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Louis Curti

Moon into Gemini, Mercury nearly Direct, Uranian days & nights, The Ultra versus your Awesome –  everything speeds up from now.

The Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up and highly informative/motivational.

And Happy Snakes Day f.y.i. – remember Patrick only got sainted because he was so effective at ridding Ireland of witches, pagans, druids, cats and other creatures/past-times the church at the time called ‘evil.’


Image; Louis Curti via Hoodoo That Voodoo

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65 thoughts on “Luna in Gemini Now

  1. My Gemini rising has been looking forward to this moment for a while — Moon in Gem, Mercury out of retrograde… It’s time to go buy an adapter so I can go from wireless back to wired without worrying that my technology’s going to go completely haywire. Good-bye, stupid, crappy, barely-there wifi service in my apartment building! You will not be missed!

    Also, I think Mars in Aries is somehow playing nice with my Saturn in Aries, and my Mars in Capricorn in the 8th. Have shaken off cobwebs and am getting lots accomplished in all areas of life. It’s not quite a full-on phoenix moment, but more like some updates and rebooting. Something’s clicked, anyway…

  2. MM your scopes are sooooooooo on the money as usual, but tomorrows are freakingly accurate. I had a job interview today first in over 10 years, breezed it in. Tomorrow I will have to pitch myself to the boss of a company like never before because I really want to work there. It’s been tough few months I’ve been bullied out of the business that I started, and that’s been heart wrenching letting my baby go. But, I’m not going down. I’m making a new life and its exciting. In the interim of getting the job I want I’ve been working with a civil company that work you for 5 hours straight. On a shovel all day for 6 days a week. It took this job & how well i work to really realise I’ve got a lot to offer. It’s been almost spirit breaking at times even for me.

  3. Phhhhewwww so much better today! Had weeks of crazed organising and information breakdown so am taking it slow and re reading over doco’s for a couple more days till its ALL systems go and the work is really non-stop with a fun(?) fitting on real babies on the full-on full moon eeeeekkkkk I guess it could go either way… If this Is the premonition of the zap zone I am feeling kind of ok

  4. Been a little angsty here too.
    I didn’t realise until a lovely Moon in Gem Asc Gem (Sagg Sun) lady traded a massage with me today.

    I saw snippets of very contemporary relationships and released them all as they arose. It’s a different vibration than what I normally do, it was really nurturing though the Divine Feminine in an earthy way.

    Especially emo was the situation with my own mother who has basically vacated her body and left a personality I don’t recognise in charge.

    Now I feel so relaxed and better balanced. What a blessing!

  5. Can certainly feel the Mars in Aries urgency to go forth & multiply just as Myst said i would, yet all the Picses says return to beach for another few days while you can. Then comes easter when much is on hold so tis a little frustrating the diverse pull. Guess whatever worlds i’m going to conquer can wait till beginning of April, THEN ignite my business that i gave up for body guru. His yoga students say ‘he lacks love’, that he’s ‘robotical’. His ego is tripping him up and dare i say his Capricorn ‘i use’ is obvious.

    Poor witches! Don’t wear green in protest 🙂

    • Thanks for that Pegs. I needed permission to wait till April for ignite, just let’s me release a little of this absolutely pointless angst that’s been around the last few days. I’ll meet you on the sand , north end x

      • Faster than quick to North Beach which is actually it’s name, just 4 more days. Easter is culling time, preparations, manta-ing The Plan so it’s firmly directed into action.

        Sit tight my friend, all good things will come with patience before implementing new ways for new days 🙂

  6. The station: we’ve made it. The old behemoth’s firing up, building momentum to lurch forward. Mercury direct. All aboard!

  7. Also agree with DavidL. Have still been revisiting Men I Have Loved and Lost and Men I have Lusted After in More Recent Times to learn a lot about myself. I’ve been looking for the Uptown Boy. Maybe explains why no joy as I am not. Aspirational uplift? Gotta come from within.

    Brilliant dreams though. One dude I’ve lusted after for year told me in a dream that he was a Cancer Rising (this is from the lips of someone who has never mentioned anything astro). I remember thinking in the dream ‘I’ve Venus in Cancer…’ but then having a strong intuition of not a good match.

    Work confidence wobbles that I’m working through. Didn’t do the doona dive (tempting though with Melbourne’s change in temperature over the weekend) but understand that feeling.

    Today’s Daily Mystic (Monday 18 March) probably one of the best. Thanks Mystic.

  8. Cool art, but that headdress is spooky as hell. If the shroud was black I would not click on this thread. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with that image in front of you, evil gemini succubus floaty thing. But I’m a weenie to that sort of stuff. This retro hasn’t been too bad, just way numb and chilled out with bursts of intensity in between, and lengthy but uneventful dreaming.

    • but then she would be lilith! woman of your dreams, and, apparently, nightmares. 😉

      i saw a ghosty-floaty thing in my bedroom two days ago. i mention this because my landlord had a succubus experience in the same room…

        • my story is not particularly interesting- just a whitish light in shaped like two lines of sideways chevrons- like >>>>>>- a couple feet long and mmm, 6 inches high? that drifted slowly by my bed for maybe 3 seconds. saw it out of the corner of my eye and had i been wearing glasses i would have thought it was a scratch refraction. but glasses were not worn and i looked directly at it and it was there another second. not bad or scary at all- i keep saying it- these brothel ghosties like me.

          my landlord’s story is more exciting, though! he’s an older man, very, very quiet (though he talks to me, not so much to other people), a sculptor. in touch with whatever. so he was drifting awake, his bed in the same place where mine is now, when he felt the foot of his bed sag as if someone was sitting there. then he felt it move up his body and lay on top of him. he jolted awake and heard a whirring sound go from next to his ear up to the ceiling. oooh!!! he has a few other stories but that’s the best one… 8o

          • o_0 that’s quite fascinating. That doesn’t sound so sinister as what my imagination it appear to be. Now your landlord’s experience is another story. I hear the succubus’ will make your body um tingle. the whirring sound from flapping wings? could also be the form of your chevrons. thanks for elaborating. i don’t have any real experiences except for dreaded sleep paralysis with witchie women after me or the dreaded faceless spectre boogie. but i slayed that one years ago lol.

  9. Been sucky and emo for me too … fear and anxiety that I have not experienced with such full force in a long time reared its head all weekend and I haven’t been able to shift it via the usual methods.

    Change is all around and it’s making me edgy …. housemate moving in with his girlfriend means I have to find another one (bleh), work is full on but I’m too exhausted to enjoy it, AND it’s not exactly making much money either so I’m questioning wtf I do with all my time, billing strategies etc, the sexy Cap doesn’t like me – well he likes me as a “friend” (double bleh). For the first time in years I actually feel a bit lonely and would quite like a relationship, but the whole thing just continues to be a dead, lifeless fishpond … actually more like a dried up salt pan.

    Really feel like doing a massive doona dive for a week but just can’t take the time off … MEH

    • I’ve been doona diving a lot lately.

      Admin of a business is killer. It’s great to have the work, but hard to maximize profit and keep life in balance. Go easy on yourself.

      • Hi 12hv, I have Chiron in aqua, 8th house. My only 8th house object. Only leg up I ever had was from an old boss who in the early 80’s opened my eyes and gave me an understanding of the data vs information paradox. A simple formula for cut through in business analysis. He was a rogue and a genius and a coke fiend of the highest order.
        He reappeared 20 years later and in one afternoon gave me another formula that has kept me employed since then.

    • Hey P, I’m going back to my peace of mind survival technique. Basically finish the work at hand, take no new biz or even think about it till all current work is complete. In my case that means having nothing to do by early April. Clear the decks, clear my mind for April ignition.

  10. Agree with Davidl – (weird retro Pisces riptide!! surfacing way out in deep water, going, I am here; floating where! ?!……..) – last 3 days – uber emotional (like falling apart at the seams weepy mess stuff) but able to come out the other side, strangely calm and the catharsis, though ripping, was good??…. maybe too much vino in the process didn’t help the tears.
    Overdue sobbing. Now deep breath and hook in to the nitty gritty of what we need to stay real, and thrive. Can’t thank Mystic enough for advice and guidance in these times.

  11. Had a great time last night. A friend who I met in December that is such a doll, took me into her home for Christmas and had some fun with showed up again. I had heard from her, and Yes I could have reached to her, but it just wasn’t right. However, I was in a great mood yesterday and was thinking about txting her so long and behold she found me.

    A bunch of us went out and it was such a great feeling to have a group of friends to hang out with.

    My dreams are never ending. I hope going direct is good times!!


  12. Yes. anti st patricks day over here, and the church is built on the land of a triple death and war goddess of the tuatha. 🙂

    • Tuatha Da Daanan? Read about her somewhere a long time ago when searching for a band name.

      Hope you are wheeling & dealing successfully my friend & not freezing your nipples off over there. x

      • Nipples are all good homegirl 😉 Yes the same, St Pats makes me roll my eyes as I am the grump that likes to care about what we are historically celebrating instead of just get pissed and not notice the significance. Hopefully success to come, I am licking wounds and looking at my options. Much love Pegs xx

  13. It’s early Sunday morning here (7.55). The vibe is very subtle and slightly luxurious. Toro moon explains it.

    I filed my tax return and paid off Uncle Sam like a good little American should.

    Decluttered and did laundry. Went on an epic/expensive grocery run–we literally had nothing in the apartment. Caught up on some world events and trash tv.

    Kick started my Paleo diet. Strangest feeling. I’m not hungry but I feel… Empty. I imagine it’s my body craving the carbs.

    It’s been a productive weekend thus far and I still have today. Looking forward to Monday, Gemini moon is my natal.

    Always good times and great insights.

  14. I had dreams of getting job offers. The first one was like a bucket of cold oil poured over my head; the second was zipping through central processing. Hope I recognize which is which in real life. This has been the roughest Mercury retro ever!

    • I’ve been reading about the tumult that’s been your job sitch through Merc retro, 12HV – wow a LOT of change going on. So much activity, it’s bound to bring something positive. I don’t mean that as one of those trite platitudes, I mean that in my experience when stuff goes all ‘washing machine’ (my cosmic technical term, lol) it seems to result in a long overdue reset. xx

      • Thanks, Chrysalis! I made my cv last summer, during the height of the zap zone, and applied to jobs out west. I swear, it felt so meant-to-be, energy through my crown and down the spine. Awesome conceptual resume sent out. But the one company I really connected with out there went out of business. Their name came up in the interview I had on Friday. I had almost forgotten that I had dreams of moving on – perhaps not moving west now, but moving on career-expression wise. In any case, the astro has kicked me out of the door on that one. 🙂

        Normally, I am always doing something. But I’ve just been getting by. I hope Merc direct gives me some energy back so I can finish off projects around the house instead of just being in pjs all day long. I’m sure, one day, I’ll look on this as good times, when I didn’t have to do anything but wait and relax. Trying to be in the moment and not give into my inferiors.

        • You coulda been my SF buddy! But I guess it was meant to be…

          My boring, awful, stressful technical writing contract is coming to an end and I’m about to be thrown back into the job search myself. Working on my website today…fingers crossed…I hope thinks start panning out soon and you look back and are able to say that in the rearview mirror it all worked out for the best. 🙂

  15. Still 5 planets in Pisces and 6 in water – 7 if you include the node. It’s still the strongest influence in the sky. I think it’s been kinda refreshing. Lovely and soft.

    I’m looking forward to the Aries influence. Got a few things to do!

  16. Had a very funny afternoon drumming my little heart out at a St Patrick’s Day gig. Got a friend to pretend to be my lover. We had such fun, and we alleviated a volatile situation with a smokescreen of kisses. Loads of fun. And hopefully all hell breaking loose somewhere else with the new & extremely jealous girlfriend (apparently) now won’t happen. I was asked almost begged not to attend because of this jealousy. You don’t try to curb an Aquarian’s movements. No siree.

    “Kiss me sweetie. Did anybody see?” “yes I think so.” So much fun to have a fine male friend (Aries,Sun Pisces rising, Cancer Moon) who would agree to do this so willingly and so gleefully and so expertly. And it worked. Turning up on my tod would have been pretty tough on me too.

  17. yay! Mercury nearly direct and magically I can manage without the ethernet cable once more 🙂

    Serious insights tonight about recent fated love events involving Eros & Psyche, Jupiter & Saturn that left me alone but on my path to self….this is all good.

    Monday scopes are awesome!

  18. I had a bizarrely productive void Taurus moon…finished my script draft for the Nicholl entry…I am so excited. I’ve never finished a feature length before!! Still a lot of editing to do before the deadline but it felt amazing to finish. My natal Merc is in Pisces and this was something I had been working on verrry slowly for months so maybe it was time to wrap it up.

    Excited for tomorrow, and next week. 🙂 I love Gemini moon time, it’s fun and never serious or sad.

  19. This merc station has been the shitiest 2 days for a long time. So much emotional exhaustion evident in and around me.
    My only explanation is mars in Aries for these last few days has just brought realization of how far this Pisces retro riptide has taken me out, way too far. Like being woken by your boss from a weird inexplicable dream that you were having while asleep at your desk. Dribble and all.

    • Yes, yes and yes. Psychic crap from ye olde times manifested, culminated and how! Bring on the new era please….

    • I’ll second that! Perfect description of my past couple days too. Thanks davidl for putting into words what I’ve been too out-of-it to be able to formulate coherently for myself!

    • I was thinking of you the other day, davidl. You are Chiron in Aries, yes? Was wondering – have you ever had a mentor in your work?

      • I’m going to butt in, in case two heads are better than one, because I have chiron in Aries (10th house) too, although a much different life from DL. I have rarely had a formal mentor at work, although there were a couple of people about 10 years ahead of me who I had coffee with on an irregular basis to talk about career- and industry-related things, maybe seek advice and so on. My first professional job, I did have a mentor but I didn’t recognise it at the time. She was fantastic. A Virgo, of course 🙂 with a work ethic like a bloodhound on a 5-espresso-a-day habit. It was only as I was withdrawing from my career as it was recently that I learnt how to locate a potential mentor and start a conversation about such things. My professional conduct improved a lot (the brains are fine, but it was how I operated at work that needed attn) when I started to consider myself and others from my boss’s perspective, realised that I needed to sort myself out. I google for a LOT of career advice – from networking etiquette to what is a succession plan – it’s a strangely enjoyable pastime for me.. never knew why…shh don’t tell 🙂 .

          • Thanks! I’ve never had a mentor. Wondering if that’s a chiron in Aries or chiron in 8th house sort of thing. Finally, I am considering myself from my employers perspective. Bought a couple of books on sales and marketing and management. I figure, I am self-employeed in this world, even if my client is a long-term employer, and I’d better get excellent at the admin/oversight stuff.

            Really would like to find a great mentor. Not sure that happens for Chiron/Aries/8th. Not sure where I read that, but was wondering if that pattern holds true.

            • I’ve never really thought about mentoring from an astro perspective before. I think that I might have shortcomings around “leadership” so… that’s what my thinking was around a 10th house aries chiron, but have never investigated in depth. Personally I understand that seeking mentors comes down to reading up on what type of mentoring relationship(s) you would prefer – formal, informal, regular, irregular, how much time everyone has, what sort of questions you might have.. and what the mentor/s you are seeking can offer.

              The advice I have read also suggests looking outside the immediate workplace, and even outside your specific career, if that makes sense for you in terms of guidance/advice for other elements of your career that do not necessarily relate to the job. You know, strategy, industry things, a more experienced/senior woman in your industry for any gender-based advice if relevant.. etc.. I genuinely liked the people I spoke to as well – so it was pleasant to meet with them. Although they were both extremely busy and I was conscious of not wasting their time, so I made sure to think about some things I would like to chat about if I was arranging to have a coffee with them etc… anyway, have fun whatever you do! hope the interviews are fruitful xxoo

              • I think I read somewhere, and I can’t remember if its Chiron in Aries or Chiron in 8th house Aries – but that placement has to forge their own way. I have never had a role model, let alone a mentor. I had some relationships I learned A LOT from, but never got the feeling of someone guiding me on my way upward. I wish I had some celeb – however far removed – that I could think “yeah, they figured it out!” I always feel alone in that.

                Anyway, now am thinking how to turn that always-feel-alone-in-that energy and use it to fuel leadership and guidance skills. If I forge my own path, seems I should be able to lead/help others with theirs too.


                • I do get what you mean, actually. I suspect that career/life guidance is a rare thing and many of us do have to figure it out solo. I don’t think I’ve ever felt especially unhappy about that, but I do know that I would really, really like someone to chat about with these things. Then, lol I realised that I do have such people, only they’re books, and the interwebs, and at conferences, and in business / entrepreneurial / small biz / corp biz publications, which I devour strangely enough. It’s like I am reading about a (don’t laugh) foreign land whose workings I know nothing of and I want to learn their culture, customs and language?!! only just thought of it that way. And the reason I want to do this is because there’s a shitload of money to be made if I can just figure out the first steps. Ironically corporate culture makes me a bit claustro so maybe that’s my cap moon vs all the freedom elements in my chart.

                  so, I sort of mine the information out there, and have conversations where relevant / suitable with people who I can soak up general ideas and info from… but in short I know where you are coming from, i think…

            • you know what 12v, I was just wondering if mentoring, a kind of ‘career relationship’ could be seen as the 7th house (relationships with equals) from the 10th (career, public life). which would be, um, whatever is in / ruling one’s 4th house?? Not sure if i am approaching that correctly though- take with teaspoon of salt..

              • Makes sense. Pisces is 6th/7th house for me. Aries energy is 7th/8th in my chart. As I understand it, 7th rules “significant” relationships, and employment certainly is that. Sag rules my 4th, Jupiter is in my 6th.

      • I guess this will sound completely daft. but the only 4 charts I know – mine, my last 2 lovers and my sisters – all have Chiron in Aries….I had some freak idea that it was a thing that happened regular-like.

    • Yeps, saturday and today were hellish, all the old shit came up, some realizations alright, almost felt physically ill and wanted to pack my bags and just get to some recluse place where I wouldn’t have to deal with anyone.

      If just those planets can bugger out of pisces already, I’ve had enough.

  20. Splendid. This news makes me smile with relief. There’s only so much Moon in Taurus grounding, decadence I can take when I’ve got a growing ‘to do (and be done yesterday) lists. I love this artwork image MM.
    This week I’m finalising two important papers and pushing forth a communication for two other opportunuties and this quick pace should really be good for it.

    go go go guys

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