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The third (of seven) exact hit of the Zap Zone is a few hours way – newshounds might like to watch for interesting manifestations of geopolitical merde and the rest of you can share your major, audacious fresh Zap Zone resolutions if you want.

It’s huge. It’s kind of like only extreme and radically NEW goals feel right; that’s where the rewards lie now.Β  It’s exhausting but weirdly liberating/stimulating. It’s like we’re all ON something. Watch for pass agg sniping from people still patiently waiting for things to return to normal.Β  The ability to thrive in uncertain times is a blessing, an art and an achievement. But not everyone is going to applaud, you know?

It’s like when herbalists and their clients seemed have a better survival rate with the plague in the Dark Ages, look where that got them.

Subscribers, read/re-read the Zap Zone primer at the bottom of the Daily Mystic email…Stay stuck & you are fuqed.Β  Evolve or Evaporate.

Zap Zone Questions: Is is better to be obsessively Awesome or serenely mediocre? What skin (s) do you need to now shed to accomplish the renewal you’re now seeing as inevitable? Has some sort of growth you’ve forced yourself into since last October opened your mind and psyche to whole new dimensions of Awesome?


Image: Robert Large – Society 6

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194 thoughts on “Zapping

  1. This is full on! It’s one week since my CEO gave me the hard word….. Maybe we fold after Xmas maybe the owners sell the business. She tries hard to put our fears to rest at a hastily organised meeting, but there are no guarantees

    Vropmp I spend a day thinking about my options and update the CV and apply for a job the next. I am following the advise (thanks MM) keep rolling with it, looking my future squarely in the eye.

    I do feel a weird calmness and am a bit excited by the forced changes. I HAD thought my still new job was THE change I made to be ZZ compliant. I learnt some new more exciting program’s, illustrator & Photoshop and generally got out of the 19 th century, got to travel to China and experience a very different culture and broaden my horizons.

    The rate of change is fast but I feel ready for it! I am hoping all the planets hanging out my career zone are going to push me into something that will change my life in some expected (some secure employment) and some unexpected (mmmm could do with a love life)

    Zap Zone you have struck!

    • So glad you wrote this – a weird calmness is how I’ve been feeling since yesterday morning. Sums it up completely. And when I first read the blog it worried me that I should feel calm.

      • Wierd calmness is the perfect description for me as well–since Sat. night.

    • We are only on hit 3 of 7 – so I don’t think any of us are compliant yet. I realize my job, which is barely a month old, isn’t going to last for me either. The two contracts they were supposed to line up for me didn’t come through. And while they are being confident they will get me work, I realize – and this is the more important thing – *I* realize that working in an office is driving me nuts. I have to negotiate a better way of living, not just more money and stability. And I have some inkling of a business plan that will let me do that. Zapping for sure.

    • I have to agree, I was thinking about this just before but letting go and adaptation is survival of the fittest in my world. I am on burn out and a body low I can’t throw myself about, Saturnian cutting techniques done in swift and graceful maneuvers.

    • Well last night I read a book about Ho’oponopono that I stumbled across randomly reading list of recommended books on Amazon, after looking up one recommended here: “Dying to be Me”. I am firmly of the belief that this is the Virtual equivalent of having a book fall on your head in a Bookshop.

      It completely and utterly blew me out of the water.

      It was the message I need to hear and which I was ready to hear. I’m sure if I had stumbled over it even a couple of months ago I would have been “What IS this New Age rubbish ?!?” But as I’ve been reading Alan Cohen and Mooji recently, I was ready for it.

      Its called The Easiest Way by Mabel Katz. I read it in 2 hours flat. I applied it. It worked.

      Holy Fuck.

      So for me, just plain serene, or something really close πŸ˜€

      • I’m also reading Ho’ oponopono (Zero limits) And read Anita’s Dieing to be me. Both fabulous. Yay for the tight books falling on our heads.

  2. Pluto/cap in first house, uranus on 4th house cusp:

    Huge change in my life. Turned down online teaching course last night after getting word of new full time teaching position in a totally different part of the country. Trusting Pluto in Cap/ zap zone lessons which involve going towards success, trusting it, and culling all other unnecessary things in life. Conserving energy and being good to yourself (not overworked) is part of that, but maybe that’s my personal life lesson.

    Starting to plan my move. The year round temp difference is like 30 deg. F at any time and they don’t really get rain or even clouds in that part of the country. Excited to be in sun and super hot as opposed to freezing for 7 months out of the year. Been waiting for this for a long time πŸ™‚

    • Teaching position is step forward in my career, btw. New and better title, larger course load in one location, etc.

        • What’s happening to caps as a general rule under the zap zone? Are their lives being turned upside down?

          • My ascendant is at 12 cap. Not really sure yet. Came out of toxic 10 year relationship. We shall see!

          • “Are their lives being turned upside down?”

            Of course. Pluto is in Cap!!!!!! Don’t you read the astro? Caps, Aries, Libra, Cancer, not just the sun signs but if you have any of those signs in your chart – you are right in the Zap Zone – Uranus/Pluto square.

            • I have a libra sun. Life has been one unsure roller coaster since 2010. In the best sense of that feeling.

  3. Last night I managed to electrocute myself on a dodgy light fitting and then finally get a drawing that’s been zooming around my mind for months down on paper!

    The return drive from Sydney to the mountains was resplendent with A hole tail gaiters and 3 road accidents (all minor rear enders! Luckily!)

    And a ton of flashbacks, like I was IN multiple old hang out zones simultaneously! Yeah…sure feel like I’m on something. Thoughts come flying in like vixens, twist my mind a little and then flee with a giggle.

    Sport is watching non Astro aware friends and their multiple WTF moments as we are all getting spun around the dance floor. This one has not been scary, just tre energetic.

    • I do a 10 mile ride around the lower manhattan my apt is on 23rd and 10th ave, so I ride down west side bike path to the tip and come up on the east side following the perifery to 23rd and ride across 23rd back to the west. A very nice ride and safe for the most part but the trip across 23rd is dangerous but not in a highway type way, so I feel safer. Its more stop and go huge trucks.. but I bruised my arm on some truck mirror sticking out. Didnt even see it and was going a good clip so glad the universe gave me a warning and not a real accident. Uranus & Pluto warning me to be more careful with my 6th house routines..

      • Ooh me too! Was sitting I left turn lane- jeep slid straight toward me then corrected- at last second. Could only say oh Fuq then thank you! Literally just watching. Then I thought “it’s over just like that!” I have Venus at 12 Libra and 15 Leo Uranus getting the square from NN. Phew!

        I’m doing 15 min of parent meeting for kiddo’s school next year and heading to my black belt class. Pow! Shazzam! LOL!!

        • Yikes glad u made it safe tho, Kick some butt!
          Moms so rock, says meh 4th house moon…

  4. Really? Honestly life has never been so utterly dull, predictable and boring! Well it probably has … but y’know, just seems interminably dreary at the mo’.

    I think one needs to check the personal transit chart to get a really clear picture – the bulk of planets have been ganged up in my 12th house (which is ruled by Taurus) for awhile, so I’m not surprised I’m bored out of my frackin scone. Mars there is also squaring my natal mars leading to general sense of lethargy and ennui.

    I’m using general inertia as a pause and respite break for when everything gets into my Gemini 1st house, firstly transiting over my Asc and then a few weeks later going over my natal Venus and Sun. I’ll probably be complaining at the non stop action by then! πŸ˜‰

    • ps. I have cut out 90% of refined sugar and carbohydrate consumption from my diet too after freaking out over an article I read by a specialist heart surgeon who stated that eating that shit was like repeatedly taking a steel wool scouring pad to your arteries. Eating a fuq tonne more vegetables instead – but the lack of chocolate and bread is really making me cranky. πŸ™

      • I have been doing great, no carbs, don’t even notice, but the choccy thing… Found some great dark chocolate organic etc. but still feeding those sugar lovin’ bacterias.
        What helps me is knowing I am going to do a month of hard core to regrow the bacteria, then, I intend to go back to enjoying life (aka chocolate) a little.
        I mean Jupiter is on the Asc, now, no?

        • Yes it is ! … but even good ol’ Jupes isn’t enough to shift the crappy 12th house toro mars vibe. Meh.

          • Whups, that was obvs not a reply for you below, sox. Yes, 12th House Toro needs massage with energy healing daily, yum.

      • “Evolve or Evaporate”? I am now relaxing into change. Kind of evolving by evaporating.

        Obsessively anything in shrieky way no. Serene everything is good be it mediocre/awesome/complete failure.

        Naming and acknowledging all the ‘skins’ is time consuming, but it’s depth I am going for. I am the snake of a thousand skins.

        ‘some sort of growth you’ve forced yourself into’.?
        I just, no. I released myself. Force is not kind.
        If it was ever intended for good, it becomes not good, because it was forced.

        • I dont think I could ever give up Chocolate Cake Vanilla Cake, Strawberry Cake, Banna Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

          Im such a health nut but my cake… stays…

          • I am on day 8 of no sugar as well!!! Something in the blog last week drove it home for me and its huge cuz sugar is my drug.
            Lil E-book I purchased said to replace carb and sugars with fats so its been a lot of goat cheese and almond butter saving me from being the exorcist lady.
            Taking carbs out slowly. But I think this time its gonna stick.
            Feels good right now to be sorta severe, Huh?

            • I’m doing LCHF – it ROCKS !!! Some days I have nothing but black coffee (not Bulletproof, yet…) with butter and cream until 6pm when I have some meat and veggies.

              I’ve basically stopped thinking about food – it frees up SO much mental space.

              What’s your little e-book ?

              I recommend:
              * r/keto (full of young people getting their schizz together)
              * The Diet Doctor
              * Bulletproof Executive
              * My little e-book is “The Fat Fast Cookbook” by Dana Carpender

      • But you see that dietary change is HUGE, not boring at all…I think it is very Zap Zone. I know a number of people – me included – who are thinking super clearly about diet now – the whole quit sugar thing is gaining traction, gluten – it’s REALLY radical to re-devise your diet so it supports your health and vitality, not the bottom line of some multi national corp that does not give a shit about your wellbeing but in fact most likely profits from your illness – in that the same peeps own/invest in big pharma.

          • Ha! Yes indeed! I read that the little guys and gals acutally morph based on the balance of things. So we aren’t killing them off by starving them, we are shifting the chemistry and then they arrange themselves in a configuration that supports us! Pretty wild. I take it all with a grain of (himalayan) salt but I also naturally believe the freaks! Latest snacks: mix butter and coconut oil, stevia and nutmeg and cloves all melty on a cookie sheet that fits in the freezer and then freeze ’em. Sweet oil chips! High fat all the way, people!

        • You’re probably right – I lack earth in my chart so these grounding, supportive-to-life structures always seem a bit more torturous to me compared to those who are already connected to that vibe.

          It was actually DropCap who taught me about the power of steamed vegetables – so I guess he had some uses. And I am liking the new diet overall, particularly the bit where I lost 2kg in a few weeks. πŸ˜‰

        • I agree mm its the major personal is political tool we have choice of what we put in our body… I really want to go sugar and carb free, well simple carbs, but I love rice! but ill just still have a little rice… So any tips for going sugar free?

          • Also mostly vego again and would do vegan but love honey… Which is a sugar I guess

      • Hello.. anyone have experience taking Biotin? Just started taking it but want to take more than what is recommended on the label!

        Thanks! xo!

      • Oh and while I’m at it, check out “Wheat Belly” by Dr William Davis – he’s an American Cardiologist, so some of what he’s saying about wheat varieties doesn’t apply here in Australia because we haven’t had to mess with our wheat so much.

        The US grows much softer red wheat varieties, whereas here in Oz we grow much harder varieties which are naturally higher in gluten; so all the stuff about gluten applies still; but not the stuff about massive breeding projects as the Yanks have had to do that to harden up their wheat. ( for some reason that last sentence makes me want to snigger….)

        • I agree, the men around here are like limp wheat when it comes to standing up to any type of authority….

        • Ok, I’ll put in my 2c…

          Hearing about people with all this super food, diet paleo no-carb high fat low fat chocolate no alcohol, fat free, carbs are the devil, lactose intolerant, gluten is the devil, blah blah is making me very cranky.

          There should be no talk of ‘diets’… the diet/health food industry is just as perverted as mass media, big pharma and linked to the weight loss ‘industry’ e.g. Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser etc. etc. etc.

          I think we should all use our own common sense and eat a variety of foods. But you don’t have to ‘give up carbs’ or refined sugar or any processed that contains numbers. You just need to limit your intake.

          Yes, possible some people are ‘allergic’ to certain foods and chemicals, but I wish they’d shut about it and let others eat cake, chocolate, processed foods, soft drink (which by the way I never drink) McDonalds, whatever without being all Vegan Self Righteous Food Police and trying to guilt us….

          Sure share what works for you, great, but I don’t want to hear all about your gluten intolerance or being a coeliac.

          If you need special food, bring it with you when you’re coming to my place for dinner.

          I do cater to vegetarians though, if I know you are one. But I draw the line there.

          Soz for the rant.

          • Yeah, see I have an autoimmune endocrine disorder, so I put on weight if I walk past a bakers. And its exacerbated by gluten. And I have a family history of diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease. For me, “Eating in moderation” means putting on a stack of weight while developing ulcers.

            I seriously went for the Health At Every Size approach a while back, but I stacked on 10 kilos in a month πŸ™

            For me, because my metabolism is sooooo unbalanced, an unbalanced approach is the only thing that works for me – and it works with bells on ! No mood swings, no rashes, no discharge, no lethargy – hell I’ve even been able to cut back on my medication.

            It *does* make me sad sometimes – I make a mean artisinal sourdough and I refuse to give up booze altogether. I try not to get in people’s faces about it and I work on the basis that if I am going out, or going to someones house for dinner, I will just eat to enjoy myself and deal with the consequences later. As long as I stick with it 80% – 90% of the time I still get the health benefits and don’t have to sit there like a sad lemon eating a steak with no sauce and mineral water.

            I *do* get your rant about diets etc, but unfortunately, this is the reality for some of us – this our world and I for one, would prefer to eat whatever I wanted, in moderation, with no consequences, but it aint happening πŸ™ πŸ™

            • Aww, it’s dull isn’t it! But think how much you know & what a herbalist you are now, teensy silver lining?? I am really sensitive to the look on people’s faces as they puzzle over the idea of having me around at theirs now.. Not to mention the idea my little Cap will probably destroy every knick knack in sight.

              • Oh God yeah ! Its been a 17 year journey now and I know a bucketload about the body, diet, herbs and energy healing. So much so that I started training as a Naturopath at one point… Too bloody busy now πŸ™‚ Also got real about my tolerance for helping other people – I like the idea, but not the practice….

                • DT wasn’t ranting at you just thrones who are anti gluten evangelists!

                    • Oh I can understand it πŸ™‚ But I think people are underestimating the influence of “Wheat Belly” When it comes to the current anti-gluten thing. Its HUGE in the US – was top of amazon fro two months, so its causing a society wide change, basically.

      • I said the same thing, but I don’t want it now.
        It’s like getting the fats in means I don’t crave carb/ sugar now.
        Eat fat – get thin! I love gaps.

        • Chiming in late here, but I’m the same with coconut oil and linseeds. I eat loads of these foods and I don’t get hungry, it’s totally sorted my blood sugar issues and I’ve lost weight! Fats rule.

          • Totes Chrys!

            Not only am I losing weight frying my veggies in pork fat, my epilepsy jerkiness is disappeared.

            Tasty good times!

      • I’ll never give up alcohol, bread, sugar, cake, butter, bacon, red meat, or eating in moderation what foods I enjoy and feel do me ‘good’. For example, being prone to depression and anxiety means foods high in potassium improve my mood and have a sedating effect, like complex carbs, bananas etc.

        Also a drink or two makes me feel much more cheerful and I enjoy wine with my dinner. (Or sometimes lunch). But I do try to have at least a couple of alcohol free days a week.

        • Gemyogi, I like the middle path take!
          Re not wanting to do the paelo style diets, I do understand. I wouldn’t have gone there but for the love of my little Cappy ASD boy.

          Now I have done that, I think it is a good thing to have done it because it made me more mindful about food & the planet generally. It really changed me inside & out.

          That’s not to say I think anyone else should have to do it! Or even want to.

          My goal is reline our guts with healthy villi, then eat a bit more ‘normally’ eventually. I don’t know if lil’ Cap ever will yet.

          Also I don’t go out without a picnic packed as I don’t expect anyone to cater for me or mine.
          Without sounding martyr-y, I try to eat whatever I am offered with gratitude as I appreciate the efforts others go to.

          Certainly not a guilting, I really hope our situation changes so that we can have a more flexible life. We never take our kids out to eat, we don’t go to birthday parties & we don’t go on holidays – for now. That sux.
          Life is for living, it’s for fun! This isn’t fun!

          But on a more global perspective, unless we stand up to Montsanto/big pharma/chemical in some fashion (and a simple way is thru what we buy daily) I think it is possible the epigenetic tidal wave will engulf us and we will have generations of compromised humans to deal with, a serious issue as ASD is on the rise.
          Soz, I know this is meant to be a fun place, not a ranting place! Maybe my Moon in Scorp/6th House is in on this.

          I totally am amazed by those of you who would make this jump without a serious physical issue tbh.

          • This. My boys react to colours, numbers and additives, so we’re Failsafe to start with. Looks like Mr Squeaky is ASD to some degree as well, so I am eying up the gaps diet, but to be perfectly honest, we’re doing 70% of it already. More bone broths (already ferment things) and no gluten for them (I’m already gluten free)… I honestly think its the bit we’re doing which is the hardest – getting used to no numbers is a whole paradigm shift which is very difficult for people.
            When I did it 6 years ago now, I could see people mentally rolling their eyes, or actually in the case of some ruder people. These days, a lot more people seem to be on to it and I don’t feel so much like *that* Mother.

            But really, to do all this without *actually* needing to – yeah – I’d be impressed by that. Its expensive and a shitload of work and research and people think you a self-indulgent special snowflake.

            The flipside is that I can cook *anything*. ANYTHING. Find me a gluten-free Vegan who can’t eat Solanaceae, I dare you !! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’ll feed ’em !!

            • last it dt xx personally after a few unpleasant health episodes over a few years, i deduced (in concert with Dr & specialist) that it was mostly food high in gluten that was likely to be the cause, or at least if I avoided it, the symptoms went away. V not impressed, but hey. long story short I feel like I am the home made gluten free pizza (and muffins, bread) MASTER. seriously stomps all over the store bought numbers/grease-filled sugar laden crap. so that makes a few of us! x

                • I have wanted to do this FOREVER. I LOVE baking, but even Paleo/gluten free etc is no good for me in any quantity – I’d LOVE to have a go at it commercially, but need an industrial kitchen πŸ™

                  • Ooh ! Just looked it up on the web !! We now have TWO in Perth !! I’m rich !

            • Lol, you special snowflake you.

              Good luck with your little ones, sorry to hear that the Squeaky One, is exhibiting challenges. People have started asking if my elder Kataka boy is spectrum lately.
              Argh! Kudos on the cooking skills, for all my Venus, Saturn, Mercury in Cancer, it’s so not my bag baby.

          • I’ll certainly be marching against Monsanto! Agree with all you’ve said. I’m just intolerant of all these faddy Gwyneths who can’t eat anything not organic wheat free with rice milk blah blah. Then they’ll eat a biscuit or something and complain about how bloated etc. they feel. It’s like a food compulsion/obsession!

            • Soz, the anon @ DT above was me.
              Ja I hear you! Michael K says it better than I can, “Yeah, Goopy Paltrow’s idea of Oreos are probably imported Belgian dark chocolate truffles filled with cream made from the milk of an Iberian Lynx and her idea of hot Cheetos are slivers of gold-flecked cheddar puffed up with distilled air”. πŸ˜‰

      • Do you have anything in Kataka Beautiful Gemmie Pie ? I rarely do bread, and nothing in kataka, however my cloest katakans would put a fork through my hand if i even suggested to them giving up their artisan breads that have with their homemade soups ! I guess the artisan is on a different scale though…

        • Venus and true node in kataka in 4th. Plus all my Toro means I love gourmet food! Maybe a little too much!

            • oohh, sometimes (in spite of my usual aversion) I can’t resist a fistful of fluffy white bread. *om nom nom*

  5. This is the second square of Pluto-Uranus on my natal Mercury. First square, I got fired. Second, I have this new job and the people are nice, but its boring and the fact I have to sit here every day is, frankly, enraging me. I realize that working in an office isn’t for me. Duh! How did I not get that before? Its like a veil has lifted because I see I totally have the skills to establish a passive income for myself. Its going to take work, but I can make the same living differently. Its soo good to at least see the path I’m on. I still have to walk it. Day 5 – no cigs. Feeling hotter – as in my hands are warmer and I yell more and am more amped.

    • As a 12 house sun could you possibly shine in a crisis center or hospital of some sort for the mentally challenged?thats uber service oriented too for your Virgo sun. I know its not easy switching jobs but wierder things have happend. Esp with Uranus involved.

      • Uranus is in my 2nd house, natally. I keep a steady income through info tech. I am thinking of mixing that up with my Mercury and montetizing online content. I just don’t want to have someone else managing my time. As for helping people, I want to do that regardless, you know? I can’t see making my living contingent on people in crisis – or their “caretakers” paying me somehow. Maybe online content works for my 12th house Sun too. Its more anonymous-like. I’m feeling kind of stupid, actually, because this is pretty much the same business idea I had last time Jupiter approached my MH.

        • Last time I shut down some blogs because my Leo ex didn’t like me putting full disclosure out there. But Pluto in my 4th house has cleared out that problem for me, lol! Try, try again, I guess.

          • Yes!!! Self-employment all the way for you , ms mercurial superstar.

      • In these times – it’s like the gate has been left open on the asylum. The social gatekeepers have all been overthrow. But the prisoners haven’t accepted their freedom yet.

  6. Lol am writing this from a carpark stuck between two fast food outlets where my newly serviced car has just terminally broken down! I’m guessing this is my message. definite echoes to Nov eclipses. In other news i’m on a massive sf kick and (as per the other post) obsessed with game of.thrones. had a dream about arya mangling her fingers on purpose to escape slavery by a railway baron in 19th usa. Yes it’s an intense and strange day.

  7. Fuq it & fix it. Evaporate & evolve. Serenly obsessive, obsessively serene. Mediocrity? I had to look it up. Only know Awesome.

  8. I was thinking tonight about this time last year – NME last year on this day from memory – and the resolutions I made then and how I’m tracking on them.

    Also – is Venus about to get back to the Transit of Venus point from last year? It’s conjunct my Gem sun at the moment and ToV was 2 days after my b-day. My b-day last year was FME last June, so right now a lot of reflection on then and now.

    Also last October started new biz and yeah – lots of reflections on that too lately.

    Striving for awesomely serene…obsession comes naturally…happy exhaustion mostly.

    Mystic – I know you’ve told us this before, but could we please have the seven dates for ZZ direct.

    • ToV was at 18, i think. 17 or 18. ZZ cycle just beginning, ToV and gem eclipses ending. Phew! Been a hellova year.

  9. (Star Scorpio = new hard earned name don’t ya think? πŸ™‚
    So… today I will be traveling to see new lawyer through insane traffic time who happens to be on the other side of town. The appt. was set for the exact time of the Pluto/Uranus sq. and I seriously thought about changing it but I refuse to be afraid of “anything”. I will indeed drive through all that traffic, I will keep the appt. time and will live my life. My natal Pluto is in the 10th and Uranus sits on my Midheaven. This entire ZZ has been about my career and changing what is not working. Nothing like a little settlement to help things along yes? (the insurance company has already accepted full responsibility for that nasty little collision so this may go smoothly) Happy ZZ Day all! (or night, depending on where you are)

  10. This just came up on my news feed via london tantric temple, thought it was zap apt.

    β€œStop worrying about your identity and concern yourself with the people you care about, ideas that matter to you, beliefs you can stand by, tickets you can run on. Intelligent humans make those choices with their brain and hearts and they make them alone. The world does not deliver meaning to you. You have to make it meaningful…and decide what you want and need and must do. It’s a tough, unimaginably lonely and complicated way to be in the world. But that’s the deal: you have to live; you can’t live by slogans, dead ideas, clichΓ©s, or national flags. Finding an identity is easy. It’s the easy way out.”

    ? Zadie Smith

    • LOOOVE. I can be really OCD and am trying to live a more processed based life (set and forget?).

      • Try meditation, reiki or acupuncture or any number of things that you may be attracted to. Walks in nature.

        Start small. A few minutes at a time.

    • thank you Ms, I love this too….especially this part: “Finding an identity is easy. It’s the easy way out.”

      I think many people live like this and that many find their identities through other people and that this can produce damaging relationships.

      • People are gonna think Im making this up, hell it was so wierd for me I think its made up. But this chick, lady, woman jogging was wearing a blue shirt with rolled up sleeves that said Z Z on it in big white letters. lol I was like if mystics site had a place to put pics and I had a cam with a date.. I could prove it but I cant damn.

        it was so funny riding my bike.

  11. Had cancelled my subscription to MM for a year because I started grad school and was trying to save every penny. Signed on again today – have been stuck in a complete rut, thought I found the solution to my life ie. write a book and today, I’ve just found a writer who is writing a very similar book and on paper, she is much more qualified than I am and I got sad. Then I researched publishers and realized it’s going to be a massively uphill experience…. I’m 26, have much less journalism experience than said writer, but I’ve read her stuff, know it’s the zap zone – and I am going to be brave and keep trying. She can be the academic on the subject, I’ll be the Nora Ephron (sexy, enormously accurate, fun to read stories)

  12. This is like a personal time trial around Saturns rings. It’s retro and the familiar nostalgia I’m having is that i’ve done this once before, however this time, I hope for a better outcome. It’s lap 300 of 700. So far, I have to commend myself for not losing control, or taking steps to not burn out, minding my blind spots, and having better pace notes. I’m checking my pace and I’m ahead. That’s the zap zone for me. Making sure I have enough time, can I shave any more off. Can I keep this good pace all the way to the end. The nervous calm as someone put it is a good collective description, sorta like having too much B6 serum. I hope that grit and growth gets rewarded at the finish line.

  13. Not really liking the vibe. Maybe it’s my thoughts on the tension anticipated for this week. [sigh]. Memorial Day w/e is coming up and it will be nice to have a day off. Still a little crazy at work but much better on a different scale. Crossing my fingers that I can get through this week. Will probably write more later since I don’t have the exact planet activity at hand to think through how it is affecting me.


  14. I dont know but Im sick of all these squares to so close Gay Pride celebrations in the states. We also had a murder here of someone gay this weekend, They say its a hate crime but, Im so sorry for not following in the flock of gay vigil. He almost killed another non gay eariler a bartender so I dont think he was looking to go kill a gay.

    Obviously the media loves to hype stuff and hate crime spells prime time for politiitians around here. And the stuff that happens when I walk outside or any gay establishment. Im sure the guy was cat calling swooning saying something sexual and set the guy off. But since there were nothing but a couple witnesses of other gays. Automatically he supposively was killed for just being himself on some corner which I highly doubt.

    I dont think anyone should be killed for this obviously but, you have to take into account some people have been sexually brutalized as children and they will reach a tipping point if provoked. I dont call out at gays or straights and find it really annoying when its done to me and have been sexually abused. The only thing I stand in gay vigil of are people who are killed for dressing as transgender who were not rudley provoking by sexual suggestion.

  15. Wow, last October was when I finally mustered up the nerve to end a 4-year relationship that had soured long before. I have since moved to a place that is extremely peaceful and zen, and am beginning to study for the GRE (graduate school exam) so that I can get my masters in Nutrition, followed by studies in naturopathy/eastern medicine- definitely different from my business schooling from before. I am thinking I am on the good side of things.

    • October was a big month for me as well. (Saturn left Libra 12thH entered my 1stH) Got a new job with more money that took me out of a prison like atmosphere. Moved back to a place I love and I couldn’t be happier. But it is very tense at my new job. Just had layoffs so of course I am nervouse. They say our division is doing well but nothing is secure.

      I will say that since April 24 is when all of the tension at work started. That week was crazy. That was the first of the eclipses (I think). The sting isn’t as strong as April 24. May 9/10 was really nothing but this week seems tense! Staying to the ground.


  16. Nervous. Sad.

    I’m waiting for an answer from someone close to my heart that is going to decide quite a lot of things for me. It’s almost like waiting for exam results, you’re happy your through with the exams but still feel this nervous tension about the results.

    This week feels intense and although I’m someone who knows that walking through difficult times is for your own good as it makes you a stronger, more beautiful person. I don’t think I want to go through this period.

    Any lighter astro times coming up to look forward to?

    • Yea Astrology is like a peak or waveform…
      Its been building today is the peak, after today it tapers off but still intense this week but not as leading up, people will be mostly be in processing events that have come to pass mode. then it will build back November 1/2… Ive noticed the zap zone hits as tense a week before its peak a week after.

    • I wish you well VSLR. If it is related to medical results I know how you feel. Keep an open mind with the results, don’t react right away, process and if you have to make a decision based on the results take your time.

      Just saying.. what I went thru in 2009 was ruff but I got through it and feel so good with my decision.

      Keep us posted if you can!


      • Your kindess is touching!

        No not medical result…although just recently found out i may be coeliac πŸ™ Been eating all sorts for so long and been suffering. Trying to stay away from gluten and I can feel the difference…although for a student it’s quite an expensive thing buying gluten free products. But i guess when it’s your health some things have to be done!

        No, I’m waiting for a relationship based decision. I’m a worry wort and my eating patterns – sleep- emotional state are intertwined. I lose weight at the onset of any thing emotional that may take place…ahhh soo annoying. Your advice is timely…not to react and keep an open mind. Will try!

        Trying to be kind to myself!

        • Oh good! Not medical results [wiping sweat from forehead]. But the relationship results are a struggle too! Hang in there! I won’t offer any advice on the relationship piece since I am in my own group regarding that! I don’t have any interest in adding someone into my life. I just can’t force it! As the horoscope said.. freedom, unconventional types.. and that is where I am. No sense of urgency with love. (sigh). Oh well.. in due time I guess! I am still in lesson mode working through what is best for me so that when I am ready to be treated like a Queen I will be comfortable with it!!

          Keep us posted though. As you already know there are some great “peeps” here to give you support!!


  17. I’m done worrying! I always hustle a way out. I’m gonna live for today and just keep moving. Keep moving, drink your green juice, and everything will be fine.

    Spent another fun weekend with multi-Aries who is so totally ZapZone with it and getting Uranus-zapped that it’s crazy and very inspiring to just be around while plotting my own next moves. He’s doing a start-up w/ 3Dprinting… and basically wants to just totally fuck up the world and the concept of ownership and ideas surrounding objects with the new technology.

    Aight, hustle time on this boring doc. I’ve been really stagnant and stressy with my contracts lately while trying to figure out the next thing but there can be no next thing unless I wrap this up.

  18. “I’m done worrying! I always hustle a way out. I’m gonna live for today and just keep moving. Keep moving, drink your green juice, and everything will be fine. ”

    LOVE IT! xoxo

    • I cant not worry.. I have 3 planets in Virgo.. Mars Retro the retro causes more worry…. Saturn and Jupiter. and ole lilith But it comes in handy when u want to find something thats going on. And what Aqua doesnt wanna know All of whats going on, especially one with Mercury in Open minded of all open mindedfullnesessnes Pisces? lol

      • Ahh is that why I can’t stop worrying either…3 planets in Virgo?

        Although β€œI’m done worrying! I always hustle a way out. I’m gonna live for today and just keep moving. Keep moving, drink your green juice, and everything will be fine. ” sounded appealing it’s very to implement for me…. πŸ™

        • The other day I read something that made it click. Some astrologer said there are 3 elements to situations 1) karma 2) chance 3) choice. And I thought “fuck the first two, only the last one is mine!” Lol, no more whining away 3 on 1 and 2!

          • 12HV – this is relevant to your question about dharma O think. I don;t know a lot but I think at some point when you recognise that you have completed your karmic mission you can let i go and enter dharma – you have choice on that level (different to choice in an everyday sense)

      • I know its hard, but there’s just no point in jamming your gears on could-bes and what-ifs. You’ve got to take time out to appreciate the beast you are, as you are, right fucking now. Like I said, I know its not easy. Virgo Sun, Venus in Virgo and Virgo rising. I’m the best fault-finder I know. Worrying about where your energy goes – like – are you excersicing? Are you eating what’s right for your body? Stuff like that is haute Virgo because it isn’t worry, its action, pure action that you can control. And shit like that really can change the world. Its just hell on the ego in the short-term though.

        • Thanks so much! Your words literally made me stop and decide.

          Yes! I have a choice to be either Haute or Low Virgo.

          Pure action – that I control…when I think about it – lots of things need my attention right now.

          Hugs xx

          • So glad you saw it! The self-sacrifice bit of virgo is accepting you don’t get the glory, per day. Minding details of self-care is like anti-rockstar. But it’s the ultimate. Modeling that behavior for others change lives in ways nagging never will. Worry/nag is a bad trap. Trying to take my own advice too! Day by day, minute by minute, making new habits is hard work!

  19. Hmmm. Woke up with a hangover before dawn, feeling very strange today. Think I need a couch/rest day. I’ll forge ahead tomorrow, rest, drink tea, eat soup and toast and treat myself as an invalid today. Readjust, journal and process. πŸ˜‰

  20. Awful, just awful vibe.
    I am struggling with depression and anxiety and ‘came out’ late last week to my family and a few close friends that I have Asbergers Syndrome. I have kept this secret for 25 years.
    Basically at work I didn’t get to go to the new shop, and was told by management it was just because they ‘don’t like me’ – worst possible thing you could EVER say to an Aspie – “we don’t like you and you are not invited to the party to play with all the cool kids because you’re weird… etc.”
    This set off a cathartic reaction and I spiraled into depression. The old shop where I was left is going under and I will be unemployed by the end of the financial year. So much uncertainty and shear PANIC.
    But at least I reached out and am now seeking professional help – we Scorps love to keep secrets, especially about our own failings, so that in itself has been a positive step.
    Still sucks sh*t but….

      • sorry that happend, I thought u were gay almost.
        well I always knew you guys would grow up and all this shit is caused by vacciences im really sorry man mad at the doctors and If i ever meet one of yous My Venus In Pisces will stick up for you.

    • Hi Z, I’ve missed you! Very brave to ‘come out’… I hope you’re getting the help and support you need. Sending good vibes.

      You don’t really want to work with idiots anyhow.

    • That’s so powerful Zai and what timing to be seeking some help, it’s pretty exciting. So sorry to hear about your troubles in the workplace, it seems so unfair, so unkind. Sending you lots of warmth and affection. What do you think would happen if you told others about your situation to the neurotypicals? Not saying you ought to, just curious what you think the reaction would be. Best of luck, xx.

    • Respect to you for coming out Zai.
      I hope you feel lighter for it.

    • Hola Zaiborg. I’ve missed you too but i felt that you were being Scorpy about something painful. I love you and wish better times for you. You know, Scorpio rules my 12th and i have been wondering whether Saturn there unearths secret mental trouble, because Pluto is too well handled by Scorpio. I am seeing anxiety and depression surface like never before but i wonder if it has always been there and buried deep below 5th house Sun business. I am hoping it is not a deepening condition but a surfacing one that is ready to be killed off by sun, like bacteria. And if that is true, i wish it for you too.

    • zaiborg…i hope the work sitch levels out for you. very unfair in the face of your courage. for the record, I think you’re awesome. xxoo

  21. Impossibly zingy energy. Felt like I was going to leave my body twice today while driving. Two hours of yoga took the edge off but only slightly. I haven’t had a Uranus transit in a long time- it’s amazing! So powerful and dare I say fun?!

    The massive tornado outbreak on the plains seems like a clear ZZ manifestation. For the life of me I cannot fathom a two mile-wide tornado…

    • Ah I realize though that it ‘s been a week of catharsis and anxiety attacks; long festering stuff surfacing. Hard work and working through a lot of grief, rejection, confusion et al to get to this point. It’ll probably all come back soon. Still, ATM life is lovely- new boy did an impossibly romantic thing two days ago, harmony in my home, and the cult is coming along swimmingly. Grateful!!

    • I feel exactly the same. I’m down for everything but at moments it is completely overwhelming…in a thrilling, mostly fun way. Really interesting times.

    • Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore… was exactly what I thought when I heard about the tornado.

      Welcome to the Zap Zone!!

      • yup, the movie Twister crossed my mind as well. It seemed to hit exactly at the Zap Zone.

  22. Evolving for sure…it rocks!
    I’ve gone from uber cynic to positively upbeat.
    And that’s after a lifetime of cynicism.

    Relationship-wise I’ve decided to stay and have fun with my current lover (despite breaking it off last week) and all is sweet.

    Basically I’ve realised that happiness is an attitude, not a set of circumstances. It comes from within, not from other people.

  23. 😯

    ‘NEW goals feel right; that’s where the rewards lie now’

    Yes! I know might sound stupid but the other day I was walking my dog and car after car drove past me and I felt like I was gasping for air from all the fumes. It was hideous. As I was trying to catch my breath my eye caught a hybrid that wasn’t usually parked there. It was like an epiphany. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I couldn’t stop thinking about it so now I’m looking at buying a hybrid.

  24. Simplifying. Tis good. [Tho I am apparently posting comments too quickly and must slow down…lol]

  25. My whole upbringing was uncertain times. I’ve spent my adult life phoenixing. This just feels like situation normal.

      • I don’t think so.. I just grew up 3 years ago. I will be 48. My upbringing was so uncertain, depressing and scary and then Saturn in Libra showed up! Bam.. I was off, challenged and forced to grow up. Exciting, painful at times but I am SO glad it happened. So, I agree with you when you say “This just feels like situation normal.”.

          • Thanks, guys. I guess I just didn’t want to come across as if I had it sorted. I don’t. But I do my best growing when I’m under pressure, not when it’s easy.

            • So with you on the “I do my best growing when I’m under pressure”.. it’s like a plant seed wanting to see the sun so much that it will do anything to get through the soil.

              Love your comments!!

  26. According to Caroline Casey, an astrologer here in the US, the massive and devastating record-breaking tornado that happened in Oklahoma today touched down right as the Uranus Pluto square was exact…

    Here in California things are ok, but heck, maybe mother Earth will throw an earthquake our way…..never know…

    I’ve been in some surreal parallel universe sort of state lately, maybe Neptune transiting conjunct my moon in Pisces is overriding everything…. Things are quite intense, though. Career has abruptly begun to lurch forward which is wonderful and terrifying, as I own my own business/private practice. I’m a bit lazy, afraid of success, and shy of limelight, so I need to continually overcome these things…. I’m Aqua Sun, so chart taken without rising sign says Saturn in Scorp is in my 10th house and I do feel that “you just have to do this, there is no other choice but to sally forth!” vibe that you guys were talking about on another thread. Here goes!

    …….not feeling well, physically, though, lately, which adds to the feeling of vulnerability of putting myself out there in my career. I’ve got a few ongoing health problems and some fatigue and weariness from the severity of the last few years. Ironically, all of a sudden in 2013 things have lightened up, but I’m reeling from the past, too exhausted to feel triumphant over all I’ve been through, and I did triumph……trying to slough that feeling off, though. I’ve been getting tons of acupuncture (I’m also an acupuncturist) to try to get my health back on track, health issues being horrible gyn stuff… Part of finally getting help for myself is just the encouragement part. I’ve tried to do too much difficult stuff on my own with virtually no support in my personal life.

    • That is hard. You need to treat yourself. And I don’t mean acupuncture! It’s a challenging time and I think we all deserve to give ourselves some kindness for the slog we’ve been through and the slog ahead.

  27. I’m a health freak that just keep getting health-freakier. Weirdly though, my lifelong lack of self-love/ acceptance/confidence is sort of shifting. Suddenly it’s all kind of boring to be emo about it. Time to bring on the awesome.

  28. flashes of insight/truth/clarity relating to major relationships – mother LSL (last significant lover). It’s good, that stuff losing it’s power.

    In other news, everything expensive in a tube suddenly looks like a con job to me. I no-pooed for the first time the other day thanks to a comment here, and hair looks better than it has for years already….but a question please learned people, is it true that you can;t dye no-pooed hair?

      • thank you Aquariarse. πŸ™‚

        yes, in terms of personal autonomy I realise that is the case…. It’s really a technical question – as in will it “take” – a hairdresser who blogs about and supports no-poo claims you can’t no-poo and dye.

        Have you done it?

        • I dont know I don’t dye but I don’t wash on days off… And if on holidays will leave natural oils to cone back as long as poss…. Just condition to get out knots…

          • thanks faa πŸ™‚ I want to try the shea butter/coconut oil conditioner – I wonder if you can see it on the hair or if it’s heavy/ Guess I’ll experiment!

            • Calypso, no reason why you cannot tint ‘no-poo’ hair. Tint has developer in it and will take.
              They may mean simple colour rinses,or water rinses. The shorter duration clourings may not take AS WELL as shampooed hair, but will colour it regardless.
              Henna will take also, no worries.

              • thanks Pegs! when you say tint do you mean permanent colour? Sorry for hair ignorance, I have nothing in Leo πŸ˜‰

                • Yes, tint means it has to grow out. Semi-perm is around 6 weeks approx. has no developer in it.
                  ‘Developer’ is peroxide usually 10-15 volume is standard & only dries hair a little,depending on condition of hair.
                  (saturn in leo gen πŸ™‚

    • Ok to be more specific, yes the due will take. However if you are using bicarb or end up using some home made shampoo concoction with made out of Dr Bronners like I did after a while, be aware that it will strip your hair of colour. These days I use a store bought shampoo with minimum chemicals, apple cider vinegar rinse and henna (for colour) and my hair is great if I say so myself πŸ™‚ But seriously do whatever you like.

      • ah, right….well, that is a thing to consider!

        thanks so much for the info πŸ™‚

        • I’m following your lead….I tried the bicarb but don’t want it to fade my colour – thanx for sharing tips x

  29. Just had a bit of a realisation and shift around some stuckness at work, ie postgrad research. I’ve been trying to please other people instead of pleasing myself and I wasnt even aware of it! After a candid and fabulous discussion with my leo supervisor I’m now not only focussing on what I’ve always wanted to focus on, but my energy, happiness and drive to work just ramped up bigtime.
    Thank you zap zone!

    • that’s awesome! I think it’s a common problem with HDR projects. The supervisory relationship is so complex, yah?

      • Well this is my first of those, but I must say i think I’ve lucked out when I look around and see other HDR’s getting screwed (not literally…that I know) by their supervisory team. My supervisor rocks! I think this must be my era of finding good teachers because I’ve also located a yoga instructor that is out of this world.

        • I love my supervisors, I just don’t think they can help me get my thesis written! Good with the tangents….

          Surrounded by a plethora of great yoga teachers here, one of whom gives free sessions by the sea – love πŸ™‚

          • Yes it’s important to have the kind of guidance that makes you feel like you’re on track. What are you researching?

            • it’s a social/media geography – looking at the role of public spaces/building in the generation of interrelated identities πŸ™‚ what’s yours?

              • Ooh how interesting. More free wifi everywhere please! I’m researching the conditions under which wellbeing may eventuate from videogame play with a strong focus on the psychological experience of play (mindfulness, flow, need satisfaction). Engaged in a love/hate relationship with stats at the moment.

                • lol, i’ll have to work on my spiel, it’s more about public places than public spaces if that makes a diff – particular buildings.
                  Your stuff sounds fascinating! What field is that? Psych? I have a 13 yr-old gamer boy, I’d love to hear that he’s developing wellbeing in there πŸ™‚

                  • Yes, psych. I’m just at the start of my research, but there’s encouraging data out there.

  30. Very tense this week. It’s been brought home to me how far I still have to go to be in good shape financially. I’ve worked so hard on this over the course of the past year, but obviously Saturn in my sign and Pluto transiting my Eighth House are telling me I still have more to do in this area.

    Physically, I’m at a low ebb. Cramps, sugar cravings, etc.

    And I’m just so disappointed that the conviction of the former dictator RΓ­os Montt for genocide was overturned by the Supreme Court of Guatemala. I have to believe that the fact that he was brought to trial at all was a triumph for the people who suffered unspeakable atrocities under his administration. And as a Scorpio, I know in my bones that no one, no one, escapes the law of karma.

    Next week I move to a new city to start a new job and I know this is contributing to my overall anxiety.

    I have to keep going back to the four basics: sleep, hydration, diet and exercise.

  31. well, the skin i am shedding / the realisation/s since last October [= death in the family] is to consider other people more, slow down, be compassionate towards self and others, be honest with yourself, be brave even if it means taking just the smallest step, be prepared to backtrack, tell people what you want (nicely), be open to new friendships, take a punt, phone a friend and to how they are going, sometimes a good day means just getting through it, take steps when you feel you can to make your life the way you want it. x

  32. Had a realisation last night about what’s going on in my life. And you know what….the mantra of Evolve or Evaporate finally makes sense on a personal level. Like it’s just clicked finally! It relates to my close relationships. The old pattern needs to go and change or I lose out. And I hate losing! πŸ˜›

  33. Its amazing how things come in layers. Like even the massive realizations come slowly, in cycles. The astro repeats and the thing you have to get keeps coming right back at you until you get it. 10 years ago, Saturn just crossed my MH and I was about to start my first Saturn return. Now, Jupiter is going through that space. And messages from that time – literally very time specific messages – like an anniversary email from the yoga studio I joined then – came to me this week. Its interesting how those two Saturn, the constrictor, and Jupiter, the expander vibe off each other, no? 10 years ago with Saturn, I started my own business. And here I am with Jupiter 10 years later realizing if I have to be self-employed to live the life that makes me happy. I have to try again. And I’m noticing for the hell that its been what I started when Pluto crossed my IC and entered Capricorn is true to me. Pluto decimated my life but only to get me down in my own roots, you know? I’m glad we don’t live through Pluto cycles – lol! Pluto transits is bad enough. Saturn and Jupiter are enough to manage.

    Now, where’s everyone-should-be-anonymous to tell me I didn’t comment right?

    • I know right? I was thinking – god, maybe I shouldn’t be asking hair questions on an astro blog….

    • 12hv i agree. feel like i am resurfacing after 15 years lost down a neptunian rabbit hole, or something. I feel like I have popped up only a few feet from where I disappeared, in the front garden of my very neptunian house at the time, but with more of the ‘how-to manual’ in hand. Hence that strange late-teens/20s era flashback…I am using rose-tinted binoculars, I am sure. It’s like a loop in time where I can see across to the past like I am looking at events just across a river (You are now entering Metaphor-Ville). While not desiring to relive it directly (eeek), it’s like I am being given an opportunity to review and rework dreams that I realise still feel meaningful for / important to me and that are within reach again, if not a bit dusty and in need of some updating in places.

      • That’s just it exactly! I’m trying not to beat myself up about abandoning previous starts. I’ve tried to turn things into love stories that aren’t instead of investing in my own plans and creations. I so feel like telling my boss I just can’t handle coming into the office any longer. I need to be self-employed. At the same time, I am trying to do Saturn without getting sucked into the role of being a “good, responsible” person. I hope the rose-colored binoculars last and I don’t forget my own dreams again. This is just living anyway…

        • hmm, saturn seems (to me) to be as much about meeting our responsibilities to ourselves as to others. is there some middle ground regarding your work arrangements? what’s your boss like? can you initiate a conversation about flexible work arrangements without needing to conclude it in the same chat that might allow you to clarify your options a bit better while not flaking out at work, which I suspect is Not An Option for our virgos.

          • I think so…the place I work for traditionally does staffing, so they have all kinds of unique working relationships/staffing situations going on. I’d have to find my own health care though. I don’t really know how to bring it up. I just started here. Maybe post eclipse? Is now the time to bring it up and push myself out of a job?

            I don’t even know why I got a phone interview set up with another place being as I don’t want to go into an office. I guess I’ll just be honest with them.

        • also while i am here, just wanted to add that i finally finished reading that brainpickings page (with the handwritten scroll thing). wow. what freaks me out the most is HOW MANY people share this experience. maybe it’s the privilege of a peaceful, economically advanced country that we can follow our hearts desire (e.g. rather than be co-opted into the military, bear 8 children, etc). regardless, the words were very …on-point!

          • I think supportive timing is everything ladies πŸ™‚

            great insights and expressions of btw xx