Jared Leto: Our New Zap Zone Muse

As soon as i saw Jared Leto had tweeted this, i thought he might be Zap Zoner.  Then today i looked at his chart and dude is a permanent Zap Zone – he is Sun-Midheaven in Capricorn square a whole lot of schizz in Aries: Ascendent, Moon, Chiron & Mars…opposite Pluto in Libra. Obviously i always thought he was cool but this clinched it.

So i now declare him our Zap Zone Muse. Forthwith – some morsels of attitude from Jared.

I’ve always liked Saturn. But I also have some sympathy for Pluto because I heard it’s been downgraded from a planet, and I think it should remain a planet. Once you’ve given something planetary status it’s kind of mean to take it away.


“I spent some time in prison. Just the normal stuff. Listen, I’ve had so much edge in my life, I don’t need to contrive any. I’m not gonna front like Mr Angst.”


“About why he did Urban Legend I thought, who’s having the most fun – people who are working or people who are sitting around planning the perfect career?”


I kinda have the opposite of ADD. I have a hyper-focused disorder, where if there’s a given task in front of me I really concentrate on that.


Love is like a hurricane or a rainbow; depends on the way you face it


Everything will be okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end

How would you like to be remembered?

I wouldn’t.


What is your earliest memory?
Fireworks and a wolf.


What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
The need to sleep.


“I love Tigers, everything about the intensity of this animal. I wanted to make this album sound like the God making love with the devil. Its a message pretty much for the actual animal and the meaning of its power in the Chinese Astrology. I used horses for my oriental video From Yesterday a while ago, which represents me and my signs, and the Chinese environment.”.

3o Seconds To MarsFrom Wiki: The band’s phoenix logo (which the band named “Mithra“) bears the phrase “Provehito in Altum”, the band’s motto. Roughly translated from Latin, this means “Launch forth into the deep”; a more stylized version would be “Rocket in(to) High(ness)”. It can also be translated as “March on into higher grounds” or “Launch forth into higher grounds”.

He so totally knows his occult. “I’ve always liked Saturn…” Adoration.

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“Glanced at the other 50 s ?? Did you said 50s? lool O_O the way you described it though, congrats! You as me, as other fans we are taken by the Image..and he is an excellent Actor and player remember that! But have you actually thought, if he really is all these things? Behind the Man, the Legend.. I see more and more of his behaviour CONTRADICT the Image of a kind, down to earth person, that I thought he was. Especially since he won.. this year. He grows more and more into an open ASS**** .Read between the lines… Read more »



Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

The only thing I relate to is his love of tigers. They are pretty awe-inspiring.

All the rest sounds a bit twee. What’s with the emo hair? Ugh. When I see a bloke with his hair cascading over his face, I say “he’s hiding behind it. WHY does he feel the need to hide behind it?” Get a short back and sides, stand up straight and I might consider you.


Musically he is emo Beebs.




erm, can someone tell me whats the big deal? OK Ive been hiding under a rock the last couple of years and have no idea who this guy is, but seriously, he looks like he needs a diaper change and a school night curfew!
…sexy? hot?… “Counter Culture”?
LOL he looks like a total air head !


Mystic I love it when you do celeb charts, I learn so much. There are a few additional things that stand out for me: According to his chart on astrotheme, he has Part of Fortune in Leo House 5 – all that acting, performing, modelling and loud HAIR styles – he does it all so well! That would also be the Pluto-Uranus ruled by Venus in Libra for out there looks that change alot. And his Venus is in Aqua for double uranian. Is that mutually reception – ruler of Libra is in Aqua, ruler of Aqua is in Libra?… Read more »


he has Sun square pluto in tight orb of 2d – that square and the square to mars all the time is intense.


Jared Lego?
PPPFT… More like Farted Letgo.
He’s a bit on the nose IMO.




Well put! Ridiculously good looking but I suspect he can only love himself. Cool quotes tho.


Gross. I hate queueing for anything. But for a man?? ANY man??!! To get a root? and he won’t even remember you? And he’s probably worn it down to a stub with the number of chicks he’s already banged? NFW. Sorry I know this sounds blunt but seriously, women, he’s Just Another Guy. It’s not voodoo – you won’t absorb his powers or fame by shagging him or anyone famous and then walking out the door. Call me stupid but I can’t think of a worse reason to have sex with someone. All of this is predicated on the assumption… Read more »


^ Pi out.

Tropic of Scorp

“I hate queueing for anything. But for a man?? ANY man??!! To get a root? and he won’t even remember you?

😆 totes agree! Ewww


yes, undignified and sad.


Hahaha love it!!! Soo true!!! Lol!


I so agree with “you won`t absorb his power or fame” lol haha!

We are raised with movie stars everywhere, in commercial, movies..it`s obvious that it becomes a dream, to BE one, and to be WITH one

So many starlets today HUNT for Movie Stars everywhere ..

I think Jared is just riding the wave .. sometimes if you look , his eyes look so empty

From too much sex ?? haha 🙂


It will probably be a “conquest” or a Trophy .. but more than that?

You can only work your way from within, not by f***ing someone famous. It could be anyone


Ewwww. He’ll probably be one of those angry short men when he’s old.


He looks shorter than 5’9″


A short, angry, old man who sprays colored hair “thickener” to conceal his balding. While quoting Bukowski.
I also suspect he is a narcissist.


LaLuz interesting, spray on hair you say…ah smoke and mirrors. Well I did just finish re-reading the Megan Fox post…and the hair spray can has a whole new meaning.


narcissist. indeed!


And he was good in Requiem for a Dream… But still.


Leaves me completely cold. He just seems like another pretty boy that Hollywood churned out, complete with his “counterculture” appeal, and the “bad but sensitive underneath” persona that seems to do the media trick these days… Okay, he IS photogenic. I’ll give him that. I’m so tired if these baby-boys… Johnny Depp included.


And he was good in Requiem for a Dream… But still.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Yep, I’ve heard he’s kind of skeevy with the ladies and my gorgeous former party friend had a Jared run-in in LA and turned him down. I was like ARE YOU NUTS CHICK?!>! But I also understand — I wouldn’t want to be just the next in line and apparently he is very cocky (but your story explains why lol). I think he is one of the most attractive modern-day actors…I don’t really find many of the Hollywood types attractive except for the ones with some bite or charisma and not just the pretty-boy schtick. Would take Adrien Brody over… Read more »


Adrien Brody…*le sigh*


Oh God….I was so in love with him when he played Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life. Hated Claire Danes cuz she got to make out with him on camera for hours…..he is so exactly what would have slayed me then and would now too. And he’s a total iconoclast! Love that!

The Leo Socialite

I will volunteer to have sex with him to gather intelligence. All i need to do is wait for the full results of my latest botox to be apparent and then i will fly straight to l.a and haunt 12 step meetings in hollywood OR oh god i am too old to be a plausible groupie. I really really like that phoenix logo, does anyone know what the symbols mean, astrology on mars?


Great intel…this dude must be outed as either stud or dud and there must be witnesses…mandatory fmf three way–
strictly big bang research (mostly).


That ain’t right!
Another tentative crush hits the dust..


He sounds awesome. He’s not my physical type (plus the Venus in Aqua does nothing for me) but then he has a lot of fire which I generally appreciate. Mmm!

But I don’t think he understand ADD because the nature of it is an ability to vanish into a world completely when it is of interest, it’s just the mundane that is difficult to manage. So he is probably quite ADD. Or something. Occult interested types often are.




All right…the line starts after me.

Electric Eel Libran

Love is a rainbow my ass! What shit is this guy smoking?



A lot of his answers sound so contrived; like he’s trying too hard to be a James Dean type.



I’m a permanent Zap Zoner too. The Zap Zone needs to catch up with me.


Musically not my 30 Second cuppa, but as an actor an interesting body of work.

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