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Jupiter Re-Zap Power-NapHey i need about five peeps to be my sexy lab rats for the new amazing Binaural Beats composition I have commissioned. Not so much for the actual music and efficacy of it – i’ve been testing this out for a while now – but the smooth download etc. This is SO tedious but i think the file is too rich and dense to be instantly downloadable so doing it via Dropbox.

ANYWAY five peeps – to email & i send them a comp copy of the Mp3 so they can power nap their way into hopefully a higher consciousness, problems solved and creative blocks annhilated. Theta brainwaves are the best. They say also that they help you make more DHEA & Growth Hormone…Read more on the benefits of Binaural Beats here – this is the fab composer i commissioned Jupiter Re Zap Power Nap from…And it has the planetary frequencies from Jupiter & Uranus on it…

So five peeps, please email me & all you need do is tell me about ease of download – or otherwise – and how you felt before/after your enhanced power nap. Thank you in advance!  This is perfect for the Moon in Aqua, no?

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38 thoughts on “Test Peeps Wanted

  1. Yes, I would love to try please! I’ve just been reading about Theta Healing (specifically).

  2. YaY this is so much more exciting and authentic than being lab rats for Monsanto. :)

  3. I also volunteer to test the aural drugs! Just starting to get my dreams back now that I’m a couple months clean from stimulants…

  4. Hey thanks guys – have my five lab rats – they’ve got their Power Nap Mp3s and are going to both email me + comment here.

    One strong challenge: The 7th revision of a manuscript. OUCH.

    I go to Pilates to sculpt some transverse abdominus and power stretch my knees – when i return, I shall be thrilled to see the results of this!

    Basically i have to use Dropbox which means won’t be instant download BUT if it is a smooth process does it matter – is not like anyone will want an urgent power nap will they?

    Also once it’s on your trusty ipod or phone, it’s there.

    • Actually when i feel the need to relax it IS astonishingly urgent.

      But i’m notorious for being impatient and anxious about getting something done very suddenly. Guess it’s Merc in Aries in a t-square with Uranus and Mars.

    • I love that. An urgent power nap. If you need that you are in immense trouble.

    • Download worked just fine and the audio helped me get through a long day on approximately 30 mins sleep. Thank you again!

  5. One of the five lab rats here.
    The dropbox download link was very straightforward and the mp3 downloaded within a minute.
    Look forward to my power nap! Will post again about the results.

    • how do we know your not a spam bot thats trying get a power nap for spam bots?

      write these two words in the box below

      paZ enoZ

        • Ill give u a hit spammy its spelled backwards,,,
          dont tell Mystic i gave u a hint either. I am not that aqaleo silly conspriacy guy :).. I just think if spambots have access to this they might be able turn on there masters and really become free one day.

  6. Can’t wait to try this! …even if I don’t get to be a lab rat, I will be buying it right away when it’s ready! SO groovy!

  7. Crud, looks like I got in a bit late.

    Super interested in this, as an electronic musician. I’m quite fascinated by binaural possibilities, especially in regards to their uses in spiritually orientated music and guided meditational stuff, etc.

    One thing I wonder though, does it have to be an .mp3? mp3 is a very low quality format and while I wish to purchase and support this, I absolutely will never pay money for an mp3. If possible to buy it as a .wav or .flac lossless format I would be much more enthused.

    If I and my skillset are of use to you please do not hesitate to let me know, it would be well honoured to contribute!

  8. Saturnalien reporting from the Zap Powernap Zone…

    It downloaded smoothly in less than 2 minutes on my crappy 3G network, so no worries there.

    I loved it! It sounds like trippy space voyage to Arcturia and beyond, and it soothed the panic attack sensation I had in my chest from neighbours neurotic dog yapping drilling through my body within about 3 minutes of listening – this will be my latest new and interesting, go-to nervous system/Zen restorer :)

    Thanks Mystic, love yer guts x

    • Maybe you can find a way to beam some of this stuff at the dog might calm him/her down.

      • That’s sort of what I said to Mystic when she announced she was having one of these things made… I need better technology damn it!

  9. In Theta Anticipation mode; got lucky today with the generous lab-rat offer! Considering I’ve recently got Oracle twice telling me I need new neural pathways, binaural beats – I must really be in sync here!
    Smooth, easy, quick download: just waiting to seclude myself to listen & RELAX….. Will report back!
    thanks Mystic x

  10. Dear Mystic,

    I would love to hear how this affects/works for different signs. This Theta study intrigues me. I am fairly negligent (note bdate above) when it comes to follow-through on my studies. That is why I come back to your blog. It is quick, varied, and always interesting. I depend on you for my astroeducation. Blessed be.

  11. be brave valiant lab rats. may your hearts be pure and your brains ready for peaceful zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Quick question: Do you need to listen to binaural beats with headphones on to get the benefits from them? Or is it fine without?

    • headphones… noise cancellation or earbud head phones is d best…


  13. Hey thanks guys – i am putting this up tomorrow along with – ta-dah – the Neptune Dream diary…Unfortunately the Binaural won’t be instant download although i am going to work on that, big-time.

    And subscribers, Jupiteria is going to be available from the weekend.

  14. On a budget atm but I love Jandy Rainbow and already use him in group Yoga classes I teach, so I will spring for this. The pineal activator and 528 Hz really get yogis into altered states. If we are working with the lizard brain, may as well work with lizard beats.
    Since yall are so interested in esoteric groovy stuff, 528 hz is good to research and know about.

  15. OK, am one of the lab rats – I will revise a manuscript this weekend, so far it has been rejected six times (the first rejection came in 12 hours). No, the idea is not bad, it is hard to digest and the source material is, shall we say, quasi-legit.

    My plan is to listen to the beats three times a day, once in the morning, once before going to bed, and once before sitting in front of the screen.

    I will report here and will send a detailed email to Mystic.

    • The download seemed to take ages, but that could have been impatience on my behalf. There were no glitches it was easy.
      I finally got to listen last thing before I went to sleep.
      The sounds freaked me out a bit at times, but I can’t really tell you why. I could feel the Uranian energy quite strongly ~ stretching, tweaking, re calibrating my frequency.
      Jupiter was in the background more like a slow but steady heartbeat of expansive turning, opening of perspectives & possibility.
      This all came this morning, because whilst listening to it last night ~ I had no idea of where I went or what was happening for the whole time. When it finished I suddenly came back to an awareness that it was time to go to sleep.
      I’m going to listen once a day and see where the exploration takes me…

  16. Sexy labrat update:

    Spent half the night awake and the other half of the night having whacked out lucid dreams – i.e. a fairly normal night for me. This morning I was feeling my usual sleep-deprived, lethargic self and decided I’d leave my grocery shopping and other errands until another day and just sit on my arse in energy conservation mode and do mental work instead. Whacked on my headphones and gave the MP3 another whirl… 20 minutes later, I spring off the couch, run around like a woman on speed doing loads of washing, decide to hit the road and go power grocery shopping (at 3 different stores), march through town like a storm trooper on a mission to get all my other errands done, get home, washing off line and folded, dishes done, dinner cooked, and I’ve still got energy to burn…

    That’s one hell of a fuqing power nap! *insert bulging eyes emoticon here*

    • 8 bucks is a really fair price for a honest idea. Idea this its so totally uncorporate ill have to do it.

    • thanks but it’s been tested! It’s now available on the Shop page.

      I.M.E. it works the same way as Saturnalien describes. I also find it has mysteriously turned me off shit food – i have NO idea why or how. It was not part of the brief i gave Jandy. But i have been craving, eating and enjoying super clean food since after the third listen x

  17. Lab rat reporting back here ~
    before: I am a mum of 2 small ones, noisy household, lots of dynamic tension in the air, in my body, lots of running around between domestic duties and creative work (sometimes involving highly strung peeps, including myself). Pretty wired!…
    cue Jupiter Zap Power Nap: my body seemed first to respond, the mind taking longer to slow down….. my body began to relax deeply and enticing the mind to follow…
    after: I remember my acupuncturist telling me that qi is actually heavy (for want of a better word), and after a treatment, feeling the body relaxed, and all floppy (heavy limbs, but light in the mind); like after a good massage – or yoga session – and this is how I feel! While I know well I need to get back to yoga practice, this had made me feel looser, and the muscles around my neck and shoulders and head feel more relaxed – brilliant!! My mind is not racing like before, I feel I could take a slower pace with things right now, like I’m more in tune with my bodily needs (to slow down and relax more, and stretch etc….!!)
    Fabulous feeling, thanks again MM! Highly reccomend this one!