Astro Gatsby

Vogue Carey MulliganF Scott Fitzgerald in all his multi-Libran, Mars-Neptune man fuqed up genius glory was posted about here already and now of course we have the Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby.

So, some questions…

* D-Listed said this Vogue cover makes Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan look like Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot – agree or disagree? I think it looks weird, I don’t know if it’s because Carey is SO Gemini, she looks weird so static or in antique gear?  To me she’s not vibing “Daisy” enough in this picture either.

* What sign is Jay Gatsby? Capricorn, surely?  And can anyone out-do Redford’s Great Gatsby? Robert Redford = Leo. Major Leo. Di Caprio is Scorpio.

Jay Gatsy yellow rolls royce

* The first Fitzgerald i read was This Side Of Paradise – it’s still my fave – Rosalind in it is like Daisy – all the Fitzgerald women are of course, Zelda, the woman who became his wife and who some say had a LOT more of a hand in writing his books than it would seem.

This fabulous article on Zelda Fitzgerald is a reminder that even though things did not end well for her, she would most likely have never been declared mad in modern times. She was just smart, ambitious and a rebel.  Her astro is brazen: Triple Leo (Leo Rising, Sun in Leo, Mercury in Leo) Uranus on the Node (ahead of her time, iconoclastic, societal pace setter), Moon-Venus in Kataka and a stunning Mars, Neptune and Pluto in Gemini conjunction…So thoughts on beautiful Zelda please.

Zelda Fitzgerald * Who’s excited about the movie and who is meh? I want to see a really shit-hot Zelda movie!  Who on earth could play her?

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I don’t think Gatz/Gatsby was Scorp OR Cappy.. he pulls the Golden Girl then skips out to war/adventures returning with a pseudonym and money made from dodgy connections. He throws heaps of parties for dodgies/phonies/social lightweights and is obsessed with following a dream… and he only wants Daisy once he realizes he can’t have her! Soz my lovely Twins/Archers but I think he’s a Low Gem or Low Sagg. Gatsby isn’t a character of integrity or substance in this novel.. he is a lost and lonely pretender. I’m looking forward to the new flick even though Carey’s looking more Jack… Read more »


seconded, completely!


Love the color and style of the dress, but her armpit area looks too photo shopped. Hair, make-up and expression – blah Never like The Great Gatsby, never found Daisy interesting, so kind of blah looking, washed up face matches. Sorry, that’s not really anything about her astro.


Um she TOTALLY looks like Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot. I mean gems do pull off gender ambiguity well..


re her having a lot more of a hand in his writing: he would copy passages of her diaries to use in his books.

aqua lion

I love Carey Mulligan – but no, you’re right, she’s not quite Zelda (and I haven’t seen the movie yet). Who is enough of a natural It girl ???

I haven’t even seen the Great Gatsby with Robert Redford in, but just from that photo, you know it can’t be outdone. I like Leo DiCaprio, but it just won’t be that natural, effortless, golden glow which goes with the Gatsby character.


There is a beautiful astrological pool in the original Great Gatsby.

Re zelda, I read some of her writing once and ended up feeling deeply moved and as though I could ‘feel’ her. Is about 20 years ago and I don’t remember why though.

Sad that it seldom ends well for the muse – or maybe we don’t hear about the ones who are successful because they are never dubbed ‘muse’ and are allowed to own their fame.


I’ve always felt a personal connect to the Fitzgeralds as a couple and a super connect to La Zelda with whom I’ve always felt empathy (is that even the right word?) since I was a young girl and innocent in the ways of both astro and excess. Fast forward to the Neptune in Aqua era. My life became Fitzgerald-like…and well, it almost did me in. I almost did myself in. Note to Leos: be wise in using that Leo strength. Too much of all things good can be too much even for strong and yearning Leos. Zelda is another lady… Read more »


re Jackie O – I suspect there were tranquilisers involved.

aqua lion

indeed there were, if you ever read the biographies of the Kennedies by Christopher Hitchens, there were all kind of drugs going down…. I think their personal doctor was known as “Doctor Feelgood” or something like that. In any case, in that era, a lot of the drugs were actually not illegal, they got made illegal later on.


, fashionistas in the 1920’s swallowed tapeworms to stay thin.


do you have a source for that information? you have me intrigued.


I read or watched a doco about body image and extreme dieting measures. These worms would then start eating part of the stomach. Wasn’t Judy Garland someone who did this? Sorry I can’t remember the source but it was shockingly interesting.




One of my fav books of all and I’m scared to see baz’s, what’s likely to be an over the top, loud interpretation. I feel all subtleties will be lost. That quite understanding of the plot and the characters gone to his brash use of music and colour. Leo I thought was a fab choice for gatsby though. Carey, not so much for Daisy, I love her in other films but can’t see her as Daisy at all.

This magazine cover is terrible. She doesn’t look right at all.


I meant quiet understanding…


The most interesting thing on the cover is ‘Eat your Weeds’.

Chartreuse is a difficult colour to pull off, better as a liqueur.
The jewellery COULD be stunning sans earrings and necklet and with black velvet. Black Velvet is a drink too, champagne and a dash of stout.
Booze on the brain much? No weed 🙂

There are more actors who couldn’t play Zelda than those that could!


Typical hideous American Vogue cover. A lovely girl victimized by that totally wrong-for-her hair/mkup/styling.

The Leo Socialite

Whenever i see leo all i think of is which victorias secret model he will be shagging next. His career as a modelizer have overtaken the other.

carey is not too slim, she is playing a flapper. Those chicks rebelled against “edwardian” hourglass figure standards, often achieved with damaging corsets , by being skinny.

going out on a limb here and saying kirsten dunst would do a TOP zelda, has anyone else read save me the waltz? it is wonderful


Yes! Kirsten is a party girl. I can see that.

Miss Leo

Was thinking the same. I have liked her since she was in Little Women and Jumanji; she would have been an awesome Zelda/Daisy. Plus she looks more like her, imho.


Yeah, plus she can really play despair well.


I love Save Me the Waltz, too. And her letters to F. Scott. Their letters to each other, actually. Absolutely brilliant. I don’t see Kirsten Dunst as Zelda, though. Too ingenue-ish and Zelda could do the whole cutting, mean girl thing really effortlessly when it suited her. For the same reason I don’t see Michelle Williams in the role. Too prim. It would have to be someone dashing and completely unselfconscious and quicksilver changeable. Hmm… But it would be great to see a movie where Zelda was the main character and Fitzgerald was secondary. Not a pic about them as… Read more »


Erm…. Truly a “butt her face” picture. The picture loaded in reverse for me so I saw this fabulously poses body in a gorgeous dress and then the face appeared. Her expression is all wrong. And they take a lot of shots and choose the best – it makes me wonder how bad the other pics were.

Michelle Williams would be my pick for Zelda. She is amazing.

calypso scorp

Yes! Michelle Williams, i like it 🙂


Really? I have never seen Michelle look happy. Even when she is smiling she looks like she wants to slash her wrists.
She is a great actress in every other respect, but the misery permeates her roles.

calypso scorp

do you think Daisy was happy?

calypso scorp

oops, sorry – getting Zelda and Daisy mixed up! However, I don’t think Zelda was happy either. Cool name though 🙂


Now you say it, I definitely think Michelle would be good for Daisy! But for me, not for Zelda, Zelda wasn’t happy but she was sparkier than Michelle surely.


I just saw another photo of her from the same shoot on tumblr..She looked happy as a lark…flapping 🙂

The colour of the frock is outstanding and I love the side title..’eat your weeds’ true..I’ve just discovered dandelions (a slightly deeper green) and they are superb.

early last century period?? horses for courses…
that film/lit genre isnt really my thing but I cant wait for Elysium to be released..
by those punchy new South African guys..kinda contemporary Kennedy/Millers..

Jodie Foster vs Matt Damon. great casting

Electric Eel Libran

I’m with you re: the dress. Stunning Uranium Cake colour!


lol Yesterday,I was going to say ,yes, very Uranium,,,actually so am I: 1st house Uranus ‘n all.. then ramble on about my Quasar/atom hand-done tattoo which has lottsa dots which if I counted them wouldn’t it be funny if there were 92. (you know…the same number of electrons as in an atom of elemental Uranium).. and gee,… glad the Tattooist learnt trad Japanese silk threaded needle technique rather than the ol’ hammered boar tusk pacific style he lived around.. yadda,yadda, Then.. William Shatner tweeted some musing about why no-one had tweeted about their tatts today..(or suchlike). I’ve always figured he… Read more »


Fair dos – it’s a Vogue shoot not a Luhrmann shoot, no? Designed to sell the frock and the bling and the make-up, not the actress. Baz has his faults as a film-maker but he (and CM) both know how to make a lady look good. It’s not Baz’s fault they’ve been a bit heavy-handed with the slap. Mulligan can do innocent crossed with edgy – “Shame” anyone? – and isn’t that appeal of Daisy? Always dressed in white (and that white car), an apparent angel who isn’t. And Redford’s Gatsby, the handsome cypher, sure (and let’s not forget Sam… Read more »


*big fan” not “bit fan” though I’m now a bit of a fan


Leo got brownie points with me in Django, that script was flawless. Otherwise he was headed in my Naomi Watts file (with the exception being The Departed).


I’m excited to see the fashion and the the decor but somehow I feel the as if the acting will fall flat. I know Leo Di will do well but that’s about it at the moment.

Yes, Carey ( her face/expression) looks über blah on the cover but the jewellery is to die for the dress (yawn) and the hat (wth?!).

Suddenly Leo

Gatsby’s a Scorp. Every Scorp sun or rising I know relates to him on a deep level: mystery, intensity, comfortable with Jung’s shadows, hostless parties, no one knows who he really is.

He might be Cap rising, sure, as that’s how he operates, but at the core, who is James Gatz? He was even a mystery to his neighbor and closest friend.

Virgo Ellei

Scorpio is what I thought about Gatsby! Agree!


Good call, I feel it.


Charlize for Zelda!


Think Carey looks sweet here, perhaps a tad Pancakey, but lovely even so. The dress is divine, the jewels are gorgeous, the helmet hat..notsomuch.

Can’t wait to see the movie, I think Leo could be good? Redford never did it for me. Carey may surprise, yet to see.
I just hope the editing is any good, with Baz directing it’s liable to get OTT & have no arc.


I reckon the production design will be gorgeous and if only in that way it might be superior to the 74 version….. Saw it again recently and loved it bar the costumes. Fingers crossed Baz and CM pulls it off I am a bit of a fan! Loved Moulin Rouge and enjoyed Australia….I would’ve loved to see one of our own brilliant actresses play Daisy ummmm who was the girl in Bright Star? Her!


I was thinking the same thing! Zelda should be plate by a glam Leo goddess!! Maybe Jennifer Lawrence could pull her off too.

cosmic fleece

I loved Carey Mulligan in An Education. That is not her colour, it’s sucking the life out of her. In fact who ever designed that front cover should be fired, its ‘*offal. *awful with a French accent I’m looking forward to taking my Piscean Grandmother to see this. I grew up listening to the vinyl soundtrack, watching Pisces Nan and Leo Pop moving the chairs and dining room table out of the way so they could dance. When our Leo Grandfather passed away, Nan asked the track played to see him off was ”What’ll I do” (when you, are far… Read more »


That’s a lovely memory to have Cosmic Fleece, thank you.
That would mean Tim Burton would be directing then.


Tim Burton does Gatsby?? Naw, HBC is too old for Daisy. Daisy is all the name implies, which is why we feel so uncomfortable with this cover. But that’s the point: the real person inside is not the creature with the makeup and finger waves and jewel encrustations. That color is awful, but it’s supposed to be awful. We are supposed to feel there’s something wrong about her. She’s like a child playing dress-up. A feckless little (suddenly) rich thing. (Like, uhm…post WWI America.) We hope for some redemption of her, but alas… I’ll see the new Gatsby, and I… Read more »

Tropic of Scorp

Loved ‘Education’ and Carey was wonderful in it.

And Happy birthday Cosmic!! May all your birthday wishes come true 😛


Happy birthday Cosmic x you gorgeous fleecy thing you x

weather woman

Happy birthday, CF! Good to hear you’re chugging along fine-n-dandy!!

Hug yer boys for me. 🙂

cosmic fleece

Thank You Lovely. xx

cosmic fleece

Thanks David,
Thank you for your supportive words way back when i first learnt of Dad on the way out..i lost the post, and never got a chance to thank you.
You are a fine wise Ram, xx


The dress is gorgeous but her face says: “help me – please get this horrid jewellery off me – do you have anything to eat?”


Oh gosh, Baz Luhrmann casts another stick-thin woman in a role. Give us all a break. The older I get the more annoyed I am that “movie” stars are plastic.
At least Robert Redford aged before our eyes. Women have to be thinner and younger than the last “star”.


His work has suffered as his cinematic budgets have increased. However his wife has an amazing eye for detail, which is a delicious comparison with Zelda.

calypso scorp

agreed! Moulin Rouge and Australia were awful. He’s passionate about his craft & his projects though, and has lots of ideas.

Nor do I like this cover but the hand jewellery appeals to me for some reason.

I think Robert Redford wins no matter what the criteria.


It was because of Moulin that I didn’t bother with Australia.

calypso scorp

good choice. I wouldn’t have seen either of them but I had to watch Moulin Rouge for work and sat through Australia for love.

I found MR exhausting. Visual and aural assault. Baz doesn’t do minimalist 🙂


Use the language but change the time period, the lush beauty of Romeo + Juliet.


Well it is set in the ’20s, and Daisy is written as an incredibly slender woman.


yes, stick thin flat-chested was all the rage.

Miss Leo

Stick thin as the chick above, perhaps not so much, but flat-chested absolutely was as a more androgynous look was rampant among women at the time, hence the short hair and breast binding. Despite seeming feminine nowadays, the twenties was actually a time where women were starting to act more masculine.


I only saw the 1974 movie with Robert Redford just last year. It put me in an evil, cynical mood for weeks. Only a very powerful film can affect me like that. The last film that did that was “Bad Me Sleep Well” by Kurosawa. I just don’t ever want to see the remake with Leonardo DiPlastico. At this point, all you can do is mutilate a masterpiece of American literature. I mean seriously, what were they thinking when they remade this? Does this guy think he can make a better film than Francis Ford Coppola at the peak of… Read more »


Good to see you Charles.

Have missed your take on things!


Do love the dress tho – the colour and texture looks LUSH.


agree – dress is fab – green chartreuse – rest of the styling takes away from it


Yes it’s Jack Lemmon. She is too vanilla for the part. Redford is the money.
Went to high school with a guy who was named after F.Scott Fitzgerald. Drew Barrymore is my Zelda pick.

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