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Once again our hearts break with news of this latest terror.

Obviously all such acts of atrocity are hideous where-ever they occur.

But there is something particularly poignant about the thought of the hurt children who were there to watch their parents compete. Or the athletes maimed. Mostly I’m aware of the iconic status of the Boston Marathon via doing this post last year.ย  It such a vicious and low-minded attempt to fuq with the very symbology of freedom, strength, endurance, healthy competition and any-age vitality epitomized by such events. Not to mention the very birthplace of modern America.

I can’t remember where i read this but it was advice on how to talk to kids about such things and one of the tips was to focus on the helpers. That there are always good people running to help, to give blood, to save.

Astrologically, it would be great if Venus in Taurus was all there was going on but, as i have been banging on about, we’re heading into Eclipse Season, the Sun is on Mars in Aries and of course, the Zap Zone is gathering force again. Volatile times.

This horrible event makes me think of the Remembrance Day semaphore message: “War turns us to stone. In remembrance we shine and rise to new days”


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131 thoughts on “Boston

  1. Shocking, horrible, my heart goes out to all those effected by these cowardly murderers, may they be bought to justice swiftly.

  2. The quote you’re looking for is from Fred Rogers, of the Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood children’s TV show fame.

    The quote itself seems to have gone viral, which is a good thing. The horrible actions of a few highlight the good there is in so many people. I think that’s a big part of the Zap Zone; the harder things get, the more we’ll need people to look out for one another. It’s not just about personal growth. It’s about helping people grow right alongside you.

  3. There are so many layers of tragedy with this incident that it’s literally hard to sit still. The Boston Marathon is an iconic event, a true hallmark for runners the world over. You can see all the flags lined up right where the explosions took place, this was literally everyone’s race.

    While we can somehow find some comfort that Boston is home to some of the leading hospitals in the country, and that there was no shortage of courage in the aftermath, from the volunteers to those athletes who’d returned after they finished to donate blood, beyond the lives it has taken and altered forever, I don’t think we can mourn enough for yet another loss we now must share with our children – and that is, Boston is the corner where our belief in safety, the security of our lands and the freedom with which we navigate our streets has significantly worn down.

    Sure we have dangerous streets & urban crime centers here, but the US has always been characterized by how majority of our cities can be navigated freely. For the most part, this was not the place of barred windows and barred gates, street enclosures and private guards. You can spot most Americans even overseas, moving with an ease that has no doubt about the space around them.

    Now we know. That doubt is here to stay. The country is stunned, it set off a wave of security measures from east to west. I am truly sad for our Bostonians and everyone else who was there to celebrate the spirit of shared sportsmanship. And I’m also sad at my own personal thought that I guess I really do have to make a will in case something like that happens here in LA. Still I do know one other thing that’s certain: after the anger, determination. This city will rise again.

    • I agree with you, Fallen Angel, and in saying so I’m not suggesting that some people don’t open their hearts to those injured or maimed in bombings and drone attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s just the passing comments in the media when 10 children are killed in a drone attack compared to when 3 people are killed who are “ours”, so to speak. We just watched BBC World News which spent the whole half an hour on this tragedy, while the daily car bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Nigeria rate a passing mention. Every killing leaves a family bereaved, whether parents, grandparents, siblings or children and it’s a tragedy for all of us. Thank you for having the courage to make your comment, by making it, it doesn’t mean any of feel any the less for those affected by the Boston tragedy, but it does show that there are many aware of our links to all of humanity and that we grieve with any tragedy wherever it happens.

      • My thoughts too. How many children die daily as collateral damage in wars not of their or their family’s making? Suffering is universal, our sympathies should lie with all who lose a child or loved one in equal measure.

  4. I am, like everyone, deeply shocked by the events in Boston, so the following comments apply equally to myself and I don’t know how to say this without seeming heartless, but bombings like this happen on a regular basis in Iraq and Pakistan and we do not react with the same sadness and disbelief. Bombings in these countries don’t cause the same reaction in our media. Is it because we expect it to happen in those places that we become numbed to the pain it causes to the people that live in those countries? Is it because we have such high expectations of safety in the western world?

    • I agree with you here Anon. Good questions, important global stance. We should be equally as shocked and horrified when a bomb goes off at a market filled with cafe goers and shoppers. Just because it is a foreign-foreign land (ie – Boston is in a foreign country to me, and the middle east is supposedly even more foreign due to cultural and language differences?) shouldn’t alter our feelings. So why does it? Is it the Media’s lack of sympathetic coverage? Is it because these things are ‘supposed’ to happen in lands where mediaorised terrorists live? Are we only outraged when these events affect our westernised ideal; a marathon, an office tower etc. We talk about being in a globalised world, yet our compassion has not extended as far as our corporatised statements. I mean no disrespect, but I do think this is important to consider.

    • “bombings like this happen on a regular basis in Iraq and Pakistan and we do not react with the same sadness and disbelief”

      Sorry, I don’t agree. I feel the same pain whether its Iraq, Syria, USA.. your making a big assumption there. What nationality are you ? why don’t you feel the same pain ?

      • I don’t feel the same pain. It’s embarrassing to admit. But I do not. And I am saddened by my feelings. I see that I have somehow turned off my feelings to people that are different to me. 50 dead in Iraq today did not upset me as much as the news from Boston. I think this is terrible. Sorry if it seemed that I am generalising. But our media coverage seems to indicate that we focus more on the hurt caused in the West rather than across the world. It is an observation not a judgement. I am sorry if I have offended.

        • No offence taken, and your honesty is appreciated.
          Equanimity is hard to find in others or in ourselves. I have moments of it, and of course moments of imbalance and preference, but I’m always checking myself. You have to, cause everyone around you wants you to be on their side. Equanimity can be a path to social isolation too. Yes, very unattractive.

        • I have respect for you. It takes some courage to admit something like that in order to stimulate thought and also self-reflection. I definitely know what you mean and I think it is intimately tied to the media.

          We’re a world where us vs. them is simultaneously dissolving (plane travel, cultural melting pots, spirituality and oneness taking hold instead of religion amoung youth) but still has a strong hold that the media and government has an interest in keeping. It makes for a lot of confusion and getting in trouble for wanting to speak about things openly and honestly instead of putting on a mask of political or moral correctness.

          I always think I have felt more compassion than many around me for what the media portrays as the “other side” but I must admit that everything feels so crazy that I get apathetic about the news and do not consume it or keep up as voraciously as I once did as a young and optimistic student.

        • I appreciate your honest. The difference in reaction is fear, I suspect. Fear is really powerful. When something hits close(r) to home, somewhere/somehow familiar, then there is more to fear, yes? Because it could be you.

          Compassion makes it so you could be anyone, without the fear. I don’t really see a point in being miserable over every misery in the world.

          • Typos – anyway, my point is – its OK to keep your misery close to home because that is where you can affect change, right? Maybe not on bombings and terrorism, but for neighbors, etc. That’s how you change the world, your own world, not by being wrecked by grief. Personally, I can’t handle consuming the news for that reason. I saw pictures of Boston and started crying on the metro into work. Yes the same thing happened when I saw pictures of Palestinians or Afghans, or whoever. Its just too much.

    • I remember being ashamed to the point of crying when those pics of a group of women and children shot to death came out of Syria, because of the act, but more because of the response. It might have made the ABC and SBS and a couple of rounds of twitter. And that was it. Another example, just a few days ago, a small report on some kids killed in Afghanistan shot by foreign troops. And that’s it. It barely registers, but look at how something like Boston reverberates. There is a difference in what is covered by the western media, and I do think it impacts on what emotionally registers on our western psyches, how we feel and respond as a community. Why? Do we really feel this is an attack on the ideal of freedom we think we represent? I feel deeply troubled about this.

    • I came to Australia at age 6 from a SE Asian country, and one of my early memories was hearing a story about an uncle who was killed on a remote farm by an local insurgent group. Years later, as teenagers we went back to visit our grandmother, and I remember we weren’t allowed out into town that New Year’s eve as the govt soldiers were around and shooting semi automatics in the air as part of the festivities. We lived a privileged life but there was always a feeling of danger under the surface that my sister and I were shielded from, though I could certainly see the inequalities of life, especially having come of age in Australia, where there are no maids, or gated suburbs with armed security guards etc.

      More recently, people I directly worked with and knew were involved in the second lot of Bali bombings, and I attended a service at the local cathedral where one of the youths was speaking with a real indignation of “why did this happen to my family, it’s so unfair” and I was thinking to myself, “you know what, you have no idea, shit happens to a LOT of people, but it hasn’t happened much to Australians yet…”

      When teaching about world issues and historical movements etc, I do say to the kids I work with –
      “I am very glad that you have grown up safe, in a good country and have such freedom of choice about your future, but I find it extremely frustrating how ignorant you are about conditions in other countries, and how materialistic you are!!” Some seem to understand, some don’t. They seem to get the picture more when they travel..

      • you make a good point here – we in the west have been shielded from serious everyday uncertainties and threats that people elsewhere, usually in less developed economies or under less stable governments, have to contend with more often. I say this not thinking that everyone should be relatively immune to terror as we have been fortunate to be – although Ideally it would be so, it is not likely in the historic context – but that we should all foster better awareness of lives other than and less safe than our own.

  5. i can understand peeps being angry at systems, governments etc but i don’t know how they think killing others will change anything… not what they may want changed anyhow..always the innocent who suffer..

  6. So terribly terribly sad. The whole world seems to be going mad.
    I was never really aware until today that I suffer PTS from 911. I was a flight attendant in those days and had to crew just hours after the event. We all had to put on this ‘everything is fine’ happy face when we were all in truth in shock and fuqing terrified.
    This has triggered something deep, deep inside my soul – so sick, and tired these days of constantly trying to reassure myself saying everything is going to be ok when I know that’s utter bullsh*t.
    Prayers for the lost and forever wounded.

    • The world has always been like this. All through the ages fanaticism, cruelty, ignorance. This is our heritage. It doesn’t have to be this way. It only takes one generation to stop the rot. It’s not my generation though, we still commit the same crimes our forefathers did. In our timeline we are only one generation forward from the most horrific murder spree in history (WW2) Its going to take a while, 100 years to get over that ? I for one think we will, but I probably wont live to see it.
      In the meantime, I mean to share as much of the love that exists, as I can get. xxx

      • I was listening to an audiobook about this the other day, how it has to be a generational thing. The author had some interesting opinions on the “free love” generation and also on how to educate and socialize children in a way where they felt secure, self-regulating, and respectful of others. I really enjoyed the portions on the good intent but poor execution of the generation before me and on the experimental education based around trust and respect that fostered more trust and respect.

        Book is “Me and the Orgone” by Orson Bean and these chapters were near the end. I found the audiobook online somewhere for free but I don’t have a link on hand…

    • Not entirely related, but I noticed something for myself that maybe pertains to helping you? I’ve had SO much anxiety lately. And I noticed that, honestly, I have what I want. So the fear of failure, its robbing me. Do I want something, anything to last forever? Not really. I know I have what it takes to deal with whatever may come. So do you. Don’t let the fear of what may happen someday to someone rob you of the life you have now.

      • Thanks honey, yes I am suffering panic attacks after being free from them for over 10 years. Chicken Little Syndrome I call it – the sky is falling the sky is falling! I am seeking help but it is a daily struggle to “chin up and soldier on” at the mo.
        I am the ultimate Gay Numan fan, so my motto is “Keep Calm and Gary On”
        Thanks for you kind words and support.

  7. It’s so very sad.

    Dunno,economic markets very down right now. I am the stage I just hope it isn’t a false flag op so that the oil war on Iran/Syria etc can begin.
    I keep watching the news for a trigger event & they are talking of middle eastern people again, big sigh…

    Blessings to all concerned.

    • Let’s see what the response is by the govn’t & what the possible prior knowledge (sniffer dogs) intimates. As apparently Rahm Emanuel said, โ€œnever let a serious crisis go to wasteโ€.

      • Lets hope they don’t come out saying ‘A North Korean radical has been detained in connection with the Boston Marathon Bombings’.

        • Nah, they’ll pin this on right wingers who are anti-gun control. The agenda in America at the moment is to get people to give up their guns – you know cause the government is just soo innocuous and loves its people soo much.

    • The current government has done all it can to extract itself from inherited wars and responsibilities established during the Bush years. It has shown no interest in starting any new wars or joining in on current wars. So the evidence as far as I can see for a govt. conspiracy are nil. I don’t think conspiracy theories are needed right now, and looking for them just makes it obvious that people will still believe things even when there is no evidence . A bit like a religion ? Conspiratanians ?

      • “I donโ€™t think conspiracy theories are needed right now”? As as you can see the evidence? I don’t think you are looking very far!

        Why does HOMELAND security need to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition when they only used a few million in the entire gulf war?

        Conspiracy theories are just theories proven correct later. Gulf of Tonkin incident, never happened they admit thirty years after the event..but we still went to war in Vietnam didn’t we? WMD’s never found.

        90% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan. We have the world’s most powerful army in the world there and they can’t stop production? The Taliban managed to shut it down and they can’t?You don’t think it is about drugs?

        We are still in Afghanistan protecting the world’s precious heroin crop because it is important in protecting the strength of the currency. Drugs keep US dollars held overseas. The petrodollar issue we all know about.

        LIBOR have admitted that London InterBank Offered Rate they have been manipulating the interest set between financial institutions.
        HSBC one of the biggest banks in the world just caught laundering money for drug cartels. Do they go to jail? No. They get a fine. Do they shut them down? It’s bad for business.
        It is all about drugs and oil.
        I am sorry if it seems passe to you to talk about it though.

        There is plenty of evidence around. Read Peter Dale Scott, or John Perkins.
        It’s not a conspiracy David, it’s just that no one can be bothered reading about it, no one cares.

        • I’m referring to Boston not any other event. Why immediately turn it into a govt. conspiracy ? Way too early for that logic. Seems that you have already decided ? As far as I’m concerned keeping an open mind to the possibilities is a much more effective way of actually solving any issue.
          Your evidence above is pretty close to a type of witch hunt mentality.
          Just because someone’s boiling a broth over a cauldron and reciting incantations should we accuse them of evil witchcraft and burn them at the stake ?
          Or should we check first it wasn’t a chicken soup for a sick child and she was singing along to some music from her earphones.
          As with most conspiracy theories they lack the evidence that’s needed for most people to take notice. Evidence by the way is not a bunch of theories cobbled together that have no corroboration with the particular event.
          Unless of course your a gem rising x ๐Ÿ™‚ which is possibly the only excuse.
          Love you Dromie x

          • Who knows what the reason for the bombing was?
            I am not talking about UFO’s, I am talking about false flag operations – they have been going on for thousands of years.

            There is loads of evidence and corroboration for that.
            Eg. Nero burnt down Rome and blamed the Christians – because he wanted to build a bigger palace.

            The point is it is the government versus the people, or the privileged versus plebs historically.
            Sometimes the government goes against the people. If we want to change that paradigm we need to be aware of it.

            Boston could be something completely different. But we shouldn’t ignore this pattern of false flag ops out of hand.

            And we certainly shouldn’t ignore it because I am Gem Rising! ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Event – misdirection
              Event – misdirection

              September 10th Rumsfeld announced that more than $2 trillion in Pentagon funds had gone missing. You know what happened the next day.

              When the silver market crashed in April 2011, the USDX was at a level it had NEVER been.
              Next day Osama is dead and the market rallies.

              Right now the gold market is bottoming.
              Management of Perspective Economics. How is your reality?

              • I used to want to believe in conspiracy theories. Then, I worked with the Afghan-Pakistan taskforce for a bit and learned how totally and completely inept the US gov is. Its amazing we believe in it at all. There really is no expertise beyond collecting and spending money. No plot – just SPEND. And no superhero or villain beyond the occasional freelancer. Just my experience.

                  • What a load of shite

                    Looks like it was made by the same bloke who made Zeitgiest the movie.
                    All heresay with no real evidence…
                    Words taken out of context and twisted to suit the guys argument.
                    Dont believe anything you see on th einternet unless its M wisdom.

                    • Hi Damon, it seems you are above doing some work & have made up yr mind about something you don’t know much about? I invite you to takethe timeto check out some themesmentioned. Verify b4 you testify.

              • I thought you said that gold (according to those “in the know” )was going to take over from cash ? Was going to keep rising and become an essential item for the purchase of goods. Seems for good reason it’s price is falling,
                Another conspiracy ? Or just a correction to an exhorbatent price fuelled by scare mongering ? Who is conspiring against who ?

              • Andy, see my response to whimsy further below for my take on the gold theory as an explanation for THIS particular incident. (I don’t buy it, although I do buy that Fed is intervening re gold prices, since that is supported by history of intervention by the Fed. Problem is, if US wants gold low, it won’t manufacture a crisis that is likely to raise the price) x

                • Gold is going up as the long term trend. But the market will do corrections every so often, that’s simply how it works.
                  I have a feeling that the drop in gold is also to do with Cyprus.

      • Clearly!!! You and I have been reading different things. Lol what a crock of shit… Respectfully of course Dividl : )

  8. So much evidence continually shows that in fact it is the American govt. that is killing its own people.


    Television is a tool to feed proproganda and spread fear. Turn the fucking thing off and start reading.

    All life is sacred.
    Who own’s the media?
    It’s all about control through fear and manipulation. It’s a profitable business.

    Of course Boston pulls at your heart strings…it is designed too. But we are brutally killing ourselves and all life forms everyday… ???
    Think outside the box : )
    Only love will stop the darkness… The negativity that attempts to inundate our lives.

    Mindless sheep is so pass age.
    Tv= mass deception.

    • Yep, people are thinking this was a false flag operation. I wouldn’t doubt it.

    • Agreed. During an NBA game where a fight broke out among players, the crowd control measure was…. Show another game on the TV monitors. The crowd was gape mouthed like sheep!! Rarely watch TV- it’s off when I am home alone. Read tons and public radio news. But that too is being bought up.

      May Venus in Taurus bring much succour to our fallen and wounded.


  9. Disgusting! It’s like collective trauma upon collective trauma these days. There was a special seated section in the last mile of the race for families of school kids from the Newtown, CT school where that massacre took place this past December. Double trauma for them and, really, for all of us.

    WHEN will it ever stop? Probably never. It’s like we really accept these acts as a part of life, now, and that is something we need to look at in the bigger picture, not just have amnesia a few weeks later and then the next one happens and it’s ‘oh, let’s pray for the victims’ all over again. Pretty soon……you are going to be the victim, yourself, with these odds… It just cycles, over and over and over… The acceptance of it perpetuates it.
    Violence has been snowballing lately, especially the type that happened today or that happened in Newtown. Perhaps it’s Zap Zone stuff, people aren’t handling the energies and all that, but I think it goes beyond….it’s our human legacy…..bloody as hell.

    I live in an extremely violent, like gun-violent, neighborhood in SF, CA. We had a murder right outside our front door last June, huge pool of blood in the street and all that, and there have been many shooting crimes and shooting deaths here in the past few years, mostly within a few blocks of my house. I never feel jaded about it, never get used to it…..It is Very. Real here. and Very. Horrifying. ….and deeply, deeply, unacceptable.

    We want to believe that good triumphs over evil and all that, so that we can bear to live on this low-vibe, violent, albeit seductively beautiful planet. But really, look at human history…….we like to kill each other, we are compelled to it, on grand scales and small scales. Wars after wars after wars…. We need to forget about the dichotomy of good and evil and really just get it that humans are apt to be extremely destructive to one another and everything else on the planet. And it’s not just a few aberrant individuals, we are ALL responsible for this shit…’s why:

    Someone said once that nothing exists in a society that isn’t on some level allowed to exist there. We accept violence. Accept this fact, and also realize that it is unacceptable that we accept violence.

    We are not all ‘peace and love’ because if we were, there wouldn’t be the daily and unrelenting abuse, damage, violence and destruction that currently goes on around the globe.

    • Interesting …thoughtful but push it further babe…. : ) we can take back control through love : ).
      Violence hatred fear Lol blah blah is not acceptable and we simply do not have to live it. Think how they connect with you on a vibrational level ( ie the filth they poor through tv) and cease it. If it doesn’t connect with us.. It doesn’t effect us. Simple but true. : )

      • Ignorance is bliss I always say. No tv for me going on four years and I am seriously enjoying a period of grace in my life. Fuq commercial tv and media, blog on!

        • You do come across as a bit ignorant – I take it you don’t read books either?

    • My question … Is there actually the amount of violence, unrelenting abuse, damage etc that we are told????
      Think about it.
      I speak from first hand being in a reported ” disaster zone” that did not esculate or eventuate with what the media SOLD ….
      What can … Blank… gain from darkness advertising?

    • excellent post. I am not jaded by violence but have noticed many people are desensitized and no longer care.

      Humans are a violent animal. I wish we could evolve past that point.

  10. Also check out Michael Tsarion’s 2012: The Future of Mankind (video on youtube and google videos)

    He talks about this collective trauma and how it has shaped human nature. He also talks astrology. It’s good stuff.

  11. Agreeing with all comments made.
    I’ve always thought “The News” was a performance piece, the scripting of fact to necessitate the motivation.
    May peace and comfort arrive for anyone hurting.

  12. my heart goes out to anyone suffering right now, whether in Boston, Paris or Kuala Lumpur.

  13. it is 3:30 in the morning and I haven’t slept a wink..I am so sad about the world.
    I know we should focus on helping but all i can think of is how we may never move on to become a planetary society because of religions…

  14. GREAT post Mystic!! Although this murder is again a sign of the times in the US your quote is so appropriate to what America is about.. “For the People”. Amazing people out there yesterday.. America will try to remain true to not backing down. We can not be sent to hide from whoever is trying to force us to lose our empowerment and truth to the People. We will fight!!

    God Bless those dealing with a loss from yesterday and to you all.. xo!

    • See the shit they are brainwashed with????
      Backing down from what???
      Land of the free?
      More kids die in America from lack of healthcare and social services than apparent terrorist attacks.

      Research yourselves… Govt expenditure… Etc
      ” stay stuck and your fucked”

      What if? Just what if ?? We are not being told the truth BUT !!!
      Why is the notion that a conspiracy theory is a dirty outthere topic? Why can’t we as a collective kind … Say ” I don’t know people like this… Love fills me with joy! Where is this hatred coming from? And why does it lead our people???

      ” wake the fuq up” xo and hug grandma’s and shit … Fear is causing alot of fuqing drama and I’m over it : )
      Ps turn off your god dam tv’s and start reading and get laid or something or whatever… : )

      • Ainslie… I am with you!! I agree with you. You are saying everything that I feel and see. You are just seeing me post and maybe a little frustrated from my previous posts. Agree? There is no brainwashing. I don’t have a TV. I am basing my opinions on how I was brought up. Working my ass off for income to keep me alive. Not expecting anyone to take care of me and standing up for those that need it! That is how Americans are suppose to be!

        Does this help any? xo!!

        • you’re the one who keeps saying how scared you are!!

          So you’r not expecting anyone to save you?
          I quote you from the Pluto post:

          “When will we get someone to the US to help us! We need a leader who can protect the people!”

          Sounds like your parents brainwashed you.

          • Anon.. the US needs to change it’s approach on 2 things.. money (income) and health to protect the people. We need a leader who thinks about profit success vs controlling. It never works in a business and as such the US is a business. We need our health to continue working.. and here I sit afraid or worried.

            I am in fear of not having money that will not let me live my way of a healthy life. I am a victim of the healthcare program and could be forced to do things that I don’t want to do.. why because the government thinks they know me better than anyone else. I am afraid of that. I need medication to stay alive, I have to watch my eating habits because of my condition.

            HOWEVER, I am NOT going to sit inside my house in fear of going out… hence the terror attacks and/or murders that are going on in the US.

            I hope this makes sense.

        • I apologise if I offended you : ) I was directing my brash self to some of the common American rhetoric we are exposed too
          ” we will prevail”
          I love thinking and hearing all thoughts on things I’m passionate about : )
          Lol vote one = UNIVERSAL love xo

          • Thank you for apologizing. I am trying my best to answer questions about my post with concrete responses. Last time I felt personally attacked so I am trying respond with comments that say “hey, I know she is talking about”..

            But please know you didn’t offend me. I think it is really hard for me to express my ideas clearly and effectively for everyone to read and understand. So, this is a test run.

            Thanks for commenting!


  15. There may be a political statement to be made, as there is everyday, but I’m just going to say I’m so deeply sad for the loss of loved ones today in Boston in an event that was about health and wellbeing… Such a tragedy.

  16. One reason – and i stress, one – that westerners will generally ‘feel’ strongly about a catastrophic event in another ‘western’ locale is not because our media over- represents it. Our media over-represent it because it is very moving – literally so because streetscapes, outfits, vehicles, flags and commentators familiar to our own embodied experience, have been violently deconstructed. I remember seeing footage (before it was recalled) of 9-11 jumpers wearing late-summer-day in the office cargo pants and how uncanny it was to see it worn in that context. Of course today many people in countries in the Middle East , North Africa wear ‘western clothes’ – but when we see images of their streets , houses its hard to ‘sense’ the space in the way we do in situ. Of course if we’ve been there, we can trigger our own experience of that place and ‘feel’ more.

    Also, local violent catastrophes get plenty of coverage in their own countries, and networks and cultures (using local wi fi networks and open source software, for example) create and distribute lots of media coverage of their issues not western events. It’s a tiny bit western-centric to assume that just because we have a media emphasis on a western issue with global implications – ie the marathon – everyone else in the world sees the same bias in their media.

    • I disagree. So a African child being killed is less painful cause your use to seeing white kids??

      Humanity can bring back the love for all … We’re not different. We have friends,families, loss .. Love .. When did culture, colour or creed define “understanding ” of loss?

      • @ainslie – you’re assuming I’m white lol

        you are 100% right about what “humanity” can bring to the situation – compassion, empathy, ethics are what’s needed.

        It’s a matter of scale – i’m talking about the way ’empathy’ emerges – for most humans – from the familiar (and that’s not skin colour etc) Once upon a time that was enough – we only needed to look out for people and events that were familiar to us. Also there is a limitation to most people’s compassion ( and obviously some people are much more able to empathise than others), so people will tend towards empathy with people and events in situ that most highly resonate for them.

        The challenge for crisis communications is relevance and sustainability – sorry to say we’re going to have our capacities for understanding and empathising sorely tested in the next few years ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LOL…nope. Do you have any idea how many phone calls, text messages, facebook wall hit ups my aunts in Boston got from family back home in Eastern Africa? Do you know how many international calls I received after tornadoes struck here in Small Town, U.S.A two years ago? Trust me the people of the East are VERY aware of what happens within our borders, we just don’t give a shit about them even though American foreign policy affects them ALL the time. The beauty of globalism…..not.

  17. It is hideous & deeply grieving to want your legs back, or your child back, & they’re never coming back. Regardless of your nationality. One trauma on top of another, on top of another, and another… Limbs & lives gone. Time to begin again.

    • All humans suffer and feel pain.
      I don’t tend to feel more empathy for just Americans or Western countries.

  18. The Boston Marathon is not simply a Western event, though it is held in a Western City. The winner was a Kenyan runner, right? Runners from all over the world compete; this is an international athletic event with a lot of prestige. A mini-Olympics without the hysteria. Look at the line-up of international flag represented at the finish line! People from all over the world are proud to say they participated.

    This should rightly be viewed as a world event, this bombing.

    However, I smell a homegrown element here. In addition to the finish line bombs, another explosion happened in JFK Library in Boston. Massachusetts is one of two states who celebrate Patriot Day. This is also Tax Day (or the 15th was) here, and Boston was the scene of several significant, violent events leading up to the Revolutionary War. If someone fancied themselves a “patriot” and wanted to make a statement about their opposition to the government, they have surely picked a symbolic date and place.

    • Correction: the “explosion” at the library is now being reported as actually a fire, and considered unrelated.

      • Agreed. The Boston/Patriot day/Tax day link is intriguing – far more likely, to me, than false flag interpretations. I too see a loony homegrown type, not a foreign terrorist, or the Fed trying to rig the gold price, in this incident.

        And Andy/Dave etc : re the gold price, yep, it is not in the LEAST bit implausible that the Fed has been trying to rig it downwards as there are fuq all reserves (as indicated in the link you added, Andy).

        But – basic market logic suggests that if this indeed true, creating a crisis is the last thing a US agency would do in service of this covert gold price policy – since crises and fear tend to lead to a rush BACK to gold and a higher price.

        Seriously cannot see what US govt agencies would have to gain from this at the mo – they can’t afford to go to war, this time round, anyway, and even agencies fearing cuts would have to know that post Iraq lies (WMD) and total failure in Afganistan, the public appetite for revenge is unusually subdued by pragmatic considerations in a time of ticking fiscal clocks.

        If it DID turn out to be a Tea Party inspired militia type loony (and there is a link between Tea Party, loonies and militia!) trying to make a point, on a symbolically significant day, in a historically significant place, that might be the best thing that happened to political debate in America in a long time.

        Suddenly a whole lot of conservatives who’ve been pulled further to the right by said Tea Party rhetoric might feel the need for a revision if the evidence shows that some in their ranks are prepared to sink to Atta/Bin Laden type-tactics in service of their “truth” against their own people.

        That being said, sincere sympathies to those who have suffered in all this. Blowing up innocents in a non-war zone is indefensible. Er, so maybe it is retaliation for deaths of civilians at hands of US drones after all….

      • Hey Fi, the reasons for the terrible event in Boston I couldn’t say, it may be someone crazy?
        The conclusions are drawn fast by Fox news type media, repetition of heresay becomes accepted fact despite lack of facts. So obvs it’s good to be able to the view the evidence sans interps.
        “Qui Bono” is my Zap Zone Pluto in Cap mantra (who benefits)!!!

        As to US govt and it’s agencies, their “policy” is influenced by many things, primarily it’s self-interest.

        Now, here is where I introduce my local Gem’s language because – soz but we are out of my depth to verbalise at this point, though I have talked with him plenty & this is the general gist:

        Re Gold, during a crisis:
        “Crises and fear tend to lead to a rush BACK”, not to gold, but to the most liquid instrument.
        The man in the street might run to gold, but big money runs to US treasury bonds.
        Everything else (stocks, commodities, gold etc) gets knocked over in the rush to park money there. This increases demand for US dollars.

        The decline of the US dollar as the instrument for international trade settlement is the headline issue you will never hear about in the news.

        It’s the cause of many of the events we do see in the news (Iraq, Libya, etc…), but can never be named as the cause.

        Producer countries that accept alternative currencies for oil trade settlement play with fire (Iran, Venezquela), but many people in govt (on both sides) understand this geo-political game and if they go against it, they understand the consequences.

        This is not a conspiracy per se, as that would imply secrecy and supposition.
        Anyone who cares to read a book can know this game too, it is geo-politics mixed with self-interest.

        You could say, US govt is beholden to big business. Or you could say, US govt basically is big business, as many business people in the US rotate from corporations, into govt, then back to big business.

        Banks, energy and defense contractors being the most successful at “shaping” public policy. The irony is calling it “public” policy.

        Dick Cheney when in govt exempts fracking from EPA clean water act. Dick Cheney when out of govt runs/owns energy company Haliburton.

        Good for the average person’s drinking water? No. Good for big business? Yes.

        HSBC gets caught laundering drug money, again! Any executives go to jail? No. Did they shutdown the bank? No, they got a small fine (relative to their profits). Just add it to the cost of doing business, rinse and repeat.

        Good for the average person suffering from drugs and crime? No.
        Good for big business? Yep.

        Insider trading is illegal in the States, you go to jail for 10 ten years+. But if you’re a politician, it’s not illegal (ie Nancy Pelosi).
        Good for the public? No.
        Good for politician’s? Yep.

        War with Iraq. Estimated 500,000 children dead from Western sanctions (including medicine) prior to war, thousands killed from sectarian violence. WMD’s found? No, whoops.
        Good for the average american or iraqi? No.
        Good for bank, oil, defense business? Yep.

        Bit of an epic rant – but it is such interesting stuff!
        Love you Fi & Davidl.

        • Andy, I’m not buying your gem friend’s analysis here (as it seems a little generic – ie textbook 1001 – and out of date for these times, ie edge of fiscal cliff).
          I do buy the fact that the Fed is transparently attempting to manipuate the gold price. But it ain’t no secret. So the smart money is waiting to see how low it can go – just wait to see what the gold price looks like in 2016/17 – anyone who gets in now (lucky sods, if they have the bucks) will have realised a yeild that makes US treas bonds look very silly.
          What I DO NOT BUY is the idea that Boston is about a Fed driven attempt to lift the value of the dollar/bonds. Even if I was an uber-machiavellian Treasury strategy advisor, I would not see this as worth the risk, nor the reward.
          Then again, I would admit that I never cease to be amazed by the level of rank stupitidy/flawed assumptions that have emanated from said heights in the past in desperate times, whomever has been in charge of the vault…..x

          • Hi Fi, while I can’t answer the opinion of textbook or not, I am learning from this three way conversation (from my point of view!) and seeing that there is always more to learn.

            Re-Machiavellian tactics:
            Have you read The Great Game?

            When it gets to what certain people would do, I hardly think the normal moral questions apply.

            All markets are manipulated by actors seeking to profit. It’s not a secret, attempts to make it so withstanding imo.

            As for gold.. Gem is telling me gold has no yield. Treasuries the yield is low. US treasuries will crash one day, but when is the problem.
            Both bonds and gold have done well last decade. Be yes, agrees gold price will be higher in a few years.

            The smart money will be buying this crash incrementally all the way down. Accumulation/distribution takes time?

            I did say I don’t know what caused Boston to occur, I am not saying it was a false flag op, I just mentioned they are historical realities.

            I am open to anything if there’s evidence to support a view, that’s all.
            The point about the value of the US dollar is that much of the news you see on TV is related to use of US dollar for international trade settlement.
            (Is that what you mean by textbook 1001?) When I saw the news there was the statement “There’s a war in Libya”. Not, “There’s a war in Libya as Gadaffi stopped selling oil in US dollars and it is not in US interests”!!!

            Thank you for engaging with me and the Gem in this, I learn & enjoy, xx.

  19. Horrible and beyond reason though this was, maybe Venus in Toro tempered / softened the carnage and confined it.

    Sideline observation: the vitriol and disrespect that a President of African descent is expected to suck up and tolerate is unprecedented. As a culture and society we need to speak up against vitriol and “rugged individuals” who foment mayhem and violence. The new normal in some chat rooms and on FB is folks foaming at the mouth because a black guy runs our country. It is unthinkable to them. And many elected officials have set this tone.

    Mean, vicious denigration is a staple of American society- just watch “reality” TV. It’s the Christians and the lions all over again. And we shrug and are inured to it.

    Peace and healing to all.


    • Yep, kat. And worse? “The Black Guy” came into office at a historical time when the world went to hell thanks to policies he didin’t create, and then has had everything he ever wanted to do frustrated by a Repub dominated Congress.
      So lack of change is all HIS fault, of course.
      I also think that the fact that he is quite balanced and moderate, and realistic in the face of not having numbers to pass even the modest changes he wants, really bugs some people. They were hoping for someone who would REALLY fuq up, lash out, lose it, look silly, turn out to be a rapid Marxist or something, and prove their stereotypes. So when he didn’t, they had to revert to sheer twisting of the facts to support their prejudices….

      And yep. Reality TV? A symptom of an ideology based on compeitition and survival of the fittest: it is dog eat dog, and I too can’t bear to watch those who are willing to humiliate themselves for dollars, or those who tear others down publicly to get their 15 mins of….x

      • Me either! Hoping the reality becomes less gruesome than TV!

        It frustrates the Prez’ critics that he won’t go off and lose it so they can accuse him of acting “ghetto”. He tempers his vehemence as he is held to a higher standard of self-control than a white guy would be. Then they would glory in him acting unpresidential. I know folks questioning his citizenship- still!! Crazy!!

        Glad he has a cool head.



        • Peace to you too, Kat. Agreed: thank fuq for a cool and realistic head in touch with his heart in the White House, rather than an ideologue hawke whose prejudices and “truths” are so hard-wired in him that he sees them as being beyond scrutiny. Not mentioning names, here, lol x

        • Oh Dear Kat.. “Glad he has a cool head”… ?? it’s called acting. He doesn’t have a care in this world about anyone but himself.. Have you seen what his “brother” has done to abort children? The trial that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Hiding what is real.. innocent lives getting killed! Let’s add this to the list of intentional deaths in the US since 2008… Cancer, Childen in Newtown CT, Boston, Knife attacks, gun attacks… I know I am missing statistics here but let’s not get blown away but me saying the US is under attack by the government! The government.. ๐Ÿ™

          Does he still have a cool head? I think he has something mentally wrong with him!

          • Is the Doctor abortionist that has been in the news a relative of Obama,Ellie?
            Or do you mean ‘brother’ as in the same skin tone?

            If you mean same skin colour, then that is an rather racist statement don’t you think?

            • Hi Pegs.. not racist AT all!!! But yes on both descriptions of what I am referring to. My closest friends are African American and are both very good friends to each other. They call each other “brothers” or “bros”… so if they are comfortable with it then why not everyone else! Brother is a sign of affection or close relative.. hence my bother, who is white is my brother. I have a close friend who is white who I send txt messages to with “Hey brother.. what’s cookin'”… Why is that racist? If you use it in a context that is demoralizing then you are a racist.. but I am referring to it as a sign that it his ‘brother” who he supports and honors but is now a killer.

              I hope this makes sense. It really is based on how sensitive people are..

              Racism is a very broad term in the US right now. I am being treated with racism because of my health. Why is ok that doctor’s treat me differently because of who I am and how I treat my condition vs their arrogance on being a doctor. They demoralize me, manipulate and try to intimidate me on what they believe is correct on how to handle my condition based on statistics vs me as an individual that was never involved in those statistics.

              Just saying!!! xo!!

              • Ellie sweetness, the doc that was helping women who could not emotionally, financially or do not have the education to use birth control.The need for an option of termination is necessary
                It’s nought to do with Obama, no connection, please do not blame him for the doc and his deeds and he’s a little old to be called ‘Bro’ as in street slang expression.

                • Accepted!!

                  But have you seen the details on that doctor? Horrific! Talk about blaming mental illness for gun control… You can blame mental illness now on healthcare. Sick!

    • Just saw a cartoon on FB that explains everything… not sure how to post a JPG so I will quote:

      Why do we have wars?

      Because we are ruled by an elite group of psychopaths who own the banks that control the governments and media. They fund both sides of war for profit and they manufacture the consent of the public through the propaganda of the media.

  20. I didn’t comment on this yesterday, because I didn’t know what to say.
    But now I do… I just think it’s unfair that people are being killed in Afghanistan (e.g. April 6, 17 civilians (including 12 children) were killed in a US airstrike) and when Americans are killed by so-called terrorism (Boston, two dead and many injured) only one of these violent acts is given saturation media and only one is classed as ‘terrorism’??????

    Noticed the same thing after 9/11.

    • Another instance of too little too late. For such an advanced country as America, it’s continual failure to respond is redundant — 9-11 (all the info regarding other bombings, etc. before 9-11), LA riots (the Guard weren’t called until 5 days later, then they still had to prepare), LA Fires-thebigone (planes to drop water or whatever to put out the fires were told not to), bomb sniffing dogs at the marathon TODAY, and other pointers in history. When will this country learn? The Benghazi f-up….. history does repeat itself. Crying after the fact is horrible. If there were bomb sniffing dogs, what the hell f’d-up? Aren’t they supposed to sniff the bombs out so that an 8 yo boy doesn’t get blown to bits? It makes no sense to me.

      • One way to answer your question is this:
        A lot of these ‘acts of terror’ can be attributed to inside jobs – where the government is the main orchestrator/permission giver (to the attack).
        It then makes sense that there is always a ‘delay’ in getting the right resources out, and applying the appropriate prevention measures.
        And no. This is not a conspiracy theory.
        If you think through it logically, the nature of human beings is that we want to excel when we have failed at something, especially when we know that there are preventative measures that will ensure our success…
        What attacks like this successfully carry out is the ongoing divide in humanity of a ‘us versus them’ attitude, in addition to the sense of helplessness and anxiety that various readers have expressed.
        It then follows that when the public is emotionally (outraged) and psychological[y confused/bewildered, governments are then in a stronger position to install new laws, which amount to less transparency. There are other ‘politics’, for lack of a better word, at play here that want these attacks to occur. History, does not repeat itself, unless it wants to.
        Sincerely, M.

    • But that’s exactly my point. We’ve always enjoyed this sort of semi-golden halo of physical domestic safety, remember that aside from the civil war, America didn’t host the terror of either world wars on her shores.

      My ex-husband used to look at me strangely when I’d go through this routine of locking doors, securing windows, locking the car, etc. and generally being very aware of my surroundings..but that’s me, I grew up in a place where the police weren’t trusted.

      We do have loads of official security measures here, but until the citizens individually develop a more heightened sense of where they are and what’s going on, things like this will continue to slip past the radar unfortunately.

    • My guess a threat was called in so they sent in the bomb sniffing dogs, none were found so the marathon went on as planned. Problem was the bombs were most likely dropped off during the event.
      Unfortunately, the threat was credible.
      I doubt they would cancel a huge event with a one threat.