The Difference Between Saturn & Uranus

Tilda Swinton at CannesThis is Tilda Swinton at Cannes – she is having a Saturn transit. It’s on her Sun in Scorpio.

Below is Asia Argento at Cannes – she is having a Uranus transit. It’s opposite her Libra Ascendant and square her Midheaven.

Note the differences in style.Β  Gold lame jumpsuits with peroxide mohawks should be the de rigeur outfit for Saturn transits, don’t you think?

And yes, when Uranus is strong in your life, you’re always flipping the bird to somebody, one way or another. In fact, your whole life can get made over into a defiant ‘up yours’ statement.


Asia Argento

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164 thoughts on “The Difference Between Saturn & Uranus

  1. hmm, my Uranus is in Libra or should I say up Ur anus, lol…maybe that’s why I feel like telling everyone to fuq off especially with pms.

  2. What I love about the tilda pic is how she looks 10 feet tall and unafraid. The only time I’ve managed that attitude was when Uranus was on my MC- I wore 4-inch neoprene platformy things (I’m 5’10”) and flamboyant thrift store and homemade ensembles and my platinum dreads were only a few inches long and stuck out like a sea anemone. Everything was shiny and out there and oh it was so much fun! Like a year of perma-burning man. Also I lived in the gay district so the baseline of fabulosity was high. Wonderful. I’d love to have a tenth of that chutzpah now. People think I’m a strange alien in my black and red and olive boring get-ups now. If only they knew!

    • I’ve never come close to Tilda’s look but I do look a lot like Asia – that pose and all, lol.

  3. Always love a platinum blonde mohawk and she rocks the gold lame jumpsuit, but I am feeling more Asia Argento lately (fellow Virgo).

    Saturn transiting Scorpio/1st House and conjunct natal Venus.
    Uranus transiting Aries/6th House. (been having non-stop health issues since 2007). This month is dental/jawbone/wisdom tooth nonsense. Acupuncture, yoga and alternative medicine to the rescue.

    I do have a sudden desire to hack off all my hair and go for a blonde mohawk again.
    Saturn says stay focused, work harder, keep my nose to the grindstone and my Uranus is saying fuq it! Screw the big pharm/med/healthcare system. Anarchy against the GMO’s and revolution against the bs.
    I am caught between running away to join a buddhist monastery or a biker club/MC. That’s my new look zen biker babe.

    • OMG – I am so with you on all of this, from Asia on down the list. I’ve never had a Mohawk. its about time I did. I had a great Uranus-meets-Saturn moment this weekend catching up with a friend who has really not done his Saturn well. I realized I have options, too many options, but I can make decision to change my life. I don’t have to wait or run away or be rash or irresponsible. It was like – MASSIVE – to see that only I hold myself to standards I don’t want to keep and only I can let them go. It just means I have to take on the risk of failing at something new. And I so want some risk in my life anyway, so score! I’ve done my Saturn, so thank God for Uranus, because I may be too scared to take a risk without it! I didn’t even realize I had made my decision until I talked to my friend out loud.

      • I have Virgo Sun in 11th House (natal) -yours is in the 12th House?
        What kind of Saturn-Uranus transits are you having atm?
        I kinda feel like I am trying to pull in opposite directions be uber responsible and at the same time just go off the deep edge.
        I loved having a mohawk but it’s very time consuming if you gel/hairspray it straight up or in liberty spikes. A flop-over is easy wash and wear. I don’t think I have the bone structure for it. Tilda is angular, I look like Cyndi Lauper round, cutesy face. But I noticed she has a flaming fire engine red mohawk!

        • Yeah, i’m sure I’d wear it flop over most of the time. I just want to be able to do whatever the fuq I want, basically.

          I’ve been under tons of Uranus transits. I’m Virgo rising, but barely. I have Mars/Pluto/Mercury lined up in my first house Libra, so Uranus is direct opposing (and Pluto squaring) my Mercury currently. Also, I had Saturn recently run over my natal Uranus in end of Libra. I haven’t really had it shake-up my life other than internally so far. I feel like the changes are ready to break skin, so to speak.

          • A mohawk will change your life. It’s not easy to hide with one. You’ll feel braver and center of attention- some positive some negative.
            I feel like I’ve been too responsible for awhile now and I really need a break. Saturn is a slave driver.
            Would love to get a tattoo, go doing something fun.
            All work and no play is making me one very dull Jack.

            • That’s where I got this weekend – what is it going to take me to have fun around here? Its no one’s choice but mine. I get everything “right” and its time to just try something fun – even if its a total fuq-up. Fuqing up is fun. I am currently looking for rural homes to buy and considering raising honey bees. Whatever. Something I haven’t tried. I’ll be a mowhawk-having tattooed honey bee farmer. WTF not, right? lol

            • You know what it is? I am just DONE sitting at a desk like a student in class. I’ve been proving myself Saturn-style for the past 20 years.
              Having the Uranus opposite Uranus midlife crisis.

  4. Tilda Swinton looks amazing, but also like she just landed her Royal Spaceship.

    I’d like to see her standing next to Jim Jarmusch with all of their radiant antennae rising up to receive messages from home….

    I don’t know who Asia Argent is but I like her already.

    I have HEAVY Saturn transits. On Sun, Opposing natal Saturn. I needed it πŸ™‚

    Also Uranus opposing natal Venus. I guess that might produce some interesting situations of they can sneak it past Saturn Girl! One can hope πŸ˜‰

  5. I have to admit I am right there with Asia with Uranus transiting opposite my Libra Ascendant and square my Midheaven., oops to everyone! πŸ˜‰

  6. UGH….my saturn conjunct sun totally disagrees with that horrid hair and outfit.

    By Fuq yea to the up yours bird….definately how I feel often..

  7. what i meant was Yes she is cool. Her hair is mow-hawk punk rock = uranus
    dress gold, glittery, shimmering, remind me of neptune

    • Spot on. Saturn retro has been right on Tilda’s Neptune over past month or so (she has both Neptune and Sun in Scorp; Saturn has been backing off her Sun before turning later in the year to re-cross). And she has natal Leo Uranus broadly square her Sun, so a bit Uranian in how she represents, by nature. Not to mention that Mars has been squaring (activating) her Uranus big-time in last two weeks.

  8. Love Tilda, she looks fabulous as always.

    Don’t know the other actress but that pic is hilarious.

  9. Good one Mystic. I reckon Neptune has more to do with that gold dress Tilda is wearing and the mohawk is so uranus. i am sorting out my neptune right now and uranus will just have to wait, as it has been stirring shit up in my 12th house. Maybe i get a mohawk when it goes into the 1st!

    . god i must be permanently on uranus and being oppressed by saturn which will soon transit the 8th. i have decided to become a buddhist nun.

    I just been reading back on my iching diary a while ago It warhed
    DANGER forming connections with unsuitable people who will be bad for u DANGER from enemies =

    trials and tribulations, threat to health, lack support.
    wear a protective amulet and buy some kind of qui vamp spray.
    which i know will be available soon, = miracles are alight.

    by dimming your light you can avoid injury and avoid getting hurt
    and find release from your problems. accept drudgery
    consolidate as a strategy.
    I get paid thursday next week re- joining this site.
    Till then laying low and keeping my head down.
    being positive and looking for strategy’s to stay on top of it all. thanks

  10. I currenlty have saturn on my rising and I have to makemyself NOT wear black. Gold lame and bleached mohawk? Not for me. I live in black, boots, eyeliner, and long straight naturally dark hair. (aside from a bit of silver I rather like) A bit minimal for my usual leo self. Not wearing the usual jewelry and have been going light/nude on the lips. Is it the Pluto on my moon? Minimal. Cut all crap that does not have an absolute need/purpose in my life. I have gone thru the food intolerance thing and have a different body. Most lean ever, less boobage and I don’t even miss them. No facebook. No lunches. (note I still check in here) I may loose some friends. And I don’t really care. But I am growing professionally and will know who my friends are when its all over!

    • I had to stop myself from flipping the bird yesterday right in the centre of town at some one driving through the intersection on a pedestrian green light, as i was crossing. It was like a surge through my arm to my middle finger! I had already begun leaning toward the glass where his stupid head was, and who knows but the non-bird hand could have plunged through it to his eyes which he obviously wasn’t using. But i let the car pass, kept crossing and contented myself with a crisp, “Tosser!”

      Pretty good for a Uranus transit over Merc in Aries. (I have one of those flash fire hottempered tsquares between Mars, Uranus and Mercury/Chiron.)

  11. Moon, Uranus, Ceres all conjunct within 2 degrees, this is me to a T every day. A few months ago, I was offered a level up at my job which was SUPER lucky for me, I am actually extremely grateful that I was offered this, and a few persons outside of work (including my mom!) were discouraging me from taking the new position because they thought I was incapable for whatever reason. Naturally, my FU is not only accepting the position, but thriving, which I would have done anyway, but when someone is doubtful, I feel like I HAVE to prove them wrong.

    These two photos represent me and my transits at the mo.
    *spoken in action movie trailer voice-over*

  13. Looks like Tilda is working that Saturn energy for the best!

    Asia looks great flipping whoever it is off too.

    I’m not really schooled on transits, but when Saturn was on my sun, I looked fucking sharp even if I felt like I was holding my world together with rubber bands.

  14. OK well I am having both — and my chart is defined by a Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the 5th. Currently agonising & desperately wanting to quit my oppressive job where I can’t even wear nail varnish, (uranus conjunction moon transit) but Saturn is also opposite my Venus and Midheaven. With my chart, I should be doing an arty, creative job but I haven’t a clue how to make that happen without quitting my job. But then no money. HELP?!

    • are you able to save up for a bit? set a date, 1/2 yr from now or 1 yr from now and start selling possessions to declutter and increase cash flow? that should help get the ball rolling

    • if the income is non-negotiable, do courses outside your work. there will be options, of some sort – artist communities, gallery info, whatever. look them up. state or national art galleries have out-of-town memberships, they do all kinds of workshops. raid your local library for books about artists and art techniques. chat to artists or designers who you meet at local markets. find the nearest art schools or vocational colleges and research their courses on offer that you can do out of hours or part time. read about how others made similar changes. you have options!

  15. Love these photos as an exercise in understanding the difference between the two. With Saturn trining my natal Saturn and Venus, I’m going to adopt the statement red lip and elegant look from Tilda…but with a Saturn transit it’s like the swan. Graceful on the surface and paddling furiously under water.

    With Uranus sextiling natal Gem sun hoping to use energy of Uranus to fuel creativity and comms…not flipping the bird as such, but producing that effect in a more subtle way, aka success is the best revenge.

  16. Uranus is in my 12th approaching my AC. Mars and Mercury on my natal Sun.

    I’ve always had a strong ‘fuq you’ policy, never been a people pleaser. Always found it hard to lie, and to tolerate stupidity, injustice and power plays.

    Recently bought Sex Pistols t-shirt. Being a whistle blower against corruption is basically my role.

  17. Got Uranus dancing around my Aries AC – opposite my Libra Sun – squaring my Cappy MC (oh, hello Pluto). God it’s fun (eyeroll) to be a Cardinal these days. I think I had my first panic attack a couple days ago!

    And Saturn is squaring my Leo Moon/Mars conjunction. Feeling restricted but wanting liberation..

  18. They both SO rock. And then there’s Uma *swoon*. But what was Nicole thinking (she’s ghastly at the best of times)??

  19. Saw the footage of Asia Argento and this moment – She was walking along foxy like, and my guess is some plonker called out ”Show us yer tits!”

    Spot on reflex delivered with gusto ! Respect.

  20. I am having or about to have Uranus and Saturn transits and CONFUSED. It’s like my natal Sun square Moon and Mars square Venus all went on crack.

    Saturn currently opposite moon and ascendant, Uranus getting closer to my Mars/NN where on the way out it will trine my Sagg outer planet stuff.

    • Never be afraid of transits darling – the scariest can be, yes scary, but trust me, they are deliverance, espesh is if you are living authentically or as close as you can. Just listen to your inner heart and you will reap – though the benefits/manifestations in your psyche will naturally take time (like a great recipe). Just stay real (sober, true to your heart). Love and light Rache xx

  21. I love that picture of Asia Argento. That’s terrific! She’s very beautiful. I have a uranus transit on top of my venus and mercury and sun.

  22. I saw that Gold LamΓ© in person!!
    I didn’t manage to wrangle a ticket to the actual film, but it was Tilda, so I had to stand on the sidelines and at least oggle!

    Now you mention it – releasing a film in which you are playing the haute cultured undead, possibly oldest ex-human alive, ageless and addicted to only the purest fresh blood is possibly the best thing you could possibly do with Satiurn on your Sun, no…?

      • Seagoat – lol, no, not a tearjerker, more of a bloodletter.

        Pegs – you saucy beast – I’ve gone all Saturnine myself and was largely sober and chaste the entire time! Dear me, what happened to my Mars-Neptune square when I needed it…? xx

    • Tripping the light fantastic over there Lexi, bless your black heart, what total fun for you.
      Love that outfit on Tilda AND her hair, she’s radical beyond,only SHE could wear it so elegantly.
      Hope you have met some interesting lovers or potential ones that invite you back all expenses paid.
      (My inner whore coming out tsk πŸ™‚ x

  23. I’m exhausted. Saturn on my NN, NN on my Sun all within a few degrees of each other. Uranus n Pluto “thwacking” me here and there. (“thwacking = my new fav MM word) and to think November it’s going to be even “more” intense? Seriously, how much more can I take? ( I don’t dare flip off the “thwackers” … but I sure do feel the desire to.)

  24. I was just thinking, if I could break down every wall that I have built to structure my life and contain the anarchy within me… Just scaffolding that once gave me a sense of security and place… Oh to fuq with that now…Hand me that that gold lame jumpsuit, put on the dixie chicks… and make room for Asia Argento – the perfect wing woman on a Uranian flight for a Saturn gal in Pluto times…

  25. Uranus is currently trine my Mercury (but squaring it today) and square my Venus and Jupiter is squaring Saturn and absolutely yes… I feel like telling the whole world, the past present and future to fuq right fuging off, just leave me alone. And then flying off to some exotic and remote location where nothing will disturb me except the soft sound of wind chimes and waves rolling along the shore. seriously.

  26. tilda is the bomb. and that guy behind her (bow tie) looks sorta cute, imo, at least from that angle πŸ™‚
    so right about uranus sun (for me it was + jupiter too) = flipping the bird to everything. my opinion about my career to that point basically became a case of “this whole thing can go get fuqn fuq’d” and i fuqd right off. lol. right choice? who knows.

      • sounds like my decision’s made for me then – i’m going thru similar transits & wanting to quit my job to travel and write!

        • I read a thing recently – ask yourself, “if I look back in 10 years time and I *haven’t* done this, am I going to hate myself / regret it forever?”

          (I also need to remember this advice constantly)

          • omg just had incredibly useful insight about the impact of my gem asc on my life and some important decisions that reverted to ‘local default’ rather than wrestling with / meeting hearts desire.

  27. I want a Mohawk. And I want get a rose tattoo. Actually, I want a full sleeve – with roses, a cicada and a bee hive and pluto glyph. I am having a Uranus transit. Its opposing my Mercury and in my Progressed chart its conjunct my Sun. I can see myself pulling an Asia in any number of situations anytime now. What’s the point in going on like this when nothing in my life is any fun? Even Saturn doesn’t know what to say about that.

    • Sounds like you need a sick day, sunshine, bare feet on grass or sand and possibly Thai or Vietnamese dish for dinner.
      Fuq the paradigm.

      • I need a lot more than that. I need a paradigm shift. So far, I feel ripped off by Uranus. Its been transiting my 7th house for a few years now without delivering me any sex or crazy partners. boo!

        • What!!! You got no crazy????
          You need Internet dating IMMEDIATELY!
          All the crazy and sex you can handle!
          Time to pull out the paradigm shifting crowbar… Time to get serious on Ur-Anus πŸ˜€

        • shit, try having U-7H natally. if you want something somewhat stable with one partner, then go for a long distance romance in a nut shell. works to combat the batty-ness of close proximity yet is still kind of consistent.

          • I always have a romantic prospect in my imagination. Born with Venus square Neptune. But this Uranian energy is new to me. I am sick of everything – don’t know how else to put it. I am ready to do something drastic. I am done expecting anyone else to come along on my life. My 9-5 paycheck feels like an addition that’s killing me. My house feels like a gilded cage. But I am sure I will act reasonably because no action I could take would lead to the kind of drastic change I want right fuqing now.

            • heya.. im sick of it too. my job right now is what’s providing the necessary distraction i need for 5 days of the week. at least the addiction is paying the bills, keeping saturn happy. is that why you’re changing contracts/places of employment so often?

              so here’s an analogy…my left eye is erratic and fuzzy, it doesn’t focus correctly and all i see is static. my right is perfect 20/20. i see fine, but sometimes i lose my balance from the impairment. that’s what uranus and saturn is to me. depth perception.

            • Yes! The romantic prospect… with very little hope of becoming reality.

              Keeps me safe from messy relationship reality. LOL.

              I am with you 12HV.

            • 12hv, if everything sucks that badly, why not just start making changes then?? it doesn’t have to be everything at once. and one change might open the floodgates for you. it’s your life babe, you have to make it the way you want it. Here’s a good little mind-bender: draft your resignation letter. in a separate word doc, not a ready-to-send email to your boss! Lets you psychically step into that space before actually doing it. x

            • also, “no action I could take would lead to the kind of drastic change I want right fuqing now” … disagree. well maybe not on the right fuqing now part, but if you don’t start now, when are you going to start? i say this with TLC in my heart not mean stuff xx

  28. I have natal Uranus opposing my ascendant and moon so I totally relate and feel comfortable with the “whatever, eff you, I’ll do what I want” vibe. It’s pretty fun at times. Most times, lol.

    Transiting Uranus is Trining my ascendant and moon while squaring … Sigh, seemingly everything else (Sun, Mercury,Venus)!!!

    The defiance deals more with self now than with the public. There are so many things I do that I don’t want to do anymore. So many habits that I want to break and replace with new ones and they all vary and touch different areas of my life from diet to religion/spirituality.

    Meanwhile, back in the 5th house…

    Saturn return is supporting me to be steady and build, kind of like a safety cord on a bungee jump.

    Uranus is the jump and Saturn is the safety.

    It’s a bit of a headache but quite an incredible rush.

      • Thanks Saturnalien!!
        Yeah, super cool. I think I’d mentioned before I only have known him as a presence in my life & his children (aunts, uncles & mother) don’t feel that fondly about him as I do. His letters are helping me to get an idea of him, or more so, add a tangible dimension to him. Have been working on a story idea about him for a while now.
        He was aqua as well. So blessed he had some foresight to preserve his correspondence (and letters from senders too). He writes about it like it is an important mission that he does it.

          • I was thinking about you Pi! You said in some post somewhere that you need a story to pitch for your Merc-Jup something or other????
            Anything your Dad can help you with there??

            • hmm, maybe?! hey he was aqua too btw! yay for aquas πŸ™‚

              well i have a niche-type blog i am trying to find the time (you know what they say about not having time…) to write the First Evah Post for and tomorrow is RIDICulously busy AND I am trying to find the thing I wrote my notes on… Maybe he can help me find them?!

              I am going to a small social enterprise networky thing among other ‘meeting people’ type stuff, but all i want to do is talk shit and make people laugh cos life can be serious business. hm

            • I hate those social networky things! I too preferred to make people laugh and chat about interesting real things, leaving the business stuff to the other person to talk about themselves. It’s easier to extract that stuff from people and contribute yours to it.
              Be yourself, do what comes naturally. People gravitate to genuine happy. It is also seen as a good reflection of your abilities (not sure what your biz angle is) to be vocally confident within yourself talking funny shizz. Peeps remember that.
              Enjoy yourself.
              Hope you find the notes (on the back of something?) or did you put it in something. Tidying up is like my nemesis!

            • thanks acg. i think it will be cool, it’s a pretty free-flowing high-vibe sort of get together from what i gather. But yes. I am still at a “listening, absorbing and learning” phase re this…my ideas are too scattered to develop any further for now.. that’s ok w me. but otherwise, yes ‘networking’ in the corporate sense made me a bit queasy (still does at times), until I realised I just had to find people i liked and talk to them as though i were at a party. similar to what you said I think? At least, that’s my piscean take on it all πŸ˜€

              now those notes…they can’t be too far away.. *overturns desk*

            • I hate socalnetworing sites too. I think there detrimentalto the masculine psyche. There like moble gossip mags …maybe ok for women but damn men which i have never joined, i think its an psyop on emasulation of males world wide and further dumming of females to gather them around trinkets and bobules while the men steal there souls. sorry.. If i offend but gossip is gossip is gossip is gossip.

            • no they suck forwomen too. my problem with them is that they are a fake and gauche way of keeping contact with someone. that’s why it’s so unsatisfying.

  29. Uranus is crossing my IC in the 4the house (what does that mean?)
    The last few days, besides being deaf in one ear from this hideous cold thing, I’ve been reading letters of my Grandfather – Uranian Astrologer.
    Letters that talk about his beliefs and thoughts on the afterlife and life in general, how he felt his Grandmother around and he attributes surviving wounded on the battlefield to her ghostly presence. Letters that talk about my cousin who is supposed to take up the reigns. Letters about being a writer. Letters about the family energetic curve. Such an interesting man. I feel him even more around as I read the letters. My cousin has the rest of the ephemera and I can’t wait to explore his articles and research. He was one of the original refounding members of the Hamburg Schule and he kept all his correspondence date filed, duplicated in lever arch folders for his future generations, even switching to writing in English to “help his grandchildren”. It feels incredibly personal to read his words and to know I’m the only one who really cares what he wrote. All these letters from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I’ve only got one folder of another 10.
    Love Tildas look, but id flip the bird to anyone who tried to get me to wear it!!

    • your grand dad sounds AWESOME. I just love the idea (and practice) of having someone’s mind stay with us after they have passed, in the form of journals, letters, shopping lists, random scribbles, sketches… and especially!!! with that next generation or two in mind… he was talking to YOU. ahhh i just so, so love this. Not just clothes and possessions, but the *thinking and communicating* … xx
      Is this my 8th house aqua mars talking?

        • yes you’re right I guess! well, maybe it’s a different thing. i just love to know the mechanics of how people think, why they think a certain way, their philosophies, and be able to relate to it personally (e.g. biographies are cool, but collections of letters are way more awesome imo). all the sort of things you mentioned your granddad wrote about.

        • that’s really cool Aqua-cap!! What sign was he?

          Mars is how and where you direct your energy. Kinda like doing… where the mind goes the energy flows πŸ™‚

      • I reckon it IS your 8th house aqua mars talking Pi! Humanitarianism beyond the grave / 8th house death and rebirth, secrets uncovered…

        • ah. yes cool. inter-generational knowledge. sharing big ideas From Beyond?! stupid death shouldn’t be a barrier to having a good old conversation with someone! even if it is a bit one-way at times.

    • Uranus is crossed my IC in the 4 the house. I survived and you will too.
      I spent lots of tie on and online researching my family bloodlines. Absolutely fascinating. I wish I had letters from my grandparents to read.
      I want to leave a “book” behind for my grandchildren too.

  30. I’m having both Saturn and Uranus transits right now. I can rock a Mohawk no probs (been there, done that though – yawn) but I wouldn’t be caught dead in a gold lame jumpsuit. The bottom chick reminds me of me.

    Speaking of Uranian types, I was flipping the bird in my first baby photo taken @ 15 minutes old πŸ™‚

    • πŸ˜† Wouldn’t see me dead in a gold lame jumpsuit either. Does she have Leo rising or something.

      I thought Tilda was the Uranus. It doesn’t look Saturn to me at all.

      • surely your sagg moon wants the gold lame lifestyle, even if cap asc vetoes the whole idea and scorp sun is there in the background ready to make good with the taser in the case of lunar overreach πŸ˜‰

        • oh I loved a good dress-up party!!! – made my own costumes and everything, back in my party days.
          My fave was a mini skirt made of fur and a cossack hat for the Russian revolution party and my sequinned mermaid dress / Barbarella style, complete with a long blonde wig (which I still have). Dressed my replica skeleton with the wig and took photos of him. That was fun πŸ™‚

          …but not anymore. I’ve become a Cappy recluse since Pluto went into Cap 😐

    • Sounds like a meme-worthy shot to me!! πŸ˜‰
      I died when I was born! Not in a metaphorical reincarnation kinda way, but in a ‘blue from lack of oxygen’ kinda way. Scarey thing is I once did one of those ‘when will you die’ quizzes on Facebook… said I was going to die at 0.
      Speechless at the time I then did a ‘when will you have a baby’ quiz….it predicted August 2011. I was never going to ever have children, but in Aug 2011 I had a son!
      Freaky shizzle!

      • A leo rising wouldnt be caught in the afterlife in that gold get up yikes… But one in the throes of a uranus transit just might be mad enough to try it on.

        Im a uniform aqua im athletic but mostly use blacks earth colors yellow red oranges. On my shoes -jordans..minimal colrs.. Not entire blue shoes or colored laces…But black or dark blue, always feel most comfortable shirts with small detailed mars in virgo tech logos win me. Or shirts that make a statement about the state of the world.

  31. I think maybe it depends on how strong each planet is in your chart. I’ve had Uranus on my ASC and now opposing my Venus for the last couple of years and I’ve found it too exhausting to flip any fingers or stick it to any men (or whatever). So far all I’ve got from it is adrenal fatigue and the subsequent hormone imbalances/health crap that never ends. Felt like I had an electrical charge on all my organs the whole time it was exact on my ASC, literally buzzing with stress, still realigning myself. BUT I don’t think I sit well with Uranian energy. Saturn on the other hand is my BFF. Still a long way off my Scorpio sun but I love, love the way I’ve felt since October.

    Tilda is a goddess, she really is, look at her face??

    • I’m loving Saturn in Scorp too, even on my Moon it’s been barely noticeable compared to Saturn in Libra hitting my IC – that was hell for me.

      • and I’m not seeing too many Scorps complaining either. πŸ˜€
        Remember when Saturn was in Libra? Different story. Poor petals. And petals is exactly what my venus in libra’s like – couldn’t handle Saturn at all. He bulldozed my pretty garden πŸ™

        • Libras are not fooled. Quietness is not mistaken for lack of pain and problems. Scorps take their pain quietly while Libras complain loudly.

          • I’ve noticed an uptick of scorp clients for stress and other related messes since saturn went into scorpio.

          • “Scorps take their pain quietly while Libras complain loudly”

            You’re right but not this Scorp with moon in Sagg πŸ˜€

            • Maybe Saturn hasn’t hit me yet. 😯
              I’m a 12ΒΊ Sun / 17ΒΊ Neptune.

            • I was just explaning to a pluto in scorper why we gehts no sleep.

              Thank god i have mwrcury in pisces i cant imagine it being anyworse.

            • Maybe you can’t sleep ’cause you’re an Aqua. I know plenty of peeps with strong Aqua in their chart who can’t sleep. Or is it Saturn in your Pluto?
              I have no problems sleeping. In fact with Neptune now trine my Sun I’m struggling to wake up in the morning. Very active dreamier with natal Neptune conj Sun

            • waiting for saturn to tackle me again, this time my moon at 17 deg.

            • Keep us posted EEL. I’ll have Saturn on my moon when it moves into Sagg.

            • holy shit me too and on my neptune and jupiter, and the bastard is opposing natal saturn right now yuk

            • My Moon is 11 Scorp, Saturn hit 11 deg and went Rx in Feb. It doesn’t hit 12 deg until Oct…

            • My Sun conjuncts your moon. No wonder I think you and EEL rock! πŸ˜€ Scorp moon = balls!!

            • πŸ˜€ and your Neptune conj my Eros, and your nodes conj my asc/dsc, and fuq only knows what else! Funny spotting all the conjunctions between peeps here and how they connect!

            • that’snot even funny. I’ve had jupiter in the first house fora year and I am FAT! Well, comparatively.

          • you’re right, I didn’t complain loudly while Saturn was crossing my libran stellium but it was heaps harder than Saturn in Scorp has been and it’s 3 deg off my Sun as we speak. I’ve found Saturn in Scorp to be liberating but perhaps because I’d already sorted most of the hard stuff out before it got there.

            There is low level stress though EEL, you’re right about that, and it’s surprising me. I feel fine, I’m not consciously aware of stress but I have a physical symptom that indicates it’s there.

            • Sorry for delay response but the weather decided to become sunny and 76 with low humidity. Leo ascendants tend to dissapear esp well into there element when its warm. Plus i have a part of fortune in the 9th house which ive noticed if i saggi myself out it takes the aquarian edge off. Biked around the city with a checklisloviakian tauro so glad the winter is finally gone.

              I know i dont get no sleep because im aqua thats what i was splanin to the 20 year old. Um and i have a 3degree scorpio moon, its doubly debilitated. Or doubly deep? Perpective, and my Venus is 27degrees Pisces Doubly exalted but also known as the weeping willow degrees.

              All i know is hurricane sandy whooped my4th house scorpio moon *** this winter but made spring all the more special. The darker it gets the more the light seems more significant. Every darkmooner thats survived knows this.

              Saturn transiting helped me sleep but not insomian saturn helps with naps but not full on power thu health sleeps.

  32. Interesting.. Tilda is going with the flow and loving it (??).. Asia is letting it all out, fighting the system showing her true grit. Hmmm… for me.. I think I am Tilda! Accepting things as they are and not bitter about it! BUT.. Uranus is transiting opposite my ascendant Libra. Maybe I am fighting the system in a quiet way? Keeping to myself.. I was in my jammies ALL day yesterday! Loved it!

    Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, Leo Moon..

    • Wow you have been having Uranus and Neptune oppositions all over the place. Plus Saturn conjunctions. I bet you will come out completely different by the end of it. Maybe looking like ms swinton there.

      • Thanks SSV.. does this mean the end of it is in 2016? Ugh.. Although since Saturn moved into Scorpio in October my career improved tremendously. When it was in Libra I was struggling. Double psyched and relieved about the new job although still a challenge but it’s up to me to get it to be more consistent. Also still feeling some tension in regard to “who I am” and “why I don’t have consistent friends”. (1st house in Libra??). I am going out by myself to watch the sunset. For the first time I am a little nervous about do it. I am trying to talk myself out of it.. but I will go.

        Ms Swinton.. LOL!!

        • I don’t know, as I am going through one myself (libra sun, Virgo rising and moon) and my life has totally shifted vis a vis career (I have less of a clear direction now). Plus I have mars and mercury in Scorpio, so I have been feeling Saturn again – six years of major Saturn themes, with slight altercations. I am at lost in the career sea, which is perhaps a sign that change needs to happen.

          • I have Mars in Scorpio, Mercury in Virgo. I am not familiar with your career situation but could it be that you are being asked to do something different than you initial plan and now you are unsure about the future? You have the ability to do the job but it’s somewhat out of your comfort zone? I am trying to apply what I am going through. I was comfortable with one area of my career training and I am being pushed into a another area that I am not well trained for but I can do the job. So.. I am at a loss because I have the qualifications but not the confidence. I am sorry if I am way off base but you have similar placements so I thought I could relate.


        • if your 1st house is in Libra, that means uranus is also transiting your 7th house of one on one r’ships and ‘other people’, formal relationships (romance, partnerships etc). As you’d know, uranus is the change/disruption/discontinuity element. Could this be what’s going on for you? ie, change will be the norm in your various relationships while uranus is kickin around in your 7th.

          • My libra is both first house and second house. I appreciate all the concern! I think it is also the Neptune transit, which is hitting the sixth house for this libra. I will figure it out.

    • Jimmiejam days rule! There are no excuses, reasons whynot – they just ARE essential – never ever make excuses or be apologetic for PJ days πŸ™‚

        • I call jimjam days – mental health rejoove days. i’ve been driving to work in my slippers lately and my I am less stressed in traffic jams. Slipper/jim jam power!
          Phew best have a lie down after all this typing

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