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The Monday Daily Horoscopes are posted – later than usual but UP. Thank you for your patience.

I was typing mid-arvo my time when voomp, everything suddenly went off and it was eerily quiet. No music (Super Rich Kids) , no Feng Shui fountains, no humming of appliances and NO computer screen – infuriating for a Mercury in Aries person.

So i stalk outside to throw a switch – thinking it was the safety cut-out – and voila, whole suburbs are out. So i have the kind of random chats with neighbors you have during power outages, after storms and during Mercury Retrograde.

So the astro – it’s like we are all waiting for something and we are but it’s not what we think…the New Moon is nice but it’s not the whole story, i mean, Mercury will still be retrograde, whatever. It’s more that Mars is about to be in action Aries for the first time since early 2011 and for the first time with the Zap Zone so active. Mars is going to trigger it big-time. Big and swift-moving changes are imminent; adopt fighting stance.

That’s my feeling on it anyway – more on this in the Horoscopes & the Daily Mystic for Monday going out in a few hours time.

AND random Mercury Retro batshit insanity possibility for this weekend: stray characters from around the place floating around, turning up or maybe even calling up. People you barely remember but they seem to remember you. Yick. I got some super-strength exfoliating gloves. Hemp. You don’t have to have Mars in Virgo to grok that exfoliating is next to godliness – right?

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40 thoughts on “Moon Day Horoscopes R Up

  1. Come Mars, Come! Nearly drowned in the catatonia of FAR to much emotional depth the last few days…

  2. I have been kind of looking forward to the mars in aries boost, as my vitality been fluctuating markedly due to health issues…started taking chinese herbs, and feeling a bit better, but find it scarey to feel so drained at different times during the day, as I usually have heaps of energy

    • I had a bout of feeling really low on energy a few years ago so i went to a chinese Dr who gave me herbs. It took a few months but they helped me quite a lot. Feel much better now. Mind you these past few days have felt a bit low in energy. Think its just the Retro at the moment

  3. Yah yah prog moon in kataka WHATEVER Mars is going to be on my Merc in Aries which is being Uranus’d, and is natally opp Uranus anyways. AND THAT IS SO GOOD. There’s a shitload to do, and i’m tired of being tired. I will have to have good sleep hygiene. And i should wear a warning sign in case any relics of decrepitude want to tango with me in the office. I mean i’m that close to being out the door πŸ˜€

  4. I”m still big on the progressions – prog Mars is still right on my Sun-Mercury. Whether this is making me more short-tempered or more inspired over the past couple of months I can’t quite tell…both? Anyway, more martian action can only be good to get my ass moving again. A nice, shiny fresh schedule beckons.

    • My progressed chart scares me. Sun extact conjunct Uranus in first house, conjunct AC and mars and Venus end of 12th.

      Good thing: my progressed mc is Leo! I’m used to virgo-ing out and giving my power away. Time to hold it. Fingers crossed!

      • why scared? that sounds BRILLIANT. yet another sign to go big and accept your revolutionary nature! the perfect stew of personal and impersonal planets making up the YOU of now. challenging, certainly. but think of the potential!

        you want to see scary- my prog ceres and pluto are a degree off of conjunct. next year exact i suppose. terrifying. children wrapped in so many layers of protection… i don’t even want to think about it.

        love your da da da daaa chaarge energy, pi! go mars! my prog mars is newly in gemini- so nice. funny how this works- looking back at the years of stagnation- yes, a void 12th taurus mars is about as debilitated as it gets…

      • I’ve decided not to let anything scare me…at least for the next two weeks πŸ™‚ I’m going with the power of my Pisces – i’m sure folks on the Titanic didn’t think Neptune was wishy washy – and anything else i’ve got going.

        I am what i am. That just has to work for me. (Or is it my prog Sun in Taurus digging in??)

        Yours sounds like a progressed power chart. And it sounds good!

        • Neptune has never been wishy washy…hard one to quantify though… it’s a reeally beautiful vibration, I was craving it last year, and i have got so much more than i expected recently! I feel that it is going to heal me (natal neptune in chiron)

  5. Thanks Mystic! I’m looking forward to Wednesday morning (HEAPS) when the astro shifts to Arien

    • yes, as soon as the moon is new it is void most of tuesday with mars… dragging on and on.

  6. Hey Mystic! Email was so spot on! I was munching on pretzels when I saw the line about “junky carboholism”. I almost choked on my pretzel.

    I’ve had a good weekend of sleep, facial and talking to random people from my past.

  7. Prople from the past? Check! Not going to let them throw me off my game. I hope Mars works to get me one or two written job offers. The first place keeps calling to “let me know where they’re at in the process.” ugh. I suspect this is a merc retro thing. I have 3 more interviews next week. Trying to be Byzantine about it and go for me.

  8. Hmmm.. Interesting! Yes, I felt a shift on Friday. Feeling very comfortable. Went home from work on Friday, did some juicing and went to bed! No drinking. Had no plans for Saturday. Thought about enjoying my time alone (still) by going to a hockey game. THEN I got a txt from a friend I met a couple of months ago. We clicked, exchanged phone numbers and haven’t been able to connect since then. I kinda let her go. So, she txt’d me and plans were made. WHAT a day! We had a blast. We met so many men and ended up not paying for a lot! I know socializing should not have been in the cards for the w/e (note daily Mystic) but it just felt right and I had fun. We shared a lot and had a lot in common. I need friends and she seems like fun!

    Yes, I am waiting for something to hit! I don’t know where but let’s bring it out! If Mercury is hitting action in Aries (in my 6th house) then it should hit my career and health. Ugh!!

    It has been a great w/e!

    • sounds fab! you’ve gotta go with what feels right, cards be damned. πŸ˜‰ glad you had a good weekend. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Hidden!! Yes.. very energetic to get out there to learn about socializing and how I can get better at it. Then maybe my feelings of being vulnerable that puts me at a standstill to get close to people will break down and build confidence in me to create better relationships all around!


  9. We have conservative faith in the justice system here at Scorp Inc. Always it looks suspicious in the eyes of the court when no attempt to mitigate damages have been made, and we do tend to concur on this issue. Regardless of legalities and technicalities, the meter’s still running: interest accrues, compensation waits for retroactive fulfillment. Sallie Mae’s got nothing on us. Bring me my horse.

  10. Last time Mars was on my natal Mars in Aries I was doing Bikram doubles and writing because I loved it and just happy to be alive and feeling on top of my game. Hope this time around is similar.

    Was sooooo tired yesterday and had so much to do, wanted to refill my ‘script so bad and pop a pill for that extra boost. But I’m gonna hold off and wait for the dark moon to pass, clean up my dark moon diet (croissant sandwiches — what?). Why go back to something unsustainable?

    • yeah, the cycle will just restart, and you’re doing so fantastically. gotta keep the love going. πŸ™‚ have you tried herbs? i’ve found panax ginsing, gingko, and dong quai to be immensely helpful for keeping energy levels functional and healthy. maca when i feel like being a crackhead. who needs pharmies when you’ve got plants? πŸ˜‰ xoxox

      • I like dong quai a lot, I feel like it makes me calm and happy and clear. I take l-phenylalanine when I’m really tired and I want to get some humic acid and bee pollen so that I’m supplementing all the amino acids more naturally.

        I’ll be on a health kick for a few days and get a craving then try and suppress it with allowing myself some kind of food indulgence. But I think this is actually hurting me, I need to feel the craving and let it pass through me instead of stuffing it down. You can actually get a boost of energy from all the anxiety that comes from it if you learn how to harness it, but I’m not quite there yet…

      • I think I’m gonna try out maca too, I’ve never had it and as an ex-Adderall-enthusiast and aspiring productivity monster a legal plant high as backup may be a good thing to have. Does it really help with focus?

        Another supplement I love is the Vega pre-workout boost powder but it’s sooooo expensive. In my head I’m like 10 soy cappuccinos or a bucket of Vega hrmmmm…I think I’ll go with the coffee because I enjoy it so much in a non-functional way. πŸ™‚

        • it definitely elevates your mood and increases energy. more of a warm fuzzy energy than the aminos, i think. focus, probably, if you’re not going through a neptune transit… πŸ˜‰

          the best trick i know for harnessing the anxiety surges is the ball of light in the belly. when you feel it, ground yourself and breathe, then bring the energy back up. bring a cord of light down through your crown until they meet in the womb, and grow and breathe the light until you’re sort of like a column of flame, i guess. it’s amazing when it works- you get so much energy! πŸ™‚

        • and you got that 10th house Sun conjunct MC placement that sounds ultra auspicious even to a newbie! so I’m sure you’re destined for success and you can probably afford to cut yourself a mini- break and relax a little…esp in the dark moon xx

  11. you’re right- the new moon is nice, but this is so much bigger. everything is so goddamn synchronistic. everything! there is no more normal. or even the illusion of such. is it the saturn time-warp, is it something bigger, or am i just descending into madness? all are possible…

    have been playing with Will. a little magickal book appeared on my doorstep last week at the height of an impotent rage at injustice episode. realized i’ve been going about this all wrong- you put the intention of wanting something out there, you get the experience of wanting. simple as that. so as an experiment i willed the cute boy (argh and i do mean boy- probably 20 at the oldest-eek!) in my psych class to talk to me, and the crab to write to me. both things happened the next day. pow!! holy shnizzle! mars in aries is going to be GOOD.

    • that boy got lilithed. yeah I feel the electricity too, and hear the humming. Yep big changes are coming, swooping in and taking no prisoners. Either sink or swim. That it?? Would love it if some of that fairy dust would resurrect my 7th house, but after reading about my eros and psyche, not sure if I want to subject another soul to my alluring excessive dysfunction. That damn ebook explained so much that I had to bunk up this weekend. Got the psyche card in Gemini – crazy bats, anyone want the challenge? merde merde merde

      • ha! i reckon he did get lilithed. πŸ˜‰ she is exact on my ac in this time of sink or swim…

        is this your first foray into the magnificent mess that is gemini?? have no fear. the trick is, like aries mel says about la, to find someone whose own weirdness and alluring dysfunction makes yours seem normal. we are many. πŸ™‚ though your 7th house is… scorpio? as in the land of the time lord?? i’m not sure he’s big on fairy dust… :/

        • I guess it is. However. One of my best friends is a mega Gem maybe that’s why we get along so well cause we’re both kinda bonkers. secretly trying to out do each other in the if it doesn’t hurt or sting it’s not love dept. lol. so can’t sleep and ruminating over the chiron ceres Lilith connection. yes i have lilith in 7 scorp which is also my DS. and opposite chiron in 1st. wild.

          • ah,interesting. so because you crave the woman you can’t have, because no man can, you derive some identity from being constantly wounded in love- but it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. do you have pluto in the 5th too? sounds plutonic of course… luckily you can work your gem psyche here and utilize one of the other 37 personalities you’ve got hidden lurking about! πŸ˜‰

            • haha. I guess you are right, the Gem traits come in handy when I need to morph into something, a certain facade in a flash. But it’s so much work to keep it up, especially in a romantic situation when the object of my infatuation is so opposed my 1st house. Like in MM’s ebook – the symbol of attraction of the eye archetype – where there’s no way I’ll ever date that person and vise versa. More often than not, I get pulled into it, because pluto is so strong and my pisces eros is a punch drunk lush. Pluto is my the 6th and majorly aspected btw – you’re very astute. trying not to get into a predeterministic pattern is tough.

        • somehow the symbols in the good book play out in my mind like the scrolling pictures of a slot machine. or of mario kart WMD icons. says we’d be gems ahem diamonds that is.

  12. crazy dreams last night, the Torro did too.
    New moon in Pisces.

    This mercury retrograde is in my 7th house and things have been at a standstill with the Torro, mostly due to our never ending illness.
    Had family drama on Saturday and was left to deal with the aftermath alone on Sunday.
    I was not happy and let him know. Oh well.