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eco cooking life editedI love Life Edited – you know i’m mad for minimalism, Feng Shui etc & this site is (i.m.o.) super-suave with the way they present their info. Their mantra: Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

It’s brilliant how they present it elegantly sans guilting, hippie gerbera crap or Geocities style conspiracy ranting. And if you’re at all minimalist, Uranian or feeling like the Zap Zone might actually be YOUR era (give or take some geopolitical tumult and global financial fuqery) you’ll love it.Β 

Also how fantastic is this stove, fridge, dishwasher, vertical garden thing above? How can we be so stuck in previous paradigms? And why isn’t every single grass verge maintained by the council a chamomile lawn or a herb garden already?

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80 thoughts on “Life Edited…

  1. Pi and Pegasus, you really got me there. Pi, you expressed the aspirational and nostalgic self in the things one owns. I just reorganised two tubs of clothing. After they arrived from interstate, having been packed after fairly severe culling. But could I have perhaps got rid of even more just now?

    Still, since i’m not in my own home i’m planning not to buy anything, not just now but in the foreseeable future, until i have actually worn everything, everything, until every piece has become my favourite and it’s faded, worn out, threadloose and i have to throw it away.

    • yes i have a box in my room now, anything that doesn’t thrill me or has sort of had its run, can go in there in prep for donating.

      • You’re fab: it is comonsense but i think i’m ripe for a good solid reminder.

        I did have a collection corner that would get regular items until i had enough for a donations trip. The corner was near my front door and i had to look at it often which disturbed my tranquility, so good incentive to declutter. Now i have no corner, so a box is a great idea.

        Am loving the LifeEdit site. It fits where i’m at just now,

          • A bag behind the front door is always there for donating. I like to drop it off after a therapy session. Something about saying “See ya old stuff, find a new home.” I try and find new homes for items or new ways to use these things.

  2. “It’s brilliant how they present it elegantly sans guilting, hippie gerbera crap or Geocities style conspiracy ranting.” Best paragraph opening ever.

  3. having said my little piece above, I have to admit that modular kitchen column thing would make moving a BREEZE. I have moved house so often, I choose my furniture on whether or not I can lift, carry and stack it on my own (as usually a dearth of able-bodied types to assist). And on how much storage it takes up when I am in Limbo (as i am now)

    • Just having rid myself of all furniture, I am questioning my lifelong love affair with wood.

      Even wondered whether it was possible to buy furniture of really sturdy corrugated cardboard, but then it would be pretty heavy as well if it were that sturdy.

      • there’s always the bamboo / rattan / wicker option. i do believe such furniture doesn’t need to take us back to 1983 patios…and those beautiful light scandinavian designs..

        • hey i never would have thought of that…i think these days there are better options than the woven wicker dust catcher i once had as a teen.

  4. i think my kids have this in a playmobil set. in fact they have had many plastic toy kitchens that resemble this. it’s a nice concept for the right lifestyle i guess but it would make me insane- i’d have all the pieces rotated out and be knocking things over left and right. huh. i just had a vision of a 30-cubicle dollhouse, each with a person inside like a little lab rat trying to actually use this thing, and scientists observing seeing at what rate they go mad… 😯

  5. Gulp going to be ruthless. The lingerie is going.
    And the shoes.

    You have until the morning to stop me binning it πŸ™‚

  6. That’s a nice idea. If the council planted marigolds it would help keep those nasty little winged mongrels (midges) at bay.

  7. Editing was the Pisces new moon list of plans, so it is now 5+ weeks since and is ongoing.
    Then to see on that site ‘wear a uniform’. OMG, she who lerves to shop?!
    Then remembered that was exactly my idea in 1980 when i was doing an 18 hour day. Mentally designed an all-in- one – step-into-zipped ‘bodysuit’, cotton for day, silk for night. Carla Zampatti had one in her range in heavy silk, 2 toned. Stunning and practical day OR night worn till it faded, cafe au lait and pale pink.
    NO PAPER? This is a bit ‘burn all books’, isn’t it.
    Pay all bills via direct debit? That’s assuming you are not freelance-self employed when it is the same pay, same time, same hour.
    The universe is taking my desire to minimalist with much seriouslity!
    The lingerie collection is not going, wearing frillies under the uniform is quite acceptable coz what if ‘you are in an accident’ πŸ™‚
    A bicycle is on that new moon list, but i will use a wrap around turban to look like a helmut. Helmut Newton is the only helmet i can handle.

    That design of whatever it is that has to do with food and nourishment, takes away my appetite, makes me yearn for an outdoor fire on the beach
    with a piece of corrugated iron over it and a freshly caught fish captured with a line only, or a wood burning stove and bricks.
    Now if it were some space age juice extractor, blender, magic mixer, food processor with an expresso machine attached, OK by me.

    Thanx for the Life Edit site, are they Marxists?
    Just jeans T’s and boots? Sure if you lived in a tent…..

    • a uniform?! and marxists LOLOL

      I mean, when I was 19 and broke (the first time LOL) and life was simple, and i lived out in the sticks, my uniform wasn’t a uniform so much as just what I wore all the time as I had a smaller collection of clothes.

      I’d like to. I really would. I entertain the idea daily. comfortable leg-wear, that doesn’t highlight my ‘could do with doubling the running frequency’ thighs. A tasteful selection of t-shirts. Boots, well which of my 10 pairs of all extremely different boots do I toss / keep (I have actually given this thought and can ID one or two pairs MAYBE)? I mean, do these people have a life? do they go camping, make art lots of messy art, read books, want to freshen up their image, go surfing, collect art, love change, have many hobbies or side activities, learn new things.. study ….i don’t know? I can’t run my life from a Macbook Pro.

    • Actually I rather liked the uniform bit!
      I have sorted resorted to a uniform as a mamma.

      Daily I wear black leggings + sloppy jumper/t-shirt/3/4 length dresses + BOOTS + scarves.

      Only buy three colours, emerald, lapis and white. Okay, some pinkish reds. If I like a thing & it’s on sale I get doubles.

      • yeah i am guessing if there are kids on the scene, the vintage silk wrap DvF dress (say) doesn’t get much of a run near the little snotbundles of joy, haha

        I mean, I was reading about decluttering / minimising / whatever buzzword , and I came across the term “aspirational clutter”. this made a lot of sense to me. it’s like the You that you want your possessions to represent or the life you want to lead. (HA typo, i wrote “‘lie you want to lead’ .. :\ ) and the Me that my wardrobe refers to has a lot of places to wear these a lot of clothes, has money to spend at these places, bla bla then extend to sports gear (e.g I can’t afford to go snowboarding in the forseeable future, so I should really sell that), camping (let’s be honest here, none of my current friends camp except for the Leo, unfortunately), cycling (my cross-town destinations need showers if that’s going to happen), oh fuq it anyway i’m only hurting myself here. Maybe I am worried that I’ll just be another urban nothing if I ditch my toys for good. Even though the toys represent the only potentially fun things that might happen in my life (if I had more money). but then again if I sold this stuff I would have money. i’ve gone on about this elsewhere a few months ago so further advice is probably not needed, I am just venting I guess. I can’t help but feel once I lighten the load, something will change, then again maybe i am deluding myself. thanks for reading if you’ve got this far.

        • Oh I am totally getting all that.
          I have clothes that would fit a 11 year old that I can’t quite release. In fact I have given some of them to my 10 year old niece, not the sexy stuff howevs.

          One is an outfit I wore to the wedding of my Sagg Ex’s sis. It’s a mauve ruffled raw silk skirt I teamed with a nude & delicate black lace corset top – a bit spanish flamenco with these tiny kitten heels. Sounds awful, but It was very restrained, elegant, expensive & divine. And perfect for a warm latin wedding!
          So, with muttering from the boys, I took a chunk of dollars from the business we shared with my ex & got dolled up.

          The bride with Virgo/Stellium Scorpio was enraged that the family ‘voted’ me best dressed at the wedding.

          Must say I really looked fine, as good as I ever have in this life! That day I felt redeemed, his entire family begged me to marry him even tho he is an ass, because they didn’t want me to go. We all drank & partied till the next day, it was a great time.

          In fact SaggEx’s cousin visited me a month back & told my family out of the blue about how I looked that day (not sure my hub was thrillled by his relating some of these stories lol).

          So, it’s a bit tragic but ‘aspirational clutter’ would describe a Leo Sun in the 2nd to a T from what I have read.

          Yes, I have that grim Karen Kingston’s ‘Clear Your Clutter’ book, so I get it, but y’know, I don’t want to say goodbye to that memory!
          (AND, I wrote a comment on Karen K’s polished blog wall & guess what? She cleaned it off!!).

          So I say keep those snowboarding clothes, they are YOUR memories, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy to look at them, so what?
          You will know when there is someone that is needing them and move them on, not before.

          (Just like someone might need a sexy, sophisticated hoochie mamma moment in size 6 from me one day. πŸ˜‰ )

  8. No way. I love a good kitchen; this is hideous. Reminds me of a time where I lived on microwaved lean cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, I hate clutter (stellium in Virgo and 6th house Sun), but this is just wrong. And I’m a ZZoner fosho with progressed Asc in Aries with Uranus sitting there trining my Leo Sun and squaring my Kataka Moon πŸ™‚ x

  9. So speaking of living simply.. here’s another thing I wonder about. I grew up in SE Asia, where if you’re there or have been there, can be quite densely packed in the cities. Regardless, it’s also part of the culture for people to live with their families until they go off and start their own. This wasn’t just a function of economics, this level of physical closeness is how families feel they can protect their own, keep involved and show each other caring and consideration (or sometimes not) in tangible ways.

    I personally find it challenging to share living space with people on a 24-7 basis, but I see the intrinsic value in it, with the caveat of saying I suppose it can go either way depending on who you end up with. I sometimes think that not everything can be solved by design, and that maybe if it was mandatory for us to share an intimate space, we’d live closer to the spirit of sharing everyday, to where our first choice isn’t to commandeer a bigger space for ourselves but how we can enjoy and care for it together.

  10. My beautiful Virgo friend recently suffered an earbashing (in writing) from me about this smug minimalist trend. Poor girl. It wasn’t personal. Anyway, here I revisit my vitriol, again, pls note Mystic, not personal. It’s just a trigger you see, as I keep tripping over my pile of laundry that is approaching hip height and I STILL have clothes to wear…

    Q. how fantastic is this stove, fridge, dishwasher, vertical garden thing above?
    A. Great! if you like climbing a stepladder and risking your neck to reach the cheese / milk / soymilk / soycheese / leftovers when you come home drunk from a night out and just want a snack.

    Q. How can we be so stuck in previous paradigms?
    A. Because bloggers and design sites have only just caught on. We’ve been in a daze, buying pretty things because we can… Bigger is still better. Or ask any family who lives on the poverty line, they’ve been doing the minimalist lifestyle for years! SO on trend right now! Shoes? One pair! Jeans? Owned this pair for years! Books? We go to the library! Easy.

    Q. Why isn’t every single grass verge maintained by the council a chamomile lawn or a herb garden already?
    A. Government changes its ways slowly. We love to complain about change. Then again, I have been seeing more than one verge in my neighbourhood taken over by a little community vegge garden and it looks awesome. Even the tiniest ledge of kerb is populated by planter boxes verdant with lettuces, garlic chives, chard, parsley, sage… It’s like Nature is trying extra hard to show HOW MUCH she can do for you if only you’ll give her a chance. I think it’s not up to councils in this case, it’s simply a matter of acting. maybe check on the council website that they’re not planning any works in your street soon so work men will be tramping all over your corner, or whatever, other than that get planting..

    Mind you I have not done this yet. I think all the action for me is all taking place internally right now. I have a lot to work out. death leaves a long shadow and i keep reminding myself to stop fighting myself and just be kind. sigh. Fuck it, it’s not even about “working it out.” there’s nothing to work out. this is life. It’s messy / fun / shit / joyous / unhappy / average.

    signed know it all pisces. x

    • having said all this i do subscribe to the LifeEdited newsletter. but i am thinking of going all minimalist on my inbox and deleting all of my newsletter subscriptions. other than MM of COURSE x

      • Double Virgo says who in their right mind would eat anything grown on a car exhaust polluted verge?! How about planting something that thrives on that crap or fixes it (chemically, I mean).
        As for that appliance tower: eat nuked foods? Never. Design demon (me with Pallas cj Mercury mid-Libra 1st) says doors should not open smack in your face.

        • Yes, the toxic fumes are a problem. Everyone go get a bicycle so we can change our world for the better! Vertical garden grown with grey water — no. I’m against the popularity of raised beds, too. Make a box and put a concoction of “soil” in it? No. Stick your seeds in the real ground where the minerals and dirt life are more varied. Harder? Yes. It actually takes knowledge and skill to grow something in the ground. Raised beds are how you teach children to garden. Hmftt! I also agree about the oven that looks suspiciously like a microwave. Another no.

    • Dear Pi aka KIAP,
      I came across something the other day, when i was I sending my Katakan friend a card letting her know, i know she is broken hearted and grieving for the loss of her soul sister…A
      And i came acorss this
      ‘Greiving is necessary and must be taken slowly, we have to absorb what has happened, Strength will come in time, Please do not hurry yourself for others”. I don tknow if you are trying to hurry yourself for others, i know i pretty much didnt talk to anyone for roughly 4 years (23-27) when my beautiful Capricorn Cousin fell asleep in the bath and drowned, she who picked me up eveyday from work, and got me off ”the gear”. I got a dog, and walked walked walked walked and walked some more, i unplugged the phone from the socket, and rarely answered the door. The sunshine got through to my frozen in time heart eventually.
      The best thing i got out of it, was compassion and understanding for grief and loss, respect for the person going through it, and a wanting to gently push their hair back from their face, to behind their ear, and whisper, its ok to be sad.
      I hope i havent come across as a pratt.
      I would love to give you a big aries bear hug, that tapers off into a gentle space giving pisces rising hug…

      • That’s very personal & beautiful I think, not prattish at all CF.
        When my brother died I moved in with an ex’s mum who had bone cancer. It was a special time helping her with her physical needs & being around a person who had time (unlike bro) to think about death & life.

        In retrospect, a dog would have been a good idea.
        So sorry to Pi & you too Cosmic Fleece for your losses.

        I talked with lots of people about my bro, I cried heaps, a lot of those people are scared of me now though.. πŸ™‚

        p.s. I like your ideas Pi, life is all those things. I find it so naturally mad it is hard to reconcile at times. Peace to you sister. xx.

        • thank you Andromeda. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a sibling. I think my heart would break into a million pieces.

          animals are nice to have around…all that loyal furry love and all they ask in return is food, warmth, pats, and time outside with company.

          i’m sorry to hear that people were put off by your expressing grief about your brother. that doesn’t sound quite right to me. was that hard for you to deal with?

          • Well, I am a very exuberant & expressive Leo with Scorp Moon (with a strangely introverted side). People who tire easily, are emotionally feeble etc. find me too much. My world divided into those who were capable of caring and those who couldn’t at that time.
            There have been several culling points with friends, that was one of them. Yes, everything was hard then!
            But now it’s passed, I realise that I am a lot stronger than many people, so it’s no one’s fault.

            • yes, I understand some people don’t like to be around our individual ways of handling strife. or the situation itself is beyond their ability to cope or support us. it’s hard for everyone…I suppose there are lessons both ways… how do we come across to others, and who are these people if they can’t handle a friend at their lowest ebb? For me it definitely led to ‘redefining’ some friendships, but it’s v rare for me to ditch someone entirely. It’s that pisces thing. We’re there, but on some important levels we’re no longer there. i.e. In the friendship.

              • Yes, many don’t know what to do you are right. Frustrating, hurtful at the time, but not intentionally.
                I never ditch people in my heart, but for some reason in reality they are ditched. :-/ Natural shucking process? Hm. I feel like being a fixed person (Sun 2nd leo, Scorp Moon etc) is a final statement of outcome.

        • Oh Man Andie,
          What a double whammy.

          I guess then, that it’s death, disease, a diagnosis or divorce (whether married or not), all sort out ‘the wheat from the chaff’.
          And it’s ok, also somewhat surprising who steps up and who steps down.
          I love a unpredictable surprise ! (with people not parties)

          Im sorry you lost your brother Hon. x
          He could be nothing but proud of the sister/wise woman you have morphed into.

      • thank you beautiful fleecy. what lovely things to say. I think I needed to hear this.

        I am so sorry about your cousin, that must have been awful…*bighugs*

        Yes the joie de vivre isn’t coming quite as easily as it once did. The most beautiful summer ever here and my usual overwhelming urge to leave the house has been at an all time low.

        you never come across as a prat.

        love pi xx

    • my himalayan laundry pile and i agree with everything you’ve said. especially about poverty- minimalism is a mark of privilege. give that monstrosity up there to any poor family and they will take it as an insult, start mumbling about stalinist russia…

      • himalayan… sounds about right! I am using my now empty-ish drawers to see what’s left of my wardrobe at low tide, as it’s likely this stuff isn’t being worn for a reason..

        • hee hee- the leftovers at the bottom that you’d rather do the sniff test or quick-wash a load than wear… πŸ™‚ i’m embarrassed to admit that my drawers aren’t even slightly empty. they are at the loose-pack full yet close smoothly stage. and to top it off the half-dirty pile that sees all the action might not be k2, but it’s easily killamanjaro. and i purged bags and bags not that long ago! hm, off to do the taurus test again… clearly i’ve been therapizing… 😯

  11. Awesome link. Those 12th Century Chinese apartments are incredible!

    Want to be a minimalist, but small kids are a maximalist statement.

    The kitchen is the heart & hearth of a home, it’s importantance cannot be minimalised. πŸ˜‰ In an ideal world I would have bench tops to lean on.

  12. Jupiter is trining my North Node and Mars is about to join the Sun + Venus in Taurus, sigh of relief
    Theoretically, Mars in capricorn is exalted but I’ve always thought Mars in taurus is a much better placement than mars in cap. Mars in Taurus is one of my fave Mars’. Just sayin

  13. Rubik The Kitchen. The ethos I love. I think I am looking at the inside of a futuristic camper-van sans van. As a tall person I am sure to be head banging in there. Zap zone prep is underway: pissed I’ve already tossed my Sacred Space Clearing book.

  14. Just looking at the above pic – wouldn’t the herbs get burned / wilted to buggery by being positioned over the hotplate like that?

    I think I’m more of a “herbs on the windowsill” type person.

  15. Brilliant.
    Have been onto the husband about how street trees aren’t citrus trees .. for people to share, and use as required – they are the right height for fitting under the telegraph lines, so save on maintenance …

    • i know, right?! simple and beautiful and the same routine maintenance they already do. or less- YOU GUYS HAVE TELEGRAPHS?

      • yeah, it’s being reinstated in anticipation of a conservative government winning the next federal election… “there’s no need for any technology more advanced than the telegraph…we propose to revert to this simpler option which will save Thur Oztrayan Peepw valuable budget deficit moneyz”

        • (you might need to search the terms ‘australia’ ‘national broadband network’ and ‘debate’ for background on this, haha)

          • awww, you guys have a “shadow minister for communications.” too! how completely charming. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            and hey, ah dawn’t waynt to pay no taxis for some gowddamn hippie hoomahu! ma grandaddy used telegraphs, ma great-grandaddy used telegraphs, and they’s good enuf for me too.

  16. I love the ethos behind editing and design. Exquisite simplicity is my landlord. But I dunno bout this oven/fridge/dishwasher. There’s something unbalanced about the look; like it could topple at any moment.

    • Have to agree with you there LibranVirgs. Maybe a metre square bench/cube thing .. rather than vertical. Fine without a dishwasher as everyone will only have 1 plate,bowl,glass,cup, set of cutlery each, and is responsible for the cleaning of it. Viola !

      • Ha yes, one set of cutlery, bowl, etc!
        Its design is also a bit boring, like one of those smart meters in Australia. It’s functional and practical – which, don’t get me wrong, is great, but I’d like to see its design evoke an element of style that blends simplicity with imagination. I really really liked retro telephone devices – pastel colours, shiny finish, a nice winding cord… Must be my Kataka planets that like a feeling of yesterday in a design.

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