Epic Mercury In Kataka Wear – The Psychic Poncho!!

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I am BEYOND excited about the Psychic Poncho – the fashion seventh sense, the timing, the synchronicity, the illuminati, the fringing, the Crabby goo-goo nature of it being a poncho with fringing but also the LIGHTNING BOLTS to sort of reference the Zap Zone. Whomever created this thing is quite clearly a genius. We should all get this schizz and make it our UNIFORM for the astro-passage of Mercury in Kataka till AUGUST.

I did a proper rave re this in the Daily Mystic for Fri-Sat-Sun and apart from my actual useful advice i said that this schizz has a tone of “Princess Diana reading Rumi…” But how much more resonant is the Psychic Poncho? Perfect for Pseudo Intellectual Astro-Bitches.Β  Thoughts?



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168 thoughts on “Epic Mercury In Kataka Wear – The Psychic Poncho!!

  1. How i would have wanted that, paid anything & i mean anything, for it.

    In 1970 that is.
    It would have been 100% Australian wool made in Italy πŸ™‚
    And you would wear it once, then the next time someone would day ‘she’s wearing THAT again’.
    The wearing of ponchos is a bit like wearing a sari, like only in the originating country or if you are Indian or Indian.

  2. What’s the dilly mm? 1st the OMG the dashiki post n now psychic poncho. Voodoo muumuu nxt? I hope so! Have been looking for a excuse to pull mine out of the closet πŸ˜€

        • Ha ha. Leo Socialite thought perhaps ome sort of new bikini.
          Go bak a few posts ‘S’ where Myst’s thread is about Dakinis.
          They are an energy, a spirit, an acolyte goddess or servant of goddess and they are hot sexually, something to call on when you are coming. Just a suggestion πŸ™‚

  3. the question is whether this Psychic Poncho actually works (italics)
    quite apart from the look of it, does it Do what a Psychic Poncho Does?
    ( looks can be deceiving but i;m not sure
    that Psychic Poncho looked reliable…?}

  4. Actually I’m a bit meh over it. But I have started wearing my gem Aries rising toro moon magenta crocheted poncho with fringing and subtle beadwork. It’s more of a cape and I pin it together with a brooch. And I’m sewing a sacred heart collage on the back of my new thrift shop velvet jacket.

  5. Look, MM, you’re clearly very excited about this thing, but it is ugly. And not even a real poncho, because it has a break in the front. That is all.

    • Me! I think id like to wear psychic poncho backwards so tht the eye is across my ovaries+uterus. Psy chic poncho sez: buyer beware!

    • good call. saturn in Libra is the ruler of the kidneys and renal glans so eye placement strategery would prob give you toxic hoochie juice immunity or turning into a lush…i guess it’s good until you puke on your self

  6. This Aqua/kataka moon & asc doesn’t like it one bit. Maybe as a poster or something but not too wear.

  7. Needs more cowl. True illuminaughtys would want a hood.

    maybe instead of all seeing eye, let’s have that trekky Uranus sq Pluto graphic

  8. Love the lightning bolts, love the eye.. do NOT love the fringe but that could be me, I have some version of fringe-prejudice and worse, actual fringe-fear. Fringe prejudice has more to do with my associating fringe with capacious street-walker bags and those 70’s bead curtains, while Fringe-Fear has a lot to do with scenarios involving escalators or moving machine parts and my being swallowed up via a fall whilst bedecked in fringe.

    Hence the fear.

    I think the model is sufficiently hot so as to distract from the clothing but nyet. No. Why can’t we have ZZ-compliant clothing that’s uber-organic and subtly stylish? I would SO love a light as feather figure skimming silk maxi dress with ZZ-symbology that has a built in cloaking system.

  9. Bwahaha!

    Am all for the Eye of Horus, luck of the Falcon – but the Illuminati thing?
    I mean aren’t they all meant to be ritual abusers or something..
    Makes my 3rd Eye get all itchy at the thought *shiver*.

    Am not sure even a young Clint could pull this one off..

    • Yea im not so sure my eyes are Itchy, with uranus trekking through my 9th house ive developed a allergy to anything that looks like satanic lightning pyramids and this eye thing.. I get enough from The corporate logos around here.

  10. Does it come with a spell to ward off rogue masons, hollywood occult phoneys, sexually aggressive/con-artist illuminatos, Charles Mansons, et cetera?

    Cuz then I’ll take one. Disheveled fringe and all.

  11. I’m kinda wondering how P Dizzle, …..aka’ Princess Di reading Rumi’ is gonna resonate. I’m sure I’ll get it when it does show up. I’ve already had sweet reminders of my mother come in. I’m open.

  12. 100% Acrylic???? That would have cost them $5 per unit, max.

    Real Illuminati don’t wear acrylic.

    • I think we all need to spend the retrograde period knitting our own psychic (natural fibre) ponchos that adhere to poncho specifications and incorporate wonderful symbols etc.

      Am working on an epic jumper at the moment. It’s so long it’s practically a dress.

    • I am going to have to agree. I don’t want to shoot down Mystic’s obviously fun and timely find, because it has its own thing going on. I mean, how often do you see an illuminati-themed/cardigan/poncho/wrap thing? In addition to my own clearly stated policy position on ponchos in a previous post. But in general, I feel the same about acrylic as Israel feels about Hezbollah.

      • Say Pi, you know, I really shouldn’t be on the internets commenting on one of the most fractious bits of geography on the planet but hey, we are talking Poncho, and for the sake of balance in our digital universe….
        I would have to say when it comes to a natural fibre analogy, perhaps the way Palestinians feel about hardline Zionists is a more appropriate analogy??
        Its SO crazy that it wasnt so long ago that Jewish folk and Muslims were living together happy as larry…for centuries..
        I reckon the astro climate is perfect for those guys to start getting somewhere in sorting that kerfufle out..

        • I will happily trade my analogy for yours! I think I used that one (yes indeed fractious polit geog) because of a cooking show I watched last night, (don’t ask), it was the first one that sprang to to mind..

          • πŸ™‚
            It was a shame about the Oslo peace accords but I think it’s still too early to send in Gordon Ramsey.(Aries?)

  13. I would wear that, on the weekends, in my large garden.

    After planting the herbs I would put on my psychic poncho and drink tea with my friends while talking about vibrational frequencies, power vs force, and the celestine prophesy movie but we would not talk about our childhoods, (especially if hard-working, well-meaning European parents were involved.)

  14. Look, I’m down with the psychic/Illumaniti symbology, but let’s call a spade a spade: that’s a CARDIGAN!

    • Cut ‘er some slack Virgolicious, it’s got fringing and an open front–no buttons, it’s the closest thing to a psychic poncho we are gonna get.

      Plus it’s got a giant (sooky goo goo) EYE on it! How Kataka is that!!??

      The lightning bolts can also be interpreted as the rune Sowilo! (Success! goals achieved, honor. The life-force, health. A time when power will be available to you for positive changes in your life, victory, health, and success. Contact between the higher self and the unconscious. Wholeness, power, elemental force, sword of flame, cleansing fire.)

    • Truth in advertising. Once we start messing with the meaning of words (esp for items with price tags attached) the world as we know it starts to unravel.

    • I love Emily the Strange! I couldn’t rock the A-line mini but I’ve got a shitload of Emily t-shirts. (Someone told me that anyone over 30 should only wear plain t-shirts – to that I say “get fuqed”!)

      • One thing about Saggo moon, Gem Asc and dancing from the age of 5 – have always had decent legs.

        One thing about Cancer/Sun venus – I don’t store my junk in my trunk, it sits on my stomach plus big boobs so I don’t like how t-shirts look on me. Maybe that will change on my new lifestyle diet aka no crabby comfort food like triple cheese pasta? heh πŸ˜‰

        • Some badly aging qi vamp, no doubt jealous of my age-resistant Gem rising youthful appearance πŸ˜› (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway). I’d love to slap her, but she’s clearly suffering enough already!

        • All my friends over 30 wear whatever the fuq they want and most wear band, film and cartoon tees and participate in rollerderby.
          I hate how conservative squares tr to come up with “fashion rules”. ugh!
          I vowed never to wear old people’s clothes ever!

  15. Hell, no! Even if it is perfectly aligned with the Zap Zone…I would not want to be caught DEAD wearing it! Especially in the Northern hemisphere, come July! But I like the image…

    • Thank you. This thing is horrid. I was already fearing the worst for this Merc Kataka transit, and now my fears have been realized.

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