The Next Lilith

David Bowie The Next Day Still ShotThe Next Day is David Bowie doing a Saturn Transit, clearly working through some patriarchal issues there. He’s got Saturn currently on his Chiron, square his Aqua Ascendant. AND his Lilith (the Anti-Eve) Bitch Goddess) is 2 Capricorn on his Mercury so he’s been processing a Pluto-Lilith/Mercury transit. Plus he’s currently got Jupiter on his North Node/Uranus conjunction. So utterly brilliant for blasting back onto the scene with some polarizing art, yes? Jupiter-Uranus is ebullient, primordial creative energy, not giving a fuq who it shocks.

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20 thoughts on “The Next Lilith

    • I wasn’t going to mention it WOOHOO, but yes I agree. Well picked…

      It reminds me of something the ‘Crass Virgo/Uranus Rising Magnate’ said the other night.
      I think it went something like…

      “Pigs fly, Time flies & Blow flies”…

      Anyway whatevs, it certainly doesn’t look like pigs or time does it?! 😉

    • zz top style pearl necklaces are so passé, so 80’s. Now pearl necklaces are given in the eyes. lol.

  1. Not giving a fuq/banking on shocking all the right people. Inspiration.

  2. Wow Gary Oldman. And wow David Bowie. Song lyrics + video = intense! And not giving a fuck is so totally the vibe of the times! Smashing some comfort zones there, way to go Bowie!

  3. Hardly original as concept, surely? Always a bit sad, to my mind, when ageing rock star (or rock star of any age) casts himself as JC, and yeah, yeah, corruption/hypocrisy in the church and all that, but this vid added nothing new, really – and certainly nothing that would shock, nor make me want to run out and buy it. I read the lyrics for this and the previous single from same album just now to check mahself (am I being harsh? etc) but they just confirms my first impression: Ziggy’s lost his coherence and his edge, both lyrically and video-wise…Shame, cos I have dug most of his incarnations up until now. Loved vid of Let’s Dance.

    • Agreed. Madonna and Lady Gaga have already done the whole religious shock theme, and they both did it far classier (production-wise). I’ve always liked David’s work but I’m a bit “meh” about this one. I’m pretty desensitised to religion/sex/blood/body fluid scenes though.

    • Soz, Mystic, I should have added that I totally see what you mean re Bowie doing Saturn square Saturn patriarchal issues and the Lilith thing here- but maybe that explains my disappointment!

      You’d expect someone like me – whose natal Venus/Lilith is just short of Asc in 12th, and square her natal Aqua Saturn AND her natal Mars/Magdalena conjunction in the 9th house (of religion et al!) – to be going “fuq yeah” about these themes. Particularly since transiting Saturn is conjunct my Lilith and square both natal Saturn and Mars/Magdalena right now. Not to mention all the opposition from the Toro end of the square going down right now.

      People with my sort of astro are just BORN with an in-built fuq you attitude to patriarchal and hypocritical religious dogma and church structures, and with the belief that the (alleged and maligned) prostitute Mary Magdalene IS the equivalent of the Holy Grail, if there is such….even if, like me, their aversion to patriarchal religious institutions is almost matched by an equal aversion to commercial bandwaggons of the Dan Brown variety.

      Maybe that explains my strong reaction to this, just as I loathed the whole Gaga/Madonna religion shock thing too: the medium being so fuqing cynically commercial, (spurting blood in this case) and self-indulgent in tone that it does no justice to the message.

      Or maybe it’s just the fuqin eclipse, lol: “and thus raged Scorpionic Lilith, even whilst the cold chains of Saturn were binding her at one end of the colosseum, whilst in the opposite corner, the Toro Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury, were eyein’ her off, stomping the ground, lookin for all the world like a collective Minotaur with steam comin’ out of their nostrils!”.

      • I agree. He’s taking the piss – out of a lot things – horror genre + social theme included. It’s brilliant the song is great.

  4. Agree. I think it’s time for him to try a different creative medium altogether.

  5. Who says an ageing rock god isn’t entitled to have some fun and continue to express himself? After the enormous contributions he’s made over the decades to music, art, film, he’s earned it in spades. In freight-train loads! I’ve loved him from the age of eleven. Thank fuq for Bowie and the intelligent, joyous, sexy and mind-bending influence he’s had on generations of sensibilities over the years.

  6. Omg this looks so gross. Soz, but I am gonna say it.
    They look like a pair of old pedos, she looks like really quite disturbingly dishonoured. Don’t like this image at all.

  7. I got a sort of guys leaning on the strong feminine energy somehow.
    Like they got shortchanged by neurotic mother types and she’s giving them a blast of energy but it’s not going to last.