12 thoughts on “Weekly Horoscopes Are Up Now

  1. Mars is in the house alright. I cannot sleep at all. It’s nearly 3, I stayed up working until 1 now it’s 3am and I am having a private disco in my underwear with my headphones in the dark around my room like I’m 14.

      • I’m same – but blaming it on particularly hot Melbourne evenings…happy to blame it Mars and the boogy (Ministry of Sounds 80s electronic music – CD number 2 – just brilliant!)

  2. woke up at 4 3:30 fuqin**##**?!? am to churn over all the crap minutiea for an hour or two

    Less of that thanks

  3. So happy as I just got back from hospital and my best friends – who happen to be husband & wife – just had no. 2 baby boy.

    He is perfect & everything about him happened perfectly.

    Everything in Pisces (8th House) – but Moon & Mars in Aries (9th).
    Rising Cancer perfectly trining his Venus & NN in Scorpio – the charm!

    He has Moon conjunct Uranus (conjunct Hygiea too).
    Sun conjunct Venus.

    His energy field was…oceanic. But purposeful. So in love!!!!!

  4. I am aggressively building trust in my life πŸ˜€

    Trust in my children’s ability to learn what they need to know.

    Trust in my body’s ability to know what it needs nutritionally.

    Trust that I not only am on my Path, but that Path is one of beauty, ease and joy.

    Trust that the Universe will support me in this Path.

    Apart from that, I feel like shit πŸ˜€ Dealing with all sorts of painful stuff to do with illness in my family.

    This is what has been forged in the crucible, as it were. What actually matters. Even though this has been a stressful time, if I’m not here with beauty, ease and joy, then what AM I doing here ?

  5. love this quote!!!
    says the auburn head moon in leo!!!
    Kataka on the move. Yes, things changed yesterday for the better!!!

  6. Oh Liz! My fishy soul sista and birth date mate! I’ve never seen that pic before. Love the quote – I can SOOOO relate!