Lilith In The Land Of The Moon

ELVIRA WITH suitcase

Hey people, Mercury is Retrograde (great time to do a leadership spill, political power play, possible constitutional crisis – not) and Jupiter is in Kataka/Cancer but guess who ELSE is there???

Dark Moon Lilith – the Anti-Eve, the original Bitch Goddess, the Whore in the Madonna Whore Complex, ghost in every machine, Snake in the Grass…or with an Apple.

So Lilith energy is amplified massively at the mo.Β  See the ten hour speech from Taurus senator Wendy Davis, for example. Trust our Cow for stamina. And is it just me who did not previously know what a filbuster was?

So I’m doing a book on Lilith – am Lilith-crazy at the moment. It’s out in August but here is the cover…more soon and meanwhile, please share thoughts about Jupiter-Lilith and crazy politics during Mercury Retro, yah?

Lilith cover



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  1. Is Mercury Retro a bad time to get a cat? Does it fall under the big purchases category? Cause I found a beautiful boy at cat rescue and I want to get him this weekend.

      • Wow, yes get a Kitty!
        But you must start bathing them at an early age…so that when they’re grown, you can easily keep them sweet, clean and shiny!

        • I’ve owned cats all my life & NEVER have I bathed one! That’s exactly what their tongue is covered in spur-like buds for. They are very capable of cleaning themselves – & when they do, you want them to taste shampoo residue. Yuk.

          • I have bathed cats before. Some older cats can no longer maintain their coats. So a little summer time splash action is required to defunk the kitty. It does depend on the breed of feline, the climate conditions and their health. I <3 Cats!

    • It’s always good luck to rescue a cat.
      A stray black female kitten adopted me yesterday. <3

    • There is no bad time to get a cat….. any time is a good time! Go get that kitty…..

      • Wonder if Lillith had a cat? Am yearning for an animal but don’t know if i could bring myself to view
        the dogs that need an owner at the pound, all those beautiful eyes with longing in them for a companion to take them out of a cage, so started thinking CAT, then rabbit (no more ratites their life-span too short), now back to cat.
        Have only ever had one ever and she was a white fluffy, non-killer, green-amber eyes that i had from a kitten. My boy rat used to sleep on her tummy and chase her up the passage, then she would chase him, they adored each other.
        Would only want one same as her and don’t think you can order the design at the rescue centre or can you?

  2. DO IT. Mercury Retro is an epic time to get cats or other animals. Especially a rescue. And it is usually when your consciousness is a bit diff so you think like that, beautifully intuited.

    WHAT is his name? Thoth Moon would fit the astro, yes?

    • Oh yay. Thank you. His name is Spidee, but I want to change it when I adopt him. He has the markings of a python. So beautiful. Gorgeous, affectionate, one year old boy. I’m so glad I asked now. Thank you, thank you, thank you

    • So this is why the intensity of wanting an animal companion is so intense. When i start talking to spiders that drop in from the cold i know it’s time :-)

    • I missed out on Spidee. He got adopted. But I got another boy today. 3 years old, a tabby and his name is Gary. I am not changing the name. I think his name is perfect. He can be my own asteroid Gary.

  3. Also been obsessing over Lilith lately since I’ve come to understand how my Liliths in Leo (and midheaven at that) interact with my Mercury in Libra. Let’s just say bitch flipped her shit this weekend and went totally low, low, low astro. Grand indulgences, grand theatrics, grand regrets. Reigned in her with some practical magic and remembering that this triple Virgo has got to get her shizzzz together.

  4. Oooo.. most intrigued by promise of your Lilith book cover! Have recently discovered I have Lilith exactly conjunct my moon and am eager to learn more about it.

    But speaking about the moon, I’m a bit confused. I noticed on the dailies that you have the moon into Leo on Friday, but if we’re moving about of a Pisces moon, shouldn’t it be in Aries? Am actually hoping it is really a Leo moon because I love a good Leo moon.

  5. Mystic, do you watch True Blood? There’s some major Lilith stuff in seasons 5 and 6. In the show, legend has it she’s the first ever vampire, created in God’s image. And then Adam and Eve were created for her to feed on.

    • I just finished watching Season 5 the Lilith themed season. Twas’ Great!

    • hmm, i don’t. Well i do but sporadically and only the early seasons. I am Game of Thrones obsessive. you should hear the GOT nerd conversations i am capable of having.

      She as the Adam’s First WIFE – literally demonized.

      • She looked like she was getting her own back at being demonised – in True Blood! Powerful gal.

      • Lillith in True Blood eps was just all wrong imho – right now can’t elaborate as I was so pissed about it, I stopped watching. Lillith portrayed as demon. And I loved TB up until Season 5!

        • Second that, MM! It was very Victorian in portrayal of her- all dark projections/sexuality/power. Way too dark and one-sided! My teen boys and their dad watch it- my Pisces girl and I watch Downton Abbey!

      • I’m also GoT obsessive right now. Just finished my second watching of the series, feeling a little bereft…

  6. Lilith is in my 12th Pisces. Opposes dead conjunct Pluto Uranus at 6/7 border. Oddly found Eros is also dead conjunct Pluto Uranus ha knew I always fall for the most powerful bizarre men !

    • It’s not so much that you fall for powerful men as that they (at least initially) do not feel a need to reduce you.
      You are locked and loaded on so many levels, most people find that terrifying.
      They behave bizarrely after they realise that on some level you have more power than they do.

      That’s my interpretation of it anyhow.

      • Nail head bang on. You’re one in depth on the money girl. Just read you about your 12th etc. wow.
        I love meeting men and I love the way they flounder and I revel in my power at that time. And if they were no where near a match I simply don’t bother. Means I simply don’t bother a lot. Can honestly say I’ve deeply loved only one man. And he was very very similar to me. Rather bad and naughty to know. And I still scared the pants off him.

        • I know what you mean.
          I am so grateful in a wistful sort of way that the man I’ve loved with all of my body and soul never got married or had a child together.
          He is also a sag moon and sag rising like me but with everything else in Leo , bar Venus which is in Cancer. He is extremely Uranian in character and loves to shock by being blunt with total strangers and family alike. CEO, assburger, genius. Introduced me to literature and Lilith (without realising it at the time. Not something to go into here but he has a dark and twisted sexuality which at 23 I simply could not comprehend.
          He is like a male Lilith (in Cancer) on the inside and behind locked doors. A macho alpha male corporate predator to the outside world. Totally preppie. Ivy League star all the way. Super traditional. Hypocrite and yet so honest. We would have been a miserable couple but I will love him forever.
          It was not about the sex (that was actually dreadfully unsatisfying for me and probably for him too. He was compulsively unfaithful but likewise I’m certain he has never and will never love a woman as he does me.
          We belong to different worlds and it wouldn’t have worked but he did introduce me to Melville, Conrad, Shakespeare, South Park, Akira Kurosawa, classic westerns, Helmut Newton and the power of lingerie, black stockings and an elegant pair of black patent leather stilettos.

          Not sure what it has to do with Lilith but I believe that somehow he was instrumental in my beginning the journey that would lead me to Lilith.
          He unlocked that door.
          I did not make it easy for him, or him for me.
          War buddies, friends forever.
          No one could possibly live up to the ideal he set and the bar has held for 16 years.

          I’d love to meet someone I could be happy with but also meeting someone powerful and complex who gets you and inspires you, taunts you and encourages you to stretch to your full height Goddess, stand tall.

          • Woah. What a story. Sounds amazing and horrendous. Thanks for sharing.

          • I now simply don’t know where to start. You’ve brought huge things forward in me that have been waiting for along while to be expressed and I suppose here I will just touch on a few topics or lessons. I will admit that loving is one thing, in love is another thing altogether but for all those that I have had loving with, each of them has been such a classroom. My male classrooms. I’ve had an innate knowing of each of the longer term more dynamic loves in my life. Eyes meet and instant recognition of the soul. But what’s even more odd is that I can tell you the way the relationship will go and how it ends! And I haven’t been wrong yet. Knew my first husband knew he’d leave. Knew my second, knew I’d leave. Met the eyes of a stranger in a foreign country three months into second husband relationship, knew he was mine, knew he’d leave in a very final way and to do with martyr ing himself. And knew this last most intense and ridiculous one as soon as I met his eyes. I walked across the market square taking my coat off, literally stripping as I walked to him. I am yours. Didn’t know I’d done it until he brought it up a year or so later! This one has exposed my Lilith and her rage and her power. Never been so intense in my feeling for a guy. Could not look in his eyes during sex for fear of dying. And that’s just not me. Usually I’m the girl with the control and the mastery. What a place to find yourself! First time of feeling an burning painful truth and being able to speak it. Terrified of it but no chance not to open up and let it out. Rage at female oppression bitter hurt and anger at every woman’s suffering at the hands of men and my own lifetimes of hurt pouring forth. He himself a man in cloak. Walking as an entity he is not but mingling and not noted for his truth. He himself only now admitting to his own knowing. Finally knowing. How utterly boundless his heart is. And how surrendered he is to the female.

  7. Wow.
    That Jupiter going into Cancer today & being exalted and all that sure is EXPANSIVE re. Labor leadership change. Dramatic. Makes me wonder about people who have Jupiter in Cancer natally – are they like this naturally – expansive and a bit dramatic?
    Mystic, could you please do a post sometime in the year ahead about your take on Jupiter in Kataka and use some examples of people who have it? Perhaps a haute/low Jupiter in Kataka write up?

    • I have Jupiter in Kataka in my 1st house – I’ll have a natal return shortly, woo hoo. I certainly have zero fear of public speaking and/or performing in the literal or metaphorical sense, though I’m naturally quite introspective.

        • My favorite dj has this placement…

          But we also have mecury in pisces. mr Victor Calderone…

    • Go to And their extended charts section has Lilith so add her and aspect lines. It’s a freebie too so go enjoy.

  8. I love the cover.
    I got chills.
    Am obsessed with Lilith right now too.
    Have been writing and making films too strange to post on my blog but the top picture says it all.
    I’m changing my website anyway.
    I need one to scare off the Qi Vamps
    Have finally just surrendered to letting a web guy do my web stuff. I know him from before o it’s ok. We’ve been discussing the design for months I just never gave him the green light.
    I’m all about my double Lilith in Scorpio in the 12th house conduct mars, mercury and my sun. Also the moon in the 12th house makes so much sense now. I had a dream about Lilith when I was “trying to be a wife of a CEO”. ie during the year I was married. I also flew off to consort with demons and would not lie down (literally). Anyway the dream was a siren, a seductress with a snake around her neck. No I swear I had not seen that picture of Kate but I love it. My idea was to do a series of Byzantine paintings in trypic like religious icons in gold leaf and frame them using antique portholes from ships. I’ve decided to do them during this mercury retrograde. I’m just diving into my Lilith and finding she has so much to teach me. I honestly have goosebumps writing this…
    Thank you for telling me about her.
    You told me that I am not a gay man in a woman’s body.
    You told me about Lilith.
    I’d never even heard her name. Now she is my spiritual mother.
    I feel a moral imperative to be heard by other women who like me were young and confused. I’ve made short films called Incubus Succubus, set to music that expresses her perfectly. I will have to find a way to post them without getting shut down by the prudish patriarchy and their draconian laws.
    Obviously Lilith was the original Dominatrix.
    So many fetishes are actually just things she infamously “forced ” men to endure after seducing them. It all makes so much sense to me now.

    BTW I found a website listing celebrities with Lilith in the 12th house – only EVERYONE I’VE EVER FOUND SEXY.
    The whole vampire obsession since I was a tiny kid makes sense.
    Sorry I’m rambling on.
    It’s just such a revelation.
    Oddly enough, the Domme who took me under her wing and originally took photos of me in latex calls herself Eve.
    I pass on to her all the clients who seem in any way to be seeking some sort of “service” or ask questions or even have requests before a session.

    My new thing – biz wise- is no new people.
    I don’t need more money.
    I need more respect.
    If someone books a two or three hour session with me and has absolutely no expectation of what will or won’t happen during the session, I may consider taking them on as a client but those who see me regularly come for submission therapy. I light candles, I chant and I get my ego out of the way before they arrive and I become still. Then I approach the session like a shamanic healer. I don’t care if that sounds insane. That is what happens.
    I do not hurt them or do anything sexual with them and my flat is a zen space not a dungeon. Actually I’ve never even been inside a dungeon.
    It’s about emotional catharsis and release. They usually end the session crying at my feet and thanking me.
    I don’t fight it anymore or apologise for it.
    They come to pay tribute to the Dark Goddess.
    To hand over their power.
    Often we talk and they say how much they envy my freedom to live the life I choose. I tell them that it is not without sacrifice and that THAT is why they worship me. It’s not a life I would have chosen.
    I envy them their security and sense of belonging at times but this is my karma and I feel I am in my integrity when I stay honest and work my ass off to be fit and strong and although I do struggle with being alone, possibly forever. This is my life and taking it seriously allows me to hold space for them to let go and surrender to me. It’s treat me with absolute and total respect or they never come back.
    It’s that simple.
    Tough to put into words but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

    • Thank you for posting that! I checked out your blog & couldn’t quite understand the shamanic aspect of your work. Maybe post this on yr next blog! It makes perfect sense when you put it this way, well, to me anyways. I think you heard my question floating in the ether, πŸ˜‰ .

      • Yes I know
        The site is so nebulous
        It’s too confusing
        Because I’m not a pro Domme
        I’m not an escort and I’m a healer. I’ve always known that but the goody two shoes healer thing doesn’t fit me, never did. Sexual power was always THE EVERYTHING to me. Not for sex itself but because matriarchy and feminine sexual freedom is so terrifying to our institutions.
        It always baffled me as a child how women had to choose between being a whore or a wife.

        No wonder they wrote her out of the script.
        She stole the show in the first act and then left.
        Which patriarchy wouldn’t be afraid of that?

        • Here here. Same here. I’ve been asked many times to be a whore. Or a sex therapist or a surrogate partner. It’s sort of what I do naturally. And as to HD. Blew my mind.

        • In general I think the problem in western culture is that it distinguishes between polarities in such extreme ways, intense dualism creates childish sensibility of reality. In shamanic cultures you see the dark and the light always coexist as expressions of a greater body of truth.
          Specifically as regards Lilith, dark goddesses generally, she is symbolic of the chthonic forces that unbalance society and are destructive and there isn’t much value in that until we come to times like the Zap Zone – when we need to be restore honesty I suppose.
          Honesty is naturally unbalancing, restorative I suppose.
          Do you regard yourself as a channel for Lilith or for the sexual nature of the goddess? I think it is very hard to express what you do without sounding a bit mad to some. Being honest will sort the chaff from the wheat Lilith-style I guess, lol. Though it is never the complete truth. Someone joked here about giving out business cards with nothing on them to describe what they do. I guess we all need to use language to express things in a way that makes sense without losing our integrity.
          The good two shoes healer thing is an ego trap that others love to impose as they are stuck in that pyramidal guru/student structure. It is always disappointing to see in action. Good luck with your new site, I look forward to seeing it!

          • Re biz cards with nothing on them.
            Mine were gold with my name & number only in choc brown…back in the days.
            Visiting cards were the same in the days when peoples actually visited a person for tea & sympathy by arrangement.

        • with the right network or marketing, you’d be able to target that fraternal order of screwed up gents, depraved cappy or fixed sign males, biz execs with screwed up maternal issues, and difuse some PA yet volatile peeps with emo embolism. which are probably starting to get disenfranchized by the crumbling of established paternal orders.

          perusing your site, your approach sounds very mars pluto to me or harsh venus, so your methods of “delivery” are very apropo. your patients would follow, release to someone that has a strong lilith qualities, mother bitch. yea so i agree with it. but in your fen shui flat/studio you gotta get an iron maiden show piece as decorum, just to keep em guessing.

          • Yes there is so much writing I have not yet published because ……
            I haven’t ..
            I am not 100% satisfied with it.
            It will be up by Monday. The piece of which you unwittingly speak

        • 12t h house rules Institutions.
          Being a ‘goodie 2 shoes’ healer is quite suppressive. Must re-invent myself.
          Transforming the profane into the sacred is weary-ing and i’m on a self imposed sabbatical because of.
          Cattiva, perhaps using the word Alchemy as you are transmuting & transforming.
          One on one contact with a person changes them on many levels.

      • No but I will
        Thank you
        Thank you so much
        I’ve never had as much emotional support in my life as I have found n this site.

        Thank you Mystic
        You truly are a Zeitgeist Guru babe.
        I <3 U

        • u rock.

          also, if i book a session, can i choose catwoman persona to kick my ass straight

          • No
            If you book a session with me then I will decide how or even if to kick your ass. I’m not a circus performer doing tricks. If you have a request for an outfit there are lots of women who will dress as a Domme or Bast Goddess whilst behaving like a submissive.

            It does not sound as if you are ready for or yet worthy of submission therapy. Not to worry, there are thousands of women and girls who will dress as a Domme and even go through the generic motions with you.

            Nothin to see here mate.
            You’re in the wrong place looking on my site. I don’t do “requests”.
            I do authentic relationships.
            Perhaps you could ask Tom Waits to sing “Always a Woman” while you’re at it:). Good luck with that darlin

            • I totally get this. Maybe its my Mars-Pluto or Lilith in Aqua 5th house opposite Moon in Leo 11th. What you’ve written about power really resonates with me. And its sexual power but not about sex and certainly not about performing to someone else’s kink like a waitress. I researched the dome scene and decided NO WAY could I dress up like someone’s pet and play dom. I decide it all. I decide what’s needed. And I expect submission. For me, if that means I live and die celibate, so be it. I don’t expect someone to be able to control or even understand their own passions. But if they want to “work’ with me, they should start by accepting I do know what’s best for them.

              I’m also a triple Virgo and single. You can imagine why I don’t date :-)

    • LOL – “gay man trapped in a woman’s body” is how I’ve described myself before!

      I can’t stand when guys false-submit. Submission isn’t about codependence or passive-aggression. Its sacred. Pffttt…

  9. Can’t wait for your book….I have Lilith conjunct my natal sun and transiting conjunct natal Venus. Have chased up a book by Tom Jacobs; and Tom Lescher has some great Lilith raves out there too! Ancient healing witchery, love her…merci mystic x

  10. Yay go Mystic, this sound brilliant!
    Love the ‘go hard or go home’ attitude, even when I am at home and practicing ‘soft’. Lilith sounds like she is around you at the moment!

    Is Lilith similar to Kali do you think? Seems like it will be a great read!

    • I don’t think there is a similarity, as Lilith is nubile woman, Kali is mother. Different aspects of woman. Kali is fury. Lilith is confidence. The similarity is just they’re both famous few examples in the mainstream of feminine strength in a form usually ascribed to men. Sexuality is not part of the Kali vibe. This is quite Western, this fear of free female sexuality in religion, where sexuality in Hindu pantheon is not equated with demonised goddesses. Lilith has traditionally been feared; Kali has been worshipped. Interesting to consider when you look at cultural – not trad spiritual – patriarchy (so strong in a rape culture).

      • This is the whole fulcrum for change during this eon we’ve entered. The female is not about to be repressed any longer and she is returning to goddess status. You see it everywhere. Men have lost their direction and are floundering,either being impotent, for lack of a better word, or deeply aggressive stemming from fear of loss of control. Religion is losing its grip as individuals question their own heart and the female stands suddenly knowing the universe IS female. That she has been and is still being demonised for her depth and brilliance. Here sexual nature and her capacity to love and equally kill. It’s going to be quite a balancing act over many years to get this to go right. But if a few knowing souls can honestly walk their path and share their view of the world, it’ll help. Thank the stars for this site!

      • Thank you Anon/Emg that makes a lot of sense re Kali & Lilith in terms of defining them by their sexual natures.
        Maybe acknowledging our inner Kali is about bringing light to her through awareness… Ma Kali being like dark matter, unformed God potential seems more pure than in a human form Kali.

        But Lilith as being ‘confidence’ and sex is great, I like that, thanks. There is so much power in sex when we use it to light up and unite our chakras with the eternal and our lover.
        I guess it goes back to the old fertility rites where sexual power was used to keep the land & elements in balance with the seat of power as to why they patriarchy want to suppress feminine sexuality.

        • Kali depicted with her tongue out and grimacing is a physical way of releasing anger,
          it’s one of the secrets and poses in kundalini yoga.
          Try it when totally frustrated and peed off (alone) πŸ˜‰

          • Got my Kataka 4 year old to try it as he was quite cross with me – he said it made him sick. I will try it alone as I think I might scare him!

            • Anon,that’s hysterical, perhaps he has not yet enough global angst for it to be effective and so has opposite effect.
              Don’t do it in front of anyone, it comes with a warning :-)!

              • Woz I. Ha!
                The Gem Stellium does a great haka face as he looks totally Maori. We probs shouldn’t play that we the kids either! They looove that though. :)

  11. Defense of Marriage Act rule unConstitutional!!!! (DOMA is Dead, Ma.)
    US Supreme Court announces this just hours after Jupiter crosses into Cancer. (Wouldn’t that be a great newspaper sub-head!)

    Stupid, stupid law. Didn’t make a lick of sense.

    Talk about expanding (Jupiter) the definition of family (Cancer).

    • Jupiter conj. Lillith — the oldliners are sure that this development is demonic. :-)

      Lillith is also about demanding equality in partnership. That suits this legal decision, too.

  12. So, what is the impact of Lilith? I am also confused. I went to to pull my chart and add Lilith and I have 4 markings. Lilit (stationed in my 9th and floating passed my 8th) and a symbol for Lilith (stationed in my 4th and floating passed by 9th).

  13. Wendy R. Davis
    P.O. Box 1039
    Fort Worth, TX 76101

    send thank you notes or you u.s. types!

  14. Keen to learn more about the Lilith myth. I have this / her conjunct Jupiter in my Toro 11th house. I think this, and my Venus in Aries count for a lot.

    I also found out that I have Eris exact on my MC. The only astrology site that discusses it (is it Eric Francis? maybe) describes the story and the nature of the ‘outcast’ myth, a bit of an “I’ll show you, asshole” thing..if i were to oversimplify things a little. It is the exact midpoint between 8th house Aqua Mars and the Jupiter / Lilith mix. therefore, it forms an arrowhead of sorts driven by Pluto at the bottom. I suppose I could (ahem) draw a long bow and say I have a thing about being an outsider.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the results of the Lilith work! xx

    • I’m equal between eris 10th and ceres 9th aries conjunct MC, seems a bit bats.

        • Yes PI Eric discusses that how Eris wounding can fall upon the whole world. If you check the chart of Robert Gallo Creater of HIV, he has Eris Conjunct His Sun, another reason I believe he made that stuff up. .. I should be dead now. Tick tock.

          • You know, i never grok Eris – i have tried, it’s partly as i don’t like that particular myth being sort of plonked in there. It did not seem to fit. AND she is in Aries for centuries…ANd maybe as she is (blushes) conjunct my Mercury in Aries. But SUCH a slow mover, whole generations have her at more or less the same degree…Eris to me is like Ceres and Senda – on my list to look more into, like broccoli sprouts for brek- i get it! I am a believer. But today…

        • lol, it’s a party on my bed and everyone’s invited. not anything like that might sound coming from a Scorpio but my Toro likes to hang out there – I don’t bother with the couch, the couch is so trad media era.

          Anyway, I’ll make you all miso soup with kale and we can compare charts :)

    • I’m with mystic on the whole that fuqing thing never moves we all have it there scenario but re the myth, i view eris as the one who shimmies in and shows them up – she’s pissed that she’s on the outside but she has a poke at them by getting them to fight over the apple and show their vanity. She’s having a laugh at them AND getting them to do all the leg work.

      • It may move super slow, but the planets align with it as tight trines conjunctions or squares, so Information to me at least- can still be gleaned.

        • well, that’s interesting because she directly opposes my Venus, which i suppose just compounds the whole loner thing.

          • Mine is in Aries at my 13 Degrees Trining my 13 degree Leo ASC from the 9th house.

            • This is from the a site and im biracial.. so fits me to a T.

              from a site..
              that Eris has to do with stirring stuff up, controversy, ideology,
              civil/equal rights matters, standing up for self/others, advocacy,
              bigotry, racism, minorities, race relations, diversity, …..all
              those things are connected to each other too.
              It could be racial relations stuff like the racial divide,
              interracial relationships, interracial marriages, interracial family
              connections, and interracial parentage. It could be the

              Zane Stein’s Eris Keywords:
              Loss of innocence, entrance into adulthood; child’s trauma being
              separated from parent; acceptance of unavoidable changes; dying and
              being reborn (as opposed to Pluto which rules the causes/processes of
              death and rebirth); internal split causing longing to be whole, the
              longing of the soul for its other half; the subject/object of a
              debate, argument, competition, conflict or war…what stirs people to
              fight or disagree; fighting for one’s rights; strife and discord;
              pitting one side against the other; competition, contests and
              tournaments; struggles for supremacy; rivalry; a test of skills or
              abilities; love of fighting or debate; what one has at stake in a
              competition, dispute or conflict, or one’s perspective of what is
              being fought over; refusing to relinquish one’s hold on an ideal,
              belief, cause, or object…’not budging an inch'; the problems
              resulting from irreconcilable differences; contrasting different
              perspectives; comparing thesis and antithesis in the search for
              truth; contrasting opposing viewpoints to reveal each side more
              clearly, to seek similarities as well as differences; contrasting
              logical thought processes to show the limitations of logic;
              identifying with, or trying to understand, first principles;
              incongruous juxtapositions to force one to think outside of the box;
              the ethics connected with one’s motives and methods, and the coming
              to light of less than spotless methods; the roots of one’s
              motivations; piracy, defrauding, swindling; society’s ethics; race

              • Of course anyone without Trines to any of the angles or squares to personal planets or conjunctions have more of a chance of exibiting the more challengeing aspects of this asteroid.

                So to me at least A conjunction of eris to the sun would have givin to someone with the power to effect the entire world with his rushed HIV theroy’s and had a already a tainted career fraught with making stuff up to me would say this guy made up HIV out of identity woudning and competition with is associates. His Eris wounding to his sun identity took it all too far. Of course many will have this but they wont be delgating some of the most important scientific discoverys of our time. But would I want to trust someone with such responsibity with this asteroid the viciintity of there identity I would not.

                And id be wary of someone else doing the same.

                • But Id think mercury in eris would get along swimmingly for the most part, as mercury is pretty adaptable and good at seeing both sides of things but. Eris and the sun-such two bombastic energys in a conjunction does not spell complete honesty or smooth intergration into the psyche to me at least, unless you have worked through these issues. I highly doubt this guy is into astrology and hes focusing on making sure his Eris Sun conjuction doesnt get out of hand..

                  Anyway, I know why I dont swallow pills just because someone says its in my best intrest.. and follow Docs just because they are, I really wish It wasnt this way but im pretty sure I know why im still alive without ever taking medication.

                • My mom has the same 1 degree orb calypso, and lets just say me and my sisters seen it all…

              • Ha! This just made me spot another pattern in my chart. Eris 13 ’27 Aries, Moon 13 ’37 Leo, Lilith 13’47 Aqua.

                • Very cool i think that means if you cry, you will help me find my identity or something… Lol

  15. An Ibid is stuck in Fillibuster. 2 words I myself didn’t know either but don’t really care for. Like copacetic (which might as well be pathetic). With all this kataka and merc retro, will the prop 8 dump in the US stick. I hope it does. Throw out the effin world order, old or new, already. We don’t need an old boy’s club world order — throw them all out. How dare they, men and their stupid laws and arrogance, think they can tell everyone what to do. I’m so sick of it. I hope I live to see women rule this world. It’s a slow crawl to equality.

    • The old white, rich men are slowly dying off…but fear the younger ones willing to carry their out-dated torch.

    • Copacetic i use a lot, and to me means AOK, trucking along, no dramas, an all is well thing plus most have to look it up even proficient wordsmiths!
      James Lee Burke, a Louisiana writer uses it and he’s hot, appeals to my inner surfie-cowgirl, long departed and very missed for the fun times. Could be Southern USA word- usage?
      Ibid and fillie-something, still don’t know but can say paradoxical juxtaposition :-) see i am smart!

      • Yes you are. Now it was a place, a meaning and someone who appreciates the word. Thank you, Pegasus. I think it is southern. I heard it more in the 80’s than I do now. Wow, that’s a long time ago.

        • James Lee Burke describes New Orleans in a way that makes me yearn to go there.
          He shows the loyal camaraderie between Viet vets as a life long bond where you would die for your friend (s), be there for them whatever.

  16. Mine is in virgo, i read on a french site that its the sign of people taking an early chunk out of your childhood sexuality, that with this placement aside from being overly crtical at times, the childs early sexuality is fraught with guilt and shame, yea id say this is an understatement..

      • Just Lillith in Virgo i read the other 12 and they had nothing to do with that. But Im not really sure how it ties into virgo, but maybe because virgo is the sign of the virginity and the “virginial” nature is taken early. thats about as best I can put my finger on it.

          • Interesting.. can u share where? Ill have to see if it holds in readings as these are touchy subjects and its not easy to bring up lilth stuff so early…

            I know cancer has to do with the dark mother, Didnt know it could be in a sexual way but I do know without the astrology it happens it rare but it does happen,

            As BML is in cancer now I feel for the kids that will have this but its also its there destiny and life challenge so as well as with mine I must step out of the way, as the universal knows best than I do.

  17. Lillith in Aqua/12th house. There’s an actual statue of Mary/St Virgo in the front yard of my physical house– guess what’s in the back yard? Bwahaha

    • “business at the front… party at the back”

      well they say that about the mullet hairstyle but i’m sure it applied to all Scorp residences as well πŸ˜‰

      therefore i can only begin to imagine what’s in the back yard, s inc…

    • Lol Anonymous! You are hilarious. You should pop in each time i mention (say) Saturn and accuse me of “riding the Jonathan Cainer wave””

      having had this site since 1999 and the column in the Australian since 1997 incorporating Lilith in my horoscopes when appropriate the whole time, i AM my own wave.

      i’m definitely not to everyone’s taste but i AM original AND i have Pluto on my Lilith now + Uranus on my Mercury so don’t fuq with the Awesome.

      But thanks for proving my point about pass-agg cryptic shit (that’s me riding the Freud wave lol)

      Oh and i have not had a chance to look at your darkstar site for a few years, and i very rarely look at other sites as i am so busy with mine – but last time i saw it, it was looking fantastic!! So well done with that! #NobelesseOblige

      • Lol
        Oh Anon, you’re so brave behind your screen.
        No one own Lilith.
        That is the whole point of Lilith and you of all peeps should know that.
        This is her time.
        Celebrate her and be complicit rather than competitive. Competitive over Lilith – trying to own her is verging on patriarchal – she does not belong.
        Yes. Darkstar got there before us. We thank you.
        If Darkstar hadn’t told Mystic then she couldn’t have told me and who knows where this wave will take us.
        Lets surf this Tsunami, not be cynical about it
        This is massively important stuff.
        Rather than sniping anonymously why not let your Venus Envy start a fire no one can put out.
        Write your own book about Lilith
        Lets nurture our spiritual bloodline and not do to each other what has been done to us for centuries.
        Sorry to go on a rant but I need to speak my truth.
        I am writing a Lilith inspired blog, it’s just not live yet. I’m not threatened by others writing about Lilith

        It’s about fucking time we all made it ok to talk about Lilith. It’s not a Darkstar wave hon, it’s a tsunami that no levies can hold back.
        Our time has come to reclaim our power and support each other as women.

        • i don’t get any of this – i got my first consult from Mystic in 2002 and she did half of it about my lilith, i remember because the first paragraph of the report mentioned the words “whore” and “bitch goddess” so i hardly think anyone else got there “first”

          but bitchiness is everywhere this week – i got an anoymous note in my letter box addressed “dear vacuous bimbo at number 5a – complaining about my daughters boyfriend’s dog, loud “discordant” music, my gardener AND that green nail polish hardly appropriate at my age or has being “anorexic” addled by brain?

          • Whaaaat?
            Now I know why I haven’t left the house since Monday!
            Be afraid, be very afraid – as a Scorp I’m no stranger to embracing my inner Bitch, but this sh*t is getting ridiculous!
            Must to go to the local bakery now because I MUST HAVE STRUDEL for the Menses Hut – bit scared the baker might throw a pie in my face just for kicks…

          • Holy hell TLS!
            Speaking of the Menses Hut/Red Tent I actually thought the ‘darkstar wave’ comment was intimating MM has her period or something? 😯

            Can we reclaim ‘darkstar wave’ to mean it’s that time of the month?

      • Nothing to do with this as I really do find your original and acerbic perspective on mundane astrology unique, particularly at critical mass a revelation…The neptune chapter era dead dream laboratory, your selection of visual art for astrology themes, and zap zone concept of corporate versus individual…

        BUT I must say being an inadvertant and astrology flake, I have found Marina’s research with fixed stars and lillith unique…I think it is really is a case of the collective unconscious, we already know, just revisiting, waking, that said there are some really progressive astrologers out there who invite and respect and acknowledge others, who they follow, read or are inspired by…

        Some even established partnerships with others…Kim Falconer is wonderfully insightful and benevolent…

        • I had a bit of a chuckle to think of anyone attempting to appropriate Lilith (of all things) when her nature is in fact, rebellion and freedom. The right to sit in one’s own power without apologies. As well as having integrity in that power which surprisingly means you support others in theirs, un-begrudgingly. Or you’re just simply too busy to be worrying about what they’re doing.

          The words, DO YOU come to mind.

          As the ultimate deity/goddess/force of feminine rebellion, I believe Lilith is accessible to everyone. So I just have to say it’s a pet peeve of mine to imply imitation on anyone’s part, like who copyrighted Lilith all of a sudden? Then turn around to inadvertently drop advertising for another site.

          People please, let’s be nice to one another. Let’s be strong in ourselves and trust we attract good things without having to detract from anyone or anything.

          After all, each voice contributes to the collective and in our own singular and very individual experience, we hear what we need to.

          I’m feeling this quite strongly right now as I travel the arc of dissent chez work, having been beleaguered by such antics from work peeps who resent my standards – or should I say, resent that my standards indirectly demand that they raise theirs.

          I used to want to make peace, but now I just think the work speaks for itself.

          And I wish them well in resolving their own issues, even if it seems convenient at this time to paint me as something or other, it doesn’t provide an out for the lesson we all have to learn. Our rebellion isn’t really just against others, it’s against our own limitations and self-beliefs, our own failures for following through and doing what we know we need to do.

  18. my grandmother yesterday gave me a serpent silver ring that was hers. i put it on and i thought WOW. now i’m happily married to myself.

  19. I am natal Lilith in Cancer and my bitch-game is ON POINT these days. I flirt and am saccharine with everyone but if someone is being stupid, unfair, condescending, or cocky in a way that involves me I have become the MASTER of verbally dissembling them in ways that are simultaneously logical, playful, and creative. It’s really fun. πŸ˜€ Channeling Marlene Dietrich these days. I have lilith in Cancer square Mars in Aries (12th) and opposite Venus in Cap (in 8th) *evil grin* I’m just starting to tap into it.

    I found a pdf on Lilith recently; women with “affected” Liliths featured in it were Anais Nin, Sophia Loren, Mae West, Xaviera Hollander (!), Madonna, Marlene…interesting stuff. I am excited for Bitchcraft!

    • Would love to see the PDF! Yes, lots of sultry women have affected Liliths… I can imagine that your Lilith is super amped since it’s aspecting the 8th AND 12th!

    • Interesting! I have Lilith in Sag conjunct Uranus in Scorp square Mars in Virgo.

      Love freedom, am impulsive, and hate alpha men/coarseness in men. All very freedom-loving until boundaries are crossed and then the Virgo/Scorp square gets very narked.

  20. I absolutely cannot wait to get Bitchcraft! I’ve got Venus, Midheaven, and Lilith all tightly conjunct in Virgo… that’s got to be some major bitch energy, right?

  21. I only knew about the word ‘filibuster’ from watching The West Wing. (I’m in Aus.)

      I knew filbuster from this song!

      They Might Be Giants – cutest happy song:
      “Make a little Birdhouse in Your Soul”

      “here’s a picture opposite me
      Of my primitive ancestry
      Which stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free
      Though I respect that a lot
      Id be fired if that were my job
      After killing jason off and countless screaming argonauts” πŸ˜›

  22. So there’s so little info about Lilith out there, so def can’t wait for the book. :)

    I have Lilith perfectly conjunct Mercury in Cancer, and this was also after a long retrograde as well. Tbh, I really love this placement, and since Merc retro is all about looking back on things and figuring out where to go from there, it’s a great way to avoid the whole history repeats itself thing granted you don’t get stuck in a former era. In with the retrograde in Cancer, it seems especially fitting for reflecting on the past or finishing old projects, throwing out stuff you don’t need, etc.

    The DOMA overturn in the US is a perfect Lilith-Mercury retrograde thing to happen. The law should have never been in effect in the first place, and this is why reflection on the past is so important, to fix stuff like this.

  23. Looking forward to your book Mystic! As you know, there’s scant info about Lilith that doesn’t demonize her. I know I’ll find some fab ways to harness her energy into my chart.

    I’ve got Lilith conjunct my Leo sun, Regulus and South Node in the 5th house, and square Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th; semi-sextile Pluto in Virgo in the 6th, trine my 12 house Aries Moon and semi-square my Venus in Libra in the 6th.

  24. There have been 2 women named Lillith over my lifetime and they were truly scary. The first one smashed a glass deliberately next to my feet whilst dancing at a party with a bloke she ‘possesed’? Ok liked. The shard was in my foot for years, so was the bloke. I was sweet 16 at the time. She had Amanda Byrne style tangled mane of red hair.
    The next one was an actress who was staging a’ Lillith the Whore’ act for a festival, another red haired one, a rabid radical feminist promoting prostitution as the epitome of a woman’s independence from men. HUH?
    Without the men would women pay for sex with other women, methinks not, so delete the independence line.

    Guess who’s not too keen on redheads, natural ones are spesh.

    A male friend at University told me when talking about Lillith #1, ‘you haven’t enough intelligence to be a bitch’. Do bitches have more fun and are the smarter?
    Nowadays it’s a term of endearment :-) And a description of a hit.
    Life’s actually a BEACH.

  25. O and the most important Lillith aspect in my books is the story of her never allowing a man to take the ‘on top’ position aka the missionary. Woman on top is not just a sex position now is it?

  26. hmmm, this is all v. interesting – thanks everyone. Am looking forward to the book so I can do some more thinking about my Lilith. She’s in 2nd Cancer (detriment, I KNOW), but interestingly forms the tip of a kite trining my Moon in Toro 12th and Pluto in Virgo 4th and opposite Mars in Cap.

    She also trines Neptune Scorp 7th and Pisces NN 10th.

    Squares my Jupe/Merc as does my Cap Mars – really gotta watch my words 😯

  27. Ah-ha! Lilith! That might explain me discovering an awesome adult shop in my area run by absolutely lovely, non-nonsense lesbians, clean, tasteful and with a wonderful range of everything imaginable? Very different to the super sleazy, wall to wall hardcore-porn male-centred shop that I used to frequent. Ugh.

  28. I just found out that my Lillith is in Leo and in the 7th house with Mars in the 7th. It sucks!!!!! I hate it. No wonder I’ve failed miserably at intimate relationships. I’ve been told I have a commitment problem. Mars and Lillith 7th house It can’t get any worse.

    • Nonsense! Mars in the 7th may mean a bit of passionate arguing, but it also means you put a lot of energy into your relationships. You just need a really cool person who sees how dead sexy your Mars is.

      • With Eros or Psyche, one of them is also in Leo. I’m just a big Disneyland Princess. Andromeda (which btw I briefly thought about naming my daughter), we are romantics after all. Keep up or get the heck out.

  29. I love lilith, I’ve been drawing her around for years and feel she is a strong force in my universe :)

    • hee hee, mine too. In my chart, Lilith has a lot of familiars who totally understand her, close by in same sign. She needs them: she is exact square my Saturn in Aqua, and square my Mars in Leo
      My Scorp 12th house to Asc goes: Eros (2 degs) Psyche (3 degs) Bast (8 degs), Lilith (9 degs), Venus (12), Astraea (12), Neptune (14) and Isis/Asc (16).

  30. It sounds dreadful, I am a pragmatist, for Westernised Lillith themes I am skeptical, Kali I remember through Indian mythology, maybe that resonates more for me…What about Padmini? Who would do the astrological interpretation of this for horary and natal purposes?

    Visit Chittorgarh Fort…the charred remains of a political monument, and see the tragedy of Padmini’s Palace…What is left from another mans lust…A beautiful women…viewed as a transaction, defiant…To the end.

    Lillith I still ponder and weigh, I have it 9th, in Taurus trine venus in capricorn 8th, trine pluto virgo 1st…Those are the closest degrees…In a previous incarnation I was a buyer of overseas textiles…Business contracts with Italians…Some mills as old as Italian aristocratic families…Then there are there was the Amercian Rhode Island Jewish Lace firm…Run by an American patriach over eighty…Like an endless Kafka-esque beauracracy, of beautifully, maddening veil thin translucent documents for all kinds of financial fiascos…You cannot extrapolate the truth from an Italian who must make up complex stories for your few hundred or thousand metres of woven cloth…It is part of the price…Mars, Mercury (retrograde) in Pisces…The future and history become many layers of perpetual ambiguity…

  31. Lilith in 5th house Aqua directly opposite my 11th house Leo moon. I am way more Lilith than I realized until Pluto went over my IC. I really don’t know what to do with all the energy. I crave independence and free creative expression, but on my terms alone. I want to buy a run down house so I can create it all over again. The oracle told me to look where Juno was transiting. Juno in my 5th recently hit on my Lilith.

  32. I have a natal Moon / Lilith conjunction… not far from Saturn / Chiron… I love LILITH

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