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A Stom Of LIght

Hi Mystic!

Have you ever noticed how Scorpios all seem to have the same view of karma?

At the very least, all the Scorps I know believe that:

1. People can fuq with me if they want to, Karma will get them in the end
2. Their real name is Karma
3. They are the agent of Karma
4. They have already weighed up the negative impact of “insert act of vengeance here” and believe it worth the cost.

Maybe this is showing up more around my Scorpy mates due to Saturn’s scrutiny, or maybe they’re just all watching too much of Revenge……

Ever a fan and loving your work

Happy Cap Nate

Hi Happy Cap Nate!

Lol – hey don’t expect me to go on the record commenting about Scorpios and Karma!  But okay, first of all Revenge is a genius television show and ludicrously addictive.

Then again, i loved The Count Of Monte Cristo, upon which it is based. The show is super-Pluto – dark secrets, vengeful scheming, makeovers, mafia and overt psychological themes but also madcap Uranian, don’t you think? Victoria is the most fantastic part for Leo Madeline Stowe – love that she has this role to sink herself into…

Scorps ARE getting super-real about it all – how can you not be with Saturn in your sign? Saturn measures, composes and assesses. It is the delineator of whats relevant and valid. Or not. Karma as a concept may be too esoteric – the true Scorpio knows simply that every action has a consequence.

See also Asteroid Karma – currently at 15 Virgo.


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165 thoughts on “Big Scorpio Pimpin

  1. I have Scorpio Moon conjunct Pluto and Lilith.

    Yeah revenge…egging someones house can backfire so I usually take the higher road…and wait for Karma to do it’s job…and be able to be informed! If someone kicks me when I’m down, I love to be to watch witness them have some kind of downfall, and SMIRK at them!! and look into their eyes and see fear and intimidation.

    But sometimes I take it into my own hands!
    I’ve put itching powder in someones bed for stealing my booze.
    Someone stole my phone along time ago, knew who did it. Waited for karma…it WORKED, he totally got his…someone broke into his home and stole a bunch of his stuff. I made a FB status about it how I knew who did it and how they got their karma by having his house broken into, and how I am laughing about it. With out ever saying his name…but he saw it, and I know it freaked him out!

    I love when I put fear in someone that thinks they treat me in a way that they DON”T want to be treated. It’s such a SATISFYING feeling!

    But I also believe that handling low life people maturely is good karma points.

  2. Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951)….Ava Gardner

    Scorpio and Gemini ?

    You wanna see scorpian right ?

  3. I have always really liked all the Scorps I have know – honest strong funny sophisticated intelligent and understanding… Maybe I’ve been lucky or they get me too! Moon in Scorpio and loving it

  4. great and true i have scorpio moon and everytime someone fuqs with me i think this will turn on them they will regret it later…..yes indeed karma!!!
    I dont think i have to do anything because the universe will do it for me.
    I think the same about it when i hurt someone….ghmghm
    So it goes both ways here.
    But revenge nah …waste of energy!

  5. Pluto is transiting back and forth across my Nadir. And the Full Moon Eclipse landed right on my Nodes setting off my Sun/Moon/Pluto TSquare.
    I made a plan to do the Template Ceremonies 7 and 8 over the weekend.
    Good Choice. Talk about inner space travel! Amazing.
    Check out The Template Ceremony 1 on YouTube or Not an advertisement….just a strong endorsement from someone who received transformational benefits….:-)

    • Thank you so much! I just saw the 12 Ceremonies and it was intense. Exactly what i needed. Speaks to me on every level. I will be reading more comments from now.

  6. Funny im a only a scorpio moon, which some say can be deeper than a scorpio sun, and this is my life mantra. also sang as i deepstalk someones chart, just this morning i checked out a fellow hurricane sandy house mate “friend” sagi sun, capricorn ASC and moon..

    With venus his venus in scorpio, yes karma is about to check those points very soon for him, being a bitchy pluto square moon cap moon cap ascendant individual. So bitchy so dramatic, also loving his suspicious but stupid mercury in scorpio.. Your suspiciousness and competitiveness to be right leads to your direct stupidity and ignorance.

    One out of many karma timetables i keep. Yes i had to go through a pluto moon transit at 7 years old, this old grumpy goat sagi will do his at 40, mine was more about having childhood ripped away from me and dragged though societys undercurrents. Totally a thing most wont experience let alone live though at all.

    But lets see his karmic backflow of 40 years…. Hes in for a wild ride. And deserves every bit of it. Now pit this aginst the astrology he makes fun of, if we were to compare lives his pluto moon transit would be exactly the same as mine, because hes too fucking stupid to have feelings enough to knlw there is an innate diffrence.

  7. Pema Chodren says of Karma:
    “The idea of karma is that you continually get the lessons you need to open your heart”.

    Have always loved the Goddess Ma’at – personifying harmony, order & truth, with her feather that you weigh your heart or soul against.

    The “judgment (of the soul/heart against the feather of truth) will be understood not as an event that will occur at the time of death but as an event that occurs continuously, at every moment in the life of the individual”.

    I like this description, because regardless of the big events that you are called to deal with as a result of the action in say, another life, the repercussions of revenge are felt immediately you decide to take that path.

    Your energy field resonates with that intent for vengeance, rather an unpleasant vibration. That is stored in your energy field, in your heart, weighing you down.

    So the happy cap is saying the power of a Scorpio is that they are able to weigh up a circumstance and decide to consciously seek shame, powerlessness, rage etc.? Seems pretty lo to me.

    Like to think that the Scorpio can personify dignity and emotional prowess when haute.

  8. I’m with Millenote on karma. As for Scorps, I don’t know many and can’t claim to understand them but they strike me as co-dependent creatures. Like – the few I know are dlow to act to improve their own situations. There is always a reason they can’t do x,y,z and its because someone else is doing a,b,c. Is there no autonomy in the 8th house? This revenge thing – you can’t be ok with your fate unless you feel you control another’s? I don’t get revenge. I get over it. Don’t see why someone who hurt me would care that I got over it either. Although I think Leos are most into revenge (says the woman with a Leo ex husband).

  9. Truth. My Sag/Libra stelliums can’t be doing with revenge, that’s too mucky and low down. I like to just trust and wait (and waiting for me is a doodle, can be years but I’ll know when it’s happened and log it), I can’t think of a single instance where someone hasn’t got their due eventually – including me no doubt. So yes to karma, meh to revenge.

  10. Can anyone tell me how long the Asteroid Karma transits last? Mine is currently at 27 Scorpio. In the ninth house, where I have Pluto! No idea what it all means! I assume ‘r’ is for retrograde as well?

    I really need to learn how to read charts..

  11. that is obviously a different case….i just read that Wayne Hartwig, the evil idiot, got let of for bashing two alpaccas to death!!!!
    I have just been crying my eyes out. guess i too am questioning why the agents of karma have allowed this.
    animals can not defend themselves. i have serious trauma from witnessing a video on cruelty in china. i just feel so depressed about it all actuallty/

    • I am also shocked, how is it possible to get away with this by paying $600 odd for compensation?

  12. Big Scorpio Pimpin– LOL.

    It’s true: every action has a consequence. Nothing mysterious or dark about that. It just is what it is. Low scorps believe they’re exempt from this truth; haute scorps know that they’re not.

    • Not necessarily. Sometimes revenge stops the perpetrator hurting another soul. Consider this: Someone in your neighborhood burn, literally, a street cat. You take the cat to the vet, the cat dies. Then you see the same guy kicking another street cat, brutally. It is a criminal act, but the police doesn’t want to get involved, they’re overwhelmed, yadayada. What do you do? Trust fate?

      • I’d suggest to the cops to keep an eye on him, as he’s only a few steps way from becoming a sadistic serial killer.. of humans. then steal a lion from a zoo, or maybe a grizzly bear, not feed it for a couple of days, and then let it loose in his house.

        that was easy.

          • I dunno. There was this rapist operating near where I lived in the wild south. Everyone wanted to kill him. But I actually feared my friends catching him, because I knew that they would be traumatised by the act of hurting this man, righteous or not in action though it seemed.
            Violence is very disgusting.

            • Standing by and letting a rapist rape is also allowing evil to occur.
              An ass kicking is indeed needed.

            • Scorpiorising, I don’t think you understand violence from this comment.

              There are no winners.

              I lived without law, surrounded by people some of whom who were trained killers.
              As always, they were the most careful about inflicting violence as they knew the cost.

              Have you ‘kicked someone’s ass’ before? Drawn blood? Broken bones? I won’t continue.
              I can tell you that hurting people hurts you as much as them.

              And nobody ‘stood by and let rapists rape’. I have never seen my male friends so distressed at what happened to those girls.
              But having no law meant becoming judge, jury and hangman.

              So I have also seen friends after having righteously beat someone up. You try kicking someone when they are down in the name of ‘justice’. I think when it gets gory your righteousness won’t protect you from your nightmares.

            • I agree I abhor violence. I hate to see anyone getting bullied, or abused or attacked.
              If the police can deal with him is the best solution. Hopefully they’ll catch him soon or your friends can subdue him w/o violence.
              Very scary situation.

            • I understand what you’re saying Andy. While this is an easy case to judge, judgement and justice are really subjective. Even the KKK think they’re justified.

              I’m not judging you Quad, although I wonder if Mars was in Aries when the retribution was played as it was pretty ballsy to fuq with such a psycho.

              hope he doesn’t act to avenge his side mirror x

              guy might b pretty damaged…

            • Hi SR, having this experience has made me pretty sensitive to the difficulties inherent in providing justice. I am happy for you yr experience was safe & you were able to save this person – empowering! But violent situationscan get pear shaped really easily with abundant trauma around for all concerned. The police where I lived were the rapists too sometimes. I really appreciated our sometimes poorly functioning justice system in Oz after this life.

            • I stopped a sexual assault from happening by taking the guy down and calling the cops.
              Kicking ass does not mean kill.
              I’ve been in some tight situations and had to learn to defend myself and help others in distress. Always good to call the cops and get their help first.
              I hope the guy is caught.

      • You do whatever you can do to protect the animals. I don’t see how that’s revenge. Doing the right thing is just doing the right thing.

        • True, but we were taking care of the said street cats, food, timely vaccinations, making sure they have water during the summer months. His problem was “cats are dirty and leave paw marks on his car” – am not kidding – His revenge was his car got a broken side mirror – we went after what he valued, too.

          • If vandalizing his car, his home or his whatever results in him no longer harming cats, than it works for me!

            • Oh yes, anything else would put us to the wrong side of justice – revenge was a personal message – we are watching your car – he knew we did it and that was enough.

              I think revenge is a temporal concept – it depends on the power imbalance between the wronged and the perpetrator, how big the injustice is and how you can act , if no one else is acting. My point is not a full justification of revenge but to highlight that not all avengers act out of low- emotions,

            • Maybe its a terminology thing. I have Mars zero Libra, conjunct my AC, Pluto, and Mercury. I will fight for fairness – especially if I am in a stronger position than the victim of unfairness is to do so. But, it isn’t for my benefit, you know? Its for JUSTICE for ALL. I would fight for the cat, even if it caused me problems. Revenge is like – eye for an eye shit – to satisfy an ego slight. Or so, that’s my understanding of it – making it personal. Sorry to hear about the cat. Glad damaging his car sent a message.

            • This is why I love the board – I learn so much about other point of views – revenge for me an act of justice 🙂

          • The cat will never come back – justice would balance the scales in another world. Revenge is that we acted on behalf of the cat, not enough, never enough for that cat, but saved perhaps others.

            • The man being caught and sent to jail for animal cruelty is Justice, not revenge.
              Allowing him to continue to kick, destroy and torture animals is cruel and illegal.
              Would be the citizen’s duty to report the man and get him put away.
              It’s a huge red flag he’ll move onto children next. Possible future serial killer.

  13. Why is Karma always misinterpreted as Universal Revenge?

    Your Karma is simply your Path. You are not necessarily making it; you might actually be living it now.

    And another person’s Karma is not of your making.

    But this is a Lo Scorpio view of Karma, surely? It is buried in Ego rather than deep understanding.

    • yes, I know….and I don’t. but an energy healer told me that I had been stuck in past lifetime karmic patterns and had been released to dharma. I’m no doubt ignorant, but aren’t we meant to be pitching for dharma?

      • We’re all stuck in past life patterns. This life – each life – is like a thread that can unravel the sweater or add to the pattern. What that pattern is is our karma. I don’t know what dhrama is.

  14. I am undecided – the Scorps I know claim to keep their list, plot revenge when it seems to me theirs is selective amnesia. Rarely the other party’s reasons enter into the picture. But this is my limited exposure to Scorps.

    The thing is I can’t be high-minded on this issue – I have Pluto in 7th square my Sun. In my pocket, I carry a dagger-or-poison-list for lifetimes to come.

    • Scorp rules my 12th so i have become aware of the same poison list… and the power it has if not watched. Finetuning to those compulsions is great, though, once you get over the shame or rage of having such feelings. Just use it as antennae to sense the shadow self which can be really hard to access otherwise (we fool ourselves into seeing it as we want to see it, exaggerated.)

      • True, watching these compulsions grabs your energy but it’s worth it. I admitted compassion is a scarce commodity and should be dispensed with discrimination.

        My ill wish has been “may you never become a better person and someone gets you” Fortunately, I have a high-threshold for people to be included in this list — making the list reasonably short.

  15. lol i had just met a scorp today and was lamenting that i wish i had scorp powers. you would think pluto conjunct moon and sun would make me intimidating, well no. I said to him, well i bet nobody gets the better of you! He replied “Not in the end”
    My hectic neighbors moved out yesterday they both have aries moon and are fucking nightmares. They tortured me till the end and pretended to give me a couple of worn out crap things from their garage sale, only to hit me up for money as they were going. Do you think i could say no to a libra with saturn, venus and pluto in just cant. well maybe i am a wimp thanks to ongoing health issues, i simply have lost my mojo.
    as for karma. a devotee of krishna said everything is retribution in karma/ well i don’t know. i like to think of it as lessons. otherwise i have killed a lot of people as i have had a lot of troubles in my life. Now they gone i can finally breathe again.

    • speaking of karma they ended up leaving a few things in a pile out the front that i have, so i guess i got some karmic retribution. so weird they make friends with me but seemed fake. the leo has a nicer heart as he not chase me down for money. good that i gave though!

  16. Scorp rise, revenge dosent work it just comes back on you tenfold or more…. karma yes but better, wish them well. May they be well,happy free from suffering, that’s what this scorp rising does….stay in the sweet spot : )

  17. hey i had a thought, often the Scorp posts are about revenge-y type things. (yes obviously i am contributing to the comments this way too. sorry about that.) But maybe scorps might like to have a look at the other nice things about them? like how you never have to try to explain yourself too much – unless you’re worried they’ve taken something the wrong way and are plotting your downfall, haha – because they just Get It. They don’t need the introductory chapters. Likewise, you can’t offend a Scorpio. I don’t mean you can be a rude jerk and get away with it, but R-rated (or X, whatever) conversation or officially wierd stuff is standard playing field for them. but we all know this. Also, the wierder you are, the better. this suits me… I still haven’t worked out how I am judged by scorps tho.
    I suppose I just wanted to balance my morose comments up there with some nice stuff. x

    • Hey Pi. With you on both counts. Taking a thing deeply personally, when it just wasn’t meant that way…I also see that as damaging. Digging up buried hurt and then spreading it around. BUT of course it’s not only Scorps who do it. And yes, Scorps get it, totally and immediately… I so appreciate them for that.

    • Totes! Sick of all the revenge bullshit. My Saggo moon doesn’t give a stuff. I agree with all the Scorp moon comments. I’ve already commented on the revenge stuff in previous posts. Couldn’t be arsed repeating myself

      You’re right Pi. Can’t offend us with the R/X-rated stuff in conversation. I had a friend say recently “oh it’s too early for that deep stuff” Hell no! It’s NEVER too early to dig beneath the surface. It’s my fave place. 😀

      Had a Libran friend who who run screaming for the hills at the mere mention of anything deep, dark and/or taboo. It was SO frustrating because I had to restrain myself and be light and fluffy lest I offend him. That friendship didn’t last. I can’t be something I’m nota and don’t take a Saggo moon’s soapbox away! 😛

      • Agreed, revenge again? I’m on same fuck off don’t care moon of thought when it comes to drama. Got some great astro for people who take that further though I rarely use that card. More for defending others and causes less revenge. Revenge is so medieval anyway

      • Plutonic topics are my favorite. Philosophy, deep, dark topics.
        I want to understand and get behind the Truth of everything. I am not into small talk and superficial banter either.

        • I am reading “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking” and the author Susan Cain says that introverts have a low threshold for small talk. Or will only engage in it once a connection with someone has been created through deeper conversation, which I can certainly identify with. A lot of the comments on this post made me wonder about the percentage of scorpios that are introverts.

          I like you am an extreme consumer of information. It’s probably defines me more than anything else. And feel an almost indefatiguable drive to UNDERSTAND a concept, person etc. To see beyond the the superficial and get at the ding-an-sich(the thing in itself).

          Do other scorps feel the same?

          • That’s an excellent observation and question? I also wondered the same about Scorpios?
            Deep, quiet thinkers are most often introverts.
            I started reading that book too.
            Very cool…;)

    • Pi, I can’t claim to speak for all Scorps as I have Sagg Sun – but Scorp Ascendant, half a Scorp first house, and big stellium in Scorp.

      But I suspect Scorps are so used to having people project their own darkness and revenge impulses onto them that it is just par for the course.

      And yep, Scorpbot, gimme a Scorp anyday: I adore them. They are less into denial than any sign I know, and go straight to the guts of the issue. Scorps know that everyone, including them, has ugly or strange or deeply wounded corners of their psyche, and they have so much more courage and compassion than most in confronting or accepting or supporting you through same than most.

      And I don’t mean spouting platitudes straight out of some new aged bible at you, or referring you to some alternative practitioner they met. I mean, being there with you, down in the fuqing pscyhological quicksand, holding your hand, using all their strength to help pull you out, defending you against anyone who would take advantage of you while you are vulnerable, and encouraging you to have faith in your own strength and own judgement.

      I’ve found that if you treat Scorps and those they care about as YOU would like to be treated, you ain’t got nothing to worry about. They do forgive what they perceive as minor slights, and even forgive what they perceive to be big ones, if they can see what motivated you, and see that you were wounded or afraid at the time.
      Sometimes they regret what they did at earlier stages of their psychological evolution – but who fuqing doesn’t?

      • Scorpio’s experience shadow projections from others. We become an easy scapegoat or a black sheep of the family or group.
        I’ve known Haute and Low Scorps. Haute Scorps will take your secrets to their grave. My best friend is a Scorpio.
        On the other hand, I dated a Double Scorpio with an Aqua Moon and he had deep psychological issues regarding his early childhood illegal adoption, emotional incest with his adoptive mother, alcoholic adopted father figure who rages at dinner table while listening to Rush Limbaugh. He turned out to be extremely sadistic, controlling emotionally and physically violent and raped an underage girl. He managed to pay off the girl’s mother to keep a police report from happening. Scary, violent and extreme revenge stalker to anyone he feels slighted him. He is wounded by his biological mother for abandoning him and hates all women now. So, when I left he became obsessive and still sends letters of his fantasy revenge.
        So, I’ve seen the exact opposites in Scorpios. Haute Scorpios are wonderful enlightened beings.

        • Scorpio rising.. I dont know what is best…swallow the hate or reckognize it. May brake it free and melt into cosmos. Being scorpio rising myself, maybe we do… Attract some all or nothing types. Eyes are mirrors of the soul and those eyes of Scorpio…. You might know. Anyway I wish your ex friend gets some peace…. Scorpios are good in therapies, they start in one e and end taking over the shop.. 🙂

          • yes, I let karma deal with the aftermath. It’s not my problem anymore. Just hope he chooses not to victimize any more women or children. Let go and let God.

            I think this quote is fitting for Scorpionic/plutonic energy:

            “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”
            Friedrich Nietzsche

      • Fi! So very true… I enjoy your angle.
        Imagine being me- pisces sun and taurus moon and scorpio ascendant…. Having son who is scorpio son and moon and maybe best for him Cap ascendant, and us both having scorpio mars. In his upbrnging not many words were needed.i guess its telepathy. I could not have chosen better kiddo…. Not that he is perfect, but he is an eagle:-) and i am a puma…. Together we do fix our reality. Good hunters. Strong survivers. And intense in feelings. .. Stubborn beings with psychic love…. And a lot of psychs… And no way to be treated unfair….mirror mirror on the wall…..

          • How do I find out if I am a puma or an eagle or a whatever? I know what I am In Eastern (Chinese astro) terms (Tiger/Cat or Rabbit ascendant), but where do I find this different set of animal totems?

            • i don’t know how fatalia knows hers Fi, but an energy healer saw me as a puma while she was performing reiki on me once…so for me it’s more of a vision/spirit thing than a calendar thing x

            • thanks! adored and collected pix of tigers – indeed wildcats of all kinds, but male lions less so – long before i looked up my Eastern sun sign, so that makes sense. A gut thing….

  18. hey guys i am feeling a lot better and have nearly caught UP, Heaven for my mars in virgo. thnx for the nice emails & comments! Am doing May horoscopes, far fuqing out, what a month. Will have them up at midnight, Sydney timezone for you AND i am going to pilates. #legend

  19. Hi! I have exactly this view on karma. Mabe since I do have scorpio ascendant and scorpio in mars… Whoooah. I am not only expecting karma, i do actually support it to happen. There is not so big list people I wish not well, but I do look into my crystal ball og remind the karma gods of not delvered services.

    If I would not have had kind pisces sun, I would be even very much more addicted to mystics and magic. It just….is natural to me. I have taken myself dreaming about future accidents of those few that really crossed my way wrong. Like obviously my Scorpio unconscious is a muddy water. I don’t even want to start…. like my former psychopathic boss lost her job, and I hope she never will find a new one. I knew that her CV fraud will be discovered 🙂 that what Iwished…. I just gave it back to her. Mirroring evil… And the naughty past boyfriend, he did break his back just like Iwished. So no reason to be exactly proud about it….

  20. I am not very scorpionic in general, however I have had to admit recently that I do have a shadow self that is not in the least bit averse to revenge and vindictiveness if I feel justified about it.

    It’s not something that comes out willy nilly – usually in extreme circumstances and intense emotional interactions. I have played games, headfuqed, manipulated and (the perennial favourite) played the drop of poison drip drip dripping in the ears of everyone around the person on my grudge list, subtly manipulating people to take my side and ostrasice the other party.


    Needless to say that I have worked really hard to expel that horrid tendancy. There is no excuse for revenge and vindictive behaviour ever. Period. It’s a very low energetic expression and to engage with it, along with its toxic cousin resentment is a form of abuse – to oneself and others. Being a scorpio is no excuse either so build a bridge and get the fuq over it.

    The remedy? Extreme honesty … owning up to my shit, those fleeting little grudge thoughts that fly in and out of my consciousness need to be owned and acknowledged. Shine a lot on those and you’ll unearth a fuq tonne of reptilian thinking underneath.

    Pluto in Virgo 5th house, Jupiter in Scorp 6th house, 8th house Capricorn – Pluto currently squatting in there uncovering all sorts of creepy crawly things.

    • yeah pluto does have a way of sitting you at the table, opening up Pandora’s box and then saying LOOK WHAT YOU’RE HAVING FOR DINNER right before shoving your face into it, for several years.. lol.

      • If your not scorponic then why speak in such absolutes about scorpy subjects..

        Why, if you are the one clealrly wronged, justice must be served. There is nothing for you to “own up to” if you are the one that was wronged.

        I have pluto trine my sun also, i love to revel in the universally obvious. The look on someones face when there shown there wrong is pricless. If you can be there to catch it. So be it. If you can say no to a asshole that used u like a mat in the future. I say that is justice… And there so aint nothing wrong with that.

        • Sorry, but I completely disagree with you on pretty much every front. But that’s ok … agree to disagree. 🙂

        • pluto transits can be pretty absolute in my experience, so I am as free as anyone else here to comment on that based on how it has been for me in the past.

          • Yea i wasn’t saying you are I was mentioning Prowlin Crab. But 7 years to a lifetime of plutonic primal thoughts emotions experiences that are a deep instictual part of someones make up. should have no one speaking in absolutes that had merly a transit.

            Thats like a 7th grader telling a 20 or 90 year old how the world works. The subject may have visited you, but its not a deep primal instictual part of your make up every waking day. then speaking in absolutes on the subject is really quite subjective.

            I know what justice for me is and just because she read some new age book does not mean shes correct.
            not everyone is meant to continue to build bridges with people who are moraless walking corporate pornos.

            I say burn the bridge your walking on and fuck you. and when the universe see to this that it happens. damn feels good kinda like a libra. things just in a simple balance agian.

            • for instance, there was a plane crash in afganistan 7 people died. Awe to me it was an amazing experience to see some of the true terroists die. While every other person sits and offers condolances to people who were transporting milatary vehicles?

              and they tried to say it was civillian cargo. Thats what you get, and what everyone will get if they think that what they do, is harming others in anyway with you sucking up the energy from that which is sacred. YOU WILL BE CHECKED.

              Yes the government has done me wrong since CPS started destroying familys and breaking them up, starting with Disney films, ever wonder why the mother always dies or is cast in the eviliest of lights in almost every one? Whenever a piece of the matrix is chipped off. I revel in the little hole of universal light poking through the sky. Not offer my condolances to institutions which are perpetuating the very thing they preach to the institutionally religious eradicate.

  21. I’ve never been a big believer in karma or revenge. All sounds a bit meh, I am confident enough in my own abilities to sort something out on a personal matter should things go sideways, and then sometimes letting people learn their own lessons is the best medicine/course of action. Invest as little energy as possible unless you have to get involved I say.

  22. I’m a cancer sun, scorpio moon.

    My way of getting ultimate revenge on people is to allow myself to not feel bad if I don’t care about them.

    • Lol, I am Moon in Scorp, Merc/Venus/Saturn in Cancer. I do relate to this, “I DO not feel bad I don’t care (but secretly I do care)”. 😉

  23. If one is such a Happy Cap, then why be concerned about Scorpios view on Karma?
    Does that mean that only one sign is right about the workings of karma? Definitely not. Many factors need to be considered, such as how do you Happy Cap Nate feel about Boy George? Karma can get sticky afterall.
    Sure protect yourself as best you can from hostile folks and if Karma wants to play whip arse on ya then so be it.
    I missed Revenge this week, but was asked yesterday if I was a Scorpio. I’ll take a sting in the tail Scorpio any day, cause once you crack that shell it’s all sweet revenge in the end.

    • lol, I was curious about our Happy Cap too. Actually, I was thinking two things:

      (1) Why has our Happy Cap attracted so many lo-Scorps into his life? LOA, people you meet as mirrors etc?; and (

      (2) Scorp has a great inner radar, and will often exaggerate his capacity for revenge as an indirect pre-emptive warning when around someone whom he/she suspects of having the capacity to walk all over people/use them/betray them untroubled by conscience.

      Er, and the latter capacity has certainly been evident in the actions of more than a few Caps that I or friends of mine have met in work situations….not by choice. (But I wouldn’t want to generalise about all Caps, obviously).

      • Cheers Fi. The whole enquiry didn’t gel right for me. I smelt rat, mongoose and bs. Probably and older dude trying to sound all hip and contemporary. Agree it’s easy to fall into making Astro generalizations. Scorps and Caps are all good with me. Anyone can be a dickhead regardless of astrological makeup.

  24. “I hold a grudge but don’t usually act on it. Just let the scorp moon bitterly seethe and hope my arch nemesis is struck with pestilence and tooth rot.”

    Haha, ditto! 😀

    I’d like to go with the living well is the best revenge theory (as posted by Scorp moons above), but for the most part, the people who have crossed me have been people who aren’t in my circle (like landlords and real estate agents) who couldn’t give a flying fuq about my life – that’s when the seething and tooth rot fantasies kick in…

  25. Scorp guy at work told me that if someone crosses him he will patiently plot revenge… Put it all in motion and then even if it takes ten years… Vengeance shall be his. But he is also good at swift whipping when someone tries their luck with dethroning him from his place.
    I hold a grudge but don’t usually act on it. Just let the scorp moon bitterly seethe and hope my arch nemesis is struck with pestilence and tooth rot.

  26. having said whatever above, it’s my scorp-influenced friends who I would probably call on if I needed, you know, Help. I’m still disappointed that I am letting one bad friend era influence my opinions so strongly. Especially when one of my (still) biggest crushes is a multi-Scorp. so I’m working on quarantining that negative thing.

  27. It was Scorps that really made me believe in astrology. Such hidden depths!

    I know one lady who is definitely HAUTE (sexy, professional, intensely private, super intelligent and perceptive) and a bloke who is the ultimate “Low Scorp”…he was always finding sneaky ways to “get back” at people he imagined had slighted him.

    He also believed the government should put something in the water to make all women get their periods at the same time (“women’s unpredictable moods need regulating!”) but also thought corsets, heels, makeup and any kind of figure-altering lingerie should be illegal, because “women are misleading men into thinking they are tall, slim and have good skin! It’s like false advertising!”. What a complete and utter control FREAK.

  28. Revenge leads to punishment leads to pain , payment … isn’t that just creating karma ….one act leads to another…surely Scorpio knows that by spinning the wheels of karma with payment in mind just leads to more of the same ? Personally the payment due on revenge is way too high for me.

    Questions for Scorpio , Is withdrawal a favoured form of revenge ?
    Is withdrawal the ultimate crime that can be committed against you ? Hmmm

    • there’s a thorny shrub called “wait awhile” or “lawyer vine”. If you brush past the thing, its little thorns like cats claws catch on ANYTHING you are wearing or carrying. You stop to untangle yourself and another thorn catches. And so it goes. Eventually you and the shrub are so entangled you have to get out a machete and hack your way out or just barge your way through and hope for the best (speaking from personal experience right here). I see parallels with your comment – once again I use an analogy from nature lol.

      I get that scorps like to restore universal karmic balance or whatever, but what bothers me is the way I have been a recipient of this when my actions had nothing to do with anyone else and had no bad intent (not steal, not cheat, not lie, not hurt). but the Scorp in question had a way of taking things personally when in fact it was nothing to do with them, and dished out shit to prove some point. Maybe they didn’t see it as shit, maybe they were just reflecting to me how they perceived my actions in relation to them, and were in some way hurt by this and couldn’t see beyond their personal feelings to the bigger picture. Thus feeling a need to react/respond, personally. It was very damaging. Remembering I am a pisces so I leave the remembering up to the universe. but it was sad. things were just wierd and messy but in a totally invisible way.

    • Hi David,

      Trying to answer your question about withdrawal with as much self awareness and objectivity as I can. I wouldn’t say I use withdrawal as a form of revenge. I do withdraw from a situation that I judge is damaging or no longer working positively, but that’s more about self-preservation and acceptance of change or not wanting to give my energy to something destructive rather than revenge.

      I’m not too needy of people so happy enough not to reach out most of the time – scorpy, isn’t it? and am usually happy to let situations lie rather than pick at them which i guess could be interpreted as withdrawal. I’d rather withdraw from a situation/relationship than have to pretend. So I can see that I do it, but again it’s not revenge-driven.

      There are times I can be touchy about others withdrawing, because I think we do like to be acknowledged, or maybe I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want my scintillating company! yes. but usually I see it as a blessing that I was not the one who had to do it, and can go with the flow 🙂

      I’m not much into revenge, I think it’s bad for everybody to perpetuate a bad dynamic.

      Actually I think I’m strongly loyal. Is it a Scorp thing? Would this mean that i take withdrawing seriously and wouldn’t play around with it? Unless you have exhausted my tolerance….there is an end to the tail after all 😉

      • “I’m not too needy of people so happy enough not to reach out most of the time – scorpy, isn’t it?”

        YEP! 🙂

        I’d put your loyalty down to your Taurus moon and rising? I’m not particularly loyal. I blame my Saggo moon square Uranus in 11th Aqua house.

        • excellent memory Scorpbot 🙂

          ok, I’d be interested to hear what some other Scorps think….I always thought it was a scorp thing but you could be right!

          So would you say Aqua = not loyal?

          • No I wouldn’t say that at all. 🙂

            There’s no doubt Leos are very loyal and Taureans hang on longer than the need to. Both fixed. Don’t know about the Aquas.
            Scorps are loyal I guess, I’m just not one of them. Or it’s not a word I would use to describe myself. I think it’s just the mutability of my Saggo moon and Virgo stellium. Or the self sufficiency of my Cap Asc.

            My closest friend is a Virgo and we will be friends for life. So guess I am loyal but it’s important that we grow together. I don’t hang on for the sake of history or fear of losing them.

          • I do have an excellent memory 😛 – for astro especially. Or if I’ve had a connection with someone. We’ve compared astro before and I recall you have Venus in Libra like me. My Mars in Virgo takes mental notes.

            I sometimes freak people out if I see them YEARS later and can’t recall their name but remember their astro. It’s one of my gifts 😆

            • yeah, I remember comparing astro (despite your name change!) and I remember that I like you, but tbh I can’t remember anything else about your astro except that you don’t have Mars in Cap. So now I should remember it’s in Virgo 🙂

            • 😆

              My Saggo moon is pretty likeable. 😀

              I can’t stick to a name or a gravatar at the moment Uranus is transiting my 3rd house!

              and Pluto is transiting my 1st house. So I’m transforming!

            • aren’t we all love 🙂

              and there was an eclipse in Scorpio to boot!

              sounds awesome Sagg moon Scorpbot x

            • yes… the Scorp eclipse….

              I saw your comment about being excited. I didn’t feel the same. It got to me. 🙁

      • Got the feeling that Dave was saying do we scorpy types see withdrawal as the ultimate crime against us, or ultimate way to take revenge against us? Not other way round.
        Answer: Nup. We anticipate endgames, before we even start playing. So we are already psychologically prepared and wouldn’t have pushed that hard if we weren’t absolutely fed up to the back teeth with the status quo – end of psych tolerance, as you say, calypso – and determined to end it, whatever sadness that might bring. ; )

        As for loyalty? Have heaps of Sagg, heaps of Virgo, heaps of Scorp, and Leo Mars/Aqua Saturn. Loyal to a fuqin fault. That doesn’t mean hanging around in a no win situation. But it does mean that if I love you – and even if I have left you because you are an intransigent bastard who doesn’t get compromise and won’t change an inch – that I will probably still defend you if anyone ELSE starts putting crap on you..
        Go figure!

        • Anticipating endgames….there you have it. Not necessarily controlling the game but acting on the knowledge of its outcome.
          Hmmmm, so where is the ‘surrender’ quotient here ? is out of the question from day oneish ?

            • The surrender quotient? Oh, it is there….it is SO THERE, in the right circs, right from the beginning, and right up until the end. Scorps aren’t about my way or the highway: and they can’t stand people who are, so if you are, well go ahead, withdraw. We’ll survive. Read Liz Greene…Scorpio LONGS to surrender – in bed, and outside, too, occasionally – but I think it is Liz Greene who says we only surrender to our gods. Meaning, we have to respect the hell out of you to do so, and that usually means that you have shown a willingness to confront and discuss whatever power issues/psych issues are going on, and have shown us the justice in your right not to budge (on a particular issue, rather than everything) and a willingness to engage in genuine negotiation. But we are aware that if there is no real attempt at negotiation, and no willingness to discuss the deep psych issues that are driving the conflict, then we have to be prepared to go all the way with the endgame.
              Toros – who, present company not included, are often so unwilling to acknowledge the games they are playing – come to mind! (They won’t budge on terms, but don’t expect you to call their bluff and leave. When you do, they are left shaking their heads….and come back years later, on the same terms, hoping it was just an aberration and they can get you back. It wasn’t, and they haven’t changed, so they can’t, lol xx

            • your call on scorps and surrender really resonates with me Fi…..but I’m a Scorp Sun Triple Toro! – Saturn/Asc/Moon – so laughed at that bit 🙂

            • Glad it made sense to someone! Let’s over-analyse this to death and risk the death of us/the making of a stronger us in the process vs. let’s fuqin’ NOT…and hope instead that inertia (and monetary ties and sex and loyalty alone!) keep us together! xx

            • SO true Fi!! Chuckled at the Toro part.
              I’m still shaking my head at a Saggo / moon in Taurus guy who came back after years. Same terms, hadn’t changed and actually said “I could change, but don’t want to” Unbelievable!!!! Well piss off then! 😆

  29. what you said about Karma being too esoteric – maybe Scorps simply have a more Newtonian view – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (slightly bastardised newton’s third law, thanks Wikipedia for reminding me about something I learnt 18 years ago OMG 18 years fuq)

    • Revenge is never scientific but by couching it in those terms some people might make it look justified. Like its a law of the universe.

      • hmm yes i see your point… absolving oneself of the responsibility for the act ‘it’s just physics, i didn’t invent it, so you can’t blame me for what i’m about to do, blame the other person’ ohhh interesting see where we’re going here

      • Not sure I have a point, just saying I guess there is a natural balance or equal & opposite reaction energetically that could seem like the science of emotion. It sure sounds Scorpionic science, lol.

        I think Jesus knew that calling out the banksters of the day was going to result in an equal & opposite reaction (him dead). I don’t mean that as an intellectual result of his actions, but as reaction in the fabric of space/time. Maybe that’s partly why he could easily forgive, it wasn’t really personal? Just what we could call ‘Newtonian’?
        Maybe some Scorps take things personally for fun, it makes things a little juicier.

  30. My very Scorpiony bloke sure has this view of Karma- his little saying is “do what you must with a minimum of fuss” with the implication that sometimes you should get down and dirty and accept the consequences! He cannot stand people who constantly whinge, whine and deliberate before they do what they intend to do either! And he isn’t putting up with any flim flamming around this week! lol. Luckily I’m a down to earth Taurean so I produced my to-do list and convinced his assessing eye that my goals are suitably “real” lol. The only way to deal with Scorpios? Be one step ahead of them!

  31. Maybe the best revenge is not to think about revenge at all and get on being fabulous. To my mind (Gem Sun, Aqua rising: revenge wastes Qi)

    MC with Neptune conjunct in Scorpio

    The opposite of love isn’t hate: it’s indifference.

    Very Aqua, I know…

    • is true, one can love with a passion, hate with a passion, work with a passion, the common denominator is passion, the scorp trademark. but indifference, that’s cold 😀

      • Your too moraless to seek revenge.

        Dont think your fabulosity cant be squelched,and as a matter.. jupiter is closing out your sign so any dastardly lo geminian deeds youve been up to- dont test the scorpio influinced if i were you. Esp when jupiters graces run out. My lying geminian neighbor knows this very well now for using my shit without permission.

        • “Dont think your fabulosity cant be squelched”

          well, you’re a bundle of joy aren’t you, to want to squelch someone’s ‘fabulosity’. My state of existence, fabulous or not, I earned myself the hard way sans leeching off someone else’s ideas and joy, so go find your own ray of sunshine, babe!

          I don’t know if being moraless means i am incapable of revenge. I think you mean amoral? Personally I would say I don’t give enough of a shit to seek revenge.

          Have a great day now.

  32. The Count of Monte Cristo, the book, struck me as a bit ageist but an otherwise interesting read.

    I have a Scorpio Moon. The best revenge is to do better than the person who has it in for you. Make more money, Live better, healthier, and have more love, but also to wipe the person who you want revenge on out of your memory as much as possible. That is how to triumph.

    As long as you are obsessing about some idiot, you are using up presh brain cells on them.

    Also being “nice” to them really gets on their nerves; they think you are brain-damaged or have something up your sleeve.

    • Scorpio moon here, i totes agree, success is the best revenge, in general-

      “As long as you are obsessing about some idiot, you are using up presh brain cells on them”.

      The only thing i do obsess on a bit tho, is how to get real a revenge on people who for eg.,shoot animals for trophy hunting and proudly display on fb, like Donald Trump’s son, or who participate in dog fighting rings…hanging is WAY too good for them… I prob would get down and dirty on that someday

      • I do agree on avenging those who are not able to do it themselves e.g. animals, people in powerless positions or those of little means to defend… that’s very OK in my books! ok will stop spamming this page now i realise i am very not scorpio. sorry scorps xx

        • EEL, I completely agree. I don’t have a scorpio moon, but I do have sun in libra and it seems like a very libran approach to me 🙂

      • I have Scorpio Moon, sun sextile Pluto, I am all for success is the best revenge.

        But I don’t have time for Vengeance getting dressed up in Justice’s clothes, I say call that beeatch out for what she is.

  33. I’d add that we are also very patient. In fact, I have no problem waiting decades for some to get their due. Okay, that sounds way more evil than it is. But you get it, yes?

    Or maybe it’s because I’m a multiple conjunct 10th House Scorp w/ Asc. and Moon in Cap.

    • Scorpi Asc conj Jupiter- Re Karma- PF and Psyche there too/ you will get your comeuppance but not always on my time- and I’m good with that.


    • You guys don’t scare me with the patience revenge thing. I mean, how do you keep up. Is there some type of secret scorp calendaring / diary that helps here.

    • As a fellow Scorp, that doesn’t sound evil at all. More like a smart way to cope with vengeful tendencies. Many of my friends & both of my parents are Scorps (slightly terrifying, I know). We all share a tendency to get deeply offended and to carry these feelings for YEARS. Makes for some weird family dinners and late nights at bars…

      Took me well into my 20s to find a way to deal with these emotions. Exercise/athleticism def helps. And now, when someone is acting like a super D, I take a couple breathes and think, “You’ll die alone and unloved.” Bitchy, sure. But it works like a charm to release anger/annoyance.

      • Yeah, i do this too. Can’t help but feel though that energy is being channeled into a witchy incantation though. Energy still counts!! Im trying to learn to be benevolent at those times. Progress has been slow.

  34. Asteroid Karma on my Pluto/Uranus conjunction (& prob a few peeps on here with same conjunction) … that explains everything – a week I don’t want to repeat 🙁

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