For The Love Of Leo

YSL picture black vintage telephone styleWith the Moon near wise asteroid Hecate in Leo, what better time to honor the most potentially self-actualized sign of all? Leo the Life Enhancer, Leo of the Noble Demeanor, Leo Of Love, Leo of Light.

Seriously. Leo is ruled by Apollo – the Sun God – and around whom other other planets/deities revolve. The symbol for Leo is the Lion – King/Queen of the Jungle. Try to subvert that regal paradigm and you’ll know all about in a hurry. And yet they can be unbelievably kind to creatures smaller or less powerful than them.

Screenshot Lion being kind to MouseThe renowned Leonic glamor is not something they do out of desperation to be accepted or liked – it is pure raw primordial life force – their signal to a sometimes hostile world that they’ve got it together no-matter-what, that they are fuqing fierce and not to be fuqed with, that they respect beauty and shizz all over drab mediocrity.  A Leo does not insult a gathering by turning up anything less at full fab throttle; Leo makes an entrance, all brazen heat & dazzle, raising the Qi of the Whole Room.

Jennifer Lawrence big hair magenta lipstickLeos know that it is an insult to life to be anything other than at maximum Awesome and they’re as generous and forgiving re your faults as they are of their own. And unlike some people, the reverence and love Leos have for the Arts, Music, Cinema, Theater etc is deeply felt, in every nano-fibre of their being.  As Leos finally shake off the final vestiges of any Love Zombie coma (1997 to 2012 was a hard era for our Leo) we declare today RESPECT FOR LEOS day.

Salvador Dali Leo

See also my Leo Category for more on awesome Leos, famous Leos, inspirational Leos & info re Leos…

Image: Salvador Dali

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This Leo post has me missing my ex best friend of 30 years. We parted company 2 years ago when she didn’t reply to a critical letter i sent her & now her telephone number has been disconnected. Her daughter an Aries was my godchild as we were preggers same time, but i miscarried. Together we completed the fire sign trio. Leo friend spent 20 years disputing her father’s will that only left her 1 million instead of 3. Even though she lived in a different state, i stood by & supported her through that time, then asked her to… Read more »


Exaggerate? That is so Sag, your Jupiter is showing 🙂
That fee is insulting in every way. Pay me my worth or not at all, i say. AND you were taking 20 times that fee worth of equipage with you free of charge..
The Pope asked Michaelangelo what he could do to help whit the painting of the sistine chapel. The artist replied ‘stand out of my light’. Apt for your situation, yes?
How to get to the top of your profession? Invent your own.
You have done that, congrats on brilliant photos.


This is all strange to me because I’m only 24 that era has been my only love era .. Must be my Leo moon but this is part of an all over rebirthing period


you go GF. do it for your soul. ounds like you need a break. as any Leo and turean as well will tell you lounging about is very theraputic pref with face mask on and groovy music and no plans at all.

Leo Princess

Thanks Mystic. Good to know that the LZ scene is finished. Don’t want to go there again ever!


I’ve got two Leo men in my life, they don’t know the level of involvement I have/had with the other. They both have the same first name, even initials. They are exactly the same age distance from me 2 & 1/2 years older & younger. One is the roaring kind the other more introverted. One thinks he’s a great lover, the other one is the best I’ve ever had. One is sorta the past but still friends, the other is the now. I love them both, they fascinate me no end.


Thank you for the glam Leo love! Truly heartfelt. The Leo women I shared this with all really needed this support; we’ve all been feeling a bit despairing. It’s good to be reminded of our haute Leo selves, because it is easy to forget, even when it feels we’re totally swamped bolstering everybody else.

I wonder, are we a pride, all of us Leo women in a group?


Void Moons are not crash hot for playing music. Not sure what a void Leo moon is good for.

The pic on the Daily Horoscopes btw is a total HOOT. Hehehe.

plutonic mergoat

One thing I’ve noticed with some of the Leos I’ve met is that they go through a LOT. Abusive families, physical illnesses, addictions, accidents, “interesting” life choices (my Leo friend has done just about everything from riding the rails to hanging out with the Hell’s Angels)… but they have the biggest hearts nonetheless. Said Leo friend I just mentioned considers me one of her daughters (she’s ten years my senior), and actually calls me more than my real mother does. She’s just so caring and generous. I’ve got my moon in Leo and I’m dating a Leo rising. We’re both… Read more »


I have a Leo north node and so I identify with Leo energy. Those years were very tough in terms of thinking of my life direction.

Every year my hair gets bigger and wavier. 😉


Thanks for the perfect timing, Mystic. It was my ex’s birthday on March 23. I try so hard not to be a Love Zombie over him and your little pep talk is helpful.


Double Leo xxSun and Mn Mother was both haute and low….more haute in her later years before she passed on… Her heart was closed down by an abusive father in her younger years and she took that out on my Libran brother…(not that Librans are innocents of course…tho we have to not take things so literally! At a point, in the Super Conscious flash of God/Source Light, our egos are transformed…there are no archetypes in that light…hmm? There is no definition…lets not judge each other so harshly as far as what roles we are presently playing…We may just need this… Read more »


Sent sweet Papa Aries his bday card today…is the 27th..his 80th…so precious and we are closer than ever. Still feel sick with the virus..going on 3 weeks…talk about a spring cleaning lol.. BUT! Gemini Sun/Libran Mn son in law got accepted to Cal Poly to get his Masters in English…and, Kataka…Sun in 8th…/Scorp rising/Sagg Mn/Leo Mercury…got a new part time job at “Hush” cosmetics and is getting an Internship at… ~My volunteer work at the Gay and Lesbian center in LA has gotten me an intern position there, which means I will be taking on more tasks and projects over… Read more »


I have a mostly wonderful big hearted Mum in Law who is Jupiter Pluto Leo (Mars Mercury Venus Aquarius) and she is possesses a very sunny almost comical disposition (Aries moon), facing third round of surgery (remission) and more than 6 operations survives it all, jokes sardonic wit… We were bitter adversaries (Neptune in Aquarius was hard on my Sun for breaking through delusions) but we came through the other side; she is camp, grand, big and loud…with fantastic unusual glamour and outrageous rebellious spirit…Truly original sense of adventure and amazing spontaneous fun! My own mother is multiple Gemini (5th)… Read more »


Yes me too, as far as the Leonic peeps. Mother, as mentioned, and then the ex Pisces with Moon and Mars in Leo. Gem daughter has Leo N or S node, I’d need to re-look at her chart, but crazy that her husband is Pisces with Moon in Leo like my ex. Like you say, some kinda legacy…karmic energy stuff/patterns going on there. The only Leo I presently know is one of my male patients. He’s a Fed Ex (in his 50’s) employee and works very hard and he is hilar. We have a few good laughs. Nice when someone… Read more »


Leo’s are in my 3rd and so we never are at a loss for words with each


All spring cleaned ready for summer in the desert.x

freedom ala air

So what’s the story with this full moon coming? its in Libra, and will be activating the zap zone… How will we see this play out in our personal lives… I have read my horoscopes on here but will again… must make a plan for the week…

Rache (aqua/tauri)

Full moon on my south node as I am juice fasting…prepare for the shitstorm I guess?

freedom ala air

Juicing is so good!…. Particularly in these challenging times… I had a carrott beetroot apple and two large limes juice yesterday…. In the arvo I had a banana yoghurt water spirulina hemp seed and maca smoothie…. Rad …. And I actually managed to cook dinner last night… I haven’t cooked for ages proper, so busy and tired and eating simple meals which are often not that delicious or nutritious… But I made roast sweet potato, pumpkin and a roast chicken, this will last all week… And had rocket from the garden toasted pine nuts and fetta… Man,that was good, and… Read more »


That sounds amazing!!! Man, I think I was born old. Are all Taureans that way? I just want my own home, with my own garden, to make my own awesome food with. Like proper nutritious but actually hearty and prepared food like you made!

My god. I’m turning into my multi-toro father. He never leaves the ranch and rarely leaves his couch-sized chair when he’s not working…lol

12th house virgo

It will be conjunct my first house Pluto. I’m sure Mystic will keep us updated as it gets closer. I know in my life, I’m learning how to share my vision, and how to negotiate without being pass-ag or self-deprecating. Interesting times we live in…

freedom ala air

Ah yes… what a great thing to practice…. I’m also wanting to polish up my self talk… I haven’t felt ready to articulate my vision to anyone, but was triggered to last week, when I was talking to colleague about how they were really pushing the excercise thing w our clients (which I love because I already do that With my clients) and I was saying how maybe we should all train as pt’s… He then said, well you should talk to ***** about that they have aspirations in that direction…. (omfg! this person they are talking about is a… Read more »


As friends I love Leo’s! They are a blast to be around and love a good time. As a taurus though I am romantically drawn to them and that is a very bad match up lol. Be careful other taurans out there it is a passionate yet volatile pairing.


I love Leos!! My lovely Mama is a Leo, so are both her sisters, my 3 closest female friends are all Leo rising and some of the best men I’ve hung out with have been Leos.

Obviously they all drive me nuts with their pomposity and pride and I annoy them with my bluntness (Aries rising, Scorpio sun) and acerbity. They’re all super loyal though and so am I so there’s nuff respect there y’know.


I’m very glad to see this positive Leo post from MM. My late Leo mom must have gotten stuck in Low mode, because years of dealing with her left me with the belief that all Leos were, well, let’s just say that my opinions about them were entirely negative. It’s taken a long time for me to understand that Leos have an Haute side, too. Imagine my shock when I looked up my progressed chart recently and found a Leo moon! 😀

catfish moon

Natal leo moon here and I barely slept last night.

12th house virgo

Same here


Oh no, let’s not let this turn into a hate fest spitting contest that some other lesser sites are known for…That being said, I’m sometimes quite envious the leo’s high degree of personal self respect and self worth. I find it remarkable that they are able to hold onto that and do it radiantly through many difficult situations. They may sulk but do not either show it or get over it quickly. Thinking that is from the gift of the sun. I so admire that. My mother is a double Leo with her MC right on her Ascendant. We have… Read more »

Unconventional Gemini

For all the primordial razz mattazzzzzzz that Leos possess, it seems to be very difficult for them to control it. I say this because I have yet to meet a Leo whose ‘razzz….’ is tolerable other than at a considerable distance. Close up, I have found their ‘life force’ as Mystic puts, is best described as self-absorbed, narcissistic, selfish, vengeful and a boat load of other unflattering terms. Outwardly charming, certainly, but it quickly deteriorates into a performance. The larger the audience the better. And then it progresses from boring to unbearable. But maybe all that force power is more… Read more »

Unconventional Gemini

ETA “….I haven’t yet met a Leo that shortly DOESN’T make me want to put a great distance between us.


Hear hear!


Mars/Moon conjunction in Leo in the 5th!
Always felt more connected to my Moon than my Sun (which has hardly any aspects at all; the solar aspects I do have are *all* out-of-sign, to boot).

My Leo Moon aspects nearly everything in my chart, so I’ve always felt connected to it. Sunny weather – like today!! = Instant Joy for this lioness..


Thank you for posting this…my super fab crush and hopefully soon to be more is a fabulous LEO man…looking forward to the commencing of fun!


Leo IC and S. Node!

Yes I like making an entrance and making a statement for occasions.

” As Leos finally shake off the final vestiges of any Love Zombie coma (1997 to 2012 was a hard era for our Leo) we declare today RESPECT FOR LEOS day.”
I’ve been really fed up with my guy lately…I am so ready to tell him he is full of it, and that I can’t take him seriously anymore.

Doing a jazzercise class this morning. First time.


9/8/68 & owning it…hair I am!…as my aqua moon looks sideways & practices ‘detachment’


Ah, you have the same birthday as my bf! 🙂


Hurray!! What a lovely post. All hail Queen Leo – & Mystic!!!

PS I have Leo Rising, no duh
PPS I hope you can do a post like this for all the signs sometime. It would be lovely to see one on Gemini… 😉


I do understand and appreciate your comment Cucumber. Having lived in the shadow of my Leo sister, everyone knew who was on top of this litter. They naturally possess a position of power in all settings, which is not necessarily a negative.

To false 'social-elite'

Oww, darling ‘socia-elite’. Thank you for your comment, you are the dearest proof of what ‘leos’ really are about. And you know very well that the astrological descriptions about you are designed to cater your empty soul. Nobody would write anything nice about you knowing that the only reason you turn to astrology is to steroide-pump your egos. That’s why you waste your time to read ‘fantastic you’ comments all the way down. Also, I understeand you take really care to pronounce the ‘hysteric leos’ words right, and because it got onto you so hard, you know it is true.… Read more »


You, are THE perfect example of a Qi Vampire….THANKS for sharing so all can learn ;D

The Leo Socialite

Never a good idea to hit the cooking sherry and go online duckie.

fyi mystic has done some HORRENDOUSLY anti Leo posts on here.

i am a skeleton in the closet? But i have come Out?

Hey i’m happy you noticed I lost weight and yes, i am bisexual, c’est moi!

You should start a business called Empty Soul Catering


Posts like these confuse and disappoint me.


they actually make me laugh.


i’m positive that leo values like joy, creativity, and love are still valid, even in this virgoan regulus era. perhaps saturn is transiting your 5th house and you are struggling with these, playing it cool as a cucumber? it’s understandable- it’s a damn hard transit- but surely somebody in your childhood once told you that nothing is gained by putting others down. if not, here it is: attempting to suck the soul of others only sucks your own. break the cycle.


Hi Dragon Queen! Your kind post made me realise that there is many of you sweet and compassionate guys and definately I was wrong. Everybody: Take it as my apology. Lol, no transiting saturn, but that was a mars-uranus outburst after one particular Leo gave me a very hard time. Ok, one whose pluto sits on my Sun-Jupiter and Mars by conjunction. We give each other hard time sometimes, but even hard times are necessary. No other ppls than leos are able to give a positive inspiration. You are one of them. Thumbs up for you Dragon Queen. All the… Read more »



Well, at least you tried. Maybe hit a few more sites then finish the bottle. Or head to your english class, you might need a refresher.


Thanx Mystic! Love you! Xx

The Leo Socialite

My dear poor Cucumber, it is “hysteric” not “historic” – from the Latin “Hysterus” or womb. There are other spelling errors in your obviously heart felt “comment” but it is worth getting this particular word correct.

Godfather Syndrome? Yes i often go around gunning down people who don’t do analingus properly. Seriously what you been smoking dude?


me too LS. I always have a muff pistol handy


I wonder why leos get always such fabulous description. Maybe because everybody got used to flattering leos, with anything less they are turning histeric. Maybe that is becouse they are so brilliant at hiding their dark side. But, there is a dark leo side too. A bully, narcisst complexed, control freak can’t look at other people in other ways but as extention of themselves. They are not that genuinely and unconditionally generous, all leos I have met go ahead for using other people up to their limits, with no shame. I call it godfather syndrom. Believe me, there are some… Read more »


Dear Cucumber, what is your Sun?
And why are you so worried that others will be happily trundle off with shiny clean-licked asses?
You know there is enough ass licking in the world to go around for all of us!!
Take a break & get your ass licked! You’ll feel better, your ass will feel better & maybe the godfather syndrome infection you have will clear up too!


Look, I have to agree with you cucumber… The dark side of leo is as you say…. On a previous post about Leo I posed the theory that maybe it is so dark in the shadow of leo because their light is so bright! to be put in the dark by a Leo is a dramatic shift from their loving adoration and vital need….

12th house virgo

Very few people get to see the dark side of my Leo ex, Mars in Aries pointed at my Mars in Libra. He always is on show. I’m glad to be on the other side of the curtain now. He has an ethic for behavior that is easy to engage, so long as you don’t live behind the scenes. His pride always rules.




Hi Cucumber, I get what you’re saying and I appreciate your comment. everything can’t be love and lollipops after all. Lord knows, every signs has its negatives. I think people with a lot of or strongly placed fire signs in their chart tend to come off more extroverted and the world values that more compared to introverted personalities/signs; so fire sign people are seen as being more warm, assertive, etc. and are more readily accepted by the public and rewarded by society because of it. Depending on gender, even the negative aspects are considered desirable. Men get away with all… Read more »


Gah, it’s supposed to read: “do for me and his family” not “do me for his family” … Freudian slip, lol

Libra Saggio

Hi Cucumber, Hi Gem Crab, I appreciate your both comments, I also get tired of all this positive fame Leo has, which may not necessarily be all. I am thinking of how wonderful signs such as Scorpio, Capricorn or Virgo can be and since I am working as interpreter and business consultant and I see them as the most brilliant in the business scene, yet they are not as popular in astrological literature as Leo. Don’t think that introverts have less assets, I think it has changed to the exactly opposite. I witness that overy explosive people (such as me… Read more »

12th house virgo

I suspect Mystic wrote this post because on a recent post commentors requested advice on how to work the Sun in their chart. Leo is ruled by Sun, and Mystic did a good job describing the positive qualities of Sun/ego expression. We all know the ego has a shadow, but the Sun must shine. How do you relate to the Sun in your chart? That’s a more empowering question for you to consider. Why concern yourself with taking Leo’s down a peg?


Hi Cucumber. Sounds like you’re a bitter little pickle.


so funny lal


No Leo wants their ass licked.

“deserve bad publicity for what they authentically are ?”

I would be concerned only with my OWN authenticity,
takes a lifetime to figure it out really.

You sound bitter.

Rache (aqua/tauri)

This can be true, but interestingly I’ve found Aquas to often be extremely narcissistic — whereas instead of an exalted sun as w Leo the sun in Aqua is in detriment. I wonder sometimes if its because of this that Aquas can tend to be narcissistic…because when we are insecure we feel a compulsion to identify and make sure we have a solid self. In my experience w Leo’s it’s the opposite; they are SO sure of who they are that they do not question it…and so while they can be big personalities and attract a lot of attention they’re… Read more »


yeah we want everybody to party. we are the 24/7 party people who wants everybody to be happy.


,” leos deserve some bad publicity for what they authentically are” wtf? we are not aunthentically evil. The hi leo is autthentically wonderful and warm. Every sign has a hi and lo side and none is better or worse than others, i have been on the wrong side of a scorpio a lot and it is hideous. I think when peeps are lo there are many others forces happening and no one is authentically bad.


Mystic, you are the best. Way to warm my heart. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be a Leo only because I let others dim my light through disapproval. This post made me think: ‘Not anymore!’ Thanks, for the encouragement to be my Leo self.


Yes! Don’t be a scaly cat – be a rampant lion (soz scaly cat makes me think of an animal with a skin disease).


Ha Ha! That’s the best. But the ‘scaly’ is for the scales of my libran moon. But you are right- maybe the moniker needs a rethink.


Yay! *Leos* The gracious felines of Heavens 🙂

I understand my Leo mother better since my progressed Sun has moved into Leo. My Sun is Gem, I used to flit around the chores a lot and she kept harping “Why do less, when you can do spectacularly better?” A classic Leo sign..

For my progressed Sun, it is too early to master the haute Leo signature. I am now learning to lash my tail under the dignity of an afternoon sun 🙂


Yup, I love Leos. My fella is a lively, loving Lion. LOVE his heart and warmth, and fun and loyalty, and I totally respect leonine creativity – my female leo friends admirable from hair, to clothes, to interior and gardening style and cooking. And very good at their job.

(occasionally astounded at the obstinacy)


Unfortunately my life has not been graced with many Leos but the ones that have do definitely vibe the above.

They definitely have the pieces of the puzzle that I don’t and go insane trying to find!

Vintage Venus

I think Leo’s are magical creatures, full of joy de vire, blessed with a fire which translates into easily identifying the barriers and obstacles how to break them down and max out their wellbeing, happiness, health and those in their family-cub circle. Its natural for others to want to stamp out fire but this is not a deterant, it’s just another barrier!


Love you MM…RAWR!!!
It will be so much fun when your
prog. moon catches jungle fever.


1998-2012—OMG! —– Aqua rising sat/pluto in leo7th cusp.
The King is gone–LONG live the Queen (moi)


long llive all he queens. I curtsy regally to you all


A beautiful Leo friend passed away last year.

He could light up a room just by walking in and had a gift of making every person feel like they were his sole focus. He never let anyone feel alone or left out. He genuinely cared. Loved unconditionally and is profoundly missed.

Leo’s you make the world beautiful.

Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot


My Merc and Mars cheering there. Go-go Leo!


Thank you for your kind words to all us Leos, dear Mystic. But what is the planetary configuration that lead to all these years of hardship?

Miss Leo

Neptune in Aquarius, so lots of transits to anyone with stuff in Leo.

Little sun rising

my boyfriend has Jupiter in Apollo and when I’m around him the sun never stops shining.


Yes! Yay Leos! *cheerleaders run out into stadium, go crazy*


my favorite leo in all the world is of course my utterly charming and radiant little daughter, who, when she enters her preschool in the morning, stands in the doorway until all eyes are on her, then, with a flourish, removes her jacket to show off her beautiful outfit which she has gloriously approved for its beauty by checking it out from every angle in the mirror. but oh! if she has to wear the khaki overall skirt which she dislikes… the EPIC mope. once her sister cut her hair (from long “princess hair” to a mullet, mind you)- she… Read more »


Hdq! You are so beautiful!


aw, thanks! *blushes* 🙂


I agree! 🙂 go girl


born haute – hell yes 🙂 & then we spend a lifetime getting back to that state!


Your daughter sounds so amazing (and cute)!!! 🙂


oh she is! i am so blessed and honored (and awed) to be her mother. 🙂


Know that they would never want anyone to feel like a mouse on purpose and that many a Leo have felt like a mouse themselves and they understand that you have to let your light shine.


oh, absolutely. it is entirely a reflection of my own insecurity. the instant it is noticed by the beautiful lionesses they do everything in their considerable power to build me up. in fact, all of their energy seems to be devoted to building others up, to sharing and growing the light. the selfless self! i’m sure there are awful leos out there, but i have to say i have honestly never met one. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Data what I beend doin all weekend with my Loe gf. She has gone now and I am exhausted but she helped me too in many ways, so it was leo love in minus stooopid men.

Miss Leo

A group of Leos–definitely a pride of lions 🙂

I’ve always heard that Leos don’t do well around other Leos because they all want the spotlight, but we always seem to get along so well with each other, much in the way lionesses all do.


Leos are so great to have around at parties. So glam and such beautiful hair. Yes everyone needs one at their parties..


Thank you MM. My leo sun thanks you for your kind words. My struggle sometimes lies in being thought of as prideful when in reality I truly want the best for all. Nature and art always bring me back to self and how everything we do is a reflection of our soul and I am forever checking in w/my higher self to make sure I am coming from a place of truth and beauty and life-affirmation. BTW, got divorced in 97 and came out of the stupor last year. I can see clearly now….xo


My son is on the cusp of Leo / Virgo – closer to the Virgo side. So far (he is 7) I can see more Virgo than Leo. I hope he develops some more of his Leo as he matures, sounds fun to be Leo.


Aww! It’s like you channeled a Leo to write this post MM!! Lol.
Am a Leo fan as well as being a Leo. Most of the guys I have dated were Leo’s – except the ones that really mattered in the end (Sagg and my Gem partner).

I really do love the Leo warmth and I find when they get self-centered they often just need a gentle shove in the right direction to refocus their lens more broadly (like onto me ‘cos I am Leo too!! lol).


know it andy. it def . I’ve been on my throne this weekend “counselling’ a LZ who has it bad,

its like LZ Boot camp here.

serious took her phone off her last night and it worked, She is leo gal too so it quite a weekend so far
i told my stupid leo man to go stick his head up his a hole and have a good think. feelin fine


Go girl giving yr leonine toastiness & support!
Kick that LZ tendency outta the ballpark..with nonchalance & subtlety.
What’s up with yr Lion?
Got a fur ball in his gullet?


definitely a terrible love zombie era ishhhh!! 2013 send me true love!! leo rising

12th house virgo

“Love Zombie coma (1997 to 2012 was a hard era for our Leo) ”

This time frame is totally resonating with me. Must be my Leo moon. Thank goddess I’m post-apocolyptic now. The King is dead, long live the Queen.

Raché (Aqua/Tauri)


“Leos know that it is an insult to life to be anything other than at maximum Awesome and they’re as generous and forgiving re your faults as they are of their own.”

This is so true. Leos may seem attention-seeking or shallow on the surface but they have such huge hearts. My best friend in childhood was a Leo and we were literally opposites in personality and astrologically (Sun opposite Sun @ 14 degrees Aqua/Leo)…huge personality, super loud and full of life compared to my neurotic introspection. But we were inseparable.

12th house virgo

I was going to pull this same quote. Mystic – you are gold. It captures haute Leo perfectly. Leo is my 12th house ruler, where my sun and venus in Virgo live. All the loves of my life have had strong Leo. My ex husband, and a childhood friend who returns to me every mercury retrograde are both Leo. Plus, the best friend I broke up with last summer is a Gemini Leo-rising. She came to me in my dreams last night, jumping on a pogo stick, as a Gemini-Leo-rising would. My soul mates never give birth times. Fuq those… Read more »


“I am easily satisfied with the best” 😀 I know leos who adore that quote. my mars and rising in leo certainly relate. I love the best form of all I am passionate about! How could it be any other way?


Thank you mystic! I really needed the ego boost today! The other day,during a conversation about the rain, someone told me I was solar powered because I said I felt depleted without the sun. Too many grey days in a row (like 2) and I lose my shiz. I love all seasons and embrace what each has to offer, but I truly mourn the end of summer. This is happening right now. By reading your ” Leo of light” I realised, in a very leonic way that I store sun in my hair ( it is always more golden and… Read more »


I hate grey days need my Vitamin D!
I’ve turned into a sun worshipping.

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