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Taurus Bull Drawing

Happy Bull Mars people! Now we have the Sun, Venus + Mars all in beautiful Taurus and a seven week era of a lot of things left dangling last year coming together. Inhale the serenity. If it wasn’t a huge storm outside, i would go wander barefoot on the green grass. I still might. After all, Taurus or not, the Eclipse is totes Wuthering Heights, non? Mars in Taurus is truculent, horny and way stubborn. Fabulous for feats of will power and up yours to people who expect you to cave. Modern siege mentality. Who was it who said the best offense is a strong defence? That’s tres Taurus Mars. It will also feel a bit less frenetic than all that arid Aries. I’m thinking more bod honoring, whether it be via orgasms, stetching props or uber nutrition. Less caffeine consciousness. But understand: We’re about to have the first of three Eclipses in a row and Uranus is lining up to square Pluto exact at the end of May. Ie; the Zap Zone. More on all this in the Horoscopes & the next Daily Mystic email.


Image: Vedran Misic – Society 6

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131 thoughts on “Happy Bull Mars

  1. I love this image so much it makes me wish I was a Taurus. I’ve been getting my exercise routine somewhat regular. I have the weekend with my daughter – no way would I take her to a hot yoga class – so we may have to exercise via cleaning and stomping in the creek out back.

    It has occurred to me, more than once, how magnificent nature is. I watched Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman this week. The trees are there – the same trees I enjoy out back – even within such different stories and times. I know that’s apparent and perhaps a bore, but Nature is Reality and so much kinder than the realities we personalize for ourselves. Yeah Torro! xoxo

    • Saw Snow White on HBO tv some time ago. Did you enjoy it 12th?

      The other night I had dreamt that I was flying thru the air (but did not see my body) and then landed where that large stag stood (in the movie) and thought to myself “I am Narnia..”

      Looked up Narnia and there is interesting info on it.

      Huge weeping willow is outside my front patio. I consider it my guardian. Venus in Toro, and last night, I saw a squirrel so must refresh insights on that totem.

      • Sweetpea, I recently saw Snow White and enjoyed it, Charlise Theron’s portrayal of the Evil Queen was really interesting

        • Yeah, fuqin

          ~Mirror Mirror on the wall…~

          She seemed to pull off such a naff statement quite well I thought.. I mean how the hell do you sound dignified when askin’ a flippin’ mirror if you’re fair or not. haha

          My mirror would say on most days, ~you look like crap and your eyes are puffy…(keep off the carbs)
          but not too damn bad for 54..~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Aries/Cap Moon Reese Witherspoon was arrested this weekend and being the same my heart goes out to her in the sense that the Cap often keeps the ego in check, but under the influence, guess she said “do you know who I am?’

          The old ego pops its ugly head up…It is impossible that it will not do so esp under the influence…

          I have been more like Aries dad when I’ve drank and would rather dance and do the twist with you. Come to think of it tho, did try to turn Kataka daughters wedding reception into a karaoke thing…That is where Gem Virgo rising other daughter drew the line. Being outta control is not foreign to me.

          But hey, back to Snow…One co-worker used to call me that when I was in my 20’s.

          It was amusing when Chris Hemsworth told Snow as she sat on her horse “you look fetching in your mail” haha

          Saw that there is a chainmail bikini. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes, I did like it. I actually bought it and have watched it several times. I watched it with my daughter. I like that Snow White isn’t just a house-cleaner waiting to get married.

        • That sounds good for your Aries daughter. I was married at 19…way too young…idiotic really and did do tons of laundry and washin’ and ironin. Had a fire place too and so there were embers/cinders and such ๐Ÿ™‚

          Sorry, it’s Monday and I actually don’t feel that well so will be a smart arse instead. x

          But did love Snow on her horse charging across the coast when the tide was out. And loved how nature guided her.

  2. Great that means some restful sleep. Looking forward to having my Venus and Mars in Taurus sparkle in the moonlight. Decaf consciousness, I’ll think about it.

    • I’m still a coffee snob from my San Francisco barista days and can’t help but cringe when I contemplate decaf.

      However I will admit that I have been having a hard time getting restful sleep and that this morning was the first I have woken up refreshed and rested in a very long time…hopefully this keeps up.

      • Me too Rache. I was going to suggest to you to try applying an eye mask/cream (a heavy product) to help you sleep. Put it on your peeps and get them all heavy like…then successful sleep.

    • I am a coffee / tea person.. I drink green tea at home in the morning and coffee at work. The last couple of days because of being lazy and not picking up tea for home because I ran out I have been drinking lemon or lime water when I get up. Not bad.. but I am heading to Starbucks very soon!! LOL!!

  3. Oh no no no NO S – nobody mentioned “decaf” but i mean maybe not so much that pre-bed short black just to help one ‘think’ lol

  4. I am looking forward to all the eclipse action. I have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. I think it’s going to be big for me. I read on another thread the full moon eclipse on Friday is at 5 deg Scorpio? That’s near my natal sun and exact opp natal Saturn. I’m ready.

    And there was stuff left dangling last year that I would like to see come together, so bring it on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “…nothing to fear and nothing to lose.” Exacto. That sums up the vibe for me at the mo.

    • I definitely feel you on the stuff coming together from last year part. If nothing happens during the eclipse I am not going to spend any energy even wondering anymore. No answer will still be *an* answer for me!

    • I have to agree Calypso.. at work things are a little “bumpy” if you will with the boss prego and her not being there but needing things done. I get a little stressed wondering what is around the corner but for some reason I have just given that worry up and just going with it! There is nothing I can do but do my best. If it is correct that the Full Moon eclipse is 5 degrees in Scorpio then it is in my 1st house.and guess what.. my new haircut (last Wednesday) will make it’s mark maybe..A lot of my friends haven’t seen it yet! LOL!!

      With things coming together from last year it is perfect timing. October 2012 was when I started my new job and with everything has been going on maybe things will come together with bright lights!


      • you know what they say VE, ‘new hair, new woman’ !
        I am sure you’ll be able to handle the work situation through the usual virgo MO of workworkwork and attn to the details…and know who to reach out to if you need some support, even if that’s a friend outside work who understands the situation.

        • LOL!! Thanks Pi!!

          I was grocery shopping today, new haircut in play, and this older gentleman looked at me and said with excitement.. “Hello Sunshine”.. I responded with the same excitement and smiled! I wonder if my highlights are clearly coming through as sunshine.. LOL!! Just kidding.. I am happy with the cut, it is much healthier and very professional so it was a good decision.

          With the job, yes, I know I will pull this through somehow.. it is the Virgo perfectionism that just throws me to the wind without a parachute. I get all flustered. I do hate it sometimes.. I am my own worst critic.. it is bad! Well, let’s see what plays out in this job arena. I am very lucky!!


  5. Yessss!! I love Mars in taurus (as I noted in the previous blogpost.)

    The trifecta will be going over my MC stellium and makes me think of my 2nd house stellium (Taurus’ home). Wonderful!

    The Never Ending Story has a few Mars in Taurus / 2nd house / Zap Zone messages
    – don’t doubt yourself – be confident – know your self-worth
    – human fantasy has no boundaries
    – the swamp of sadness will destroy you
    – the nothing will control you and have power over you if you let it
    – the more wishes you make and hopes you have the more fantasia (human fantasy) will appear ….

    I love the luck dragon!

    • Adore that movie. It was such a huge inspiration when I first got on my spiritual path.

    • Bastian is an INFP. ๐Ÿ™‚ I always found that funny that he was one of the main examples used to illustrate what we’re like on websites and such…

  6. so happy to be a taurus right now, this with the exit the lover (very amusing & illuminating Mystic b.t.w)

  7. Ahhh,.. this explains everything. Triple Taurus here who is getting ready to launch into her next adventure (but one that involves dry land this time). Have been patiently (somewhat intuitively) biding my time waiting for the exact moment and energy to move forwards with the idea/adventure. Classic “modern siege” mentality. It’s like that classic battle scene in Braveheart: “Hold….. Hold….Hold” William Wallace holding out for the perfect moment to strike, while the enemy are marauding closer and closer. Lots of stubbornness and pure chutzpah required to wait out the Aries firestorm and usher in more favourable climate. Love it! Life is definitely more fulfilling when you work with the chart energy and not rail against it.

    • omg yes. the siege mentality! i love how you put it- stubbornness and pure chutzpah. love. i’ve always seen it negatively, chalked the GO moments up to my uranus opposition but this is the heart of mars in taurus, absolutely. and once we go we’re unstoppable. until we get tired and lazy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Mars is the Red Planet. You know what happens when you wave a red cape in front of the bull.

    For some reason, I am reminded of a little child’s drawing that circulated around the web, labeled as a valentine.


  9. One thing I know is that I had very practical business to take care of today and literally left the line (que) at the post office as couldn’t abide. Was fanning self cuz the desert gettin’ hot and a/c’s not cranked yet. Just not into practical today, the Toro vibe? ..bye bye …I been doin’ some bye bye lately.

    Had a dream that Aries sis sent me a letter but she blotted out her name in black but I held it up to the light and saw it was her….We will reconcile when Aries pop leaves this earth but that will be on his Soul’s terms…

    Love this lately…~Some things you can’t disguise~


  10. Aaaah I love it, this action is all in my 1st house still, I feel literally amazing.
    Possibly the astro, probably a new acupuncturist/chi gong practitioner who has my horribly stagnant chi moving after 2 sessions. Feel like a different person.

    I wish i had some Taurus planets, actually any earth would be nice, a measly Cap MC doesn’t cut it for grounding. No doubt this is the root of my endless questing after earthy as fuq men.

    • acupuncture has been coming up for me again as well, I had a stupid ankle injury and trying to shift some immune crap despite awesome diet. If there are any good can you shoot through a link babe? hard to find good recommendations from the cynical yet savvy x

  11. This may explain why I’m still not out of bed yet and on my way to work! I just want to snuggle down for the rest of the day.

  12. i have mars in taurus and wuthering heights is my FAVOURITE book. i’ve ranted about my four leaf clover obsession here before. and i love greenery, flowers, gardening … yes. i’m a double toro (sun, mars) and i don’t really consider myself stubborn, in fact sometimes i feel i can see both sides of an argument too easily (gemini moon in 9th, libra rising) but maybe i am? i’ll concede arguments gracefully but i won’t compromise my values … hmm.

    • I’m a Libra Sun-NorthNode in 2nd house with Taurus Moon-Chiron-Midheaven. I relate to always compromising, I’m flexible, I concede arguments but never compromise values (2nd house). Someone once told me that once they got to know me they realised how determined I am, but I don’t come across like that. It’s the Venus and Libran airheady-ness that people see and don’t accurately grasp.

  13. Ah, Taurus. I do love the bulls. One of my favourites is Tara Stiles (http://www.youtube.com/user/TaraStilesYoga/videos?view=0). The way she narrates her yoga videos is amazing, she really emphasizes listening to your body as you go through the poses. Very earthy. I knew she was a Taurus before I even looked up her birthdate (May 6, ’81, btw).

    Personally, I’ve got Mars in Taurus, square my Moon/Jupiter and opp. Pluto (yikes); but also (thankfully) trine my Saturn/Venus/NN. I think all this Earth sign action will be a great way to kick off spring and end another semester of school- I know I’ll be doing much yoga and relaxation after exams end in a week.

    • Her face shape and eyebrows are very Taurus. Agreed on the voice thing plus she is so graceful in her movement. I’ve noticed that many classical dancers are Toros.

  14. ‘Fabulous for feats of will power and up yours to people who expect you to cave. Modern siege mentality.’

    Just landed a secondment and my boss is worried – ha! i will show him I am a professional and I have the pencil skirt outfits to prove it. Now just need some F U heels and more red tops to match and I will be on my way. Also I just told another love job (I have 2) I want payment this year. Work is my new mission/attack/mantra so am resting up when I can- not expending any LZ energy. Keeping my own fire alive and burning brightly lovve this stuuborn toro energy. I am gonna be stubborn in my resolution per above..

      • shall do.nny abt colours. oracle said I should get dark green on = re. jealousy. so i bought one. looked up the colour on a chart and it is a strauss waltz green. love that.

  15. Well, this does explain both my increased need for self pleasure, and my rage when hostel lust object turned up today with scabrous female in tow. Am travelling in South America, so only drinking double shot espresso so got the coffee thing nailed at least… And nutrition after a morning session at my local historic mercado here in Buenos Aires…. Still cranky re lust object tho

      • Wow! Awesome! It’s crazy here, I felt very comfortable with my Spanish when planning my trip, but it’s been 15 years since I had to speak it daily, and 7 since I was last in SurA. I feel like a total novice again, and argentine Spanish is so different. This will help!

  16. Hilarious – I just randomly heard Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ last night on an old unmarked mix CD and thought “God, that was good. I’m going to play it again…”

  17. Yes, Taurus time ! Love it, I have Venus in bull. For me I liken it to driving. Sun hits Aries , ignition, 1st gear take off, then slip into second late April. By the time Venus return in bull I’m in 4th and cruising down winding county roads, the window down, the breeze rushing over me.

    • Do you have some kind of astral brain wave into my current life??? My 3rd house is Toro ruled with Jupiter there close to IC (conj by 7 deg) and Sago MC AND I’m on a road trip! Left SA on Fri and have had an amazing trip so far – just finished Great Ocean Road today and sleeping at Torquay tonight on way back to Goldie. Spectacular and the minor – 12 Apostles and an echidna in the wild who posed perfectly for me once the crowd of 5 others left; like he came out for me – beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ Many many other things. Heading to Melbourne 2moz to see the Toro’s – sis/hb and their boys. Introducing my Toro rising Libra man (just over a year together now). Having the time of my life and loving it. It feels like a honeymoon, haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Anyway liked your metaphor – maybe it’s my progressed Asc in Aries conj my natal POF and trans Uranus trine my natal Leo Sun? I also have 0 deg Sag MC. Who KNOWS – as the petrol station lady said today when discussing the coming rain to Victoria – “It doesn’t matter, IT DOESN’T MATTER, OK! Today is beautiful”. So emphatic, I loved it and taking it as a mantra for now.

  18. I have Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in Taurus – and modern siege mentality is where it’s at right now. Spent last three weeks splitting between Melbourne and Gold Coast – Mum had a stroke on easter sunday. Self-employed so flexibility has been welcome but need to shift balance back to biz.Also deal with family expectations re my role in ongoing care.

    next FM eclipse is trine my venus in Cancer and my Saturn in Pisces. Who knows what it will bring.

  19. I was really excited about the recent Aries coup in the sky but it has been hard on me. My car blew up, money/contracts ran dry, got pulled over twice in two days, pet and family friend deaths… just overwhelming. Mars in Aries/NN in the Aries in 12th. F you Pluto.

    Overall just feeling kind of grimy and blah despite being really healthy. I am going to try and utilize this Mars and Venus in Taurus energy to overhaul my look and specifically my poor dead hair (Toro ascendant), launch my business (scheduled for the Taurus new moon eclipse) and try and get my confidence back.

    • Rache!

      Can you please explain the link between the Toro Asc and the dead hair?

      Signed, Toro Asc who’s very worried about her hair ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh no! Sorry to hear that…it sucks to work hard to grow it out and then it’s all so dead that you have to cut it off. I dunno about you but my hair only grows like 1/3 inch/month which makes it extra sucky.

        I did not mean to imply that there was a link between Toro rising and dead hair, moreso that my dead hair is a problem at the moment and I’m down with a makeover that hopefully has no chances of going awry as I have planetary support. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ascendant is linked to image and how you present to the world so I thought Venus Mars on ascendant would give my luck in case I have to hack off more than I am comfortable with.

        My hair is very fragile, wispy, prone to breakage and I have a high widow’s peak (like my Toro dad who everyone said would be bald by his mid-20s but still has all his hair; just thin hair). Combined with my past adderall and bleach abuse = disaster. I had great hair when I did hot yoga consistently but at the moment I have neck issues which prevent me from doing the traditional Bikram series.

        • I knew a Toro guy (in his mid-twenties) with quite the widow’s peak himself! I’m always so fascinated by how someone’s sign can manifest itself physically.. I know I’ve got the signature Cappy cheekbones ๐Ÿ™‚

          As for the dead hair- have you tried taking Biotin? It’s a vitamin, and supposed to help hair and nail growth, both in speed of new growth and in strength/healthiness. I’ve only been on it a few weeks so I can’t really comment, but I have heard rave reviews on the internet. Lots of people swear by it. Also, just did some quick googling, apparently it’s been tested scientifically as well and been confirmed to work.

          • When your looking at shampoo and conditioner read the ingredient list and look out for “Guar”. It has a really long name, but it helps improve your hair quality (one of the only thing that is proven to improve your hair quality). Eating almonds is supposed to ward off grey hair. Rosemary oils for dark hair and camomile for fair hair folks. I like to go with the Moon phase when it comes to hair cuts. Next time I’ll be sure to check the Astro placement. I know of a Japanese lady who only has her hair appointments on a Friday.

              • New Moon = new beginnings so go for something different. CS I forget to tell you about my fav skin product Vitamin E it’s cheap and people will ask you are you in love or up the duff.

                • you’re a real sweetie for thinking of me S ๐Ÿ™‚

                  what form is the Vit E in?

                  • Pure vitamin e in a liquid form. In Australia I can get mine for $14 for 30ml. Put it on at night (a bit thick) then a night cream…then hello soft skin in the morning. Good during cooler weather. Happy to share with you CS.

                    • I am defo going to try this, and then when people ask me if I am upthe duff I can convincemyselfit’snot becasue I am eating fora Toro Asc & moon ๐Ÿ˜‰

                      thanks x

          • There is a bottle in the back of my vitamin cabinet…I’m pulling it out now. I’ll try anything! ha

            Fruit pectin is also great for building connective tissues (and also for detox) so I think I am going to start on that. I need to get consistent with my vitamins. The only thing I’m taking faithfully is magnesium.

            • also prenatals. i stopped taking them for a year, recently started again, and have really noticed the difference. hair and nails grow probably twice as fast and get shiny and thicker.

            • If you have the liquid vitamin e you can pop a pin in them and apply to your face. Give it a try at night and see how it goes. In Australia the brand is Invite.

        • thanks Rachรฉ, Yes, it’s a bleaching problem for me too – made my hair thin and brittle. It’s actually not too bad but it does bother me….always had a thing about split ends. Nothing in Leo but maybe a Libran Venus would explain it?

          Have embarked on a process of recovery that hopefully won’t involve cutting it all off ๐Ÿ™‚

        • My hair and nails grow more quickly than ever before since I started boot camp workouts two years ago. I am 49. Think anything that gets your circulation and metabolism going is key

  20. Know that grimy feel, I changed my diet a few months ago & I don’t know how long it takes for bacterias to ‘die-off’, but I don’t feel so great now.
    Total paleo, now I am a pale leo (well I have a cold any rate).
    What is your business about ? Love the NN in Aries/12th.

    • I’ve found that doing a megadose of vitamin C once a week helps me feel kinda cleaned out and really helps my lymph move. I usually do it on Sundays…I will just have vitamin c in water and maybe some juice throughout the day then have a large, healthy dinner. I did the paleo thing before for awhile and felt good, had clear skin and healthy hair and nails but still had digestion issues. I am experimenting with mostly raw vegan food with lots of coconuts and blended stuff at the moment and will add in fish and possibly meat or at least lentils again after I see how I feel on this for a few months.

      The business is health related…I am really passionate about chiropractic and traditional Chinese medicine as they were what brought me back to life when my regular doctor accidentally almost killed me with a medication and then couldn’t help put me back together again. I want to put out content that looks at the body as system of polarities, symmetries and also from an electromagnetic perspective. My first stages will just be putting out content but I am speaking with a girl who beat cancer with Rife machines and whose husband makes them now and we might partner to sell them at an affordable price through the site. The longterm plan is to do an affiliate marketing/directory thing with alternative health practitioners and help people with similar symptoms find out what worked for others and get them to people who can help. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t expect to turn a profit right away but I’m doing some marketing stuff for my dad’s software biz now that hopefully will take off soon and also help me get some more experience that might help with my passion project.

      • Hey that is so great! You are so well versed in health it is no surprise to me that this is your direction.
        I did a quick google and it seems that Rife is a bit like the SCENAR cell repair, biodfeedback type of machine work? I am so fascinated by this:
        Healing with electromagnetic frequency is surely the future of medicine.

        As for the paleo thing, I was veggie so it is hard.
        There are a couple of things missing from my diet though. I have failed twice at sauerkraut in the last weeks! Sauerkraut has enzymes that break down the meat products, so I am struggling without that.
        Gaps is working in other ways though. I was a total chocoholic & now.. meh! It’s like my body was hunting fats, now I have them, I don’t care for chocolate.
        I do need Vit C! Am offf to squeeze an orange, ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks.

        • Maybe my Saturn through 6th house transit will be good for something. ๐Ÿ˜€

          Yep, the Rife machines are similar to SCENAR, Tennant’s biomodulator, and the acuscope technology. I’ve seen amazing results with wound healing at my chiropractor’s with the acuscope and used a Rife machine before I even knew what it was when I was much younger and went to an Asian health spa place with my ex’s mom. These machines are quite expensive online and so I am interested with partnering with the girl who is making them and experimenting, learning how they really work and such. I’m also really interested in the whole body vibration machines as I have used them before and they are awesome! There is so much cool technology coming out that is going to change the health game and I hope I can be a part of learning about how all of it works and getting it to people who need it at an affordable rate.

          I know what you mean with the chocolate and sugars! I used to be a dark chocolate fiend and now I’m kind of almost grossed out by the sweetness. It’s nice to have stable blood sugar and be more able to trust intuition on what is good for you! ๐Ÿ˜€ If I remember right are you doing GAPS with your son? I have Asperger’s and staying away from gluten and dairy really helps with my anxiety and dissociation.

        • Yes, I am doing GAPS with my littlest who has autism, but guy dysbiosis is common in spectrum people, anorexia, schizophrenia, epilepsy etc. too.
          My GP has great results with lots of her aspy patients and is paleo/GAPs too.

          I have epilepsy/add & I am not as jerky since I started. It’s weird getting used to the stable blood sugar! I feel a little.. flat? I am still pre detox, so that next stage will be fun.

          That is sooo interesting about the experimenting with this stuff. My Gem partner makes speakers with particular modulations (tinnitus).
          I wonder if I can get him interested enough to try building one himself? He might cure his tinnitus, lol.
          With his Gem stellium he is great with all things tinkering/handy/programming etc.
          They are exxy machines, if you can help make it affordable & better that is gr8, good for you Rache, sounds brilliant. ๐Ÿ™‚
          The article link above is probably stuff you know, but I just loved it.
          Do you have a Mercury/Hygeia/Chiron connection?

          • Mercury in Pisces conjunct Jupiter but I just checked on Chiron and Hygeia and they are two degrees apart in Gemini in my 2nd house! Interesting… ๐Ÿ˜€ No other planets in Gemini.

            • Wow!!! Super interesting Rache. ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s a boofy Mercury hitting a spiritual note too.

  21. Thank you Goddess!! Love this as I’m a mars, merc, moon in Taurus. Had DIY spa last night, bought plants to beautify common garden today, using neroli and cedarwood essential oils and got 8 hrs sleep for the first time in weeks! But still fired up with Arian efficiency. Yay.

  22. All this beautiful Toro stuff is transiting my 11th.
    “You may feel that your schedule gets overloaded at this time with things to do (usually for others)” is what Mars does to that!

    Having a Leo Sun in the 2nd House of Taurus is confusing to me.
    Apparently my sunny fellow 2nders are De Niro, Schwarzenegger & Lisa Kudrow. What a funny mix of people!

      • ugh. is saturn up in your 6th too? this die-off thing is intense and just icky. i added brown rice back as my tummy and breath were starting to get weird… read a few weeks to a few months of it as a symptom- NO. crazy the ultra-sensitivity though. and i also have zero chocolate cravings. the thought of sweets in general is so unappealing… so weird.

        • Are you doing home yoghurt & sauerkraut?
          I think it helps to break it down. And then there is the enema option.. I am totally doing the detox part of the diet with a Naturopath because she asks things I would never have thought of, it’s such a big learning curve for me.

          Saturn is trawling through my 5th House at the moment, talk about feeling a lack of ‘spunk’ as cafe astro says!! I will welcome him in my 6th, at least Virgo gets along with Saturn.
          What about you HDQ?

          • i’m doing sauerkraut, no dairy though. funny you mention it- i was buying kraut and kombucha at the store today and thinking “why am i not making this??” grateful for the taurus- i have gotten definitely un-grounded! time to start fermenting again. i think i’m on the upswing actually, but for a while there (and how lovely to be doing it with a naturopath! and not the scary internet!) i didn’t know what was happening and was pretty darn worried. huge learning curve, for sure. i imagine you doing it in a large part for your son gives you discipline and reserves of steel. mother bear strength. ๐Ÿ™‚ i have been lazier and cheated and paid. oh well…

            you’re so right about the houses- saturn in the 6th is a physical trial, but definitely workable. not nearly as heartwrenching mixed with crushingly empty as through the 5th. yeah, the day he leaves that room is a good day. hugs to you!

            • “saturn in the 6th is a physical trial, but definitely workable. not nearly as heartwrenching mixed with crushingly empty as through the 5th”. OMG!
              This is so how I feel at the moment. I have been trying to avoid thinking about what Saturn is doing in my chart, I think you might have nailed it.
              Heartwrenching & crushingly empty… Fuqing hell.
              If you are up to it do share how you dealt with this, so I can prep.

                • i wish i had a good answer for you andie, but the truth of it is i just survived it, day by day, sometimes barely. my 5th house goes from the middle of virgo to early scorp so it was a hellova long transit, all about my children, basically. i had ppd the first couple years, then fukushima hit midway (on my pluto) and it was all about monitoring the jet stream, the rads, hiding from the radioactive rain (the jet stream goes straight from japan to northern california, basically), painting the kids with iodine, accepting that if shizzle went down we were all going to die and there was nothing i could do about it. once that was over it became all about living in the backwoods and how the dream was not serving the kids education-wise, peer-wise, in any way, and the challenges pertaining to my partner and his refusal to care about these conditions. all the while (i guess this is saturn’s thing) doing it all in a practical and businesslike way for the most part, but with my heart encased in layers of concrete. motherhood as a straight-up job. one of the nicest things about it being over is that i want to play with my kids again. my heart has opened back up. the joy in snuggles and silliness has returned. the only bit of advice i can give is to have a strong support system, to perhaps try very hard NOT to take it all on yourself. mine would have been so much easier i think with a willing partner. instead he turned into another child… and that is another 5th house saturn thing- all energy is devoted to your actual children, and woe to any adult who tries to put themselves into that role! they will feel the full coldness and scorn of saturn.

                  i hope these ramblings help, even a little bit. it’s as hard as it gets but really, you sound like you are doing it, and doing it well. big big hugs… xoxox

                  • wow, this is is resonant for me and my experience of Saturn in the 5th. I’m happy it’s moved on. That was a tough time! I have come out of it better though, dropped a few unworkable things, like a husband :/

                    • ha, yep! poor unworkable husbands. with saturn you know though that you tried.

                • Thank you HDQ, hits so many right notes for me.
                  With Saturn in 5th the best I can so far is that I am structuring the children’s world better (GAPS, therapy, kinder etc.). But I have felt exhausted & with Mars transit to the 11th, I am feeling a bit crushed by the group responsibility.
                  I do have my MiLaw with me to help us for the next 4 months, so the burden/support thing is working well.

                  The day to day effects of the Fukushima incident in the US is incredible to hear about for me. I can only imagine how stressful that must have been for you. Tho it isn’t the same for me, it’s strange I am reading books on how to detox my kid’s life due to his poss MTHFR mutation.

                  Pluto is moving across my 7th too, so I am feeling all my close relationships are more challenged the closer it is to leaving my 7th.
                  5, 7, 11 Saturn, Pluto, Mars action is leaving me isolated & pressured.
                  The concrete reality of the level care I am required to provide to my autistic child is still huge, he is in nappies at 3, he is strong, fast, mealtimes require huge effort not only to prepare, I often change his & my clothes after eating & I cannot shower, or go to the bathroom without stress on my own. I am praying this time passes without incident & looking fwd to Saturn in my 6th, I look fwd to him sitting on my Moon, my Neptune, then NN…. I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                  • yes, i can only imagine the weight that must lie on your back. exhausted and crushed by group responsibility yes. by pullling inward and structuring the hell out of the environment you are charged with- this is perfect. scorpio focus and letting everything that doesn’t matter fall away is such a blessing for your little one. it amazes me how these transits occur precisely when they are needed most- i mean, he is 3? ground zero, the most critical period to do all that you’re doing. the focus is on him because it needs to be. i know you’re deep in the trenches, but from an outside perspective i just want to tell you that it is incredibly beautiful and awe inspiring, every time you talk about your son it sends me into awwwwws for a long time. the light that you and he radiate!! big big love and blessings to you both. xoxoxo ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Hidden, do you use kombucha often and what do you use it for? You do you brew it as a drink or include it in other recipes. Just curious since I was introduced to the Synergy product back in 2009. I see images of it being brewed and wonder how it tastes.


              • well lately i’ve just been buying the synergy and the gtdave’s- the new ones with chia… so much yum!! not every day, but you know, whenever. i used to brew it but i’d always miss the window with half my batch and it would get too strong. i think i used it as vinegar a few times but it didn’t quite measure up. other cooking, i’ve never done. i’ve heard of recipes to use the mother (the mushroomy thingy) but i dunno. when i finally admitted that mine was done i buried it and it looked and felt like a placenta. trippy. storebought bucha is much milder- the homebrew tastes kinda like fizzy vinegary sweet tea, but then you can do a secondary fermentation with fruit to flavor it. it’s science experimenty! you should try it! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • If the die-off symptoms are too intense, cut back on the ferments to once a day and gradually build them up so die-off is happening at a pace you can handle. Detox baths can help, and some people get relief using charcoal tablets during the detox phase (haven’t tried them myself).

            A lot of people go gung-ho with the ferments under the impression more is better because they are so fuqing good for you, but they can be too much when your body isn’t used to them (esp the vegies, haven’t heard of this so happening so much with kefir)

            Hang in there, it’s SO worth it in the long run. x

    • I love this talk about all natural foods. I have my favorite organic market I shop at and will be going there today. Not sure if you have heard of the drink with kombucha that is very tasty and effective. It’s called Synergy. So many flavors and I notice an immediate difference with my digestive tract after drinking some. Cranberry is my fav! Here is a link if you haven’t heard of it.. hopefully you have and tried it.



  23. “Mars in Taurus is truculent, horny and way stubborn. Fabulous for feats of will power and up yours to people who expect you to cave. Modern siege mentality. Who was it who said the best offense is a strong defence? Thatโ€™s tres Taurus Mars”

    I have natal mars in Taurus. Exactly.

    • I’m sorry, I can’t help it…moon in virgo: “Carl von Clausewitz, the noted Prussian military strategist, first penned the phrase “the best defense is a good offense.”

      Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5213942

      I do prefer the less aggro version we’re going with in the thread here but apparently it’s a misquote and the original is all about the pre-emptive strike! Pllrrpptt to that! I’m going with lots of bath-time and essential oils, day naps with my cat.

      • Taurus sun lover and I had a wonderful relaxing day yesterday. Hanging at beach, nookie, he gave me a wonderful massage, couch potato time, serious cuddling.

        He is the King Couch Potato.

        I love Taurus.

  24. I timed a major work project to peak on the Aries New Moon. I’m Kataka rising, so wanted to take advantage of the astro craziness in my 10th. It was a good strategy, but bloody exhausting – happy to transition more energy into the Toro zone. Interestingly, I feel reenergised in relation to my veggie garden at the moment – must be the Toro Earth Goddess vibe.

  25. “a seven week era of a lot of things left dangling last year coming together”

    Is that because mars is in a fixed sign?
    What makes it so that things from last year will be coming together?

    I’m just curious because that would be awesome for me if they did ๐Ÿ™‚ last year was THE worst!

  26. ‘Fab for feats of will power and UP YOURS to people who expect you to cave’.
    OMG MM, you are right on the money! Just finished a 15km hike up and down a Mountain with my friends Robo-Cop and The Terminator and survived! I did roll my ankle, fell down, got a blood nose and now look like I was in fight club and lost, but fuq it was hilarious – I am such a klutz!
    An accomplishment that is an unspoken big ‘bite me, Bitch’ to my ex who is facebook cyber bulling me saying I am useless etc etc etc.
    The Aries vibe felt angry and hateful, this Taurus energy seems more grounded, healthy and ‘whateverman’….

      • Blocked him over a year ago – but some family and friends have told me what mean things he has been posting about me this week. I have also been getting a barrage of insulting and abusive txt, and phone calls in the wee hours etc. As he is my daughters father he has to have my number, but I’ve stopped answering his calls when she is with me. I just refuse to be bullied anymore.

        • he must be getting Zapped, hopefully he only ends up shortcircuiting himself! Good luck Zaiborg.

  27. Interesting.. let’s see how the planets activate my Toro area. Toro is in my 7th and 8th house.. so.. perfect timing. I wish I could get the bod honoring going.. but just so not energetic.

  28. Hoping for some pep from Mars in Aries, never happened except just got worn out just thinking about my to-do list and fell way behind due to chronic illness.
    Maybe, what I really need is Mars in Taurus energy instead?
    Not sure but Neptune in Pisces in 4th House is supposed to drain you and require more sleep.
    No confusion about family, roots or ancestry-quite the opposite but exhausted all the time no matter how much I rest, and sleep.
    Anyone survive this transit?

    • Me too!! No energy, would love to sleep, sleep, sleep.. . wishing I could get some stimulation from Mars if that is what it takes to get me going. I wish I could say that Neptune is in my 4th house then it would explain everything. Will try to get to the gym today. …

    • Agreed with the high expectations and letdown. Mars in Aries just made my head explode!

    • Survive? Yes… but barely.

      Normally I love Aries season- Aries sun and stellium natally- but I feel like a rag doll that the dog just shook and slobbered over and left out in the yard.

      I still might lose my job this week. I actually hope I do. The toxicity has reached critical mass.

      Oh and also chronic illness for me- going on week 4.

      Taurus, take me away!

  29. either it’s gonna really be good or it’s gonna really suck. *the mad cap laugh* and to what davidl said earlier. I’m banging the rev limiter with every shift in the low gears, but clutch is slipping a little. The mercurial energy is a combo of anxiety and excitement. nerveracking.


  30. Mars 11th house, should be interesting. Doing the last of my 10th now. Not a fan when it opposes my scorp stellium though.

  31. Thanks, MM, for the flattering description of Mars in Taurus. I rarely hear anything affirming about this placemen! I was born with it, and I totally roll with it, but most say The Bull is just a slow stick-in-the-mud! Not so!

  32. I love this Taurus thing. What a wonderful way to begin Spring up here in the North:)
    don’t get me wrong, tempers have been flaring, but, I have been suave and that is all that matters!
    (spoken like a libra)