34 thoughts on “Your Daily Mystic Email

  1. Received!!

    Erudite contributors here, help me to sort my mind:

    On NM – eclipse day — I have two things going on in my chart – Jupiter (co-chair of my natal chart) is conjunct my Sun, madame Venus is conjunct my natal Venus (1 degree).

    I am thinking to seek a serious NM – eclipse ritual..I have given up hope for miracles, but I am not letting the opportunity for a nice ritual pass by..

    • I found my ritual – actually it found me while I was writing a piece on “worth” and “release” – themes relevant for my Toro 2nd house.

      On Eclipse moment, I will send soul-level thanks to all who graciously shared their wisdom with me over the years, including peeps here and Mystic.

      • I’m a little star struck by your knowledge… I’m absolutely sure I need some f’n ritual : ) As a zap zone peep and tortured Pluto retro sleep no doubt my dirty soul could do with a cleansing.
        : ) remaining suave to everything on the outside

  2. Your emails ALWAYS end up in my Trash folder… And even though I have marked your address as safe, or whatever, it doesn’t make a difference. Effing infuriating!

  3. got it! seems perfect timing is coinciding with personal plans for victory…. muahaha!

  4. love the photo with the grey nail polish with scorpion and skull ring. very plutonic!

  5. Received and read! I live for those emails. I know my subscription will end in July so I will be renewing.!!


      • well I hope it was a compliment and/or that you took it that way but I just enjoyed the way you slipped it in there – like “yep, I got the email thanks Mystic”, “email received”, “love the pic”, “I got called MILF”. Well! Good for you :)

    • A friend was called that a while back.. What does it stand for again? She took it as an insult but I think it’s a guy’s way of flattering a girl?

    • That’s supposed to be a compliment? 😯

      It’s one of my pet hate labels/acronyms. Ugh!

      • agree….methinks pervy fantasies at play

        don’t know why anyone would think it a compliment unless of course they reside in and around S.CA – anything goes there

        I know from my ‘former interest’ – who turned out to be very pervy himself

  6. NM Eclipse will be crossing my ascendant, am feeling the fresh breeze of change already

  7. The last couple eclipses have been pretty quiet for me. A little TOO quiet. Hrmm. Im feeling conflicted. Im hoping this eclipse outs something I need to know…. because, well, theres a LOT I need to know. Nothing potentially destructive I feel(or maybe thats just my Sun talking, who was bulldozed by Pluto for a decade so its kinda numb to disaster now). I feel anxious keeping on going like this when its sooooooooooooooooooo quiet. Eep.

  8. Daily Mystic received (woohoo!!), new moon ritual in the planning. A question for those in the know – I’ve noted that the moon almost immediately goes Void – if I’m planning a new moon ritual does this make it more of less effective if its done during a void moon? Or is it good practice to wait until the Void ends?

    • If I remember correctly it’s once the void moon is over. Try and set your intentions about that time (after).

      Let’s see what others say! But that is my take!


  9. I did NOT get Monday’s email. I sent you a reply this morning (California time), but still have not received it. Usually I don’t have issues.

    This eclipse is hitting my natal Saturn and Mars!

  10. I am still a newbie to Astro but am a total convert.
    My thoughts at the moment are that I cant wait for Venus to go into Gem!!! Even though i am Taurus rising, ive found my love vibe of late wayyyy to slowww and considerate… alll stuck at home, being patient and thoughtful in my garden – for action that never comes!!! please say i can get my flight back on when this changes ?!! xxxx
    ps It was kinda nice too but enough of my emotions beng so damn in control!!!!

  11. Woohoo Mystic my lovely poster arrived today. Thank you very much, I will cherish the With Compliments slip too (adding to magnetic board now).

  12. email received and desperately needed

    love the nailpolish; thinking it’s Thaisa from Mecca

    not loving the eclipse buildup and what it’s doing to my SLEEP, DREAMS and using them to SHRED my self esteem, raise my heart rate and make me sweat a river

    ok will try to chop wood carry water foot one foot two foot one smile at people remember it’s only time it will pass so look for the shiny bits

  13. These eclipses are killing me… I have not learned yet what or where to look to gain u.derstanding but my 7 yr relationship with Cancer sun, Leo ris & moon man, me scorp sun, aqua rise, Virgo moon, is falling apart faster then I can blink…. My heart feels as though its being ripped out of my chest,,,
    We have always struggled but this came out of the blue right after Easter.. Anyone have any input for me where to look @ are charts for some type of clues.. Please!

    • You’re having a Saturn transit. Look to what house your Sun is in. That’s where the lessons are. Your Cancer man has Pluto opposite his Sun

  14. hmm it appears i haven’t had any for a good few days… is here where i state this? i have put my email addy in the form.