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Tilda Swinton ancient city

Once upon a Venusian Weirding…Love-Sex-Beauty planet Venus is not only hitting on half the sky this week and next, she is on the all spooky South Node, gateway to your previous existences.

(I did a proper rant re this in the Daily Mystic email for Thursday – if you are a subscriber but did not get it, please email so this can be sorted.)

Short Version: This is karmic to the max in that old stories and yearnings are stirred. You get an echo of emotions from a long time ago, some of them quite poignant. You could be surprised at what dormant emo is awakened. Or the synchronicity that seems to occur.  Non-resolved situations from a while ago that felt fateful could be on your mind. Encounters feel somehow choreographed.

This needs a careful play – yes to being open and aware as the veils between different times are thinner than usual. No to this triggering a gigantic Love Zombie trigger because it’s not just ‘complicated’, it’s ‘karmic’.  See the Anti Love Zombie section in Cosmic Love Tips.

This could also be a chance to lay the ghosts of your romantic past before reincarnating your love life. Monitor dreams!


Image: Tim Walker – Tilda Swinton – W Magazine

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166 thoughts on “Karma Venusian

  1. OMG – I cannot believe this synchronicity! I posted that very same Tilda Swinton image on my Facebook page this morning. I LOVE IT!

    I’m struggling with a crush at the moment and I think I’m wearing the Oracle out. I don’t know why I’m crushing on this dude. He’s also a Leo – he was born on the 12th, my birthday is the 21st – is there something in the numbers?

    He makes me laugh, there’s huge mind alignment, he’s a bit edgy like me, but he’s just not contacting me or putting any work into seeing me. Arrrggh!

    Anyway enough of my rant. Mind back to biz (that’s what the Oracle says I need to do!)

  2. That Leto (?) kid likened love to a hurricane, & he’s either never been in a serious relationship or he doesn’t know his meteorological phenomenons. Hurricanes are pretty predictable. Tornadoes, on the other hand: that’s amore!

    Unless Past is going to present me with a big, fat, no-strings-atttached cheque in the Present, I’m not interested in Past. Cmon Venus: don’t make me put my rings on.

  3. Wellllll I dreamed that my dear dead sister came back zombie style and tried to get me to cross over. I fought her off a bunch of times – she tried choking/drowning/more choking and she finally gave up. I think Venus was opp my 12th House Moon/Neptune.

    Hah hah! In still here. But I am on fire taking care of loose ends.Just to be safe…

    Dreamed up a few dreamy dudes too–

  4. I met the first man in my life (31 years old) that I could imagine spending my life with. We were friends. I told him i wanted more. He just wants to be friends. I’m trying to be brave but im hurt and angry at him and me.
    I am ALWAYS the ‘friend’, so i hope this is the last time, i get put in the ‘friends basket’ and i can use this pain and experience to re-incarnate my love – so that is more fulfilling – instead of my feelings being twisted into friendship…

    • Tell him that friendship is just fine with you as you can never have too many friends with the turnover being so high these days in these very karmic times.

      Then text him once more on his birthday or Christmas which ever comes first.

      Then send him an invitation to your wedding.
      Maybe he can bring a friend.

      • yes it’s a sensitive grey area. my feelings on such a matter would be to keep head held high and put safe distance between, for your heart’s sake. xx

        • Yes! OP has mentioned she always ends up the friend which means this is a pattern of some kind.

          Find out why he wants to keep it friends. Is he gay, not interested, or has another girl?

          If he’s gay or into another girl, find out why you like unavilable men.

          If he’s not interested, ditch him as a friend (assuming this is casual friends and not super deep…he’s the kind of guy who gives your cats emergency sub-q’s). Why have your heart torn up for no good reason? You let him know. Ball is in his court. I had a Toro back in 2009 that tried to put me in the friend zone after I made my big move. I stopped hanging with him and let him self-destruct. (He got fired from a well-paying job & was forced to drop out from degree program, had to move back in with his parents.) We are polite-friendly when we see each other, but we are not friends like we used to be. I notice he’s all touchy-feely but I don’t let him anymore. fuq that. Who has time for that?

    • Honey, relish your anger. It means you KNOW you deserve someone who just can’t get enough of you and would rather have you around without your pants on vs you know, just being friends.

      I think the Friends Zone is akin to being turned away into a blistering wilderness during the dead of winter, whilst said person goes back into a toasty little tent to sit round the fire with who else, but the non-friends.

      And don’t worry about being brave, you are, it just doesn’t quite feel that way. DO be conscious of keeping your dignity, it’s a great motivator to keeping yourself shooshed up despite the manky, painful feelings that will take time to ebb away – but it will. Trust.

      • I sympathise with you, Gemini1001. Yet I’m wondering what is so offensive about being friends? I understand that it may not be what we want sometimes but I see friendship as an important and fun relationship. I treasure my friendships. Unfortunately I also seem to lose male friends as they want more. Argh.. I enjoy their company and I just need to be myself in a safe space, not navigate the grey waters of “friendships with hopes for more”.
        I do admire your courage in letting him know that you want more.
        I have a leo friend who keeps sending out all those signals like touching my leg, kissing my neck/shoulder when I kiss him hello/good-bye on the cheek (not in a sleazy way, believe it or not, more like in a desperate way), wanting to spend time alone with me etc, yet he will not ask me out on a date. I feel very uncomfortable. And annoyed. I wish he got MY message of not responding to any of his initiatives and stopped already or had an open conversation with me. We share a circle of friends and we started out as friends, so I don’t hold myself responsible for leading him on.

        • I re-read my post and realised it may sound confusing – I meant HE doesn’t send out those signals in a sleazy way, he just seems desperate and/or afraid to ask for what he wants.

      • True friendship can be a rewarding thing, but Friendzoning is deplorable. I have gone on after relationships to have really good and deep friendships with exes. This is hard work and it’s not possible or even desireable in some cases.

        The problem with Friendzoning is that they still want the sexy/attraction worship feel they are getting off of you, but don’t want to pay into the system. They feel like if they are honest about it….i don’t want to date you….that they are freed of any responsibility to you. The problem with friendzoning is that rarely is it about being true friends both ways.

        • Totally agree … friendzoning is an absolute fraud … a total copout … and at worst a real power play using the emotions of the likee against them “maybe if I hang around they will change their mind” … all under the guise of being mature and contemporary, when really it’s just a selfish frackin’ ego feeding fest. I hate it. Hence I walk.

          • tho’ I guess I should add that I used to do this crap all the time myself – friendzone guys, keep them hanging around dangling to feed my wounded, immature little ego. Maybe I deserve some comeupance? …. Well I don’t do it anymore. Way way more honest.

            • oh i used to do that too back like when i was 18 or 19 because i didn’t understand social situations, but I’ve gotten wiser over the years. But back then, my fragile ego really lapped that up. Live and learn. I hope the universe doesn’t hold it against me either.

              Of course the people who stay in the friendzone, I don’t get either. They hope by sticking around and being “nice” they hope the other person will lower their guard. Um…no. That’s not how it works. Then they get all passive-aggro mad that the “nice” person never wins b.s. and that is it’s own pot of crap.

              Point is, if you are in a Friendzone dynamic, either party, get out as soon as you can.

          • and when i realized I did this Friendzoning crap back when i was a naive 18 or 19 y.o. I had an epiphany. it was like when you first realized your hamburger came from a factory farm. I had been made to feel like an ugly & fat POS from family and high school and was basically being a Qi vampire to repair all the damage done. So now, i am like….if it feels good…find out if it’s ethical first.

        • I agree that if someone’s declared their feelings for you, and the other person does not return the sentiment, then the person-who-feels-something-for-the-other-person is in a more vulnerable position. This is ok, we have to bare our feelings sometimes in order to shift situations in our favour (or forever out of it). IMO the problem here is (will list):

          – the not-interested-in-more friend feels resentful that they now have to deal with (yet another) once was awesome friend who they now know will always emit “I’m secretly in love with you but am pretending not to be” vibes. So any possible extension of the friendship in to better friends / more solo hanging out time AS FRIENDS will have the potential for awkward fending-off of renewed advances or uncomfortably-intimate situations where the would-be lover is all ‘yessss, I am here qi-vamping off my Secret Love Interest… i’ll take what I can get” [ NB I am not trying to be a jerk here, I have been (- like many of us – on both sides of this equation so I speak from the heart]

          – the wasn’t-interested-friend was totally blindsided by the confession / advance, and not having seen it coming might just need time to think about these things (this has not happened to me, I never confess secretly-harboured feelings, well there was this one time, but that was by email)

          – the not-interested friend is genuinely in an awkward position in life and does not feel capable of sustaining a satisfactory relationship

          – in any of these cases the not-interested friend probably genuinely likes you as a human being and enjoys your company, but isn’t into you for any other reason (chemistry, etc). they’d really like to keep you around as a pal because we need pals! but they understand if it’s a bit hard for you. but if you do hang out, cooling the ‘i am still interested’ vibe right down to <0.5% would be a good idea for the most flighty ones. It's like the PUAs say, Be Less Interested. it gives the other person more room to relax and be themselves and not worry that the other person is going to try something. again. then again maybe this is just me. lol.

          – if you hear from the not-interested friend once in a blue moon and the interaction makes you feel like they're just yanking your chain, then they probably are for their own reasons, so ditch 'em for your own good.

          i'm not going to proof-read this so pls excuse any typos or likely offensive comments. x

          • Amazing insight from everyone, a lot of food for thought..
            Friendzoning does seem unhealthy for all involved. I think there is qi-vamping going on on both sides. For the less interested party (and I sadly recognise this in myself) – it’s “I’ll take all the attention I can get to heal/boost my ego” and for the more interested party – “I’ll take all the time I can get with my object of affection”. It’s crap but I now feel that once I got the “male approval” and became the object of affection, I want to just relax, have fun without pressure to take it to another level. Not that I go out of my way to get them into this situation, I am a naturally friendly/flirty person but yeah it feels nice knowing that they find me attractive.. Once that’s confirmed though, further advances are just not welcome.
            I also couldn’t agree more on the “nice guy” dynamic – being nice only to try and get in my pants isn’t nice at all.

          • ” I never confess secretly-harboured feelings..,”
            Must be your Cap moon.
            I don’t either – Cap Asc 🙂

    • If someone wanted more than you could give, how would you feel? Probably not required to give them what they wanted simply because they wanted it, Needing a certain person that intensely is an illusion. The feelings are real, but so is the disconnected brain. You have found a type you would like. You can either change the bait or fish in a different pond. One requires you to change, the other for the type to change. If you’re always the friend and this is most unhappy, you need to discover what you are doing to get put in this category. And it comes back to your bait is wrong (you need to develop other skills or traits than you presently possess) or the type you think you want isn’t the least interested in what you have to offer so you switch ponds (try different types).

  5. That’s why I’ve been thinking about my grade school friends lately.
    Good times y’know before all that high-school introversion and teenage depression stuff.

    Been thinking too much about karma lately too.

  6. YES! Met a lovely Gemini-to-my-Ramzilla April 6th, the day after my birthday. Everything was perfect, except… recently divorced, and still going through that. The feelings are there, but the timing is not. Was being melodramatic last night about it (I told him how I felt, and if he wanted to talk about things – i.e., be with me – he could call me. Haven’t heard from him since, and last night I texted him something short, sweet, and nonchalant. No reply. Sad times.) And my Gemini bestie said, “Don’t be so melodramatic! Don’t delete anything. Keep it because it reminds you of something nice and special.” Today, I surrender entirely. If this man is my destiny, he’ll pop back into the picture, guns a-blazing and ready to hold my hand through adventure, having sorted through his stuff.. And if he isn’t? Then I’ll eventually forget about him and hold the hand of the one I’m meant to be with. Simple as pie.

    • Anna Karenina Principle babe. Or as some would call it Bake a Great Cake. Meaning for success in either marriage or pastry making, you need not just one but ALL ingredients to be present at the right time.

      So yes, it is indeed simple as pie.

              • lol. there’s something that is so disorienting about such things that I like them for the way that they unsettle us and remove our usual frames of reference that we rely on to make us feel comfortable and safe. if we pull away these little reassuring psychological hitching points, what’s left? who are we after that? how do we define ourselves? it’s funny the judgement and fear that comes with this stuff. i still experience it myself, but it’s v interesting to examine why. things about identity, what happens when the unexpected takes place, that sort of thing.

    • Trust me the timing will align if it’s meant to be and if it’s doesn’t perhaps something will come to light that makes it a good thing. It’s often the way!

    • my new rule (after the heartbreak of the 2012) – to not get involved with anyone who is not quite over their ex. No way.

      • lol, it is my new rule (after the heartbreak of 2012) – to not get involved with anyone who is not quite not in a relationship with their ex!

          • Ah. I know people jump to judgement but it was complicated. His partner knew about it – they had an arrangement. Extenuating circumstances. It was meant to be a casual thing and unfortunately for us all there was a real connection.


            • Sometimes you just mean to have coffee and talk, and sometimes it turn into talking for 20 hours while holding hands, with breaks and pauses to kiss. And you realize how quietly, unbelievably happy you are, how easy it is to fall asleep entwined. Then one of you, or maybe both, realize that for various reasons you can’t deal with that right now. So one freezes the other out, because they can never think of them without remembering how happy they knew they could be.

              Or goes away to collect their thoughts. Samey-same in the end though, right?

  7. Wow your timing is uncanny. Am listening to people argue. Not deliberately. They traveled to my vicinity to have their seemingly endless fight. She is displaying a remarkable instinctive grasp of the zap zone – grokking it on a primal level. Keeps telling him not to go on about the past. She seems to have a litany of evidence from the now to present so I can understand her reluctance to bang on about prehistoric times.

    He appears to be more triggered by venus in taurus on the south node. Fascinating. He is not as good at arguing as she is and is constantly at a disadvantage. Seems like the kind who can’t think on his feet and therefore has to keep bringing up the past because that’s what he knows – has had time to think about it. I suspect earth vs air are key ingredients in this bitter cocktail.

    Venus is in my 11th house at the moment so I guess it’s all go in the community. Fascinating the way some people argue about the minutia and never go below the surface to consider why it’s pushing their buttons. It’s always about someone else and what they’re doing that the fight is about.

    • aww that’s sad 🙁 I hate hearing people argue… never reaching any new understanding or trying to figure it out from the other person’s POV. So the only thing we get is hurt, words that can’t be taken back, and damaged relationships. Especially for people who speak too much (sharp words, don’t think first) or don’t speak enough (not representing themselves, resentment). Realising recently that conflict or disagreement of any sort is an opportunity to learn something about others and ourselves, and to reasonably voice our own interests if/when need to. and more i guess.

      • yeah the dynamic was off kilter in both of those ways pi. hermit card – i wanted to throw the hermit card at their feet but she was mildly scary in a never eats vegetables possibly on meth way and i am not an oracle…

  8. Yep. This is my life right now. Encountered my Scorpio, His-Mars-Exact-Sextile-My-Venus flame from 2006 last month. This weekend, going to see my Kataka Sun-Sextile-My-Sun ex from 2001-2003, and I am also in the process of trying to pin down (lol) my Libran Aqua Hunky Doorstop from 2007 whose Sun is exact on my Moon, his Moon sextile my Venus. What is the fuqing point of dating when the path behind me is littered with these gorgeous, amazing, lovely dudes?

      • unlike ‘repurposing’, which is when one’s (friendly) ex becomes your local, say, handyman or something. or the hunky mechanic guy becomes new lover. 😀

        • here’s me on a roll…. you could announce to the (say) hot local barista guy… “due to budgetary cutbacks, I am being forced to amalgamate several departments in my life…. you have been selected for multiple roles in the reshuffle. New responsibilities include being my lover as well as the local hot barista guy. Here’s my Discussion Paper where I have examined the potential issues that may arise. It will be open for comment until 26 May. Please make your submissions via phone call…here’s my number…a meeting will take place at [name of sexy restaurant] to resolve any differences. I look forward to your cooperation in this matter.”

  9. i love this escher-style timber spiral stair complex thing. would love to know who designed and made this. if i had a property big enough, it would be there for sure.

    • Had to look up Edward James’s astro, and wow… fascinating man. British poet and patron to many surrealist artist including Dali and undeniably and extravagantly Leo, he would make a very interesting MM astro study, methinks. Certainly piqued my interest !

  10. What the hello is with Oracle? Told me this morning I am already in love. It’s news to me and it must be her time of the month.
    Yesterday the painter tells me, “When a women can make good coffee, we say in my country she is ready for marriage.”
    So glad his country no longer exists, because I sure didn’t feel like being barista bitch today.
    Even past life lesbian lover twirls into view. I am feelin synchronicity overload.

    • Ha ha the Oracle is being a bitch to me as well. First banging on about a Taurus incoming 2 weeks ago… Then it was me being bitter and cynical, then aphrodite herself was bringing an ‘awesome new contender’ into my love life… Now there’s a Virgo on the way! Also 2 weeks ago there was a fire sign ‘all but stalking me’ …….. Still waiting…. Bring it already!!!!!!

      • Oh good not only me. She did tell me to journal my next vivid dream. Ok Oracle…dream on then.
        I even asked her our past life relationship? We studied together.

    • ha yeah it told me that my latest celebrity crush and I were not seeing eye to eye about our possible love affair. Damn that thing works!! grumble grumble….

  11. YES!!
    ~This could also be a chance to lay the ghosts of your romantic past before reincarnating your love life. Monitor dreams! ~

    Totally felt that lastnight. Had a whopper tropical storm brewing outside while I was lying on the floor meditating ( briefly, lol) … decided to switch off all the houselights and run the bath, and be totally naked in this vulnerable yet soft space of living alone, in a bush retreat 100 yr old house…just let nature envelope me and consciously listen to soften my heart… And it worked… the light of the lightning flashing gently through the windows, the rain on the tin roof and on the trees and earth outside…I just felt my body relax so deeply in the water in the bath and totally connect to the element of water. I started spontaneously remembering all the ” in awe of water” moments I had in my life, scenes of oceans, waterfalls, creeks, underwater, I just drifted into this watery dream through my own memories of water , interspersed with consciously feeling my heart untighten where every strained scar was couching an embedded memory of past loves..I felt tremendous sadness and that I had avoided feeling, over past lovers who had found happy love with new love, and happy lasting love seemed to still allude me…when i cried it out, I let go of the fear of that I was therefore a fail at love. I realised how much i have clung to endings , instead of the best of those loves. really i have been very lucky in love, I just haven’t let myself commit. Accepting responsibility for that instead of yearning and clinging onto every ending as a fail, whoa, what a release… And then I felt my entire being expanding, just like the water in my visions…and once I realised i felt like i was water again, I felt the softness and the flow in my being return to my body and consciousness. I felt ok with emotions. And THAT was like a moon-landing giant step for this air-headed gemini. hehe..

    Natally I have Kataka Venus and Mars, and I know about my memory powers , for both constructive and destructive ends… This body emersion in Watery realms really healed my heart…. Perfect timing …and then i got on facebook where a local cafe owner offered me a gig playing whatever tunes I like on the wkd. ( I sing and play guitar) Zero pressure, all about the pleasure… hello Venus. !!! Maybe an open heart opens doors…?? who knows..


  12. It also seems to be a time of revelations. I been having an interesting time with chiron and neptune opposing my venus and moon. its all been coming up. First it was spewing out now i am getting it under control.
    I read about pluto opposing chiron in my chart and i am slowly getting to the bottom of past life conditions.
    Anyway pluto opposing chiron means that one is GULLIBLE and not seeing own shadow or others darkness. I have seen my own shadow alright and i no longer want to be on my knees. i am doing everything now to be as pure as possible, vegetarian and determined to neutralize any of my bad karma.
    Thus extremely painful betrayal experiences which i have to be healed to be reborn again now.

    • Hmmm I am having Chiron opp Pluto and healing past years’ betrayal and letting go. Forgiving and not forgetting.Motto- Senior in my space. Theme song- Not Afraid -Eminem.

  13. My soundtrack to life currently… Neil young and Bruce Springsteen… So mars for me w all those guitars.

    I love blasting it in my car, the boss is sexy and young makes me feel like losing my mind on some good stuff!

    I have a zombie love and I just let it motivate and inspire me if it starts getting uncomfortable I drop it and let the feeling go general… I have seen his wife the last two arvos so that could be a sign…

    Ive been doing a lot of bath healing too, and getting bodywork,and moving my body, and my body had the hots for someone who is not here in the immediate now… So I let my body just continue with the flow of desire, and keep on healing, and letting it be…

  14. Eeeuw, hello past lives. After years of de-sewering (from an ex MM appropriately named the Sewer), and subconscious processing of traumas, had a vivid dream last night of being in an empty ballroom full of cloth covered round tables, obviously having been deserted after use. I was sitting there, naked and feeling fat, that is not fighting fit whilst a waiter brought me a steak. I was so hungry and I wanted to eat it, but the Sewer was sitting a chair away from me in a blazer, looking tanned yet older. Nothing but the sound of things being put away and dismantled around us.

    He says something I can’t hear. I’m still hungry but all I can do is stick a fork in the meat. He hands me a box that contains a rusty toy tin plane broken up into 4 parts I’d have to put together, the nose, the tail, the body and the wings. Oddly, it has the faded logo of an airline I used to work for in my early 20’s, I’d ended up quitting on the spot when they tried to make me sign a bs piece of paper that essentially said they could fire me if I got sick without notice, which makes no sense. I was one of the best agents there, so that little plane triggered a memory of something I’d thought I’d be in for a long time. Yet again reiterated by the relationship with the Sewer.

    He stands up to leave, so do I, and the steak lays there uneaten. I feel nothing really but for some reason, I tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek more out of habit and he, HE who’d done so many things to me, decided to push me away. I’m initially hurt, then angry, then absolutely dead cold. I’m all skin and flesh, but there’s nothing warm. And I woke up thinking, I felt like a knife..that is I’ve developed some talent for cutting things off. It was a sad thought, a sad feeling to lay in bed, feeling like cold, hard metal.

    However, it seemed quite useful for work. The dream may as well be a diagram of all the things I’m done with from then and now.

    • Hello Darling,

      I have read that to dream of red meat to is to dream of animalistic desires.
      You wrote a beautiful piece recently about the traits of Katakans. It was a refreshing insight for me (can count closest one one hand, 3 of which are Katakans), one of the things that really stuck out, was that the big claw cuts people off, lets them go, retreats.
      Possibly you did know this Sewer man in a past life, and maybe the dream is symbolic of finally letting any soul connections go ? – this may be my naive child like way of looking at things(as i am prone to do), however my Katakans do hang to on feelings from past relationships for a long long time – till they can let the tide go out over them (this can really take years to repair hurt).

      Can i ask, you dont have in your possession anything that the sewer gifted you do you ? or that you purchased when you were together ? A piece of clothing or shoes that reminds you of time spent together ? that somewhere in your psyche knows that that piece has a history with that man ?

      xx I adore reading and learning for you hon, and hope this dream leaves you lighter in spirit in long run. You are Free, you are not cold, you are brightness and light and sunshine and stars ! xxx

      • You leaving the meat on the table and nottouching it, feeling hungry but letting it go cold.

        Letting him go.

      • Intense FA! He is still in yr dreams, how frus!
        Here’s hoping the nakedness & uneaten stake symbolise completion of this cycle.
        Forgive me but I really want a steak after reading this. 😉

      • Thanks, Cosmic…what did Isak Dinesen say? That the cure for anything is saltwater..sweat, tears, and the sea. It is true for Katakans, things change in the same way the shore re-forms by the power of the tides.

        I think the dream was a thematic question that used the most powerful triggers for me. A once precious soul connection dashed into a set of terrible memories. Hopes for all sorts of things hanging tenuously, an awful hunger, vulnerability, a huge room sorely empty after a feast. The plane of course is freedom, not just for the obvious flight, but it referenced a critical time when I walked out of what I thought was a career I would get to nurture. No, that particular workplace was torn in quiet strife, at the time union members were being murdered, it was badly corrupt and to get anywhere, you’d literally have to wait for the person above you to die or leave the country.

        I even remember all the pressure of being asked to lie then quitting on the spot, only to have management approach me to say they’d actually slated me for use in their national advertising. Like that was an incentive. I was so young but I just sort of knew all of it was wrong, no matter what they dangled.

        And maybe this is all coming up because I’m revisiting certain crossroads again, life has that amazing spiral effect where you travel not so much in any linear fashion but get to encounter aspects of the same question from however long ago, as if to ask, so now what do you think of this?

        To which of course, many a times the answer is yet another ending. But I am hungry, probably for that feeling of fullness, of rightness, and of satisfaction. It has a lot to do with work, the fact that I haven’t had the time or inclination to blog, and the Cappo Comedy Writer whose having a hard time letting me be..it’s a connection that is inexplicably deep yet bound to impossibility.

        I’ve buried it all in work but somehow the dream self says, not so fast.. so there we are, naked with a steak I can’t eat, a plane that can’t fly and a man I shouldn’t be with. xx

        ps no I have no real artifacts of Sewerage around me, I even bought a new bed. The last thing I probably can do is actually move, but I’d only do that if I changed jobs… love your encouragement, it was badly needed

        • So much respect for you lovely one. Your insightfulness blossoms off the computer screen like a beautiful beanstalk, ever growing onwards and upwards…like you. x

    • I had a dream about my version of the sewer awhile back and your dream reminded me of it. In my dream, he gave me a ring – it was old, full of gunk, missing the gem. I said thanks and turned it over and noticed it unfolded into a lapis encrusted candle holder thingy. Perhaps tonight you can ask about the plane? Maybe there is something more going on there…

      Last night I had a dream that included the owner of the firm I got canned from. He and I were driving together. A black car at night. He pulled over to the side of the road to tell me something I don’t remember as we stood by the trunk of the car. I also dreamed of his daughter, who runs the marketing there, and she was showing me inside an ice cream truck that was filled with the corpses of sordid affairs. She seemed pleased with her work. Go figure. I mention it because of the vague food/flesh theme. Could it be Venus in Torro loves a meal – no matter how unappetizing? lol

  15. Mean Node is South node right?
    It’s sitting on top of my natal Chiron at the moment according to the chart map.
    THIS needs further exploration to search the meaning as it is unsettling and intriguing me at the same time.

        • OK then, my north node is south of my natal chart but is now sitting north of it, left hand side.
          Think i’m at the stage of life where if i can’t convince them i better confuse them.
          Thnx for correcting me 🙂

          • 🙂 Hey Pegs, it doesn’t matter what direction it is or where it falls in your chart. I have North North in Gem in 6th house, so South node is in Saggo in 12th. But only the NN symbol appears in the astro chart.

            • Got it Scorps now you said only the North shows aka the Mean.

              This is a case of the more i know the less i know :-).
              Enjoy your weekend, less Saturn more of a Sagg time. x

              • Ok Pegs, I was probably confusing you. Here’s an image I found to illustrate south and north node


                In the 8th house is the NN in Cap and opposite that in the 2nd house is south Node in Cancer and the symbol for the node is upside down. In my astro.com chart the south node symbol doesn’t appear but it doesn’t matter because we all know that it’s just opposite the North. Yeah?


          • Alchemist, just sent u a text answering YES.
            Perhaps you can explain to this node biz in person.
            North South Mean True, one of them is in Taurus, that’s YOU!
            The other is then in Scorpio, that much i know. x

  16. a couple of mornings ago, i dreamed of giant angels flying down through the clouds to earth; and everyday, I have heard of a new death, dying or near death … perhaps on all scales and dimensions?

  17. No karma here! Been on a regional worksite for work. Hot blokes everywhere. Nice for a girl’s ego:-) to be honest I can’t get my head around past lives. This is the one that counts, for me anyways. it would be great if Venus delivered Mr Soulmate but I won’t hold my breath!

  18. Mega weirding with the Aries ex/love of my life but when has there not weirding with me and him. Feels like it’s been going on my whole life, probably a few lifetimes before that. It’s hard because we have all those classic lovely synastry aspects, the textbook stuff which makes it all so pleasant but also all the most intense Pluto inter aspects which we totally get off on as we’re both super Plutonic. Letting go isn’t happening, something is building and looks like it will culminate appropriately round the full moon eclipse next week, in my 7th house. I honestly can’t say which way it’ll go, I’ve been at this juncture with him too many times before. So, who knows but this is karmic at another level and I know that doesn’t always mean being together.

  19. pressure + confessions. when a person reveals their feelings, thoughts, off loads their expectations, wishes, hopes and dreams that’s a lot of pressure. be aware of subtleties, fragility. i like not knowing. mystery is meant to be alive.

      • I keep hearing about Venusian Voodoo and whatnot but it just never hits home for me. South Node – whatever. I’ve already been there 🙂

      • Funny thing is – I had a reading done a few years ago and the woman said my new partner would come in during the eclipses in May 2013 and I was all like “isn’t that post-apocalyptic?” And now I’m like, “how’s romance going to help me save money?” LOL!

        • shoot! You are me and on the same wavelength again.

          yeah i’ve had people say May 2013 is going to be this huge turn around period for my love life. Colour me skeptical. sigh.
          Saturn has made me an uber-sour-puss about relationships.
          And yes,,,what i really am focused on is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. My own earned of course, not borrowed or given.

          • I’m not going to lie – it would be great to get laid again. But of all the things to take up my time and attention, coupling seems like a total bad investment. Some body is going to have to chase me. Bring it on, Venus Claws! I dare you! LOL!

            • I am hearing you both so clearly. I had a reading once and was told the name of my soulmate. I said “Are you sure it’s not such and such”. No she just repeated his name. I would have better luck with wizzing up a sauce for this Venus claw.

  20. yep.
    the boyfriend’s ex girlfriend’s son called today. weird situation from years ago. but he is a child, so of course I don’t mind him, he’s an innocent.
    still…..she was something not good completely.

  21. The asteroid ‘Karma’ is the only thing I have ever found in my 12th House!

    Perhaps it is resonant as it is in Taurus, which rules the house my Sun is in/

    Bast is conjunct my Karma atm, so I am going to meditate on Lady Bast, I’d like to get to know her. Been craving to get a kitty cat recently, I really miss having pets (Moon in the 6th).

  22. Had massive cry with the bf last night. Both of us. We’re in a long distance r/s but it’s coming to an end in 3 or 4 months as am (was supposed to be anyway) moving to London to be with him and for school (and taking on debt for grad school). Ironically our relationship was super sweet until February and it’s only gotten odd this month really. He’s stuck in a midlife crisis, going to switch jobs but has self esteem massively eroded by current one, scared as hell of quitting this one.. And he’s just been quite emotionally abusive/distant from me. And he knows. He told me he can’t tell what he wants in the future anymore and his feelings are all in disarray, and told me crying that I should split up with him because he is a mess. And then held me, cried and said he felt so sorry for making me sad, doesn’t want me to go. But doesn’t know if he sees the future w He doesn’t know his birth time so I only know he’s an Aries but I’m a Libran with cap rising.

  23. So interesting, this venusian south node stuff: i think this was it for me:
    work on a collaborative project began this week. He is lovely, we’ve had some great talks as we are making the work, and as we spoke, we discovered we both had the same reoccurring dream sequence as children. A very abstract obscure dream sequence too. Stunning stuff

  24. Speaking of South Node – I thought it was painful enough having my Venus conjunct that point. But apparently it does not end there (of course). I also have my Karm, Destinn, Angel, and Union asteroids all within a couple degree orbs of that point. FM(romantic)L.

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