse than aspertame or 2,500 times sweeter than the same amount of aspertame. If sugar is coke and aspertame is crack Neotame must be the bathsalts of the Sweetener world. Yikes…

  17. Happy light gem gemini moon
    …oh thank god for you gemini as i was dying in the dark moon. Now i want to tread lightly. It aint easy being plutonic its really hard actually. i wont go there so un-gemini well except that your a twin so there is a dark side to you. whatever dark means sounds so judgemental. Oh your dark, In taoism dark is yin, who can fathom. Yang is masculine it is the right side, the light side, the yang.
    “get your yang on”.
    Wearing all red to boost my chi but i ended up blowing it as the neighbor asked me how i was and feeling bitter about paying too much rent for a dump , i dumbly said lout (Landlord a metre away) “i am getting ripped of”. DAH homer simpson aries moment.

    i live in his backyard, been going insane as the feng shui is not working arrrgh… and he walked past my window, he was letting me know in a undercurrent type way, i better watch my step. My venus is on his south node. The fact i was wearing red he was like a bull moth to my flame.

    I think karma is on a vacation and has been for a long time
    . But gemini and bitter do not go together on a new moon. I just been a bit mental ever since i discovered i had hades in tauras conjunct my landlords sun!
    but i will keep smiling and stay strong. Think poor Judy Garland gemini with a neptune vibe ended up on booze and pills to sleep.

    Wanting to transform in this light gemini moon light as the heavy me has run its course. Just cause jupiter is squarin my saturn its good i am near the end of my time in hell. A new home awaits me a new life a new me. i have faith i believe all is well patience patience patience

  18. oh tank you thank you thank you. I have been on the brink of suicide already battling some serious viruses and it is like being possessed by an entity for me. I go to the bakery and eat their low qui food including a muffin sugar satan alert. I need to go to a support group. I need to print out your reply and have it tatoo . Even my sister said she has to have one cake a week other wise she is deprived. My chakra’s are out. Ok i go get help please pray for me as it has gone on all my life and worse since i once took morning after pill!!!!

  19. New moon on my asc and natal moon, went for a quiet coffee and bumped into 14 separate acquaintances who all wanted a chat …blah blah blah

  20. One of the worst gem seasons for me…. On the edge of joining the giving up sugar gang, and adopting a dog…. Just to cope…

  21. Spent dark moon decluttering and madly cleaning, sprucing up my apartment. Gem BFF is moving on as Libran BF has moved in. Bought some Himilayan salt lamps, repotted plants, some new furniture, carpets cleaned; Libran hung my artworks that have just been sitting around to be placed. Home is really home now. New moon in 4th house. But weirdly have come down with head cold – first in 12 months, I rarely get sick. But thinking its just all part of the cleanse. Loving the Gem vibe (Venus in Gem plus as I’ve now discovered its conjunct Isis!)

      • Thanks Gemyogi – feeling sick and sorry for myself with flu but had kids for weekend and they loved the change/revamp and enjoyed themselves with Libran who took

        • “Who took over… while I was incompetent – Taurus rising, Virgo moon, Libran BF – son is Leo with Virgo Asc and Aqua daughter with Taurus moon: Can totes rely on him I’ve now realised – haven’t felt so sick in years. What I thought was a cold included eruptions from both ends. Libran was fabulous, engaging, feeding, encompanying my teens so their long weekend wasn’t totes stuck with miserably I’ll mother

  22. Today has ben crap! Holy bumblebee sting! Depressed…but the blue hoochie juice got me. I was not feeling well today after a night of red wine. (I think dehydration). Reviewing friendships that I connected with in 2009 who should be placed in the Qi vampire white room. It burns me up the drama potential questions they ask me and I provided them with such terrible answers. They ignored me and pretended they never saw me that day. I know some of the girls in that group don’t want to play but one is the leader. She needs to be the tiara queen. Grrr…. but is it just me not being able to trust! Isn’t that 8th house? Maybe that is why I am having this emotional breakdown.. why can’t I trust!

    Family BS still lingers! So, the Gemini moon is about communicating… nope.. I haven’t spoken to anyone all w/e. Maybe the cancer moon will be better.

    Moon in Gemini is sitting on top of transiting Sun in my 8th house.

    • Blue devil hoochie juice is never ever good for a breakdown…. Sober reality is the best thing to get to ASAP! People being bitches? Ditch them, life’s too short for arseholes to be too close, loneliness can suck but not as much as a qi vampire…

      • I know.. usually I can handle it.. but not today. I even had one glass and wanted to open my 2nd bottle and decided against it. This doesn’t help with the dehydration I am dealing with. Wake up Ellie! Wake up! xo!

    • I think trust is about managing your own expectations. But what do I know? My expectations of people can’t get much lower. Self-care is a must.

    • Ugh.. just found out that my parents had a family get together and didn’t invite me! Blah… I can’t stand being around them! I thought family was about all for one and one for all… Well, that is what I have always wanted from a family. It ain’t in my bunch.. and they call me crazy!

      Good-Bye.. I have no interest in staying in touch with them! So sad…

  23. So true about the smoke screen. I hate cigs, but I love smoke. It’s like a forcefield.

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