Binaural Beats, the Neptune Dream Diary & Jupiteria Mini Consults – all available NOW.


Audrey Hepburn with Cat boxes

Times of transition require tenacity, a jaunty attitude and some sort of cosmic input.

With this in mind, allow me to announce that i have just added the Jupiteria Mini Chart consult, The Re-Zap Power Nap Binaural Beats MP3 and the Neptune Dream Diary to the Shop.

Go take a look!

And here is the inside page from the dream diary f.y.i.


Image: Audrey Hepburn – Taurus, not Aries, not Leo or one of the frequently featured signs – TAURUS.

28 thoughts on “Binaural Beats, the Neptune Dream Diary & Jupiteria Mini Consults – all available NOW.

  1. Can’t wait…already ordered my beats and mini consultant. Ordered the mini because I saw a mini being driven by a tool. Knew I’d be a fool if I didn’t jump on the Jupe train.

      • Gosh love trans Jupe nap. I even have a dog that won’t leave my lap.
        These beats would be great for all other major transits and Astro swirling – I can see it now the Mystic Astro Christmas disc.

        • I thought you wrote DISCO lol – glad you’re liking it. I should be able to nail the auto download thing too but need to get the FTP mb limit upped by the host

          • Ohhh Mystic Astro Disco. Is it telling that all I thought about while listening to the beats was ABBA Arrival album cover.

  2. Oooh excitemundo. Jupes is conjunct my venus on that day – almost exact in fact. Have ordered my mini consult and am waiting in anticipation.


  3. LOVE Audrey! Reminds me of my dear, departed Grandma – another gorgeous, gracious Taurean.
    & all these sound fab MM – well done!

  4. It’s brillig
    And the sliveey troves do gire and gamble in the wake of your majestic zap zone zeitgeist genius.
    You are the Madonna Ciccone of Astrology.
    I’m so happy I have you in my life.
    Blessings xxx

  5. Haha. And I have Jupiter rising at 26 degrees Sagittarius in my first house.
    Whatever that means:). But that, plus a Sag moon, plus Jupiter in Sagittarius kinda make for bit of Ju Ju action no?

    • The oracle says: you are going to be rich & famous from your physicality :-)

  6. Gonna order my Jupiter consult Friday as a reward for turning in my project.

    Had awesome, awesome, awesome business discussions today with my new-ish guy who wants to help while we celebrated his startup getting funded. He’s more of a do-er than a dream-er which is just what I need in a (work) partner to kick my ass into gear and harness my tangent-prone brain. Here’s to expansion!

  7. Audrey Hepburn always seems Aquarian, lo and behold she has it rising after looking it up. Sometimes they have the demure style of a Capricorn, but have a different look in the eyes.

    Digressing, I am super excited for the Jupiteria report and Dream Diary especially. :)

  8. i in bargain basement- not for long!
    we all need self esteem

    as btw- where you live is EveryThing esp if you have a sensitive 4th
    house and asteroid karma there.

    I think i will just bust out and get
    a credit card before saturn does go into the 8th. I would love
    the planetary mp3 and the diary. till then i wait and pray.

  9. I leave for trip to China the day before! Could well be my last as the job situation is beyond sketchy…. Am thrilled to be going again and am calling this trip “Arrivederci China”…..the last trip was “The adventure never ends” ahhh the craziness, the near missed flights, the near lost baggage, the train stations with TWO platform 1’s CAN’T WAIT!

  10. Just ordered the Jupiteria too, I am very curious to see the results as MM was crazy accurate last time.

    • So glad to hear this Andromeda. It’s my first MM consult and a birthday gift for myself.

      • She’s the real deal S! Partly as she is super psychic I daresay, it’s really an art.

        Happy Birthday to S,
        Happy Birthday to S
        Happy Birthday dear Essss-essssss,
        Happy Birthday to S!

        Lovely to have your comments here lovely, many happy returns.