Venus Grounded And In Her Dignity

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Colette Calascione

Okay so we are entering Eclipse Season and the Zap Zone but Venus is earthed in Taurus, grounded, sensual and in her Dignity. 

The arts of beauty, seduction, music, cinema, scent and tranquility are all heightened.

Simplicity and peaceful pragmatism suddenly become the most desirable attitudes in relationships/dating.

Honoring the physical appetites in really healthy ways help enhance creativity and serenity. YES o.m.g we should break out the muu-muus already. But seriously, it’s like chilled, yogic sort of an energy. Sexy too.

Venus is about to aspect Chiron, Athena, Pluto, Neptune, a Full Moon Eclipse and Saturn lol. Venusian Voodoo. Loads of stuck situations de-sticking.

More on the V.V. and the Eclipse in the next Daily Mystic email, along with my really cool birth charts news. Two words. Astral DNA.

So hands up who is feeling/enjoying the simple sensuality of this non-complex, neurosis-free Venus in Taurus?


Image: Colette Calascione

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68 thoughts on “Venus Grounded And In Her Dignity

  1. Venus in her dignity brought tall stemmed lillies into my apartment. it’s like the glue that sticks things together again, that’d come undone. it’s catching your breath. it’s waking up to your heart dipped in sweetness – chocolate honey again after the rain poured down. its lips pressed onto windows. it’s like leaving the light on.

  2. Too thrilled at NZ giving gay marriage the go, how embarrassing are australian politicians? nearly every heterosexual i know can’t wait to get out of a marriage or is vowing never to do it again. gays are welcome to it.

    apart from cynicism i love this picture so much mystic and the little green heart garden seems very taurus.


  3. Longing for a long time. Aint going to happen so thinking something flirty would be good. That isn’t happening either!

  4. OT but I’m, like, OMGing every hour on the hour at the moment. It’s great but at times overwhelming. I was working for the last 6 or so weeks anywhere from 8 hours straight to 10hrs six days a week during the everything in Aries time. Yesterday I was released out of this concentration camp civil environment & to unemployment (not for long) where I had lots of time to think….but with rest & easier work it’s all coming at me. Phew! What a time. It’s nearly broke my spirit a couple of times but the growth is unbelievable even the non work areas it plundered through. Sorry just had to get it out there.

  5. Natal wise I have Chiron, Mars and Venus in Taurus. A few days ago I called my Taurus friend. Touching base with her is always timeless. Note to self: Ask Oracle about our past life relationship?

  6. Wouldn’t describe today as non-complex and neuroses-free, but definite moments of loveliness and breakthroughs and real, genuine connections. The “unsticking” and unstagnating of my life situation is trudging on like a really slow band-aid rip, rough with periods of my own hesitation making the process worse, but I’m not pussing out until I see it through… even if things feel scary and hard and the potential to fail is great, and even if it’s making me confront, bit by bit, that inner terror of aloneness that has led me to turn to familiar but miserable situations rather than blazing a new trail as I should. Shedding the misery is painful in a god-there-better-be-a-light-at-the-end-of-this-damn-tunnel sort of way….

  7. God, yes. Natally I have venus in taurus (as well as sun, jupiter and the south node) so i like very much. Feeling the strong need to connect with soul mates and kindred spirits today xx.

  8. Checked out perfume and makeup today, had impromptu brief makeover and tips from the gal at the counter.
    Was checking out Diorissimo perfume, scent of Lily of the Valley, very fem, possibly a little dated….this perfume was popular in the 50’s.

    Anyway…..I have Venus in Cap effing SQUARE to Saturn in Aries, crappy aspect. …..also it’s square-on the Zap Zone right now….
    Between that and the fact that I’ve been sick since last week, including violent food poisoning last Friday, I’m still not feeling well…..can’t really eat, still….bummer……but yeah, my Venus is heavily aspected in my chart, but afflicted, too….
    I’ve never been able to properly overcome that Venus/Saturn square…..any tips?

    I do feel a bit more relaxed, though, at the moment, compared to when all those planets were in Aries………..Lately I keep thinking ‘heck, I’d really like to start ENJOYING my life!’ It’s been hardcore work and drudgery for so long now..

  9. just had a stimulating but relaxed conversation with a nice chappie on a flight into Sydney this morning. No nerves, no awkward silences, lots of gentle laughter. However cyber profiled my new fwb last night and omg – he is a ranter, all arse no class. pity, we are simpatico sensually. have to skate backwards out of that one…sheesh!

  10. I’m kinda too freaked out to chill right now with Boston getting blowed up and Venzuela on the verge of dictatorship. :/ Obviously peeps not chilling with Taurus.

  11. Uhh… shopping spree 🙂

    Got some black lacey thigh highs so I could sew on some cute little rosettes on them and wear them around with my silk Zara bomber jacket that has the most beautiful asian floral embroidery on one of its reversible sides… Plus a rose bracelet… and a babydoll top with a smart little tiny posie print with a matching plum hoodie.
    Can you sense a pattern here? Its not all pinks and reds mind you, but Ive been doing a blush/plum/nude type palette. Got some beautiful shades for my peepers too that complement the romantic theme going on. Feeling deliciously sensual, indeed.

    Oh, Ive been taking a bath for the last 2 consecutive nights too(I rarely do). Baking soda detox baths really do a body amazingly good!

    Ive also come to a really great place today in terms of realizing some things, and more clearly see this is a new cycle for me. It hit me like a ton of bricks that left me with a fluttering trail of goosebumps up and down my body. Am definitely feeling my intuition in a physical, sensory way right now. My life is not perfect, but all is at peace, all is good. I am still the same person, Im me, but on a different plane in a different dimension, thats what it feels like. Am so thankful and relaxed in this moment right now.

  12. between this and the mercury shift i am so much better. so hungry though! watching my kids eat ice cream cones and not physicalty tempted but i want to lush out on food and it’s all forbidden by saturn. no cheese, no wine, no lovely bread and olive oil…and no sex, aah! this taurus venus is tired of salads and avocados and seeds- what’s a girl to do? garden, perhaps. 🙂 seriously though, all you amazing health gurus, what is lush and decadent and yet grain/dairy/sugar free?? (besides the lovely carrot-beet-celery-ginger juice i’m about to make)

    • For sweeter things when I want something filling (which can be a challenge on grain/dairy-free) I make coconut milkshakes w/ young coconuts, almond butter, sea salt, dates. If you’re okay w/ a bit of dark chocolate a baked sweet potato w/ dark chocolate chips or a coconut oil/cacao drizzle tastes like cake!!! I also love all kinds of root veggies (including sweet potatoes) for savory.

      I need to branch out with my salads and recipes. Lately it’s just kale salad after kale salad after juice after banana.But the lighter I eat the lighter I want to eat?

      • yums to all of this!! thank you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 except to kale salad- it was all i ate omg, since october, basically, until last week when i opened up a new box of kale and it was bad and the smell triggered something in me. enough!! time for a new food obsession. or becoming breatharian. i’m amazed when i think about how i used to eat. the heaviness, yes. shedding and rising! 🙂 🙂

  13. Yes.. definitely a little down time for me. Especially after this w/e’s spill. Reflection and I don’t give a crap (hence asking for a day off from work to get my hair cut). Had a beauty of a time with the toro/gem so let’s see what happens. He is hiding and probably working through things that I have seen improve with me since we started in 2010. It could be over but I am glad he is around the best way he can!!


  14. muu-muus! And would add cheese and a couch – but that’s a bit too sensual for the ‘get with it, don’t get mired” attitude of the now.
    HOWEVER – got a hot tip from another Piscean tonight on how to deal with Taurus – who I have been bothered by (bothered! ) When I asked “have you been trampled by Taureans?” She said – “Sure but I just make it muddy Make mud! They slip and slide and it gives them time to get back and work their brawn though it. They have to have time for the idea to get through their tough hides!”
    If any Taurean tough hides giving you the stubborn bejeebees, make mud!

  15. I feel amazing today. Venus is still in my 1st house but the energy shift is 110% noticeable already. As much as my Aries ASC appreciates the energy, it’s been full on and the sense of urgency a little too intense, especially in love matters which need to be slow and not hysterical right now. I spent Saturday night/Sunday morning preempting the switch by indulging in all the Toro pleasures life has to offer, much needed on so many levels. Remembered who I am.

  16. Hail toro.s uits me fine too. aunashamed couch surfing. nanna nap n between recovering from sadness re. delusional relationship wake up call on weekend and wee op on nasty skin cells. generally looking aftet myself. tomorro gyno check. then a function at the Audi showroom for high roller clients. Might meet someone ‘interesting’ there.

  17. im getting nothing! nada! haha! and im a aries toro cusp , scorp rising! Could it be that im left behind? im still waiting for the rad eureka flash! lol I must be feeling too desparate!

  18. The day is still young here and I feel as if I celebrated Venus in Toro a little too early.

    I got a mani-pedi and wax on Saturday and I had a little too much vino tinto last night so I feel a little foggy at the moment but hopefully that will clear up by lunch time.

    I love Venus in Toro. Actually, I’m a fan of anything in Toro, lux pampering and taking things slow is what I live for 🙂

  19. Massage the other day, facial tomorrow. Have been waiting for the facial! I work in the sun a lot – it’s needed!

    On the flip side I’ve been really really keen on buying latex lingerie for some reason – the cutesy kind that comes in baby pinks with little latex frills and bows. What is THAT about? Is there a transit to explain this!?

  20. does that explain my afternoon glass of red wine to, uh, help me relax and motivate my creativity for an art project? it’s ok, i went for a 7km run too. and the first time i managed to make it to the top of a big steep hill without walking, yay me. then vegie-loaded pasta and another glass of red…3 squares of dark choc… now, WORK or sleep. oracle says “Sleep, you motherfuqing idiot” well i am paraphrasing.

    • oh, maybe this explains why i got a bottle of wine out last night for the first time in 3 months! I put it on the bench and looked at it for a while and then I put it back in the fridge, but the desire was there….I was just checking it out, lol 🙂

  21. As a Venus in Taurus native, this time is often the nicest time of year for me!
    The sun is (FINALLY) shining in the UK, which seems appropriate! Been eating loads of fruit and veg all day, and I’m going to make a really yummy/ healthy dinner of roasted aubergine with vegan basil and cashew nut pesto in honour of the occasion.

  22. i think this may explain my ultimatum to mate prospect, put up or shut up mars in cap, venus in virgo saturn in taurus, cut the crap, action or walk, no stooping to conquer? oh and im ovulating xx

  23. Natal Venus shares the 29 Toro point with natal Saturn.

    I am one of these “Venus conj Saturn” anomalies… the mythology of beauty meets the karmic taskmaster..If you are one, fret not, it gets better by age, as with anything related to Saturn 🙂

      • I’m a Venus conj Saturn person and I simply love ageing, I love how I feel with each passing year and that I seem to actually look younger now than I did a decade ago. Super, super!

      • I think having Moon-MC at 29 Toro is a perfect placement – it suggests that you have the intuition and the Toro perseverance with a drop of Gem ingenuity when it comes to public affairs 🙂

    • I’ve always thought that Venus conjunct Saturn was good. Makes for smart mating decisions I think, and (I’m not sure if this is more Vedic than western astro but…) Saturn loves to be with Venus; so they say.

      I have the trine and I rather like it and I think I need it to be that way since I have neptune in the 7th.

      Saturn always takes off the rose tinted glasses before it’s too late.

      • It’s very true, although my conunction is in Libra, I think it can make me a overly cerebral about love at times. Perhaps too sensible!

      • The conjunction made me feel “too old” when I was a teenager – I couldn’t understand the “flirting” moves my cohort seemed to have perfected.

        I still can’t flirt but fortunately I am at the age group for which flirting feels awkward — you know “flipping the hair” kind 🙂

    • Natally I am venus Toro conjuct saturn. Hasn’t got better with age. Non existant love life and too traumatised to even try from the last relationshit.

  24. Today was just SO lovely! I mean, I’m not complaining, the amount of eureka flash moments and hot new business ideas and shazam meetings of like minded people etc etc of the last ‘forever’ has been mind blowing…. But today was a cool drink of water from a secret mineral fountain that calmed and nourished my weary bones!!! x

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