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With Mercury Retro-bats in Pisces, it is of course a brilliant time to do a bit of retrospective analysis re cycles in our lives and what better influence to look at than Neptune?  The ruler of Pisces is newly in Pisces (till 2027) and so brilliantly placed.

But even leaving aside what Neptune is doing in your chart (eg; on your Moon or in your 7th House or whatever) Neptune eras do resonate differently from one another. Yes, so do Pluto and Uranus eras but Neptune is your dreamscape, your psyche, your shamans, your mojo….YOUR MEDICINE.

So here are the last three Neptune eras – look at them as if they were in fact distinct eras in your life (you only get to do a couple if you’re born in the 80s or beyond lol) and await the O.M.G insight. Discuss.

Neptune In Saggo: 1971 to 1984
Neptune in Capricorn: 1984 to 1997
Neptune in Aquarius: 1998 to 2012.

These are approximate in that Neptune goes in and out of a sign before getting in there properly (cue Pisces sex joke but i am not making it, not today) but they’re perfectly fine for the purpose of this post as we are thinking in great big broad swathes of time here.  We’re doing epoques.


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67 thoughts on “Your Own Personal Daemon

  1. Hi all,

    Saw the post and decided it may have been secret code from my M to call in..

    Interesting the way Daemon is spelled ( or spelt )

    Both correct grammar according my Oxford dictionary.

    I think I recall the Greeks referring to the fact that all humans have ‘Daemon”.

    It represents the link between human and spiritual realms I believe.



  2. I am thrilled because for me this Neptune era journeys from my 12th on and the cast of conjunctions includes Saturn, Venus, Chiron, and eventually my Ascendant. Loads of in service to others work for me right now – maybe for the next fourteen + years … Trying to keep it via creative pathways.

  3. Aries Sun Pisces Rising Virgo Moon
    Wanting to be and to be seen as fearless I stand my ground and do battle when necessary (though with time I’ve refined my definition of “necessary”). However if I feel utterly threatened by someone/thing I either can not comprehend, predict or conquer I will find a way separate myself off from it.

    If the little four year old lamb became freaked by her ability she likely fled from that mountain.

    • Ha! My response was meant for the Aries article! Mercury Retro conjunct my Ascendant all day every day over and again.

  4. I have Neptune transiting my 4 house….

    …. it has been pouring rain for the last 3 days which is really abnormal for the beginning of March in Canada. The craziest part is that we now have leaks all over the ceiling, a water pump problem which make taking shower, dishes, flushing toilet a lot more complicated. All these water issues are coming up. Anybody else with Neptune transiting their 4 house are having water issues related to their home???

  5. so, im a pisces new moon person with virgo rising. i was born when neptune was capricorn. the whole time it was in aquarius, 6th house for me, i feel like most people were pretty much making me their bitch. lately, while theres been this pisces stellium, it seems like everything is going my way. i also think its been really good astro for womenfolk in general. twice last week, in the middle of the night, sitting on my porch, smoking, i heard two different women take their male partner outside and dress him down at the top of their lungs for being abusive, telling him to gtfo forever. in both instances there were moving trucks there in the morning. can we stop time please? i want to live under these stars for the rest of my life

  6. Fascinated by this! I’m a Cancer with Cap rising/Aqua moon. Neptune in Sag- amazing childhood. Neptune in Cap- fantastic adolescence. I always adore Aqua energy but for some reason Neptune in Aqua was such a fuqing test for me. Maybe early adulthood is a test for most? There were a million beautiful moments and strong friendships formed, but it was largely a very glamorous-looking life that didn’t leave me feeling nourished. Overall, illusory as hell. Once Neptune went into Pisces I felt better, way more grounded, suddenly clearer on what I wanted and how to make it happen.

  7. also a 1980 baby. Don’t have much feedback on Neptune in Sagg, although the description of that as a natal placement does fit. Amazing to me how it fits like a puzzle piece with other things in my chart.

    Neptune in Cap, ages 4-17/18, I guess lots of feeling socially awkward, being shy, etc. Stressful family dynamics.

    Neptune in Aqua, I turned 18, moved across the country and started living life the way I wanted to-Aries sun Aqua rising-lots of adventures. Massage school, rock climbing, skiing ,fighting wildfire, yoga teacher training, work for some great spas and a heli-skiing company, bought a house, lost it to foreclosure, associate’s degree, a little surfing, travel of course, two LTRs with Capricorns, and lived in 14 different places across 4 states.

    2012 I move back to my home state after being gone for 13 years, apparently my entire Neptune in Aqua transit. Interesting that I moved away as soon as I turned 18, and didn’t come back until my dad died.

  8. Made my timely entrance into this realm with Neptune on my NN in Sagg/9th house. Passionate about nature, music, art. Created up a storm, danced, climbed trees & played in the creek. Loved learning but hated school: too structured and forced, school. Artificial.

    Neptune in Cap, more of the same. Learned how to play music & instruments. Learned how to escape via the arts, came to understand the connection between the arts & rejuvie. Left the countryside for an adventure in an artsy urbania; mapped the city parks straight away. Immersion in other ethnicities & religious traditions. Found tobacco & mary jane.

    Neptune in Aqua: Tarot, and art as material sustenance. Dream analysis, equine assisted psychotherapy, degrees of higher ed, Jung. Still, the medicines of Neptune epochs gone by persist and bloom. Perennial favorites, always.

  9. I am not sure what signs Neptune creates in us but I will say this:

    End of Neptune in Cap, 1997: I started a relationship with a married man that lasted until 2000. / working for a great company that gave me impressive career growth.
    Neptune in Aqua (1998 – 2012):
    1998: still with great company working in a great department that I love.
    2000: married man leaves me / I lose sight of life, very sad / but still with great company
    2000 – 2009: in the martial arts that moved me from sad to completely confident and stable / was single all that time / still with great company
    2004: earned my Associate Degree while working and doing the martial arts.
    2005: Earned by 1st degree black belt
    2008: Received notice of a layoff 2yrs from now.
    2009: met the toro/gem who till today has help me changed my life / ends abruptly. / reconnected with SO many friends from school.
    2009: Earned my 2nd degree black belt.
    2010: got layed off from great company / got kicked out of the martial arts / lost alot of money / decided to change my life / moved my ass far away to start over. / it has been fabulous
    2012: last time I saw toro/gem / new company and so far so good / no martial arts.

    So, right now I am struggling a little.. feeling stuck. Feeling no momentum, energy to change certain areas of my life (health) and just going through the process. I feel blessed with where I am and what I have but missing somethings that I feel will help me heal. Still in the healing mode.


    • 1st house: House of Self
      Neptune natally stationed in Scorpio
      So what I went thru since 1998 totally makes sense to help improve my “self”..

      5th house: House of Pleasure
      Neptune transitioning Pisces
      Right now, the transition is not helping my “house of pleasure”. It’s more “house of emotional pain”


  10. I’m a 1980 baby, Moon-Mars-Neptune in Sag all almost dead conjunct. Each of those eras is pretty clearly marked for me, Neptune in Aqua lasted from 17-31 so a pretty defining era whatever the astro, it was transiting my 11th house and I suppose looking back that makes sense in many ways. Have had Neptune into my 12th house for quite a while though thanks to the worlds biggest 12th house, super massive, intercepted. Got 6 planets in it right now, so yeah trying to catch that slippery Piscean energy and use it for good.

  11. Wholly FUQ – my life can be divided into these eras. Wow.

    Neptune in Sag – childhood adoption, doing amazing at school –

    Neptune in Capricorn 1984 all turns to crap – sexual assault that was life changing running from it failing school and bring everything totally Capricorn like – have Neptune rising in Sag in my chart Crap jobs, crap relationships, crap money but travel with circus and lots of interesting experiences.

    Bring on Neptune in Aqua my moon sign 1997 – go to counselling re sexual assult and really get my act together emotionally and physically then have change of career and meet partner who I will marry and divorce in 2011 – heart breaking but true catharis – feel abandoned again but reclaimed study – tafe first uni degree and then Oxford during this time.

    2012 – finally shook free of divorce – getting counselling to kill the lingering weight issue from the sexual assault and am sorting it , career powering and post grad study started. Wonder what the next relationship will be like – at the moment I think it’s all about the relationship with myself.

    Wow mystic that was profound! Thanks Mystic I am so excited about Neptune in Pisces.

  12. Totally off topic but read the title and thought of matt Damon. My own personal one. Sweet!

    Sag era was fun, cap era sucked away a lot of fun, aqua era made me try the things I had thought about doing during cap era but was thwarted by being too scared/sensible.

  13. Yep.

    Neptune In Saggo: 1971 to 1984 – Birth to beginning of boarding school (big change, and no going back either)..

    Neptune in Capricorn: 1984 to 1997 – Beginning of boarding school, followed by two gap years and uni, ending in the year my son was conceived.

    Neptune in Aquarius: 1998 to 2012 – The year my son was born, his whole life, death, my technical existence and attempt to see the point in anything, while also doing what I coukd to support myself and help others).

    Neptune in Pisces – Square my natal Neptune and conjunct my natal Mars. I am actually having Mars troubles – feeling under attack on a near constant basis, some of it based in reality some of it not. This, if nothing else, a major incentive to snap evolve my way through, and pronto, as

    • (oops) … I won’t see Neptune in Aries if I don’t.

      Pressed send too soon, but was really noticing the eras of my life, down to a tee. Thankfully, it is a little too early to see what Neptune in Pisces will really mean for me.

      – That was me, Saggemilib 🙂

  14. Natal Neptune Sagg – deep unconscious created.

    Throughout Neptune in Capricorn – i daydreamed – in school, at home, in dance class, chronic escapism. I dreamed of horses. And living where I did not.

    Neptune in Aqua – I dreamed love, and babies, and family, and belonging and independence, it became a bit nightmarish and I woke up.

  15. I wouldn’t say i was ‘free’ during the Neptune in Sag era but i certainly felt and acted like i was. I knew i could be anything, do anything.

    Neptune in Capricorn saw me having to get real and build structure, follow duties, establish a career. In the middle of it i went to Japan and this refined my sense of craft and social manners, my sense of service culture and of duty. I loved working, and still do. I was very much into building “home” even though i moved a lot, and did so through my possessions.

    But the start of this era saw us generationally witnessing or involved in struggles with political power structures, global and local. Reagan era politics. Structurally organising to free prisoners of conscience – Mandela was freed largely through the efforts of Amnesty. Apartheid ended. The Berlin Wall came down. Higher education was no longer free. IRA bombings. Thatcher and the year long miner’s strike, and the later bombing of Libya. And this affected us deeply and personally – we tried to become involved but we had such a sense of doom and fear.

    Neptune in Aqua was my era of defining cray-cray in relationships, long term partnerships that brought us into contact with heaps of people, saw us helping out people in the street, techno/dance/electronica drug madness…i think the strange brotherhood of e was really Nep in Aqua. Maybe that is because my Venus is in Aqua. Talk about a Neptune-Venus transit. It was brilliant for a musical odyssey of appreciation! For bewitching (my Sekhmet, Isis, Circe in Aqua too) but took off onto the stray path regarding my NN in Aqua. I thought i was doing my destiny but now i see it as illusion. I wonder, out of the dreams of that era, can something still evolve? Nothing is wasted in life, and it’s been so full i cannot have regrets.

    Now i’m letting go much of what was built during both those eras. My family went through so much. It hurt and hurt and hurt, and some of us became terribly hurtful in response. The abuse and the madness. Now however it feels as though all is dissolving. Healing begun some time ago is finally felt in positive changes.

    Pisces starts about 10 degrees in my fourth house. Neptune square LONG Neptune transit for me. It’s very weird…for the first time i can’t ‘see’ ahead of me, so i just have to trust. I know from experience: i am always provided for and protected. I will be poor and tired at first, but once i’m back on my feet i’m excited for what will be.

  16. So interesting! Very distinct eras, though I’m not entirely sure how the placements would have had their respective affects. Will need to look more closely at my chart for that.

    Neptune in Cap (opposite sun) = birth to first year of high school. I was bold, confident, and entitled.

    Neptune in Aqua (on my moon in 8th house) = the beginning of several years of intense bullying, which led to cripplingly low self-esteem and has continued to take a toll on my personal relationships. Culminated last year in an intense heartbreak that left me flailing about.

    Hopefully Neptune in Pisces is the start of something amazing???

  17. When i hear the word neptune i know that i have big issues with that planet why it sex-tiles my sun, moon, mercury every thing is so timesless, its like the nreath and ten years have passed and i have stayed frozen but then i discovered that today……saturn is out of my 7th house which was a disaster i mean it my saturn in dysfunctional pisces,
    now saturn is in the 8th house!!!

    i went to this
    reader i not really dwell with. instead of warning helping me regarding (current neptune in 11th house transit 0 She said i was around these woman that not really care about me and were selfish and that i was going to burn bridges. I acted what she said out like a robot and initiated ending 2 friendships. It backfired badly as in retrospect you have to step lightly in life and i find it hard incorporating a butch-ish aries rising for a mask. So this fall out got out of control and now i see that i have to just lay low which is easy since a few planets will transit the 12th house now.
    So saturn is in the 8th house now, feels more comfortable but its obviously going to be confronting

  18. wow, this is so amazing. i love astrology! distinct eras for sure. neptune in sag, 4th house – left school, moved about, fell in love, moved countries, towns. neptune in cap, 5th house – had my two sons, first one born in 1984,studied, worked bits and pieces. neptune in aquarius, 6th house, full time work beg of 1998 , more study, job focus. and now, 2013, living on the other side of the country, responsible for no one but myself, slightly different job direction, more study, feeling like a new person in so many ways. thanks mystic, this has been so interesting to note from a neptune perspective.

  19. Neptune in Saggo – childhood – reading and drawing a lot. Wish I were in an environment which valued dreams. Neptune in Cap – schools – lots of confusion about rote learning. My Cap Moon did its best to cope with the school system. Neptune in Aqua – early adulthood responsibilities – trying to be someone I was never meant to be. Neptune in Pisces – time to bow down to Life.

    This Merc Rx in my 12th house now occupied with other assorted planets is heavier than the Mercury Rx in other houses – most of the time I need to snap into my wake time.

  20. Interesting….. for me, they mirror Significant Other relationship turning points…. beginnings and endings, all the way back to when my father left home….. *cue psychoanalytical pondering*… met Love of My Life #1 in 1984….. and Love of my Life #2 in 1997.


  21. Neptune in Saggo. 11th House. At school.
    Neptune in Cap. 12th House. Exploration of the unknown: OS, politics, marriage, babies.
    Neptune in Aquarius. 1st House. Became fully myself.

  22. hmmmm… I was 16 in 1997 so…. I don’t really think getting my drivers license counts does it? .I guess it’ll have to do…. cant think of any other epic shift (I had a pretty earth shattering event in feb 1996 and then moving out on my own in fall of 99, but nothing in 1997 is epic era-shifting other than gaining the freedom of driving!!! and Iove driving, a lot!)

  23. its only recently that I’ve had much to do with Neptune, or should I say noticed it really.
    By the end of April I will have a neptune trine neptune transit from my natal nep in scorpio 5th house to nep in pisces my 9th. Concurrently, saturn in scorp is conjuncting natal neptune and sextiling natal saturn. Soon after uranus in aries trines natal uranus in leo and heads towards my sun.
    I’m expecting big things !

    • I’m expecting big things, ha, after reading quite a few interps the Neptune trine should be called the ‘better get in touch with spirit because your going to be dead soon’ transit, we all get it mid fifties. Not many astrologers seem to have come to grips with it to my satisfaction. The Uranus trine hits at 28 yrs and again mid 50’s. Lets just say astrologers view of the latter one should be called the ‘last attempt of Uranus to kick ones ass’ transit, cause after this one it doesn’t give a fuq.
      Interps also suggest that if its already too late, and that I’ve learn’t nothing in my half century, I may not even notice them, in which case saturns second return 2 years later could and will do the ass kicking.

      • I’ll bet you’ve learned a shitload. Saturn will just refine you…you know more of a fine grain sandpaper 🙂

  24. Neptune in scorp wth sth node there too
    12th hse sat in pisces
    sq mars
    life gone by too fast been frozen since i was 16
    got involved wth the wrong peeps leading to
    hardship for a long long time
    attract those that see i a some kind of stepping stone
    gotta get strong

  25. wow

    Neptune in Saggo = childhood, afflicted but stable in the domestic sense

    Neptune in Cap = breakdown of family unit, life of drifty abandonment in young adulthood

    Neptune in aquarius = my own family, children, marriage (yes in that order) and separation from alco abusive ex

    Neptune in Pisces = era of me 🙂 so far – growth, development, healing, love – next up, achievement, abundance!

  26. Definite eras.

    Sag era was grade school and into high school. Secure upbringing in close family.

    Neptune in Cap (my moon) = high school, college, masters and more. I was good at school. Ended with professional degree. Not the easiest times job-wise for me. ever. First Guld war. Second Gulf war. I was not part of the “the futire is so bright I gotta Wear shades (generation yes) group- no. I feel like I was never part of the group. Always doing my own thing.

    Then came Aqua. Opposing me (MULTIPLE Leo)? teaching me? Marriage, children , left work “for the family” not realizing that is was the hubby who would NEVER have stepped up to help. ADORE being mom Thankful every day for my children. I know the point when I quit tryng to get hubby to do anything. When I gave up trying to get his ass off the couch, he found a girlfriend and left. After three weeks, the kids asked when he would be back from his work conference. THREE WEEKS. A friend asked me how I was doing, my reply “Fine, Better! Who knew?!” Lots of stress, but weight lifted. Also at end of that era was food health issues and food allergies. By the end of this era, I had found myself.

    ZAP ZONE and Pisces Era:: Hard work getting back profession. Recently in decent full-time position with a firm I love. I still live in fear that the job and security will go away. Trying to believe and work hard. Now IS very work hard and Virgo-out to-the-max. Putting on the big-girl panties and finally living like this leo-scop was meant to. (And I have NO time for clutter) Finding that I like a mellow dreamier man. For now, I am not into the “alpha” types. There can be only one in a relationship, and it is me.

    …Or is it that I am done with the man-child types because I am already someone’s mama? I don’t need another nose to wipe. There just ain’t time.

    • I can soo relate to being done with the man-child types. I am also Leo and I hear ya with all of the above!

  27. Interesting… Born with neptune conj sun in early saggo – cue spending most of my childhood with my head in the clouds. Drawing, reading sci-fi/fantasy/adventure books.

    Neptune into cap sees me into high school and into teen rebellion, drug use, general distain for most of the world, dropping out of uni, work, society until…

    Neptune into aqua – rediscovery of purpose, back to uni, get my degree (with honours!), then into work for some of the best practices in Brisbane. This also has me in total relationship chaos – generally unable to make anything work for more than a couple of months and only getting past that by tolerating terrible behaviour from my partners for the sake of being with someone, anyone…

    Neptune into pisces… sudden total halt of everything. Serious back injury prevents me working. Woman I was super keen on calls everything off. I lose touch with quite a few friends from being unable to ride, surf or do yoga. We’re off to an interesting start.

      • I’m aqua rising but fairly late so Pisces is technically second house but in fact is far more in my first house.

        I’m a bit confused by this really – should I count Pisces as first or second?

  28. I’m Aqua Sun in the 8th house, and It’s almost like I forgot that Neptune was in Aquarius during all those years because I have a whole bunch of stuff in Pisces anyway, including Moon and I sort of seem to have lived from my Moon more than my Sun in my lifetime..
    … but the beginning of that period, 1998, was when I was right out of graduate school and then got completely side-tracked out of pursuing my career in natural medicine, and got in a relationship that proved to be extremely abusive. I didn’t start to get serious about my career again until 2006, and in a weird way got sidetracked again with a love zombie situation, but it wasn’t an actual relationship, so it didn’t get as much in the way of my career
    Anyway, I do feel the shift having Neptune off my Sun. I feel more ‘practical’ somehow, and not as apt to fall into illusions/disillusions of love. I have Saturn sextile my Sun, natally, and I feel like maybe I can access that a little better now that Neptune is gone? I need all the grounding and stability I can get because I’m a sensitive person with a lot of Pisces and Crab rising.
    I feel more grounded, emotionally, even though Neptune is now about to transit my Moon in early Pisces….maybe I won’t notice a contrast with that so much, since it will be Neptune on Neptune, Pisces on Pisces?

    Going back further, in 1984, when Neptune moved into Cap, my family moved from the East coast out to California. My dad is Cap Sun, so he was having that Neptune/Sun transit, so that’s probably why that happened then. Anyway, that was a big change for me, for sure. California is kind of a Neptunian place, too. My family never left California, either…..still here…. Neptune moving through Cap went through my 7th house, and all those years were my schooling…university and grad school, graduating grad school right as Neptune moved into Aqua.

    Neptune in Sag was most of the rest of my early life. My brother was born right at the end of 1970, so maybe his birth was the signal of the beginning of that Neptune era. He’s been an important part of my life my whole life. He has Neptune in the 1st house in his natal chart. My family was basically a young hippie family at that time, and our parents were quite young when they had us.
    I was born in 1968, so I had those few years of Neptune in Scorpio, natal Neptune at 26 Scorp in the 5th house. My focus in my youngest years was on art. I loved to draw and paint, create things, and I loved music and dance and trained very seriously in classical ballet until my late teen years. That’s what I wanted to do professionally until I burned out on it and found that whole world way too stressful. Mars in Pisces, conjunct the MC, so that was probably the impetus to become a dancer. Now I’m a healer instead, which I think could also be an expression of my Mars placement.

    There you have it…my life history through the hazy lens of Neptune!

    • Funny how the power of the dynamics of coming from an alcoholic family persist through the years….the denial…blocking it out…all that. So fitting that I forgot to mention that in 1984, the year Neptune moved into Cap, that my mother’s alcoholism started to become very apparent and wrecked havoc on our family and it’s interesting because she didn’t get full on sober until 1997/98 after her second DUI, and Neptune left Cap. That was one heck of a Neptune transit for her! She’s a Virgo Sun, natal Neptune in Libra.

      • Hey there flowerchild, I have mars and moon in Pisces too! I also had hippie parents, doin the living semi self sufficient life (so many wonderful skills and knowledges I have learnt through this) but I also had a parent with a terrible alcohol problem, that has left its pain on our family – massively and to this day we are still processing the crap…

        • Wow, a kindred spirit! I wonder if moon and mars in pisces could somehow indicate alcoholic parents?

          Best wishes to you! I am still processing the crap, too……the patterns still show up so insidiously…
          After I wrote that long one above, it made me reflect on my family history and I felt sick and depressed. Was interesting to look at it all through the lens of Neptune. Alcohol is certainly a Neptunian substance, too.

          • Yes mars – father… In Pisces – alcohol… And I think all of two of my siblings have Pisces mars or and moon and another two have rising…. lovely to connect w you flower child…. It is depressing thinking about it, however it taught me so much about health also, the light side of the shadow…

  29. saggi= baby. cap schmap- materialism, insecurity, dutifully being a good girl. hungry ghosts and childhood/teenage angst. meh meh meh meh meh. but aqua!! sheer brilliance. began with physical freedom, finished with freedom of information and inspiration. complete worship of the mind, the future, the zap – a repressed wild child gemini’s wet dream. 🙂

    • also, the piseasoning- earlier today i was thinking about this artist and how i’d like to see some more of her work. and here she is!

  30. Personally, Neptune in Aquarius can go straight to hell. Biggest psych! of my life. Felt like I almost made it only to have the football snatched away by Lucy at the last minute.


    I’m still angry.

  31. Daemon? Whenever I see that spelling, I think of Unix software. The original unix geeks really did think of their software as little daemons under the control of a god-like ruler. God sleeps while the daemons are in control, then the daemons go back to sleep when their job is done, and god wakes up and takes back control. Except this god is called “launchd” (d for daemon) and all it does is decide which daemons get control next. But what power that is!

    So maybe that’s the metaphor, mentioning the epochs of Neptune got me thinking of it. Run then it has to shut down and give control back, now is running for a while. This is all multitasking, but the system is getting used to its max because,,, and are all running simultaneously. There’s not enough RAM or processing power to handle all those apps running at the same time in the same space. Each app wants a bit of time to run the universe by itself, before it has to hand back control and some other planetary app gets to run for a while.

  32. Neptune in Saggi I was a little one. It was a time of abundance for us as a family and quite social.
    We moved house/areas/schools because the recession hit when Neptune went into Capricorn. All those big dreams crashed.
    Instead I found myself in a fundamentalist church choir full of paedophiles, trad schooling, unimaginative teachers, and I could only look at society with confusion as I neither wanted to belong nor saw a way out.
    Neptune in Aquarius I decided to follow the shaman’s way and quit my world. I prepared for it a good year or so ahead and by 1999 I hit the road with only the clothes on my back. I backpacked and lived around the world settling in south america for several years.

    I am fascinated that Neptune has had such a remarkable influence on my life, the ‘epoques’ created by these transits are very real to me. I do love Astrology (with a capital A). Thanks Mystic!

    • Yes me. I love that little daemon pouring water on the bathing lady. My mind has skipped a step to Matt Damon now.. I will stop right there too.. Oh Neptune!

      I really do wonder what Neptune in Pisces will do for me! Transiting my 9th House it apparently makes me likely to embrace mysticism…is that possible to do anymore without me floating away entirely? 🙂

  33. yep, definitely distinct eras there. Bit too young to recall Neptune in sagg properly but Neptune in Cap (7th house) was starting school, Awkward Childhood and Adolescence, low self esteem a lot of the time but good at school, bullying from various worthless bitches in primary AND high school, but good friendships with males (figures why I preferred male friends for a long time), bla bla

    Neptune in Aqua and it’s still going through my 8th house. fitter at times, journey towards self-knowledge in relation to others, dreamland, neptunian intimate relationships.

    Realised today I am v much in Neptune’s watery clutches at the moment. Maxing out vague pisces, losing track of details, punctuality an issue (lol as always), even the art-making to a deadline is like walking backwards through knee-deep mud wearing a 20kg backpack. sludgeeee…

    • This!

      Didn’t get to experience Neptune in Saggo but it’s my natal placement.

      Neptune in Capricorn sucked for me. I was a very serious, shy, and quiet child. All my closest friends were male. Got picked on a ton in school, mainly by females, because I was smart, foreign, and had a “weird name” (not really!).

      Neptune in Aqua was all about religious exploration and travel. I was Pagan, Wiccan, Muslim, Buddhist, Episcopalian, Agnostic, finished University, moved away from my parents, did Peace Corps in Morocco for two years, was vegan for 4 yrs., learned French and Spanish, renewed my passport and added some stamps in it, and lost my beloved father.

      Looking back that was a pretty busy decade or so I guess.

      Not sure what to expect from Neptune in Pisces. It scares me a little despite being a friendly water sign and my midheaven.

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