D & E + Weekly Horoscopes From June 22

Bharat Sikka

Bharat Sikka – Marie Claire Italia

Hello sexy subscriber peeps – the Weekly Horoscopes from June 22 are now posted and voila, bring on the GOOD times. Okay, there is a little bit of a Zap in there but you can make it insanely productive. Here’s how.

And I love this pic as it makes me want to declutter a.s.a.p. I think it’s a Mars in Virgo thing – more or less any funky mood can be lifted quick-smart via decluttering & exfoliation – D & E. Other fast fixes: a super greens salad/binaurals. Combine them all in an hour of power for a Zero to Hero trip.

And hands up who is adoring this Scorpionic Moon, when scheming is sexy and even casual flirtation seems to have more import.

Scorpio Zodiac Art Modern

Image: The Wild Unknown Zodiac

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10 thoughts on “D & E + Weekly Horoscopes From June 22

  1. The scorp moon is deep! Nothing like a good exfoliation. Just bought some muti powder from local Indian grocery…should be a good cleanser?

  2. Was really crook yesterday. My fever was making me trip out somewhat. Fun without drugs – yay.
    Anyway, ended up couch-bound and watching random stuff on TV when I happened upon HOARDERS.
    O. M. F. G. – truly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen!!! Horrifying!
    Needless to say, despite how lousy I feel I spent most of today moving furniture around, going though drawers and getting my OCD on!
    The Opp-Shop is SO going to score over the next few days…

  3. Saturns in my 5th, flirting is not interesting right now it gets in the way of business and tasks. I am feeling the kataka nest vibe though. Def want to sort my space more

  4. Yay for the deep scorp power flirting! A perfect combination for my sag sun + venus in scorpio! hehe

  5. at times like this i think it’s a trick our brain plays on us to see how committed we are to a genuine change… one last red herring thrown across the path of true growth to see if we’ll let the old things from the past draw us back / into an unsupportive and unproductive place CJ… allow yourself to acknowledge, give self a hug, ‘succeed anyway’, know that (like you said) courage means taking action in spite of fear (of loss, of not having That One etc)

    if that man is worth his salt, you would do your amazing thing anyway and he will come to you, if not he was never worth it. don’t let those feelings stop you from being wonderful..

    in 10 years, what do you want to look back and see yourself doing at this time? what would make you most proud.

    I need to take my own advice – reading your words (and I know how capable you are, you’re in a completely different place in life from me) has made me realise in what ways I might be honouring the things in my life – people, places, situations – that are not allowing me to grow and move on.

    reading the scopes, and looking at my own life in the past few weeks, it struck me how STRONGLY the crud can weigh you down and pull you back when there is a shining, amazing future *right there in front of you*
    we can act in spite of aching hearts , it doesn’t mean dismissing our feelings, just keeping a close watch / kind eye on them and keeping on moving upwards anyway.

    can’t wait to see how it all works out for you in the best possible way 🙂


    • it’s like a self-destruct sabotage program that is set to initiate when some kind of personal event horizon is within sight. Our psyche is not prepared for that un-explored new ground, so “abortnewplans . exe” kicks in in whatever way we know best, usually a familiar old spiral. well, maybe this is just me