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Elizabeth Taylor dressing tableYou know it’s SO funny but i was going on about Neptune in the post below and my 84 days not drinking but last night i had the most amazing glass of Sauvignon Blanc. But it was brilliant. One glass – beautiful surroundings.

You see, I was clobbered by Neptune. I had had a meeting that went a.w.o.l. and then i felt psychically drawn into David Jones. That in itself was odd as it is a department store in Sydney i barely go to these days because i was having to hunt the staff down like I’m a starving lion and they’re wildebeest.  But there i met Gary the Aries Fragrance Freak. In the basement. Neptune mugged me. Gary is an Aries fragrance freak of a certain age and working in the store as a genius sales assistant is his Zap Zone reinvention, apparently.  He has intense product knowledge and a Gothic sensibility.

Smell this,” he said. “This is Black Jade by Creed, the scent Marie Antoinette was wearing when she was apprehended.”  Swiftly followed the last fragrance worn by Princess Diana, the parfum commissioned by Grace Kelly to seduce someone she would never name, Cary Grant’s favourite scent,  a thunderous lecture on “blonde” scents versus those more suitable for “true brunettes” (it is hormonal) and the evils of the new Justin Bieber cologne.

“At least he’s not dead in a conspiracy theory,” sniffed my Gemini daughter.

Then Gary the Aries Fragrance Freak sent us off to his favourite Italian restaurant where they offered me a glass of complimentary ludicrously expensive wine, because i smelt so sensational. It wasn’t anything historic – it was Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has A Gun created by Romano Ricci, the grandson of the epic Nina Ricci and a former racing car driver, also an Aries.

If you are ever in Sydney and seeking a fresh scent fix with which to reinvent yourself, i highly recommend Gary the Aries Fragrance Freak – he is like seeing a shrink. I told him that i wore Fracas when i wanted a divorce and he said “Yes, yes that’s tuberose for you…”  He presides over all the niche, real flowery, vintage and whacko beautiful fragrance there. I just sent off an email to the department store saying basically “i cannot believe you have done something genius for a change, it is like a parallel dimension of Awesome.”

Gary The Aries Fragrance Freak knows everything. They should set him up with a confessional booth or something. Oh and the Neptune thing – scent is insanely Neptunian – it’s surreal, it’s invisible but powerful.  It can be terribly corrupted and synthetic or completely, utterly divine.

Michelle Pfieffer perfume

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266 thoughts on “Gary The Aries Fragrance Freak

    • “Miss Charming” by Juliette has a Gun. Its cherrful, made of Moroccan Rose and had wood fruits and musk. Quite uplifting…. OR Costume National’s rose and hibiscus perfume called “Scent”. Its for a women who appreciates rarity and uniqueness – which of course you are.

  1. Hi Gary – I’m on the cusp of Virgo n Libra
    thanks so much for answering my questions:
    what is the best scent to wear for a job interview?
    what scent represents Florence, California?
    what scent vibes sea, rain in spring, cooling/calming?
    what would you recommend for a virgo-libran?

    • Ooooo – that’s a hard one. Have to get back to you on that. For job interviews I would wear the most subtle clean scent I could find – perhaps you could smell some “Spring Flower” by Creed. It has citrus topnotes and a floral heart.

  2. One, okay two more questions, Gary:

    1. what is the perfect scent to add warmth to winter?

    2. what scent would you recommend to wear with white pumps and white nail polish?

    THANKS G !!!

    • Fracas – to both questions .Deep tuberose and seductive – powerfully feminine ,created for and worn by powerfull women Maralyn Monroe , Maddonna .

  3. Guru Gary,

    I’m also in my 40s, originally brunette, now natural white streaks and chemical blond (style inspiration: Daphne Guinness). Looking for edgy glamour with optimism and mystery in a bottle! Love to hear your ideas/recommendations!

    Have liked Hermes, Lubins (don’t recall the names as it’s been a few years) Acqua di Parma Mediterranean. Nikki de St Phalle was a favourite years ago but haven’t had that for 25 years (might be too strong now!)

    (Pisces Rising, Aries with Venus in Gemini)

    • God I love Niki de St Phalle and Bal a Versailles .Neroli by Creed is crisp and subtle. God I love Ms Guiness as well ,often in a glass . Aquq de Fiontina by Creed should be given a nudge.

      • Thank you, can’t wait to try them! As you are a NdeStP, Daphne, lit. fan and so freakin’ awesome, I just know I’ll love them!

        Merci beaucoup xox

  4. Question for Gary (love the story of your meeting with Mystic – truly this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!)

    As a teen I loved musk, then Hartnell’s In Love and Balenciaga’s Le Dix. Have never seen the appeal of Chanel No. 5, but then I’ve never swum in the mainstream.

    Now I am still a Balenciaga fan (Paris and Florabotanica) but I’m not sure these tell my story.

    I am 47, brunette giving way to striking silver, eyes green, worn black all my life and now softer colours are finding me so I am looking for a scent that straddles my inner self to my outer self. I still have a radical edge and want to wear that on my skin.

    I want to turn heads and get my legs in the air before my 50s (and beyond) and emit the quiet confidence that comes of knowing who you are, but not being afraid of change.

    • A great one for you is “Dia” by Amouage. It has a sophisticated presence and lts not floral. It may not get your legs up in the air but it will certianly pull the rug out from underneath your suitors (and may they be many !).

      • Gary, you’re a genius!

        Seriously, you need a forum all of your own – I am loving your responses to others as well as to me!

  5. Question for Gary: A Teflon wanker proof scent. I live on the Gold Coast Gary and I am not a blonde.
    Thank you for any suggestions you can make.

    • “Fou D’Absenthe” by L’Artisan. Green Fairy in a bottle. Only the strong will survive your captivation.

      • I am googling Gary’s recommendations here and this one has notes of : absinthe, angelica flower, blackcurrant buds, clove, ginger, nutmeg, star anise, patchouli, pepper, pine needles, cistus labdanum, fir balsam.

        That sounds amazing!!! I want to wear it to a rave in the woods and dance with Pan.

        • Love your work Gary. I’ve been making a list of all your recommendations. Thanks for the recon work Andromeda.

  6. Love you Gary!!!! You are a new star in our galaxy….make that asteroid! I fell in love with a fragrance as a child in the late 70’s I think the brand was Gurlain and the scent started with a G. Would live to have that mystery solved…. I love roses and Japanese temple insence I am deeply romantic, sensualist, feisty, quip cracking dark blonde ( no. not a personality type) Virgo Sun,Moon in Scorpio,Venus in Leo

  7. Much respect, Gary.

    Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo, Gemini rising in both the 1st and the 12th houses. I’m looking for a scent that uses all that air to ignitie my fire and holds it at the edge of my unusually large aura. In my minds eye, it looks like opening a door on a slumbering fire and creating a backdraft.

    Blue eyed, natural blonde with a huge Leo mane – I have to tame it down from 80’s big hair. 5’4, vegetarian, with thoughtfully toned Madonna arms.

    All thoughts and observations gratefully received.

    • ok si I am obvs not Gary. but as I was reading your thing I looked at my little (empty) bottle of Givenchy’s Amarige. A Greek Taxi driver loved it – it’s a very big, very european, (very 80s-90s?!).

      there’s another one… i can smell it!! coconutty, soapy, vanilla-y…name escapes me grrrr… will try to remember oh! I just visualised the Versace bottle, with the Renaissance sun/face. gold. it’s versace. versus?

      anyway, these are big ole gold-coast or Italian-ish sort of ideas, that’s what I thought of when you said “aries” and “mane” in the same sentence 🙂

      lastly have you ever thought about a men’s fragance? xx

    • I’d say “Fracas” by Lubin – means to make a splash to shatter (as in glass). Tuberrose top note. Beautiful on the Gold Coast.

      • Gary, many thanks for your insight.

        Two quick questions for you, scent sage – Lubin or Piguet? Pure or Eau de Parfum?

  8. omg! All I want to know is is there any way I can procure a bottle of Chanel’s Bois Des iles (parfum of course nothing less) at any price below astronomical…

    Mystic this is great, but i only just saw the comments popping up in the side bar 2.5hrs later – maybe a new post to get our attention? x

    • PS I see a perfume blog in Gary’s future. PLEASE GOD and free from those vile Fragrance X or strawberrynet type layouts that are so laden with awful advertisements and crud that the beauty and substance are nowhere to be found. the reviews / descriptions however on those sites are occasionally useful.

      • oh yes. as soon as i have managed some other demands on my moola, and have the airfare saved again I’ll be there baby 🙂

  9. Gary please do not forget me – i love these recommendations – my life feels enriched today

  10. Hi all , I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow to answer the rest of your Questions – I have loved this – I have an impacient Leo partner – and I am dislexic , so excuse me if I am not the dog you think I am.

  11. How many Moons in Librans on site loving fragrances, aromas,perfumes, just curious where most Moons are placed in regards to the enjoyment of them. Aromas are memories as we all becoming so aware of and how much the ‘industry has grown in the corelation to Essential Oils Boom.
    My mother’s signature was Joy by Jean Patou,(in her 20’s) and as a self made Scorpio Woman told my little self ‘it is the most expensive ‘perfume in the world’. The came Poison by Dior in her mid age, then Coco Chanel in her final years.
    As a Sagg, my choice was Chloe – ORIGINAL,as it has changed completely then through all the major designers as went to perfume heaven in different counties where it was tax free, like a kid in a candy shop.
    Since Saturday, Saturn the continuous teacher, have perused hours of reviews at Frangrantica & Aromantika.. Thanx for the pleasant information site friends 🙂
    Perfumes/Essential Oils have evolved as music has over the decades. both have notes, dimensions, layers, timelessness, and talent to make.

    Gary you are Divine, a Goddess Send, for sure, ‘Master Classes’ what total joy is that!
    Of the 12 essential oils used in my Aromacology, have found men’s fave single note is Basil, the royal remedy, make them feel spesh when i tell them, followed by Clary Sage & Cedarwood.

    Om my personal shelf is Annick Goultard’s Gardenia Passion. Some jerk said it smelt like his grannies drawers but how would he KNOW, i wondered. It reminds me of tropical nights as Jasmin does, producing euphoria or a headache. To whom it may give a headache, then it is lack of sexual desire or problems surrounding intimacy. Annick has a brilliant nose and she is my choice perfumer as i like her story and quality.

    Just casual observations from a fragrance lover…….
    a beautiful interesting thread combining
    again thank you and you Myst for arranging this, health & wealth to you.

    Just stopped myself buying Jasmin Noir Bulgari as it was on special at my local pharmacy after deciding i ready for Mitsouko in the last decade of my sweet smelling life.

    • Hi pegs, I might have moon in Cap but it’s also in my 7th house. lurve perfume. but the mediterranean & aries venus in me needs those big rich almost-boofy fragrances (versace), YSL M7 (mens), ferragamo incanto….. then my gem asc and the cap moon wrestle the wheel away and I veer towards cristalle…jardin sur le nile, aquawoman (rochas) Have surprisingly substantial aromatherapy oil collection. flowers flowers flowers. yep. we all love the nice smelly stuff 🙂

  12. Gary, if you’re up for more harassment- it’s only because we love you- I’d love to know if there’s a scent out there that smells of lemons groves and the sea. Perfume takes me places and I want to go somewhere balmy, fresh and a bit wild. The kind of place you see busty women with their skirts tucked up collecting herbs, and birds dropping off the edge of a cliff. Is there a scent like that?
    And yes, I’m a natural brunette 🙂
    I think I’m going to have to take a trip to Sydney to meet you. Do you accept gifts?
    I have only discovered the joy of perfume in the last year but since then have been going hard. Current faves are Mecca Balsam by La Via del Profumo, Amaranthine by Penhaligon, Serge Luten’s Fille en Aiguilles, L’Artisan’s Dzing! and Tea for Two. It’s like a whole new world of connection, and pleasure has opened up to me. If this is Neptune’s influence, bring it on!

    • i’m not Gary but you might like The Different Company’s Sel de Vetiver..opens with lifted citrus followed by a smokey vetiver. Smells exactly like sitting by the ocean. Said to be inspired by the smell of sea salt drying on the skin. It has notes of grapefruit, patchouli, cardamom, geranium, Haitian vetiver, iris and ylang ylang. I love it in summer..

    • They are all fabulous perfumes. May I suggest Creed’s “Neroli Savage” – its like a Neopolitan citris orchard. Heady nights in Amalfi.

  13. I have to go elsewhere tomorrow but I will check-in throughout the week and see if there is anything I can do. In the meantime I’m at David Jones Tuesday through Sunday this week 11am-4pm. I’d be delighted to meet you.

  14. Gary is there a book that reviews or discusses perfume in a poetic way?
    I would love to read something like this.
    Any favourite perfume classic?

    • I’m not Gary but I’d recommend The Perfume Shrine blog by Elena Vosnaki. Her writing is divine.
      Gary, if you don’t have a blog already you should get one because I for one (and I don’t think I’m alone here) would totally read it. Slavishly.

  15. God I am loving this post!!!!! Gary PLEASE help me! Simple question …… I have loved byzance by rochas I say loved because it is now discontinued. Is there anything remotely similar ps I am religious follower of this blog for six years. I’ve read every post and almost every comment but I’ve only posted a comment twice? Three times? You have brought me out of the wood works … I hope you come back