Lesbian, Aquarian & Vegetarian

ellen degeneresI actually love Ellen Degeneres – she’s been visiting my city so it’s Ellen & Portia everything all of a sudden – but Ellen does her astro SO damn well: she is Aquarius with Saggo Rising and Moon in Aries.

So of course she’s going to crusade about her causes (animal liberation, marriage equality – same as my main schizz). But she does it with such lightness, humor, tact and eloquence…

My name is Ellen and I’m a vegetarian . Just to add another label to meย : I am a lesbian, aquarian and vegetarian . I’ve said it…


I love animals …well not in that way…but I love animals and I watch Discovery Channel , I watch Animal Planet . You learn fascinating things watching that , I’m always amazed of all the animals . I mean… penguins …


I means animals are incredible , nature is amazing . Caterpillars: they spend half of their lives as a caterpillar and they turn into a butterfly for the second part of thei life, they become a whole different thing , that is just incredible . You name one person that can do that , that can transform in that way , besides Cher , and I will be …amazed. I get a lot of people quoting the Bible , specifically to me , which I don’t know why , but a lot of people quote the Bible to me. And a lot of people evidently are praying for me and I thank you for that . Extra prayers for me. Thank you.


I would like those people to start praying for the animals , because I think the animals need all the prayers that they can get , and I think God would agree. I would like to quote something , I actually like some of the things in the Bible myself . I would like to quote Thou shall not kill and it doesn’t say in fine print ‘except for the animals ‘ , it just says Thou shall not kill . And how about Do unto others as you would have them do unto you ? How about thatย ? Thank you very muchย !


We’ve talked about this before but a strongly placed positive Neptune is often linked with being vegetarian/vegan – Ellen has Jupiter conjunct Neptune conjunct North Node all in early Scorpio.

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37 thoughts on “Lesbian, Aquarian & Vegetarian

  1. I have Jupiter in Pisces SQUARE Neptune in Sagg… have been vegan for 23 years (since age 15), and have campaigned publicly for animal rights for many years since age 18. Does a hard aspect count for this link as well?

  2. she just shines and i reckon that
    vegetarians smell better and are softer people,
    therefore kinder. She is very comfortable in her own
    skin and her lightness she is like a bodhisatva

    • Yes I agree! and Ellen and Portia are looking gorgeous on their Australian visit…

    • vegetarians definitely smell better!
      i still eat a bit of meat, a couple times a month (you know for B12 and iron boost etc) but anything more than that and peeewwwwwe i can smell it on me

      • At the risk of veering off into TMI territory, I’ve heard it said that we vegetarians not only smell better, but “taste” better, too. *wiggles eyebrows* I’ve also heard that massage therapists think we’re easy to spot because our skin is typically just a little more supple that that of meat eaters.

        Scorpio in Sun, Mercury, and Neptune, all in the 6th house here, by the way. I went veggie when I was 21, and at 45, can honestly say I’ve never missed meat. As a family member said to me back then, “well, you never were much of a meat eater.” I really feel like I’m just not wired for it.

  3. Go Ellen! What is Portia’s astro? Always thought it was interesting they were both Aquarians, would be fun to know what P’s moon and ascendants are to know how they fit together.

  4. Looove love love Ellen!

    I’m Neptune-ruled and have several things in major aspect to Neptune, but I gotta be honest: I’m more vegetarian for health reasons than for animal rights reasons. I do love animals and all, and I obviously think the way animals are “harvested” is gross, but I don’t think refusing to eat meat will do much, especially considering how many of us come from privileged ways of living. But that’s another topic altogether. .

    • Haha, I am a meat eater for health reasons. Yr brain being 80% fat needs fat & I couldn’t do veg as my epilepsy worsened (plus I was so low on everything I was ill).

      Regardless that I believe you can have meat & still be ethical/spiritual/compassionate
      having been a cow/milk producer the idea of having my baby taken away so as my milk fuels an overlord who drinks it makes me ill!

      Moon in Scorpio 6th makes me a passionate pet lover.
      Neptune trine Sun trine MC, Neptune rules my world!

      • Andy – do you know if the GAP method helps with Aspergers syndrome too (my nephew and sister, but she’s a lost cause lol) – any advice welcome!

        • Hey Quintile, yes GAPS can help as autism through to Aspergers are just a set of behaviors related to a sick body (there is no split between the mind/body). It can also help schizophrenia & anorexia. The reason for the Aspie Syndrome behaviour may vary according to the genetic/phenotype issue so it is important to have the pathology done so you aim at or avoid certain things. Good luck. As my GP says, “the worst that can happen is that you’ll get a bit healthier – the best that you are cured – unlike with all the drugs I prescribe which can sometimes cause serious decline”. Xx.

      • same here. 15 yrs of vegetarianism flushed down toilet thanks to epilepsy. i still can’t have dairy as it’s the main culprit of my seizures.

        but i do love vegan food so much! so tasty!

      • Same here. Red meat grosses me out except around my Moon-time; sadly a veg diet = seizures for me too. I HAVE to eat some fish and chook a couple times a week.

        • Yeah, am not surprised by yr stories as sadly going veg usually causes gut dysbiosis so it is a short leap to depression, schizophrena, fitting, etc. ๐Ÿ™ . Very common in teenage girls before going anorexic. But I still dream of doing it for ethical reasons!
          The native american bison sacrificed themselves in the dreamtime, then the hunter appeared. I just try at least to thank the plants and animals on my plate. Plants have feelings too, no different to animals, are equally pained by rough treatment, we are all equal in the end!

          • Hi, I really have to contest your allegation that vegetarianism “*usually* causes gut dysbiosis” causing all manner of horrible effects. Certainly not true for me (veg for 20 years) or any of the other veggies I know… If anything causes gut dysbiosis, it’s more likely to be a diet full of processed crap, stress, and other toxins (alcohol, substances, pollution in the environment).

  5. While watching Ellen dance makes me want to pluck out eyeballs, I do enjoy her lightness. I like it best when she fires up that Aries Moon though!

  6. I suppose I was born about the same time as Ellen, since I also have Neptune conjunct N Node in early Scorpio. But I also have that conjunct IC, and in opposition to Mercury. I personally prefer a (very) carnivorous diet.

  7. Cool. I have never minded ellen de G. Looove her irreverence; also, as one of the only women I see running her own show / is longtime TV personality etc I see her as above the tedious women-beauty-fluff fray, totally owning it. good.

    I sort of forget to eat meat if it’s just me, until I have a craving for red meat or fish once a week or so. usually it’s tofu, eggs, legumes (also much cheaper).

    I don’t know if this relates to neptune in my 6th (sagg) (trine MC Aries and Saturn Leo), but I have always loved the fairy tales where the daydreamer is always in the forest talking to his/her little friends the wild animals. Daydreamer faces an impossible challenge in the “real world”, and in spite of best efforts won’t make it, and in darkest hour all the little animal friends join forces to help him/her succeed (usually in spite of some evil overling who wants daydreamer to fail).

    • i;m totally the same way. meat? uhh that takes work to cook, and why? tofu and eggs are where it’s at- until the weekly craving hits. then there must be blood. lately i’ve been very lo-uranus and refusing to eat out of anything but one big bowl, greens and whatever protein fits. one bowl a day, no exceptions. besides the 2000 calories of maple-glazed nuts i just ate… ahem. ANYWAY, learning to eat meat was a long process, necessary for health and well-being- that was abundantly clear- but difficult. eating home-raised and wild game only makes it more real, and therefore ok and sacred and beautiful, but not easier. my neptune cries and cries. and my aqua mc is disdainful of it all.

      (speaking of, how the heck is the mc calculated?! how can we both be late gem rising and have an aqua and aries mc? i don’t get it.)

      neptune trine aries sounds like a good quest of a fairy tale. leo saturn would not want to share the victory though and might have to be overwhelmed by a posse of piscean critters. maybe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • oh yeah, ellen. oops! ellen is cool. i don’t watch tv so don’t really know her but i like everything i hear, and these quotes are good…

      • lol! maple glazed nuts, keep those tasty little things away from me… *gobble* .. for me it’s the honey-roasted macadamias OMG thankfully a food co-op near me sells them loose, so now I can just buy a tiny little bag of them (literally six nuts) rather than that obscene 500g bag of delicious kilojoules in the supermarket… no willpower I tell you haha

        hmm, yes.. Eventually Leo Saturn learns to accept the love and support of little friends, and that the evil overling ain’t got nothin’ ๐Ÿ™‚

        I think the MC thing relates to the latitude where you were born. e.g. born in UK, half the houses are all squished up and the other half are HUGE. Born in the tropics, it’s perfectly lined up like the hours on a clock face…

        • yeah, i knew about the latitude part… but how funny! the northern hemisphere gets it all tweaked to one side, and the southern smashed up on the other. thanks, beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. She seems like a wonderful person. My only criticism is that thing where she scares the bejesus out of people on her show. There’s a naughty streak there for sure. If she’s not careful someone is going to drop dead or have a heart attack. If someone did that to me I’d be really pissed off.

  9. Look, I’m a vego dyke too, so I like a lot about her. But she is also a ‘Covergirl’ model and they are crazy baaaadassss with animal testing. So really, she likes animals until they get tortured so she can have moneyzz. This makes me sad. But she brought random dancing back, so then again, she is aces.
    hard call.

    • That confuses me too. I don’t buy/wear/support Cover Girl for that reason as well.

      • Otherwise, I dig her!
        Maybe she can convince CG to release an all natural line.

        • Pity about the Covergirl association by Ellen as that seems so unnecessary, both finacially & otherwise for her? Is it about providing an image of feeling free to be gay, pretty, not in a box? That ‘s nice if CG didn ‘t create something toxic & cruel. But even if a natural line were created it would still be part CG I guess.

  10. As well as the Aqua -cannot -be-defined/confined-to-box-futurist qualities, the Saggo rising warps her sense of humour and delivers that Sagacious eloquence for sure. And as for the Aries moon, well, she dances like a toddler in the body of a person her age IMO, and gets away with it! I have a hunch her mum is the Aries in her family, from the anecdotes in her comedy about her. I find people who do their moon sign well often have a close family member of that sun sign whom they’ve honed it with.

  11. Same rising and moon as me! And the clothes/hair make perfect sense. Aries/Aries Moon does love the simple white T and no fuss wardrobe.

    I finally chopped off my locks in favor or short short make-it-wet-n-swish-it around-n-go hair. I’ve done this periodically in my life, but I think it’s here to stay now. Finally honoring my Moon and never been happier with my morning toilette.

  12. I have Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 1st House. I think this an actual weak placement of Neptune & Jupiter IMHO. It’s not helping me out any. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I tried to go 100% vegan/veggie before but for health reasons it is extremely difficult.
    I admire those that can do it!
    I love vegan dishes especially breads, and deserts.

    • I have Neptune conj my Scorp rising (I’ve got Mars on the other side in the twelfth); I’ve always felt it made me flaky. I never ate meat as a kid, touted Peter Singer and was a vegetarian for almost thirty years, but started eating meat and fish again last year due to health issues (I was not a “junk food vegetarian”). Feel much better mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’m still icked out by meat and don’t eat much of it, but when I do it’s local, grass-fed, and humanely slaughtered.

  13. she’s wonderful! great venus and jupiter planets bless her. I wonder if her mars is an air-sign because she communicates as the main theme – communicates her way through things.