Surreal, Virgo & Neptunian

Leonor Fini. Two girls sitting on a train, both slumbering.

The artist and surrealist Leonor Fini was a classic Venus conjunct Neptune woman. She loved glamor, art, culture, and cats. This Venus placement is rarely practical – she had 17 Persian cats – but has an imaginative consciousness most people take drugs to obtain. Hers was in Leo, suggesting sex and romance as performance art.


“I didn’t go to dance or dine or make conversation. I went to dazzle and render people
speechless. If I could do that I was happy.”


“I have always,” she said, “believed that human attributes are terribly limited. I have forever envied animals for their thick, hard claws, their shimmering, phosphorescent scales, their incomparably dense fur. . . .”


 Self-invented, anti-marriage and with a scandalous love life (she preferred menage a trois living arrangements) she was obsessed with sphinxes and Freudian analysis.

Way ahead of her time in terms of constructing a creative career, she was viable in art + commerce. She illustrated the first editions of The Story Of O and poems by Baudelaire. Fini also designed the bottle for Schiaparelli’s (the ultimate Virgo of Fashion) Shocking perfume. These were all superb commercial collaborations that bought her time and money for her art, not to mention the lavish lifestyle. 

Aside from her Venus conjunct Neptune, Fini had a Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon and possibly Leo Rising. Her preferred mode of dress was thigh high boots and a cape.

Thoughts? And there is a fab array of her art here.

Leonor Fini with some of her Persian cats. She was Venus conjunct Neptune in Leo, a lover of cats.


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Life as art, supremely. Love love love her!!


Don’t give marriage any creds, not at all, and persian cats are the only
breed of cat that i like.
Moon & Neptune not conjunct,but nearly married at mid-heaven.


Superb art work, ‘for a woman’ …lol. Picasso’s a flake.


What bull, ‘one needs balls to paint’, well he WAS obsessed with male cows.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Those kitties are adorable! So Leo! (as are the thigh high boots and cape).


Can I have her life please? khanxbai

Miss Leo

Venus conjunct Neptune in Leo, what a beautiful and creative placement!

Neptune in Leo, although it housed WWI, was also the that Golden Age of film, and to have Venus to amp up the drama (in the sense of artful power), beauty, drastic changed in fashion, etc. I think people who have strong placements to the outer planets in their charts end up bringing that era of the past with them throughout their lives. 🙂


i love that connection you made about Neptune in Lo and the early era of innovation in film – thanks 🙂

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Kind of like an edgier Anais. [For the record I LOVE Anais, but she is admittedly a bit famewhore-y.]

I’m not a Francophile would kill to have lived in ’30s Paris.


i am yet to know a Virgo femme that doesn’t love cats.


Or Virgo male. My partner loves all animals.


LOVE that image above. Love her and her work. Love surrealism (natal Neptune conj Sun) 🙂

She sounds very Leo rising to me – “thigh high boots and a cape”

And she’s dressed as a Lion on page 10 of the pdf!


What she said about humans and animals was interesting but apart from all that the woman seems … Hmm, off. Her anti-marriage stance and Saturn-Venus-Conjunction turn me off. I would never want that aspect. Saturn in fifth is hard enough.

Also 17, cats??? All of this just screams spinster.


Spinster is the new kick-arse chick.


Totes 😀


Not sure why cats=being single/spinster is a bad thing. I only have three cats right now, but grew up with 5-6 at any given time plus I feed 10+ strays. I have a partner and we’ve been together 17 years and he loves animals too.
I am not fond of the traditional marriage concept either but I did get married.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Eff yeah!


I wouldn’t say that having cats makes you a “spinster”. Cats don’t really have anything to do with that term. But having 17 cats certainly does make a person an animal hoarder. I know. My Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon/Libra Rising mother has just about that many herself. …it’s still hoarding even if the animals are well-cared for.


One of my favourites for years. I really, really love her dress sense, I have a wonderful book full of photos of her crazy outfits. I reckon Leo rising would fit perfectly, she was friends with Remedios Varo (Sag) and Leonora Carrington (Aries) lots of fiery energy in the surrealist circles.


She sounds bomb. Thanks for posting this, Mystic. : )

lucky moon

she looks like she’s doing her moon in kataka – its the dominant feature in that picture.

Vesta vixen

The hair is pure Leo.


interesting lady my mom was a virgo and she also drew, but I forgot till now she did draw us very detailed in black and white me and my sister baby born on canvass when I was a baby. But my sister being a ditzy libra with a self centerd superfical 3rd housem hot mouthed mars forgot that maybe she should collect my baby pics too because getting it when im busy surviving on the streets might be a hard thing.. But alas she just doesnt know where mine went but she admits she didnt remember to look for mine..… Read more »


Rad woman, love her!


I love her and her art. Her face def looks Leo rising.

how I wish I did not have Saturn in Leo (or if I did, at least with something exciting nearby) or a scatty gem asc. Sometimes it would be nice to be the Drama, you know?


Saturn in Leo here.
Love her work and you can tell she was in love with some of her models.


the more i look at that photo, the more cats I see. it’s like one of those ‘trick drawings’ you used to see a lot ~


Pi, is your progressed Asc in Leo yet? If not, you will surely get the chance to be the drama when it does!


Opps, that was moi…


hot damn, lemme see… it’s at 29deg29′ Cancer. I want to know whether I will wake up in about November suddenly with a yen for adoration, a refreshed Ego and an uncanny ability to find my best angle.


Well that’s pretty much what happened to me when my prog asc shifted from Cancer to Leo a few years ago! (Seriously, I have been asked to do modelling since I was a kid, then as a teen, and I was always like “no fuqing way”… come prog Asc into Leo and the opportunity comes up again, and to my horror I found myself saying “yes”. I swear I turned into some sort of borderline geriatric camera whore almost overnight!)


no way! really?! that’s awesome SA… ‘borderline geriatric camera whore’ lol I am sure you weren’t…but you must be a total spunk with these lifelong modelling offers coming in 🙂 I’ll be happy to look good in the photos that I don’t hide from in time.. or maybe start my career in TV or stand-up. HAHA 😀


Ha no, I’m not a total spunk. I don’t even know what they saw in me quite frankly. I’m just average looking and look shit in most photos (spent most of my life hiding from the camera and blacked myself out of all my school photos because I thought I looked ugly). I’m bored with it all now so I’ve stopped, but it was fun while it lasted!

Everyone I know thinks I should have a career in stand up comedy but I don’t think I’d be a good joke writer, most of my hilarity is unintentional and spontaneous.


Oh and a tail, how I would love a tail!

Damn limited human attributes.


17 Cats?!!
I have always joked that ones “cray” is directly proportional to the number of cats one owns. LOL.
Which is why I limit myself to one…

The Crazy Crone

Zaiborg – I’m heading towards “nutter” status as we now have four cats. Won’t mention the four dogs! But some people here care for up to 30 cats if not more, due to the problem of strays. Perhaps Cyprus should be the Isle of Bastet rather than the Isle of Aphrodite!


I could easily see myself owning more than 17 cats! lol!

L Cat

As a Virgoan with Venus in Leo which I’m living out (and letting the meow-roar out more & more as it’s in 6th house, so, day to day and work now too ?!) – reading this made me smile. What spunk and enigma also. Interesting lady.

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