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Hey so was your Pluto Stationing Retro Experience? Mine was Realization City. 

It was exact while i lay sleeping and my dreams were off some psychological richter scale; magical and as if i was being shown what i needed to see.  In one bit of i was flying but could not control my flight – i either soar so high it’s scary or I’m low and crashing into trees. I realized it was a sequel to previous intense dreams.

There was a house and I’d sold it but was having problems moving out of it. There was a closet with very specific garments in it and each item corresponded to a persona I’d outgrown or could not bear to wear anymore. Long story but It was profound and probably one of the most intense dreams ever.

Also, did anyone have any poignant past life flashbacks today? The Moon was on the South Node (previous existences) and I don’t usually follow this closely (except for Taurus in their horoscopes as the South Node is IN Taurus) BUT i was lying on the sofa just thinking and this particularly beautiful cool breeze blew in – all I thought was that is like the wind in Liguria & then before i could think w.t.f is Liguria, i had particularly intense memory. 

So then i googled Ligura and voila it is the Italian region where Genoa is but i did not know that and i haven’t been anywhere near there. It was the wind that bought the memory and the Moon was right on the point that ancient astrologers said was the gateway to the past…And i only got the Moon connection when i thought about it. Promise next time this little karmic aspect pops up (it is once a month) i will mention it in the Daily Mystic email.

So people, hands up who has been doing depth psych dreaming, realizations and/or past life flashbacks these past 36 hours?

Man with bird flying past black and white

Bottom Image: Renato D’Agostin Top Image: Hans Feurer Antidote Magazine

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276 thoughts on “Team Pluto

  1. Last night I dreamed of 6yr old girls in a school each painting a giant vulva. They were made of some sort of bread dough that was set but still soft and there were no 2 alike. I was amazed that such a project existed! The girls were painting the labia from a beautiful palette of magentas and browns and pinks and as I watched I became absolutely awed by the diversity, chaos, textures and lushness of the giant cunts. ….. The past couple of days it seems like the best thing I could spend my time doing is sleeping!

  2. Mine was in a far-away city, talking about the death and resurrection of failed banks and states with the leaders of banks and states. About the real nature of power, and the insignificance of everything else.

  3. I had a horrible dream the night before last, that I was in bed with my grandparents either side and I realised my grandfather wanted to have sex with me because my grandmother couldn’t any more. I felt so betrayed, jumped out of bed, shouted at them and left with my sister (who turned up from somewhere). When I got outside, I was so devastated because I’d lost my whole family but then I was in some sort of light place where a host of people were waiting to greet me and care for me. I’ve been feeling really emotional and the dream seemed to be a huge clear-out of past crap for me. Then last night I had another dream, or rather this morning just before I woke up. I was at an airport with my husband and friend, flying to China via Japan, and buying newspapers to read on the flight. In the bookshop were the Two Hairy Bikers stark naked doing yoga and flogging their diet book, and I told them I’d already lost 3 stone and was doing well. And no, they didn’t look too bright stark naked although they were quite casual about it, lol. Then I realised we’d lost our black kitten who turned up when we called, but also had with us a ginger cat who wasn’t the stray we were taking with us so we left him in a pen outside the bookshop with a tortoise of all things. Then we found out we’d missed the flight but my husband was quite casual and sure that it would wait for us. But looking for it we found ourselves in a really run-down, seedy, old-fashioned hospital where patients were on trolleys with old, grey blankets. Left there, found a nurse who said she’d show us where to go, never found the plane before I woke up. After 11 hours sleep and feeling better than I’ve done in ages! Still working on the second dream but I think it’s telling me to take my time and not try to hurry things, that all will come to good in all due timelessness (I think!) 8)

    • hey dear and not at all crazy lady – so much I could say here re first dream. but I won’t. your psyche is reads fleeting thoughts that ran through mind in the past, and I am here (rather than the lovely mediterranean islands) to say as one the host who gets it xx

      • So i DID post this -thought I’d abandoned it mid cut/paste edit, too tired to complete it…(blushes)

        er, host? those. reads? reading. mind? his mind,,,.

    • Well that’s warm & fuzzy!
      It’s a virtual social arena, it’s a place to comment on what interests you if you have time. I don’t expect people to comment all the time & I don’t have time to comment sometimes even when I am really interested.
      Perhaps the fact that the comments get so skinny in reply after a point is inhibiting but, I dunno, I grew up in a busy house, I don’t expect attention here or anywhere!

    • Try giving yourself a screen name and logging in.

      Many people here have built up virtual relationships over many years and many many (attributed) posts, so expecting instant rapport and counseling on tap is unrealistic.

    • What kind of help do you need? You might be surprised how much is offered when you ask for it; even if it’s not here, or wherever or however you expect it.

      I don’t comment very often on this site but the sincerity, helpfulness, and connection I’ve found in the commentators has blown me away. And it’s a big part of why I come back, day after day. That’s not even counting the words of wisdom and wealth of experience so honestly offered.

      There’s no harm in venting either. It’s one of the most therapeutic things you could do.

      Take what you need if any of it is helpful and nothing more. And keep moving. I don’t say that with any meanness of spirit, just find what helps, whatever that may be. No doubt you will find it. Xx

    • Well maybe, but like in any relationship, it can take time for people to build up to a point they want to share I think.
      There are wonderful people here!

    • Anon.. I kind of agree with you! Since I am Virgo sun I try to be perfect and if I am not I feel like no one really wants to know me OR I have very strong posts that kind of throw people off. I am trying so hard to learn astrology to be like most of the bloggers here. There are talented people on this. Reading what they have posted about astrology has helped me tremendously. They may not respond to my situation all the time but I end up reading what they wrote and I am like “a-HA”.. that works for me!

      Just saying..

  4. And just like that… I get the bad dreams too…. Not too disturbing but one actually woke me up and I felt scared there was someone in the house had to get up and check the house – I think… Now I’m realising this might have been part of the dream… Most upset by having a disturbed sleep, why has sleep become such a delicate thing?

    I dont know if I’ve become dulled but my insights were not amped up this weekend at all… There was one though andvits probably quite profound, my friend helped me work it out talking about it…

    Last weekend I had this wake up shake up and reached the point of “bring it on” with a fiercness, I was shaking fists at the sky and tears streaming down my face declaring I was ready fir love and I would not stand in the way… Promptly I suffered intenso pain for days….. What does it mean? reminding me I can surrender and move throught the pain? Maybe… Its a good thing to remember because its possible that is what has got in the way, my fear of the pain was so great . But I know the heart breaks open to grow bigger… My heart has been very broken however over and over…

  5. I was in a bar at the beach during this time and the band (which was merely “okay” given the out of the way location, and certainly not exceptional suddenly switched genres and launched into Rocket Man by Elton John. It was as though the band instantaneously lit up and became excellent. The whole room came alive and everyone, the bartenders, the groups of college kids, the motorcycle gang, the preppy 20-30 somethings, the couples in their 50s and 60s–everyone in the place stopped whatever they were doing and began singing. My friends and I were in the middle of talking while one friend in particular who is addicted to texting actually looked up from her screen. Then each one of us turned like little homing pigeons toward the music and sang. It was a complete transformation in just a few beats of music. (so, not a past life per se, but a song from a bygone era).

  6. My Pluto Retro was pretty life-alteringly major, alright: found out I’m pregnant. For the first time. At age 40, no less!!!

    Am excited, awed, and still in shock!

  7. Ive been having sexual dreams lately. I havent had any for while, but they picked up again and now they have changed in that my dream partners finish and ejaculate into me. It never played out to that extent before, but now it does. Strange, I dont know what to make of it.

  8. No dreams, but Ive just went from a few weeks of complete apathy to intense sadness around Thursday night during a marathon of Doctor Who. I’ve been in this state ever since. Weird.

  9. I recently decided to pursue a life-long dream and when Pluto went retro I started questioning if it’s REALLY what I want to do. *sigh*

    So Pluto retro for this Scorp feels like the force is no longer with me. And the force is strong in my chart (packed 8th house – Uranus/Pluto/Mars conjunct)

    Passions now subdued. One step forward, two steps back with this Zap Zone…. I’ll get there eventually, I hope. If only I knew where I was going….. 🙂

      • Thanks Gemyogi, planning to. Saturn is transiting my 10th house. Its now or never! Just have to get Saturn to shut up with the negative self talk (natal Jupiter square Saturn, & Saturn square merc).

        Go the Dragons! Another ’64 vintage here too. 🙂

  10. I didn’t post this earlier but I was feeling a little sad. Wasn’t sure if it was because of accident over the w/e and feeling alone. Thank God I didn’t pass out.. then this happened!!

    When will we get someone to the US to help us! We need a leader who can protect the people! Prayers to all that were exposed to this tragedy.