Tranquilize Your Sharks Before A Stunt

Vintage motorbike stuntSo i look at this picture and see an olden days Aries dude, with possibly a prominent Asteroid Gary.

But seriously, Mars + Uranus are also omnipotent in the charts of stunt people. The ones who score cult status have Neptune in there as well. eg; Felix Baumgartner, Harry Houdini, David Blaine  – all Aries – and Libran Evil Knievel.

He LOOKS Libran. He had Aqua Rising and the requisite Mars-Neptune-Uranus happening in his chart. Certifiably lunatic, he was like the Elvis of his genre. But note that his Mars-Neptune was in VIRGO – so he’d jump his motorbike over a tank of sharks but tranquilize the sharks beforehand.

That, ladies and gentleman. is the Virgo difference. Tranquilize your tank of sharks before pulling the stunt.

Evil Knievel on bike Evil Knievel on bike

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If your gonna tranq a shark use Ketamine (actually a disassociative anaesthetic, technically). At least that way you can sleep at night knowing you gave a shark an awesome otherworldly experience…in addition to making sure it doesn’t eat you, provided you gaged the dose and jump-timing correctly. But yea administration sounds dodgy.


Libra sun, Aqua rising, Aries moon, Mars/Neptune/Jupiter in Cap and I’m getting a kick out of this…

Except I’m a lady and all this yang doesn’t look as good on me. Well it feels awkward anyway.


I just like the phrase ‘tranquillize your sharks’

But I think it’s cheating. The sharks should defo have an even chance to grab the biscuit. And they should be great whites. As a gem I believe in truth even when it hurts.

aqua lion

Just a stupid, but obvious point – these guys are all GUYS. Are women just more evolved or are there women who do these things too? but for different reasons? I do remember Mystic’s post on the most Sagitarrian Sagittarian of all time…. who was a woman. BUT I saw a documentary on her, and I could totally get it…. she was doing this dangerous thing (free flying) because it gave her an immense feeling of freedom, and she could soar across the countryside. Listening to her, made me want to try it. But I don’t think there are too… Read more »


What about Mars Uranus conjunct in natal chart. Crazy? Fearless? In Kataka tho, so may be a bit toned down. Any thoughts please.

electric eel libran

i love sharks, love swimming with them too, untranqed of course. They usually don’t like biting people because we are too low fat for them. Fattier seals taste better but they do mistake our shapes on boards for seals sometimes. Sharks like finding those deep underwater caves with high o2 saturation so they can get naturally tranqed on the oxygen.

Matt Savinar

INteresting, the show “Knight Rider” had a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Sag with Neptune in Sag right on the Midheaven.




Nah, the sharks would be live, but toothless. 🙂

Mars-Neptune in Virgo = dream the details/precision vision = CYA so you can walk away a god WITH an ass still intact. 🙂


“Evel” not “Evil”. I remember reading an article about how he disliked people thinking he was “evil” because of his (nick?) name. Probably because he was a sweet libra…


who had innocent sharks tranquilised against their will. Evil.


Perhaps that’s Neptune’s shadow kicking in? Virgoan CYA goes awry, esp. when drugs involved.


LOL My little brother had an Evel Kinevel action figure when he was a little kid. Somehow I ended up with it.

That hardly seems like a fair trade for him finding my fantastically collectible Gemini Astronaut GI Joe and selling it on eBay for big money.


I had an Evil Knievel action figure with stunt bike when I was a kid, it was rad, you pulled it back and he’d ride off by himself. Some shithead bully boy at school beat me up, stole it off me and broke it into little pieces, I was fuqing devastated. 🙁


I feel sorry for the poor sharks being drugged against their wills in the name of entertainment.


Indeed. Evil Kneivel has just plummeted in my estimation.


Yeah same.


I believe MM said “he’d,” and I’m interpreting that as her personal speculation, given the astro. I don’t see any specific instance she’s referring to.

EK might still be safe for hero worship, or lesser attentions.


me, whimsy.


BEEP wrong! “Called Evel Knievel’s Death Defiers, the show capitalized on the mid-’70s shark paranoia set off by Jaws, offering the possibility of seeing Evel mauled to shreds on live TV. However, the sharks weren’t really “man-eaters,” and they certainly didn’t measure up to the 36-foot great white from the blockbuster movie. Fourteen lemon sharks, eight feet long, were flown in from Florida; only 13 survived the trip. The animals had been heavily tranquilized, and because of poor medical care, several others were near death. Said the shark wrangler, “If (Evel) should fall in, he’d spook those animals right… Read more »


I guess that was the moment EK jumped the shark :/


He ended up not doing it because he injured himself practising beforehand. All the sharks were drugged for nought.


Wow. What a sad story. What a pointless, prodigal loss of life! Yes, EK does go down in my esteem of him.

I certainly read that contraction wrong. Thanks for the clarification.




I can jump puddles – does that count!? :mrgreen:

Honestly my Aqua Mars and Libran Uranus are far too clever to do silly crap like this. 😉

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Love this!

Mars in Leo, so no nerves when it comes to insane outfits, hair, piercings, tattoos, performance.

But won’t jump off a cliff/swim with sharks if you paid me.

catfish moon

I have virgo rising and would totally tranquilize the sharks. But I wouldn’t do it in the first place.

virgoan of more virgo


Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Mars in Aries trine Uranus in Sagg & Saturn in Sagg. Love getting dressed up in costumes for a party, used to do rodeo in high school and was kinda daredevil-y despite my composed and introverted exterior.

Love that cheesy movie “Hot Rod” with Andy Samberg (Leo!) about the stunt guy. ^__^ Seriously, one of the most underrated goofy comedies ever.

6th sense

So basicaly what ur saying is that this is the astro mark of illusionists? Ppl who act all bad ass but a lot of that is smoke n mirrors? Or that its the astro mark of ppl who really do shoot fish in barrels but don’t mean to kill them, just put them to sleep? Zzzzzzzzz LOL


I wonder what scent he wore, and you know he soaked in it. I’m thinking something like Royal Copenhagen.

6th sense

Tranquilize the sharks first? Fuqn weak! Seriously lame o.


Ha! Yeah, if you’re going to live dangerously, harden the fuq up and do it properly ffs!

6th sense

That’s right! Go hard or go home!


silly virgos


fuq yeah – why not just fill it with goldfish if you’re only going to jump over a tank of half-asleep sharks? An Aries would either make the jump successfully or happily be ripped to shreds by his loyal (and hungry) predators. Well, that’s my venus in aries speaking. but then again I can’t even ride a motorbike 😀


But how close does one get to the shark to tranquilise it? I’d rather motorbike over them than inject or feed pills to a school of shark!


sorry that was me, struggling with this weird little pooter


ah yea. sure. let’s see you try it, then you can talk.

6th sense

have done it 100xs! U c me talkin right? haha

6th sense

u need 2 c me doin it then U can talk LOL

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