Freaky Like A Taurus

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Ryan GoslingMars, the Sun, Athena and Venus all in Taurus is quite a lot of Bull – pick your obsession – Food, Sex, Revenge, A Past Life Lover Crush Connection thing and/or Money. 

Saturn in Scorpio* hypes the Taurus vibe. This astro is fab for focus. Yes, Taurus fixates but you’re not going to Zombie out on this, right?  RIGHT?

* The actual post on the super-Scorped Ryan Gosling is here.

Image: The Place Beyond The Pines

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94 thoughts on “Freaky Like A Taurus

  1. I caught up on Ryan Gossling movies this weekend (Drive, Blue Valentine). Something about him is mesmerizingly bland, lol.

  2. Taurus Good Times-Helped my BFF and her teen girl move house- themes: racist landlady, power plays, threats to thrm her out. Saved by: teen power, cooperation, staying haute and cool, hilarious imitations of racist woman by my BFF.

    Success= strength+focus+haute intention>ignorance +entitlement.

    My kids+their friends ROCK!!!!


    • Had sim experience helpig friend move. Ex flatmate hurling abuse as we were packing up. so we “accidently’ left a box of rotting, foul smelling food at the back of garage for ex fm to find. ha!

    • I 2nd that emotion….except not Too much food, just very HQ food and drink….revenge for the biatches at work making my life miserable and consumating my past life love connection w/plenty of haute sex….oh, my day IS coming 🙂

  3. Im supposed to be hanging out with one from the Chezh Repub. Tomorrow, he text me on a in area app. we already did almost everything since 8 years ago. The first time was cool but he tricked himself out with the prostitution thing, I was going to go based on his days of being ava. If he wasnt free friday sat or sunday, then I would just make an excuse because it means hes still doing it, but since hes said friday saturday or sunday, Ill go tomorrow.

    I know its hard for my community to make money, but linking up with guys that spend there life having sex kinda turns me off. Its like the sex can be so lackluster because there just bla about it from doing it so many times. But, thats why I never got into it. Neptune is freshly in my 8th house so, my boundarys on sex- being blurred right on time.

    The last bull I hung out with was during hurricane Sandy and that did Not go over well at all, he withheld birth info but after getting it after years no wonder Venus Opp Pluto tight and Mars Square Pluto tight. He was taking me very seriously, while my Venus in Pisces was just chilling.

    I cant say Bulls are my fav, but with Mars in Taurus they can be for a little while at least…

    • Yea so last night was pretty awesome, he went right for sex first. It been a while (hurricanes/ flooding can do this even to a scorpio moon) so felt kinda wierd but i did this all my early gay life and sometimes my scorpio moon would be angry at people who wanted to talk before sex..universe has turned the tables haha.

      but then after i seen his sag ascendant brickhouse legs long torso my scorpio moon kicked in and my mars in virgo stopped with the “everythings gotta be perfect before I have sex” spiel.

      Last time i seen him we did his chart, then he questioned me on it right after the sex, he told me he has a class at BMCC community thats astrolonomy and general astrology. I thought no, that is impossible, i thought because of his language/ thick accent he got it wrong, and sure enough general astrology was there.

      Then we just argured nature vs nurture. Watched tv had really great dinner in. I learned about some condiment from argentina called chimichuri (so learning how to make on my own) had empanadas with black beans rice salad.

      The only thing i fet wierd about was the damn tv. But nothings perfect mars in virgo, nothings perfect. Was a good night.

  4. food. i’m constantly hungry and my cheekbones are fast disappearing. figure i’ll get thin again in august when jupiter enters my 2nd and it’ll be all saturn, all the time. for now, why fight it? all healthy and delicious… just probably too much of it. gluten-free cake is still cake! remember, maria!! also have surrounded myself with red roses, satin sheets, red lipstick, and wonderful smells. and lastle, i finally broke down and joined the world of iphones and have been thrilled to receive 50 texts a day from the crab- wake up to him, go to sleep to him. mindgasms are so lovely… 😀

    • HDQ, so you have an i-phone as a lover?
      Have found if they are into that amount of texting, they are not into that amount of seeing you. Like why are you in my phone but not in my bed or at the dinner table??
      Just my experience. Hope it is different for you.

      • basically. i think you’re spot on about the texting- hiding intimacy issues no doubt. i’m not too worried about it as he’s 2600 miles away and it’s a definite improvement from email and the occasional phone call. will i wake up in a year and think wtf have i been doing wasting my life? it’s quite possible. at the same time, the distance allows me to be independent (and discover a whole buncha self-love in many ways, ha! that i would have missed had i been allowed to do my normal hi i love you we’re moving in tomorrow thang) yet have some feeling of emotional security, whether or not it’s real. i dunno. it’s weird and pluto. bigtime psych growth.

        • texting can be fun and intimate. enjoy it while it serves you 🙂

          hey, food. here, I remember you wanted sweet recipes:

          homemade icecream

          frozen banana
          frozen berries
          1 T bee pollen
          LSA or nuts (walnuts recommended)

          whizz in a food processor!

          now, I wonder i f you can share your best kale salad recipe with me?


          • re Kale… I love to slice it very thinly like linguine/ tagliatelle, and mix into other lettuce/herb salad.

            Dress with lemon juice/vinegar and olive oil, salt and pepper. or a french mustard dressing homemade of course – the same thing but add dijon – or grainy – mustard to the jar before shaking up.

            Also kale steamed then add a bit of melted butter, crushed up toasted nuts e.g. almonds, serve separately….

            i think because it’s related to cabbage, a few cabbage recipes would work. sorry not meaning to butt in here between you and hdq, but i looove kale

        • A long distance lover. A George Benson song
          called just that.
          They are the best, the ones in a different country to you, in fact is my preference :-).
          Totally different scene that if they lived only 10 miles away!

  5. Totally obsessed with swing dancing today! I keep breaking out into the Charleston at random times- could be worse things

  6. “Achilles heels is de bad boys- yeah – fuq yeah I love love love them. The darker and more twisted and toxic the more I love em. ”

    This so hard.
    I am just going to have to accept it and learn to protect myself better. Protection = anti-obsessing, being selfish, letting them do the chasing. Like you did. 🙂

    • I dont bake yet somehow I ended up with three trays of mono-sac-lard enamel melters. White choco Mac nuts. It came in a scoop friendly plastic box tub. Hah. kid fundraisers at work are a bitch to get out of kind. So bake away. I’m trying to give them away. Must not eat them all ugh.

        • I just say a video on YT of unicorn poop cookies yesterday was really cute how she set them up2 Great for kids….

  7. Food- salmon and cream cheese.
    sex- on the sofa.

    Good eclipse for us. The night before we had a rare fight- too drunk for our own good- so yesterday was all about makeup. <3

  8. Hmm, there’s somebody I’ve been so intrigued as to find out their astro. I thought this whole time they were a Virgo with Cap rising, but after seeing this pic of Ryan, heck I feel he is a dead ringer for him! I never would have thought Ryan was a multiple Scorpio – did anyone else think he was some sort of Libran Virgo Cap Asc hybrid like me? Ughhhh now I can’t get this certain someone out of my head :/

  9. Doing all except for food.

    The eclipse night was like a sex bender…with myself. It was a little nuts. I’m starting to think I need to have an orgasm quota every day. Money: definitely (teaming up with Toro dad and his Toro business parters’s new biz idea. Triple Toro power!). Revenge/past-life love? Linked if it’s referring to my ex but doing dignified Toro-Scorpio here and just kind of banishing from my life instead of doing anything aggro like tear down his reputation. The best revenge really is just living well and No Contact, no matter what.

  10. Anyone else notice Scorpios behaving oddly? A Scorp friend I haven’t hung out with for years contacted me out of the blue the other morning. She’s been back in the area for years now, but suddenly decided she needs some of my “good, consistent loving” and wants to stop by in the morning to give me a hug. I explained mornings are really hectic for me – getting my kid out of the house, getting my pets back in it, getting to work. So, she texts me again this morning – can she come by for a hug? I told her she really needs to make evening plans with me. I guess we all have our own love language and my love language includes respecting my time, making a plan, not just impulsive “I need touch” behavior. I also half suspect Uranian Scorp is going to pounce from the shadows any week now and say “I need sex.” Its like a Taurean dark side is stalking me.

    • I have zero Scorp in my charts, but last night I did have this overpowering need for human touch… an overpowering need to feel the reassurance of friendly flesh against mine. Not in a sexual way, more just quiet comfort, solidity. Must be all the Taurean energy?

      • oh, wait. No. Let me amend that… my mega aspected Neptune is in Scorpio along with Vertex (though don’t really understand the significance … or lack thereof… of Vertex).

        • I don’t really get the Vortex either. I have Vesta in Scorpio, nothing I know of in Taurus. I’m making my yoga practice a priority. Took my daughter on a moon lit walk in the creek last night. But not feeling a need to demand physical affection from people I’ve blown off for years, you know? I told her to stop by some evening and she didn’t respond.

          • hmmm… I think it’s telling that you used the word “demanding”…. perhaps that is what’s getting under your skin? She contacts you outta nowhere and has the balls to demand a hug?I
            So good on you for setting boundaries and making a few demands of your own (ie. requesting that she accommodate your life as well and not expect you to drop everything, run pellmell across fields of time and wildflowers to embrace her. )

    • maybe say ‘yep sure, come by, would be good to see you – but be warned you will be making sandwiches and herding pets’
      this way you have time to chat for 5 mins as you can get ready while she makes the lunches or whatever 🙂

        • You know what, Pi? I suck at going with the flow. Not saying that’s good. Just that I’m not sure how much and can or care to pretend I’m cool with it.

          • and they say aquarians are icy…lol
            Anyone who ever would ask for a hug would get one from me. But who my kiddin Virgos dont score high on the empath-o-meter.

            safe to say u dont have Venus in Pisces. Could be why im not as icy as a ultra aqua. Sounds like shes reaching out, which is rare for scorps, dont take it for granted virgin.

          • no that’s ok. I mean coming around hr a ‘hug request’ after however long no contact, says to me either she’s
            – in a bad way and needs to talk to someone, and/or
            – is a bit unbalanced and not really aware that you might need some prior notice and organising of stuff/time, and/or
            – you guys were close / good friends at one stage and she’d like to reconnect

            anyway, that’s what was going thru my head. hope it works out whatever happens, 12v xx

    • to answer your original question, yes, uberscorp man who I have been on a quest to win has suddenly and without warning gone radio silent. It’s the eclipse season that’s now in force applying to them.

      • Aye! That was my first thought on reading this post. This so freminds me of an Aries chi-vamp I had the misfortune to be aquainted with a few years ago. She was a fuqing evil, crazy, hippie parading herself as a peace-loving (hug-demanding) Buddhist – horrible experience but what I needed at the time to teach me not to feel bad about being rude to people who were overstepping my boundaries. .

        I think you’re doing the right thing 12HV, fuq going with the flow and accomodating the her needs at the expense of your own, build a fuqing fortress and let her in when and if it suits you – it doesn’t make you an icy or horrible person! x

        • You know what? I decided to break my pattern. Instead of feeling hard-done-by, I called her up this evening. She mentioned on the phone that she was reading up on love languages – how everyone has a love language. So I told her my love language includes making time for people you care about – who you have a connection with – after listening to her explain how a hug from me is worth more than another – cause I told her if you want a body to hug, go grab one. Quality. Right. You make time and space for it. And when she went off about how complicated her life is as a single working Mom, I said – yeah, mine too. So when are we going to make time for each other? How about a picnic with the kids or camping? Because doing a drive by hug doesn’t make me feel loved, it makes me feel diminished. I won’t feel guilty for that. That’s my language. Not that its right or wrong, just a love language thing. I don’t even give a fuq if she gets that, but I suspect she had to. I spoke my needs. Evolve or evaporate, right? I could go off on all that’s wrong with her – but what matters is spending time with people who matter – IRL – imperfect as they may be. And, serendipitously – while chatting on the phone with her, my daughter set the table for me and the neighbor women and invited them over so we could have our own happy hour. She dressed in her finest and said she was our servant for the evening. Scorpio rules my 3rd house. Time for neighborly love, not long shot drive bys.

            • Has anyone else with saturn TRansiting /R in the 3rd noticed people suspicious limiting of spontanieous communication or affection? 🙂

              Sometimes people reach out only in there darkest hour, they polietly hold it in for themselves and others, the next step may be suicide. Spontaneous affection has its place.

              Unless i see they have certin usey aspects in your chart, i take someone asking for a hug out of the blue as a sign of severe depression/crisis, they may not be able to voice.

            • She’s a total Qi Vamp, but…it is what it is. She actually has a complex theory called “The We” that she developed while she was a Peace Corps volunteer. There was one girl at camp who no one liked (this is her story) but everyone decided to treat her as if they did like her anyway. And that’s what she wants – people to be nice to her and act like they like her even if they can’t stand her. She said she knows she’s a Qi Vamp, but doesn’t really care because someone else needs to take care of her sometimes, let someone else put the energy out for her (again, she said this) and that her life is so hard (her Dad, btw, is a billionaire who bought her a house, buys her trips, etc), blah, blah, blah. But, after our talk she is posting on FB about how great her relationships are and how much she appreciates them. LOL!

  11. Oh the insights are rushing in now… Post eclipse… Feeling a passion welling in me to fight some battles, which is odd because I’m either zenning out or dissociating most of the time… That’s not completely true…. I get very focused and motivated most of the time… I’m exhausted, emotional premenstrual emotional… chocolate is probably ok inthis state, I have been without it for some time now but just bought some to make a cake for a friend…. So a good time to get a download too… Oooh that reminds me I printed out mystics ebook thing today I might go read that w chocolate heeeeheee

  12. Hedonism rules! Loving the Toro vibe. Still on our roadtrip home (SA to Qld via Vic and NSW). Currently living it up in the Hunter Valley wine region – gorgeous vistas, perfect days – exploring boutique and organic wineries, wine tasting, gourmet tasting, and yep, great sex. I am after all with the my hot Toro rising Libra man. Back to reality next week but so totally soaking up this hedonistic weekend. Back to the coast road tomoz, but I’m definitely coming back here – amazing scenery, wine and food and lux accom. Bought some amazing cold pressed olive oil that was on the tree three days ago, amongst other delights.

      • Thanks, I am enjoying it v much 🙂 But I’m popping outta my clothes and I know I’ve got a LOT of work to do when I get back. We’re staying on the beach in northern NSW and heading home today. Can’t believe I’m awake this early on a Sunday! Libran off in search of a wave. Feel amazing despite the indulgence and extra kilos though.

    • fluidfeline…what bliss! gorgeous vistas, perfect days – exploring boutique and organic wineries, wine tasting, gourmet tasting, and yep, great sex”
      Wish you could bottle it and send it to all of us here….. ; >

  13. pffffft…. i’ve got moon in Taurus and right now i’m consoling myself in my ultimate comfort…. food. I wish it was sex! This astro may be fab for focus but seems i lost mine. Sigh.
    I did, however, have an amazing ex-love dream 2 nites ago. He was my first love and it was quite possibly one of the most wonderful dreams i’ve ever had. Bizarre.

  14. GREAT IMAGE!!!

    Reminds me of the time my Tauro brother visited me and left in a hurry saying emphatically ” Gotta go! Gotta go make some MONEY!!” and his eyes lit up with dollar signs I swear! lol.

    My mother is Tauro too and for her birthday I just gave her a massage , set up in her garden. Tres special 🙂

    Feeling focussed much, myself. Saturn transiting my 9th house and Pluto my 11th…and I have gleaned some real nuggets of wisdom through listening properly to friends, or to my own reactions to all kinds of people in convo’s lately. Focussed philosophically and my, does it feel good to ditch some of the old beliefs etc.


  15. mmm mmm MMM, why yes i’ll have a little piece of Mr. Gosling, thankyou Mystic.

    Gosh he is a fine specimen indeed. So anatomically correct. Veeeeeeerry pleasing to the eyes. Stress levels have plummeted.

    Ever seen Lars and the Real Girl?

    As my fellow Libran friend pointed out – just the type of movie that i like. in the same vein as Juno, I Heart Huckabees, Eternal Sunshine and Saved! Apparently these are romantic comedies but I see them more as social commentary and the exploration of human existence??

  16. The Taurus Moon, the massage moon and i resumed my job today after a long sojourn that included a life threatening lung infection, then a physical assault, a fractured nose & cheekbone, hairline only but…
    then 8 months with the Body Guru. Myst warned us about the Bad Gurus, at least he wasn’t cross-eyed, did look like an Indian Prince, radiated positivity and muscles but fell asleep in yoga and placed hot rocks in some unusuall positions on the body, but hey, what do i know and i so enjoyed it. Miss the clients interaction, so the way to have that is groups and classes. Something to achieve for the future to look forward to, greats gobs of peeps to reach & teach 😉
    Perfect Toro vibes to recommence my plan to be immersed in my own mini biz.
    Past Lives? Isn’t the past present & future all the same and you build it yourself pixel by pixel.
    Eating asparagus and snow peas for lunch & dinner over the w/e with fish.

    Going alkaline, it’s certainly doing it for me. Wheat grass & sav blanc??
    Actually it has legs or i wouldn’t be writing whilst the fish is sautéing.

    • Life threatening lung infection, physical assault, a fractured nose and cheekbone and you are still chipper??? : > Is that Saggo or is that Saggo to the max?
      : > I am glad you had 8 months with a Body Guru but he sure sounds a bit iffy! Hope you are surrounding yourself with people who love you to nurse you back to health and true well being. Hope the bastard who assaulted you is in worse wear than you…Grrr…..
      Have been planning on taking up Sword fighting/fencing- tres handy methinks…even just for exercise and learning the moves.
      Health and well being to you xx

  17. HOW DID YOU GET THAT I AM OBSESSING ABOUT RYAN GOSLING AND MONEY? All you missed in this image is a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats and you have my psyche hotlined. Taurus men are fantastic at sex but stingy controlling stuck in the mud pricks out of it. The women have excellent fashion sense but put me to sleep. IN SOME CASES.

    • Have only one pair of Ferragamo and they are 25 years old chocolate brown crocodile skin & suede flat slip- ons (flats) like new. That is like THIS seasons range in many other brands.
      What goes round come round. Come to think of it that one of my CowGirl’s regular quips.

    • totally agree on the mud bit LS. My mars in taurus man is impossible out of the bedroom. after 4.5 years we have an ‘understanding’.its a push me pull me. if you understand .but thats ok.

  18. Only know 2 CowGirls and love them both to bits. There are traits that are similar. One that comes to mind is controlled sexuality an amazing but not blatant discretion in regards to intimacy as though it’s a granted that they are deeply sensual.Never overtly sexual very much interested in food preparation and source, sauce too :-).
    Yes both love their couches, both insist on quality in surrounds and apparel.
    This appeals to my Cap rising and my node of fate, the one that’s south in my chart but called North or Mean, the 5th house of fun and creativity.
    One has dogs, one has children, both symbolise FUN to me, to be enjoyed and if either species could mix a very dry martini, that’s a bonus!
    Both are as groomed as Black Diamond on their work days and love to slouch in softies of a weekend.
    Neither paw the ground but it’s a linear patience. I personally
    find communication doesn’t flow as much as a fire sign or water, it’s more subliminal. Physical, yes, a physical sign that enjoys walking not strolling.
    It’s seems obvious to me they are Venus ruled.
    Both have lustrous thick hair and care for it as much as Leo.

  19. I don’t know if it’s possible for me to obsess about anything for more than 24 hours. I mean, I would like to. But I am making my life too complex right now. Perhaps I am beginning to be obsessed with clearing the decks – this is the line of thinking that I most consistently return to at the moment, anyway. I think this might be a new phase of pluto opposing my first house. And my comments on ‘stuff-clearing’ a few posts back. Perhaps I am starting to feel held back by everything that physically surrounds me. It’s almost like I want to trash everything and start again. I just need some energetic support around this. I want my (good) people to come and see me for a change, to come and take me somewhere nice, to give me a lift, to call and say hi. Lately I feel like I have been doing this for others to some extent. I like to go outwards but right now I would really appreciate it if the energy came towards me, like a tide change.

    • Tide change!!!… Yes that’s it.
      That’s exactly what I was saying just now, on my way back from the strange little shop of gorgeous Victorian curios.

      The past is over.
      My connection with everything & everyone that went before now, has had it’s day.

      The tide has changed.

      Fearless & forward focussed, I’m prepped for all that rolls in on the next wave.

      • Mmmm I like this: “The tide has changed.

        Fearless & forward focussed, I’m prepped for all that rolls in on the next wave.”

        My tide is changing….scary but Woo Hoo…; >

        All the best : >

        • …& to you dear SS!… All the very best, of the best to you.

          I can hear your wave rolling in now, thru my conch shell

          • Mmm..thanks Star inspired…I cna hear the conch shell and the waves rolling in……

            The sea always makes me feel wild and it gives me the urge to gallop/fly ahead.

            Had the most beautiful loving last night with a Gem-Aries Rising. Part of me is saying…don’t go there …he is 16 years younger. The other part is asking…who know’s what is around the corner? Enjoy, savor joy and the synchronicity we have now..

            Interesting times we live in. As you say-the past is over- new adventures await you : > that will make your heart sing.

    • I hear ya loud and clear Pi. “Stuff clearing” and “clearing the decks” makes perfect sense. Methinks if do not do it ourselves, it will be done for us! Scary buy great for vomiting up all the junk we have allowed to accumulate and entrap us to smothering point. As I am “collector” decluttering is a total pain! I would lurve to be a minimalist of sorts….

      One feels so much better afterwards : >. Clean sheets and pillowcases give that yummy smell and feel. At times it is simple things like this and a bath with candles with a nice red that soothes my restless Sagg self. Like you I am obsessed with clearing the decks and cutting free of all the “must-do’s” all my stuff I do for others. I love to be of service, however I think the lunar eclipse @5Scorpio with Saturn conjunct my Neptune and square Jupiter are making me even more WTF! Scorp Rising +Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in Scorp means?? Double, triple whammy for moi non? Maybe that’s why I have been a wee bot psycho bats too…:(

      Good luck Pi-sending positive vibes your way-may the “others” wrap you up in loving arms and just spoil you rotten. xox

      • Heya, Saggo sister, another flame to add to the elements here amongst the earthen ones.
        Darling just quickly reading the above, hoping you had cleared the Scorp from your life and flashed o your 2nd chakra, lower belly-tummy the seat of emotions, feeling and desires, i say it’s like a very deep ocean has many unknowns on the bottom (so to speak 🙂 we are unaware of but gather old newspapers, grey stuff.
        Simplest way to assist a cleansing that you can do, is place your hand over your belly below your navel, left one, and mantra I am life in flow. Give your self a conscious massaging of this area as it’s where OPS accumulates (other peeps stuff) and we absorb it, so it’s necessary to know what belong to us and what is Scorps residue.
        And go get some bodywork or ensure you do it yourself with some sage essential oil or lavender, lots & lots of lavender everywhere to clear.
        Service? To be in service is to honour peoples, it definitely does not mean servitude like some unhappy peeps think. It says to others ‘you are worthwhile’.
        So are you. Fire & Fun. x

          • Forgot to say that you absolutely and utterly nailed it with “tide change”, PI. Thank you ever so for the new affirmations!

        • Pegs Darlin, so fab-o to the max to get your sage advise. I rarely get a chance to log in AND write but when I do I am so blessed. I did go and get a massage but discovered I way prefer the Thai massage techniques. Was so cross as the masseuse kept leaving the room and talking to the girl outside. When I queried if all was well she said they were trying to book a restaurant for dinner!!! Grr! Not Happy! I just will not return there….just sad my sweet daughter spent her hard earned $ at McDonalds to get me a gift voucher there!
          Re the Scorp-yes he is well and truly gone but refusing to give me his address so I can divorce him…ah well….I am too busy doing other stuff. Will put Wayside Chapel Kings Cross as his address! Thanks so much for the ideas on getting rid of Other Peoples Stuff. Love lavendar so will deff get onto that too.
          Just love your definition of service and I sure needed to hear that…I always honour people but never saw that as service. Makes sense…thank you gorgeous xx

        • BTW Pegs my Ex looks an older version of Ryan Gosling…gorgeous man BUT as my Mum says….”Handsome is as Handsome Does” So very true…..I normally stay away from guys like this….

    • I, too, am on the stuff clearing bender. Doing pretty well. Putting things in the bin just feels soooooo good – something not normal for an accumulator like myself.

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