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Anna Fisher

Astronaut Anna Fisher, not the first female in space but the first mother in space.  Virgo, Virgo Moon with something beautiful rising.   Lilith on her North Node in Aries – nobody takes the term “pioneering” more seriously than an Aries North Node person. She has Saturn in Virgo conjunct her Sun. Far from spacing out in this picture, she could be inspecting the plexiglass on her helmet for specks. Thoughts?


Image: John Bryson

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91 thoughts on “A Virgo In Space

  1. Wow… I’m learning A LOT about Virgo women through this blog!! So we have the one who is a professional cheerleader at age 40ish, and now we have a mom-cum-astronaut?? Then we have Sophia Loren!! **Happy to be a Virgo woman** 🙂

  2. She lookin’ like she’s enamoured by something other worldly… 🙂

    Her Aries NN is contemplating diving down that worm hole perhaps…Or she just saw an alien wee-wee


    • Or, in the reflection, she just saw herself for the very first time.. 😉

      And she was pleased…very pleased indeed…

    • Stunning.
      When I was a kidster I moved into a sharehouse that just attracted characters of stories I guess..
      the actual Tankgirl (after she came back from London)..and others that went on to be elements/participants of international art..
      the house itself seemed to attract that sort thing on its own.
      The guy whose room I moved into went on to have his head in a similar space helmet plastered 80 foot high on the wall of that nice gallery on Sydney’s Rocks years back..
      His stuff is always brilliant but I like this photograph much more.
      A perfect eclipse season image.

  3. I feel electric!!!

    Uranus has my Aries Venus in the frypan ..
    slathered in butter,
    & turning golden brown
    (texture like sun!)

  4. North Node in Aries here!
    (high five Anna… with Borat accent!)

    I’ve got my sights on the month of June!
    Getting myself mentally & physically ready for it.
    This mornings dream (around the time of the eclipse, for this part of the world) was the classic ‘mega wave’ that was cresting as we drove over the peak of a hill. My favourite brother was driving the car, & he just sad “don’t worry, you’ll be ok, we can handle this”. We launched off the hillside & into the wave. I kept thinking, “don’t you need to open the windows to escape” .. but we didn’t need to, we just kept driving through it – & then we came out the other side.

    I had this same wave, near the same hillside, appear in a couple of dreams a few weeks before. But this is the first time that the wave had actually engulfed the road. I feel myself taking a deep breath as I type this!
    (North node in Aries, conjunct Saturn, conjunct Mercury, conjunct Venus in the fourth house) I work from home & am in love with my work, my house & my life mission, to use my design skills .. in children’s education (mars in Taurus in the fifth)

  5. Wow! What an inspiration! She is born the same year as my own mother, who is also a Virgo (Sept. 6, 1949) so they must have a bit of the same astrology, since only a couple weeks apart. My mom is not an astronaut, though…

    I’ve been tuning into space a lot lately. I watched the live web coverage from NASA of the astronauts returning from the ISS a couple weeks ago. That was intense and amazing! They are packed into such tiny capsule, too! I had tons of claustrophobia attacks just thinking about it. Since a child, I have dreamed of going to space, though I don’t know if I would have the courage or the physical strength to do it. It remains a dream and a fascination, though, and hearing about women like Anna Fisher inspires me to have more courage toward life in general.

    Also, how many women like Anna are out there, doing amazing things and forwarding the efforts of humanity and demonstrating the infinite strength and capabilities of women, and yet our media and airwaves are jammed with images of idiotic hair-brained ‘reality stars’? I say this because women need worthy role models, someone like Anna Fisher, and if especially young women are not presented with suitable role models, then they will choose whoever seems famous on tv as their role model. The dumbing down starts there……at least in America.

    • Check this out – a lovely story about a mum who was sick of “Disney Princess” theme parties, so who celebrated her daughter’s 5th birthday by dressing her up as 5 famous pioneering women from history, and taking some beautiful photos…


      However, your story that it’s worst in America – The Daily Mail undermines this great story by a load of links to absolute tosh in the right hand index links. Australia is just as bad. Hopefully if people don’t click on the damn things they will eventually stop posting these waste of time stories…

      • Good one! What a great idea for showing kids some good role models!

        Yeah, I know the tabloid stuff is pretty bad in Britain, too, and didn’t know that it is also bad in Australia. It’s too bad, but maybe articles like these will help people shift away from tabloid celeb fluff.

  6. As a Virgo with North Node in Aries I will have to learn more about her and do my astro better. Thanks for the post she sounds super inspiring!

    • Yeah Mystic, your Awesomeness is showing again!
      Thanks for the liddle zap from your cattle prod (disguised as a magic wand) to get the focus back to what’s important!

      Ohhhh we love you!!!

  7. Wait a second how does one become ‘mother of the year’ ?
    They give an award for that ?
    How do you prove it ?
    Just asking.

    That’s going to piss off the mothers on pinterest who post recipes with cake mix and ginger ale as the main ingredient, just sayin’, hun.

  8. Yikes. She’s no dum dum. Only a year to become an astronaut ?
    (yeah decades of education prior, get it)

    What about a man ? Says she has a family but what about an other half ?

    You know there’s some super domesticated chicks out there who would look at this woman and go…what about time for relationships ?
    Ahh, no time to pin tonnes of shit recipes on pinterest, hun ? Tsk.

    What a gorgeous brainiac. Good for her.

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