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Don’t be scared homies – Eclipse Season is over & June is excellent. I don’t have to Virgo out trying to find synonyms for cathartic lol.

So the Weekly Horoscopes from June 1 are now posted & the Monthly Horoscopes for June will be up tomorrow…

And Crab Peeps, hello, the Cat Goddess Bast is in your sign near Ceres. Nurture yourselves in catty styles, yes?

Ursula Andress with leopard

Images; Robert Maguire & the very Piscean Ursula Andress in She.

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103 thoughts on “Don’t Be Scared Astro Homies

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  2. How can it be awesome to be a gem right now? It totally sux in my gemini world, well not totally, but almost… Why would I be having such a shitty time? I have this really positive insightful take on it, like its for my growth, its better than something worse, I’m gaining massive independence and self love opportunities, etc etc, and I totally am into that, but with some letting go, there is a lot of grief…. But can I say always a little bit of glitter when the dark clouds have pulled over and I promise not to forget the glitter…

    • Keep relying on that positive thought pattern.. sorry FAA but Yes… it is gonna suck! BUT.. once you go thru this you will be amazed at how much better you will be. Don’t put any timelines as to when you will feel better.. just let it out, let it go and just know that you WILL feel better. Look at what you have captured already. You see self-love (HUGE), independence and you keep on telling yourself this is good! You are half way there!

      [[[[hugs]]]]… been there!

      • Thank. You sweety…. The pain has gotta be worth something… My fiend said something gorgeous today, she likened a broken heart to a broken leg, and reminded me that if you break your leg you don’t go trying to do all the things you normally do on it, you have to bandage it and rest and let it heal, same for the heart… So beautiful xx

  3. Love that weekend for Libra scope- No LZ shizz!
    Ha! Don’t worry. No love anything shizz.
    I’m so jaded you could carve jade buddhas out of my heart to sell on those blanket on the street vendors.

  4. So, I went out last night to have some dinner at one of my favorite spots. Sat next to a nice looking guy. Ended up moving closer to him because of beer samples being handed out by a new beer company. He began talking. It was a good conversation… I gave him my number. His first txt to me while I was sitting there was “Do you want to have sex.. just kidding”… LOL!! My response “Nice try”.. I don’t go there. I would never go there with someone I don’t know. He left. He txt’d me later with the same question. I didn’t respond.. I did respond to someone way back in the day to get back at another guy but I knew both of them. I could not do that again.. Well, at least at my age right now. I think Mystic noted something about be careful with this type of connection. Not to mention his name is Joe and my ex is named Joe and what trouble he was.

    Sheesh!! but… LOL!!

  5. Things looking up in late June, eh? Wish I wasn’t too strapped for cash to afford the Jupiter mini consult… but right off the bat on June 26, Jupiter will be in my 5th, dead-on opposition Mars/Neptune/Jupiter, dead-on trine Pluto. THAT scares me. Maybe I don’t want to know. I don’t want anymore be-careful-what-you-wish-for wishes to come true. Best case scenario it’ll coincide with a nice epiphany. But I’m getting to a point where epiphanies have become tiresome. Have you seen the Wishmaster? That’s what it was like when Pluto ironed out that lil Mars/Neptune/Jupiter clump almost 2 years ago, with T Jupiter in opposition to Pluto. Scared straight.

  6. 😯

    Hectic few months mixed with some amazing ideas and opportunities!

    I’m going for a run to burn off some of the excess adrenalin πŸ˜€

  7. I hope June is better, as you say……………..I feel absolutely horrible. Really depressed, confidence plummeting, have no money……all when I’m trying to re-start my business. I feel completely defeated before I even start…….I just can never get ahead.
    I really crashed hard, emotionally, over the past few days. Maybe fallout from the eclipses?

    Just feeling worse than ever, and really angry…….

    Crab rising, Aqua Sun, Pisces moon……. ZZ planets right on my Saturn/Venus natal square. Saturn in Aries…Venus in Cap……honestly, today, I hate myself……dark times.


    • Flowerchild.. oh my.. I see you honestly flowering very soon. I have been where you are and yes it stinks like a fart from a dog who ate liverwurst.. oh my.

      Hang in there.. you will see that being at rock bottom WILL re-start your biz in every which way..

      Just saying.. been there done that… [[[[hugs]]]]

    • I’m sorry you are suffering so much right now. The eclipse season took it’s toll on people already in a dark place or going through big changes.

      I hope the next few days bring calm and peace and will send you healing thoughts. Things are always changing and that is our saving grace.

    • I’ve been feeling awful too. Not sure about the astro reasons, but suddenly a lot of things just became unbearable.

      • Thanks for your encouragement, everyone. I feel your support and I am grateful!

        12thHV, I hear you on things all of a sudden feeling unbearable. That is part of what is going on for me, too. I hope things shift to a better place soon for you, as well. Do you feel like you’ve had a delayed reaction to the eclipse season? …’cause that’s how I feel. I feel like I got blindsided after the fact. Do you feel it’s like waking up to the facts/reality about something and realizing it’s not a good fit anymore? I know that should be a good thing, ultimately, but the transition part away from old and toward the new is often uncomfortable or even scary. ‘Unbearable’ to me has also been a feeling of simultaneous impatience for and fear of change, like Limbo-land..

        I also keep telling myself that mantra….’things come to pass, not to stay’………yet at the same time some old deep patterns are still stuck there and holding me back and no clue how to change them.
        I had the good fortune of meeting a hypnotherapist tonight, though, who is also a biz coach, so maybe that occurrence is a strong message that this would be the way to get to that deep stuff and get it out!

        Because I haven’t been physically well for a couple months, I am not facing some of this stuff from my ‘adult’ self, but more from my regressed self. When I’m physically ill, I feel emotionally fragile, always have. So what’s dredged up this time is some serious self-hatred.
        One thing that helped me in the past couple days, though, has been yogic breathing, the alternating nostril breathing. It was very meditative for me and lifted my depression a bit, and gave me energy. I’m gonna keep on with that..

        I also feel insane half the time because I have Crab rising and Aqua Sun. The most emotional sign and the least emotional sign (imho) in one, and I ping back and forth between being overly sensitive and absurdly detached. Anyway……..signing off now and thanks again!

        • That’s what its like – delayed reaction to things that have been for a long, long time. The eclipse made me see that the life I am living isn’t in line with who I am, naturally. I’ve been a student, wife, mother worker, but when do I get to be me? And suddenly, my job, my house, all the major frameworks in my life, became unbearable. Just doing breath work – like you said – seems to help a lot. Going to yoga now. xoxo

    • I feel you. Fell into this hole lately. Depressive thoughts leading to bad memories, scraping up and facing more residual dysfunctions programmed long ago…

      Sad dreams. Feeling let down. Broke also.

      Uranus in 2nd getting real close to moon in Aries… Pluto in 12th already sq moon, now in retro, backing over battle-scarred Mars and Jupiter.

      But this too shall pass…

      If I had any positive vibes to spare, I’d give them to you.

      • Ahhh! You too! Sorry to hear… seems like a few of us have fallen down a hole lately. Interesting collective pattern..

        I just posted above, as well, about things passing, and that does bring some comfort, but it’s still difficult to know when, and how, and to try to have faith that it will be in the right and best timing….I’m lighting a candle for all of us!


  8. I sure hope June is good! I DON”T like the energy brewing at my job. It is an office of 8 people and the lack of professional is unbelievable. Honestly, I do have trouble getting along with people at work.. is it a Virgo thing.. I don’t tolerate BS.. and why can’t I mention opinions. Is that wrong.. ugh.. I am going down the paranoid street! Even if I found another job I would probably be dealing with the same thing there.

    Why do people stay distant from others! Just curious?

    • Oh.. but the Daily Horoscope is in line with what is going on for Virgo… Libra.. is more about relationships! Not sure about that one.

      I am sick to my stomach! [sigh]

    • hmm, if work was strange or tricky, people-wise, sometimes i tried to lie low for a few weeks (or however long) to feel out the vibe, undercurrents, issues i am not aware of, little things. check in with general workplace-awareness.. out astro (and work) wld be pretty different tho. good luck VE

      • Yes.. when I get Mystic’s Daily emails and her blog posts… I try to lay low! There is a lot going on with layoffs.. and then a list of promotions announced shortly after the layoff.. it really throws people off a little. Kinda “what’s next”.. so they get a little aggressive.

        Thnx! πŸ™‚

    • I feel you. My dept of 10 people has so much politics to rival a government.

      Vibe the mutable aspect of being a Virgo! There may be a lot of things that you hold true and I’m not saying compromise on them but since you said you’ll probably be dealing with the same things elsewhere, it’ll be good to learn to navigate such workplace unprofessionalism. I’m learning how to myself.

      There’s no quick fix, zap zone needs a long-term solution! All the best! But if it doesn’t make sense anymore, time to cut and find something more in-line with YOU.

      Er…I stay distant but with an open approach to preserve my sanity. It’s just a job, I don’t need to get overemotional about it and let it affect my life. But I also have an open approach where I say things and hope people will get to know me better. People in my department only want to know where my allegiance lies.

      • Yes.. I see what you are saying GeminiEE. I am in such a “ME stage.. and this type of challenge challenges my comfortable state. Stay stuck and be fuq’d???? What am I not releasing or opening up to and allow a more comfortable work place. My history will show you that I continue to stand up for myself, people don’t like it and they stay away. SO, how do I approach things differently so that people won’t stay away, like how I respond and seek me out. Ahhhhhh… I have to change… ahhhhhhh.. LOL!! Really that is how i feel. I want to be comfortable. But it ain’t working so something has to give… [pointing finger at me]!!

        Your comment at the end.. the “who do you like better syndrom?” (a.k.a where my allegiance lies”).. is petty. IMO.. get the job done successfully and who cares.. that is what I think. Again, it may not work.

        Chin up! Hopefully June will show some green pastures where we are! πŸ™‚

        • I’ve realized, I don’t know maybe its the same for you maybe it isn’t, but I’ve realized I don’t need their approval to make a living. I have to make other life changes that are kind of scary and overwhelming, but so what? I can’t keep this crap up any longer. I can’t hide my strengths to fit in. They’re my strengths! Being opinionated and picky and detail oriented is great when I am in control and no one is going to give me control of my life but me. If they can pay me a salary, I can make at least 1/2 as much on my own and live a happier life not feeling like a hostage. There’s this guy – Mr. Money Mustache – who retired by 30 by living below his means and investing. He’s kind of my hero right now. Google him. Maybe reading some of his stuff will inspire your to live with independence too. Good luck, VE!

    • Opinions are the epitome of bs, arent they? Facts are professional, as is following co policy. Maybe policy is bs at your place of work, but still, your opinion will always be considered bs by the house. Imho- haha- if you’re starting to feel paranoid then you’re to emo invested in this place to begin with, like, not your feelings of acceptance or rejection by coworkers has anything to do with you. Work is a place to trade some of your time and skill for a paycheck, that’s all. All else is neither here nor there. Detach. Spend energy and efforts elswhere.

      • This is good advice. Detach. Work is business, not a way to gain social approval. I didn’t even realize I was emotionally invested in my job until I got fired. I really don’t need them to agree with me to be able to do what I think is right. Thank God, took me half a life to see that but now I do and there is no going back.

      • I have been thinking about what you said. SO.. what I need to do is just be who I am, speak my peace and keep stepping and not worry about how they took it? Yes, I am a little paranoid and now I see that I am too invested. I stay late.. I try to get a long with everyone on a personally level. Its when I start talking “shop”.. that I get the feeling that they don’t like it. Note the word “Feeling”.. Do they actually feel that way.. I have no idea. I have decided they are feeling this way or that way when they are probably just thinking of the next conference call they are going on.

        I have a tuff time with people not being sociable at work. Especially when you are at the top. The President (female).. is so dry. Never initiates conversation. IMO.. it is the only way to have a business be successful.. interacting with your employees.

        Ok.. let me not forget. [covering face… waiting for tomatoes to be thrown at me.. LOL!! ].. they gave a “Team Player” award last week. .. Sheesh… what is wrong with me! I know it doesn’t mean a contact for 5 years of employment.. but could it mean they trying their best?


  9. I hear you 12th house Virgo… Not much I aligning for me either, unless its all happening on another dimension. I didnt get to experience all the lovely astro of the last week Venus Jupiter gem stuff. Well maybe I did its in my eighth of course maybe that’s why I got grief… Anyway… Whatever, gotta roll w it, and keep on moving thru the Shit….

  10. Don’t be scared? But I am not feeling aligned with any astro advice. In fact, all impulses are going against it. I am sick of my career and am about two steps from dumping it. How’s that for Jupiter on the Midheaven?

    Also, I want to sell my house and buy a hobby farm in a location that would make commuting to an office impossible. Pretty much everything you said not to do in the last daily.

    • With you 12HV.. I am so tired of the BS at my new job! I want to stay but I have low tolerance of attitudes that make you feel left out. I am tired.. but I will probably deal with the same thing somewhere else!! ugh!!

      • NN is Sagittarius 3rd house.

        I don’t want to go to an office any more. I know like Ellie said – the next job will be the same. Its me who is changing, not everyone else. Its my life. Its no fun like this. This consumer lifestyle is not for me.

        I want to sell my house, buy something cheaper, grow some of my own food, and just do what I need to do to get by. That’s my current “plan.” I have not been sleeping well – or at all, really. I am tense. Got a real estate agent. Going to look at houses this weekend.

        I realized, this life I’ve been living, its like a game I can’t win. I quit. I have other talents I want to give space to. Its an odd space to be in.

        Does that sound good for my NN in Sag 3rd?

        • from personal experience 12hv, jupiter on MC is very much an “unlock the chains” atmosphere, expansive, leavin’ on a jet plane etc. even booking a cool trip to a non-english speaking country (with junior in tow! πŸ™‚ ) might satisfy / freshen up your energy / perspecitve? and leave you with more in the soul-tank for the next phase

          • I’m going on vacation in a few weeks to a lakehouse in the mountains I rented. Family is meeting me there. Its very Cancerian, but not something I am looking forward to. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

            I want to shave half my head. I know it has nothing to do with anything. Just where I am at right now. I feel trapped.

        • Interesting to me as I have Jupiter close my MC plus NN in Sag (Gem Rising). I like what Pi says about Jupes.

          That whole Sagg/Gem thing has been on my mind lately, been really into understanding the dichotomy.
          It’s simplistic but I do think of Gem as ‘city mouse’ & Sagg as ‘country mouse’ having known so many that work this ( eg. many old Sagg friends working as tour operators in remote locations).

          I do think you are right to follow your Saggi NN heart, I am a little NN obsessed, obvs there is more to a chart, but broad brush strokes wise, yes, I am believer in that being a helpful guide.

          Being that the NN house is the 3rd, perhaps spreading your Saggi brilliance isn’t at work especially, but through your awesome communication abilities? Nowadays you can do that from anywhere.

          Best of luck with your move – life is meant to be about being joyously, wonderfully YOU. Go be you 12th, wherever your spirit is yearning to be you.

          • Thanks, Ando. I am having a hard time trusting Spirit and that’s always a bad place to be in. I will be in a better place as soon as I fix my attitude. πŸ™‚

            Its frustrating to have my NN in the sign opposite the house placement. So, its Sag, which is 9th house, but also 3rd house, which is Gemini, so its like I have to find a way to be both. Communication skills seem to be really important. The Uranus -Pluto square is happening on my Mercury. Its too much sometimes.

            I am a big NN person too. Its just, not so clear. I had a dream I asked for a map and instead I saw that it depends on how the light hits the path, which depends on numerous other factors, like weather and season, and its just …no clear direction.

            • The beginning of this year was all around this. I couldn’t feel Spirit, I couldn’t even remember what it felt like to be in flow.
              Keep working, you will get there. I think this is when you go, “I have had amazing experiences, I have felt guided, loved etc.” and you just keep clearing the debris.
              I am feeling loads better now.
              You are seen, heard & appreciated, don’t doubt it 12th. It was hard tho, nothing is so hard as feeling separate from all that bliss. Good luck, xx.

        • Yes, just downsized to horror of my family. I am very happy with prospect of saved $$$ ( ie less worry) and just in love with the whole commune feel of where i am and all the cute victory gardens and clothes lines instead of dryers. But charm of this does not translate to rest of family who feel I have moved to a slum. But the 100 year old trees make me feel rich:) And topographically, I am on a ridge that sits higher than most of the surrounding city and this makes me, inexplicably, feel safe. Plus stars are visible and sunset is gorgeous. I realize these things make me happy. Just wish I could throw out more stuff. I still have boxes to the ceilings. Actually, I opted for a boxless move (something else that made others think I’ve gone round the bend–I mentioned this a few times and people just looked at me blankly) but have containers piled to the ceiling.

          • Thanks for this. I just spoke with my ex. He doesn’t understand why. But you’ve listed the reasons. I want to enjoy starry skies in my life.

        • That’s the best idea you’ve ever had 12th H!!!!! Do it! πŸ™‚

          I sold my one bedroom unit for a cheaper and much smaller studio 3 years ago. Best decision I ever made. I dream of a country house but as Andromeda said below I’ll always be a “city mouse” with my Gem NN in 6th.

  11. Money just came in from heritance, found out that old ex is still in love with me but will probably never leave his wife or life, and I have finally some promising job prospects. Eclipse season is over indeed!

  12. Hai…today was bad at work. But my colleague was like, “who cares?! They send you email? Who cares?! They scold you? Who cares! Oh, time to go home!” and I feel much better now.

    Vibing Aqua. Surprisingly it was the Aqua who was in a bitchy snit today.

    Mystic I might be reading your advice wrong. I keep hoping that the astro picks up and keep looking forward to “good, easy” days whereby I relax and cruise through life which never happen! I know we’re getting down and heavy into the Zap Zone. I am trying to evolve!!!

    These days I only get situations which make me change my perspective and things generally get better. But the struggling is hard. Or maybe I should change my thinking re: struggling. πŸ™‚

    • i’m seeing leos and fixed signs getting stressed burned out, over worked, from slow stodgy rear view driven establishment. They’re disheartened by pay, by work load, lack of recognition. I sense some kind of mars opposite uranus coup about to take place. Like the red carpet libran-sheik, flip the bird and shove off. Likewise, I agree 100% with my fellow cohorts (what no bonus wtf!). I keep reading the dailies it’s like keep doing the work ethic and vibing that aqua moon astro….you’re time will come. Just graciously wait a bit longer like the oracle says and get thru the summer. I think easy will come in the fall…i sincerely hope so. At least don’t make impulsive lo-kataka driven decisions until the fall.

      • Yup.. gren.. disheartened by work load and lack of recognition. I am getting pissed.. I just don’t understand. Is it intentional or is this boss really clueless about what I do and feels it is ok to blame me for mistakes when I haven’t even been with the company a year. 6 months+. I feel dumped on and she walks away smiling. It could be me.. but I am usually right about work situations. I like her but when I feel like she is sticking a knife in my back.. not good. She doesn’t like to communicate which means I go into meetings clueless as to what is going on and I look like a fool. I can’t image that she wants me to leave but maybe she does.. Let’s not forget she is pregnant.

        Anywho… wanted to comment because that is exactly how I feel. Virgo Sun, Libra rising, Leo Moon.. does this make me a fixed sign? I am going to Google it!


        • yea must be a collective aggravation, but in my little world, i’ve been noticing it with more leos and super fixed peeps that are about to pop.

          i’ve got a lot of oppositions so i’m confused as to why i’m not more disillusioned or feel under survellance. i guess mercury’s been a steady mentor (if you read today’s daily for toro). Maybe this is what embracing saturn is all about. pay your dues, plan, be consistant, gracious, thorough, then execute. there’s an abundance of useful insights I want to SEE germinate so I bleed patience until then. If it doesn’t pan out by fall, I’ll fall apart then…

        • bosses that don’t communicate is a big irritant for me. if i get direction, i make my own, so I’ll go hunt for an egg, but get their ire, when they don’t like the color or pattern I picked. what a waste of time

          bah, shouldn’t she be on maternity leave by now? speaking of leo maybe your leo moon is getting fed up.

          • After reading your response Leo popped up and so I thought the same.. could my Moon in leo be harvesting this energy.. grrrr!!!

            She won’t go on maternity leave until August.. when I go to India! LOL!! Been to Asia before and it was my zen centering moment so I will try to do it in India!! LOL!! πŸ™‚

            it;s interesting to see someone collect people who are nearing popping.. isn’t it great that we kinda have a “in the know” perspective with what they are going through.. you are like “a-HA”.. I know what’s cooking with you! I will step aside a little! LOL!!

            • well dont ldt those peeps pop your balloons and india sounds amazing. Makes me think of mangoes. They have the best. Ive been eating a lot of tropical fruit lately so yeah Lol. Im using the dailies as my compass and steering away from crazy behavior, at work or otherwise.

              • I wonder about the tropical fruit? My children have Leo moons and want all things Mango or Pineapple. I am craving same as Leo rising.

        • Yes this was what happened at work yesterday. Total silent blow up and spreading the hurt while she can. At least the aqua is on leave today.

          I shall endeavour to project calmness and be gracious. Anyway it’s work, since I plan to stick around, best to find my long term solutions.

          Hang in there Virgo Ellie and let go of negative feelings if possible! As long as you know what you’re doing. πŸ™‚

      • good call Gren. i just came back from my daily walk with a serene Leo and she was agitated and agitating – work stuff. I couldn’t understand why it had affected her so badly and she was still carrying it – most unlike her.

        • My friend who’s an Aries has been stressing over her masters honours year for six months and won’t take advice or just chill the fuq out. She’s constantly talking about how much work she’s got to do and how worried she is about meeting with her supervisor etc. this despite she has got all high distinctions the past 3 years. It’s doing my head in.

      • Good advice gren!! Omg I had to google the fixed signs and you’re right! The scorp boss and the aqua were totally pissing on each other. Like what VirgoEllie said about work.

        Surprisingly the tauro was the one who told me not to care or get involved. Just step out and return later.

        Argh I don’t even like kataka vibes so hopefully I don’t become like them.

  13. good, I am a bit exhausted but now I am excited/nervous because I quit my job and sailing into further

    a. poverty (for now)
    b. freedom
    c. opportunity
    d. body love (I’m working out twice a day so I can have thighs that can cut off a man’s circulation again. It’s important to have goals)

    magazine is publishing one of my illustrations next issue also. small steps.

    • Sounds good Ms.! I would like to go in the direction you’re going but I’m gona try and struggle in my current job for a bit more.

      All the best!

        • Haha, I thought about it, but staying goes with the evolve or evaporate vibe. I’m learning to not care about the politics, to try to do good work and learning how to navigate the deep end. All relevant skills that I should learn even though it seems much easier to give up.

          Once I know the dark side, things will seem much easier (so I think). But of course I plan to leave because the environment is just toxic. Just let me get to the “been there, done that” point. Still got more struggling to go.

    • awesome. go you. best thing i ever did was quit my job. it’s really stupid and cliche, but you DO find opportunities in the most unexpected and unconventional places. or they seek you out.

      looks like you’ll be gaining 3 out of the 4 multiple choice. that’s net positive to me πŸ™‚

      • I know I won’t be saying this come rent week but fuck how nice is it? I feel human/normal again. You are correct and thankyou I’ll be working the weird again as per norm. Actually feeling universal support too for the first time in forever.

      • Aww. You haven’t seen my work yet :p
        Everyone is kicking it hard and busting to make it work I hope it works out for us all, always a sweetheart bgem. Btw, I am cameo’ing barista after how many years? it’s so good and I get to mars in virgo out about it. Shame we are not in the same hood you’d be great to work with, plus your venus is conjunct my asc 😑

    • That gave me a flash from Daryl Hannah in Bladerunner …the scissor thighs clamped around Harrison Fords neck…gulp
      Go Ms xxxx

      • My thighs were once semi famous for their clamping
        Leo ex used to call me Pris πŸ˜€
        but I should be Racheal for the purposes of astrology cause I am born on the same day as Sean Young

        I’m renaming the mission ‘pris thighs’ πŸ˜€


  14. Might be a good time to start stocking leopard print poncho’s in your store for all the crab peeps to snuggle up in…

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