Super Rich Mercury Retrograde Insights

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Miles Aldridge

So Mercury is stationing Direct and now is about the time we reap our rich Mercury Retro-Bats insights. This time around, they are super-rich, right? I mean, Pisces is ALWAYS surreal and potentially magical and Mercury has been pinging off Pluto, Saturn & Chiron the whole time.

I have been madly into sobriety and more introspective than usual – like genuinely wanting the comfort & serenity of chez Lair. The psych insights and symbology just flow & flow with this one. It’s like people & random snips of conversation overheard, stray synchronicity – all just combine to bring messages or trigger ideas. There is a sense of connectedness going on.

So people, how are YOU experiencing this Mercury Retro? Tripping off communiques that feel like they’re direct from the omni-verse? Or just trying not to lose the Jesus Nut in amidst delays and irritants? Both?

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83 thoughts on “Super Rich Mercury Retrograde Insights

  1. The amount of long-forgotten psychic debris this Mercury retrograde has brought up is unreal! I feel so raw and exposed, as if all my wounds came to the forefront demanding attention…. Needy moments, regressive behaviors ( am I really one to cry over a snide remark? No.) and just a general sense of inner disorientation … I’m looking forward to Mercury turning direct – pronto! And I hope the lessons have been registered somewhere for future use…

    • Same here. I had a dream there was a crab scuttling about the curb of my family’s home where I grew up. I thought “how’d a crab get there?” we don’t live near water. And then I got an image of a crab in a can hidden below some muck that kept it alive. The crab got out and was ready to migrate to the water again.

      I feel like I’ve lived with two layers of defenses, like the canned crab, and now the can’s been taken away. I know its a change – but not sure how to do it. Saturn in 10th house Cancer.

  2. this mercury retrograde brought me the book i needed to read. its a memoir of a very famous piscean (LOL coincidence MRet in fish). so i’m tucked in on the couch, in robe, listening to the rain, reading memoir (natal taurus moon)
    today i was was told my hair is alluring. have had a change in appearance recently and i feel more me.
    realized that my heart falls easily and i think that is my taurus moon, meaning, i nurture my mom a lot, and mentor people, and i fall in love easy, i have to watch myself.
    started learning a language that i won a prize for back in the 7th or 8th grade. i intend to go there mid yr for a sojourn creative holiday. that will be the segway into a new life as i’ve applied for jobs in the next level up and all around the globe.
    basically, onwards.

    • aah, sounds absolutely divine!! and toro moon insights- agree completely. go go!! 🙂

  3. super rich insights – yes, my 8th house of money and inheritance – mystic, this title is so fitting.
    another insight is that my life is super rich in creativity (that makes me feel very fortunate and ‘fortune favours the bold’!)

  4. My mom’s been baking bread for a week. The same recipe, just variations. She’s an Aries. I was wondering if her past “bake weeks” coincided with any astro. We’ve have an apple pie week – never the same apple pie recipe, and an abacus beads (type of yam dough dumpling) week.

    It would be great if this wasn’t just an experiment. And when she makes the bread she wants, that will conclude bread week.

    I’m also not ready for Mercury direct. Oh the work!

  5. The Ace Of Pentacles jumped out at me when pulling a book from the shelves today. Been SO worried about my job/security/money etc the past couple weeks I’ve been one hot stress mess. Taking this as a positive sign of good things to come (to those who wait) amongst all this anxiety and uncertainty.

    • Mercury retrograde in Pisces has thrown me for a bit of a spin. But at the same time it showed me things I thought I would never accomplish by myself.
      Thinking about what I value, what I love, security, career, money … I drawed the Ace of Pentacles ?what a coincidence and how nice to read your comment! ?. I ’m still under the influence of this transit … just going with the flow and let see where it takes me …

  6. Usually merc retro doesn’t bother or affect me but today it seems to be stationing direct right on my sun – major computer and phone problems have come out of the blue. Super annoying.
    Rad insights – definitely! and weird dreams that I actually remember and synchronicity to the max. Like something is trying to teach me how to tap in my psychic/intuitive-ness

      L.A – Sunday 13.02
      NEW YORK – Sunday 16.02
      LONDON – Sunday 20.02
      SYDNEY – Monday 07.02

        • You can access this information non exclusively. You can subscribe for the unique insights or perspective the astrologer is willing to offer, but the times & places of the planets, asteroids and fixed stars are not purely available contingent to subscribing.

  7. Just watched the perfect Mercury retro in Pisces movie: “Cafe de Flore” by Jean-Marc Valle out of Montreal.

    He’s Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun in Pisces.
    I never watch movies and I have a tough time sitting through them but this one was suspenseful, intelligent, and beautiful. So many Mercury retro in Pisces themes — past lives, karmic love, the power of music, forgiveness, drugs/sobriety… but not even a bit of cheesiness in the whole thing.

    Highly, highly recommended.

    • I watched that film but was a little underwhelmed by the protagonist’s self-centredness… although it’s a nice looking film (and he is too, lol) and some fun wardrobe choices for the pretty blonde wife #2

      • i agree with you, the main guy was a tad narcissistic. i like my art where the characters aren’t always likable though, i think… i also thought it was interesting that while the main guy probably got the most airtime there was so much insight and camera time on a few of the characters. it’s risky to attempt a film that doesn’t follow the typical story structure but i think it all flowed when it could have been a complete trainwreck had the writing and editing not been so meticulous.

        • that’s true. after I had sent that comment I thought, ‘well I don’t have to *like* the main character/s for it to be a good/interesting film.’

    • it’s also possible that it struck some personal notes for me so I responded this way for a reason.

  8. It’s been a fairly stereotypical merc retro for me. All the usual timing snafus and communication wobblies have churned through every aspect of my life.

    Helpfully, I have gained some insight and ways forward on the difficult scenarios and relationships with peeps, and I like to think that’s coz Merc has been conjunct my natal Mars (Pisces).

    Am optimistic that things get better in that space from now on.

  9. I spent the last two weeks of this Mercury Rx totally sick. 40C fever, tonsillitis, the works. Couldn’t do squat but lie in bed. Took it in stride and assumed it was meant to keep me quiet so I did.

    Lots of awesome insights and ideas though. Just kept jotting them down. And dreams have been vivid and revealing. Not just into myself but into others as well. It’s almost like I’ve been able to see into the minds of certain peeps (some who have played important roles in my life and others whom I thought were mere acquaintances).

    All in all, this is the best Mercury Rx I’ve had in years. Usually they were just crap. Had no electronic problems, one or two communication faux pas but having Aspergers, that happens all the time for me anyway.

    I’m not taking any chances though. I’m staying down and keeping a low profile till the second week of April when the shadow passes.

  10. Holy Frijoles this one was a doozy! I even started working on a lil ditty to sing to my friends for when the next one comes around… EVERYTHING just inverted in on itself. Foots in mouths, device angst, frustrated comuniques – THE WORKS. Thankgod I didn’t have to sign anything or buy anything major or travel anywhere. The muck got raked and in particular my tendency to LZ out on any handsome face/ smooth talker that came within my midst. Got two palm readings to boot. Am feeling SO ready to giddyup, especially with Mars and Uranus in Aries splattering all over my Moon, Mercury and NN right now its wonderful.

  11. I have been in reclusive chez WOOHOO mode. Tonight I have to go on the Hoochie Juice, promise to friend as she just graduated. Don’t feel like it but it is my duty as best friend.

    Today has definitely been a want to send batso comminuque day. He should be with me. That’s not what I’d say, but rather when will he come visit was to be the content. Nevertheless, I shan’t do it.

    Instead: hot pink lipstick and sky high heels, 212 by Azaelia Banks blasting, cookig up yum cha for the fan and then off to drink cocktails, dance and see what other males are out there. Forward march!

  12. Lots of hits on nerves but also recovery time much quicker from the blows. Not the same person I was 10 years ago.

    But oh my, that bitch repellent should come with anti stupid properties too. Unbelievable the attitude of some people over the last 24 hours.

    I told a couple of girls waiting at a bus stop that they’d missed the last one. This was countered with “so what are we supposed to do” like it was my fault. I offered that there was a taxi stand just around the corner. As they walked off one just said, ” bitch” as she turned away.

    What!?! Um, what. Come say that to my face and I’ll show you a bitch. Why do people blame everyone else for their problems???

  13. I will have to see what happens. The last couple of days (since Wednesday I would say) I have been holding my own. Feeling confident at work, trying to work in a diffeterent approach with my boss since I feel she is drilling me (or am I thinking it is my mother who I am not close) to change my reactions.. because they are very defensive (as I do with my mother). I asked to reschedule my interview with the other company. I didn’t honestly want to go.

    I have a new friend that seems to be a lot of fun. Boy does she like to do things that cost money.. grrrr. I am trying to change my spending habits and she shows up. I am trying to teach myself boundaries and this has to be one of them.

    During the mercury retro the toro/gem freaked out and got rid a lot of friends. (??).. the story as to why doesn’t make sense so he must of feel for the retro bats. I am still curious and will find out more.

    So with things going direct on 3/17 I hope it’s a good event. I sometimes feel like I am not in the mix with these astro changes. Sometimes I feel like I am the opposite so I hope that is not true. I want to keep this energy going!

    Off to get my hair done today! I hope it turns out ok. (started my dream journal)


    • See what did I tell you… my keyboard died today. Isn’t that mercury retro and it’s suppose to go direct tomorrow? Grrrrrr!!

      • Ok.. quick fix! Back in biz but a blonde moment to get it fixed! I had the batteries placed the wrong way! [glup!!] But LOL!! 🙂

        Also, got clarity on the cancellation for my day of beauty!! Man, I can get so frazzled!


    • And it continues… my hairstylist decided not to come in today. New hairstyle for me cancelled. Grrrrrr!!

      Should I be nervous?

  14. I kind of have a regular stream of ideas, thoughts, options, “could-do’s”… but some added ideas within the past couple of weeks, for sure. A little diary scrawling helped.

    also, I inadvertently took mystic’s advice on Pisces Friday scopes, responding a little coolly to a drinks invite from a new (male) friend. not sure if this is poor form / rude or just fine and we’ll catch up anyway. Was not trying to game play, it’s just a busy week and I really can’t fit any more in..

  15. Guess that just about sums it all up Myst………………

    PLans put into place New Moon morning, writ in the sand & many times since to keep the plan directed & not go off course. Clarity comes from crystal clear ocean & worshipping at the altar of RA.
    Strong decisions make to carry with all the Aries energy.
    Definitely queen of my own omniverse.
    Moving on and Moving up.

    That kitten looks like Sardine, first of the only 2 cats i have ever had
    Tiny creature walked thro’ my door & wanted me to feed him, all i had suitable were 10 tins of sardines, hence…

  16. My Merc Retro ultimately consists of the following four lessons:

    Trust your instincts
    Trust your instincts
    Trust your instincts
    Be open-minded, but not so open minded your brain falls out.

    (Actually, I am kidding about the last one, it was the same as the above).

  17. So I guess a particular insight from all my existential angst-ing can be summed up as this, “Play the long game”

    I had a worthwhile conversation with a loved one about what was on my mind – likely that I am perhaps pushing myself too hard – wanting /trying to make too much happen, too soon. Now trying to go easier on myself – what, again?! – moon in cap and a lot of Aries in my chart means I can castigate myself for merely being human (although I have not been on Planet Normal, imo, that’s for sure)..

    • Playing the long game sounds like an excellent strategy for us Piscean types, Pi. Neptune has just got going; there are trines and sextiles all over the place, Saturn in the mix.
      Although it is tricky to get a Cap moon to pipe down sometimes, I know this only too well…

  18. Once again I seriously haven’t really feel the effects of Merc RX, it just passes me by although I’ve had this 7 planet pile up my 12th house which was pretttty intense and kind of exhausting. I feel like I’ve time travelled back to the 90’s and I can’t get back. Seems like my only way out is to tell someone I’m still in love with them and I don’t want to do it because it’s not really my zone. If I don’t then I’ll never move onwards and he’ll keep orbiting back until I go mad. I suppose it’s always possible there could be a happy ending too but I doubt it.

    Anyway with regards to Merc RX, people around me are going mental, fights, tears, misunderstandings, a lot of people on the Leo/Aqua spectrum having work related issues, drama, drama. I’ll be glad when we get some forward motion going for their sakes.

  19. YES I’ve spent a bit of time with some people who appear to be incapable of critical thought but keen to breed prolifically (which scares the bejesus out of me) over the last week and they gave me a GREAT idea. And some insight into the nature of life in the burbs. Apparently there are a lot of supermarkets there and they all stock fruit that decays within 24 hours of bringing it home. You live and learn.

  20. My laptop died… I’m wondering if it will return from the dead when mercury goes direct, im weirdly not stressed about it, had backed up all photos, I think. Major psychic insights into self reliance, realising I’ve come a a long way, finding a sense of fullness in self rather than seeking reassurance from others. Though I still do that a bit, did it today. But nowhere near as much. Realised that the things I thought I could not cope with, well some of them, I do cope wIth…. Feel myself settling and enjoying my home… Moon in Pisces.

  21. I worried so much about this retro but nothing negative really happened. As I’ve said before the Piscean (10th house) transits really worked for me in that I had a steady flow of positivity and understanding at work. This is a long time coming. I had been working with some unsavory characters for a while prior.

    No tech snafus just hold ups and stalls which were kind of alright by me since I’m still very new to my job and need time to take it all in.

    I wish all merc retros were like this!

  22. lost weight, making money but i find I’m rather avoidant of the sooky realms I’m normally comfortable in. I find it weird that I’ve spent so much time in the sensory realms.

    • hey me too. working again, making some $$, and working out like crazy has replaced the neptune pipe dreams for me. which is very good. i need it to last.

  23. I hope Mercury retro is a good time to lose your job and go hunting for a new one. Six interviews with 5 different companies in the past two and a half weeks, not counting phone interviews. Ugh. Waiting to see what hatches. I expect next week to be a week of reviewing offers. Fingers still crossed.

    • It’s meant to be a great time if you have ANY past connections to those companies, or people there. That’s great going on interview levels anyway, with that amount you are bound to land something soon, good luck

  24. I didn’t feel any particular ill effects from Mercury Retrograde, but the multiple-planet pile-up in Pisces has made me very spacey. It’s been hard to concentrate on admin stuff for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

    Otoh, I’ve really felt in a visceral way how important it is to appreciate the ones we love, to see the beauty and aspirations in them, and to acknowledge that to our family and friends in words and kind gestures. The world overall just needs more expressions of kindness, especially as we go through all these Zap Zone accelerated changes.

  25. After a super-healthy winter, I went to a gigantic trade show, got no sleep, too many crowds, and got sick. Mercury retro wasn’t too bad until this last week, when all of a sudden it was like having a power outage and traffic gridlock in a swamp. I dislike Aries energy but we do need to dry things out!

    • Lol Do you attribute that to Mercury Retro??? Sunscreen, darling. Sunscreen and a good moisturizer . Kiehl’s or La Roche Posay.

      • that’s what I was wondering too! whenever I start getting paranoid about such things, it’s drink more water every day, be aware of dry conditions like air-con 40 hours a week (or dry air in general, eg. Melbourne / inland, desert climates, high altitude), and a good body moisturiser, I just use a simple sorbolene cream with glycerine..suits my budget and works better than most, also about 1/5th of the ingredients which can’t be a bad thing. If it’s mid-winter and I am slamming my skin with hot showers, indoor heating etc etc, I also use a body oil in / after the shower whenever I need to – just baby oil or sweet almond oil, olive oil, whatever is around.

  26. I’m finding that I am less reluctant when speaking up against unfairness, laziness, or incompetence at work. I don’t know if that is related to pisces or mercury, but I do know it’s taken me a long while to go along with the program and just not give a shit because I didn’t want to appear shrewd. There is a definite shift for me, becoming less reticent more assertive in defining what I want and having the virgo sagacious tact to back it up if I must defend my logic. I’ve always been aware of my 1st and 12th house cusps and it’s been such a struggle, living in my head or projecting a calm exterior. I think starting this year, progress has been hard fought and won, gaining the sustained balance between these two. Anyways, I love the venus in pisces transit. Feel so full of creative ideas and the openess to see different angles and to take different perspectives. Aries though is making it difficult to sit still when I need to, as all of this positive needs to align with the astro pace and I don’t want to be too brash and impulsive. patiently waiting.

    • So I need to vent. I’ve decided to help put back together my parent’s marriage. I feel the saturn power pushing me along, whether I like it or not. I don’t control the steering wheel on this. So background, it’s been a long 30+ years of bickering fighting, power wrangling, control freakouts, muted passion and epic misunderstandings between those two. They definitely probably never should have lasted this long, but something noble about their grit in persevering, tough as nails immigrant approach to make a better life for me with two people. But, that said, I’ve had to council, mediate, negotiate for long stretches between the two to um make it ‘work’. 5 years ago, I told them I won’t do this anymore, it always has and was fucking up my own serious liasons, relationships, intimacy. They were going well for a while, a lot of pass/aggro distance, and avoidance, but finally boiled over again. So I reiterated again for them to see a damn counselor, which my ma apposes vehemently. Anyways, long story short, I somehow got them to go finally. And at a kind of happy median right now. They are taking a trip abroad as a last ditch effort to salvage anything. I am incredibly grateful to them, because they have been the only ones not absent during my spiral down a while back and have been there all the way, sometimes separately. Very sad and broken over this. I don’t have siblings and they are I have really. But, you can only do so much. sheesh.

      • (((big hugs)) gren. Sounds like you’ve been the parent and thats a big responsibiity. great they are going to see a counsellor so you can have break and unhurden.
        Maybe you need a holday from them when they get back so you can unburden your own expectations of them coming back fixed and you can all have some space.
        Spacw allows thing to grown – its simple nature

        • Thanks groover. I don’t have any expectations, but they’re stagnant and the on/off reoccurs too often. They do seem to need wide space a lot more. I’m looking at when they retire and are on top of each other 24/7. I don’t mind doing the peacemaker thing, but maybe this time a cycle will break with all this good uranus energy. It is always better when I am around (I’m staying with them temporary for now, to get my life back in order) which has in the past provided a lot of anxiety, tense, kinda tethered to them. I have my own way of zenning out and getting the space I need. hoping for the best but not expecting a 180. thanks for listening.

          • i hope you have your parents’ astro chart. It might come in handy to understand if they are just going through a temporary shit transit or were they just never supposed to be together. Good luck with your parents!

            • thank you. I’m shocked at myself for not using their charts as a case study to further my education. I’ll need to pin point their birth times but think it’ll be close. I haven’t delved into composites too much as interpreting my own mechanics challenging enough. There are a lot of planets squaring uranus, along with venus conjunctions. Looks like a big Tug of War of interests and energy ! I definitely admire there commitment and the karmic bonds, but they can be extremely abrasive to one another.

  27. I have had a difficult time in concentrating during this Mercury retro – now it is easing, slowly. While my “logical” concentration has been out of the house, I managed to fill a notebook, scribbling all sorts of ideas, feelings and discovered several insights about supporting the change-evolve plans I have implemented in the last year.

    My tally for the past personas barging into my life –again– is six during this retro period. I will be glad once they disappear again. I know I have to feel grateful, as each reminded me how much I have evolved.

  28. Went into full LZ spiral, with the eureka flash one sleepless night being “the reality is, it’s a fantasy”. I have now blocked his number. No more temptations and I think that’s the end of it. Here’s cheers to a whole new love landscape!!

  29. I’m really hating this Mercury station. In fact I mostly disliked Pisces season. I’ve been missing THE ex lover, like crazy. I kinda hoped Pisces season would help me let it go… I suppose I have let go and let God/dess… But HE SHOULD BE WITH ME!!!! Sorry.

    On a random note, went out for those drinks last night with my bestie (I’m in bed hungover as hell and have to get on a boat in two hours – and I get seasick when sober….). A few years ago I fell madly crazily in love with a guy, THAT Pisces – I have slammed him on here a few times. He’s been asking about me. And so has his best friend (who I did sleep with, also a Pisces). It’s like 2010 all over again, fighting over me… Now asking about me to see who can find out most about my life.

    I’m so grateful to have let the Pisces really. He taught me I can be life consumingl in love and have the romance end and still be fine. Also. I had Pluto near natal Neptune back then… Hello Miss Delusional.

    Excuse the rambling nonsense.

  30. been reading a book about an entreprenuerial journey written by one of my clients. Lovely and inspiring to get my own inner work on. missed out on job pffft jsut means another door is going to open as long as I’m open . Did much confidence building work Oct – Dec last year so gotta stand tall on that foundation and shout ‘helllo I’m rather good at what I do so let me show you how i can work with yor company’ – i’m going solo contractor btw. Just pulling on my tutu on and gotta choreograph my own show – while i can still dance.

  31. I learnt how not to be a love zombie. The lesson was put in front of me, he looked fantastic on paper as a zombie crush, but I kept Mystic’s advice front and centre. Thanks to her divine soul mating e book, and now backed by her 5f plan for my astro I am free of zombie tendencies. I used the experience in my writing. But work has had me vacillating between hope and despair, health and self-medication. So Mercury come be my friend again please.

  32. I have had a lot of insights this retrograde. Was really active for me since that Pisces stellium transited my own Pisces stellium.

    I was ok with it through most of the retro, kind of going with the flow, but today I’m feeling HORRIBLE! Really agitated and angry, really bad mood! I think I’ve felt the shift to Aries and it’s causing me irritation. I want to figure out and handle it all better….so far I’m not feeling grounded with it and I’ve been kind of aggro and kind of a bitch and very impatient….

  33. Hmm. This Mercury Retro had me in the clutches of memories of my last relationship. It wasnt easy to go through mourning it – again, after crying my eyeballs out for the entire month of January, dear Lord have mercy on me – but Im hoping that whatever it was here to show me, it did. I still cant really get over all the really really strong synchro and divine messaging when he came into my life though – all practically screaming he was the One for me – all to have it completely implode into nothingness so quickly…. A lot of my pain from this relationship had to do with a sort of crisis of faith. All the signs were there, so what gave? If I didnt follow my intuition and hunches and all that, I probably would have been happier and not dealing with all this emotional turmoil, or even embarked on this relationship. Ex is not a communicator, so lots of loose ends here too. It makes me wonder, maybe I shouldnt be giving so much stock to my hunches and intuition – but that just sounds so wrong to me too. At this point, I feel there is no answer I will get in regards to this. Ive given up and I just need to move on and try to mend another gaping hole in my chest. I cried myself to sleep many a night in the past week and a half especially… Ive realized I am absolutely terrified of falling in love again, and in regards to getting synchronicities in my love life, I am going to have HUGE trust issues in working with in the future. There have been a couple men that have showed up expressing interest in me since this last relationship(all with the usual synchros I get – I get a lot of these things when certain ppl come into my life)… and its kind of difficult for me to realize that my usual warmth and receptivity in getting to know them has been replaced with a cold reticence and lack of trust/faith in what could be. If anything this Mercury Rx has cast a light on what I have become after this last ex, and its not pretty. Im ashamed to type this even, but this is how I really feel at the moment -___-

    • This song came to me during the Mercury Rx, and I think this is the closest thing to an answer Im getting.

      “See I remember the point of impact
      It didn’t take too long to get there ,to get there
      But I knew in my heart it couldn’t last
      ‘Cause we were running blind and moving too fast, too fast

      I ain’t ready, she ain’t ready, we ain’t ready for love
      And we can only do so much the gears are all frozen up
      I ain’t ready, she ain’t ready, we ain’t ready for love
      It wasn’t like we didn’t want it, but love wasn’t ready for us

      I fell in love with the sound of your laugh
      And looking in your eyes I saw your soul
      We had all the pieces to the puzzle
      We didn’t know what it was though
      Now we leaving before the start yeah
      This ain’t the fairytale we wanted

      I ain’t ready, she ain’t ready, we ain’t ready for love
      And we can only do so much the gears are all frozen up
      I ain’t ready, she ain’t ready, we ain’t ready for love
      It wasn’t like we didn’t want it, but love wasn’t ready for us

      Maybe we could’ve went the safer route
      Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I wonder
      Is it too late to try and save her now
      Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I wonder

      I ain’t ready, she ain’t ready, we ain’t ready for love
      And we can only do so much the gears are all frozen up
      I ain’t ready, she ain’t ready, we ain’t ready for love
      It wasn’t like we didn’t want it, but love wasn’t ready for us”

      • aww, huge hugs. i was so there from august until like a week ago. most likely will be there again, soon. the non-communication is the worst, do you think? not knowing what really happened, not understanding. the mind and heart want closure, want to know which of the signals was read wrong, where each little trip wire went off. trying to figure it all out keeps the gaping wound open, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. sometimes the pain must be embraced, and swum in, and felt through every cell and molecule. it hurts worse than anything we can possibly imagine, and it seems so pointless, so many what ifs and if onlys… but you know and we all know that it is for a reason. and to love, passionately, truly, if even for a short time is such a gift. and, AND (really, if you haven’t seen it, watch cloud atlas- it was a turning point for me) no one is ever lost. we will be together again, some day, some lifetime. no one is ever lost. xoxoxoxox

        • Aww thanks hdq T_T I totally watched Cloud Atlas, with that particular ex, I might add, ugh. In terms of this ex, I dont know if I want to go there again, in terms of meeting him. I would only do it if he was a more aware person. The pain in not being understood – in feeling alone when you are with somebody else – is a pain that is too hard to handle alone. I would rather truly be alone than be with somebody that makes me feel alone. I dont want to do this to myself ever again. Which means I should stop dating these types of men that wont ever give me what I truly need – reciprocity. I dont know what the point of me dating this guy was – and thats another point of frustration. I feel Ive done my share of pain and taking care of somebody else over my own needs and all that was enough (I had my fun too though dont get me wrong), but apparently the universe likes to tease me into making me think I have something true when it isnt. Anyhow, Ive spent enough months wondering about it. It was upsetting to go through it again this Mercury Rx, but it happened. Im always amazed at the words of encouragement and support that always finds its way to me through things like this, however, like yours. So thanks for the thoughts, it really means a lot to me…. xx!

    • hey there, I’m sorry you’ve suffered recent heartbreak…
      one thing caught my eye as I have sort of been treading the same territory – but what you are calling cold reticence and a lack of trust/ faith in what could be (all totally par for the post-heartache course) also sounds to me a bit like Saturn is trying to get a message through? I learnt that it’s more about having faith in what IS..not what could be, although I do love that delicious imagining-phase of a love-lust scenario. Reticence is not a bad thing if it gives you more time to size someone up – and your own thought processes about the connection – before you leap in.
      Having said this, since going through a LZ-extraction phase and some serious mental re-adjustment about love type things, I wonder if I have gone overboard as I am now a bit “meh” about potential attractions. I think I took myself through the process because I was OVER the semi-constant unrequited love scenarios.. enough was enough and it was time for some serious time in front of the mirror with some decent self help books..made a few discoveries about myself. But as for falling in love? I have no idea. Maybe life has beaten that out of me – the thought of losing control over some guy makes me want to run a mile! Bad attitude Pi.

      Anyway, the point of all this is, I think I understand where you’re coming from, and I might be a but further down the line but am not sure what the future holds either way.. take care

  34. i don’t even know what to say. hugest mercury retro ever. dead lovers from this life and previous, soul groups, wounds from 7th grade teacher, high school, ancient gods, vocalizing things that have festered for years, speaking my truth to my mother for the first time ever, despair, ecstasy, nihilism, patterns. ghosts. dreams. healing. computer roaring like a dying seal, but not dead! (knock on wood) 15 hours of sleep a day for the last week. tried to drop the class with THE professor, and he played my savior complex. dammit, maybe. so lost, but flowing. mars in aries made me buy a bottle of whiskey today and think very seriously about going to the pub full of bikers for day of snakes, alone. saturn said NO. thank you dude. 🙂

  35. With an Aries rising, all the Pisces planets are in my 12th house. My god, I’ve never experienced such introversion. Having been a raging extrovert most of my life (Sag sun, Aries moon, Aries rising), for the last week my life has felt at a standstill. I also decided to do a liver cleanse this week and so it turned out to be a good time to do it.

  36. here you on the random snippets MM, I feel like a zap merc retro spy. Lots of overhearing and confirming energy and it shifting around in other peoples universe. My own insights are more like tremors to an earthquake and how fundamental parts don’t die no matter what we wrap them in. All this Aries energy is about to get very interesting xx

  37. This MR knocked me for a loop. I got the normal communications/technical issues, but it was huge for my personal growth. I have my moon in Pisces and emotions were the driving force of everything major I did. I also feel like a lot of old wounds were healed (or maybe I just realized they are). I used to feel stuck – now, I’m ready to move forward and know I can.

    I gave two weeks at my job, which was making me miserable and depressed, thanks to my emotionally manipulative and out of control Pisces boss. I complained and attempted to get transferred away from her, but every attempt was thwarted. I just had enough. I don’t have another job, but I’m not worried – I know that I am going to get another one right away. Also, the two job interviews I have next week help confirm that feeling. I just know I will get one of them for sure.

    I started thinking about relationships. I was really hurt by two exs back in 2007 and I was turned off about dating for the last 6 years (long time, I know.) But I met someone recently I really feel a connection to, or maybe it’s just an fleeting attraction, but either way, he’s got me thinking that it’s time to get back out there! He’s a bit of a snake, but that’s part of the attraction! I feel healed and ready to open up again. But I don’t how to proceed, because it’s been so long. Turns out dating is like riding a bicycle.

    I have been thinking about a new direction for my career – coaching, starting with myself. I’ve always been good at being supportive and inspiring others. I really want to help people and this might be it. I’m starting with me and going to move outward. I sense lots of self-love and growth in the future months. I’m down in soul excited about it. So, I’m laying the seeds now. I started making a website and writing articles for it with an earth theme (My Mercury/Venus/Mars are all in Taurus. Lots of earth in my chart.)

    Health-wise, I know I need to shape up (literally), especially if want to catch that snake. He’s in great shape and I want to be able to keep up. I’ve started taking steps and planning how to get there and now I can put my plans into action. I’ve got a regular exercise plan down and am going to start being Veg again.

    I’m Wiccan and let a lot of my practice slide – I wasn’t doing my rituals or living my practice. It’s been forever since I’ve done magick. I did one spell this past month with a group and the effects were pretty amazing. I feel like I need to get back in touch to that powerful, witchy side of me.

    I had awesome vivid dreams as well with lots of senses engaged. I had a dream where I kissed someone (not the snake, but someone in his social circle) and could not just feel it, but also taste it. I’ve never been able to taste in a dream before. (BTW, he tasted nice, almost sweet.) I’d love the super-detailed dreams to stick around.

    Now that Mercury’s direct, my biggest challenge will be taking a risk and acting on all the wisdom I got during the retrograde – and making all the changes and dreams real.