Why It’s Good To Know Your Venus Sign

Venus sign

It is as essential to know your Venus sign as it is the Sun Sign. The Sun reflects your core identity, the self that you are striving to actualize. Your so-called Sun Sign is merely the constellation of the Zodiac that the Sun was traveling through when you were born. But there was a lot more going on at the time of your birth.

Venus by sign, house, and aspect shows the style, aesthetic and romantic sensibility of a person. As Venus never strays too far from the Sun, many people have the same Venus sign as their Sun. That’s easy! There is no contradiction between, say, a Gemini Sun and Venus. Their fashion sense and relating mode are congruent with their Gemini nature. And if you add Mercury into the picture, another planet which is always near the Sun, that could also be in Gemini.

Again, no conflict, no jagged edges. They dress like a Gemini (unless their Ascendant is at odds with Gemini), sound like a Gemini, love like a Gemini and well, you get the picture.  But if our Gemini example has Venus in Taurus, they can transmit a signal that won’t be picked up by the relationship frequency they’re on. Or confuse the hell out of people with an “I’m bored, I want to go out” swiftly followed up by strong nesting urges. One minute they want to buy a new couch with you – the next they’ve blocked you because they felt crowded.

Knowing someone else’s Venus sign gives you valuable insight into what they find beautiful. If you don’t know it or want my take on it, you can get an Astral DNA or a Love Warp 9 report.

From Love Warp 9 – my Venus Report

Venus in Sagittarius

Turquoise is the most potent stone to zap up the Venus in Sagittarius charisma, with Topaz next in line. Scents that support this generous and open-hearted Venus sign include Carnation, Magnolia and Ginseng. Your Venus is ruled by King Jupiter, so a small talisman made from Tin – the lucky metal associated with Jupiter – would be fortunate indeed. For protection against those trying to bludge off your magnanimous nature, use White Sage oil.

Every Venus sign is affiliated to metals, stones, herbs, flowers, and scents. In old magic, these strengthen your Venusian Vibe. Working with these is practical Venusian magic. When your Venus Vibe is right, regardless of your gender, you feel sensual and at ease with your physical realm. A well-adjusted Venus enjoys their body but is not obsessive. Venus is love but even more so pleasure, food, music, art, and culture.

If your Venus sign is the costume, the House is the stage or the setting. And the aspects that Venus makes with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and other planets or points are the relationships your Venus is in. Some are cordial and flowing – the trines – and others are discordant, but they provoke growth. Venus conjunct anything lends your Venusian nature some of the energy of that planet. For example, a Venus could be in sunny Sagittarius, as above but if it is conjunct Pluto, that person is far more intense and perhaps obsessive than the classic Saggo Venus.

There are multiple permutations and of course, many other planets to take into account. But, know your Venus sign for extra insights to your love style and fashion sense.

Know someone else’s for freakishly helpful ‘insider info’ on what they find alluring. It is particularly helpful if you’re Taurus or Libra rising, as Venus rules both these ascendants. It’s not ‘ruled’ as in she reigns over you, more that the Love Goddess is your most important influence. See more Venus tips here.


Image: Gian Paolo Barbieri

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