More Mars Fuqery: the astrology of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

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suspect2Stand by for the astrology of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev;

Mad scenes going down in Watertown, Boston etc as the surviving suspect Boston marathon bomber is pursued by the police and co. Can only imagine how scary it must be for the residents. (And yes, before anyone narks off in the comments, i feel sorry for people in Damascus as well).

As Andy Daly tweeted, “when an Elvis impersonator trying to kill the president is the least interesting news story of the week, you know some shit went down.”

The joke used to be that you felt old all of a sudden because of policeman looking young, now it’s terrorists seeming like children. Seriously, this Suspect 2 is YOUNG.

F.Y.I. his astro (and this is only cos the FBI have helpfully published his birth data, not because i intend to make a habit of doing the astro of people like this)

* Cancerian (not quite the Kataka quota we had in mind, sorry peeps)

*  That early 90s classic Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn being squared by the Sun/Mars conjunction in Aries.

* Mars in Virgo

* AND a prick of a Fixed Square – Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio square Chiron in Leo.   Fixed square people are often great athletes or business leaders due to their incredible powers of self-discipline and focus but they can also get, well, a little bit too fixed in their belief systems.

Please share thoughts here if you like – this thing is going to go on for a while i think – but bear in  mind i am not going to another post about current affairs again if anyone resorts to personal abuse in the comments. People are totally entitled to have differing views about politics, yes?

729-vk-620x349Images: Via SMH

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170 thoughts on “More Mars Fuqery: the astrology of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  1. Cancerian terrorist – it will be down to his Mother issues – has to be……..

      • Yes father has said special services framed the boys.

        I must say, when I saw the photo I didn’t get a ‘vibe’ (unlike the Sandy Hook boy who seemed very unwell).

        • There you go again with the spin.

          Now if I turn your spin upside down, I get what ?
          The uncle said “he is a fanatical islamist who was possibly set up as a sleeper terrorist. (produces ‘evil’ looking photo).

          Why be the tail to their head ?
          Life isn’t decided by a toss of the coin.

          By accusing the ‘secret service’ of being the perpetuators of this evil is as much injustice as those accusing this young boy of personal evil.

          Look at it like a wheel on a wagon, the outside rim is turning in big loops, up down, around. Pick a point on that rim and your in for a pretty unsettling ride. Up down, around. Now look at the centre of the wheel, the axle. Its spinning, but stable. Its not hitting the road every revolution. It is where the true power lies.

          We are all playing our part on the wheel, actors in an awesome play, accusation and judgement based on ?, of either side of these types of events just spins the wheels of injustice.

          Somewhere in the stillness of the centre is the truth. As I said the other night, thats where you belong. The centre needs you x

          • It was my feeling upon seeing the photo that he didn’t seem so unbalanced. I can be wrong about that, it’s fine by me.

            It was the father’s statement that he believed his kids were set up. He can be wrong about that, also fine.

            I am not attached to a final judgement. Why do you need to define my position as spin? Or conspiracy?

            Sure I have inclination to distrust the interpretation of terrorist situations by the media which is informed by my understanding of events in recent history. It doesn’t make me unreasonable.

            You can be right & I can be right in a discussion like this. But forgive me if I say I feel like you spent some time on the rim, & for whatever reason now it’s only about the centre.

            I am not looking to allocate blame, I just like looking at the rim, the centre and checking it all out.

            • well of course the father’s going to say that! His uncle actually said the boys were losers who couldn’t fit in and hated everyone that did.

              • The parents extreme hatred of the States could have shaped their views. Their influence must be felt.

        • I agree their photos do not look like terrorists faces. But, he was still only 19.
          Sandy Hook shooter was obviously mentally unwell.
          These terrorists/mass murders may be psychopaths but not 100% detached from reality.
          It is unnerving to see a somewhat innocent baby faced killer, but it does happen unfortunately.

          I am watching, waiting to form an opinion just way too much info packed in a short day.

    • Mother issues- yes. At first I laughed but his mother seems domineering almost mean, even in her happy family photos. Using body language, not astro.

  2. Lets not dissect his astro. I vote let justice take its path. spolen like a true peace loving Mars in Libra

    • i just do not want to give this piece of crap any time, what about the victims, they are surely more important?

      • What, so you create another victim in the rush to pin blame on someone who’s yet to be proven guilty?

          • .. gutless comment ‘Anon’!

            prowlin, once again, made perfect sense .. innocent, till proven otherwise!

          • lol … “go get a life you idiot” must be the stock standard online response from someone who lacks the intelligence to answer the question properly.

  3. They are saying now he may have been pressured into it by his older brother, it’s all so hideous. The astro is fyi. He could also be leo btw.

  4. Chechen descent by the looks- Chechnia (sp?) the horrible school massacre, so many children died there

  5. That was in 2004 – he would have been 11.

    UNREAL developments – suspect is posting threats live online. Some say he is surrounded by swat in a potentially booby trapped apartment – others that he is heading to manhattan in a vest.

    Are any of our american commenters up yet?

    • Yep.

      What was left out above is that last night they shot dead an MIT (uni) campus police officer, hijacked an SUV and robbed a convenience store + shot someone else. What mayhem, is right!

      So the militant pics of police swarming Boston — doesn’t seem like, ahem, overkill to me.

      • Oh yes, i was not purporting to present a full report on this – soz – i assumed people who would read this would be following.

        I don’t think the response is overkill at all.

        FYI whilst we’re news hounding, Rolf Harris (australian entertainer) is having his Uranus Return. Uranus on his natal Sun-Uranus in Aries.

        • Didn’t imply you’d think it was overkill. :-) Additional news update given just to inform.

          Thanks for the astro, MM. I believe there’s a link here to those bombings in Chechnya, and I wonder if these brothers were sent to the US to put them out of harm’s way. If so, how ironic and how tragic.

        • My ex Iranian Piscean luv and his brother were both sent to the the U.S yonks ago so they would not die on the battlefield in the Iran/Iraq war at such a tender age.

          Brother was sent to Philly and then mine to Champagne Illinois when 15. Always got a kick outta him saying that he had been “corn fed” lol

          I have not gotten an up date on this since I left for work at 8:00 am.

      • Sun and Mars in anaretic degree of Aries –definitely be some kind of showdown today.

        (Sorry for the western/cowboy metaphor, but it so apt.)

    • I’m up, but I have no news. You’re telling me more about the situation than anyone else right now. I don’t watch TV. All I know is Boston doesn’t play.

  6. What’s the dead brother’s astro? I wonder if he’s the Aries pressuring (squaring) little brother into the action.

  7. I’d love to see someone following NRA astro- I.E. recent disclosures about NRA blocking legislation on tags for gun powder in the late 80’s 90’s.It would have let them ID where powder came from used in bombs. What hides in the dark comes to light…

    Last night Rachel Maddow did a brilliant piece on war chemicals converted to peace time use without any safeguards. The West Texas plant that blew up had eschewed safety plans, fire precautions, sprinkler systems. Denied they were needed.

    Ironically with Merc/Uranus in Rambo mode, today is Day of Silence to support LGBTQ community.

    Can’t wait to see astro of these guys. Haute/Low at its most intense!!



    • Wow. Will find that Maddow piece. Heard about the blatant disregard for safety and put that down to typical Texas swagger.

        • I am going with my instinct here. Next disaster will involve oil…yet again. Kinda feel like the world needs a new déjà vu.
          Thanks for the Astro on this kid MM, might have a look into the guy that stalked me. He was from war a torn province, but then again why would I know him (in that way). As always something to ponder.

    • Huh. Is it odd that the Day of Silence coincides with the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to lift the ban on gay youth members but not troop leaders?

      I mean, the mind boggles at the logic that implies, well they’re ALREADY gay, so no danger of “infecting” them. Seriously?? This is just shitting me big time. If the concern is abuse, BY FAR perpetrators are typically stealth about their sexual preferences, repression being a huge hallmark.

      If the concern is influence, what world do people think their kids live in? Disney??

  8. Now there is some shit going down in Niagara Falls – car, russian nationals, suss backpacks. law enforcement are doing a terrific job under trying circumstances.

    • Where do you get your news? lol! I am so out of the loop.

      BTW – its kind of morbid, but I really would love to get an update on when Jill Meagher’s murder gets justice. From what I can tell from here, Aussies don’t promote their murders into celebs like we do in the States. I’d just like to know the guy gets locked up forever – at least.

  9. I just feel for the families who lost children at the marathon, those who have lost legs due to severe injuries inflicted by brainwashed fanatics:(

  10. Planet Waves has posted provisional noon charts for both of these men. According to their charts, brother #1 has a Scorp Mars-Pluto fixed square, and if you throw in Pholus at 15Tau and a Vertex exactly opposite his Aqua Mars, you’ve got a second grand fixed cross. Merc and Venus also in Scorp, Saturn recently retrograding over Pluto.

    Libra Sun 27 degrees? So Sun/Mars in Aries transit opposed natal Libra Sun. Could be the ultimate poster boy for pass-agg Low Libra. Boy, did he blow a fuse.

    Awful, just awful.

  11. The best source for news on the Boston Bombers is Fox News– you can see the police, swat teams, firetrucks, etc., running up and down streets trying to catch Dzhokhar.

  12. I looked at the chart of the younger brother – south node Gemini, ruler mercury in cancer retrograde. The north node is sag with a Jupiter rulership in libra.

          • This is an astro blog, so we talk astro. One of the best ways to learn astrology is to use event charts and the natal charts of well-known people.

            It’s not cold to talk about the astrology here. In fact, good astro detective work will tell a lot you more than the wild speculation generated by news media. For instance, if the surviving brother’s North Node is “ruled” by the older brother’s Sun, then we might get some insight into the power dynamics between these two men. Specifically, the older brother had “rulership” over the destiny of the younger one. One interpretation would be like MM says above: the older brother forced the younger one into this role.

            Does this make anyone return to life or regenerate a lost limb? No. But it may help many of us who want to better sense of this tragedy. Astrology is just one tool among many for understanding history and the parts we play in these profound dramas.

            • Very well put.

              Like they say: the best way to avoid repeating history is to study it and learn as much as you can from it.

              • what would be helpful is to predict this behaviour before instead of after the fact some of you people obviously too much time on your hands

                • Well I’m sure if any of us notice a similar power dynamic between two people in the future, we’ll keep a close watch on them. It may not lead to something as extreme as a bombing, but could be an unhealthy relationship nonetheless.

                  Anywho, anon. You do realize what you say about others says more about you than it does them…? That leads me to wonder what you’re doing on a blog full of “people who obviously have too much time on their hands”.

                  I do (facetiously) apologize if it bothers you that I like to take breaks from studying low-level computer code every so often.

  13. The astrolgical insights are insightful. Sun/Mars def had something brewing…
    I do not believe ONE WORD that the Mainstream Media releases. Not a word!
    Fear of Foreign Minors. (yeah, right)

    Meanwhile, other things are going on in the background, and on the sidelines. “When the right hand is doing something, keep an eye of the left.”

    It’s so important that we remember that what we FEED, will GROW.

    For example, CISPA is passed; the WORLDWIDE RELEASE of the documentary “SIRIUS” premieres in L.A. on the 22nd – which is not so much about aliens, as it is about the TECHNOLOGY (Free Energy) that will free humanity from slavery (Tesla-Tech etc), and imposed limits;
    The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure – end of the month; AND the Pluto in Capricorn destruction/transformation of the patriarchy and it’s suffocating structures by the Uranian OPPT… Pope quits, gold markets crash <~ because they were built on lies.

    Do you know what the word APOCALYPSE actually means?
    ^ look it up on wiki! ^


  14. I really feel and did even prior to the suspects’ photos being releases… actually from the moment I heard about this) that this is not terrorism in the sense of nationality/patriotism/religion being involved. I’m getting a distinct D.C. Snipers kind of vibe from this. I think the older brother failed to assimilate, experienced some kind of mental breakdown/conversion and involved (brainwashed) the younger brother currently on the loose.

    I really feel they (the news media anyway) need to stop focusing so much on the Chechen angle and look instead at the way young men under pressure might succumb to mental illness and be triggered into such acts. I think any sort of religious/nationalistic ideology is much more a symptom in this case than the actual issue here.

    Honestly, until we (as in humanity) start focusing on basic human issues instead of battling mythic international bogeymen/conspiracies, that these kind of incidents are going to continue in the US. Newtown, Colorado, Oklahoma City, etc, etc. are all cases in point.

    • Ditto on the DC sniper sitch. I feel as if the younger brother seriously got sucked into this. This is all so messed up. I hope he surrenders and talks but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  15. Didn’t notice his exact birthdate until I read ‘Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio square Chiron in Leo.’ I’m Saturn in Aquarius square Pluto in Scorpio, with Saturn opposing Chiron Leo. Also with the early nineties Neptune-Uranus conjunct in Cap. Only 1.5 years older than him. He had to have known – at some level – that his life would have ended after these actions, even if older bro did brainwash him. Even if not ‘ended’ as in died, might as well be..

  16. All I know or actually I do sense is that he carries this hate towards big borthers aka US and Russia. He feels like chechen, even so as far I have understoood he has not really lived there…. There uncle does not even want to have anything to do with them… Because they don’t sucseed. They look likewell-kept and super intelligent dudes to me…. Being an ex-sovjety myself born into occupied territory – this is just not the stars… It is ad karma living out here and now with frustration to the marks of bone…. Cancer can be selfish…but they are homies, so I think this is to warn Russia for what wents them next Olympics… Somethig I dreamt last night anyway..

  17. This is all just so weird. As a cancer rising and as part of the uranus-neptune/Pluto scorp generation, I can see how frustrated our generation is getting. Things are falling a part all around us as we are also being pushed into it at the same time by society, and it’s scary. Recently I have been paying attention to all my cancer guy friends and realized how angry cancer men are, they’ve been socialized as men to avoid their feelings, yet they are the most emotional beings and they are holding most of it in.

    • Truth. My partner of many years is Cancer and a throwback. He tries to bottle it up and that anger is there. The last few months have been tough for him.

    • Yes, my condo mate is older, 60’s, and as a Kataka you don’t want to mess with him too much. I seem to be able to sense what to address and what to let go of. And here our Sun’s are naturally square.

    • So true, thank you for saying it. My daughter’s father is Cancer and after all these years of settling into adulthood and battling his demons, he is more full of rage than ever. Too afraid to conquer what is deep inside, and will go to his grave that way, I believe. Now married to a Taurus woman who drives his anger and spins webs of lies that keep anyone from accepting any reality other than the one she wants others to see.

      That being said, I think this kid is just a kid. He followed his big brother – as my ex would have with his own brother at one time – probably out of loyalty bordering on worship. He’s made the biggest mistake in the world and can’t correct it now. I wouldn’t want my dumb 19 year old mistakes to end in death, and, despite being a proud American, I feel sorry for this kid who has no way out. As a mother, I can’t help it. He screwed up big time and now the reason he did it is dead too and he’s alone.

      I feel our FBI will keep him alive if they can because it’s so important for the public to understand WHY this happened, but also because he could lead to a bigger, more important motivation or even the true instigator of this attack. This doesn’t start and end with this 19 year old boy.

      • thank you i agree with this. i work with a lot of young men this age and they are just kids.the whole thing is so sad. so utterly sad.

  18. Right, going off what Lioness mentioned, NBC 4’s Today Show received a call from one of Dzhokar’s wrestling school mates who plead with the host if there was any way at all possible to get a message to him.

    Apparently, Dzhokar wrestled for two years making it to State level and mentored the caller. I quote, “he was a chill guy, real quiet.” The host had to cut the call short rather uncomfortably after feeling ambushed to deliver messages.

    Meanwhile, Slate digs up brother Tamerlan’s Amazon wishlist:

    “Among the hits:

    – How to Make Driver’s Licenses and Other ID on Your Home Computer
    – The I.D. Forger: Homemade Birth Certificates & ?Other Documents Explained
    – Secrets Of A Back Alley ID Man: Fake Id Construction Techniques Of The Underground
    – The Lone Wolf And the Bear: Three Centuries of Chechen Defiance of Russian Rule
    And, of course…

    – How to Win Friends & Influ?ence People”

    • Is this all stuff that is actually verifiable? And I don’t mean just yours Fallen Angel, I mean a lot of the stuff I am reading here. I seem to recall hearing that Reddit is NOT a reliable source of information (re: the two boys incorrectly identified as suspects who had their pictures plastered over papers and then details out there on the internet, and false reports of arrests earlier, do I need to go on?). Do we run the risk here of using astrology as a means of projecting our own fears onto this situation? I know it’s a very fine line we are treading, and I understand that everyone here is trying to understand, empathise and connect (this is very admirable, as is the lack of vigilantism being expressed here). But is it possible that if we go too far in dissecting this we may contribute in some small way to hampering any future action in bringing the perpetrators to justice or even worse, in the country’s responses to future threats? Maybe this is one of those situations where we need to wait for more information in the skies and on the earth to reveal itself. I know people want to talk these things through to understand them, but would exploring how our own astrology might affect our own responses to such situations be another worthwhile exercise?

      • So well said and thank you. Learning your own trigger points means your not reactive in situations. Be well all and don’t OD on the drug of a nation.

      • Everything on reddit is not reliable, no, but the link I posted was, they transcribed what they heard on the Boston police scanners.

    • Well, this isn’t reportage if that’s what you’re asking Concerned. And it doesn’t really take much for people to project their own fears via different means. I’m not sure I understand your thought behind why this would hamper the pursuit of justice on those guilty, you mean because it can distract from the real issues at hand?

      Let me say before anything else that like you, I believe that self-observance is always of value in any situation – I mean, really the only real person we can control is ourselves so touche.

      But I do think that while his astro is of interest, the resulting back and forth of discussion using this avenue, helps each person find the personal through an initially peripheral approach. That is, not all of us are that near to the event, or have come close to a similar experience, or none of us would dare to presume how that could feel. Astrology offers a common ground – a lens if you will to go huh, what’s that about from that point of view.

      Who is this boy, what does the chart say, do I or don’t I relate to it, so on and so forth. I personally don’t think it diminishes the crime or will dissuade from punishment, if anything it just reiterates that humans are extremely complex, and our beliefs about bad vs good aren’t as straightforward as we’d like it to be. But that regardless, we’re all bound to social contracts that dictate the protection of life, whether our own or others, is a moral imperative we can’t avoid.

      • Consider this situation, it may sound a bit far fetched, but it is a concern that has been voiced during recent high profile trials here in Australia: you have been accused of, arrested and charged for murder or another serious ofence. You have been committed for trial and the day has arrived. Your jury has been selected and amongst them is someone who has read some incriminating but irrelevant information (in terms of what you have been charged with), about you on a blog that has been penned by an anonymous contributor. Our words and actions can have unintended consequences and I believe that you are the type of person who would not wish for anyone to use what you have written above in a court of law to help them determine guilt or innocence. The scenario may seem a bit far fetched to you, but is a growing concern in many other circles. I do not mean this to be any sort of attack or sanction of you in particular and I agree with a lot of what you have said, but I think we need to be mindful of the wider situation when we pass comment or dare I say it, judgement.

        • This is what is happening in Australia with some high profile cases. In the quest to be heard, often no thought is given to whom is listening. Then having that voice reapplied in a context it was not intended. Social media has a power that can undermine the legal process. Personally I admire everyone who posts on this site and enjoy reading your thoughts.

        • I was AMAZED at how quiet the news got after Jill Meagher’s suspected killer was caught. In the States, we’d be all over him – analyzing, theorizing, projecting. I applaud the restraint of the media in Oz.

      • No, I never took your comment as an attack at all. I was just trying to understand what you meant in terms of this astrological discourse hampering the pursuit of justice, which I take from what you’re saying is that it could possibly contribute to noise rather than diligent due course, right?

        And yes, I probably didn’t see that as it did seem far-fetched in this particular situation referencing slate’s article on the amazon wish list. But I do understand your concern of a collective number of things blowing out of proportion when a manhunt reaches critical mass, a really awful example of that was the conviction of the West Memphis Three for the alleged murder of three young boys committed by three older teenage boys.

        There was a lot of mishandling of the case, general outrage and just biased accusations based on one of the teenagers being goth. The conviction however was sealed on the basis of one of the three deciding to claim reward money by submitting a false confession, yes, even if he was also made to serve a sentence. His father collected the money, and it was later revealed that he was determined to be somewhat retarded. However, since he was one of the accused, they didn’t exactly bother to verify his statements a lot more thoroughly.

        Two of them have now been exonerated of the crime, but what was very clear is that the demand for justice really overrode what investigators should have done. I’m actually more concerned that the trial be able to evidentially prove guilt after all this dies down, that this doesn’t affect immigration law in progress and encourage racial profiling of perfectly innocent people, and that the remaining family of these two men aren’t subject to undue persecution.

        While I don’t actually think our discussion here on this blog would contribute to that extent given the spirit in which it’s being undertaken, I can see where you’re coming from in terms of mob mentality ignoring facts after being instigated by social media. Hopefully, being mindful allows us to both reap the benefits of all the information we’re privy to, as well as the capacity to handle the truth, even if it’s not what we want to hear.

  19. As Andy Daly tweeted, “when an Elvis impersonator trying to kill the president is the least interesting news story of the week, you know some shit went down.” ~~~~~~~
    I would change this to say “when an Elvis impersonator trying to kill the president is the least interesting news story of the week, YOU KNOW IT’S ECLIPSE SEASON.”

    • This eclipse seems intense!
      Maybe MM can give us a debriefing on the upcoming Eclipse.

      • I have always heard that eclipses are felt starting at least 10 days before the eclipse . . which means we’re feeling it already and debriefing it as we speak.

        • I guess it really upsets the mentally unstable.
          Aies energy can be intense. Aprils can be very violent month.
          would love to hear more about that astro speaking.

          • I have been talking about it quite a bit in the Daily Mystic email and also taking it into account in the Horoscopes, obviously. You’ll notice the tone for the fixed signs (Leo, Aqua, Taurus, Scorp) has altered quite radically in recent days? I also am conflating this into one big theme – Eclipse Season/Zap Zone exact in May

            • I’ll re-read my Daily Mystic emails, been distracted by all the crazy news.

  20. Just my own two cents here. When I was involved in That Evil Cult a lot, (and I mean a disproportionally a lot) of the followers were young Cancerian men. Beautiful souls all of them, but so tragically and easily manipulated by the “Master” who used used guilt and shame and focused on their so called ‘failings’ to get them to do his bidding. Sick Sh*t, but they were easy prey IMO.
    Prayers for any soul, anywhere, who is suffering.

      • All I know was there was much ‘harden the fuq up and man up, what are you?, a woman you pussy etc’ psycho-babble being used on them.
        Bla-bla-bla – The System, Government, status quo and your family are the ENEMY etc.
        Evil Low Gemini Guru was also very anti women (women were to here to serve men, and be used) and groomed the young men in the Boyfriend Destroyer method – woo them, fuq ’em, take all their cash and self esteem… then dump ’em.

        • yeah, I think it’s a proud reaction when accused of softness. unfortunately the fuqwits who were stirring the guy i refer to were exploiting women regardless of sun sign. drug dealers. another evil male-dominated peer group.

    • Fascinating insight and an excellent prayer – I’ll join you in that one.

  21. “* Cancerian (not quite the Kataka quota we had in mind, sorry peeps)

    …squared by the Sun/Mars conjunction in Aries …… Mars in Virgo”

    ??? Sun/Mars conjunction in Aries and a Cancerian? And Mars is Aries and Virgo?….

    • the Neptune/Uranus in Cap squared by Mars – i don’t actually get your “question” though. Maybe if you read what i wrote again?

      • are they confused because not getting the distinction between transits & natal placements?

  22. Just so surreal watching the footage in Boston. Used to live there. It’s my other “home.”

    I think the young one was deluded and following an idea…and now panic-stricken and acting like a cornered animal. So sad, but he was old enough to make a choice. He chose to do what he did. It’s tragic.

    Some Cancers are rising to new heights in a good way, some are becoming a bit infamous.

  23. Yikes. All of this is just moving so fast.

    The best place I’ve found to follow the news is, they report things before the mainstream media does (and being one of the Uranus-Neptune people of the early 90s, plus having taken a course on the media last semester, I can’t say I trust the mainstream media. At all.)

    Honestly, right now my heart goes out to all of the Muslim, Arab and South Asians living in the States right now. The profile you posted at the bottom lists his religion as Islam… Racism is at an all time high, and I’ve already heard reports of people being assaulted just for looking like they might be from the Middle East or South Asia. It’s heartbreaking to hear of so many people who are honest and hardworking Americans being the targets of misplaced aggression.

  24. its like something out of homeland geez, I have the same saturn pluto chiron t-square, I think right now they have a stand off or something and he is bargaining with the police

    • AND an explosion in texas happened recently too that killed some people, also, surprised more things like this boston bombing dont happen more often, I am very glad they don’t, but I am surprised that when you think about it, it could very much happen a lot more often, hopefully this doesnt become normal, the resulting heightened security would mask a lot of injustice probably

  25. I would prefer not to think about this man at all. I don’t like dissecting the astro of these things. Just me. I don’t like giving oxygen to it. In this case I would prefer to let the US police do their job, and I think I’ll give my time over to sending white light to the families who lost loved ones.

    • Thank goodness. We may get some inkling of why this happened ? If he had been killed we would have had months of conspiracy arguments to deal with.

        • Errr… seeing as he hasn’t even been read his Miranda rights and they are bringing in a ‘special interrogation unit’ for him, I doubt we will get an inkling of why this happened.

          • Exactly anon.

            Sadly, it really doesn’t matter how much historical fact you lay out, you will always be a conspiracy theorist.


            People don’t want to believe in false flag operations even when government officials admit them.

            • Yes, it is strange isn’t it? It’s also interesting how even merely using the label ‘conspiracy theorist’ is seen as enough to simply stop all conversation and label others as a bit nutty. I suppose it does what the word ‘witch’ used to for those who used it.

              I’m more interested in people who are prepared to move beyond how others want us to interpret the world around us.
              Yes and interesting how even when governments etc admit to certain things, somehow there is a collective amnesia or denial or simple disinterest.
              We, as a collective, seem to be extraordinarily easy to manipulate.

              Though that said, it is also amazing how increasingly common it is for people to accept that false flags do occur. Such attitudes are on the verge of becoming mainstream, something which even 6 years ago seemed impossible.

    • He may as well be finished…Justice is strange, peoples lives lost, some one involved who has designed the crime, but under what circumstances…Generations of younger people who are denied an upbringing of basic rights, emotional necessities. As an older parent I wonder what can be done to help prevent the psychological breakdown of young people. Mothers I know on prescription drugs, who are addicted, cannot face anxiety as little support, disassociated from their childrens needs , as well as their own state. Seems as though a cycle is perpetuated. Sad paradox.

  26. Interesting that young Dzhokar has “the mythic father/son conflict” written across his chart.

    Saturn ready to castrate the father Uranus with his obsidian knife right there permanently poised in his Saturn in Aquarius.

    Then there is his Uranus in Capricorn, more grist for the dynamic that according to astrodienst: “craves resolution of conflict and the need for change, even if it is a violent or disruptive act”.
    He also seems to have his Saturn (who devoured his son) opposite his Moon?

    Perhaps this sad dance is about a public & patriarchal Saturn
    who is castrating, opposing & him from within & without?

    On the other hand this could be a great chart for a doctor:
    Caring Cancer Sun & Merc, Venus in Gem loves new info, Mars in Virgo for detail, Chiron conj Hygiea, Pluto squaring Chiron – tension can be turned to empathy, that fixed square for focus etc.

  27. Wow, this really is the zap zone, when an enormous explosion of a fertiliser plant that killed more than 15 people, injured countless others, completely obliterated houses, a nursing home, forever changed a town can be dislodged from everyone’s consciousness and the front page of newspapers by 2 boys who planted a bomb that was no where near as powerful as the anhydrous ammonia that fuelled the Waco explosion and killed three people and injured a lot of people (but a lot less than was injured by the fertiliser bomb). I mean seriously people, have you actually seen that fertiliser bomb? You can find footage of it on Youtube. It was huge, it was devastating, and it involved something that is an everyday item and that is integral to our everyday life. Without fertiliser we wouldn’t be able to grow the food we need to feed ourselves or maintain our lovely gardens. I know that the events in Boston are extraordinary, but they are also so statistically rare that I wonder whether it really warrants all this attention. But the explosion in the fertiliser plant, that is something else. Which is scarier: something that involves factors that are statistically rare or something that involves a mundane sort of everyday thing that we all need/have/purchase and that is capable of killing/maiming/hurting a lot of people going about their everyday life. We get sucked into thinking the mundane is harmless. I know which I think is scarier, I mean, how many of us have lived or worked near or next to a chemical plant of some sort. I think the zap zone isn’t about other people, it’s about us, the choices we make, the things we choose to pay attention to and how that shapes, or in this case, warps our reality.

    • I live less than 100 miles from the fertilizer plant explosion and am a lifelong Texan and American who loves her state and its people and am deeply saddened by the loss. But let me tell you that plant explosions are sadly quite common and, while devastating to the humanity in their near vicinity, pale in comparison to the acts of terrorism committed on this planet. The Boston Bombing was not statistically rare – it was an act of terror that this country will not abide and, if not squelched, could and would have gone on to kill thousands. The plant explosion was accidental. If you’re more concerned about fertilizer I would say that your priorities are seriously maladjusted.

      • My priorities are not seriously maladjusted and I reject this assertion. I would not make such a statement to you. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. And I am very sad that you live in a state where such devastating explosions as the one 100 miles from where you live happen all the time. Furthermore, from my perspective, where I live, terrorist acts are a very statistically rare event.

        • I understand Jen Scorpio’s point very well, actually and agree.

          The fertilizer plant is considered ‘legal’ and sanctioned by government and big money because somebody’s making a great deal of profit from it, to hell with the consequence (as shown) to the community of people who live around it, and the environmental health of the land and animals around it. Company directors are quite happy to gamble with the community’s health and environment, so long as they can rake in greater profits, and this is ‘legal’ as govt turns a blind eye, (they prob have shares in company).

          In my opinion it shouldn’t be considered ‘normal’ to have dangerous factory explosions, and if anybody around happens to die, be maimed or lose their home, have it considered as merely collateral damage…I wouldn’t if it happened to me!!
          It is Corporate Terrorism, a major type of “the acts of terrorism committed on this planet”

    • The plant forgo safety precautions for decades and yes, a huge explosion and a tragedy.
      Was it do intentionally? Not sure. No word on terrorism, yet.
      The Boston Marathon bombings were intentional acts of mass murder, carnage and terrorism by psychopaths.
      The sheer cruelty terrorized people.
      This has been a hellish week.
      Stay safe.

  28. Dear Mystic Medusa, As an 80yo who has been an astrologer for over 60 years let me say THANKYOU for giving us this data. The death of his mate must be significant ; also he must have accomplices (probably with them at the moment). Hopefully they will get him alive .

    • A list of no haves:
      • No images or video of this person placing any bomb on the ground
      • No acknowledgement of the existence of the “Craft” military spooks who all carried large backpacks at the marathon and were found moving away from one of the bombs just minutes before it went off
      • No apology from the mainstream media for its week-long rampage against “right-wing extremists” who it vilified as the probable bombers
      • No explanation for why it takes thousands of heavily-armed police, armored assault vehicles and federal agents to find and arrest one teenager
      • No reply from the FBI on just how much the FBI controlled and manipulated these suspects over the last few years, as has been described by their mother.
      • No legal justification for the “lockdown” martial law declaration that has been illegally forced upon the people of Boston

      • Soz, found that on Infowars.
        But, regardless of who did what to whom & why, I am praying for them all.. Thanks anon.

        • No prob!
          The give away, as always, is that there was a planned drill that day.

          • By the way I just came across a great update by the wonderful Barbara Hand Clow.
            Go to the ‘News’ section, and click on ‘Getting smart about your choices’
            I hope you like it! — It is really worth your while.
            Unfortunately she stopped doing regular updates a little while ago, but when she does choose to write something it is always interesting.

            • Though personally I don’t agree with her re Newtown. I thought that was a false flag too. (there happened to be another ‘drill’ that day too).
              But then again maybe I really am starting to go a little loopy! :-)

            • Aw thanks Anon! I love me some BHClow. One of my good psychic friends doesn’t agree with her about certain things, like her vision of history, but I just love her work, even if, or perhaps because, she is so fixed in her views.

              I have checked her blog a few times hoping for updates and never saw this.
              I actually found it quite galvanising! I haven’t been visualising lately & felt that things seem quite pointlessly painful.

              Love that her grandaughter was born 21st Dec 2012.

              Re drills: Am always amazed by the convenient terrorist airforce drill that took place on 9/11 so no defence was available in the air from terrorist attack, just that one day..
              But you are right, there are more people aware these days.
              I need to move forward, the only way is forward regardless of how I feel anyway! You aren’t sounding loopy to me, thanks for being here.

              • Aw, now time for me to thank you! Yes it is a good entry isn’t it? Helped me make sense of the last few months. I don’t go along with everything she writes either, but she is still great and a voice that I like to hear.
                Everybody is waking up, rest assured, just at different speeds. And at the moment everything that was once hidden is coming up to be purified and revealed. Personally I have been integrating since 21 Dec, and my life has been very quiet and peaceful, but I can feel the collective is under a huge amount of pressure. Anything that is not of the highest integrity is going to feel pretty heavy and difficult. And really it is just a reminder to go your own way and wake up to the divinity and power of You.

                • Hi anon, have we met trundling around the forums before?
                  :) Nice to meet you if not.
                  The experience of 2012 versus 2013 is so very different to me. It was Dragon time alright, thunderous, uncertain & full of dramatic leaps & starts last year.
                  Dec 21st was eerily quiet. Now there is a tired, “I just can’t with this” quality to 2013 – in the people around me anyway.
                  It’s a falling away energy (which is why partly I think people are tired of hearing of ‘conspiracies’, they are just tired generally) that has found people I know struggling to keep up.

                  Peaceful is a good word for those who have found their divinity I daresay. 😉
                  I am integrating atm, it is not my favourite place to be but a change is certain! Many blessings anon & namaste.

                  • I don’t know if we have met, I don’t come round these parts too often! But lovely to connect.

                    Integrating is a good place to be, that is where we all are at. It is a new landscape so everyone is adjusting. The ‘I can’t win’ and ‘falling away’ feeling is probably the ego’s realisation that it is loosing its power – I can’t control, dominate, or judge anymore because the environment no longer supports it. You are not your ego. So just stay with the not knowing and allow yourself to be lead. Sounds esoteric and fluffy new age, but hard to describe any other way.

                    Namaste xx

  29. how can he have a sun/mars conjunction in aries if he is a cancerian? He either has a sun in aries or cancer – can’t be both!

    • The Sun/Mars conjunction was a recent transit. Until Friday, the Sun was in Aries and Mars in Aries as well.

      Transits affect our natal charts.

  30. So much about this doesn’t make sense and I can’t believe people are happily eating up whatever the media and the govt is telling them. The politicized/blood thirsty vengeful comments Ive heard over the past week have made me want to mute half of facebok, and the resulting xenophobia/islamophobia is predictable. Grow up America.

    • I agree, im happy to see mystic had the guts to post this as not alot of other astro blogs did. Personally i have the asteroid conspiracy conjunct my sun. So u know what Ive seen. Ive been to jail and lockdown is a term for prison. Prison outside prison inside. This was blown far out of purportion, basically declaring a marshal law for a whole city… Looks like they got to practice for the real thing comming up. Crazy everyone just allowed themselves to be terrorized and stay home, i rode my bike on the west side bike path by the towers very next day, and if i was in boston i would have rode my bike in there declaration to “not open the door for anyone but police” so dramatic.

      We have the most private agencies yet have the some of the most terror attacks shootings mass murders. They just slip by, seems like someone wants them to do so to further there politcal ends. Because these agencies- what are they there for if they dont work. Kinda like thr FED to prevent bubbles when they actually end up causing them.

  31. I don’t think this kid did it. I have no proof, just my gut, but I’m usually right. Not guilty.