Always Having A Pluto Transit

destinyPractically every compelling story is about a Pluto transit – the heroes and heroines of the hit tv series & movies are Plutonic or doing Pluto, ready or not.

Think Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey or any number of myths in which a person is called upon to shed artificial layers of self and become authentic.

Myths are things that never happened but always are.Β 

Pluto transits usually come in three exact hits so the first is like the “w.t.f.? But i don’t want to leave this relationship/job/city etc.” Something occurs to trigger the change and then begins the transformative phase. As we have talked about before, even in nature (snakes shedding skins, caterpillars becoming butterflies) the process is uncomfortable. This is without even going into Phoenix metaphors lol.

The 2nd or middle hit is like mid-transformation – venom is low (if you’re a snake) or you seem practically comatose to outsiders (if you’re a caterpillar) and of course Phoenixes just look like they’re fuqing up their entire life. Nobody, maybe not even you, gets the middle of a Pluto transit. In myths, this is always when the hero/heroine gets to face their darkest demons. The more truth they can extract from themselves at this point, the more likely it is that a magical helper will rock up.

And then the third hit of the Pluto transit = Ta Dah!

If you’re doing a Pluto transit at the moment, you’re also doing a Uranus transit. You’re a Pluto Tripper walking embodiment of the Zap Zone. 11 degrees of everything are being zapped, bigtime, but especially 11 degrees of anything cardinal: Aries, Capricorn, Kataka, Libra.

Whether you d.i.y. or have me doing it, tracking your Pluto transits is always a genius idea. All the outer planets but especially Pluto. It’s your own personal myth and potential being actualized. Thoughts?


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143 thoughts on “Always Having A Pluto Transit

  1. 2002 – 2011 Almost a decade of Pluto transit – with Saturn’s helping hand. Once it is over, the trouble is finding the words to describe it.

    I had never read Jungian dream analysis until mid-transit I drowned in a dream (Neptune co-chairs my chart) and precisely 9 months later, in an another dream gave birth — to myself.

    The thing is, not everyone going through a Pluto transit lives it through Campbell’s adventure. Later I met people, who instead of inventing the inner hero, took up a permanent residence at the lower end of hell.

    • I dreamt that I couldn’t clean all the dog poo everywhere, small poo from a small dog but it was everywhere. Pluto is transiting my 12th house.

      • a Mars in virgos worst nightmare,

        maybe the dog wants a name, call him Pooto.


      • I recently had a dream with cat poop and yes, it was impossible to clean – “colonic dreams category” πŸ™‚

    • Speaking of describing it…. I *did* write a book ~ I can’t remember if it’s in the Azure Chapter – or the Rose chapter… but, basically, TPluto conj my AC in Sag, and my Kundalini awoke meeting an Ancient Love, and I’d never really heard of Jung *until* the Kundalini experience… but it’s in my book if you’re interested – I like the way you write; so I sensed the feelings ‘might’ be mutual.
      Click my name, pick any colour, and enjoy πŸ™‚ xx

      • Thank you, so you write *swoon* — I am checking all your books now πŸ™‚

    • Does anyone know a good website/app/software that tells you your transits?

      • Greetings ScorpyFish,

        Go to
        Free horoscopes
        Horoscope drawings and calculations
        Extended chart selection

        Underneath Methods:Circular Charts, ther is a pull down arrow, scroll down to “transits”.

        The green on the outside is where the planets are now, the inner wheel your natal chart (you’ll have to enter all your debts first, won’t work without birth time)

        Best of luck.

  2. omg i dreamed i gave birth to myself in the middle of my last transit. It was a ridiculous dream, complete with pangs, midwives with raven badges on and a birth centre high in the skies.

    and yes of course you are right but i never like to dwell on that in case i discourage peeps currently pluto tripping!

    • Mystic,

      Peeps going through Pluto transit and stop by here will know the possibility of recreating their lives on their own terms. After all, we “elders” survived to tell.

      I was thinking about people I met, in my cohort, who supposedly went through Pluto transit – you believe they will get you,and when you realize what they get, the hero’s second season adventure begins – run away πŸ˜€

    • .. in case this helps peeps dealing currently with Pluto transits. I learned this after I was “done” with my Pluto transits:

      “The owl Athena takes flight at dusk” — wisdom comes but there is always dark before it..

      • “The owl of Athena takes flight at dusk” — thanks to a my whining feline, I forgot “of” πŸ˜€

        • That’s a gorgeous meme. Pallas Athene is cj my Mercury at 12 Libra in the 1st (square the nodes, I confess) and the owl has always spoken to me – sometimes literally when I hoot in the woods.

          • Any insight into having Pluto exactly conjunct a partners descendant in the synastry chart? My Venus is conjunct his ascendant and I do believe he is just the most perfectly beautiful man, but I can’t figure the Pluto thing out..

  3. So true mystic. I’m at the first stage at my new job. I feel like I’ve been transiting pluto since I graduated from uni mid 2012.

    Natal Pluto at 13 Scorp and Neptune at 11 Cap with Saturn at 13 next to it. I feel like I’ve been doing this forever.

    I’m trying to cope with the now but I know that I need to find a better solution for long-term. And that’s the thing, how people get successful with their diets or saving, etc. It’s not a short-term solution, it’s a long-term lifestyle change.

  4. My Mercury is at 11. First hit of Pluto square Mercury, I got fired. Second hit is when Uranus squares Pluto at the end of the month. Good fuqing times. I have no insight, feel low venom.

    • Ooh wow! That’s some pro-active (read intense) Astro too 12hv.

      • Mercury in the first house, Libra. Pluto transiting my 4th. And, note, I am a Virgo/Virgo rising with Gemini Midheaven. Mercury is my everything. I feel like the core of me is being ripped out. Not over a guy or a job drama or another other singular situation. Just because Pluto knows best. I’m going to go cry now πŸ™

        • Note – I have mars 0, pluto 6 libraand venus at 6 and sun at 20 virgo, so I’ve been under pluto transhits for awhile. But this pluto-mercury transit is so far the worst. I mean, everything in my life pre-2008 has fallen away. I feel like there is some final surrender I have to make. No idea what it is.

  5. yep. Venus at 12 Libra and I must be in the transformative stage.

    Feels like just one of a grand convergence of planetary events that are gunna change my world πŸ™‚

    • Aw – my Mercury is at 11 Libra. We are Mercury conjunct Venus, getting hammered by Pluto together πŸ™‚

      • hold on! I think it’s gunna be good πŸ™‚

        I was thinkin about what I said last night re: opposites…it’s like you Mercury, me Neptune xx

        • Ah, the Neptune is strong with me. But I don’t think stronger than my Mercury. We’ll totally rock this!

          • and i have merc-jupe! so guess it’s not minor, but not as intense as yours.

            • 12HV I’ve got Mercury Cancer @ 11 and Pluto Libra @ 11. Toss in Mercury, Moon and Sun Square Pluto. Hitting the fan well hard since 2008/2009. I live in hope of unearthing a typo in my chart, which will iron everything out.

              • LOL – I’ve been looking for a typo myself! Is it wrong that it makes me feel better to know others are suffering – I mean – growing from these transits too?

    • 12 degree Libra sun chimin’ in.

      Nothing wise to say at this stage – only that it is impossible for me to not be who I am anymore. And Uranus only fills me in on the next step when Uranus goddam feels like it. And I can’t fit into “normal” society anymore.

      • It seems to be a trend around here! I think it’s ultimately good Sunrise and wish you well with it xx

      • “Impossible for me not to be who I am anymore” That’s Pluto! The amazing thing about it is realizing that you haven’t been being you, you know? If I knew who I was I’d be one it, lol!

  6. It’s all Greek (tragedy??) to me.

    That’s the problem with trying to understand, or take on advice/guidance etc re: a Pluto transit, whilst you’re in the middle of it…

    As in like, “I can’t hear you thru this mother of a cocoon that (if I didn’t know any better, I’d think) is trying to snuff me out!”

    Transiting Uranus conjunct Chiron at 11 degrees Aries (in the 4th H)… AND of course transiting Pluto (thru the 12th H) squaring Chiron too.

    It’s no walk in the park, but the dark, well its got that covered!

    • Holy moly – that’s some intense astro!

      I hear you in that I can’t really make sense of my Pluto transit right now because I am in the middle of it.

    • Oh & this Pluto transit is a 5 hitter, (like the other 4 major transits I have running.), not a quaint 3 hit transit πŸ˜‰

    • cocooned is exactly how I feel, but also like the eclipse series is going to crack that darn thing open!

      • Yup, I agree CS.
        This dark moon, in the lead up to the New Moon Eclipse, has me feeling completely cracked open already. Pained & exposed. Yet in some way/s suspended.

        What next my love/s?!

  7. well… in my lifetime Pluto has conjoined, in this order, jupiter, mars, neptune, sun, mercury, north node, saturn, and venus. It’s squared uranus, chiron, the moon. It’s just entered my 9th but will retro back into my 8th (no planets in the 8th so weirdly this has been the least eventful house transit). So yes, I know from Pluto transits. Right now I’m kind of spiritually exhausted and while things are fine on a day-to-day level, for a long time it’s seemed I’ve reached the end of all the roads I’ve tried and I honestly don’t know what to do next. And with Saturn transiting all my Scorpio planets, well, I feel old.

    When Saturn hit my descendant my relationship with the love of my life ended. That was 19 years ago. Still not over it, and still alone. Thanks Pluto!

    What do I do with this Plutonic life? I’ve done nothing heroic, I assure you, unless survival counts.

    • I’m fairly certain I went on a mythical quest when Pluto trined my Venus. Not that I have anything to show for it.

    • It does VR! Survival counts!… End of story.

      In fact there should probably be a fuqing medal of Valour/Honour for it… & perhaps even a PTSD remuneration package.

      So power to U… I don’t know what you’ll use it for or when (the power) but you’ve earned it, so i hope/trust you’ll do something nice for yourself.

      (Sorry, end of Pluto induced rant).

      • yep, survival does count. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast πŸ˜‰

        Bet you’ve learned a lot?

        btw, what year did Pluto hit scorpio?

        • Pluto entered Scorpio in 1984 — I was in my mid-20s. I’ll have to check and see what was happening when it transited the north node.

          Funny you mention PTSD. All my life people would tell me I was “depressed” but that never felt right to me. At one point I started waking up realizing I didn’t have a single thing I’d wanted in life. I’d done years of yoga, meditation, all of it, but it took a therapist who recognized developmental trauma – not the kind caused by a dramatic event, but more the kind that emerges from attachment and instability issues in childhood – for me to begin to make some progress.

          Anyway, she felt i exhibited post-trauma behavior and that sure explained a lot about all the failure when I began to look at what that means.

          With a Capricorn moon and a shitload of Scorpio in the dreary 6th house and a lifetime of Pluto, I often feel fun-impaired, at least as my fellow Americans define fun.

          • Well you’re in good company here VR.
            I for one can relate, (Pluto conj MC, Moon in 8th squ Nept, Venus in Scorp, Fun-impaired Saturn in 5th, Cap Asc), but I’m sure there are many who frequent these halls, that can also relate.
            After all, that seems to be the higher calling of this place (blog)

          • Congrats on you for seeing that. I know people who have that sort of PTSD from childhood, not from a singular event, and it is so much easier to ignore it than to deal with it. Good on you!

            • The reason people ignore developmental trauma is that it’s very hard to identify and it sounds like you’re just stuck in a place of blaming bad parents, or people assign you to a “depressed” or “borderline” category and tell you to take a pill as if it’s just your bad fuqed-up personality, when in fact it’s deeper and different than that. I wasn’t looking for cheerleading or “congrats,” just a comment on a Plutonian life that feels nothing like a mythic heroic journey. More like a hard lonely uphill slog.

              • VR I don’t know to many people with PTSD, I have it too and share a Cap Moon with you. Thank you for sharing. I feel like somedays you survived and other days you lost it all.

                • Be happy for your cap moons, its a damper and A bit of struggle u know-

                  but its not tragic like a scorpio moon.

                  • That maybe so, but I’ve got Scorpio in my Midheaven with Uranus Rx. I would be quite happy to have a natal chart re-write. Saturn returns not as full on as Plutio and Uranus mixing it up.

          • Yes. I’m a therapist now. Made a living through exploring my trauma. Nasty work. I love what I do.

  8. I’m not really sure of the degrees but I’ve got Venus-Mars in Aries, and Moon in Libra. The past 18 months have been deeply transformative, and like you stated Mystic, very uncomfortable.
    The oracle sums it up by saying that I need to relinquish my lower desires to be a champion. Hence giving up pursuit of unavailable and completely wrong men,and love zombie tendencies of course.
    Not comfortable, still fighting the urges, but totally liberating.

    • Uranus conjunct your mars and venus. Look it up. You’re probably attracting a lot of attention. Oh, wrong men. Lusty wrong men. Aries females love the chase. Pursuing wrong men who want to be pursued, allow themselves to be pursued, and ultimately to be taken care of (ewwww!!). Emotionally unavailable men, who just wanna have sex. Lots of them around. You will always find a man who wants to screw and collect, but its hard to find a real caring guy who is in it for the long haul.

  9. Great posting mm. Am going through a Pluto transit (conjunct my sun in 10th). Think I’m superstitious to say anymore at this point. I’ll HOLLA when it’s over.

  10. My natal Uranus is at 11 degrees Leo, sitting atop my Midheaven. Transit is just about to move into my 6th house. My “Zap and Transform” is all about my work. The dismantling of my long held job and the formation of my new (much more liberating) career. When this all started happening back in early 2012, I panicked, Now? Not so much. I’m totally caught up in the foundation building of the new platform to be fearful of the old one crumbling. Am I aware of it? yes. Do I get a bit nervous when it sways and makes ‘creeeaaaaking” noises? you betcha. But I am far enough into this to know this transit isn’t here to destroy me… but to liberate me. So among the creaking of the old, is the hammering of the new. Oh yes… and Saturn is in my sign. (“hammer, hammer, nail, hammer, hammer nail bang, hammer…..) I got this!

  11. I feel initially intimidated. My Pluto square Moon/Pluto transit has been done for some time, but now it squares my Venus. I honestly cannot imagine what will happen because I feel like I’ve already experienced countless Plutonian influences/transit!! On top of that Uranus will soon oppose my Venus! How much more brutual self honesty and course corrections can a woman take?

    • No need to fear Uranus opp Venus transit. I had it in the not-too-distant past and it was a blast.

      • I had Uranus opposite my Venus recently. Nothing special. Typical of all my Venus transits. Venus shmeanus!.. a much younger Saggo past life type suddenly appeared after 5 years absence (not that i was counting, but he was). After a lame attempt to reconnect he vanished again. Tres WTF/Venus/Uranus. Nothing was gonna last with that transit. Just left me cranky and thinking – what was the point of that!!!! Didn’t learn anything from it, except maybe that I don’t like Mars in libra guys – all talk and no action!

    • About to have the same as you and feel the same krissy, had so many full on transformative transits the last few years I’m kind of like what’s left? I mean I know there’s always something but still.

  12. i’ve got pluto conjunct my sun/ascendant so i feel like i live a pluto…well…not quite transit, but the middle part. always the malaise of transforming, never the joy of being transformed.

    • Ah, I get that. Although in hindsight do you see the transformation? Pluto seems to do its work rumbling underneath everything sometimes.

      • i see the transformation, i would just feel appreciative to bask in the joy (and rewards!) of transformation for even a few minutes! instead, i’m plunged right back into another cycle. it’s constand life as rollercoaster. an out-of-sign uranus conjunction (10S) doesn’t help.

        life as straight gorgeous open road would be nice for a change.

  13. My sun is at 11 degree cancer, Jupiter and Saturn in Libra ( 2 and 3 degrees)…if there is a line that best sum up my life right now, it is this, “I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!”. But on a positive note, I guess I’ll love me more once the Plutonic makeover is finished.

    • With the transits, uranus in aries and pluto in capricorn, you’ve got a grand cross going on there. Ouchie, but spiritually transformative.

  14. Having Pluto trine natal Pluto at the moment, which Mystic advised in my Zeitgeist consult last year was ‘easy Pluto – a gradual unfolding.’ Pluto natally in 7th house; transit in 11th. Pluto is also trining my natal Jupiter at the moment, sextiling my MC. A whole lotta Pluto.

    Have to say this past week-end…and indeed the year…has been insight after insight. Opportunity for transformation abounds, but for me it is very much about that internal refit that then takes some outer world form. So, mostly the other peeps in my life aren’t seeing it. Yet.

    But I feel it keenly.

  15. Yes. Pluto is squaring my Moon in Aries and has been for about a month. More in touch with my feelings than ever, and by god it is uncomfortable sometimes. I only trust that there’s peace on the other side… pluto has opposed my Mars in Cancer before, that was years of literal physical pain. This current transit is dredging up the emotion which was what that pain was actually suppressing. Longing to feel my way into the powerful purified Phoenix!

  16. I learn so much from reading the blog… really appreciate the post trauma insight and reel that there is always something deeper at work on us and we can keep peeling back layer after layer mining deeper and deeper for truth.
    My natal Pluto is 11 degrees 12 house Libra bang on and therefore squaring pluto transiting.
    Relentless, radical, zero-tolerance and I suspect just the tip of the atomic iceberg. I’m uprooting and instigating most of the change thus far. Pretty uncomfortable cause life is adequately good now but I feel deeply that I was meant for more.
    Can one instigate Pluto? Seems better than hiding. Or am I just tempting Pluto to really unleash his wiles?

    • Pluto is only an aspect of you, your tempting yourself. Before you got here you more than likeley selected this arrangement with yourself.

      No point in hiding from you, unless you want to.
      How much of pluto do you want to conciously authenticate? You have a choice, if pluto is set to shake you its because your subconcious made this rejection out of your own previous etheral request and volition.

      The way you use power with yourself in good relation to the 12 houses alls may be another way of looking at the aspect of the pluto in you.

  17. Sigh!!!
    Having a break from pluto right now. Thankfully. Have an opposition coming up though, to my sun.
    My saturn over natal pluto was so horried. Still have a bad taste in my mouth.

  18. These steps sound like what I go through on one ok maybe two yes usually two hits of non addictive E and some good house music..

    i am walking Pluto transit..

    Moon in Scorpio
    Pluto conjunct Moon
    Pluto Trine Mercury
    Pluto Trine Sun
    Venus in The 8th
    Pluto in the 3rd
    Pluto Sextile Neptune
    Pluto semi square Mars

    Uranus in Scorpio.

    • Taking MDMA Alchemy goes something like this

      THE CALL TO ADVENTURE: You have a great party coming up with amazing lighting and a great DJ. You have a couple stashes of E lying around and are fully engrossed in pure mundanity.

      REFUSAL OF CALL: often when you have the chance to go out and take one, you think of all the mundane things you have to do. The bills holding you down, the reasons why this may not be the night. This may be from a sense of duty, obligation, fear, insecurity, or just say no to everything except dangerous addictive pharmasuctecal drug propaganda.

      SUPERNATURAL AID: once the hero has committed to the nightlife quest, consciously or unconsciously, his or her guide and magical helper for the trip on E Alchemy appears or becomes known. Magical things happen like getting a pass through security in 911 town New Years Day when your Mercury in Pisces placement makes you forget your ID.

      CROSSING THE FIRST THRESHOLD: This is the point where the person swallows the pill and crosses into the field of aural adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and venturing through a cavernous space full of sound and lighting and pure brotherhood.

      BELLY OF THE CLUB: The belly of the club represents the final separation from the hero’s known world and self. By entering this stage the person shows there willingness to celebrate how far they have come in in full love and peak conjuction with there fellow man- to undergo a stage of pure metamorphosis.

      THE ROAD OF TRIALS: the road of trials is a series of tests tasks or ordeals you will face throughout the night- or day if its a sunrise party. Like, finding the bathrooms, your friends, or having a long authentic balanced conversation with some random stranger about anything at all.

      MEETING THE MUSICAL GODDESS: this is the point where the person experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all- powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love that a fortunate infant may experience with his or her mother. Pure appreication of all painful expericnces one has had in life will follow, as will deep gratitude for all pleasures.

      TEMPTATION, This step is about those addictive substances that may destroy your life if toyed with. The feeling you feel now is more than good enough. Greed will not be rewarded a devil may care attitude toward alchemy will not be rewarded.

      ATONEMENT WITH THE FATHER, In this step a person must confront and be inititated by whatever holds the ultimate negative power in his or her life, this is usually persons greatest fear. When processed with the universal father in conjunction with MDMA- the subconcious lays the way in preparing the individual to rid its self of the fear, shall its authenticity be sincere- and not born of EGO- this will soon come to pass if born of ego, It wil be revisited on another journey through the MDMA MONOMYTH Axis.

      APOSTASIS: When taking MDMA, often all or a piece of a persons ego dies to the self, to to experience there spirt. & when in musical sync and appreication he or she moves beyond the pairs of opposites to a state of divine knowledge, love compassion and bliss.

      THE ULTIMATE BOON: the ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal and quest, we all are- what the person went on the journey to get. All the previous steps served to prepare and purify the person for this step.

      REFUSAL TO STOP DANCING: having found bliss and enlightenment through the syncing of light, love, sound and chemical alchemy, the hero may not want to return to the ordinary world.

      MAGIC FLIGHT; sometimes the person must escape with the boon by catching a train plane taxi or walking home. This can be just adventurous, returning from the journey as it was to go on it. Let every feeling weather Positive or Negative wash over you. Do not judge it, just let it be. Mundane hero work for change can be saved for a later time.

      RESCUE FROM WITHOUT: after a night like this, often the hero needs powerful guides and good friends to bring them back to everyday life, since most urbanites don’t have shamans on call and your less adventurous friends may be at work you have to be brave enough to be without.

      CROSSING THE RETURN THRESHOLD: Retaining the wisdom gained on the quest means bucking up and sharing what you have learned no matter how hard, either through art communication or other forms of media.

      MASTER OF TWO WORLDS: Congraulations you just finished another hit of E alchemy now you have……

      MORE FREEDOM TO LIVE: Mastery leads to freedom from the fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. This is sometimes referred to as living in the moment, niether anticipating the future nor regretting the past.

      • I love this. This is my 7 days at Burning Man. It completely changed me. I can always look back and know I’ve been there. Life altering, consciousness transforming. I felt safe with my friend. I trusted the process. I trusted our relationship and this journey together (without cell phones or electricity, just music, light, fire, magic, others, imagination, nature, exploration).

        • Glad u like it, yea years party 2012 on pier 94-we had the light guy form burning man at Victor Calderone’s Sunrise party Even had Astrology on the screens. Was so cool to see

          l have transitng mercury conjunct my Tauren MC but I really cant tell.

          • the alchemy from fire or light to ecstatic raving dance or the lack of light to scary darkness and aloneness. aloneness altered on mdma or mushrooms can be devastating but raw. although i think of individuals esp women who battle the wilderness alone, and they’re not on anything. i’m such a wuss!! haha i could never camp alone.

            • I couldnt have got started without Cambells creation. But was fun to ping off it. My fav DJ has Mercury in Pisces I have the same, No wunder

              I do E sometimes with my friends and sometimes I like to go alone, Im a man tho, I have never had any feelings of being alone, I feel celebrated and surrouded by the aural infinite.

              at least when I do that im distraction free from worrying about what friend might be playing Wierd science with there new buddy.

              no camping by myself no no n I already seen the Blair Witch Project that ruined the idea for me. I dont want to wake up and find teeth around my tent wrapped in small leather bags.

              • Haha. We stayed at an awesome dance camp w well known djs. Lots of fun. Are you an Aries?

                • awsome

                  but no im aquarian..

                  Just have my 9th house ruling Aries with Part of Fortune in it.

  19. Yup this feels like me.

    Also after walking and taking public transit everywhere for the past twenty years I walked by a brand new Jaguar and got all kinds of tingly feelings inside.

  20. Thoughts are that it sounds exhausting. I just did Pluto/Uranus on the Aries ASC Square + Conj, now I’m at 12′ Venus in Libra so same drill but Square + Opp. I am a perma Phoenix but having Saturn lingering around my Sun is making me want to be less so I’m sure, I feel like the next few years are going to be complex but I’m trying to free will this shit, pre empt and look ahead, possible? Hope so.

    • hey Charles, I have Venus at 12 Libra and Saturn near my Sun too. I feel like I’m near the cusp of a new world.

      what degree of Aries is your Asc?

      • Me too! In many ways it’s actually quite exciting. I’m at 5′ ASC, so it’s off that now. Found the Uranian energy on my ASC so, so hard much harder than any Saturn stuff or Pluto stuff, was wired and anxious the whole time. Don’t miss it at all, hoping not to have the same energy applied to Venus!!

        • Do you also have Chiron near there? I do. It hasn’t hurt me too much. I feel like all that really hard shit happened earlier – like since 2008-09, or earlier in truth – and now I’m in the shop just having a few things tinkered with so that I can be released into the world anew. So far the ZZ for me has been recovery and phoenixing πŸ™‚

          • Nope, it’s at 15′ Taurus but I feel similar. 2004 to 2008 was hard in ways I can’t believe, 2009/10/11 were a process of rowing up for sure, Saturn RX too, 2012 was wearing, bad health, intense personal growth probably thanks to the hard ASC transits. Who knows what this next batch will bring? I’m feeling up for it though, fully unstuck and ready to flow in all the ways that won’t make me a ZZ casualty. Could do without anymore awful love lessons, hoping that it’ll manifest in me actually being more open and less fearful, I think Pluto will do that for sure and perhaps Uranus will bring some ridiculous adventures in that realm. I’m easy, just no more of the same lessons repeating, that’s all I ask. Check in with you along the way hey haha.

  21. I have no idea how this actually relates to my chart, but I love Joseph Campbell, scored a few years back avi of his 6 part series on the power of Myth. I always feel like I’m having an out of body experience when I watch or listen to it!
    Based on the description of pluto transit, I must be on the perma-pluto-highway. Every few years the towers crumble and something new arises. When I was younger, in my 20’s people thought I was mad to be putting myself through such change- leaving relationships, leaving jobs, buying houses and then leaving jobs…
    If I look at where I am now, I would not have the muscle to lift so many bricks of my towers if I hadn’t gone through all those seemingly insane manoeuvers.
    What is it Mystic says – it must be intense if she breaks out the Campbell!

  22. I’m getting better at this astro stuff but still fairly fresh. had a look at my chart. Pluto transit in Cap, 12th house at 11 degrees. I feel like I am walking around very ‘zapped’ in another world and on the verge of breaking out of my relationship on so many levels. Is this why? Can someone help interpret?

  23. My greatest Pluto challenge was from 2003 to 2009. It started with Pluto squaring my ascendant, then in due course it went on to square my Natal Pluto, then my Jupiter, then my Uranus. We’re talking bam, bam, bam and BAM! – 18, 22, 26 and 29 degrees respectively folks! In that time my defacto relationship broke up (who knew) but the thing was, everything came out about how dark (and I mean really dark) this person and situation actually was, and thankfully so. All of his infidelities came out, including that awful moment of actually catching him in the act (something I wouldn’t wish on anyone – you actually feel like throwing up and yes, you do in fact see red too).

    We spent a long time in court after trying to settle over joint property and the more I stood my ground the nastier he got and the more I had to defend myself (I got myself a very good feminist lawyer btw – there was no bullshit with her I can tell you, she was older and wiser than his team of male 40 somethings and she got the job done). I stood my ground, and I won, although the battle was moral in my opinion, as the legal cost wore down what might be described as a beneficial financial outcome.

    What it taught me was how hard this stuff is for women, truly it actually is. It was an epic battle and exhausting, and in some ways I haven’t made a full recovery but it gave me a gift, which is now a story I am writing. It’s highly mythological and about past lives, very Joseph Cambell and very Pluto, because it has become apparent to me that with this particular person, I cleared out a fuq load of dirty karma.

    Life is full of battles, with friends, lovers, family, co-workers, neighbours and enemies, the last of which I now understand. The person I was before 2003 was only half grown, embryonic even, now, whilst I do feel hardened in some ways, I am filled with something stronger, something tougher: Pluto thank you for your resolve, your lessons: to me you are the Goddess Kali who destroys outgrown and infertile life in order for the new to come.

  24. So far this all feels pretty good (except I want to be earning more money!! transiting Saturn in my 2nd is not giving me ANY money for little extras, every dollar is accounted for already… )

    – current Pluto bang on my natal Lillith in 5th, more ambitious for my creativity?

    -it also trining my virgo mars-pluto-uranus 8-11-13 in the 12th, not sure what that’s doing but it feels ok, I read plenty of ghost stories for relaxation, have always read more deeply on all esoteric subjects than literature

    -squaring my 13 deg. aries merc in 7th, think it makes me more communicative on the internet (used to lurk here for years, never felt a desire to post until recently)

    -very loosely squaring my sun and nearly conjunct venus in aries in 7th. Relationship is improving a lot, there have been some huge clashes of will earlier this year, but we have worked out that it is much easier and more pleasant to not fight πŸ™‚ Uranus may have taught us to co -operate in the form of a beautiful Aquarian -Cappy moon friend who practised her psychology degree on us in the form of a mediation session

    I can relate to those who feel like their life has been a long pluto transit, my late teens til early 40’s seemd like it definitely was (scorp moon, neptune) but as I am close to 50, I do feel the worst is behind me now…

    Even when we were nearly starving ealier this year (money into the mortgage before food shopping!! keep the roof overhead and the rest will follow) I wasn’t too worried, as i recognised that i have survived other cycles like that and still here, and i lost quite a bit of weight that I wanted to lose. In fact, now that I’m eating more again, i realised i just don’t need to eat all the extra really.

  25. Just a point here re transhits. My chart is very spread. I have a planet or major body in each house. Which of course means I have an equal amount of the elements too. What this means of course is that in some way I’m always having a transhit of some kind with breaks between the major ones. While people with say a ‘bucket’ type chart get an extended period of heavy transits followed by an extended period of relative calm. Anyway, what I’ve noticed is that my life lessons seem more spread out than most and hence seem a bit easier than those who have clusters of planets in one or two houses, who get hit hard for years and sometimes never recover.
    When I read the above comments I’m noticing that those with clusters of planets really do have a harder more intense time to navigate. So when they are on the other side of that , are they better off or totally beaten down ?
    Anyone here that has been through that and come out the other side ? Love to hear your story.

    • With 2 t-squares, it never ends and the Asc squares MC and IC. When Neptune crossed the decendant, the fall was epic. My default mode–Phoenix.

      MM, reallyreally enjoyed reading this one!

    • I have 6 major planets on the via combusta. Saturn began transiting them in September 2009. Almost from the very day my (already one-year separated) alcoholic ex began a bitter campaign of vengeance against me that has included a range of styles of attack – physical, emotional, financial, and even fuqing administrative. He wanted to drag me down into the gutter and use me as a step to climb out himself. He didn’t. He would hate it if he knew how much he has taught me about my own strength and resilience, about my potential for transformation, healing and love, about my own demons and how to overcome them. In the process I had to face and replace many unhelpful emotions, habits and beliefs set in motion by an early life setback.

      Saturn passed over my Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury in that time and finally made it’s exit after passing my sun last October. It was fuqing traumatic but I am stronger, calmer, more present and compassionate and ready to start over better and smarter.

      Then again, it think I ended up there because I didn’t respond well to my first Saturn Return, so in terms of positive or negative outcomes of transits I guess there are no rules. At one stage of life I succumbed, through another I was redeemed.

      • Wow, thank you Calypso. That sounds like, well, like Hell !
        Double hard when the transits are reflected in a particular person, who probably knows you well enough to go for your weak spots. What a turd he turned out to be. A nasty turd at that. Did you marry him at the first saturn sun conj ?? So many people do get hitched at that time don’t they. I did (that lasted 12 months and was terrible) thank god my aries sun just bucked and ridded me of her.
        Glad you feel stronger now, better now. Via Combusta, ha, how appropriate !!!!

        • ha indeed! Good question! I wondered after I wrote that about planetary aspects when earlier points of the story were forming.

          I just checked – the day I conceived our (I nearly wrote my then) first child, I had just had my Saturn Return. Also, the Sun was opposing Mars which was on my natal Sun and the Moon was on my natal Pluto. I’m not expert, but sounds intense!

          My children are my blessing and in truth the catalyst for my recovery. I did not just survive, I thrived, and I did it for them. Pretty bad when you have to find someone that fuqed up to make you look like the only responsible one around, hey? Poor turd-like instrument of the universe….

          Thanks for your comments. For the record, it was like hell, it nearly did me in at certain points and I’ve had a lot of help holding it together, so I can imagine other people not making it. But it feels pretty good to have all that work done and I hope you’re right and that I’m up for a period of relative calm πŸ™‚

  26. Those plutonic abs! I shall have them by the time this transit passes – metaphorically at least. Pluto conjunct Lilith, Ascendant etc. etc.

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  28. God I am in the thick of it here-

    Jupiter and Chiron at 11 and 13 Cancer, Uranus at 10 Cap, Moon and Mercury at 9 and 12 Taurus, and my Node at 10 Aqua.

    Lost my job but feeling awesome about it? Training for a new career. And new amazing relationship that has serious potential after I totally gave up on that cause. Family drama and on the fly reinvention. Crazypants but amazeballs.

    • Crazypants Amazeballs!
      Outstanding visual, punctuated with o.O and fuzzy hair

  29. I have 11 degrees Aqua Sun.
    I have 10 degrees Crab Ascendant.

    I also have 8 degrees Aries Saturn and 6 degrees Capricorn Venus, squared natally (which has always been difficult for me) and now this lovely configuration is recently under extended conjunct visitation by the current transiting Uranus/Pluto square in Aries/Cap………..SO FUN! …not.

    I love Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey. I attended Unity church for a long time and they talk about the hero’s journey, too, with 12 archetypes. This information has been so healing for me for a long time. It has helped me see the bigger picture when completely over the top and overwhelming things are happening in my life.

    2010 through 2012 were unrelenting hell and just this year, 2013, things have eased up quite a bit, but I’m not out of the woods yet and part of me is always waiting for the other shoe to drop… I’m not quite at the ‘return’. I’d say I’m at the very last part of the ‘initiation’ and about to cross into ‘return’………..although who knows, with that ZZ all over my natal astro stuff, I may be pulled under into another call to adventure………interesting that I feel it like a ‘pulled under’ feeling, like being pulled under in the surf…….’cause Neptune has embarked on a conjunct transit of my Piscean moon as well……………….it just never stops, does it, until we leave this body……and I suppose that’s a whole new call to adventure…..I wonder……

    I haven’t integrated the ZZ transit yet, and am not sure what to make of it in terms of my own chart. Any interpretations of the Uranus/Pluto ZZ square transiting my natal Saturn/Venus square are welcome…..My Saturn is in the 10th and my Venus in the 6th, very close to 7th house cusp/Desc.

    • Ha ha, now that I read it through a second time, it seems like my whole life has been an endless loop of being in the ‘road of trials’ stage….maybe I’m still there, deluding myself that I’ve advanced on…

      Sorry… I’ve had a difficult day and I’m in a pessimistic mood..

  30. LOL Mystic, this explains so much. Thanks for reminding us to look at what Pluto is up to!

    I had a hellish but ultimately v. transformative Pluto transit between 1998 and 2001 when Pluto was in Sagg. It was so intense I checked then and there when my next Pluto transit would be. Seeing that it was at least 10 years in the future I locked it away in the corner of my mind.

    Until today I still had stuck in my head that it was safely in the future – except that it’s happening right now, squaring my natal Pluto!!


  31. Pretty much always, yes. Began with Pluto cj Sun, then cj Mercury, then cj Saturn and Venus, then cj Neptune, and then across IC, and now exact cj Mars/NN – Chiron’s coming a bit later. The Moon is the only body unaspected by Pluto in my chart.

  32. Another thought…..

    I wonder if we are ‘going with the flow’ in our life if the Pluto transits aren’t so harsh? Like, if Pluto is the destroyer, the great leveler, getting rid of the b.s., the stuff that isn’t right for us, if we are ‘in flow’, wouldn’t we be not hanging on to what we don’t need, or if it’s still there, and then something topples it, we could walk away more easily, without a big shock and trauma because nothing sticks, we are not hooked in……or if we are ‘in flow’ perhaps Pluto won’t have as much to tear down and clear away for us and we are free to access its more regenerative and transformative powers, or fearlessly investigate the depths it could take us to, an archeological dig……..yes, i suppose, in an ideal world……….how many of our lives are not so messy, though?

    I’m under the influence of the great dissolver right now……Neptune, which is transiting conjunct my Moon in Pisces……..Pluto is transiting hanging out near my Venus in Cap……….could be interesting. I am alone most of the time, barely ever lonely……I have an intense job, taking care of others working in public health, helping them ‘phoenix’, so I like my alone time, very rejuvenating for me. Music has been very healing…as ever..

    • I like your theory flowerchild πŸ™‚

      Do you think being under the influence of Neptune helps with the flow-going?

      • Thanks! πŸ™‚
        I think maybe Neptune helped me think about the ‘going with the flow’ theory, but I wouldn’t say that my own life is going that smoothly. In some areas it is, but I’m sure Pluto will get me one way or the other. The ZZ aspect is perfectly aspecting some of my natal aspects, so I don’t see how I will come out unscathed, but I’m going to use going-with-the-flow as a mantra and see if it helps ease my transitions…. f

        • …sorry…..don’t know why that ‘f’ is at the end of my post, I think I was trying to start to type my ‘flowerchild’ moniker there..

          • One can only hope so! πŸ™‚

            I do need a breather, though, as last year seemed like one heavy Pluto transit (with some Saturn thrown in). So far this year has been a bit of a reprieve….but I don’t want to say that too loudly as I feel that will invite more challenge.. πŸ˜‰

  33. Sagittarius AC ~ While Pluto was Transiting my AC, my Kundalini was triggered by fated reunion with an ancient Love (I don’t believe in Twin Flames, but… standing next to him, was a man named Thomas Love, and, apparently, Thomas means “Twin”… what can I say.)

    So… I wrote a book about the whole thing. From first incarnation to last…

    I die in the end, as you do with Pluto.

    Check me out, by clicking my name?
    Or, google Mardi Shakti Following Moira, and pick any colour your Heart desires…

  34. Wow! It makes sense my venus is at 11 degrees pisces and anything relationship related is yeah… Uncomfortable lots has changed in the last year and still is..

  35. Re the movies and TV ( and gaming) dramas….and I thought it was just cos the Pluto in Scorp gen were now coming of age and at the creative helm of culture πŸ˜‰

  36. EUW !! I have Pluto sitting ON my natal Jupiter at 11 degrees of Capricorn, in my 5th. How can that be a square ?!

    Its also part of a Yod-based Mogul transit…..

    Two things are happening

    1) REALLY struggling to express my creativity in a way which is meaningful and also makes money. Struggling to express my creativity at all. No time. Very tired.

    2) Doing a LOT of deep spiritual work. Keep getting The Cauldron when inquiring about learning about energy healing ie: this will be a transformative process rather than an end in itself.

    Q: How to / do I need to, combine the two ? (current position: don’t need to/ too hard)

    Q: What bloody energy healing haven’t I tried ? (Tried: Reiki, Kineseology, Reconnective healing, Mediums, Acupuncture, Homeopathy. Have Spirit guides/teachers. Use Oracles, IChing, Tarot)

    Any suggestions most gratefully received !!

    • Ooh and my Natal Mars which is at 11 degrees of scorpio is currently sitting in my 9 th House at 11 degrees of Taurus.

      Maybe I just need to get on to a plane to Italy. Its always Plan C (if everything goes hideously Wrong). I wish I could be the sort of person where it was Plan A ie:

      Go to Italy
      Be Inspired
      Come home, sell everything, move to Italy
      Write book/become artist
      Get optioned for massive Hollywood blockbuster
      Pickle myself in sunshine and la dolce vita

      I bloody well should be ! My 9th House is in Aries. Need some Ram juice and and damn good kick up the bum !!

      • Mindfulness.
        As a therapy tool can help you grab your creativity back. I often think my creativity shows me it’s back so that I can face my block.
        I also use Inner Wisdom Therapy, which for me involves finding what is happening inside myself (at the time of extreme emotion – whatever that may be), say a physical pain describe in detail it’s look, feel and shape etc. Then I chart what happens to this pain, does it travel through me etc. It’s like cracking your bones and asking them to bleed and tell you their story. It gets that creative stuff happening because you have a task, but it’s at a deep level.
        My problem is a lack of creative confidence.
        Best of luck.

        • S, when you do this so you also do some sort of conscious healing and letting go of whatever is causing the pain?

  37. Pluto has been transiting my 7th house for some time now. Starting with Pluto conjunct my moon in 2006, I went to Italy for school, which changed my life. I changed my major, my career path, and it was the beginning of the end of things with my finace and basically life as I knew it.

    In 2008 Pluto was Conjunct my Neptune, I finally broke it off with fiancΓ©/ boyfriend of 8 years/ security/ everything I knew – met someone else, started a new life, but it wasn’t pretty. I Felt very alone, the future uncertain, but was also excited about a fresh start. I thought this was the end of my trials, I didn’t realize that it just the beginning of much larger journey. Ugh.

    Well, Pluto is about to be conjunct my Jupiter at 12 degrees Cap. Really don’t know what to expect, but I hope this is the β€œTa-Da” part of my time with Pluto? I feel like I am ready to claw my out of the rabbit hole already

  38. Sooo Pluto is on my natal Mars at 11deg Capricorn right now. Am I having a transit? How do I know if it’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd transit? What does it all mean?!?!

  39. I am a Plutonic person that seems to be forever going through a Pluto transit (Sun 7 degrees Libra is the lastest and greatest) and this quote from Game of Thrones caught me last night that pretty much summarizes my Pluto experience: “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.” ~ Petyr Baelish Game of Thrones

  40. Yep, twenty three years ago Pluto was in exact conjunction with my Scorp asc and my world fell apart within hours. I attempted suicide a few weeks after that. My life is still reeling from that event. I’m not sure what else Pluto has going for me, though. In about twelve years (est, need to check an ephemeris) Pluto will oppose my Sun, which is next to my midheaven. I have good aspects in my chart, so not sure why my life has been full of misery from such a sad, soul-murdering event, although Neptune next to my asc is probably what caught me off guard with the above event and shocked my system and rocked my world. I hate Neptune being right there.

  41. I think I have had a pluto transit for the last twenty years! No wonder i am so scared..that is disfigured inside and affraid:)

  42. In my all time top ten Mystic Posts .
    Love it
    Just looked up Joseph Campbells Astro – (ithought must be a Virgo to list/dissect like this) – Alas he is a ram.

    I had no inkling as to who he was before – so thank you Beautiful One !
    The flow chart is being printed out as we speak and hung in the kitchen and bathroom.

    This is like an alchemy code to a stellium Gem, Pisces rising who is continually living in a make believe/ whats my next quest/ wouldnt it be cool if…world !

  43. I love your sense of humour! You’re probably the first astrologer who makes me laugh so hard! :))