God Is Dead But My Hair Is Perfect


“God is dead but my hair is perfect” is an apocryphal saying attributed to the French, Scorpio and Leo Rising philosopher Bernard Henri Levy.

He is, in fact, insanely Leo Rising, spewing forth controversial comments that have kept him front-of-mind in his native country for what feels like centuries and conducting an extremely interesting love life – he claims it is because he does not drink alcohol and barely sleeps due the power of his intellect, so womanizing is his only leisure activity.

His shirts are always unbuttoned down to the heart chakra.

Married to the Parisian Taurean actress Arielle Dombasle, for whom he left an earlier wife, he is also the rumored love of Scorpio beer heiress, fashion icon, film-maker and social x-ray Daphne Guiness.  He is renowned for his fashion obsession, personal vanity, style and pride in his (yes) hair.

Fashion communicates a relationship to the world, to one’s body. What is the reply to the old philosophical inquiry between soul and body: Are they at war? Are they in harmony? Are they friends or enemies?


There are moments in life, in the day, where the two are at war, moments where they are in harmony, days when you feel at war with your body, and days your body is your friend. Fashion says that. Style says that.


For me, dressing is always a question of principle, respect, a sense of order, not to disguise myself, even in rotten places.


This sort of haute intellectual approach to fashion and style used as a personal shield + statement to the world at large is classic Leo Rising, don’t you think? And if Nigella likes older gents, should not THIS sort of guy be more her speed?


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OMG he is sO HoT I am In LURVE!


Really? I don’t understand. A beautiful woman is more convincing and hotter than this guy any day and any moment. He is so unattractive and boring! Ewwwww.


Are you determined to out every pompous aging European douche right now, MM? Is it the end of the Jupiter in Gemini transit that brings out the wealthy and duplicitous? Just wondering.


they seem to be outing themselves…


outing the douche. what a thought.

6th sense

ick ick yick yickity ickity yack!


If God is Dead but his hair is perfect then my eyes are dead but God is perfect.


slightly off topic – yes this guy might be a better fit for Nigella but wowza, my guts tell me this lady is in need of some serious therapy – poor thing. Beauty, boobs and cookery skills clearly don’t equal correctly functioning synapses re men. His preference for a bowl of cereal over her cooking fairly screams about how wrong is this relationship. He even looks like a brute, scowling countenance and all. Not a scintilla of the snake charm that abusers often possess. Awful for her to have to live out this drama before the world…..but perhaps necessary for… Read more »


One woman who was walking behind him down a Paris street later reported that he looked at himself in EVERY shop window he passed. And interviewed on TV once, he responded to being challenged by a penetrating question with, “Now listen, young woman…!” to the (not-so-young, female) interviewer. Like Saatchi, he is another arrogant, ageing Lothario with a contempt for women.

The Leo Socialite

My ex husband did that! He used to lose himself gazing into my eyes whenever i wore sunglasses. I thought it was because i reminded him of Cameron Diaz in Ibiza but it was because he could see his reflection in them.

can we please talk more about how deranged Daphne is? And are you THE Cap in paris?


“unbuttoned down to the heart chakra” LOL!!!


God is dead but my cabinet has a full jar of Nutella in it.


just another a-hole in the form of a male sexual fuck-tart. excuse my directness, but there is no reason for any female to shimmy up to this pompous a$$…they will always be arm candy & treated thusly.


LUV the pinpoint accuracy!


Daphne is most certainly his consort, she’s moved to Paris with him.

The Leo Socialite

Honestly i think the Leo Scorpio mix in men is THE most pompous one out. I can’t remember why he annoys me – it may have been the polanski thing? it was something a bit w.t.f. but i do love the god – hair quote. I scarily relate. Apparently BBH hit on Carla Bruni but she rejected him. She was sleeping with one of his rival philosophers and the son at the time so may have had her hands full. as for daphne she is always worried people will think she is vacuous. Bitch survives on red bull, space dust… Read more »


A double leo (sun mars conjunct) with what I am quite sure is a scorp moon somehow re-located me after ~15 years of completely forgetting he existed. Extremely good looking, an interesting life to talk about so far, style etc etc bla. And that Leo Man Chest, as always 🙂 I think his scorp moon made him hyper-sensitive to perceived slights, including the time that I turned him down for a casual catch-up as I was hungover with a girlfriend, but was too meh and brain-fogged to explain all that so I made something up. Have never seen nor heard… Read more »


A shame really as I quite liked him.

TLS, the daphne thing. I got curious about the befores… so I googled of course. she certainly goes all-out. era of choice = renaissance? judging by the hair drama.


‘dressing a matter of principle and respect’ why is his shirt unbuttoned to a ridiculous level for an academic then – urgh. Put it away!

my estimation of Daphne Guinness just went down.

Domestic Triffid

This guy is a dick, but I can’t remember why & the carpet cleaner is due any moment so I can’t Google him to find out.

..Something to do with racism or anti-islam ?! Dang I don’t have time for this, but there is some good reason why I really don’t like him. Back in a bit with some answers !!


Or perhaps you’re thinking of his idiotic defense of Roman Polanski?


Totes off topic, but Eric Francis has obtained a copy of Edward Snowden’s birth certificate… time of birth is 4:42am (12 degrees Gem rising if I’ve entered the data correctly, which I may not have because I’m multi-tasking on a lunch break.)


Pretty soon…Mystics gonna need a self destruct blog in t-minus button..Or Vurtual blog shredder sofware..

Or they will just be too broke to pull another kim dot com..


Interesting! Can’t believe that a Gem Rising Gem escaped our keen astrological powers of astro-xray-vision..




As a Leo ascendant myself, I wouldn’t be caught dead with that bed head hair. I mean, look at his wikipedia picture. But at that age your hair depends more on quantity than quality, so I guess he is entitled to declare that its mere existence is perfect. Let us call it Nouveax Coiffure Philosophes.


well, you have to remember that he is French and of a certain vintage … also the profession / vocation of “thinker” (and the rest) imo liberates one from the vicissitudes of haircuts-you-can-set-your-watch-by… p’raps 🙂


Sounds like a convenient excuse to go shopping/get your hair done. I like his style!


Doesn’t he have enough women already ? Guess not.


? he just quoted Friedrich Nietzsche, with a heavy side of Leo rising re comment? It doesn’t even make sense. I’m not familiar with his other work.

If he’s into fashion and Scorpio’s of fashion at that, I can’t see the Nigella connection, she’s no style queen but she’ll make you a sandwich not bin one


it just occurred to me as I started to type that this is mindless / trivial gossip – speculative at that and there must be something else I could be doing but I will finish the comment before I depart for more productive realms… Think you’re right about the sandwiches but she does have a relatively high brow education and that would help with the academic toff sans substance.


Oui ! un français vive pour Nigella or.. A John Lennon prototype, cool and kid friendly! But interesting!

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