For When You Want To Be More Leo

Leo sign tattoo on index finger of model Cara DelevingneTrust a triple Leo model – Cara Delevingne – to have the best Leo sign tattoo. It’s on her index finger, aka the finger of Jupiter, for extra cosmic oomph. If you’re a 20 yr Triple Leo heiress/model with amazing hair, iconic eyebrows, your hotness insured, a collection of onesies and your first Space Dust scandal, it is probably impossible to be too Leo.

In fact, why not honor the hot leonic aspect of yourself with an actual Lion depicted on your index finger? 

Scorpios should have a compulsory Scorp pic on their index finger, just so that we know.  

If you’re a Lion Person, would you get this Leo sign tattoo OR go more with a depiction of the Sun, your ruler?

Cara Delevingne with hands showing her Leo sign tattoo and red nails

See also Saturn As Tatt

Image; Cara Delevingne Instagram

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Should Scorp Rising be tattooed too?
I think we all should, it would make life a bit easier!


My Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune is in Scorpio. I am 50 but take care of myself and look 20 years younger. I have a 36 year old hot lover and soulmate (Taurus – all man). I couldn’t be more happy and sexually satisfied. I don’t want a tattoo, but I wear a scorpion charm on a gold chain around my neck at all times. My lover is a secret and he and I can’t wear wedding rings. The scorpion around my neck is my “wedding ring” and a symbol of our secret eternal bubble together. My point is learn… Read more »

Double Happiness

I have my moon in Scorpio with sun/ascendant Virgo….I love my secret scorp side (would love a secret Toro lover!) visibly I am all Virgo but scratch the surface… The earth is a strong force for me and my deep love of nature and all things natural is very real!


as a moon in scorp I love this story Scorpx4


I love it. Makes me want to know more the signs’ respective relationships to/philosophies of/predilections toward various types of body art. I’m a Sagg and have a few, looking for more– wouldn’t want anything on my hands though– I love my hands to be a blank slate. Also, a cross examination of astro and palmistry would be so fascinating! Anyone know of good books on the topic?


My daughter thinks it’s daggy, but next birthday she has promised to take me somewhere good where I can get a dolphin with a rose in its mouth tattooed on the back of my right shoulder… Yes!


It’s pretty ugly, but I can forgive a Leo tattoo of a Lion on their index finger sooner than any faux sincere wrist-band charity wear.


Why would I bother giving anyone the satisfaction of knowing I’m a Scorpio I’d rather keep them baffled…


Funny I’ve been wanting another tattoo for the past two years. Got my first at age 40… Don’t like to rush into anything permanent! I have drawn it up, it’s a peacock feather’s eye and I want it on my right bicep. No black outline and delicate in green, indigo and purple. Waiting until I get some $$ and pay off credit card.


Aslan, The Great Lion from Narnia.


Not a Cara fan. She’s a bit obnoxious and before anyone says anything like, weren’t you ever like her and if you had her money you might be… I assure I was not and I would not be. I think she forgets her luck sometimes but whatevs; we’ll see how it pans out.

Interesting idea for a tattoo (astro sign), and yes Scorpios’ would have such a cool sign to work with/should have them 🙂




Yeah, I’d never heard of her until now.


+ 1. I wouldn’t know if she was overexposed never having been exposed!

Also, something about 1 percenters.. kind of I lose interest as soon as looking at them. Sounds so mean and I know there are battles beyond wealth, lineage, money, looks AND talent.
As the Jim Carey quote goes, “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that’s not the answer”.

However, my eyes just glazed over thinking about this…I’ll stop now.


Yep. News to me!


I luv her !!! She is so pretty !!!


Thought all Scorps HAD a tattoo.
Usually you will find a scorpion logo somewhere on them or in their abode.
There WILL be a symbol there somewhere, if you are lucky enough to even enter their cave, to denote their power.


Pegs, babe. I promise you I will never have a tattoo of a scorpion, a phoenix or an eagle 😀 xx


My tatts me nots with would be barb wire, koi fish and cherry blossom.


MS, that’s because you are unique and than heavens for that. x


That’s pretty funny, Ms – my daughter henna’d a huge phoenix on my back several weeks ago, covered from shoulder to shoulder, and all the way to my kidneys! I recently scoped out a local tattoo establishment, wanting a big, black Pluto icon (the old version, with the cup and sphere, so beautiful) *somewhere* on my bod, just had to have it. Not yet, I’m afraid there’s quite enough Pluto-ing happening, I don’t need to add any nitro. But on a finger? So obvious? Never. More likely on the pubic bone, where it can be, er, revealed or concealed through… Read more »

12th house virgo

I’ve been thinking for years I’d like a Pluto tattoo somewhere on me! I recently bought new glassware that, incidentally, has a kicked out “P” on the bottom of the cup, so as I drink, I think “ahh, there’s Pluto in the end.”

I have two tattoos, they are both words/letters, so Mercurial. Not sure I need another word symbol on me.


This amazing girl is being over-xposed. Cara Cara Cara. O cara mia! The YSL new ad is a silent movie, The Beautiful People all over again. If i were her agent i would take her from the spotilight toute suite for at least a week. The tattoo is a bit shiny to be real, like it could be peeled off next week. British aristocrats are a strange lot, almost inbred. She makes Croydon born Kate Moss truly elegant, funny that,like the aid upstaging the mistress in behaviour. Cara’s a fawn, but is coming across as trying too hard. Ok she’s… Read more »


Agreed. She is awfully over-exposed and frankly I’m sick of seeing her in all the magazines etc, especially all the stupid faces she likes to pull *yawn*. Best thing she can do is pull back for a bit.


We’ve discussed the scorpio ID tatt before but no for several reasons:

1. judgement- I’d have venusneptune conjunct first
2. scorpions…. are just so 80s metal, I’d have something more personal
3. no

calypso scorp

lol 🙂


I only ever met one triple Leo ever to my knowledge, I know because she used to brag about it. She was also a performer with a sort of label she was sort of involved with. When finding out about my show, she cornered me at a bar and regurgitated her CV at me saying how she was a real performer etc (which made her friends cringe) and then proceeded to booty dance in my face for the entire evening. Super competitive and a lot of girls were scared of her. She was actually a good character performer though, just… Read more »


Love the Tatt! I’ve always said lions are for courage and bravery of heart. Sometimes, I find you can forget these qualities, totally get the need to gaze upon a lion, though personally I go for rings.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

Ha! Was recently contemplating a new finger tattoo…with leonic/sun symbolism (to coincide with the eclipse) but have decided to go with some custom jewelry from this babe:

She makes anything, and so well!


alas those traits on their own are not what make me want to embrace Leo qualities, as such. they seem to be more the effect than the cause, you know? I’m more interested in the self-belief thing. but i don’t want to slide into the realm of tiresome ego-feeding. ok so I get that that’s like saying “I want to be more Piscean, but without the pesky indecision and lack of transparency.” either way It’s a fine line…drawn in the sand with a twig small enough to be held by an ant, if you follow my thinking. *steps away from… Read more »

cosmic fleece

My old school friend/Tattoo Artist is Scorp. He has one tattooed lightly on the inside of his wrist. It looks like a stamp from a night club that’s a few days old …or delicately shaded lead pencil. I once asked him about getting a ring tattooed on my finger, he refused. He said they wear terribly and end up looking crapola…Hopefully this is not hte case for the Lioness above, but i guess a little laser surgery could fix it up if she were to change her mind / starts to look shabby …. my fav is a moustache on… Read more »


DO. Want to be more Leo. (No tattoos.)

cosmic fleece

A ring maybe ? If you didnt feel like having it out there you could swing it round so it was facing inside of your palm … sending awesome Strength/Lioness powers up through your palms … I love hidedn jewellery that only i know i have on (Leo SN ?) ..

Some sweet (and scary) looking ones on etsy.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I’m conflicted on Cara but I love her look and vaguely butch attitude (which somehow doesn’t dampen her uber-glam vibe) and think her tatt is awesome. I’m worried about her though! I hope she keeps it together while keeping it real and comes out the other side like Kate Moss instead of slipping away into something truly tragic.


‘She’s a bit of a worry’ as we would say in Oz speak, Rache.


Shit yeah! Lol


Hotness insured? You mean like Lloyd’s of London policy on her eyebrows or something? I bet there’s a Bad Tattoo Clause in the contract.


Fret not Charles, tho’ i know you aren’t, it’s a fake, betcha 🙂


the premium increases by 20% once she reaches 24.


I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
I sound my barbaric *MEH* over the roofs of the world.


: )

Electric Eel Libran

I hear that in 20 more years they will improve laser tattoo removal to be almost painless! =)




excellent comment.

calypso scorp

of course they will, at the rate people are getting them now….I like this more than many tatts I see 🙂

ps. hope you get your mojo back soon EEL x

electric eel libran

thanks. i like her tattoo too but nearly everyone i knew in my early 20’s getting a tattoo is either covering it with a new tattoo or lasering it off by the time they are 40. Im hoping to get a tat myself once i get some $.


Fantastic . Tho I hope (and expect) it will be less than 20 years for that sort of technology..
I’d love to be a walking etch-a-sketch if I felt like it.. : )

In the meantime I’m after the most photo-real colour tattooist possible; who can make metallic bronze and Silver inks for some moulting river redgum limb detail..???
Been thinking about it for years and I reckon the Astro time/tome is about right at the moment….
good for defined statements in general
That Lion is fabulous. nice work.


Opa.. that was me : )

electric eel libran

oooh that’d be fantastic! Tattoos could almost be camo!

i think there are metallic looking inks available but i don’t know how safe they are or how long they last.

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