Are You Really A Gemini?

Black Swan still candid

Omni-faceted and insanely well-informed, Geminis are ruled by Messenger God Mercury. But are you really a Gemini? Try this Gemini personality quiz to see!

Are you really a Gemini?

1 Social circumstances require that you tell a white lie to someone whom you admire. You feel…

(a) Guilty-lying for whatever reason goes against your grain.
(b) Concerned that you could somehow be found out.
(c) Fine.

2 On a third date, your new interest reveals a dream in which you and this person were blissfully married. You are…

(a) Touched and thrilled by this sentiment. Maybe it was a psychic flash?
(b) Excited but cautious. You play it safe with love.
(c) Out of there. In a hurry to get home and have your phone numbers changed + call your shrink for support.

Gemini Personality Tell Number One – They Cannot Be Guilted

3 The project you’re in charge of at work has gone way over budget and the bigwigs are blamestorming. You feel…

(a) Completely freaked; this is officially all your responsibility.
(b) Sanguine. These things happen and you have been diligent.
(c) Furious – you’ve revolutionized the project. Genius does not come cheap.

4 People who need people…

(a) Are the luckiest people in the world.
(b) Is a cliche.
(c) Need help. They probably have a codependency problem.

Co-Dependency Phobia Is Very 21st Gemini

5 One of your closest friends, a woman who is married, reveals that she has an intense crush on her trainer. You feel…

(a) Incredibly sorry for her. She must not be happy at home.
(b) Outraged at such sleazy conduct; why doesn’t she just change trainers?
(c) Like spreading the news. Or that it seems really Retro, like a 90s thing. Also – intrigued.

6 Innocence and/or naivety tends to…

(a) Attract you. You love the chance to enlighten or guide another.
(b) Make you feel nostalgic for your own early days.
(c) Bore you senseless.

Answers: If you checked mainly (c) answers, then you have a legit Gemini personality. If you checked (a) or (b) answers, you have other astro influences competing with your Gemini Sun.

Image: Black Swan

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Wish Upon a Star

Maybe 1 c. No one picks me for a Gemini.
And I’m glad those c answers sound horrible and shallow.


Gem asc, but the only one I answered C was 4! haha I’m only a Gemini on the surface I guess. Cause people will guess I’m a Gemini often.


no C here 🙂 Gemini Sun/Jupiter/MC
Virgo risign / Scorpio moon 🙂 interesting but uhmm are gemini’s that awful??? HELP!


Mostly C’s with a couple of B’s. Not surprising.


Damn my moon in Scorpio. Seriously mum why couldn’t you have popped me out a few hours earlier, then I could have been a total flake and air-head with a moon in Libra :/

catfish moon

3 As, 3 Bs, and 3 Cs……so 1/3 Gemini????
I have mercury in Gemini
My rising is virgo so chart ruler in Gemini.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Tested this on Gem friends…they apply, but of course they like to deny things.

cosmic fleece

Whoa! Those are some lo Gem answers.
None of the haute Gems I know would answer c to any of those questions.
What happened?

zion trader

You are right. The altruistic side of me hates that I can be so glib. All of the above would probably be a better answer.

cosmic fleece

Sweet one *wink *

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I’m afraid I’m not very Gemini at all and have no planets there. I have a bit of sign envy for Geminis, they always seem to be having fun and on the move, never take anything too seriously or be bogged down…kind of like glamorous Saggs.

Miss Leo

“kind of like glamorous Saggs”

That’s a good observation


One undecided — all remaining are C of course – before my Cap Moon managed to smack me in the head.. Gem Sun/Pisces Asc. 😀


I picked c’s yet I’m multi Aqua. Air sign thin? The Kataka moon rising & moon wanted to pick the others lol. It’s hard having that personality. As you asked in a few consults how do I do both? Who knows its madness at the moment…..actually it’s always been.


all Cs – gem moon!!


3cs, 1 a, and 2 none of the aboves. 🙂


No C’s of course! And C for No.1 really bothers my Saggo moon. 😡

I don’t like dating, so if I’m on a third date that usually means I REALLY like them. So if they told me that dream I would be delighted.

Oh okay… Gem NN or Sagg moon = short attention span.

Question 4. People who need people… = C.
But I think that’s my Sun and Cap Asc talking. Same with

Question 6. Innocence and/or naivety tends to… = C


I ticked all Cs and I have no Gemini planets 🙁 my grandma’s a Gem… Is that something? 🙂


maybe you have a lot of aqua – the airy heartlessness can seem similar 😉 . or 3rd house action . or maybe you’re a psychopath? dunno 😀 xx


Lol funny, after a recent debate on psychopaths, I got to wondering whether there’s some astro correlation. Are psychopaths more likely to be a particular sign in the same way that other professions attract a disproportionately higher number of specific signs? Eg virgoan designers, Leo models?
If so my bet was on either Scorpios but perhaps that’s to easy- they’ve got enough of a bad rep as it is!


*Scorpios or aquas.


The last time I looked into that it was the Mutable signs – Gem, Sagg, Virgo, and Pisces

Miss Leo

Actually there was a study that was done on what signs serial killers tended to be, and signs were so important as degrees were. I do remember reading that 15 Leo tends to show up a lot though.


Wow, that’s a pretty specific signpost. And Leo?? How unexpected is that? Where does one even find such studies?? I’ll have to look into this a little closer. It’d make great procrastination fodder.


You crack me up Mystic! I feel you could add in D) all of the above as a way of catching the Gems who just won’t commit to the answers. Sun, asc, mars gem.


Lol brilliant!!!
I answered mostly Cs but D sounds even MORE accurate!
Gem ascendant.

Miss Leo

Lmao this is so true. While reading that, I was thinking how some Gemini persons I know would have answered the above, and for most it was, “hmm, a, and b, and c actually.”

electric eel libran

no C’s but not a surprise!


I only got C for number 2… my Gem Asc is just a decoy to detract from the evil Capricorn/Scorpio bitch that lurks behind the mask.


Mostly Cs! But no.5 is just an idiot really. I’m tired of lovesick people who don’t know what they’re doing. Also since i’ve been single forever, i don’t relate. Whatever. Flounces off.

Sun, merc, venus, jupiter in Gemini.


Hmmm mostly C’s but not a gem. Maybe b.cuz I have mercury in 1st house and Venus in 3rd…

zion trader 6/6/56

True Gemini’s are smirking, as usual.


I think the funny thing is a true Gemini would never actually do the test , they would sort of scan through it quickly, while thinking about other interesting things that came up, get totally distracted. When asked later what the questions actually were a rant on the ineffectiveness of group testing …etc and how a true Gemini is impossible to pin down via a simple multiple choice ‘test’, that possibly says more about the questioner than those answering.


Lol. some pisces/cap influences in there but i had a statistically significant quantity of C answers 😀


haha. I’m conflicted with number 2 (that must be my native toro…the thrill of being sought aftah) between b and c. But didn’t hesitate to answer C for the rest. mystic, does this work for progressed chart? i got a stellium in there now. sometimes i feel like a chameleon.


I reckon progressions count!


bah, life has been so linear that i feel compelled to stir some shit up. I need to formulate a breakout from the safe confines of a steady job, a steady income, a steady schedule. post eclipse, and now 100% restless and ambivalent. I needed this nest, post saturn upheavel, as a way to rebuild, now I want to rule it and have all the eggs. i am better post blowup but now i want more money, more prestige. i hate it, i’m not happy about it, but feeding off the achievement feels so good. fuq. So…this has to be… Read more »


oh god i would love fame money and status. can we swap? my life looks like a jigsaw puzzle just tipped out of the box. ha.


i’m looking for a saturn trine venus piece. got one?? i’ll trade you the trine sun. all the love in the world pi, just need a different form 🙁


You can have mine. All it does is clash with my Venus/Uranus square and Venus/Uranus always win, so it does jack shit for me. Would love to donate it to someone who could make good use out of it.


gotta be better than the opposite on the DC at the mo.I’d take something than nothing. 7H erratic UR trumps all.



Checked mainly C? Nup, I checked ALL C! 😆

Sun, Moon & Venus in Gemini


Hey I thought after Kataka, you were doing Taurus next in your series of underrepresented signs. But as usual, Gems have to be in the limelight.


😀 he’s still mad about his sheets so don’t be to hard on him haha.


Charles is sooo tauro.. Site operation issues.


😀 I look forward to seeing what happens when Uranus in Aries conjoins MM’s Mercury… *whiplash!*


Hey you’d be mad too, if you splurged on 450 thread count sheets that you couldn’t really afford, and they just fell apart.


tell me you kept the receipt? that’s haute tauro. get a refund? go to egyption cotton next time and above 500 count? look at me I don’t know shit about sheets


Not to sound like a snob but I try not to buy sheets with a count lower than 600. I prefer 800-1200. I like somewhat thick/heavy duty sheets. At any rate even the super cheap sheets at 250 thread counts don’t shred immediately.

If I were you I would absolutely bring the scraps back to the store and ask for an exchange at the very least. Perhaps you got a wonky product.


Sorry for the unwarranted complaint. I totally missed that, I was on a deadline at work when that was published. I usually keep up with everything on the site.

But I am feeling a bit passed over this year. Pisces, Aries, and Gems all got big stelliums with outer planets but Taurus didn’t get any of that action. Even Jupiter in Taurus for a year didn’t seem to do much for me. Perhaps the May 10 eclipse will make up for it. Time will tell.


maybe look at the ways some outer planets are aspecting Toro? eg neptune, jupiter soon sextiling, saturn opposing (eek), pluto trining…

ps yes 450 thread count, shredding does seem a little odd. I have gazillion thread count sheets and they could have doubled as blankets in the sub tropical climate i lived in for a while. ripping was not an option. I’d def be investigating a refund.


Would love to see Charles storm-bull into the store, proclaiming, “I’m not having any of your sheet!”



electric eel libran



Bull sheet.


Funny. How’s about: oh you give me the sheets.


this is bull-sheet!!


oh whoops premature come-back, charles already did that one


You’re right, I suppose I had some outer planet action from those planets zipping through Taurus and forming Saturn oppositions. And Saturn is at my IC conjunct Neptune just for extra confusion.


Ah, the smell of a nice Tbone on the BBQ…


Rare for me…got to be still mooing on the plate.
Bless all the vegetarians.


No C’s here, those A answers reak of Crab.


When I was younger I wreaked of Crab ( moon is in Cancer ) but as I have aged, I am definitely all C’s ( sun in Gemini ) and then there’s my rising of Sag..wondering why am I not on the airplane and out of here!


Hahahaah! Very amusing. Gem Asc here is obvs all for looks, as no c’s.

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