Beware Of The Love Zombies

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Wolf KissingVenus Void in Pisces brings up Love Zombie regrets, flashbacks and disbelieving freak-outs.  There is no real cure but a brisk shower with Bitch Essence (i meant to type birch just then, was thinking Weleda and aura cleansy but whatever, the typo stays) and making yourself sleep or write it all out. If anyone is dumb enough to read the rant, say it was all a dream. Nightmare even. OR just wait it out in a tetchy mood until Venus hits Aries on Thurs/Fri and the vibe shifts quite a lot.

Game of ThronesImage: Game Of Thrones & credit for top one coming

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133 thoughts on “Beware Of The Love Zombies

  1. “My dragons! WHERE are my dragons?”
    Haha, that is just how I feel on a void moon in Pisces… 🙂
    (No, it’s like I really want to know).

    • You and me both, I will be projectile vomiting whilst my neck contorts into Exorcist style yoga

      I will hurl, barf, heave, puke and retch, bow to the porcelain goddess,

      I will Scromit.

  2. LOVE the artwork you selected.

    I know Venus has as much to do with money as it does sex, esp. with Saturn transiting my 2nd. I am expecting at least two job offers this week. Last night, I had a dream I was going over them. There were 9s, 12s, surprises, and then a wedding dress. Is it possible to LZ over an employer? LOL! Hoping to make a decision soon, but also trying to hold off until Wednesday. I don’t really know which one to choose yet, nor do I yet have any choices. How void is that?

    • Congrats, 12th house Virgo…I remember from a few posts back we were having like nearly the same work scenario. I have been waiting on an offer for 3 weeks now but fully expect to get it now that Mercury is direct. And just today, suddenly I have 3 new companies/recruiters beating down my door to schedule interviews with me. Feels pretty good after so much stress! Enjoy getting to pick and choose, and remember to negotiate well! I have never been too good at pushing the salary issue…

      • So funny we are in the same boat. I got two more calls today, but nothing in writing yet. We must be doing our astro well. Good luck and may the best opportunity win!

          • thank you! I’d hoped to get my offer yesterday….stil waiting. And alarmingly, I even called the hiring manager who has been very communicative with me throughout via email, telling me to “hang in there” and they have no other candidates, etc. He told me he was about to leave work and would “call me back” but never did. No email either. 🙂 I know they HAVE to hire someone, so I’m choosing to see this as a good sign. He doesn’t want to contact me til he has the offer ready or else more info from HR about when it will be ready.
            Fingers crossed!!!

            • Same here! Got two calls from two different recruiters saying they’d have me an offer soon, hopefully by the end of the day even. That was yesterday. UGH! I feel stuck because I don’t feel like interviewing more if I have an offer or offers coming, but nothing is done yet. Isn’t merc retro over? ick

  3. Out of curiousity, has anyone had any thoughts on what the not-so-far-off conjunction of the Sun and Venus will bring energy wise? First meeting of the two since the Transit of Venus last year so I’m kinda expecting things to get interesting..

  4. Please pray for a teenage Kataka here in California who is in a coma of unkown origin. This is day 6.
    Her name is Olivia.
    We are praying she will wake up and will be able to keep her legs( blood clots).

    All prayers and positive energy is welcome.

    • Pictured her in my minds eye, lying in hospital, hovering between worlds. She is beautiful. Offered up a prayer. Counted my own blessings.

    • I read this and my thoughts turned to Olivia, I was standing about to invoke love and prayers, and then I felt a need to be outside as I did this. So,stepped outside, late evening, listening to the cicadas, seagulls, distant traffic, feeling the breeze, looking at the beautiful plants in my back yard including the intense pink fuchsias, thinking of her and wherever she is right now. Blew her a kiss, wished her safe travels. Then I looked sideways and a giant possum was staring at me from his night time lookout on the roof. I think I caught him by surprise as I stepped outside. So, a little bit of nature getting involved too.. xxoo

    • Thank you! Brought tears to my eyes.

      This dear sweet girl is in this state due to bad drugs. The drug MDMA, cut with other stuff, was the cause.

      Please keep the positive energy coming. I picture her awake and dancing again.

  5. So, I guess what this means with LZ regrets is that something is gonna happen that will cause me to be a little bit upset with myself thinking the toro/gem wanted anything of substance with me. a.k.a… what a fool VE. Although I am still processing my LZ thoughts on this connection and I am losing interest and feel ok after his drama tactics recently I will get myself prepped for another slap in the face. I still wish him well.

    I am having a blast lately. Since he removed me as a friend I feel to free to expose all of my fun activities to my other friends who appreciate it. It’s happening for a reason and possibly assisting me in disconnecting to this guy.

    I just put on my armor! I have been hurt enough! LOL!!

    • sounds like the toro is processing incognito. he’s probably got the steel vest on, with one of your balloons tied to his head. watching tv on the couch, thinking you’ll come knocking first. he either can’t get you out of his head because he’s fixated, or you drive him bats, but still can’t get you out of his head because it’s a challenge. either way you’re in his head. virgo’s are like the dragons for taurus. crazy encapsulating fire!

      • Yes, I can see him wearing the armor also! We are both steel toed stubborn. I will not chase him either!! I just can’t do it!

        It’s funny Mystic’s info on Eros and Psyche was so in line with the two of us! We are together, we are not, we are together again and then we back out.. that is us! But I honestly think it is over this time!

        • Don’t “think” it is over Ellie, know it is over, make it over for you, you don’t need his permission and then you can move onwards and upwards xx

      • Taurus here , fell hard for a Virgo who’d pursued me first, both couldn’t stop thinking about each other even though he’s in a relationship, he finally cut it off recently (after 2 years). I’m ok with that but it still hurts.
        Anyway, point being: it was all very intense!

  6. just to keep things complicated my new cap is trying to untangle from a love zombie in FULL swing. I have the boring task as the girlfriend to have to deal with it. It\s really tragic and a waste of everyone’s time. I just look at the whole thing and think, please just fuck off I am too tired to deal with you I have actual shit to deal with right now or just grow up he doesn’t love you but it’s not about me so I am just ducking the baggage instead.

    • Yes, at some point it’s like, dude ok I’ve nothing original to tell you except the same thing I’ve always told you and asking me to review your issues a thousand times over will not result in a revision, soz.

      • It has him all weirded out and its starting to affect things, Man I hate it when straight girls play this card. Pretending to be innocent when you are a psycho bats zombie but certain acts of patheticness are meant to entice pity. I roll in such different girl circles.

      • Of course, it’s affecting things. And while you’re wise to let him deal with it mostly, it sometimes takes the keen eye of a woman to understand the machinations of another. Two words. Jodi Arias – shudder.

  7. Oh my lordy, thank God for the Arian energy coming in. Ive been going through an emotional redux of Piscean Moon ex that has wreaked more havoc with me emotionally in 6 months than another ex Ive had of 6 years…

    I am seriously so thankful for my Triple Arian friend – she has been worth her weight in gold lately. She has been keeping me busy and my mind focused on other more fun and self-dev type activities(weve signed up for 3 5k runs this year, all in different themes) without letting me put any energy into the LZ redux. Lordy I am so thankful for her, she has been my guiding light in this time – and how timely, too as the Aries energy is kicking up!

    I came across this little thought – its unravelled a bit like an interesting story, or movie – But I find it so interesting I will share here! I think its my little pearl of wisdom that has been left after this Piscean storm…I realized during the painful month that was January(after the breakup 2 days after Xmas), that my intention for a soulmate and fulfilling relationship partner must have gone terribly wrong somewhere as I looked at the little love altar I had placed in the NE corner of my bedroom. And OMG, I realized that my relationship totally represented what I had put up there in that corner. I had placed 2 candles(two signifies union, its not recommended to put singular pieces in your love altar, you want to emphasize the “two” aspect), but one was in a light blue and one was a deep, intense purple. I wasnt thinking properly when I did it apparently, but the candles were placed far from one another, in their own little matching surroundings. The purple one was placed with all these deep burgundy orchids and golden accents – very rich and opulent feeling. The blue candle was placed between some driftwood(omg so Pisces), and was completely enveloped in it. They were both on opposing ends of my dresser. They were both very different in style, but somehow the two of them complemented one another very well. They just didnt fit well next to one another, the way I had laid it out. I also had a pot of double orchids planted together on that dresser, one taller yellow orchid, and one smaller purple orchid. I noticed in that painful month of January that the blossoms on the taller orchid, had started to fall, though the smaller one was growing strong and a single one had not even begun to wither. I thought they both spoke very clearly and represented us very well. I had always felt hurt that I was the only one putting effort into the relationship, and going strong while he was – well, I have no idea what he was doing.

    After I noticed this alarming, but very symbolic situation… I promptly reorganized the candles so that they were next to one another… I took away some of the over top opulence behind the purple, and I placed the driftwood in a more open and more “supportive” looking position, supporting them both together. They both sit atop the same platform, united by the same ground. They may be different but they still complement one another and work together better without fighting energetically. The flower pot I removed from my bedroom and placed by my desk in another room. I wasnt really doing this to change energies between my ex and I – whats done is done – but for any future relationship that pops on over, I want it to represent one of more unification and working together. With that intention, I let it be.

    Throughout the Mercury Rx, blossoms on the tall yellow orchid by my desk have continuously fallen one by one. I didnt know what to think of this, if it had any meaning on an energetic level or not, but I noted it in my mind… Anyhow, there was finally one blossom left on that flower, and that one stayed a long time for some reason, for most of the Mercury Rx actually – which is when I was dealing with plaguing feelings of this ex for about 2 weeks or so…. and I swear, the last blossom fell last night…. just as Mercury has gone direct. I also want to add that the Full Moon in Pisces this month was exactly conjunct my ex’s Moon…

    I dont know if any of the blossoms had any meaning or anything….Im sure they do, but I wont speak as to what that meaning might be… I am letting it speak to me quietly. All I know is that I feel so much freer today. I had spent a whole bunch of time with my Triple Arian friend last night and we had a blast!! Weve made good plans for the coming year too, this will be a fun-filled year for us both. And this friendship really turned a corner recently, its been a friendship I havent really felt 100% sure about, I couldnt tell if she was being genuine or not as a friend(Ive been backstabbed very badly and had trust issues from friends and family). But that feeling is not here anymore 🙂 She’s been the best friend to me just by being herself, and I, myself, and I feel Ive gained such a wonderful friendship throughout this ordeal. In the meantime, I dont want to speak too soon, but I feel I have finally started to accept the role my ex played in my life, and I sent thoughts of gratitude and love towards him and the relationship. Because of this relationship, I have invested so much more in terms of self-love and nurturing myself… which is probably what this relationship had to teach/show me, yet again. Its a lesson that has been hard for me to pass, I suppose. I hope I get it right this time.

    • isn’t it amazing what a huge difference the altar placement makes?? mine was similar. well, ish… anyway, immediately after i moved back away from the crab, i found these old owl salt and pepper shakers. we had an owl thing- they are us to a t. they sat on my altar, facing each other, for months while i heartached and zombied and blah blah blah. then, two weeks ago, i snapped. thought, “this is not what i want!” so i redid the altar and put the owls next to each other on the windowsill, looking out at the trees and sunrise and the world. realized that if there is to be a future with him or anyone else, i want a partner to go forward with, together. not to stare at and analyze and focus on in our own little world- because for those long months, that’s all we’d been doing. picking each other to pieces. INSTANTLY i swear everything changed. it was like a new spring breeze swept all the crud away, and all of a sudden i could see a future, where before there’d been only the pain of the past and present. magick!! little rituals make big, big changes!! as do amazing friends and grokking your true needs. beautiful. 🙂 big shiny healing blessings to you! xoxox

      • OMG!! So amazing you went through something so similar!! Thanks for sharing that, that put a huge smile on my face today 😀 I am moving forward with (hopefully) more awareness. Thanks and best of wishes to you too Hdq!!! xoxoxoxox

    • Love this story! I like how you have discerned your very own dictionary of symbols from this. I was told by a great psychic to create your symbol dictionary and it will be a great guide for you. (Like, she said that birds in the house mean a death in her family for her. But it could mean a genius idea for you or something).

      I have never done a romance altar, but I did do a vision board for a relationship, which seems to have worked, lol.
      Matching new candles seem a good idea from your story, I might visualise an altar and hold the intent of it instead of actually doing it. My kids will search & destroy which is needlessly symbolic as it is the way anyway.

      • Aww thanks! I think thats the thing with symbology – its all so personal. I totally get how certain things just vibrate on a collective level, but most things have a unique flavor we add to the recipe. A certain candle to me, is not the same candle to you, or anyone else. Tastes and prefs differ – and the reasons for each are all vast and different. I simply took this logic and apply it to whatever other situation I find myself in. Thus we sculpt and shape our worlds, and inject our energy and flavor… and in doing so we also add to the richness of the collective “soup”…

        Well, vision boards are great too. I have one for my dream home… lol. I find tangible things are more “alive” for me however. Its more “real” in a way, especially with my Venus in Cap, tangible things have more weight in a way – not because im shallow, but because its something I can see, touch, feel, etc. every day. Pixels are kind of abstract and are too easily changeable/fluid, and easily deletable as well.

  8. Too late. I unceremoniously dumped the Cappo Comedy Writer with an edict that pretty much said I don’t want your emails so don’t send me anything, I won’t respond. If he wants me, seriously he’ll have to come and get me, and I ain’t holding my breath.

    I feel a bit tender but noticed the rather immediate energy shift. It was whilst I’m sad about it, I’m focusing on watching myself breathe a little more freely again. Knowing I also gave him and it enough time helps.


    • Oh FA you would always be welcome here. Grab a pillow and girl out, a quick ditch feels a bit rough but its better than meandering road of crap if you know where you are at. x

    • Thank you Ms. darling..I was all set to loll about watching the Biggest Loser (haha, look at me I shed an entire man) when he begged and begged to come speak to me. I said, frankly I’m surprised you’re stopping me from going.

      We-ell, he chuckled, I’m not THAT hopeless. God this man is infuriating. So it’s apologies, confessions of feelings and him asking if he can please think seriously about this as I wasn’t “in the plan” and he’d like to consider the implications of us being BF-GF. I didn’t know whether to laugh or puke, like are we 12??

      Btw, he also confesses that part of his hesitation are trust issues (hello, I’m sure mine are bigger) and how his somewhat lower sex drive hasn’t helped past relationships. I’m looking at him perplexed going, but….we always have sex?

      So to lighten things up we talked about the new pope and when I looked a little sad, he leaned over to cuddle me which then resulted in him demonstrating how low his sex drive was. I’m either human viagra or he’s feeling out of control that there isn’t that problem with me.

      I’m just leaving it be. It’s too annoying right now. Like that meandering road of crap you speak of.. grrrr

      • Wow. Hmm. I love the way you write and allow people to be in the room with you FA. All just sounds awkward and not your speed at all. I so get cancerians, they are like neon to me but I think a lot of people miss the whole point of kataka powers of awesome and talk down to the emotion in terms of security when it’s like a literacy for you. You need someone totally different by the sounds of it. EQ personified xx

        • ‘literacy’ such a good way to put it..esp in context of cancerians like FA here (and others) whose matter-of-fact awareness of emotional terrain is uncontested.

      • Auuh, thanks darlings.. but that’s exactly it. OF COURSE, us Empaths naturally attract those so out of touch with their own emotions, it was awkward. Mainly as he’s acting like a hysterical weirdo.

        The whole The Plan thing is just laughable. I was my mother’s 9th pregnancy, a menopause child who hung in there despite two prior miscarriages – I was never in The Plan to begin with.

        The Cancer Rising Leo I was involved with before had super high EQ, unfortunately this also gave him substance abuse issues. I suppose however minute, the Capp does get some credit for not running away just as I was.

        As for me, I’m just trying to Occupy Myself rather than going on active duty as his nurse. Maybe in some strange way he probably knows this is healing for both of us, since our issues are mirrors of each other. But when he said the Plan, I instantly prayed to the Fates that very second for them to bugger it big time.

  9. Yes me Pisces have had horrible random flashbacks of regret for dumping the Leo after I spent 4 years trying to make him see the light and get clean he finally did and I have been feeling so abandoned ever since. That is until I saw him the other day high as a kite and had the AHA moment… Luckily for me my phone got disconnected so I had no chance of texting or calling and actually had time to think about it.. Blocked him from facey too.. Not long now until its all over just got to sit it out and it will pass. Been sleeping a lot and feeling exhausted from it all.

  10. Oh, so this explains it.

    Got an email from a guy I had an intense clandestine hotel drug romance while he was in town on business way back in late August. He had dropped off the face of the planet in October despite declaring his undying love for me and making plans to meet up again in Vegas for more debauchery.

    Apparently he had heart failure in early January — viral cardiomyopathy. He is 28. On a wait list for a transplant. He had to quit everything — stimulants, booze, pot, salt. He sent me an email apologizing for disappearing and explaining what happened.

    So weird that 6 months later we are off drugs and different people and so much has changed in just a few months of non-communication. He is a multi-Scorp — I believe Sun, Mercury, moon, and either Venus or Mars.

    • you realize he is about to have his ass kicked by Saturn for the next 4-5 years right? With a personal Saturn return AND Saturn transiting Scorp right now? Nonstop ass-kicking…. I don’t envy him. :p

      • Jesus. I didn’t even think of that. I thought Saturn return…but somehow forgot about Saturn in Scorpio.

    • Ya, Scorps dealing with mortality issues right now. Reminds me too of the movie I watched recently, 21 Grams, delves into death and second chances.

    • I got my health arse KICKED after my saturn returns, certainly not heart failure but serious enough. He will have saturn in scorpio too no and pluto? saturn pluto conjunction anywhere there?

  11. I’ve been in a horrible mood since Saturday. Partly I know what it is, work and home in flux, but I was dealing with both of those well until Saturday, don’t know what happened………..I’m feeling rageful. Don’t know what to do to calm it, I’ve tried everything. I’m just sick of my life here. I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. Maybe I didn’t care during the retro and Pisces stellium, but all of a sudden I care in a BIG WAY!! Don’t know what action to take, either. Just have no idea what to do!! If I could get in a car and drive away, out of this city and out of the life I have going on here, I would in a heartbeat, but that isn’t a practical solution right now.

    I had a LZ situation for several years. It’s pretty much gone away but tinges of it hang around every so often. I’m proud of myself that I’ve mostly gotten rid of it and it was so long and so intense that I think that experience cured me of getting into another situation like that, even though this one isn’t quite all gone. It doesn’t affect my daily life, though, anymore. Feels like a huge relief.

  12. my fantasy life is amazing. angst is gone. life goes on. it’s all good.

    i want to set her dragon free. and have it be so grateful that it gives me a ride. 🙂

  13. Well, I won’t be doing any LZ crap. There is seriously nobody left to angst over! Not even vaguely. After months of seeing ‘cosmic signs’ of someone that came to zilch, after quite specific incidents that pointed me towards him yet they too came to zilch, I have shrugged my shoulders and become a disillusioned sceptic. Yes signs, feng, cards, planets, blah blah, whatever. I have reached the conclusion that all I have been doing for months is finding ways to feel like I have some control over my uncontrollable and quite scary circumstances, and cushion the blow of the worst grief I have ever felt about losing someone I loved so deeply. I no longer believe my well meaning friends’ platitudes that I am still ‘psychically connected’ to my STBX and that’s why I am ‘blocking a vibe’. I barely left my house for two years then I met someone as soon as I stepped out of the door…. and I wasn’t looking. How does THAT happen??
    I am doing Aries even though I have no Aries planets. I am taking care of business, I am developing a new relationship with money. Woe betide any loser who tries to screw me over emotionally again. Fuq off, married man who pursued me with no intention of leaving his whining wife. Fuq off, soon-to-be-ex husband who thought it was ok to emotionally blackmail a vulnerable woman and play on my compassion.
    Yep – that’s me at the mo. Attractive proposition, huh?? 🙂 No wonder the boys are flocking to my door, lol.
    Go on, Venus. I DARE you.

    • this too shall pass my child……. we have a new pope don’t we….am substituting a new religion for LZ action….

  14. I have made a discovery that may help others. I am taking tryptotryphan and L-Glutamate (?) powder as recommended by my natural medicine practitioner to help with carb cravings and they also seem to work with love zombie issues. This is amazing for me as i am fine until i meet a man i like and then i revert into a nutcase. BRING ME MY DRAGON

  15. I have no LZ stuff going on, but I have realised the utter futility of making plans and trying to “make stuff happen”.

    I’ve realised that trying to make something of myself has just made me miserable all these years, because I am still not living that dream life; and in the meantime, I am not appreciating what I have here and now.

    I always said that when I grow up all I want to do is to sit on my bum and drink tea and read books. Now that I have the opportunity to actually DO this, instead I am trying to do business start-ups. Bonkers !

    This is my new approach:

    “A plant is not thinking: Tomorrow I will put a new leaf to the north and then next week when it rains I will grow a meter taller. Its existence is just unfolding out of itself spontaneously, naturally, unplanned. Similarly, your true life unfolds in the same way but you are unaware of it because you allow your mind to imagine fanciful ways of being and then pursue your projections. Like this, you began thinking and strategising your existence rather than simply experiencing your natural being.
    We cannot breathe tomorrows breath today. Therefore, knowing this, leave your existence to existence and start enjoying your cosmic play. Best of all, don’t try to be anything at all. This is a secret few recognise.”

    ~ Mooji

    So this is my Love Zombie let go – I have stopped being a Love Zombie with my own life. I refuse to buy into the fantasy of “Doing what I Love and the Money Will Follow”. I HAVE, and it HASN’T !! I refuse to strategise my existence any longer.

    I make no plans.

    I have no goals.

    I accept no challenges.

    I do not try.

    In the choice between “Do, or Do Not” I Do Not.

    I feel SO much lighter and happier 😀

    • Ah! Your post is serendipity to me! First of all, I’m inspired by your realizations and you must feel SO GOOD to have come to that place. And………I LOVE Mooji! I watch videos of him on youtube all the time. He has helped me so much. Glad you have found him, too!

      I was in the flow there for a few weeks, letting go, letting god, but the last few days I snapped into some frustrated controlling freak-out state. So weird…. Anyway, I found what you’ve said here very healing and soothing so please know that as you’ve helped yourself to feel better you have also helped another by sharing your experience….thank you! 🙂

      • Its like loosening the strings on a mental corset – just an “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh”

        Honestly, I put up the sunlounger in the garden and fell asleep in the shade of the lemon tree the other day. It was wonderful.

        I’ve found I’m spending more time cooking and also talking to the children….

        • Sounds DIVINE, Domestic Triffid!

          I need to take this stance, too, I think…..if I can… I’m against a wall, financially, home and work, and some of it is out of my hands. It doesn’t do any good to get in a snit or get super controlling about it. I need to relax!

    • I’ve been having similar insights myself. I was finally able to finish my script was the day that I realized that instead of just BEING and letting it happen I obsessed about doing it so much that I ran from it! A good quote:

      “If I chase it, I separate into the chaser and the chased. If I am it, I am it and nothing else.”
      — John Lilly

  16. Lol. Venus Is also to do with art and creativity, yes? Is this Void what has suddenly fired me up about – and was about to make me launch into a fantastic rant re – virgos and their patronising, critical approach to, well, ME? Seriously, so I was going to say, fuq off with the know it all nitpicking. I refuse to engage with the non-me game of snotty one-upmanship. And when that criticism comes from that disgusting miasma of insecurity and ego, seriously, go away and Do Not Talk To Me.
    Love from pisces who is just learning and doesn’t need to listen to someone else’s patronising, unhelpful shit.

    • I know I am probably over-reacting, and at the time I don’t feel there is a problem, then I mull over the conversation and my ignored gut reaction at the time and realise that I am actually really unhappy about it. This is one of the few people whose opinions I would like to value but when confronted with a wall of judgement, I just think ‘what’s the fuqing point of even asking what they think of my work when this is all I will get?’ Sigh. 🙁

      • I found it really helpful to follow up those gut reactions with an actual statement to the person ie: I am really unhappy about what you are saying.

        No heat, no emotion – just the old “I feel ……. when you……” so “I feel bad when you give me these critiques. They are unhelpful to me”

        Or just ignore the person. In my experience, the very most talented teachers NEVER feel the need to “critique” your work. They ALWAYS have something positive to say. This is because the best teachers understand that the carrot always works better than the stick.

        Anyone who says otherwise is a patronising, ego-driven control freak 😀

      • Thank you DT. I realised this shortly after I posted too, thank god – a rant on a blog is meaningless – I need to speak up with love and seek clarity. And I did, because this kind of reaction from me just doesn’t fit my relationship with this person. So, I take that rant back because we’re both a bit clearer on where we’re both coming from now. ah the beauty of honest communication..

  17. Well first and foremost I feel like a absolute beginner after reading all your writings..most of u write so well u should be writers..I envy your knowledge of how the planet’s align. But I’m not sure I have the energy to go down that huge path of learning..well not just yet..anyway I’m a Leo with big hair..and my life is somewhat in confusion..all is well, but just lately (last 2 days) been feeling a deep unexplained sadness and a feeling of doom..hate that word..I’ve had LZ attacks for nearly 2 yrs and have realized that I’ve just been playing the whore..just how clear we need to be putting out our desires to the universe..I’ve seem to be attracting men who just wanna fuq I’ve wanted it to..but it does leave one feeling empty and hollow the next the alter of love sounds like a good idea..I could have a lot of fun with one set up in my’s something spinny I would like to share with u all…when I was 13, I had a dream that will always be remembered..I was on a horse galloping out of control down a major road when all of a sudden the horse veered left into a cemetery..there was a funeral in horse dissolved between my legs and morphed into a tiger..the priest came over and I asked him what this means..he said he couldn’t help me..end of that dream..there’s not a night where horses r not in my dreams and I’ve had 3 nightmares of 4 weeks ago I got a tattoo of a black running horse on my inner got a infection in it, which worried me incase it was fuqed..low and behold it had now healed and now I have tiger stripes on my horse…how symbolic…just wish to God I knew what it all means ??

    Love, flowers & sunshine to all xx

    • the cat in you wants you to rein your hoochie mama self and act with a little more restraint and discretion. her queenie self doesn’t want to submit to sub-par liasons that leaves her cold and wet. she needs the worship and the love if your animal spirit guides are a clue, that’s got to be what they are from how prominent they are your life. I think you want to run carefree, wild, and unbridled horse archetype. i read the cemetary is an omen, the priest warning you that if you stay on the path, you’re tiger will wither away, and there won’t be any help, spiritual or otherwise. so if that tattoo is any indication, your leo-ness is so pissed she scratched stripes on it, i say make amends and call it a zebra from now on. serious wow.

    • Wow. Powerful. I can’t interpret that one. I’ve had a few animal totem dreams – maybe a handful in my life. I google research all my dreams; and in the end go with my gut. I’d google horse and tiger, if you haven’t already. But….bottom line…you have to be the beast you are. Seriously. Think of the absurdity of trying to be one or the other – like a wolf dressed up like grandma, no one really believes the disguise. Its disorienting for you and them to mask your own good nature. Your nature’s as good as any; the trick is getting out of your own way, yeah? Let me know if you figure that one out 🙂

      The priest, the funneral, those are society things. No – society can’t help you. Its alright. Nature is indifferent to society things.

      Its hard, because I feel others can see me and I can’t see myself in that way – as the animal I am. Unsure, I convince myself that I am invisible, and I’m not. Not ever. Once, a bureacrat at the office stomped his hand on the conference table and demanded to know, in the middle of a large meeting, “Are you a dom or a sub, woman!?!” It was so weird and disgusting and rude and cutting and relevant. We laughed at his crazy, but I was moved to have a clue into the kind of animal I am. Still working on getting out of my own way on that one.

    • You want to identify with the horse, but it’s out of control, it’s representing you – but the universe is telling you the tiger is where it’s at.

      Funeral -> death -> change.

      Shift your mindset to the tiger. The tiger is also wild, but is in control.

      • Yah – the horse is a symbol of control. Check out the legend of Rhiannon.

        What would the tiger do if you let her loose ? Check out the legend of Sekhemet.

        • The tiger scares the hell out of my dreams it’s a’s dangerous. I have my own horse, and now ive been having unfounded fear of them..but I will check out those legends u have suggested..I will let u know my thoughts xx

          • interesting you called it a maneater- perhaps there is some unconscious rage at feeling like you’re being used for sex constantly? maybe YOU’RE feeling eaten and want to throw it back at them. find the control and ride it!! xoxox

      • Hmm I’m hearing u..I’ve also been told that the dream represents that I won’t walk the path of the church..that’s why the priest couldn’t help..ok..I will think more on the makes sense in wot u said…cheers x

        • Watch the Life of Pi if you havent, then Google “life of pi ending explained” – it should leave you with a website called… Read all the different explanations… I think something might click for you…

          • Yes I watched life of pie and loved it.however I was sad that a friendship didn’t really happen between them 🙁 but I will check out wot u said..cheers xx

    • You could email Mystic and see if she has any availability. Mystic is really great in getting you to see the opporutnity in whatever the energies may be.

      If she’s not available, I had a chart done by Anne Ortelee. You can book online at I asked for no predictions, but the things she told me about my past – the years and events – were spot on. Its strange to confront how much is written ahead of time. I’m sure people don’t get their chart done until the time is right.

    • You can get a great free interactive one on the astro page to astrodienst – just click on the link on the main page of this site and put your details in…. Really helps explain ALOT! You can use the natal chart to look at squares, trines, what houses mean, everything!

    • + 1 for astrodienst. You definitely don’t have to pay for this :))

      Also, Cafe Astrology has a great series of articles explaining what all the Houses, Planets and Aspects mean.

      • Agreed – if you don’t have money you can do a lot online. You have to educate yourself and learn as you go. If you can afford an astrologer, you will get info on your chart that you never would have realized on No comparison, really.

  18. Perfect timing once again mystic. Haunted last night ” by the one”… Eight years ago now : ( I love being reminded that I’m a fucking idiot. Ahhhh

    • I feel ya on this… Please dont ever beat yourself up over it though. Emotions are a very complicated and fragile – not to mention – pretty much uncontrollable thing. It took me 7 years to get over someone from my past. He was my first real love, and I never got closure. The lesson for me was to just ride it out and feel everything that surfaced… no matter how uncomfortable it was, or how long it took. And in 2012, I was finally able to say good-bye without a twinge of regret. xx

  19. Awwww,
    My newly 7 Piscean daughter has tons of folders covering her desktop all titled with the different animal species she collects from google images. (it’s easy to guess her ascendant 🙂 )
    Broke my heart the day she stopped typing ‘ WOOFS”… when she was searching for timberwolves.

    Anyway; her nearly 5 little bro still occasionally steps in ‘Chooken poo’….
    (trans for those not in Oz..chickens are more commonly called ‘chooks’ here ..)

  20. OMg. i keep getting lost in fantasies… i have a little crush, tiny, and then in my head like BOOM. music! lights! half awake, ancient dna! soul memories of lust. neptunes trine my natal scorp venus, its just extra pumped, right now with transit venus and neptune going thru my first house too. i cant stop thinking bout fantastic ‘could bes’. definitely the single’s version of this love slave business. i don’t think i’d like reality its too annoying anyway HAHAH Arg.

    • Me too!!! I’m reading this whole post thinking imva tragic love zombie in fantasy land…. I spent hours while working today (i can multitask) in detail by detail fantasy of my desired seduction of object of fantasy, but I wake through the night in deep stages of fantasy dreaming about this person too! I laughed at myself today and thought “in effed in the head when it comes to this stuff”

  21. Love the dragon! I dreamt that a charismatic vampire was helping me choose perfume. He said he liked the way I smelt and I told him I normally wear Balenciaga but the shop didn’t stock it. He chose one called Fluer for me. I wanted to stay with the vampire but I woke up. Aspects of the dream are still following me through the day calling me back to Love Zombieland, I will resist… I will not be someone’s little flower.

  22. Yesterday: Re-Enter the Scorpio. flashed me his Calvins & rock hard body as he revealed that he is actually so much older than me that our Saturns are trine. Now that I know his birth year I know everything… Scorpio, Kataka Moon/Rising. His Mars, exact sextile my Venus, zero Pisces to Zero Taurus… I’m in trouble y’all.

          • Oh we’re all friends here, dia, I’m sure nobody would mind if you use just the flimsiest of pretexts to update us: “astro chart?? I have one of those! And so does the Saturn-trining Scorp, who this week….” etc
            In fact I insist you do. I have no love action whatsoever, so I am living vicariously through others. Look
            upon it as a humanitarian mission! x

  23. sometimes I wish I could still be even just a little bit love zombie. but instead it’s like my attitude to love is a cake where someone used salt instead of sugar. :\

  24. I’ve reached a state if total equanimity.
    An equal dislike for all people.
    I’m such a grouch right now.

  25. Well I could go all love zombie – my daliance with a Virgo seems to have burst its bubble. He turned up Friday late night at my house (prearranged as I have a 7yr old on my own and couldn’t get out), on something or other, possibly the scent of another woman (and not perfume, it was fleeting and I am not positive). I asked him straight up the next day and he empahatically denies anything (as you would), but I have my suspiicions and seriously whatevs. He is free to do whatever, we are not in a formal relationship, but that also means I am free to do whatever I want to and if that is what is going on then I am not doing him amymore. Time will tell. Letting it go and see what comes back to me. No love Zombie here, no time for that bullshit.

    • Oh Noooo, just read the scopes for tomorrow – Me Libra, Him Virgo – could get really ugly or really awesome. Well at least I won’t have to wait it out. 🙂

  26. Oh thank gawd, thought I was losing the plot. Grateful there’s an astrological explanation. Hanging out for Friday.

  27. As per last bajillion love zombie days: he should be with me. That is all.

    Or at least. I should be with someone fuqing awesome and soon, if “the Angels” or whatever are taking him on another path. I mean HELLO!! Where are my Angels!? What IS this path I’m on? It’s pretty freaking shady if you ask me… Not something a twenty something should be walking alone.


  28. I came face to face with my biggest LZ trigger.

    An ex boyfriend of mine with whom we broke up over a year ago, lots of things unsaid and lots of turmoil and the ending of one of the most beautiful relationships I had ever been in with the most out of this world love and chemistry. You know, when you leave a relationships completely inlove but HAD to because it was just to turbulent and damaging to i don’t know, EVERYTHING else in your life. Yeah..

    Face to face after such a long time of nothing. He confronted me about a lot of shat that went on in the relationship.

    We went home together.

    And then didn’t leave home for 48 hours.

    And it was amazing.

    Who know’s

    Aquarius being prominent in both of our charts, we went our seperate ways almost the moment Neptune left Aquarius and entered Pisces. Like MM has mentioned many times, For aquarians our relationships and the people in it, WERE WE DRUGGED UP THE WHOLE TIME!

    Something stuck with me in the Love scopes MM recently gave us..
    Late March early April.. even the most cynical Ram can fall back in love..

    Interesting times!

  29. i’m so not a lz anymore, love altars and fist-born son bargains notwithstanding, but ha! it is around. yesterday, my libran friend called in such a state of lz agitation she couldn’t string a sentence together to save her life. i pulled some cards for her and told her all about the astro of the mo and smoothed her out. it was a shocking mirror experience though- i hope to high hades i was not like that but i fear i was completely!

    and then the crab called. we talked all night long. barely functioning this morning but in a state of peaceful euphoria. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • nononono, that is not healthy, hippera! it is THE crab, of the altar and whiplash emotions and all-consuming lz-dom of the the last year. the nessus-pluto- relationship. the one i dreamed of murdering. the toro moon and the virgo moon. the one that fulfills the soulmating book’s prophecy of my gem sun/cap eros- “you run into problems when you meet somebody exactly like you.” he is my twin. strung out on xanax and adderol and other pharmies. on the other side of the country. being hotly pursued by the girl who stole my first boyfriend. but none of these things matter- it is, without a doubt, true love. i’m detached from outcome now- seared by the pain- it may or may not come to pass in this corporeal world. but the certainty in my gut doesn’t care- we found each other, for however long we get or got. love. but not something to emulate- dear goddess no! i wish lightness, fun, joy, and laughter for you! not nessus.

        • but it’s also true- it’s cozy, and sweet, and gentle, and kind, and transcendent. paradoxical i know.

          • Oh my Lord. I got shivers reading your description of your tale. I salute your bravery and courage :O Ive gone through some epic shit, but not to that level. Its always the paradox, isnt it? Theres always something to anchor you even if the rest is bat-shit crazy. We can never get what we want…. there is always 5 parts crazy to the 2 parts of absolutely incredible soulmating pieces or something 😛 Big Sigh. Hugs and healing blessings for you my friend. I will be thinking of you.

            • True love always seems to be a lesson of letting go, whether it happens for illegitimate and unfair reasons or not, sooner or later we must let go. its something Ive had difficulty with… I know with my last ex this has been a huge obstacle for me. I feel it is – or was – true love with him as well. I know if I saw him again, I would probably just give him a big hug and we would just start chatting again like nothing happened. Thats what makes it harder to let go… the deep bonding love that is there. Anywho, wishing you the best either way… enjoy the journey, wherever you may find yourselves in the future, which is as of yet, unwrit 🙂

        • I know that feeling…just being happy with what you got and still loving the person but accepting that it does not work in reality and may never.

          It sucks, but once you hit that true acceptance spot you’re so much stronger for it.

  30. I turned into a Love Zombie when Mercury went retro – its getting better now but its an awfully powerful spell!! I’m getting a dragon!!

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