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Batwoman in Space art

The Daily Horoscopes for Thurs are up; heaps happening – the Sun on uber-Jupiter, Mars and Chiron psych-tripping (it’s a bit Jung) and Mercury on Venus = Power Flirt To The Max. All these combine differently for the various signs; see your Horoscopes for deets OR if you are not a subscriber, email my handsome Triple Leo Intern to haggle a brilliant deal for yourself. with “handsome Triple Leo Intern” in the subject field.


Image: Matteo Scalera

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65 thoughts on “Getting Your Daily Awesome On

  1. today was my darling oldest’s birthday and this pic reminds me of her. so happy that she’s got the sun-jupiter conjunction in her solar return- she’s had pluto on her ic and uranus on her dc for the last year. when that happens your parents get a divorce and your world turns upside-down, poor girl. her choice for the day was to spend it in the amazing used book store, antiquing, and sushi. oh her entry into tween-hood sr chart has a massive 8th house stellium (including sun-jupe) and scorpio rising with a 12th house scorp moon on her natal SN. worrisome.

    • My family’s kids all have a lot of Scorp too.
      Kataka Boy is 8th House Sun/Venus, Pluto in the 1st.
      Cappy Lad is Scorp Asc, Yes, I admit the elder worries me slightly! But Scorps can be aggressively puritan too -that worries me more. πŸ™‚

      • Hah! Scorps can be aggressively puritan -love it – so true at times! Scorp rising Aquagirl tres perfect example! Though Scorp Sun exhb NOT! Funny I always put Aquagirl’s Puritan moments down to her Cap Venus, but I think u r right Andromeda πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t kno how to flirt!! guess it hasn’t sloed me down tho like if ur born blind u still learn how to get around lol
    for some reason have this quote in my head
    “keep ur feet on the ground n keep reaching for the stars”
    – ed mcmahon πŸ˜€ star search woooo!

  3. Jupiter/Sun conjunction is happening exact on my natal Venus (Gem 4th house) conj under 1 deg with my NN/Vertex(Kataka 5th house). Love is all around yet transiting Pluto opp my natal Kataka Moon = probs with my fixed (read stubborn) Multi Aqua Girl/Scorp Asc/Toro Moon 15 y o; re my Libra partner (there is a very long story involving me leaving the state for two months to be with him due to his health/legal issues. But we are now totes stable and back. He is finally properly medicated – due to my research and medical connections to find an amazing psychiatrist for his bipolar (he has been incorrectly medicated since his diagnosis 2 years ago). He is at peace for the first time in years. I’m so confused: things are falling into place in so many ways yet my daughter’s stance is breaking my heart. I’m between a rock and a hard place… The weirdest thing is they actually have so much in common re food, music tastes, sense of humour, opinions etc. But she;s resenting the time I’ve put into him admittedly at the cost of not being physically around for her for two months. I didn’t expect Jupes/Sun over my Venus/NN/Vertex and Mars to hand me this. It’s gotta be Pluto opp Moon. So true about the outer planetary transits being dominant. But I’ve got so much to be grateful for: Love, beautiful home, health and no probs with my Leoboy who is totes happy to be with us.

    • Just have to add that I flew back to GC for a week with them last school hols during that 2 month period away…

  4. I accepted a job offer – right on time for the sun-Jupiter-mars action on my MC. It’s less money and less time in the office. I was nervous about making demands but trusted the astro to work in my favor and it did!

  5. why does flirting always have to involve going out and spending money? or alcohol, or whatever? Le sigh. it’s why i like stalking RSVP. its like a first date and you can just stay home and drink wine while teh men come to you via the interweb. not that i do online dating..yet *shock*
    I was looking officially excellent and stylish today [for a change, and I even left the house, OMG?!] and i think the only people who noticed were tradies. Which is fine obvs. i like tradies. but i have dated enough of them. unless they’re actually studying architecture or some kind of biz or are at the Conservatorium or something or are in some way literate and are concreters /chippies / mechanics in their spare time. [in which case, OMG true love.]

  6. thanks, when i get around to subscribing i will do. just having a battle financially its so boring to be stuck but i just know its coming. glad somebody sees where i am coming from!! xxx

    • You dont have to be a subscriber to contribute here, your experiences matter, and you can always libra mystic later when. u can if you can… Who knows if you live close to some folks you could be able to network some 2nd house stuff with some people..

      I know this blog helped me develop my 1st house leo NN attributes.

      • Ok ok what’s this about 2nd house NN ??? I’ve got one of those and according to various sources I’m learning to earn my own living after being a kept woman last time round. A suggestion I was a whore or concubine ? It rings a bell and boy it could be easy to go back that way! But any insight I’d be thrilled. 2nd is Taurus for me as I’m a pure pred chart as such.

        • yea i have that one. you have to get your own money in this life and do it honestly and above board. doing things the slow and steady way opposed to doing them in a fast and sense gratification way. not merging with others sexually without knowing them as a friend first.

        • Hi VE,

          I’m no expert but I believe the True Node is the North Node and your South Node directly opposes the NN. I don’t know why that doesn’t show up in charts but you can calculate it yourself.

          So if your NN is in the 8th your SN is probably in your 2nd, or close to it.


  7. all i am trying to say is doing things correctly and not overdosing is the key. i have had top quality wine and just one glass and i got no hangover.
    same as weed, i not suggesting people become addicts ,just saying as an alternative to other stuff. It just sheds so much light on things. but you cant overdo it as then it is toxic for everyone.

    • I so agree, I love to see people experiment with that, over highly addictive methamphetamines or some of what big pharma touts as safe and effective today.

      Love your self confidence anon why dont you make a creative screen name about yourself? its very 2nd house NNoooooode. πŸ™‚

        KEEP IT CLEAN>

  8. thats because you have to make it yourself. the chocolate is great as u simply melt it on the stove throw the weed in and thats it! try a bit, it should make you feel happy and content. the stuff you had was way too strong and gives the good weed a bad name!!

    • well I like your self confidence but, this is like saying your allergic to peanuts. Here you just had some peanuts that were too strong try some low grade peanuts.

      Some people just aint built for somethings and thats ok.

    not slept in 10 days due to a rat issue cause i kicked a hole in a wall
    by mistake and forgot about it and a rat climbed through.
    Imagine having mars in leo in the 4th and not liking where you live.
    i ssso relate to leo to need to feel good and have all the nice things.
    apart from that, today i was tired out and old aqua friend gave me some
    weed chocolate. I felt amazing, it is subtle yet powerful you suddenly notice
    how stunning nature is and to walk along the beach, seeing pelicans and
    the sea and the misty clouds rushing past the yellow moon.
    smoking sucks it hurts your throat i swear to god anyone reading this
    should experiment. you have to blend the weed till its like powder
    heat up some chocolate and throw a bit in, you have to test it for how much.
    Life is no longer boring and problems vanish into the background.
    a must have in these chiron and neptune times in pisces.
    truly is healing.

    • I had brownies once

      I was like when are they gonna kick in? bam! not till I slept, so my usually prayers to the universe to make it stop lasted far longer than smoking. THC must be placed in some negative nodal part of my chart. It never sits well with me.

  10. Lol this guy I met is a cancer and His last two and only boyfriends names are Jason and Michael. Those are my FIrst and Middle name, so he sends me a email. I friggin swear his last name is the last guy to ask me to be with him last name- a Gemini-after a great two year friendship and us both stating we like to be independent, he changed. and Pulled all interaction and communication. When mars was Retrograding my Ascendant In leo and opposing my 7th house. A Gemini named Jamie BAKER, the cancers name now Luke BAKER- needless to say hes practially asking me out after a few days of meeting coming on way to strong. He has Mars transiting his venus right now..

    He said he wants to take care of me, I said sorry I have my own astrology chart Im not allowed to let anyone do that. a 7th house South Node means NO RELATIONSHIPS. 1st house NorthNode Means a lifetime lived though independence and not following in society’s footsteps of marriage… He keeps telling me he has all this money and wants to spend it with someone, dont let astrology control you yada yada..

    I told him sorry I stopped listening to humans long ago. And now that I go with my astrology chart instead of with what others are comfortable with or think I should do which is 7th house south Node stuff. I am so much better for it. I feel good, I always wonderd why i never minded being alone and this is it.

    Ladies- if you feel that a guy is snubbing you this could be his natural placement. Hes already lived lives of devotion and service his soul many times over made people comfortable by adapting to please and by way of constant compromise.

    Now in this life 1st house ARIES AND NorthNode in Leo calls him to a life of independence will and a steadfast courage to lead. HE Has earned the right. Because he does it with care and not out of competition but Some will cry out because its not there calling to be first or to lead in this life.

    Theres could be the opposite even to lessen the EGO and to develop less attributes of competition. mine is to develop it. some will snicker some will cry out..but this is his challenge to stay the course and say what he sees around him and what he feels even in the face of SOME of his peers un acceptance of the laws by which he is inwardly governed.

    So as much as Id like to be taken care of I realize its all in a boring ass material way, and I can do that my damn self. I have to lead people to a place of esoteric insparation. Ther

    • i have south node scorp in 8th and i think its similar to 7th. first of all i have to get my own money and possession both of which i have none! second it not means no relationships! it means healthy ones with boundaries where each person is already happy in self ( see weed chocolate, natural anti depressant below). i know drugs are bad but its not what you do…its the way that you do it. using things medicinally is far better then overeating, bingeing on chocolate, hanging with people cause you cant be alone, leaping into bed with somebody without knowing them.dont do hydro weed!!

      • oo that sounds inspiring… a healthy committed relationship. Nope havent done that a 1000 times before. thanks for the advice but im taking what I read as far a west and vedic texts on the subject. And still saying no to anyone else who asks..

        I may not know how to spell or write but I know how to read πŸ™‚

    • Hi.. how do I figure out from my chart the south node placement? I feel the same way… I have always been alone and haven’t had a problem with it. Everyone else has a problem with it. I have True Node (??) placed in my 8th house and nothing.. absolutely nothing natally in my 7th house. I always thought maybe that is why I am single. Although I have hope for one guy… I don’t need him to make me feel complete…It just works when we are together without any expectations or commitment. We just enjoy each other! I don’t know exactly his placements other than his DOB so I am relying on his sun sign and cusp placement to maybe understand him. He’s been saying to me the same thing “I want independence”.. hence no commitment with anyone. Who knows.. but it is interesting to try and figure out.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • hey VE you can find it by looking for a horseshoe looking thiny.. the his opposite will be the same degree in the opposite sign. You might not see it but hes there. that is the place and house that you do and do well, but does not make you happy because its like a video game u played and beat and you want a new one. you can go back to that house in times of crisis or vunerability but it will not work to stay for long. Make sure its a short stint and move back into the NN. This creates the most joy and like erueka moments Ive found.

        • I thought it was the opposite. Where the horseshoe thing is is where you are supposed to go, and the opposite side is where you feel safe and comfy?

          • Sorry i have mercury in pisces not the best at details but great at intution. πŸ™‚

            You have it correct. The one that looks like an upside down horse shoe is the south node and the one that looks up or forward is the north node.

            Some sites chart maps do not show the south but usually always show the north..

            • So, doesn’t chart those nodes is what I am getting. I have a True Node which is the horseshoe facing down which to me looks to be south.

            • True node = North Node

     doesn’t show the South Node on their chart, it’s always exactly opposite the North Node AKA True Node.

              (They call it True Node so as to specify the way they have calculated the position, there is another way to calculate the North Node which is called Mean Node.)

  11. my pleasure – so happy you like it! I am doing mine too and the discipline of the pages, the format def works for me. And remember, the more you do it, the more lucid and helpful the dream gets. Potent magic.

    food – i have a supplement from Bioceuticals called Gluco Factors – it’s amazing. Also drinking heaps of waters, cool teas, the fittest woman i know has a pile of celery, carrot and asparagus cut into little sticks, so she combats mouth boredom with that.

    • That’s an excellent tip, but unfortunately Toro moon me would ruin it by taking three bites of the celery and then shuffling over to the fridge to grab a jar of almond butter…and then eat half the jar with the celery.

      I like lemon water and mint tea when I’m working and want to ward off that need-a-snack feeling (when actually I want a distraction) because it makes me feel clean/fresh/hydrated and for some reason I don’t want to eat then. Coconut oil in tea or coffee really works too.

      • I would be putting celery sticks into peanut butter.
        This time of the year Bioceuticals ArmaForce and Greenridge MultiVital a great tonic that has cured my licorice obsession.
        Thanks for the suggestion of coconut oil in tea Rache.

      • How much coconut oil? What does it taste like? Does it taste oily? And why does it work?:):) just curious, this caught my eye.

  12. More Mystic-al synchronicity with the dailies pic for tomorrow.
    Googling the difference between Herons/Cranes/Brolgas and Storks today…

    Oh, and Dream Diary arrived today – Excellentay !
    So happy with binding – will stay open whilst scribbling in middle of night.
    Thanks ever so much Wonder Woman.

    Need help with food intake, currently going through ”Empty mouth syndrome”…Eeeek. Would be nice if the Commando could move in for winter and whip my arse into gear … Hmmmm Commando …

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