Chiron Going Retro Is Psyched

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Raquel Welch Poncho

Hey guys, the Weekly Horoscopes from June 15 are just posted. The week is weird, weird, weird. But then again, so are we.

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Also, as I am yet to set up a “reviews” feature in the Shop, how are you guys finding the Jupiter Re Zap Power Nap Binaural Beats Mp3? I love mine & find the little zonk-out really restorative and inspirational but i commissioned the thing, so could have a bias toward it.Β Β  Share?

Image: Raquel Welch

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106 thoughts on “Chiron Going Retro Is Psyched

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  2. Ok this is poncho-free and off-topic, sort of but I needed somewhere to put it…
    Long story but I am now considering the possibility of an academic job in a far flung foreign nation thanks to my oldest friend, who jokingly calls her country “the third world”.
    Uranus in my 9th.
    This astro schizz works.

    • wow… sounds great Chrysalis!! Any aspects to venus? πŸ˜‰

      I have venus in Libra in 9th. Love a nice foreign accent and a well travelled man

      • You read my mind Scorpbot, my first thought was ‘yes, but how will moving to the middle of the desert actually increase my chances of getting laid?’ lol
        My Venus is still reeling from Neptune’s pass a while back but my progressed sun is now conjunct my progressed Venus in Aries, both being zapped by Uranus…

        • maybe you meet a lovely man who also moves to the middle of the desert. You never know….! But of course I understand wanting to maximise your chances of getting laid – tres important!!! πŸ™‚

          Progressed sun conjunct my progressed Venus sounds promising!! Unpredictable and unconventional πŸ™‚

  3. Feeling the weirdness big time. Lots of (good) synchronicity and creative boldness happening! Chiron is my home-ninja.

    On the subject of the binaural beats…I feel like I go into a sort of trance when I’m listening to them, and when I’ve finished my brain seems make all sorts of snappy, instant creative connections. Wish I had had them when I was doing exams!

  4. Chiron natally and transitioning my 5th house. Double whammy? Been SO busy lately with work and trying to understand family. I haven’t had time to stay connected with this site. Maybe by 2014. LOL!!

  5. OH why is it so strange and weird….

    Im not very happy about it, but attempting with all my guts to look towards growth and the way I want things to be, so as not to manifest more of what I do not want.

    But I just got bitch slapped with unpleasantness for the last few weeks, and Im so over it… Im exhausted….

    Im feeling my family pull away from me more and more, and that scares me. It’s a long story, but basically it feels like the relationships are breaking down with parent and siblings…. and feeling unloved and disrespected. Feeling like they all think something of me they are not telling me, but rather than them feeling for me with whatever they think, they are separating more and more…. so there is a massive lack of understanding, compassion or care. So this is for my pruning. Thanks… Saturn in first house…. it is so painful… And sometimes too much to bear and to much to carry… You know, Im actually feeling emotionally mute, as when I attempt to share my feelings, I feel like I get shut down. Why is everyone in my life making my emotions wrong??? They are mine ffs! how can they be wrong? and then why do people dislike me for my emotions? The fact that Im not coping with a bully, that I feel sad that Im away from all my friends and family? And its like the more isolated I become the more people move away from me…. Goddamn Saturn!!!! the cold hard teaching of emo pain….. I might go to the oracle and look for an answer… but I must say, none of the advice from astro or anything has even chipped away at the harshness I have felt in the last few weeks. Please release me!!!!!

  6. LOL – yesterday I bought a Firebird t-shirt. Clearly, I choose Phoenix, not Dodo. I am going to smoke my last cig (again) and get my teeth cleaned. I had a dream last night I was floating on a raft in water, not sure where I was going. I got out and asked some people (I spoke in French, they in Spanish) where I was and they said “Iral” maybe they meant “Aral” which is an omen to rid myself of all energy sucks. No bigger energy suck than cigs. Must kick that habit.

    • I like Cattiva’s description of smoking as a way to screen out the freaks. I suppose it can be the inverse of a projecting actual energy, radiating your lovely self. Good luck!

  7. The binaural beats are keeping me upright. All my part-time jobs are stacking up and having a listen between roles feels better than a night’s sleep. Is it ok if I listen twice a day?

    I have 3 other binaural tracks that have been quite wonderful, however this is my favourite because it seems to stir me to action.

    Loving it!!

  8. yeah fucken tell me about it fucken chiron in pisces
    ive spent a year now in a bad mood a whole year
    its fucken normal to see somebody on the street
    who fucken hates my guts because lets face it
    people can be such bullies they see ya vulnerable
    is enuf to hate you
    i noticed you have used two virgo icons lately
    sophia loren and rachel welsh
    lets face it virgo is the best sign

  9. Was out giving the dog a run this arvi, we don’t walk dogs on leashes here, well, not all of us, we load them in a ute go to a spot have a think and drink appreciating the change in landscape of recent desert rains. I was doing this & thinking about many things in my life this year especially the the last month, today even. Here now reading the daily for Kataka (moon & asc) for tomorrow & there it all is! In writing. I want to print it & slap on my fridge Mystic. The Aqua weekly is already resonating. I did a job application this afternoon that could bring me much excitement, hell the excitement was just doing it. Fingers flying over the keyboard no mental blocks of articulating my skills yeah!

  10. πŸ˜† well, look at that!!! – three poncho gravatars in a row. A cat, a pony and LRRH running away from a wolf.

    Ah, the little things that amuse me πŸ˜€

      • Funnily I wrote to you on the Merc Retro post: “Please send us a pic of you in a poncho channelling Clint Eastwood in a market in La Paz!!” et voila! Love synchronicity.

  11. Loving the poncho of the day pic there Mystic.

    Also loving the Zap Power Nap Binaural Beats. I am still running around like a woman on speed getting heaps of shit done. It’s fuqing awesome! x

  12. Feeling the weirdness but not freaking out. Laughing with it instead of trying to fight it for a change.

    The only thing I SHOULD be freaking out over is the fact that I am on day 7 of a “no ‘poo” experiment during this extended Leo moon. Will I cave? When does it get better?

    • it doesn’t. I did it and then caved – i don’t think it works if your hair has any dye in it. Compromise; got a hairdresser that used all organic products & use their shampoo. Best hair ever.

      • Gah. I caved. I don’t think it jives with my lifestyle…I don’t wash my hair too much anyway and I appreciate feeling a good blowout and highlights. I just happed into a good routine too — currently using Lush shampoo and Oribe conditioner and rinsing with bottled spring water which totally changed my hair game.

          • lol. that too! but, erm, not from my hairdresser. ^__^ however he has gone past the call of duty and given me a xanax once before when i came in freaking out about something which is amazing and kind like the gay hairdresser version of the massage “extra”. in my fantasies he’s a pill dealer to all the blonde, mid-40s, WASPy, wealthy women from the hills who i always see in his salon.

    • yeah, i didn’t last long with it mainly because I followed a recommendation to wash with bicarb (baking soda) and it turned my hair 50 shades lighter. Currently following Aquariarse’s advice: really basic jojoba shampoo with organic apple cider vinegar rinse.

      • Bicarb crikey Calypso, that sounds full on.
        Beer rinse gives a full shine.
        Knew a guy in New Zealand who would sans poo and skip to the conditioner only step. He was an extra in Zena, Hercules and I’d guess Lord of the Rings too. Long curly locks.

        • lol πŸ™‚

          yeah, I can imagine the straight to vinegar working – it’s diluted so not so hardcore as it sounds.

          should have said, as per Mystic, that it stripped my colour because, yes, dye.

        • I might have met your no poo friend – I was an extra in Xena and Hercules too (not LOTR though, that was filmed in Wellington – not really worth catching a plane to work when you’re being paid $6 an hour.)

      • Do you have a basic jojoba shampoo brand that you can recommend??
        I’m over my current brand and I can’t seem to get my hands on something simple.

      • it didn’t work for me either, in the end. When I did do it, I had natural coloured hair (no dye) – first week or so was totally gross, then it worked for quite a while. But as soon as summer came, it went out of whack. It couldn’t handle the sometimes-swimming, chlorine, salt, on unpredictable basis. If you have a totally routine life and don’t put your hair through anything stressful, it can work. Actually when it WAS working, it worked great, my hair was really soft. Too bad I refuse to give up swimming…. the no poo had to go.

    • i find it works best on people who have naturally dry curly hair. It does not work on people who have straight oily locks. my tresses became matted and dull and still oily but unmanageable!

    • I have straight, thick, dyed hair – no-poo/shamphree works GREAT for me. My hair has been black, brown, henna’ed, and now a dark blonde, and it’s never screwed with my color. If anything, since I’m now washing once a week (versus every other day when I was shampooing) my color lasts longer. And my hair and scalp are better than ever. It took me about a month to fully adjust. You do need to experiment with the right bicarb/water, vinegar/water ratio for you.

  13. The last two mornings I am up at 4:30 am and by 5 am listening to MM’s Beats. Each listen yields different results and all positive.
    Gave it a spin to a dog and he napped on my lap.

  14. I dreamt of ponchos last night: but never dreamt there could be a gunslinging version – awesome! Btw, love the binaural beats – v transformative. Same effect as meditating for two hours but quicker and weirder.

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