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inspirational slogan in white and gold

The beautiful Abigail from Apartment Therapy got my thoughts re Astro Decor and you can read them here!

And the Multiple Leo Intern and i are busy today sending out the Neptune Dream Diaries – they were meant to be posted a few days ago but printing got delayed due to a last minute anal-control-freaky-fussy details change.Β  So yah, guess who has bossy boots Mars in Virgo in the 8th House? ME.

Anyway, they’re going in the mail today and they will be totally worth it. Whenever i am religious about recording my dreams day by day, i get rad results, psychic dreams and a deeper sense of psychological holistic Awesome. And as per the #MarsInVirgo I am easily inspired by a sexy bit of stationery.Β  No more grunge notebooks.

Dream Diary

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41 thoughts on “Astro-Decor Dreaming

  1. OMG if that’s what the cover looks like *loves*… especially the colour.

    Can’t wait to get it since I’ve been having vivid dreams way more often than usual.

  2. I cant remember what this site used to look like let alone write my dreams everyday, Mercury in Pisces…. my life and dreams are one big Impressionst blur… lol

    • Yeah i was trying to remember the other day and couldn’t. But it’ll come to me in a random flash sometime when i’m supposed to be business-like and on the ball no doubt…

      • You can train your brain to remember involves meditation, writing everything down daily, and asking yourself to remember. Life becomes more laser focused when you focus on your dreams. When my life is chaotic it’s because I am ignoring, not working with my dreams. I am either overworked, too tired or imbibing in too many drinks.

        • I did do it for a little while but then I felt it added to my busy feeling….

          Im Born the Week of Youth & Ease so its kinda a astrological imperative that I stay away from things that make me feel busy or lazar focused, Im supposed to only gravitate toward things that contribute to my chilling out. like communication learning and music, when i do these things they just make me feel relaxed.

          probably because I dream too much with my mercury in pisces already.. I had so much to write. but it was fun looking back on it. But not something Id want to keep reminding myself of another thing I should be doing. thats what I ended up doing.


  3. Looks great, can’t wait! Ya, my Mars in Virgo in 8th got me wound up these past few days as well. I think I’ve made it to the other side. For now.

  4. So accurate for astro decor!! I spent the most amount of time and money remodelling the bath room with luxe clawfoot bath tub and elegant sink.

    • OMG clawfoot tub?! I’m so jealous. As a renter, I should be grateful I have one at all, but still… *sigh*

        • i got tired of soaking in a so called tub and parts of me are still sticking out of the water.

          • haha EEL so true… the genius who came up with that size, Im all showers for that very reason. feels kinda silly and very uncomfortable.

            my knee is cold dip below water
            my foot is cold
            ect ect ect.

  5. Oh Mystic you brave lady! I gave up reading Apartment Therapy after all the constant bitchy comments got me down.

    You are absolutely spot on though, as always. In fact I think I’ll go take a lavender bath right now…

    • For a lighthearted blog post people were getting very serious in the comments weren’t they! Chillax peeps, she’s not putting a gun to your head and yelling “ARIES! YOU WILL HAVE ROTHKO ON THE WALL!!”

      After reading Saggo I looked around my room and noted all the Andean weaving, ornate frames from Indonesia, a little wooden box and a painting from Thailand, some art from the Amazon and a large printed photo of the Salar de Uyuni… pretty spot on for me πŸ™‚

      • Seriously, design snobs are terrifying. I mean it’s just stuff guys! Pretty stuff! Lighten up πŸ™‚

        • people are stupid, but, more than that, they really are bitches.

          I loved this one the most “I won’t express what I think about that article, because I try to be polite, and I actually had fun reading it and commenting (I guess that’s the same reason why I buy people magazines during the summer vacations). But still… really ?”

          Really, that pass-agg BS gave me a great laff. Lolled more than at any poncho joke….maybe I’ll go hang out there….not.

            • it was like yahoo commenters were in there. that’s one reason i gave up reading it,

              • Hey calyps, yes my aqau Tauro moon friend. He critized my bath towels. sooo gaye. What there two years old perfectly clean and he says they are not like thick and towely enough. Ive done with thinner towels. I think more about envronment I just dont want to be throwing away what still does its job just because its doesnt feel like im drying myself with, I dunno…. they were pretty thick and still very good to me. I still have them.

                Then my tauro friend. I made him a GMO free lunch with lemon water and he complained about the comfort of the flask on his lips. O it doesnt feel as good as mine.

                WATER- goes IN the MOUTH..
                Tauro moon and Tauro s first world problems.

                • you think it’s my Toro Moon? Not my Scorp Sun? Or maybe Cap Mars square Merc? πŸ˜€

  6. Spot on for Capricorn – fortunately my house came with a pretty good oven so I’m going without other ‘extras’ to fund my high quality, timeless investment pieces. (And by timeless investment pieces, I don’t mean expensive ‘designer’ label shit – just good quality eco-friendly as possible shit.)

  7. I have always found profiling based on the Sun Sign to be inaccurate, the Moon Sign is a much better indication of one’s personal preferences. For example, as a Gemini, I should be eclectic, random and colourful. My home in fact is the opposite. Instead, it is tidy, clean and organised. Perfect Virgoan tendencies. Mystic…you generalise too much in you musings.

        • Yea she just generalizes for the Newbies. this is how you learn HH… And personal prefrences. who goes by that. Identity is where its at, as the sun is the biggest thing pulling.

          I have found people match there suns perfectly. Every pisces been a pisces every virgo been a virgo every aqua knew some science every gemini loved a phone.

          Every aries would rather work than stalk me about liking them. Sun sign wins. Moon sign is just more information.

    • I hear that people whose name starts with H tend to not pay enough attention to the existing material on a website before coming out with statements that question the bloggers credibility. But then again I am a Pisces, and I could be generalising too much.

      PS I think eclectic, random and colourful can coexist quite happily with tidy, clean and organised. then again I am a gemini ascendant so am quite happy to live with inconcgruent beliefs.

      PPS. My desk is immaculate (no it’s not because I never use it) but my bedroom is a shitfight. I am losing sight of my bed under all my clothes. If Neptune stationing retro in my 8th house got into a three way fight with my 7th house Capricorn Moon and retrograding Saturn in my late 4th house, who would win? Discuss, showing your working.

      now if you will excuse me i have to go and write something sensible out in meat-world.

      • PS I sound bitchy because i am procrastinating and I hate myself for it. your virgo moon / asc is not to take offence. but seriously dude you have to realise this blog >10 years old and there is a LOT of discussion here already about the very things you critique.

  8. OMG love the cover -love the font, colours and the image. Can’t wait to get mine xxx

  9. I’m thinking the moon sign might be quite an influence too. I’m gem with virgo moon, not sure of my rising (does anyone know how to figure it out without precise birth time?), and my idea of flexibility is rearranging the books on the bookshelves (lots of those…) and the photos/images on the wall!