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Ron Terada

So hands up who is enjoying the amphetamine-like astrology and hands up who just wants for it to be over already?

Definitely devise a coping strategy a.s.a.p. if you’re not liking this because this intensity is just the Zap Zone (ultra ON from May to Nov) being triggered by Mars, Venus and the Full Moon.

But guess what – if you’ve got Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus already in aspect to Uranus & Pluto, you’ve got a head start on all this. In fact, it’s more –ย  you ARE ALL THIS.

What else…okay, three things –

* The Daily Horoscopes for Weds March 27 are posted – covering the Full Moon fracas, Mars square Pluto and the Jupiter-Chiron square. This astro is why you can be so psyched to succeed-conquer-love again and yet be also googling hide-outs or therapy.

* I am about to email subscribers re some live chat Skype consults i have available in late April- if you might be interested, keep an eye out for the email as it is first in, first served style.

* AND I THINK i have figured out so i can do actual hard-copy Astro-Diaries for 2014. As in the daily data in a physical book with space for appointments etc. My only reservation now is do people still use hard copy books for such things?ย  I am also devising my own Neptune Dream Diary.ย  I have to. I bang on about the importance of keeping one often enough.



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78 thoughts on “Uber Astro For Uber People

  1. “Definitely devise a coping strategy a.s.a.p. if you’re not liking this because this intensity is just the Zap Zone (ultra ON from May to Nov) being triggered by Mars, Venus and the Full Moon.

    But guess what – if you’ve got Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars or Venus already in aspect to Uranus & Pluto, you’ve got a head start on all this. In fact, it’s more – you ARE ALL THIS.”

    I was made redundant just a few short hours ago, my only warning was my tarot card pack throwing out a tower card this morning while I moved the pack from the bedside table to the dresser.
    I then had an epiphany on the way into to work that was surreal, but what else can you do with an hour’s drive beside think about life, the universe, and our relationship to it?
    So then I was made redundant, and I knew before I even walked in to the CEO’s office that something was UP! Sniffed it out.
    So long and thanks for all the fish, maybe. But fools they are to let go someone so Zap Zone attuned. But as Mystic was saying, anything that doesn’t belong, will go this week; I was prepped – doesn’t make it easy, but does now give me the time to divert this energy into conquer and attack mode, total warrior. Fury supplies power = correct.

    The epiphany:
    There are 3 expressions of anger. So most common are repression and expression. The third type is energy- utilise this energy to create stronger boundaries for yourself and make changes for your life.

    ^ Follow my own advice I should. *yoda voice*

    While my sanity holds.. and am still employable :p

    • it’s a cliche but every door closing is a new door opening.

      Love the energy redirection strategy

      Stay cool and hope the redundancy came with nice pay check to give you some time for what’s next.

      • Wonderful post. Let go today also.

        Have natal Moon – Pluto – Uranus cross.

        • hope it goes well for you – it’s a shock when it happens. One time it happened to me, I took my cheque, cashed it, went straight to the travel agent and booked ski trip to USA, then went to tarot reader. His words (I’d seen him before but hadn’t said anything when I walked in) were about losing my job and ‘you could just go travelling or…’ From memory I don’t think I let him get the ‘or…’ out. Met a great Aussie guy while travelling and for about five years had a really nice circle of friends with these peeps. That was 1996 though. Different times to now.

          ADVICE to all in same situation – go for the max $$ you can get so that you buy time for what’s next.

  2. Re: if people use actual calendars. Maybe fetishists? Progressed moons in Libra? What I do is track major dates in my Gmail calendar and also get the moon calendar function. Then I do scheduling. And I get text messages to my phone for all events, so if I’m not online, I still know what I need to do next. Virtual calendars are also great because they don’t create clutter AND then you have a record of everything you did over the past X number of years which no one can see unless they have your password. Which, of course, you’ll take to your grave.

    • for all your reasons suddenly leo and some others I can’t be bothered explaining because I’ve not felt quite so high strung in years as I am today: yes please to virtual/cloud/txt based, no thank you to dinosaur diary.

  3. Oh yeah, and amphetamine-like astrology. It’s been like getting a B12 shot to the arse. Amazing for every aspect of everything. I’m having major Saturn transit action and it’s like I suddenly getting a juicer when detox-ing: how have I been managing without this Aries?

    • I still feel like I am wading through mud. I need that Vitamin b-12 shot!
      Any advice to energize without caffeine?

  4. My hand is up for loving this astro times ten!! (Apart from deeply-felt teary Chiron stuff, that is.)
    I was sincerely shizz scared about a fortnight ago about this, but this just suits me down to a T. I think because I’m prepped and I’m listening, observing.
    In aspect to Uranus-Pluto? Pluto Trine my Venus making relationships and career now infused with a deeper creativity and creative expression oozing. If they’re not real and not about art then they’re out the window. second, Uranus Opp my Sun and the freedom this is heavy for escape via travel, packing everything up and re-locating. I have already devised a brilliant plan for which items to sell and which to keep and which relative I will store the ‘keeping’ items, and permission from relatives has been sought and obtained. This plan is all in place even though I’ve not yet got the signal – I’m still waiting for the offer of any one of the many countries I have sought relocation in.
    I will order the 2014 diary and the Neptune dream diary thanks, brilliant ideas as usual

  5. “Can you hear me suffering?”

    I don’t think I have any choice but to try to find constructive ways to release this t-square with me and my natal first house Cancer planets (Mars/Sun/Venus) (the transiting full Moon, 11th/5th house axis) Otherwise I could get physically injured. I already feel suddenly older than I was last week.. the energies in the environment feel like they are just rushing through my body at the expense of my physical health and well being.

    I’m not going even get into the Love Zombie stuff.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. My Cancer venus is mixed up in all of this. As for the energy – I’m bouncing off the walls. Not helping with aching want for unavailable man (have not had this for years…) and feeling Neptuney woo-woo in the mix along with hard yakka and work flow/ innovation. But definitely lots of energy. Going for long walks to try to burn some of it off. Wanting total body revamp, wardrobe revamp and getting out there with new biz and seeing what’s possible.

  7. Oh totally enjoying it even as it feels like I’m clinging on by my toenails to the tail end of a roller coaster flying through the sky a la North’s uber-sled in Rise Of The Guardians.

    Tapped right I think this astro really amps the courage factor, which I have been feeling. I’ve been writing shit I never thought I would dare to publish and yet there I am, writing away, publishing with a fearless impunity like I’ve never felt before. Fear be damned.

    Coping strategy for me is collating and organizing all the information flowing to me and through me, as well as a lot, a lot of private alone time.

    I’m actually going for a large gathering tomorrow evening, a meeting of all alternative practitioners in the far north on the Atherton Tablelands, and it will be interesting to say the least, especially to watch out for people not in control of their inner demons.

    • I tapped into it too – the clarity i got after my morning meditation was great and i bought new crystals yesterday for decisiveness, compassion, stabilising, immunity, protection! fierce and brave

      • Decisiveness, fierce and brave… Absolutely! There’s this total, “I can take on anything in the world right now!” vibe running through the air and yet it is not an aggro vibe. It’s like there’s power and serenity all in one.

        And the clarity too, I totally agree. Awesome stuff :)

  8. Am living and loving this astro. It has lifted me from something quite wallowy and cranky. Dont even know my aspects (are we talking natal?) but they must be conducive.

  9. o i do love it so, amphetamine is the word, altho I think my libran moon sits above watching, hand to worrying her eyebrows as she thinks about all the potential fall out ….

    uranus opposite sun
    pluto opposite mars/venus (funny, never really noticed that one before. ahem)

  10. After all is said and done, am loving this astro – it is exhilarating. This FM is pinging my natal chart through natal Uranus-trine-Mercury aspect . My sleep schedule changed, am back to deep-sleep-for-several-hours program.

    I still have insecurities regarding future, but then, who doesn’t?

    Great idea Mystic, definitely I need coping strategy plan A to plan Z.

  11. I gave myself today to mourn the loss of a boy, but as of tomorrow I’m back.

    What was that quote Mystic posted a while ago? The greatest revenge is success or something? I will kick ass. I will use the hurt and loneliness to morph into a new, improved version of myself. Because now my energy is focused on me, not on someone who didn’t (or couldn’t) appreciate it.

  12. – yes please to the diary! I still use them (Saturn in Virgo in the 5th)- couldn’t live without my (hard copy) calender and diary! xx

  13. I don’t think I’d use an astro diary – I’ve gone too digital. But I would love a dream journal!

    Have you seen red bubble as an on demand printing solution?

  14. I am so ALL THIS it’s not even funny, seriously :) my starting stance has Pluto & Uranus in Virgo opposing my natal sun. Just to add a degree of difficulty my sun is joined by both Saturn & Chiron, so interesting times there, lol but with Neptune & my moon in Scorpio squaring up to Mercury in Aries who is keeping Mars company… Forgive me for the vulgarity but… Welcome to my world (PI) Bitches. I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course, but I may also have gone barking mad.
    As for LZ tendencies I’m like Teflon. Unfortunately that seems to attract the zombies beady little eyes and I’ve been attracting even more crazies than usual. With regard other people’s property (oblique reference to all of us currently attracted to the married colleague) it warms my cockles to know there are signs of intelligent life out there but I’m not going to cut anyone else’s grass. If its going to be its going to be done right.
    Meanwhile am processing info like a machine and am having to restrict myself from orchestrating a coup at work. Only real complaint is I’ve had pinched nerve in my neck, thankfully over it now, but talk about a pain in the neck ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Personally I love a real diary – as my 30 years of filed Filofax refills will prove – so i am there and the thought of a bona fide MM Dream Diary makes me want to squeal with delight. In fact, ty, don’t mind if I do *sqeeeeeeeeeee*
    (Sorry for long post but did I mention I may already be insane?)

    • Oh we must have similar charts, I too am Uranus-Pluto conj in Virgo opp Pisces Sun-Saturn conjunction. My Chiron is nearby but not quite conjunct, and Merc is conj my Sun-Saturn as well.
      I too feel like I’m on some weird high with work/self actualisation. Rarely have I felt so powerful, it’s quite odd. Yet I am equal parts sad and hermit-like (in the romance dept).
      And I am a Filofax girl from way back. I bought a new one this year, a big bright red number. My Mars in Virgo has a bit of a diary /notebook fetish… I have separate notebooks for creative ideas, dream diary, journal, budget, then I cross reference everything in different sections in my Filofax. I write the astro forecasts/key points across the monthly planning pages.

      • Yup, I remember seeing you mention some things before and realised we were almost fish twinnies. Sorry about yr Mars in Virgo ๐Ÿ˜‰ my Mars in Aries can be OTT. Sooo, it’s great being plugged into the zeitgeist isn’t it? And by great I mean it’s like being in a roller coaster whilst not being sure if you’re properly strapped in ๐Ÿ˜€
        And I quote:
        Rarely have I felt so powerful, itโ€™s quite odd. Yet I am equal parts sad and hermit-like (in the romance dept). And I am a Filofax girl from way back.
        That’s fabulous! You must be my astrological soul mate : )
        I hope your finding some peace in there somewhere, tho. To reference the the erudite Pi, below: Paper is patient. I need the world to be patient with me right now and I need to be patient with the world.
        That makes me hum like a tuning fork, lol

        • Yeah I reckon all of the Uranus-Pluto conj peeps must be doing either super well or super crap out of this astro, from what I see around me it seems to be polarising.
          I envy you your Mars in Aries! Super strong placement and must be working like a motherfuqer right now with all the Aries energy. I lack any planets in Aries. I am all earth/water and fixed/mutable, I lack cardinal planet power. Making the most of it now tho’.
          Maybe Mystic will produce a Filofax version of the astro diary for the likes of us!

            • Yep, reckon you’re right about the polarisation. Wondering if its my (allegedly) more mature age that’s holding me steady, have even been trying out this patience thing that others speak of ๐Ÿ˜‰ I envy you your Mars in Virgo. So much more useful. All this aries energy can be tiring for a piscean but does force action (my default setting). Anyhoo am feeling like time has slowed but everything is in fine focus. Maybe it’s the eye of the storm. In a way its been business as usual. Have even transcribed trouble dates into my filofax so yes to the MM version. How you been coping? Perhaps we’ve just been training for this our whole life : D

              • I’m actually coping pretty well since I ditched any hope of finding love at the mo. I’m focusing on health and wealth and that seems to be working. Filling my Filofax with lists :) My Pluto-Uranus is in 1st house and I have always been pretty good at evolution once I get going. It’s the getting going I’m not so good at.
                I don’t think it’s just an age/generation thing. Everyone I know is getting hammered by this astro, lives collapsing all around… some are transforming at warp speed and others are heading for the bunker, clutching a gin bottle.

                • Well, since my last msge ive been well & truly zapped, having had my laptop & Filofax stolen. Plus spent last 48 hours without internet *sigh* Am v. sad about Filofax (over 20 years old) but could have been so much worse. Time to buy a new one and write some new lists :) my Uranus/Pluto combo is 5th house but oddly have always been popular because I present as positive and inclusive. Please please please don’t give up on love. We might be in hibernation for a while but only so that we can metamorphosise into our full potential – as I imagine your moniker alludes to. MM’s Pisces horoscope for April is encouraging :)
                  Blessings & best wishes ๐Ÿ˜€

                  • Oh soz to hear about your filofax and laptop! I’d be lost without mine. Here’s to a fab April for Pisceans xx

  15. Could not board international flight today. Passports did not arrive, child with some weird aliment, tenants in my house within hours. Next flight 1 week away, hours on the phone to embassy…finally passport will be on it’s way, when? I hope. Now, a week with parents. I’m actually kinda relieved.

    • who books an international flight without a passport in hand?

      Energy too intense for me at the moment, full on, but disparate, jangling

      Making me disconsolate, unfocused, unhappy, weirded out

      Defo zapped, who knew ? MM knew

      Go forward anew ?, still elusive directions

      Saturn needs a plan, too much in shadow, or just scared and lazy

      Grunt, moo, grumble, effin zap crap

      A spoonful of metaphorical sugar, and a visit from the universal pharmacist required

  16. electronic diaries/calendars are totally over-rated. where does one scrawl random ideas, an inspiring opening for a poem, a sketch of a dress one saw / thought of? I saw a thing in a diary today: Paper is patient. I need the world to be patient with me right now and I need to be patient with the world. I am pedalling slowly because I know the traffic’s heavy and it’s hard to see too far ahead. I quite like the idea of an astro diary, subject to various variables I guess?

    Oracle is telling me to sleep and eat better. I just haven’t been doing this properly yet. But today I realised that I am sick of being fat (well, too fat for my clothes). Gorgeous men everywhere and I just ain’t cutting the mustard, it feels. so, it begins yet again. If I am active more days than I am not, look after myself more days than I do not, then the law of averages must prevail and I WIN.

    • I agree with Pi
      There’s something nice about a real journal to write in. I am interested in the Neptune dream diary in particular. But, yes to both ideas.

    • your law of averages sounds like a winning strategy! also the turtle pace. it’s a long race with no finish line… steady, steady, watch out for that delivery truck careening around the corner… now steady again… :)

  17. This little Libra is totally ON – the zap zone is my new mojo. So I can’t find a job? So what! Today I’ve been cleaning my house and consulting with my accountant about getting a business off the ground that I’ve been mulling over for the last nearly three years. Bring.it.on.

  18. Loving the astro lately, though I’m not clear on the aspects and transits and such. A lot is going on, but I’m staying on top of it — something’s going right! Coping strategy? Write everything down. EVERYTHING. I still like putting pen to paper, and would totally go for the astro diary.

  19. I don’t use a diary or calendar or even a real clock much anymore – It’s digital or its intuitive. thankfully my memory is very good – maybe because I rely on it – like using a muscle. A dream journal is a better option in the very competitive world of diaries etc

  20. And,in case I didn’t make it clear enough before, MM, I would definitely buy the MM Astro and/or Dream Diary. Sorry to all the peeps who are having a hard time of it atm : ( Shizz is gettin’ real.

    • Me too!
      My Goddess, I have been waiting for years for the diary, it would be so great!

  21. I am loving this astro even though it’s killing me a bit. I would rather have willpower overdose and petrifying clarity than zombiehood any day.

  22. Thanks MM!
    Vitamins awaiting pick-up with extra B6, Gaba and Gingko too.

    The Monthly scopes for Leo are what I needed to hear right now too.

    I am all nurtured out, Libra rules my 5th house, but I am drawing a line around my house which only my nieces may pass.

  23. I would LOVE a hard copy calendar and diary..there is nothing like using a pen to write on paper. Bring back simplicity! I’m dying to go on a technology sabbatical.
    Not sure what my aversion is to all things futuristic, but I am thinking I grew up in the wrong time period.

  24. Natal chart has Moon conjunct Pluto in 12th house Libra opposite 6th house Jupiter in Aries. Feels like I’m lit up like a Christmas tree with Pluto square Moon-Pluto, Jupiter and conjunct Sun and Mercury and Uranus opposite Moon-Pluto, square Sun, conjunct Jupiter, trine Neptune and conjunct Lilith. All kinds of issues which have been playing out over the last few years seem to be coming to a head, particularly as regards work (made redundant from a job I wanted to leave anyway yesterday) It feels intense, but cathartic. I’m ready to move onwards and upwards.

  25. i think my adrenals may be shot and amped may be a physical impossibility at the moment. what i am feeling is a quiet calm, a firm ok-ness. moving forward, slowly, steadily- all of a sudden i am NOT the batshit one! the gemini detachment returns! sorta- there’s an emotional depth and core that is new. career-wise, i’m in the old familiar space of “WHY do i have to jump through these hoops first, why can’t i just get down to it?” the rigamarole of details and paper qualifications are the bane of my existence (saturn in 3rd?). lurve wise i may get a roommate soon… the crab has gone from all shells up to totally showing his mooshy-gooshy inner self, and he’s talking very seriously about packing his suitcase and catching a cross-country train. he’s consulted his mother, his brother, his sister, his sister-in-law about it (so cancerian! ha! must have the ok from mommy and the wimmins). we’ll see. i’d love it if it happens but i’m not holding my breath…

    i just need to stop eating. is it blamable on jupiter 8 degrees from my ac now, this constant hunger? if it keeps up i will have doubled in size by the time it gets there… 8o

    • OH! dream diary so wonderful. i haven’t recorded an actual dream yet but it has been brilliant for the random flashes of inspiration. plus the process of writing is so sensual… and the journal is gorgeous, a gilded 13th century astro manuscript… thanks again for the bash over the head to get it! :)

      • What is this dream diary you speak of?

        I’m also not feeling super *pumped* but, rather, steady and firm.

        Ten bucks that the Crab is loving your detached/equanimous side =) I dated one once who was the most loving and attentive when I was too busy for it.

        When I can’t keep up with my appetite, I keep chia seeds in my water bottle and peanut+coconut butter in my purse. Magic.

        • chia and nut butter sound perfect. thank you. :) dream diary is just one you keep by your bed and record dreams into the instant you awake. two weeks and you’re remembering them all is the theory, i think. not that i have remembered ONE yet but at least it’s an option… you should get one!!

          tricksy people, these detached/attached crabs… you’re definitely right about it. want to say harumph but i am no less tricksy when looking at it honestly…

          • Ohh, when you said “gilded 13th century astro manuscript,” I thought you were talking about a gilded dream diary that Mystic was selling (and I was needing).

            I used to keep a dream diary as a kid and would analyze them– I noticed even as a ten year old that the more I recorded them, the clearer they were. So many good lessons from childhood that I’ve forgotten– why??

  26. I’m not so much about the diary/appointment book (I use a massive blank notebook for drawing + writing in bed and a smaller sketchbook that lives in my purse) and Google Calendar + my iPhone for appointments, but what I do need is a beautiful 3-month large format desk calendar so I can see my future at a glance, made with really nice paper, featuring motivational imagery and big spaces to write in appointments. If that included astro-data and pagan holidays as well, I would be SO stoked. Dang, Mystic, if you don’t sell it, I’ll just have to make one for myself…

  27. Honestly, I don’t feel up for this. I know its a perspective problem as things are going well. My home is a new level of awesome, thanks to my handy work, and I had my choice of 6 figure jobs. But my confidence is shattered. Romance? Seems impossible. How am I going to save for retirement, how long can I keep doing this, these are my thoughts in the morning. My gut is in knots. I’m surprised I made it through yoga yesterday without puking. After class, I talked to the teacher about it and a student overheard and said “but you did everything perfectly!” I am so fucking sick of hearing how perfect I am when I am so fucking lonely. Its not all them, its got to be me. I’m the one living my life. And I’m waiting for the next person to come out of the shadows and attack me right now. Not a good posture at all.

    • darling, you are TIRED. in appropriate arian terms you have WON THE BATTLE. now is time to celebrate with ale and wenches… or maybe just time to sleep. it will all come with time, probably less than you would imagine. new romance at the new job- wasn’t that the prediction? PLEASE try to let yourself just be… relax next life i know, but try. find the still center of the wheel! xoxoxox

      • Thanks, love. I am going to smudge/clean/take a salt bath. Got to get to the bottom of what I am so afraid of.

        • Shit. I’m a pisces going through exactly that right now, though I have plenty of planets in virgo too. Dunno if that is a link at all.

          I’m sifting through my psych to work out why certain events are curbing my ability to be me. I’ve actually sought counselling.

          And yes, I’m tired from an excruciatingly busy 7 years of forced growth. I’m looking to find out who I am now rather trying go back to who I was – whom I liked very much actually. I seemed to have more conviction then.

          • If you have lots of planets in Virgo, Pluto has probably been aspect them. I actually miss my Pluto-trine-Venus transit. I believed the world would change for me then, and now I feel like I am made of glass.

  28. The merc in Cancer in me finds good use in a hard copy of a calendar, but a digital calender would likely be more useful in this age for most I’d imagine.

  29. I recently switched from Moleskine planner to Filofax (a resurgence in stationary/organizational fetishes seems to accompany desires to grow or grow up) and I’m loving it. I used the Moleskine as an impromptu wallet and was always losing coins, it was so ghetto. The Filofax is like a wallet x amazing customizable portable inspirational tool and life planning all-in-one; I am in love! I actually write down important astro dates in it off the scopes and scheduler or just bits from them that resonate and inspire me to keep me going…yes, that nerdy.

    This amphetamine astro is tough and scary but I am also liking it and making fast moves and changes despite being scared shitless. Juicing is just intensifying everything but fuck it — I only get one life and I am tired of numbing out instead of being alive! Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity…

    • I’m tired of numbing out too, but I am also so extra anxious for no good reason. My daughter’s on vacation, I have no job to go to yet, so my daily routine is just fuqed. I feel like I should really be enjoying the downtime, but with this astro it doesn’t feel right. Its like forcing one foot in front of the other.

  30. Mystic, you’re sending me a daily Mysitc for my Father’s bday (27th), did not go un-noticed. Very kind of you.

    Yes, I don’t come here as often any more, just a peek here and there as well, cannot “congeal” as you put it…The whole Aries stellium will be in my 10th house for Solar Return. lol Not a moment to relax really…Bless x

  31. A big YES! YES! YES! to the moon diary in physical form Mystic. I love a paper diary I can hold and write on. This is very happy making XXX

  32. If it’s not in the bible of me – my Filofax, then it’s not in the plan. I was only looking at the telephone/address section of my bible yesterday and thought “I don’t use this part, I need something else here”. I make sure to update my bible with all MM scheduler details too. The technological revolution ain’t got nothing on pen and paper, it’s all about the literary tactile soul being able to flow through the ink. Many years ago I used to use a Moon Phase diary and record any emotional insights and dreams. My local magik shop can’t get then anymore.

  33. I’m feeling it – Uranus is less than 1 degree away from approaching my Ascendant. Been more productive lately. Also more self-confident!

    Feels like I’m in a very little boat in a very big storm. The waves are high, but somehow I’m not worried about capsizing at all. It’s a little delusional, also hopeful :-)

  34. Yeah I was not managing this energy well at first. Wanting it to be over already? More like I felt like my life was over!

    Thankfully I had someone great to talk to about my problems, and am handling this energy better. And having a more positive perspective on my relationships and life.

    Right now I have
    Saturn oppose Mercury Taurus house 12 (I see this playing out in, not taking the energy well at first and realizing to function I have to change the way I think.)
    Mars Square Uranus Capricorn house 8 (yes I feel c*ck blocked)
    Venus Square Jupiter Cancer house 2 (travel to see guy, is not currently going my way, hence the above.)

  35. Electronic versions are great for quick checks and reminders of what needs to be kept in mind when planning, but nothing beats a paper diary for scribbling notes when the event actually happens and you just KNOW the discussion or event will need to be referred to at a later date. Those single devices that hold all cannot usually have several different functions happening simultaneously (like talking/texting and actually looking/texting into your calendar at the same time)

    Why not supply both with a matching interface – printed version of the app screen (or whatever you are devising) in one corner of the page matching the app and space reserved for scribbles in the paper version (bigger and same, same but different)? We can slip between the two then.

    I’m sure it’ll be brilliant anyway Mystic. I can’t wait to buy one!

  36. A few years back Pluto crossed my IC/Galactic Center, didn’t have MM then. I had intense visions. I thought I was going insane. I went to the park to try to calm down, ground. I was seeing red. On the trail, I actually thought about raping someone – couldn’t tell from where I was perched if that someone was male or female. Scary-crazy-energy. I closed my eyes and asked “Why is this happening to me?” And I got a vision of women in white robes coming to me – some I knew some I didn’t. They formed a half circle behind me. Yesterday, I saw that again. I closed my eyes and thought “why am I so fucking stressed?” and as I let go, I felt the women from this blog send blessings. The goddesses, really. I imagine, even in the olden times, goddesses didn’t get much face time with each other. Tremendous compassion.

    thank you, thank you, thank you.

  37. My 1st and 12th Houses (Aries/Pisces) are like the Grand Central Terminal at the moment, and Saturn is huffing and puffing away at my narcoleptic 8th House Scorpio Neptune. The only way for me to return to center (and escape the unwelcome panic) over and again is through retreat into creativity. Escape via wakeful dreaming and doing.

    Once again the full Moon has left me with a migraine – by now I should just accept this as a given and release the surprise & disappointment.

    As an aside, I heard this beautiful boy’s (James Blake) song “Retrograde” for the first time this morning – lovely, yes?

  38. Yes! YES! Hardcopy Books Mystic! I have such trouble looking for a scheduler let alone one with astro data. I would buy, many in fact as gifts. I would love for you to do this, Thanx. It’ll be great for all the colonics I’m going to give, lol

  39. Apps are good – hardcopy, provided it is designed so that it is actually useful as a diary, is even better.

    I used to plant by the moon, using the yearly hippie calendar. It lived on the wall in the kitchen, and it guided me through the moon phases as well as providing times for culling, cutting, planting and re-growth, which made for a really good rhythm in life over time.

    Gardens and people are similar beasts – I would love a Mystic Diary! One week over two pages, not too much clutter, just the important info.

    As others said, it makes a really good gift, too.