Help O.M.G. Fuq I Am Aquarius Rising

Tilda Swinton White WitchDearest Mystic,

I CANNOT believe what I found out today that has just blown my mind and everything, EVERYTHING makes more sense: re ME.

Okay. So I always thought that yeaaaaaaaah Pisces Rising, it sounds a bit like me a lot of it DIDN’T. I do also have Venus in Pisces so yah. Was never really comfortable about the signs in my houses it didn’t quite fit. It irked me. For years.

Anyways was decluttering as per Dark Moon protocol and I found my birth certificate.

I read to my complete horror that I was born at 2AM not 3.45AM like mother dearest said.

I am therefore AQUARIUS rising not Pisces.

I have been in love, intensely researching, reading etc etc etc everything I possibly can about Astrology. My birth chart, aspects, my partners in relation to my own etc omg just everything.


Freaking out.

That is all.

Love your work.


Ps. Can you believe this! aaaaaaarrrghhh

Dear Aquarius Rising Not Pisces Rising,

This is great! Go Mercury Retrograde! Perfect synchronicity. Aquarius Rising is fab! I mean, hello, ONE is Aquarius Rising. Look on the bright side – this also means that your Love Zombie era is now behind you where-as Pisces Rising has to be on HIGH ALERT for this shit now.

And how thrilling for an Astro Fiend to be able to fall feverishly upon his/her “new chart” and discover fresh transit and synastry insights. Have you, for instance, worked out when Saturn was opposite your Aqua Rising yet?  Oh and Aquarius Rising makes URANUS your ruler, heh heh.

Do you have plans to alter your image accordingly?  A tatt to commemorate the neo-You? Is there anything overtly Piscean about your look that you could ditch in favor of a more Uranian vibe? What does everyone else think?


Image: Paolo Roversi

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I’m Pisces sun with Aqua rising and I’m sooooooo happy to hear MM say that my Love Zombie stuff is behind me. Bring on the Awesome 🙂


If you want to be another sign rising possibly, go see what you are in vedic astrology, scared the crap out of me. From sag to scorpio rising and I have no water in my chart in western astro aside from true node in pisces but I have no idea what that means.

Aquarian Rising NOT Pisces Rising


Literally captures the moment for me. Haa haa!


have always wondered about this myself. I use the time on my birth cert, at 9:08am on that day puts my AC at 29.58 Gemini… if it was ONE MINUTE LATER, 9:09, the AC would be Zero Kataka….


Congratulations! I always thought I was Scorpio rising and a couple of years ago discovered I was Aqua rising (and also wrote to Mystic as I felt that I had lost my whole identity and being a bit bitchy could be blamed on the Scorp bit instead of just bad behaviour … ). Aquarius is just so, well, expansive and incredibly wonderful. Enjoy!


welcome x 4. Aqua rising is a way cool club. Lots of peeps think Im uber straight with my office look but no no no Im quirky as and always wanted to hang out with wild artist types and be ‘creative’ all day in dingy inner city flats. I was doomed to a very white bread, meat pie and footy upbringing but escaped as soon as i could.. I like being a closet aqua risinng it appeals to my scorpy moon and I have 3 kindred aqua spirits around me. Yesterday had 2 troubled friends visiting .Felt like they were… Read more »


Burrow down, I am in that mood too! But I am tickling the keys here..


Yes, congratulations from someone who has five plants in Aquarius, sun, mercury, venus, jupiter, saturn and rising sign. (Can anyone beat that?) Welcome to the club.It is what it is.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

WOw! Go you!

Hang on, birth times are on birth certificates????? Really??? OMG I must check, I must check, because, frankly, my mother is PISCEAN, and very prone to selective forgetfulness!! ARRGH.


If you are born after 1958 or something I think you can ask for your birth extract which contains your birthtime.
My hospital gave me my birthtime on the phone, but others often charge for the information.


Welcome to the club, Aqua rising here too and I certainly fit it to a tee! What’s funny is, I’ve always been sure of my birth time because I have my birth certificate and even ordered a new copy a few years back. But a few years ago, my spacey Aqua mom bought me some chart reading as a gift. Only she had remembered my birth time wrong and even worse, she never told me or reminded me (can’t remember which) that I had an in-person reading that went along with the chart gift. I didn’t even know I had… Read more »

The Crazy Crone

Aphrodite Rising, morphed into the Crazy Crone, folks! Aquarius Moon strikes again! On birth times, I used to think my birth time was 4.30am and when I had my first astro reading, the lady talked about how practical and grounded and organised I was. And as you say nowadays, I was like, WOT??? Didn’t sound like me at all. And THEN I mentioned it to my mum who looked surprised and said, no, you were born at 7.15am – Libra Rising. And it all fell into place. So congrats on finding the right Rising Sign, Aquarius Rising, it feels so… Read more »


Love ‘Crazy Crone’, own it! My live in Mum In Law tells everyone she is a Crone and can provide wisdom of the elders now, people react strongly to that word it is quite powerful I think.

water girl

thank you for this post! this inspired me to recheck my own exact birth time with my mom who said that I was born an hour later than I previous thought.. which only seemed to affect my midheaven. I thought it was Pisces but it’s actually in Aries. This makes me happy.


Ooooh I think that sounds so exciting, I’d love the chance to go back and rediscover a whole new chart, mmm research. This happened with one of my friends recently, got the time, shifted her from a puzzling Cancer rising (did not fit aesthetically) to a totally appropriate Leo rising which was just so obvious really (hair like a mane).

Aqua rising is great, I have two friends who have it and they’re both fabulously creative and interesting.

Aquarian Rising NOT Pisces Rising

After sharing this with a few of my girlfriends, they went and re-checked their birth times. One girl found that her SUN was actually Kataka NOT Leo! haha crazy huh.
Her merc and venus is in Leo so it was sort of hard to tell.

I don’t even KNOW where to start re: backtracking everything. I’m overwhelmed lol.

I need a good 4 days set aside total alone time. Me + Laptop + Coffee + Notebook. Ciao world!

electric eel libran

well shoot welcome to club Aqua!

when i found my birth cert. my mom was only off by 5 min and all that did was change some degrees. The same crap was till the same.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

I think you’re Sagg rising based off what I’ve seen you post. You seem really high energy, competitive, into fitness, passionate about your life and projects. Totally Sagg. 🙂


I think that finding out your new chart is like the microcosm version of discovering a new planet. Once I found out about a few more aspects I had, because either had more of them or allowed wider orbs than the site I had been using before. The new things I found out about myself were things I had recently been envying about others, were things I had seen in someone that I was dating and was like man, if only I had that! And it turns out I did… so I got to own it!


My parents are a strange case for this sort of thing. Mum was born in a developing country. Her entire birthday is wrong because the closest town was too far away that her birth was registered at least a week late and they put the registration date on the cert.

My dad has two birth times. He crowned a bit then went back in and then got yanked out with the forceps!


‘s interesting about rising signs and birth times isn’t it. My mum says she remembers my birth time (I am the eldest) but claims no recollection of my sister’s birth time. Given Ma’s dodgy Neptunian proclivities it’s a wonder she can remember my name let alone my birth time, but my chart seems accurate for me. I was one of those hideous mid 60’s births that took days before the doctors ‘gave in’ and gave my poor labouring mum a Caesar. Undaunted by my sister’s lack of birth time I reckon I have worked her chart out anyway, given her… Read more »


Oh gawwwd don’t say that Mystic!!! My daughter (double Piscean) is already so vague she wouldn’t be capable of organising a shag in a brothel … last thing she needs is an attack of love zombieism. Hopefully her Aries Venus will keep her safe from fuqtards. Hmmm … hey radical newly found aqua ascendant dude. You know the one thing I’ve learned about aqua is that they’re not as “zany” as all the astro literature suggests. In fact their weirdness tends to be hidden under a pile of desperate uber normality and they struggle to fit in so much that… Read more »


Yes so true, the Aqua males I know are very brittle at times, but I have an Aqua friend who says that Aquarian women are plain crazy. He thinks that Aqua men generally follow rules of their own odd reasoning. But that the women blow hot and cold, emotional then logical and break their own rules the minute they’ve made them. I don’t know but it sounds good. I tend to think if Aspergers Syndrome had a sign it would be Aquarius! 🙂 p.s. double Piscean I know is one of the most grounded, logical and scary people I know… Read more »


Oh don’t get me wrong … double Piscean daughter is uber awesome. Not only is she gorgeous, but also very sensible, highly intelligent, creative, circumspect in her thinking and far more grounded than I ever was at her age – probably thanks to her Taurean dad who I nicknamed “Mr Method in a grunge t-shirt”. 😉 She’s just a bit vague and disorganised about following through methodically on plans, with this aggravating need to “help” people who she considers less fortunate. Usually this seems to take the form of hooking up with douche bag boyfriends with lame emo-boy haircuts who… Read more »


Don’t get a tattoo… They cannot be uranian anymore, surely, they are a dime a dozen…

Miss Leo

Tatts can totally be Uranian still, regardless of how many other people have them. A lot of people get them to mark a major change after all, no? I was the first person in my family (including an incredibly large group on my dad’s side) to get a tattoo. It wasn’t so much the tattoo that made me feel rebellious, but the subject matter certainly helped me feel like I was starting to make a permanent change towards getting away from an abusive upbringing and subsequent eating disorders. It’s of the glyph of Ceres (dwarf planet, former asteroid, goddess, etc)… Read more »

Aquarian Rising NOT Pisces Rising

I’m really not into Tattoo’s I feel the same way ^ Everybody has a tattoo, often not that symbolic of anything, just because.

I would get over my tattoo in a week and regret it forever.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

How fun!!! I second the Uranian makeover. It does seem to be true that getting your style aligned with your ascendant brings harmony, happiness, and luck.

I know my birth time is right because I was my mom’s first kid and she remembers the specific time on the certificate: 11:44 A.M.
I very much fit the profile of a Taurus rising (with the nostrils and aversion to starchy fabrics to prove it) and there is just no way in hell I am accidentally a neighboring Aries or Gemini rising! lol


My lovely sis is Aqua, Toro Rising she is the most original funny blend of qualities – loads of Sagg in the mix. One moment she is off the chart crazy, then she gets uber conservative. I can’t keep up! She has Moon in Gem and Merc in Cap which adds to the confusion of Air & Earth. Plus there is a stubborn streak a mile wide.. And is the nostril thing a flared nostril or just a large one? (No offence, I am curious, cannot tell a thing from your beautiful pic). I always think of large nostrils as… Read more »

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

Kind of flared I think? Like my nose is not big itself, but the nostrils are broad. Actually, kind of like Henry Rollins who is an Aqua that we were speculating may be a Toro rising… I know what you mean on the earth-air-fire confusion. I am a goofball at heart as an Aqua with some Sagg and Aries placements but then the double Taurus and Venus in Capricorn amplifies a very pronounced stubborn, oldschool Saturn side. Never met another Aqua-Taurus rising to my knowledge. I wish that as a rule you had to write your astrology on a nametag… Read more »


Same here. I do wish I had more water to balance it all out. I must be a closet fish because I love the color blue so damn much.


Omg, this happened to me, I was under the impression I was Leo Aries Rising Saggo Moon. One day I phoned the hospital as I trust mothers with birth times like I trust wino’s with my best wine glasses. Sure enough I learned I was not only Gem Rising but had a Scorp Moon! It was such a shock. But you will enjoy doing your chart so much more now! Aqua Rising people are so awesome, as a Leo I find them wonderfully cool, foreign & quirky. Then when they totally get the Leo stuff it’s like …’sigh!’. The best.… Read more »


Having said all that, I must say, I kind of mourned the loss of my firey chart and trines. It mad so much sense to me! But then I found that my new chart had loads of watery trines which given my interests made a lot of sense. And the intense edge of the moon in Scorp really altered my sense of self-perception. I know it sounds so navel-gazing but it is true, lol. Now I see like the reason the other chart resonated is ‘cos I am wilful and intense like an Aries Rising but it was due to… Read more »

Virgo Ellie

OMGosh.. How exciting is that!! What a relief. I can imagine how frustrating it was to see that “things” were not in sync with you since you thought you were Pisces rising. This is like you won the lottery!!

Congratulations!! 🙂


12th house virgo

I wish I could discover that I am a Libra rising instead of Virgo rising. At least I’m a Libra in my progressed chart. Really, I’d like a rising sign that is different than the sun sign. Even progressions don’t give me that.

Aquarian Rising NOT Pisces Rising

Thank you Ellie 🙂 it feels great. It makes sense. I felt like I had found my real identity..

Amazing day.

Quickly jumped onto email HAD to tell Mystic lol xx she is like my astrology god


you must be so pretty then with Aquarius rising! I like the Aquarius effect in people. There are flaws which turn out to be real beautiful and edgy.
What do I know, with everything in space, in our solar system right now being in Pisces it is like we are all Pisces rising:)


Aqua rising here and I consider myself to have more of a quirky beauty, for sure! Slightly unusual features that somehow fit together well, like big, sleepy eyes, great cheekbones and chin, kind of a wider nose, and very defined cheeks – hard to describe, but when I smile, they form little “apples” you can grab onto. I’m also tall, which I love. Have been told before that “nobody I know looks or acts like you.”
Yay for unique!

Aquarian Rising NOT Pisces Rising

Hahahah!! Wow.

Just wow. You’ve described my features to the TEE.
Big brown sleepy eyes, smallish nose big lips high cheekbones that form little apples. Lol

You know, how Aquas look like they’re from another planet, do you like an Alien also..

I can pick other Aquas because.. they look like aliens. Seriously. That spaced out look in their big eyes!

Astro grandma

my grand daughter, who is only 7 months old and is Leo with Aqua rising, already exhibits these traits. She has the most AMAZING eyes and is already just a tad eccentric! Don’t forget the ability to do haute aloof! I’ve never seen a baby appear so weary of company and capable of a withering look!


Hey Iam Pices Rising and proud of it! No love zombie shite for me ever. Really fit and getting into the Now! I love the Zap Zone yeah!!!


Actually, this same thing happened to me in summer. Spur of the moment I, who always believed to be born at around 10am asked my mother about my birthtime and she tells me I was born at noon, shifting me from a mid Taurus Rising to a late Gemini Rising.

It’s cool tho, I can now officially be Peter Pan, have Mars conjunct the Asc, and Sun in 10th who might still be in range of the MC.


Lucky you!! You have two rulers actually Uranus and ‘Saturn’, your tradional ruler, which gives you exemplary fashion sense ala the oft admired classic with a twist. People love Aqua rising because while they may come across radical, Saturn graces them with oodles of very public integrity = the ‘genius’ reputation. Im Aquarian Sun and have envied those who wear “my” Soul on their sleeve, for all the world to see.. Sun Aquarians can be very shy ala their Saturnian side, which again can come as a shock to some . And what an amazingly, shockingly truely Urnanian way to… Read more »

aqua rising!

yes! i love this! yay for surprise aquarian realizations. i realized today that jupiter and uranus are making aspects to tht ascendant of mine, and it fits as ive been feeling like telling everyone i know that im sick of them and want more fun loving friends. then, while i dark mooned rampage organize-cleaned my bedroom, i tried moving a lead glass table by my indepedent self and fell on it. had 6 stiches put on my hand, plus a bunch of leftover glass is floating around under my skin. funnily enough, transiting jupter is in my 4th, and twas… Read more »


(((hugs))) speedy recovery AR


Hello!!! Uranus in Aries which rules “the head” in astrological anatomy….yep serendipitous alright.


Whoops. I read wrong…”hand”, but Aries also rules accidents and cuts (Mars/Uranus)
still tres applicable.

Aquarian Rising NOT Pisces Rising

It’s so funny that you say this ‘I’ve always envied those who wear my ‘soul’ on their sleeve. ” Many of the people that I am close with are Aquarians and they’re not shy of showing loads of admiration for my personality quirks. I thought it was just my Mars in Aquarius but being rising as well I must wear my ‘Aqua’ mask for everyone to see. It is true, Aquas are quite shy about their Saturian side which yes, does shock some. But see, my moon is Capricorn obviously ruled by Saturn so it comes naturally to exert the… Read more »


Moon in the 12th in Cap = grounded compassion for the suffering of others. Nice combo.


Always thought i was aqua rising, not capricorn, chart was originally done to aqua and it resonates more than capricorn, so my mother may have been out with times as it wasn’t recorded waaay back then.Said she remembered as i was breech & a month perm which would have made me a actual capricorn! yet i am as Sagg as they come.
Like aquas loads.
Hugs sweet Venus ruled, there is a loads of love in you given freely. x

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