The Libra Scorpio Buddy System

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You know how at school there is a ‘buddy system’ where they partner kids up with older kids with more school experience who sort of mentor them? This is what Librans should be doing with Scorpios now. Yes, this is about Saturn.

The planet of “grow the fuq up already” spent from late 2009 until Oct 2012 in Libra and is of course now in Scorpio. Now obviously we all know that you do not have to be a Scorpio to be having a Saturn transit right now.Β  You could be a Leo with Saturn on your Moon or something. But having Saturn in the same sign as your Sun for nigh on three years IS a distinct and epic experience.

It sets the (sombre, productive, strengthening) tone the whole time it is there, even when it is NOT exact on your Sun.

So Librans and Scorpios have a lot to talk about.

Who would like to be the first Libra peep to volunteer to mentor-buddy a Scorpio through this?Β  Or is there a Scorpio who would like some guidance from someone who has just graduated Saturn Academy.

Let us facilitate.

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84 thoughts on “The Libra Scorpio Buddy System

  1. 1. Look at every single area of your life where you’ve been cutting corners, or trusting that things will work out, and stop trusting – they won’t. The big, bad hall monitor of life is coming for you with a big stick to hit you in all your weak spots. You’ve lost your hall pass. The faster you recognize that this is the new reality and adjust to it, the less damage you’ll suffer in the long run.

    2. Start meditating. Stop eating crap. Stop wasting money. Get organized. RIGHT NOW. Did you just say you want a drink or a cupcake first, or that you’ll start tomorrow? Put that glass/dessert down and start now. Seriously – every minute you delay is costing you.

    3. Don’t assume that the people you think will be there for you, will be. You may be surprised by who sticks by you and who turns their back on you. Don’t assume anything. Be prepared to go it alone a lot more than you ever have before. (You’re a Scorpio – this one should be easier for you than it was for Libras. The paranoia that unwanted isolation can lead to may not be, though. )

    4. Your life is going to change. You have no choice in the matter. You will hate a lot of it. There is very little upside unless you’re the sort of person who thinks going through a war or a mugging is bracing fun. Life is going to suck for three years. If you survive it, you’ll be stronger. I guess that’s a sort of an upside. There will be scars.

    5. Repeat: if you start taking care of business RIGHT NOW in every area of your life that you were letting slide, you may escape some of the worst of this period. Take care of your health. Take care of your finances. Take care of your relationships. Take care of any pending legal stuff. Do not procrastinate ANYTHING important. There’s a tsunami coming for your life. Get to higher ground now – do not wait.

    Good luck

  2. Spent last night entertaining my Scorpio friend who is going through almost the same brown stuff that I have been through for the past three years. Mentor? Nah, I’ll ply her with wine and food whenever she needs it. I’m off to conquer the world.

  3. An astrologer once told me when Saturn (finally) leaves a house…(eg for good that cycle, not going to return through retrograde) then LOOK FOR THE GIFT relating to that area of life.
    Left my 10th, got an amazing job. Now in 11th, lost friends, group belongings etc
    But I know they will be replaced
    I guess it kind of breaks what’s isn’t working to make room for what will, and if you do the hard work, listen and learn the lessons…voila
    The accuracy of this onservation has never failed to amaze me….so hold out….

    • cool concept. Will do.
      Saturn in my 11th House was a real rough patch for me.
      I felt isolated. All my old friends fell away.

      • My god do I know that, I cant believe the people that have disappeared, suicidal friends, disappearing, friends, horrible friends, its TOUGH, plus I was “ejected” from two groups that were like family to me.

        I wish I understood the lesson – what is to be learned…but right int he middle of it so I guess not til finished!

        Question is what was your gift – did you find a new “group” or set of friends or did it teach you something else?

        • Taught me to be self reliant and deal with being my own best friend. Been getting a lot of work, writing done rather spending it getting drunk with friends.
          I have several groups of acquaintances.
          I am guarded and not sure I want to get close to any new friends atm.

          • Thanks, thats sounds familiar πŸ˜‰ and its not over yet. Always enjoyed my own company and self reliance is getting perfected! But it is lonely and dispiriting sometimes.

    • thanks for sharing that concept. i don’t seeing it as a gifting sort of process, rather a zero sum law. So, where one sector of your life becomes alittle too carefree, bloated, or excessive, Saturn dutifully yanks out that pedistal you’ve been perched on and puts you level again hence back at zero. and i went kicking and screaming. i had a hysterical aha moment when i finally realized that all the shit I just went through was just that damn argonaut bookeeper balancing my books. i had been in fact cooking my books.

  4. As a Virgo with moon in Leo, I’ve had the transhites for years. All I can say is – blame no one. No matter how right you are about their fuq wittery, no matter how clearly fate or luck or meanness is to blame, own what you can in the situation and just make a plan.

    • Amen to this. Going the the victim route never improves matters. Even if my natal St. Virgo thinks otherwise…….

  5. Desperate for Libran advice. Scorp with Scorp Rising. Weird things happen (no s*x, legal action ahead, general desperation). Try to meet them with hard-working, nonchalant attitude. Doesn’t work (at least not always).

    • My most reached for book- (I’m stellium Libra so I always seek advice LOL) Loving What Is- Byron Katie.

      She has loads of stuff on boundaries, approval seeking, authenticity. Big overhaul on goals, attitudes towards everyone, expectations. You’ll love the worksheets!

      Jeannette Maw,Good Vibe University , Kim Falconer and of course MM all have awesome stuff to plunder and explore.

      Most useful technique- Tapping – check out Nick Ortner and crew

      Find a physical outlet- MMA, yoga, chop wood, find a way to generate heat, steam, exhaustion. Yes that works too. LOL!

      Be an angel/ find your angels.


      We survive- that’s the good news and bad news!

      Xo Kat

    • Saturn is like that hard ass teacher you just have to do the work for, and when you’re done, you respect all of this things you learned from him, even when you hated him doing it.

      • Perhaps I actually am an emotional masochist but I am actually enjoying the internal process, it’s putting it to the outside world I am being smashed with (will purr for discipline). But I could not be happier with myself on several levels and what I want to learn, it’s just how to make it fit with current resources and time to ditch the day job.

        Venus is on my MC today so I bought a candle, lipstick (vegan) and some amazing tea as a present to the homespace for the studio I am birthing (even if it kills me)

        roll with the knives, make new leads, all this aries energy is making me aware of the art of the immediate moment.

    • Please accept that sometimes it will be too hard, and you will need to cry. And maybe even have a glass of wine.

      But know that it’s your insides getting tougher … it’s your life trying to move you more in line with what’s actually “best” for you, and not just what you want.

      And add some kind of spreadsheet somewhere. It’s crazy … a budget? A calorie-tracker? Something / anything that helps you organize and track and watch your progress. πŸ™‚

    • journal like crazy. find out why you got in those situations and work hard to avoid that again. Saturn will give you a similar pop quiz later!

  6. I thought I was going to get a room stripped and renovated (figuratively speaking with my Saturn through my 5th), but instead I got a whole wing (Libra stellium in the 5th house)!

    Let’s see… I quit some very bad habits regarding 5h matters. It was like going through rehab (which was prob why I listened to a lot of Amy Winehouse at the beginning). It then was emotional bootcamp (I really did have to shape up because I really was sick of the same old shite again and again).

    However, it wasn’t all terrible. The wisdom/experience came together through some amazing accomplishments at work (Saturn trine Midheaven, 5th house; my work was creative and seasoned, and my higher ups were amazed). I started a new sport and thanks to the discipline, my body now looks better than it did when I was a teen.

    The Saturn stroll through the 5th also went towards exorcising someone who made me go Love Zombie. It had to be done more than once because he was one persistent bastard, but I felt a lot stronger and more confident after all of this.

    Yes, indeed… Saturn was a major knock-down and renovation process. Stay present, go through problems instead of around or avoiding, and and don’t take any of it personally… There’s my free advice.

  7. Libra sun/ascendant, Neptune, Mercury and Venus Scorpio ( all in via combusta). As Saturn moved to Scorpio I lost job, my computer( lifeline) died, flat flooded, broke up with bf and endless trivial inconveniences. Then as Saturn was exactly conjunct my Neptune, I got incandescently drunk, fell over and smashed front teeth out. Feel as if I have been forged in steel and weirdly focused and powerful for next life chapter. Fuqing hideous, but worth it!

    • CRIPES!!! Saturn is doing his job already n my 2nd, and creeping up on my natal Neptune at 19 deg *bites nails a bit*

      • Saturn is now transiting 1st house Scorpio stellium…have lost a stone in weight, given up smoking and drinking and feel like I ‘got’ Saturn. Things needed to change and boy, have they…..forced growth and all necessary. Would never have done it without a huge kick up the arse. Embrace it! x

  8. Ha! Lovely Saturn is still in my 7th near my natal Neptune (also Scorp 7th) and has been there for ages. Lessons about relationships. But still haven’t worked out how to have one. It’s driving me crazy, I’ve also got Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries (my rising sign) 12th house.

  9. Well I have 5 planets in Libra, Mercury at 9deg Scorp and asteroid Lust at 10deg Scorp.. I’ve certainly had a time of it.

    Advice: don’t skip your homework nor hold on to what’s outdated – the harder you grasp the more it hurts when it’s eventually ripped away from you – all for the better. Take your medicine and prepare for more, because you’re worth it.

    My experience was almost like a Vipassana course – eventual achievement of awareness by demoralising the pain to ‘sensation’. Or maybe it’s like bootcamp (which I’ve never done): do the hard work and reap the rewards – slowly but surely. I am getting stronger and more into my power every week, but there were some depths delved to in 2010/11 that hopefully do not need to be experienced again. Mars in Aries has been a great step on that ladder up.

    I’d be happy to engage in mutual mentoring; I’m no expert and am open to help too. ’74 vintage M in Sydney.

  10. i was juts lamenting the other day about wanting a mentor. more like a leo pity pout ‘who is gonna look after me’ kinda thang. . i’ve have spent weeks looking after gf’s and still today i’m on the phone to a friend who’s teen son has gone awol. in the end i suggested she go talk to a counsellor. she was happy with that but I could do with hand too. My SO has gone awol (again} i’m feeing a bit abandoned but not crumbling like I use to.
    looking forward to going camping tomorrow.

  11. Libra with Scorpio rising here. I feel like I have become a master at carrying the weight of the world on my shoulder….up hill. Every decision I make seems to be a booby trap with a hard life lesson. Meditating and Tai Chi and also keeping my mouth shut as much as I can seem to be the best route. I carry to much intensity for the light hearted people.

  12. Don’t know how Librans handled that mothaf***er but here is some advice from a Virgo who was beat down when Saturn was in Virgo a few years back. Always choose to do the right thing…ALWAYS! Take the high road in all situations. Actions have consequences.

    • Yes, and if not in this life, in the next. The object of the game seems to be, how much pressure will you handle emotionally before you cave. What structures are being injected with intent & what structures are externally sourced. The externally created structures (as in parental will, not personally evolved will) snap under pressure, that’s how you know an person of character versus a person with just a ‘personality’, by what ethical structures remain. Saturn is the opposite of a matyr but may look it to the uninitiated. Knowing thyself helps avoid painful initiation. I love Saturn, he has nearly always indulged me because I generally stuck to the rules of correct emotion. He never required a final sacrifice or a tax return, he is wisdom & not arbitrary cruelty.

  13. Lots of Libra men of a certain age . . . well really any age depending on where in Libra they are, have a nicely progressed Scorp Sun. Hmmm

  14. I’m up for it……..Could the Scorpio be male, 6 foot 4, blond, vikingish and totally ripped…..I’ll do all the mentoring he needs…… πŸ™‚

  15. I originally read this headline and thought it was going to be about the compatibility of scorps and librans as friends!
    And it made me think of my niece (scorp) and nephew (libra) who are the CUTEST little brother and sister duo you ever did see.
    She, the torturous intense Scorp 8 year-old who lets the whole world know when she is in pain (sag rising), he the light-footed little prince who loves balancing on things (how LIBRAN) such as exercise balls and fences. Seriously. That is one of his hobbies. But she brings him out of his shell and he doesn’t antagonise her dark moods / agony. Clearly i’m biased but i have seen them both at their worst and i do think they make a good duo. The depths of water and the lightness of air. She brings him out of his shell with her drama and he makes her giggle, bears her moods and always shares his ice cream.
    Yeah, Libra and Scorpio can be a good team:-)

  16. How about Saturn conjunct your Sun? C’est moi! Grow the fuq up is a whip that lasts a lifetime. Then the ol’ man passed over my moon in Libra so the whip became a turn on the rack. Oh yeah. Was it pleasant? Hell no. But I didn’t just grow up, I graduated summa cum laude.

    I now pity the poor souls that endure love zombie madness. I came within millimeters of drowning in its vortex but the old man had kicked me hard enough all my life that I was spared that at least. The result is that I’ve developed a whole theory about love zombiehood. It’s really all about fear of being abandoned or its equivalent. And somehow we already know that what/who we’re seeking will surely abandon us. Confronting the fear is the trick. Not just that, it’s complete liberation….to fearlessness. It’s like passing from one dimension in time into another. A new existence, with eyes wide open.

    • Brilliant. I think that’s true. “fear of being abandoned” absofreakinglutely.

      As a Cappy, I can relate to Saturn pushing you all the time.

  17. I have a Libran friend with Scorp rising. Last time I saw her she verily bore a whole through my head with an incredibly intense dead-pan look. She has enormous eyes. I get the impression she’s powering along happily.

      • Yeah, well I’m giving her a bit of a wide berth. I’d forgotten her rising sign but I’l never forget those eyes Scorp, Scorp and more Scorp gee. Were I a flower I’d’ve wilted. She was either seriously thinking about whatever the eff I was saying or seriously thinking about something else. I think too much Saturn like a double whammy transit as she’s having can indeed be a bit too much. But . . well. who’s gonna argue with space, time the gods etc….

        • I have Libra sun & Scorp asc.. i hope my friends don’t think that of me – tho i can relate to the dead pan & intense staring of late… Am not sure if it’s Saturn’s fault or my ex but this past 6months has just been a total shitter & i am bloody exhausted by it all. When Saturn went from Libra to Scorpio my best friend of the past year went from friends to something more… That lasted all of three months & three months later i am still trying to shake it. I feel suffocated & it’s hard to know whether it is because of him or other Saturn things it brought up – obviously difficult to separate the two as the relationship started on the exact day Saturn went into Scorpio… I only hope it doesn’t take til it moves into Sagg to get over it..!!

  18. Already have my Libra buddy (THANK GOD). The past two weeks have been so traumatic it’s landed me in therapy.
    Yeesh, the least Saturn coulda done was bought me a couple drinks first before he whatwhatupthebutt…

  19. Scorp stellium – mostly in the 9th (‘cept Mars in 10th) – and I’m convinced I’d be getting a hell of a lot more done if it wasn’t for these godforsaken Void Moons.

  20. I’d love to hear from any Aries out there who dealt with Saturn opposite their Moon. What was the experience like while you were in it? And how did it feel after you came out of it?

  21. Libra Asc here. Just went through my Saturn Return in Virgo and then it crossed my ascendant. My boyfriend who knows nothing about astrology called me “Saturn Girl” a few months ago.

    Anyhoo, I’d say get ready for a few gray hairs (you’ll earn them by the time this is over) and get ready to go nose the grindstone whether you want it or not. People will be looking to for person to dump a bunch of responsibility on and you are it. You might have some anxiety at first (invest in a mouth guard for the teeth grinding/clenching) and DO NOT AVOID YOUR DENTIST. Stay on top of everything your health, your to-do list, your laundry. And yeah pay your bills early. Get plenty massages for your tense freaked out body. Try to have a lot sex to deal with unpleasantness. Viola!

  22. im not sure im in a position to mentor. i have a scorp moon (and lilith) that will be transhitting soon. Saturn is torturing my mercury now.

    All i can say is don’t cheat. Just do the hard work. Th pay off might not be noticeable now, but it will become obvious later.

  23. OK, I’m a Scorpio Asc and Saturn is there/here…what should I expect…I felt like the past three years have already been very trying for me….do I need to expect more of this!?

  24. As a Libra sun with Virgo rising and a Scorpio stellium in my third house, I’ve been dealing with rough Saturn transits for what feels like forever. I thought last year was going to kill me, and didn’t really start to get my mojo back until early/mid-December.

    I’m not sure how to double-buddy myself this time around, but at least it’s not hitting me full force anymore. That’s definitely an improvement.

  25. I have Jupiter/Hekate-Saturn-Moon at 2-4-9 Libra, Pluto 22 Libra, and Sun-Mars-Merc opposing from the late degrees of Aries. Nightmare Libra Saturn Return kicked my fuqing ass, starting with Saturn stationing retrograde at 4 Libra my exact natal Saturn, and retrograding again at the end of Libra so my Sun had a nice elongated Saturn Opp. Before I didn’t know shite about myself or life, and now I’m proud to say my life rules and I’m hard as fuqing nails. Thank you Saturn may I have another!

    • whoa, dia.astro. We have similar astro chart configs with the rx saturn jupiter pluto in libra fandango, esp the saturn in 4 deg Libra. Have some uranus 8th house scorp fuqary going as well? I’d say we’re probably natally a week apart. man, I’m with you on feeling the awesome. Nothing but trying to achieve in work and personal, I actually have goals that are actually realistic and have a chance to get fulfilled. And the brazen mars energy combined with capricorn saturn thirst for world domination is so strong right now, I’ve left very little tolerance for anything to get in the way of some needed personal success. It’s healthy and so not 2012 self serving self imploding behavior.

  26. Random question: How about Librans with Scorpio Rising? How is it like for them? Both mentor and mentee to themselves?

    Saturn is transiting at 10 Sco in my 4th house at the moment. Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground (from Kim Falconer). Not sure what it means but I know that I’ve been experiencing the best home experience ever in my life. Ever. It’s like I’m in heaven.

    And it totally ties in with emotional ground. Because my life at my home and with my current partner now is so idyllic, I’ve been able to heal so much emotional wounds at warp speed without even really trying.

    But that’s not to say it wasn’t tough. It meant a lot of facing up to old fears, releasing them, becoming stronger, more independent etc. to be able to create this new reality etc.

    Does that I’m doing this transit properly I wonder?

    • “Facing up to old fears, releasing them, becoming stronger, more independent etc. to be able to create this new reality …”

      From what Mystic has been saying, not to mention the general info you can find out about Saturn transits, I’d say you’re doing it right! πŸ˜‰

      I think that’s the thing with Saturn … on the surface, it’s not a “fun” planet to grapple with anywhere in your chart, but once you get in line with the lesson(s) you’re supposed to be learning, it gets easier and almost fun.

      Saturn in Libra was tweaking my Libra moon (Not to mention Saturn was already there in my birth chart … so I dunno if it was a double whammy) and I can look back and say that time frame was huge in terms of growing up in relationships. As a partner. I had some really deep relationship lows … but they were preceded by some amazing highs. I learned to understand how to communicate my needs better, how to understand what they are, how to be more flexible, how and when to compromise, etc.

      Wasn’t always easy. But now, out of that transit, I can definitely see the growth (and the value).

      That said, now Saturn is having fun with my Scorp Rising. And in the Oct/Nov time frame, I literally got depressed. As in, actually wanting to not live depressed and having to go to a doctor. This was after a two-month Blue Devil Hoochie, Space Dust and whatever other substance I could use to “escape” bender … I think I was prepping for the toughening up of my soul that is Saturn on my Ascendant.

      (And then I can look forward to it hitting Saggo, next).

      Ultimately though, I feel stronger. Wiser. Ready to live my best life …

      • I agree, I’ve come to realize that Saturn = Hard Work. On all levels.

        I’ve also come to realize that rather than fight that reality, I might as well embrace the hard work, embrace the inevitable suffering that comes along with it and just blast through it flying therefore.

        I still suffer, but at least I’m having some fun along the way. I know that doesn’t make sense to most LOL. It’s all a matter of perspective.

  27. LOVE the image above – orange is my new favourite colour and since coming out of the shadow of Saturn late last year I feel extremely comfortable carrying around an enormous, albeit metaphoric, Stillson wrench.

    Watch out world here I come and I’m taking no prisoners.

    Funny that, ‘cos down the years I’ve numerous people tell me what a formidable person I can be, but have never believed it until now.

    See – Saturn transits can be GOOD!

  28. I actually tripped and fell on my knees last weekend while out on the towna and I only had one glass of wine. Then I fell out bed/futon last night on to the floor. Was that you Saturn, hmm? Saturn in Scorpio still in 3rd going to 4th, already hit my Sun. I am having health issues, just nagging ones but I sailed along just fine until Saturn hit my Sun. Trying to stay positive here because I do have a lot to be grateful for . Focusing big time on diet and exercise!!

    • I slipped on ice yesterday! I haven’t slipped in decades! Possibly also a Saturn in Scorp manifestation? I’m a Scorp with Scorp rising… And it seems my first legal action is about to take place (though I hope I can avoid it).

  29. Transhite, hehe.

    I hear you both! Just been through Saturn on my Libby rising, now into Scorp 1st – in fact, exact when my dad died suddenly (and exact on his Scorpy Moon). Not a great start… but that, at least, is getting better with facing it head on. Ah, Saturn…

    My question of the moment is, what astro admin hell have I entered?? EVERYTHING I admin atm turns to shite – contracts cancelled with and without notice, changes to contracts that then need to be changed back but can’t be, and those Kafka-esque phone calls with companies that require more calls to other companies, and where you get told something completely different each time you talk to someone…
    If it was just one company, it would be do-able, but this is happening with 5 different companies! Makes me want to cry with frustration.
    Is this also Saturn’s doing?

  30. Saturn is transhitting on my Scorpio 1st House. This is a rough transhite!
    not liking atm.
    It gets better, right?

    • It does– in 3 years. Your best bet meanwhile is to invest in something tough to bear down on with your teeth, and knee pads to cushion the impact every time you’re knocked down on ’em.

      Haha I’m just joking! It’s really much worse than that.

      • Heh heh. Totes.

        Just getting my mojo back now slowly since Saturn went all over my four planets in Libra.

        Libra hormone balance and life trajectory mojo. I wonder what Saturn in Scorpio mojo is that will be lost, transformed and regained….mmm.

        • I lost my energy. Mars is in Aries and I still feel like a damn daydreamy, surreal slug. My Moon in Pisces maybe to blame?
          I have no idea. I need those Vitamin B shots.

    • Saturn is “transhitting” on my pluto in scorpio in my 1st house. It hurts!! I’ve got a wretched boss who is the epitome of Saturn. Work, work, work, yell. Calling me to be mean to others when he feels slighted. And i’m not a mean person. I feel ya, scorpio rising, I feel ya!

    • dude, do that well, be the self to make the biz and save some money because it hits your 2nd house after that and I would plow the way for that as 2nd house can be quite the faceslap if you don’t have a couple of quid stashed. Start (ac)counting now.

      • personally I am amazed you are just not grateful its out of your 12th. use the insights to morph that into ruthless reinvention long game style xoxox

  31. Pfft! I just did Saturn for 3 years with my Pluto-Moon conjunction in Libra/7th house. So now Saturn’s in my 8th with my Sun et al. — and I’m still standing. That makes me my *own* buddy. Me & Lillith in my 12th/Aqua.

    Dear Saturn,

    Every party needs a pooper, that’s why we invited you.

    So ok, ok: no quickie fixes/propped up flights of fancy. What about a little ice cream, though? Just a scoop, sans cone, on special occassions? Frozen yogurt?

    Hard ass.

    • Me too! Mentoring myself cuz Saturn hit ALL my 11th -12th used-to -be – fluffy Libra Land and now it’s on my Scorpi AssssC. But it’s amazing! Curious and fearless- head is out of the sand!

      At least Saturn and Pluto are talking – they weren’t on terms three years ago….

      Just unloaded eons of family history /books on our local library. Last one standing doesn’t mean to keep all the crap!

      Did you say spreadsheet in my future?! LOL! The fiscal quest is next!! Already wondering where it goes if I’m not spending it. “Oh Ricky, you got some explaining to do…”

      Boot camp mode!! Core strength! Soaking up your awesome forecasts!!!!

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