The Faded Aquarius Disco Queen

Fashion Illustration

So I met a faded Aquarius Disco Queen on the weekend and it was sad. She had poisoned herself with toxic nostalgia and turned into an energy vampire. It happens.

By saying faded, I’m not being mean.Β  If you party like it’s 1999/you’re 21 every weekend for a 1000 years, you’re going to fade. There ain’t no miracle recovery amino acid vitamin serum that can cure that crap. Even if you inject it into your eyeballs every morning and then hang upside down for three hours like a bat. Apres Saturn Return, decadence shows.

Anyway, the Aquarius Disco Queen had more of an interest in monologue than dialogue. Her spiel was basically all about how there were no longer any good clubs, any good drugs, any good supermodels, any good men, any good affordable fashion, any good anything. Her world, her era, she said, ended in the 90s but like a Zombie she did not realize it until 2004 when The Face magazine shut down.

This was such a sad convo!Β  I believe that it can ALWAYS be your era. So what if you preferred Neptune in Capricorn? Now PLUTO is in Capricorn.

Yes, you must evolve and morph along the way. Time (like a Saturn transit) does not slack off and stay still. Mooning about the place mourning an old era seems such a waste. It is a toxic nostalgia. And obviously, Aquarius Disco Queen was an Energy Vampire. It was exhausting trying to gee her up with interesting tidbits of now fashion, music, etc. And it was even more of a mistake to try to gently point out (Mars in Virgo style) that possibly some of her perceptions re clubbing might be shaped by her age. The pain of not being treated like the latest incarnation of God/Goddess when you strut into the place at midnight.

I think there is only one cure for Toxic Nostalgia – apart from a colonic or something – you force yourself to read the most NOW books & listen to the most NOW music & every time you think of the past, you imagine it soaked in sepia, like a photograph from the olden days. As a visual cue that this really IS a bygone era.

What do you guys think?


Image: My Dead Pony

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Saw a piece about Mamie Van Doren, Feb 6th, 1931 – “or 1933 according to her”…Funny she is Aqua..

…. in a little paper here in Palm Springs. She was out here promoting her book “Playing the Field”.

She said the key to happiness is staying sexy. Later on I thought “yeah, if you have no other substance”…. πŸ™‚


I love this! So beautifully written and what a wonderful way to view the past! I’m hearing ya loud and clear!! <3

Star inspired

Awww Mystic, how sweet of you to spend your precious time enduring the Faded Aquarian Disco Queen’s toxic nostalgia monologue!

I feel exhausted just typing it!!… But then, my tolerance for Qi Vamps is at an all time low. Evolve or evaporate & all that.

I think you’re trΓ¨s compassionate, perhaps a little too much so.

ms. vervain

Textbook Honeysuckle. (Bach flower.) Maybe throw in some Heather too, due to the Qi Vamping………


Aquarius Disco Queen reminds me of the ending of “Sunset Boulevard”…sad.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

This is a really good case study of a certain type of Lo-Aquarian. Yeah, we’re progressive and individual and all that but many times people forget that we are A FIXED SIGN and can get attached to things and get stuck especially when we’re vindictive, bitter, or delusional!

I like faded icons and disco queens like I like ruins and abandoned buildings and all things that are grotesquely beautiful. But I’d rather BE Grace Jones — iconic, consistent, but never stagnant and knowing when it’s time to let the spotlight fade out a bit.


Exactly Rache!


I find Disco Queens as fascinating lounge lizards in small doses true David Lynchian characters. I just don’t get sucked in the vortex of the negativity. Seeing an older woman or man in their 50’s or older trying to dress like are 18 almost worst using slang that doesn’t work. Be true to yourself. Each his own and wish the Disco Queen could be happy in her bubble instead of sad. I am sure Andy Warhol would have loved her. I have many friends doing drugs like no tomorrow and drinking 24 hours straight and about ready to hit the… Read more »


Yes,fascinating in an anthropological sense.. I’ve got a Gem friend w aqua rising, and tho she’s yery into new tech and music, she still waffles on about her glory days in London working in marketing and earning big bucks, clubbing, E’s, coke etc. sometimes I feel like saying ‘that was decades ago dear, get over it!


I think most people have fond memories of their teen years and youth, but yes, time to create something new.


scorpio/aries rising nostalgia is bittersweet. my mother was very into it and i used to tease her about it. now that she is gone, i well understand it. the only thing i really find hard to let go is missing my parents, who died suddenly & tragically 8 years ago. some days it’s easier than others to not think of them. but one has to evolve absolutely…


Im sorry to hear that. I understand. I never met my dad Chiron in the 10th, my mom I was separated from CPS frist time at 7 and final time at 12 she died when I was 22. Uranus next to the moon is a wierd thing for sure. Its like I just wasnt allowed that family thing. Uranus in the 4th finds family of origin very antagonistic… I also I have a 4th house moon in scorpio and Venus in Pisces lets just say yea this situation might strike a little deeply. I feel your pain tho and wish… Read more »


thank you πŸ™‚


I know a couple like this, who I’ve had to distance myself from as they are so toxic. They are sixty something & couldn’t understand why their 30 something kids no longer wanted to party with them but lead grown up lives.
Yes it’s really sad.
She’s Aquarius, but looks Piscean, he’s ( v.low) Saggi


Ooh, I love me some dancing. I used to be a little dancing elf high on herbal tea. This convo made me think about this πŸ™‚ : The dancing was something that connected me to myself quite deeply now I look back on it. I would see a little red man in my mind’s eye and copy his every move. He was like the genii of the dance. My little bro, was so surprised, “How did you learn to dance, you never knew how to dance?”. I told him I follow a little red genii, I don’t actually know… Read more »

freedom ala air

Yes gorgeous, dancing is beautifulv for that. I’m missing dancing.


That’s the thing, there is a bit of ‘what is age appropriate vs what you love in this.
Fuq that?! I have to honour my inner genii, no matter that I no longer have a dancer’s frame.

Went out dancing recently, it was just to latin funk, but I couldn’t help cutting loose and it was fun. Go have a dance FAA, it blows away the cobwebs.


So agree, as a Dj and someone who has a Sagittarian 5th house, the club scene is pretty much to be in full study and expression by me. Reading this part of my chart really helped me see its not just some fluke of nature and unreal profession… I mean im run the gaumet from lightguy to bartender now to DJ… So you always need to dance no matter what age..But I do get tired of people who complain the scene aint the same anymore and dont realize its because there old. Of course alot of new kids need a… Read more »


Sometimes a star zooms and alights across the sky, and you realize that it had died hundreds of years ago. Yes staying in the NOW is essential to our survival- intellectually, emotionally, psychically. I’m not young and wily any more and my hobbies and habits have certainly changed, but you know what? I STILL go to the disko. Granted its perhaps once a month and most often not until dawn is peeking through as I walk up the front stairs. But regardless of age, what is expected of us, how silly it might look to the younger ones to witness… Read more »


Capp Sun, so looking back means counting all my “failures”. πŸ™‚ However, Pluto in Cap has done wonders with my backstory dramas.
Aries Moon, so I need a hill to conquer or I’m making trouble.
Sagg rising, so no, I move on. Nostalgia is not my style. Grass in the next pasture is calling.


Yes, Saggi NN floating on a mutable axis (Gem Rising) means I adore new things.
Fire is trail blazing energy! Like that ‘looking back equals failure’ for Cap.


Retrograde mercury…trine moon cancer, trine jupiter 12th…Its just my thing but my mind is ALWAYS in the past; and its OK, who says you cannot profit from that? There are so many people who never question what is authentic, and many who’d prefer they don’t too…Sold myths on the fabulous now, the now is exactly what you prefer it to be past present or future…Time and the perception of it is going to chnage anyway as we are all living longer…we will encounter the past more frequently than ever before…You just get an opportunity to reconfigure what happens next, like… Read more »


I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself as ‘from’ an era. I’ve never followed fashion and always listened to my own music preference, never the mainstream radio…except those couple years when I was 10 & 11 and used to record on tape whatever I was hearting at that time. I grew up on the Beatles, which were decades before me. I used to turn down the blaring Van Morrison on the stereo at 3am coz I needed sleep and had primary school the next day. This idea of being stuck in an era seems so alien to me, so externalised… Read more »

freedom ala air

Wow I had to do that too… Turn the stereo down or off when parents didn’t/couldn’t … Van Morrison, Jim Morrison, buddy holly, over and over… and then try and deal w primary school…. I’ve rarely met people w similar experience


Wow!! You too! I’ve not come across anyone else either. Bet yours weren’t drinking cheap red wine out of those little vegemite jars that used to have the metal pop top lids? Pretty sure there was some dream weed going there too. Yeah Van mainly at 3am, but also occasionally Cat Stevens, and a woman whose name escapes me for the moment. I once thought id grow up hating Van, but I have all his albums and often crank out whole days filled with his music. Life was really tough then for me. Much worse than just being woken up… Read more »


Joan Armatrading?


Joan Baez?


Joni Mitchell?


Boom!!!!! That’s it!!


ha, I was gunna say Joni next! we were on track Saturnalien, with the Joness πŸ™‚


Thanks both of you, that would have driven me nuts all day!


I can see the album covers (records) in my mind but I just can’t find her name on my tongue. Maybe Carole King?? Not Armatrading or Carly Simon…possibly Baez?

freedom ala air

I Agree mm, but I remember those aging fading disco queens during my twenties and they in forties headin fifties they were iconic! And the good ones with the hearts of gold were protective and maternal for the likes of naive me… Though by the time. Was in my thirties and totally out of the loop, I could not relate, the scene was the only thing that did bind… As w a lot of my friends from that era… Though like any era there are so many scenes going on and I’m sure you could still gather in any number… Read more »


Giving Aquarians everywhere a bad name. Where is her DIFFERENT drummer? Isn’t the whole point of getting older the getting of wisdom? The ability to individuate into a zenith of uniquely you-ness?! If you stay stuck in a paradigm that turns you into a parody of your younger, hotter, wrinkle free self you are completely missing the point of this life. Jesus, I want to shake her by her deviated septum.


Ah, but remember: Aqua is co-ruled by Saturn. Some Aquas are deeply conservative and can’t look forward.


Given my already more compassionate statement of the above, I thought this was rather 11th house groups and associates identity orientated. However, I can’t be the only one who has met more than her fair share of “I was there first doing it harder faster better more outrageous” aqua peeps? some lean to innovate and take that energy with them, others not and make it environmental The best pisstake astro thing I ever read was from an antsy drag queen and I will always remember her forecast for Aqua that week: Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof Doof… Read more »




Yes, and shall we say the Neptunian challenged stayed too long at the party and their creative potential floated away…in some cases, the drugs killed the heart. The Neptune in Aqua era was ehem….mismanaged by many an awesome Aqua–the Uranian high and the Saturn low looking to score.


Saturn is like the colonic irrigation of astrology. Some shit just has to go and you can pretty much rely on Saturn to do it.


Hahaha! Yep. πŸ˜€

freedom ala air



This Leo is lovin Saturn in Scorp…kickin my arse hard and getting me ready for Saturn in Saggo.

The Crazy Crone

I have Moon in Aquarius and I’m ruthless about not looking back and getting caught in the past. I really get the screaming abdabs when e-mails turn up idolising the past. Yeah, right. When single mums were excommunicated. When women died in backyard abortions. When gay people were ostracised and it was okay to kill them. When black people could be lynched and people cheered. The whole of life is about change and growth – you don’t change, you GROW. You learn from past mistakes, you embrace the new, you take chances and you jump around the moon. Otherwise you… Read more »


Love your attitude CC! X


This made me laugh and nod my head vigorously. I’m only 31 – but times have already changed so much for people ten years younger than me, it’s crazy. I had some good moments out dancing, but my real ‘club’ has always been libraries and coffee shops. I’ve got way more self-discipline now that I’ve finished my fuq-all of a Saturn Return, my marriage has stabilized my moodiness, and my dog is seriously a better person than many I met in college (like the guy who messaged me for a blow-job. Yeah, I’ll take the dog!). Viva la NOW. I’ll… Read more »


I ran accross a woman who is my age 54, we were friends a long time ago when we did aerobics and worked out basically all day while eating bran muffins. That was when we were twenty four! Now she still lives like that. fake tits, and the workout leggings all day everyday. she also gets injections of botox and let me tell you, it looks like crap. It isn’t just her. Like you say, Mystic. Right now, Pluto is in Capricorn and yes, our boobies will sag a little by now..(not mine:))) but we’re older now. We are not… Read more »


Sounds like Samantha inSATC! Actually even Sam didn’t have sex 6 times a day. That sounds gruelling!! Or just a big exaggeration.


I remember a young friend of mine at first Saturn Return age saying to me last year “look at you, you’re such a Gen Xer, still out there getting it done.” I was surprised, but admittedly it might have been my outfit of the day that spoke to him of the 90s (remember the skirt over pants look? well, I wasn’t quite there, but I guess it was reminiscent). But actually I think it was my politics that made him say that – I feel that his generation are more conservative – I know this is a massive generalisation and… Read more »


I loved the 80’s my fave quote in the early 90’s was Murphy Brown walking it to a empty bar saying ” I hate the 90’s” lol true. Yas it was great but it’s GONE, PAST, bye bye. I’m more ahead than my 22 & 13yo sons with my music, work & attitude. They can’t handle the individualism. They don’t know how to handle a mum doing her own thing……like I should be doing crochet shuffling into my grave. I’m low key just doing what I enjoy never shove it their face. Basically I’m not like other Mum’s sipping fuq… Read more »


This strikes a cord. I really do understand what you mean Mystic, but I also understand why people stay in their era, and it has a lot to do with your success. You see this particularly in the music industry or the look that defined you and its really rampant in club culture. I don’t know if this is the best place to have this discussion actually but I’ve seen this a lot, people not knowing how to take themselves stylistically into the now. Because its about Identity. What if you found something you loved more than anything on the… Read more »


Very interesting comment, Ms. I Totally get what you said about how fun it was to get dressed up and go out to a gig and look great and have a wonderful time (in my case base playing aquarian boyf’, I went to all their gigs so fun) and later, when I was at art school, would go to at least 3 exhibition openings a week and drink free champagne etc. KNowing everyone being everywhere WAS way more fun than a one on one relationship… My life is so different now, in bed reading by ten, up at 6am, don’t… Read more »


It’s a compassionate response.

The need to transcend “reality” urges some of us more profoundly than others. FADQ sounds like someone not handling their Neptune well, getting her ego too invested in the high and losing herself in the midst of it. Incomplete adult individuation, courtesy of that Neptunian penchant for incohesion. Lost threads and never finding them again. Lost the plot of Life.

Great for a couple of fine years of exploration, but lousy longterm prospects. Add drugs and ego and no expectations/demands to produce art/music/poetry/anything? (Time bound, y’know) Pfft! Lost.


I was a teenager in the 80’s and loved it. Now I am happy to spend a Saturday night at home alternating between Eurovision and one of the music channels playing top 40 and being told by my son that the clip “Blurred Lines” sexualises women. It tells me I have lived, Iwill keep on living and I did a good job as a mother. Life couldn’t be better. Gotta download me some Daft Punk for this dance floor I created for myself. Love you, your stories and your affirmations MM.


I’ve been contemplating returning to a degree I first attempted in 1995. After these comments maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t want to be tripping on nostalgia trying to get a high that’s long gone. To me the Zap Zone is all about owning your truth and those that can’t accept this way, just can’t be apart of your way.


I dunno S, but not necessarily? Depends if it still resonates with you but I think that’s an excellent question to consider.


Hi C (Artist formerly known as CS). I don’t want to get tangled up in the same question and never accepting the answer I find. My problem is I got a broken heart and that continues to cause conflict in my decision making.


lol (at your comment on my name, not at your heartache). however….dear S, I would like to see you (I’m going to read between the lines and say finally) free of that block. Maybe that is the real issue to deal with and the what should I do with my life questions will seem easier once it’s been removed. I’m sure it’s not serving you. Apologies if I have read to much between the lines xx then again….you don’t have to take the path that brushes up against the past – and maybe that’s a good enough reason to forge… Read more »


I’ve tried so many different methods of recovering from this hurt, but nothing seems to work. I don’t want this humiliation that accompanies this heartbreak either. More therapy and if that doesn’t yield dividends then my fall back plan kicks in. There is nothing in my history that I ever want to repeat again. I just need to cultivate happy and peaceful memories, because the majority of my life has been the opposite. Also knowing that I’ve missed my chance of being a parent is very hard to handle.


I know a good energy healer – he’s amazing and can work with you distantly. do you want his contact?


Thanks C I’d give anything a go.


His name is Satya, you can call or text him on 0425 411 545. I’ll let him know you might be in touch and that I referred you. He helped me quit the fags amongst more helpful and healing things x


It’s difficult for me to work with males, because of my abusive past. I’ll try and call him next week.


he’s really gentle and lovely but you know, no presh x

susan alos helpful πŸ™‚


S, I just want you to know I don’t think of you as humiliated because of this, just concerned that it could be keeping you stuck. I woke up to a better solution for you, I have done a workshop with this woman and have seen people I love be transformed/released by a healing session with her – again distant work is possible and effective.


sorry, a suggestion not a solution x


My words to him were made into music, I received not even a thank you or acknowledgment – that is part of the humiliation. Thank you CS and I’ll check out these options.


did you do it for him, or did you do it for yourself? Happy Zap Zone S x


Emails and something I wrote in a park on paper and placed in the dirt. No official offer was made. It was a conversation to him.


i definitely agree. and also with the comments above. you can look back fondly (or cringe or both) or appreciate the Then, and there is also definitely no need to disregard “the past” with a flick of the wrist shrieking at oneself in the mirror “GET WITH THE PROGRAM YOU DINOSAUR” spending time with the Next Gen is the way out of it: get with the music, style, news, concerns, tech, attitudes. I spend a lot of time around people 18-22 yrs old and i actually feel more modern, it sounds so lame, but i cringe to think that i… Read more »


oh hell how did that get sent? i wasn’t finished. will take as a sign i need a break from this blog. adios all xx


πŸ˜† Pisces / Gem Asc – of course you hadn’t finished


sounds like the lady was desperately trying to control her environment as she does not know how to evolve and is in denial about ageing. there’s no disputing the 80s/90s were great for style, music and clubbing (alternative – i’m not talking mullets here), i have been dreaming about those times myself lately and the peeps i was with. whilst there is nostalgia i know that i am in the present, i feel grateful that i had those early experiences though.

fallen angel

Best reminder ever not to indulge in toxic nostalgia: zero adaptation to one’s environment = extinction, and environment is always the now. NO MATTER how dear those memories/possibilities are, they are there to nourish the self experiencing life at this point in time. While slipping is inevitable (I am a Kataka after all), insisting on staying in the past means you’re depriving yourself of actually engaging with the universe to transform whatever fertile ground its left behind and missing out on what may later surprise you. Of course, people are paced differently, but I also think the Universe allows for… Read more »


hmm, I don’t know – my job requires reading classics ~1930s, I like listening to classics ~1800s but late era-based stuff? nuh. I am not going to 80s, 90s, heck even to 2000s.

toxic nostalgia must have something to do with incomplete internal accounting.

A couple of days ago I read ~~ Electric Eel Libran *waving here*~~ post: making a death pact to follow her dreams.

That is the spirit to clean the slate I believe.

Domestic Triffid

I have found listening to commercial radio ( cos Rage has become rubbish for some reason) and then looking up the songs I like on You Tube to be deeply therapeutic. Currently have Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” stuck in my head – but looked at some of their other videos and they’re really funny. Also downloaded a stack of early Black Eyed Peas, which I am playing really loudly in the car. Appreciate the looks of horror as me & my boyz bounce off the walls to “Pump It” at the traffic lights. I am also finding Pinterest to be a… Read more »

cosmic fleece

Greetings Domestic Triffid,

Check this site to for fabbo hoses you can actually go and stay in !! Try ”Greece”. xxx (Can opt for house/apartment/room) Have fun .. i love little calm down time searching out san francisco/big sur…xx

cosmic fleece
Domestic Triffid

Thanks for that !! I shall go exploring….

I love “Paris Apartment”for the same reason πŸ˜€

freedom ala air

I love pinterest its like positive visual space


Yep, with my Venus in Kataka in the 11th hse, I find Pinterest is so much fun and efficient–tres ZZ.


Have you heard the Thrift Shop spoof? Called Gift Shop, it’s cleverly done.


“Nostalgia’s not what it use to be” πŸ˜€


that is awesome πŸ™‚

*said the packed 5th House Scorp Sun/TripleToro*


πŸ˜› Peter De Vries I think


that was me.


are you? πŸ™‚ all my Scorp is 5th house as well.


yes Ms! except that most of my 5th is in Libra, just goes over into Scorp enough to catch my Sun. so I should have said Packed 5th House/Scorp Sun/Triple Toro….and I have Toro Rising so my 5th is Leonic which was what I was referring to with all the Fixedness…lucky for me I have a Pisces Midheaven πŸ™‚


Cool. Very fixed but good signs. My chart is like a small slice of pie, hehe, but I am a 5th houser Sun conjunct mercury (almost exact) and uranus

Libra 5th sounds nice actually, and I love toro rising. I think my current beau is toro rising but I can’t get a birthtime out of him.


has he got big eyes and broad shoulders? can be v. attractive in a man….

your Sun conjunction sounds awesome! must be why your posts are always so strikingly appealing – not the usual response, well written and with Scorp depth – nice one πŸ™‚

Libra 5th is lovely, and I have a Venus/Jupe/Merc conjunction there which is very sweet (also Uranus conjunct Venus but sitting in the 4th).

Mystic just did my chart and said “so you’re like a sexy arts freak really” . I was happy with that πŸ™‚


Just goes to show how fixed some Aquas can be!

I agree with the Aqua though – clubbing isn’t what it used to be but I no longer want to party like it’s 1999 anyway. Glad I lived it up when I had the chance.

I’m always listening to NOW music. It’s not even a ZZ thing. Always was, always will be…
“Same as it ever was…” – David Byrne. πŸ™‚ Now there’s a progressive fixed sign Toro !

freedom ala air

What is clubbing like these days? I haven’t done it for Gawd nearly ten years…. I think since I saw how truly toxic some of those places were I have no interest… I imagine not much has changed really.


No idea! πŸ˜€ It’s been nearly that long for me too. The scene started changing roughly around the time I left. Heaps of cool venues shut down as well.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Hmm…I think re-invention is a good cure for toxic nostalgia.

But then my “look” morphs pretty rapidly.

Or take matters into your own hands…if you don’t like the fashions, start creating your own!

If you don’t like the music…create your own!

Sounds like Aquarian Disco Queen should become some kind of retro DJ/Fashion Designer. She could remix the tunes of her chosen decade with great pizzazz.

She could wear some kind of wacko mask like Deadmaus if she’s worried about looking too “faded” or just not give a shit (hey, you don’t see Bob Dylan getting botox).

12th house virgo

I agree – she should be a retro DJ or doing something to make her own little niche. Its too bad she isn’t aging well, but, really, whatever. If she loves having a good time and times are changing maybe she can find a way to have a good time with others into it like her. I don’t think there is any trick for reminding yourself what is past and what isn’t. The trick is to figure out what you love and that replenishing your vitality for living and do the fuq out of it until you die, right? Did… Read more »

Electric Eel Libran

I agree. There is always inspiration in the present and future. Whoa i was just talking to a Cappie a similar conversation…she was banging on and on about how there aren’t any more good bands…blah…blah…things were better in the 80’s. WTF? What causes overloaded nostalgia? Neptune? Mars in a fixed sign? idk??? I’m not sure of how to cure it. It just seemed like the people I know who have it have a lot of fixed signs even if their sun sign is something perky like Gemini or Cancer. The Gem dresses like it’s 1995 except the clothes fit terribly… Read more »


WTF indeed. There is so much good music currently out there but I guess some people aren’t passionate enough to seek it out.

My sun sign is fixed but everything else is mutable – Moon, mars, Pluto/Uranus.
And cardinal Venus & Asc.

Moon in Sagg & Gem NN helps me move forward πŸ™‚

Electric Eel Libran

It’s harder to find the good music today than it used to be so I can see that anyone who isn’t up with technology will find it daunting, but good new music def. exists!

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