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Saturn In A Pill

If Saturn were a vitamin, it would be incredible. But of course the whole point of Saturn is that it is work – having to face reality and do a proper stocktake of our assets and liabilities. What you may call a hope or a gamble, Saturn deems a delusion. Still, i want a Saturn vitamin but meanwhile we will have to make do with our Saturn transits. Months and months on end of boundaries, sanity, cleanliness and pure raw clarity. 

On the weekend i met a Capricorn dermatologist who said he had been told he had a strong Saturn – he had zero pores in his skin. He also said that people wasted money on so-called status symbols but that good skin was the only status symbol. To look ‘rich’ a Rolex was irrelevant; you needed only a face and body lotion containing Retinol (he said it was the only scientifically proven skincare ingredient) and to eat zero starchy carbs. Zero. You have to develop a complete phobia of glycation. There is no magic pill. There is only discipline. I am just passing this on f.y.i. I have Jupiter near my North Node at the moment so am meeting all manner of interesting people. Hint: When Jupiter is strong in your chart, natally or by transit, strike up conversations with strangers. Nice ones, obviously.

And the Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday are up  – psyched because of the Sun-Mars conjunction in action Aries. That weird vibe some of you may getting?  It’s change…Eclipse Season AND the Zap Zone exact again. Coming Soon…So actually, it’s an excellent time to be doing your Saturn.


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85 thoughts on “If Saturn Were A Vitamin

  1. Avocados are commercially valuable and are cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world. They have a green-skinned, fleshy body that may be pear-shaped, egg-shaped, or spherical. Commercially, it ripens after harvesting. Trees are partially self-pollinating and often are propagated through grafting to maintain a predictable quality and quantity of the fruit.’

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  2. If saturn where a vitamin it’d be white or silver-coloured, not blue. it’d be heavy. it’d have a lot more to say than it can or will. it’d resemble something like wisdom working overload. it’s be like hanging on tender hooks. it’d be a mean, lean, training instructor.

  3. Retinol is an 8/10 on the Cosmetics Database toxicity scale (10 is carcinogenic, repro toxicity, etc). It’s basically concentrated vitamin A, yes?Let’s stick with the leafy greens.

  4. Oh dear, another derm recommending Retinol…….ladies, this is a BIG mistake. Don’t let the white coat fool you. The poreless skin on him doesn’t mean it’s good for YOU. Quality skincare is NOT a one size fits all endeavor. Your skin is unlike anyone else’s and what works for one person might be a disaster for another. Besides, male skin is thicker and can tolerate stronger products than thinner female skin so his skin and product use, no one’s skin and product use should be used as ‘the’ standard for YOU.

    Long term use of Retinol on ANY skin will thin it out, especially female skin, dry it and leave it more weak and vulnerable to aging, sun damage and a host of associated problems. Why is that? Because it’s chemical action converts it to an acid! Just think….long term applications of acid to the skin. What do you think is likely to happen?

    And if this man thinks that Retinol is scientifically proven, where oh where are the long term studies? Guess what….. you won’t find them. Instead look at this

    In summary it’s an investigative report on the selling of Retin-A and its derivatives. Basically….it’s all about the money. Surprise, surprise. And when it comes to skincare we’re talking LOTS of money, like billions! Retinol and its cousins are the gravy train for the cosmeceutical industry. Cheap, cheap to produce but reaps huge returns. I could go on an on but I’d risk being even more boring.

    For once I wish women would be as highly selective about what they apply to their skin as they are about the shoes they wear. Quick fixes and acids are NOT the answer to beautiful, HEALTHY skin. Anything worthwhile in life requires time and effort including transforming blah skin into great skin.

    Posted by an aesthetician specializing in organic skincare.

    • 100% Agreed. I was prescribed Retinol for years in my teens, and while the short term effects were fab, long term it took a noticeable toll on. I haven’t used it for decades and would never be tempted to use it again. Organics all the way for me now.

    • Like!
      Great skin starts from within!
      Retinol is an animal derived product. Lets think about that for a second…
      Now go have a coffee enema and drink some juice.

    • thankyou unconventional gem. Yes i remember many years ago reading in the Business section of the newspaper about David Jones (aus dept store) and its “high-margin products” on the ground floor / entry level of the place – i.e. this is the cosmetics perfume and all that goo. At that instant it pinged “cash not beauty” and pi, you’re being ripped off. i think i already knew this, but it was good to have it confirmed by a business review which only cares about money 😀

  5. LOVE IT- a Saturn Vitamin!!! LOL

    I think my Cap moon a benefit right now. Saturn is on my rising. Atl least I may have the discipline to make it through the sheer hard work. I get about 1/2 of and afternoon off per week right now and there is no end in sight – and I am grateful for the work every day.

    I was actually told I was one of the nicest people in my office, always smiling. (Not something a Scorp Riser gets all of he time) In comparision to the last few years, I am happy working my a** off. The boss is Great and I have medical and regular pay. And I have evolved SO MUCH I can hardly believe it. It has been work getting here and there is more evolution coming….. I guess I’ll supplement my Saturn with B vitmains 🙂

    Is it a b vitamin need that I have a strange craving for beans lately? Any kind. And spices. Chick pea, green beans, lentils, black beans, navy beans, lima beans. Weird. What’s up with that? Spicy beans is the food du jour. (I am trying to get back off of the chocolate dammit, I got weak)

  6. I also have Saturn transiting my Sixth House now. I’ve reduced my consumption of sugar and meat, increased my consumption of green vegetables, gotten into a regular exercise regimen, and have lost a few pounds.

    Still need to work on getting proper sleep hygiene and staying hydrated.

    Saturn is doing a complete overhaul on my life right now. At very few times have I been through such huge changes. They’re for the good (I hope) but, in typical Saturn fashion, I probably won’t see the benefits for a few years.

  7. Hmmm I think Sarurn might be all vitamins, coz we need them all to get through the ‘to do’ list right? Anyway thats just a guess. However, if Saturn was a fruit I reckon it would be a banana for sure. And Jupiter, maybe a great big juicy water melon? Making Venus a bunch of grapes yeah?

      • But its a slow burning sugar in a banana….lasts for ages. Celery? I can see your point, but it’s mostly water isn’t it?

        • 12-19 g of sugar per serving still sounds high to me if you are avoiding glycation stuff.

          i don’t eat bananas because the high mold content makes me dizzy. It contains a lot of fusarium mold so if you have a mold allergy it will set it off.

          Celery contains cell salts needed to keep electrolyte balance. Helps keep you slim. Boosts testosterone due to androstenone and androstenol content. good stuff!

          • I am always impressed how many people know such awesome things about bodies and nutrition here. This post has been actual education for me. The amount of times I want to ping off into an actual discussion off topic because someone has said something in passing that has actually really clicked something for me even if it’s just them in passing. This is like the 4th moment. *tips hat*

  8. Oh Saturn. I do love it, even after everything, even though it’s still in my 7th house (since Oct 2009!!) lessoning me right left and centre. I’d take a Saturn pill.

    Funnily enough, I had almost flawless skin my whole life until the month before my Saturn Return started in 2010, since then I’ve struggled with acne and eczema on my face. It’s been horrible, something really, deeply soul destroying about having bad skin but maybe that’s just my Libra stellium talking again. Retinols killed my skin, I prefer a good quality AHA or BHA, diet, acupuncture and minimal, chemical free skincare. I’m lucky that despite still struggling with acne (I only get it in two areas of my face) and having very dry skin I literally don’t have a single crease or wrinkle or any enlarged pores at 32. Semi makes up for the everyday struggle.

  9. figures that Saturn would be an advocate of orthorexia. But i do have tosay my skin looked flawless without makeup, no pores, no blemishes during 40day juce fast. But also weakened, no energy to do workouts and mentally ungrounded. not sutainable for me long term.

    Luv u Saturn but we were so 2011!

  10. Yes I have jupiter 1 degree away from ascendant, 12th…Virgo, sextile the moon in the 10th opposite pisces mercury 6th…Once when in the middle of nowhere, literally train tracks and crossroads with barren land surrounding, to get to somewhere land I just had to wait for the kindness of a stranger to pass by…To hitchhike to a design interview I was oddly successfully for, only to realise the stranger was innane, but the interviewer was potent to the point of being sinister…needless to say strangers are wonderful for intensely honest impromptu and serendiptous advice, where a sudden and different perspective is required. There is a reason why sign posts are located where they are. Whatever level you are on. Mostly an instant reprieve from tests you shouln’t have to repeat LOL .Known destinations you travel to that are imminent usually just thrashed, obviously are arduous…Potentially more ambiguous slow current hidden karrmic nonsense you have to be dragged to in order to have release from that theme…If you don’t wander you don’t throw yourself into the pit of reality…Life cannot be exempt from contact with the painfully material, it cannot be wholly detached and immersed in the spiritual. Strangers out of context hold an accelerated mirror…

  11. i do agree with some of the cap advice, i buy retin a from thailand online for $18.00 au a tube .1 per cent no prescription needed, only use at night due to effects of sunlight on retin a, has made a difference swore of starchy food years ago, recently booted sugar re relationship to liver and hormones, secret womens biz, dr john lee books well worth a read whether youre perimenopausal, menopausal or beyond.
    Also trying more alkaline including chlorophyl less acid now i understand the crap i learned at school way back

  12. retinol is god in my world. there should be an asteroid named after it.

    i read this post as If Saturn Were A Vibrator LOL

    it would make you do kegel exercises before you could get to the fun bit.

  13. I see it as more of an essential mineral. something that if you didn’t take, all your teeth would fall out. (oo, so saturn!)

    i looked up glycation. it is the effect of sugar on one’s biochemistry, leading to ageing appearance. my mum mentioned this recently too, will therefore take as a sign. my sweet tooth has been reined in a bit lately. only 85% cocoa dark chocolate unless i really truly have to devour a leetle handful of something illegally sugary 🙂

    has anyone tried retinol, how has it worked for you?

    I was even looking up cosmetic surgery last night, out of curiousity. hey, even if I have to sell a kidney to afford it, I have options… haha

  14. I registered an appointment with Centrelink today because my job hunting is not going anywhere. How’s that for Saturn.

    I see why people don’t try career changing like I have! I’m still studying but yeah it’s a bit fuqed that a reception job in my new industry seems unobtainable, yet once I’m qualified I’ll be picking which jobs I want, it seems… random.

  15. if Saturn were a vitamin it would be an omega 3, a fatty acid that works in the body linking things together and repairing and in its final pathway as it enters the brain as DHA, one can think more clearly and gain more strength inside..outside, I usually rest more during a Saturn transit..I get tireder….

    I was going to say, minerals, as they help our bones and teeth, and we should be consuming healthy food in order to get calcium and iron, but Saturn is gaseous so we must consider his power from a magnetic forceful point of view..something which can work behind the scenes and not really care if anyone knows it or not..Saturn makes me know I am doing all the right things.. I should love Saturn but sometimes he makes me feel like an outsider..removed from all the bruhaha of life..it is ok because it is what it is..with Saturn!

    good sources of omegas are from,
    hemp seeds
    chia seeds
    satcha ichi seeds
    flax (as alpha linoleic acid which changes to omega 3s after it is consumed)
    fish oils( if you go the fish oil rout, please no krill, it is whale food and there are plenty of ways to get astaxanthin with out harvesting all the faking krill)

    • Yay, right, I agree started hemp seeds w Saturn on ascendant currently… Dinner tonight avocado and banana smoothie, bootcamp boxing thingo in the am… Totally doing the solo Saturn thing,not always happy about that but plenty of time for yoga, and that’s so Saturn good… At least some bliss in that… I’m just having to do as mm says above and then things don’t cave in… Shit still happens but I’m not analysing too much I cant, the taskmaster makes me move on and go for goals and dreams and constantly put self in the sweet spot… I wonder what life will be like after Saturn on my ascendant?

          • Chia seeds on yoghurt with Acai powder and toasted muesli….Go Team Brekky!
            “Chia” does sound like what Miss Piggy would say before she got all up in your grill.

          • so totally! In fact, I had one for dinner last night after talking to you….what else do you put in yours? I have tahini, honey, cacao, coconut oil and sometimes I toss some quinoa flakes and blueberries in there as well, with almond milk or just water.

            • I don’t swine. That’s my current brekky recipe. I do have my Manpower recipe. So I was with my then photographer boss and a guy who used to be in Manpower.
              Toast, butter and Vegemite, avocado and then sliced tomatoes and fresh cracked pepper. He had hair like Fabio and his wife was there. Great Brunch idea.

  16. Change is supposed to be as good as a holiday, so I’ve been sampling a new skincare line. Thanks Mystic, sounds like it’s time for liquid chlorophyll. Been fine tuning a body scrub: coffee (the left over grounds from the French press), rock salt and organic coconut oil butter.

    • mm, yum. coffee is such a nice body scrub, though i find it breaks my face out. my newest scrub adoration is castor oil, honey, lemon juice, and sugar. magick!

        • I’m interested in this cos my facial skin is really sensitive – like even strawberries sound a bit full on for me, and yeah, I wouldn’t put coffee grounds on my face, just in it 🙂 is there something good for sensitive skin?

  17. speaking of change, I have just become vegetarian – and I didn’t even see it coming! Well, pescatarian, actually. Are there astro signals to explain that?

      • Hi Mystic, yeah I do, and yeah, I know, and I am embracing it. I just wondered if a particular transit might explain it.

        And thanks for the link below! I’ll check it out 🙂

            • Hmm, I also have Saturn transiting 6th and also have gone mostly vegetarian/some vegan. Dropped a few lbs already and feel mentally ‘clearer.’ I just bought an mp3 player and can’t wait to hit the gym, too. Natal Saturn Libra trine Aqua sun makes me want to be fitter/richer/thinner this year. It feels like revenge on my enemies, somehow. 🙂

            • Saturn will eventually transit part of my 6th, towards the end of Saturn in Scorpio and then Sag will gets it chance (Yay! Not).

              It would be nice if it overhauled my eating habits but I doubt that will happen until Saturn is in Sag. Saturn in Scorp is way too agreeable with me.

              I feel like Saturn in Sag (opposing my moon and ascendant) will be horrendous, much like Saturn in Libra was for me.

              • I have Saturn in Sag to look forward too as well. It will conjunct my moon.

                Agree with you – Saturn in Scorp isn’t too bad. Saturn in Libra (on my Venus) was the vilest transit ever!!!!

  18. I did a ‘General Life Reading’ on the aptly named Zap Oracle today (google it, it’s awesome). Very Zap Zone – lots of emphasis on adopting a calm, impersonal perspective, and metaphors of open windows/portals approaching. Also, ahem, an instruction to sit with my fear of death & see what it tells me. I will be processing this one for a while!

    • LOVE the zap oracle. i go over there when this oracle is just too mean. it gives such a deep and complex plan- so much to ponder.

  19. I’m de-cluttering like a madwoman today! It’s super satisfying and feels so lovely and cathartic. I’ll never be a minimalist but who needs 15 spare throw cushions, really?

      • I did take your advice in my astro query reading to fix my feng shui on board but I don’t know if I can get rid of ALL my cushions. Or plants in the bedroom. I’m going for baby steps 🙂

      • never thought of it like that…cushions trapping stale qi…hmmm. i have a gazillion of them. and i reckon that is why i am stuck in a repetitive pattern…hmmm

      • Cushions… and dark, drab couches that smell of cat urine and have been borrowed from one’s mother. And hideous plastic Godzillas found in the street, brought home and displayed permanently thereafter. And that depressing rug so encrusted with animal fur it’s turning a different color and a vacuum no longer works, you have to use a bristle brush to scrape it semi-clean. But try telling these things to a Sun-Moon-ASC Cancer partner and they’ll get pissy that you’d DARE question any item that came from their mother, or that has a good story that inspires their Crabby nostalgia. That banged up piece of scrap metal? It was their great-grandfather’s tool chest that they took to work every day and so on…

        It’s all too much for this strong-Saturned Capricorn who booked a one-way ticket outta here and is moving on to the minimalist den (with a home office, natch) of her dreams, sans partner. Because partners, too, are totally unnecessary status symbols.

      • And they trap stale dust mites 🙁
        I have some a of dusty cushions. I wash my pillows and will not have a dry clean only bed comforter. I just got a new bed comforter, btw, after reading about stale Qi in objects, thanks to you , Mystic. It was a left over of the marriage long- gone. I liked it but,,,, it had to go. And swear I awoke more “at peace” somehow.

        • Haha, YES. Our couch is from my mother, and my husband swears he can still smell their dog farts in it, even after a good cleaning. It has to be bad Qi.

          • Years of farts trapped into a sofa cushion. 🙁 Get rid of them!

            I swear it’s true! People think I’m trying to be a smart arse, but i’m serious. 😀

  20. If Saturn was a vitamin, it wouldn’t work unless you do.

    Like diet pills. You’ll still need to exercise to get to where you want to be. Or more like pills that make you work harder? Or maybe placebos?

    Sorry, it’s 3am where I live and I clearly need sleep .. (Sun trine Saturn here tho)

    • I totally agree. Or maybe it would make you feel totally awful until you got your shiz together, or if you were cutting corners.
      It kind of reminds me of those diet pills that eliminate some of the fat that you’re digesting, but you still have to eat healthily anyway. If you’re sneaky and try and eat some chocolate or something….it aint going to be pretty.

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