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view from my portholeThe View From Her Porthole.

In which Triple Taurus takes to sea on a top-secret mission. Details have been redacted here.

SOS!! I’ve just spent 2 months living and working on a small yacht in Antarctica under the most diabolical circumstances I’ve ever encountered in an already colourful lifetime. I’ve been living and working with 12 men (and only one other woman) on a 75 foot yacht in the middle of nowhere and now that I’m on dry land and am reconnected with the internet I plan to go on a massive horoscope bender.

I battled huge Southern Ocean swells, which were absolutely terrifying beyond measure. As a triple Taurus (Sun, Moon and Mercury), with many other planets in earth signs (Virgo mainly) WHY THE HELL DID I GO TO SEA FOR THAT LONG? Am I mad? I have Cancer Rising but come on…

I have porthole footage that will blow your mind – it’s like living inside a washing machine. No wonder I’m so affected, it’s like being on a big, scary washing machine spin cycle for 50 days. The big waves at sea are beautiful and terrifying all at once. Β We were in a small yacht, so when we sailed into a storm, we were smashed. I had such fear at times, but the best way to overcome it was to go upstairs to the wheelhouse with the ‘boys’ and cheer on the huge waves…like ‘Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here it comes’…then ‘Yay – we didn’t die’!! If you want to know what I just went through, just youtube ‘Drake Passage swell’ or Crossing the Drake Passage and you’ll see what I mean. It’s the roughest seas in the world just past the cape – and in the ye olde days, sailors weren’t considered sailors until they had rounded the cape.

But forget the waves that knocked me clean out of my humble bunk… the most challenging aspect of the project were the people. I was constantly surrounded by lots of men – egos, machismo, ‘military energy’ – which proved way harder to live and work with than I imagined. I’m not exaggerating when I say it all got a bit Lord of the Flies towards the end! Β 

I thought living away from society, in one of the harshest environments on the planet, and the most dangerous oceans in the world, was the perfect Zap Zone moment for me to evolve or evaporate for I would be confronting fears, pushing my limits of endurance, and spending two months without my ‘things’ – not to mention no personal space, no make up, none of my favourite foods, very limited communications, even more limited ability to shower and of course, no horoscopes. I was living a stripped back, basic version of life – that was meant to be empowering but instead I feel zapped. Don’t get me wrong, I saw some mind blowing things and am proud of myself for the job I did on the boat (I was the writer & photo person on the project). I’m so very lucky to have even seen that part of the world, but it’s taken a toll on me. I’m hoping some magical rebirth/phoenix transition will take place once I get my land legs (and mind) back.

When we first hit land I didn’t wiggle my toes on the grass – there was none. I was greeted by a military figure dressed in khaki, standing on a rusty pontoon. I was fine with this because we were alive. We had just sailed through some horrific weather, the yacht was listing to one side, water was coming into the cabin, the galley, I hadn’t slept in 40 hours, we lost the generator so we had no ability to cook, make tea, nothing. All the fresh produce was rotten so I had to have out of date oreos for breakfast. Hideous.

Now I am back on land in Santiago resting up and I am doing all the things I have missed – walking barefoot on grass, exposing my skin to the sun. I am loving being of the earth again. am in some space age Hilton hotel that has a pillow menu and a king bed with hydraulics called the ‘Garden Sleep System Bed’. I don’t know what to do with myself – having slept in a bunk the size of a coffin for more than two months!I

Just hours ago I wandered down a small street and came across Pablo Neruda’s house. I wasn’t even looking for it, it just appeared. I went in for a tour and the whole place was nautical themed. He had portholes, a lighthouse, maps, ships, compasses everywhere…. I couldn’t believe it. I loved the place in all its quirky glory but I’d found myself back in a bloody ship again. Apparently Neruda was obsessed with the ocean but terrified of it. Amen brother!

So what is the lesson at the moment? Why is the sea coming to me again and again and again…. even on dry land.

PS – It wasn’t all bad as I got to see baby orcas!

Boat in heavy seas art

Image: Chalermphol Harnchakkham Ocean and Love – Society 6

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122 thoughts on “Being Taurus…At Sea

  1. I’m a quintuple Capricorn (Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Venus and Saturn) and I ADORE the sea and being on ships. The things I would do to go on an adventure like that.. I am beyond jealous. Although I’m also Saggo rising, so anything that is even faintly adventurous has me immediately wondering how to sign up. No, really. I saw someone’s comment about the wages of submarine cooks and I think I may consider a career change. I’m a good cook. Plus I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica (I love the cold, too).

    The close-quarters and lack of comforts does sound a bit daunting, and I’m not sure how I’d fare around the macho-types. I have a hard time taking them seriously if they’re all biceps and bravado, and no brains, although some of them are genuinely good people. Still, I’ll do just about anything if it means I get a good story out of it.

    Seriously. Where do I sign up??

  2. Just dying to know what work you were doing was it research? Whale saving? How amazing and brave. It is good to know that there are such fascinating women out there. Truly inspirational.

  3. This is a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it. Analogously, it is very much like my last two months: harsh conditions, little sleep, little food, feeling of confinement and discomfort, testosterone overload, surrounded by men, lord of the flies, using writing and photography, rare opportunity, the feeling of danger, “being at sea”. Amazing. Loved reading it.

  4. Neptune _ especially the Lord of the Flies and sychronicity , apart from the obvious water overwhelm. … But also Saturn. I recently read that Mars incicates your fighting or flighting style of self-defense but Saturn indicates the who/what/how of it. If you are a late Kataka rising, then Saturn would be covering your 4th house at the moment. …. The house of the shadow self, as well as the domestic environment, and normally associated with Kataka, your rising, and the moon. There’s something about this experience that is reminding me of the moon tarot archetype. Life bared down to essentials, the civilised versus non-civilised nature of being the only female out at sea with several men. I would suggest Saturn is giving you a look at something, whether it’s 4th or 5th house, but sounds like 4th house to me.

  5. i so bruised as retrograde i forgot to register the car now its not
    got given the slip….. so no rego no car and no going to the festival on.
    so weekend of washing at the caravan park whilst cap friend
    said she tell me all abt it thats all she ever does tells me abt her exciting aqua north node,i certainly a late bloomer waiting to bloom

  6. Omg! Instant crush : ) go hard captain!
    I’m a fellow toro sun and rising and can’t be away from the ocean for too long. It’s soothes my chemistry … I’m hoping my final demise is in it.. Part of the food cycle nourishing a shark or something just as divine..
    I think toro’s in general are misunderstood and underestimated. Not a lazy bone in my body….. I crave adventure… Are we the toddlers or 4-6 age group of the life cycle learned ones? either way.. I think there is much to learn. Is Venus our ruling planet or earth itself?

    Nice to see a change from the Leo // libran// Aqaurian // and gemini blogs which fill our pages.

    Bravo again : ) nothing more admirable than a courageous spirit!

  7. what an adventure! just think of the stories you’ll have to tell once the taste of oreo cookies has faded! epic. i too would have been on the bridge during storms- making damn sure that whoever was steering that thing had his hands on the wheel at all times… the illusory yet all-important sense of some control. glad you are safely back on the good firm earth. xoxo

  8. A beautiful novel for anyone who fancies a virtual trip to Antarctica…. It’s called ‘The Nature of Ice’ by Robyn Mundy, a WA writer. From the blurb: “weaving a vivid recreation of Douglas Mawson’s ill-fated 1911-14 Antarctic expedition into the contemporary story of a woman coming to terms with the breakdown of her marriage.” It really is a beautiful story. (No it’s not my novel lol, however I do know the author)

  9. so, this weekend is a bit of a shitter! Weird Scorpio energy… I can never get too comfy with it… Not when normal things need to happen – like eating, cleaning, and sleeping… Maybe if all that was done then I could do some deep ritual… Or take time to think deeply… But that’s not happening and I feel edgy, like I’m detoxing, like something is constantly irritating me, so I’m just gonna keep going with the day, putting a new compost bin together, bed together, potting some roses planting some vegetables, and hopefully I make it to tomorrow without to many psychic bruises. Xx

  10. I loved this post. Well-done, brave Toro. My best friend Andy used to say that one of the old signs for Cancer was a sailing ship – makes sense if you think of the outer shell. What an experience. Can we hear more, please? Time for a well-earned rest now for you!

  11. Wow. You made it, you did it, be proud! Maybe you had to get water out of your system, you know, face it and deal with it (and it doesn’t get much more extreme than rounding the cape, right?) just to work out where you belong.

    I was thinking about this recently. I’m Pisces rising but Virgo sun and there’s a bit of water in my chart but not much, and I really don’t feel good by the sea (unlike some water signs I know). I always get a shocking headache, and I just feel….awful. By contrast, I am very at home in trees. I love climbing them, walking among them. I am also drawn to fresh water (but not to swim in it).

    You know the expression “in one’s element”….it just seems so astrological. Some people belong in certain environments and not in others.

    • Hi Lux,

      i often feel the effect of the tides when I’m by the ocean – eg. a sense of fullness when the tide is high (and I’m holdin’ on) etc….I wonder if this might be what causes your headaches? would make sense if you were sensitive to pressure.

      I know what you mean, water is definitely my element πŸ™‚

  12. when I saw this porthole pic I was all, wow, how beautiful….that’s so me, I’m such a water sign, I love the ocean etc. but omg. I’m sorry but when I read the rest of the story I remembered that I went green nearly died of fear on a ferry trip to the Aran Islands in rough seas off the west coast of Ireland (a half hour trip I believe!) and was beside myself that the only way back to land with access to other places was to take the return trip. You’re right, the only way to take it was up top – to be able to see it coming. Toro Moon & Rising. Far out, I am seriously impressed. You must have a very strong grip on something helpful in the keeping it together area πŸ™‚

    ps. I have a thing for ships and I LOVE that artwork

  13. this adventure sounds like heaven to me. was recently looking up job openings on antarctica. Did you know mcmurdoe’s hiring a hairstylist?

    Now THAT would satisfy my urge for spicy gossip!

    • Base life is definitely not for me. I visited a few (not McMurdo) but from what I saw it’s very testing. I can only imagine the juicy gossip a hairstylist would be privy too while on base!

      • there’s a great crazy-bats movie on netflix streaming about life on antarctic base. “encounters at the end of the world” NUTS!! thx for the info πŸ™‚

        • Yes! I’ve seen that one. That’s a Herzog documentary. He’s one of my favourite film makers – so original and smart.

  14. Now that is an adventure I want. Thank you for sharing your amazing oddyssey. Sounds like many here are a bit squeamish and panic about the whole ordeal, but my pulse kind of quickened, but for sheer excitement. I would love to do something crazy like this. This kind of stuff really makes the spice of life for me. It’s like Crusoe minus the wreck.

    I have Sun and Asc in Taurus along with Venus, so not quite triple but like $2.99. I have never been a fan of water, I swim like a cat, but something about living on a boat with some serious odds stacked against you gets my mojo going – the adventure, the stubbornness to see it to the end, and testing your grit against what nature throws at ya.

    • A $2.99 Taurus! I love it! Gren, you should totally go for it and find a way to do something like that if you think it gets your mojo going

      • Got any sage directions on where to start looking? Had I hit redo and spawned as a scientist, I know I would enjoy voyaging on expeditions in pursuit of research and unknown places. The further out of reach of civilization the better. Hmm, I do recall now that an acquaintance of mine spent about three months in Antarctica huddled in a research bunker working on something fascinating I’m sure. He said that the hardest part was the isolation and time spent confined in a giant tomb for weeks at a time. Pssh, I can stay in a comfortable sarcophagus for an extended period of time. I don’t get claustaphobic unless I’m forced or manhandled into one. My demise though would be finding a diabolical hibernating alien that crash landed a hundred thousand years ago then decided to replicate humans ala The Thing.

        • Hmm.. you could apply for a job at one of the research bases to get a taster – you don’t need to be a scientist as they need other staff to run the base too. Otherwise, perhaps try getting a job on an icebreaker that visits the Antarctic. Both of these options are more ‘sane’ than what I just did but a good introduction to area. And yes – I thought about ‘The Thing’ quote often!

  15. Remarkable! I loved reading this. Such interesting lives we all have! Toromojorising, kudos to you on completing this voyage with your sense of humour having had a such a workout. I can believe that a Taurus would enjoy this kind of visceral experience. I have a rello who is Sun, Asc, Moon, Mercury, Venus in Taurus (seriously) and she is one exam off a ship’s captain at a very young age.

    Sea or land, the Toro’s I know are the most feminine warriors I have met.

  16. Hey, hey hey πŸ˜‰

    thanks for sending us an update. Lovely to read your experiences. I guess, once this journey is over, you will have plenty of time to mull over what it was about. For the moment, you are doing great – go with the flow πŸ™‚

    • sounds very Neptune dosnt it…. I’ve always been impressed by people like this, the adventurers people who do things bigger than themselves… For some reason I’ve never felt I’ve done this, everything I have done feels centered around self family and survival…. I’ve always thought people wh do these things must have such a strong base, grounding, roots… But experience tells me this is not always true, but many times it also seems some who manage great feats of character do in fact have very strong bases and senses of self. In any case by the time were adults I guess we have an opportunity to choose and prepare ourselves for amazing adventures… what a challenge to being grounded this adventure must have been!

  17. Terrifying read! Almost had a panic attack whilst reading this…for real! I have severe claustrophobia and a ‘healthy respect’/complete fear of the ocean, yet love to be near it, but not in it. I’ve also lived on the California coast most of my life.

    I have Pisces moon, Mars, MC, Chiron….that Pisces over the 9th house thing, moon is there…..and Crab ascendant, Aqua sun in the 8th, love water, swimming, etc., but not up for major overwhelming potentially fatal ocean experiences like that! I was drawn to surfing but got spooked out by the ocean too much to continue…*sigh* I love watching people surf, though, and envy those who can deal with the ocean enough to enjoy this amazing sport!

    I am in awe of you for going through this journey! Kudos to you for getting through it and not having a breakdown! You are STRONG!

  18. Was thinking today and yesterday how far I’ve come and the great people I’m spending time with, my mind and imaginings are in the arms of future plans fast becoming reality. I feel fortunate being heavily mutable and its this sort of astro that really makes me glad I’m mindful of other people’s feelings.

  19. From one Taurus to another.. You are amazing i felt seasick just reading about your adventure. I wish as a Taurus i had you guts. Fantastic!

  20. Is this the same Toro who was on the Shackleton re-enactment trip ?
    Or have more than one Toro’s gone King Neptunian on us ?
    The ”Top Secret Mission” threw me….
    Respect to you Madame Toro !
    Not in chance in Hades for this Fleece.

  21. When i was 17, i went on a trawler with a bitter scorpio guy who would kill anything in the net before he put it back into the sea. fuck it was so trauma filled the boat smelt faintly of semen and there was lots of nude pics of woman up form the 70″s, I was the cook there but was happy to get off after a few nites. bogan boat. You should manifest a film to be made and link it to the current astro which is drastic and raining here all the time.

  22. what a story with so many planets in water its lucky nobody drowned.
    satuirn in scorp retro now testing our limits of survival peeps doing less small talk and don’t care if you don’t like them. Chiron with neptune in pisces making a lot of virgo’s go crazy they masochistic anyway being the sign of the servant they attract dominant masters! LOL

  23. Sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime that would shoot your career forward, but was traumatizing and now every reference to the sea is setting off alarm bells. *taps pipe*

    I liked the connection someone here made with pisces in the 9th house. I have virgo sun and saturn libra in the 9th and travel has been a way forward for me, career-wise, as I studied overseas.

    If you have outer planets in virgo, which I’d assume since taurus is probably activating some brilliant things in your chart for you to have expertise and experiences like this, it might be crossing the pisces aspect of your chart.

  24. I loved this story, have been obsessed with the sea for the last 12 months. Currently living in the tropics and it hasn’t stopped raining for weeks, everything is flooded and beautiful and giving me cabin fever.
    This story made me think of Nikki Gemmel’s Shiver, have you read it? It came out yonks ago, she writes similarly of the insidious, intense oppression of living in a constricted all-male environment on an expedition to Antarctica.
    I think you would appreciate it, Taurus at Sea…
    Yours in Neptune… x

  25. Sounds like my worst nightmare! With like a bazillion water placements you think I’d love the stuff, but nooooo! Only body of water I’m comfortable with is hot and has bubbles in it. And the testosterone fest?! *shudders*
    I would’ve been terrified!
    I’ve only ever been on a cruise ship during rough seas, with mutha waves hitting the porthole – and that was plenty pant-poopify-ing for me!
    Bravo Brave Heart!

    • WOW! Thanks Buckle. I never knew this. He was a fascinating man living in very interesting times. This trip has really rekindled my interest in his life and work

  26. Congratulations Toromojo, you made it !
    Your description of events made me a little queasy. The sea life is not for me.
    In fact it’s not for many. I was reading the other day how hard it is for the navy to find workers for submarine crews. Apparently it’s so hard to find kitchen hands and cooks etc they have to pay people huge amounts. A cook on a submarine gets paid up to $250k pa , a kitchen hand up to $120 k pa.
    These submarine missions sometimes entail up to 6 weeks submerged in extremely cramped quarters. I get claustro just thinking about it.
    You really are a very brave person.

    • The workers tend to be very poor men from already poor countries, or should i say countries where the divide between wealthy and middle class is drastic. Suicide of the workers is exceptionally common. They lose many people.

      There was this incredible nun from Ireland who boarded ships to visit these low waged and lonely workers. Their living quarters were so sad and their loneliness heartbreaking. They severely lack female company, and remember they come from places where marriage is socio economic stability and survival. Men alone in their situation are not warriors or adventurers, just heartbroken lonely, poor workers, whose cabins are little prisons and whose work is soul destroying.

      When i saw a doco about this woman’s work i really wanted to be able to do this, too, but i would be tremendously unsafe and therefore unable to help anyone. She was a gracious soul. I cannot find her name and half my stuff is archived, sorry, but the story of these men and this caring woman had a deep impact on me when i saw it sometime within the last decade.

      • Oh, no Mille, I’m talking about the Australian Navy, aussie citizens, in actual submarines, not those poor merchant seamen you’ve mentioned above. A friend tried it once, trained for months etc, huge pay, but had to be hospitalized and drugged until they could get him off the sub. He had a claustrophobic nervous breakdown. He’s fine now.

        • The fact that they were prepared for such a situation makes you wonder how common it is!!! My dad did sub training way back in the navy but never actually worked on a sub, said that some people didn’t make it because they freaked while diving.

          They should do that big brother reality show on a submarine…can you even imagine…

        • Oh yes i rather went off track there, but it was enormously satisfying as i dug up lots of religious stuff on the way (to nowhere πŸ™‚ ). I have known a few navy people but never from a submarine. It is a rare person who can do that. My Taurus friend freaked on a sub and he was there for 24 hrs or so. I remember going on a sub when i was a girl, just for a visit and i was thrilled but frightened, and didn’t want to stay. Same in the cabins of a US Naval ship. Hate to say it but those places are full of ghosts. Or something like it. Crouching, lurking, pervasive, madness inducing something.

          I cannot imagine there are actually many Pisceans in a military marine environment.

        • Claustrophobia, hospitalisation, drugged – wonder whether your friend had a 12th house transit or hard aspect at the time?

    • Thanks David! I don’t know if I am brave or stupid? Either way I am happy to have made it and not really in a hurry to get back on a boat again for a while

  27. Triple Taurus if you have Cancer Rising it most likely gives you a Pisces 9th house…the traditional description of the 9th being ‘long journeys over water’…!
    You may be feeling zapped but holy moly you have also expanded your consciousness…what a fab strategy for the zap zone…facing your fears by calling with gusto on the waves as they come crashing & then cheering at your survival in elation as they pass!
    Epic story, thanks for sharing! Sounds like you just need to process/write/reflect on how awesome your life is!

  28. OH MY GOD THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!!! I vaguely remember Toro mentioning this a while ago. I totally get the horoscope binge. Have spent a few trips totally offline, SO GOOD, and yes coming back to cushy “double soy latte”-land where women wear high heels and makeup and men shave, and you have a choice of more than one pair of trousers, or can actually wear a skirt, or see paved surfaces, it’s a very strange thing. An excellent way to rearrange priorities! and you saw BABY ORCAS! And you DIDN’T DIE! ANd you got to see into the tribe mentality of men at sea (mwahahaha). JEALOUS IN A GOOD WAY OF ALL OF THIS. XXOXOX welcome back

    • AND pablo neruda’s house. srsly. AND you’re in the Hilton… in CHILE. aaaagghhhhhhhhh *madly saves money for more o/s travel*

    • I very carefully avoided the sound in my head of the word “sailors”, when reading her tale. Although today i could probably tangle with a mermaid.

    • Thanks!! So true – baby orcas and Pablo Neruda’s house = amazing. Am now firmly back in Double Soy Latte Land… everything and nothing has changed

    • I am SO jealous I can barely breathe! I’ve been waiting for your update Mojo, and it’s even more fuqing turbulent and phenomenal than I could have imagined!

      I once read that Poseidon’s bid for Aphrodite’s hand in marriage included monstrous typhoons, sunken barges and drowned sailors. Terror and allure as indistinguishable is, I guess, fitting for the oceans and seas. Your adventure even sounds like a modern fairytale or myth; embarking on a fearsome journey, confinement with strange companions, enchanting and mysterious creatures and venturing out of reality and ‘into the woods’. You even stood face to face with crashing waves – how courageous! You and your adventure sound otherworldly, glad you’re safe and sane!

      About Neruda, perhaps you’ll be lured back to all things water again and again throughout your life, like being haunted. I often notice it rains during a Taurus moon in my part of the world.

  29. Wow!!! What an adventure!
    As a double Taurus (rising and moon) w a triple Taurus dad (sun mercury mars) I think that the hardest part would be having others interrupt my taurean habits/personal space…as the boat must be like a team effort w major unpredictability!

    I’d imagine an expedition to Antarctica would only consist of Aries, Saggs, and the odd Aqua.

    I would totally sign on for something like that if it were only 2 months though… I’d love to hear an update in 2-6 months to see what you got from the experience in retrospect now that you’re back on land.

      • I’d say either an aspiring Jacques Cousteau meets environmentalist type or a skinny bookish one who loves and idolizes Herman Melville and was nuts enough to sign on to the voyage…only to he was totally unsuited to pulling on heavy ropes etc and would rather be reading in his cabin than bro-bonding with the Aries pack.

        • I would be bro-bonding with Queequeg, or was it Starbuck. I’ve packed my books so i cannot check.

          I think you’ve described the same Aqua…he deep sea dives for the planet’s evolution but also reads Melville. Cousteau was French: you can bet he was literate.

  30. This post…the sea…Neptune conjunct Venus…I just re-read MM’s daily. How are others doing with the Neptune-Venus energy today?

    I think I met my new employer today. We really liked each other. Would love to hear tales of reuniting soul mates. Suppose if they were reuniting they wouldn’t have time for the blog tonight though, lol

    • I am loving it…I’m taking full advantage of this Pisces pileup for entrepreneurial obsession and daily writing quotas (natal mercury and Jupiter in Pisces).

      Being a strung out love zombie looks so alien and boring all of a sudden.

      • Same here! Its funny cause I worry whenever I MM warns of Neptunian astro that I am going to get all love zombied out. But fretting over a no-show seems just silly right now, no matter how much I like who/what isn’t there.

    • Funnily enough, i felt like i was slightly bewitching women today. They were all going soft eyed at me and being sweet as pie.

      Last night i dreamt i was becoming attracted to looking at naked women, but the scenes looked like paintings with colours associated with different painterly styles. It was very sensuous. I woke up wondering at its meaning. Then i forgot until you posted. (I mean surely i would have known my orientation by now, i’ve had plenty of chance to experiment and discover.) Now i laugh in memory of this morning’s bewilderment: it’s Venus bewitching my ruler!!! Or does Neptune bewitch and Venus seduce…

      • Perhaps your inner uber mother goddess is surfacing…and women are entranced by their own possibilities…

        I don’t know about sexual orientation as a concept. I think its more a slider thing. Who knows? Maybe you’re ready for new things πŸ˜‰

        • Yes!

          The Aries acupuncturist is amazing. I find her energy really soothing.

          For this reason i find sign stereotyping silly. We’re each a spiderweb of our whole chart. Perhaps my Merc Chiron conjunction in 5th house Aries responds to the gorgeous Aries women i’ve known in my life.

          She spoke about the energy we carry vibrationally when we heal ourselves, into the healing space for others. I am quite excited and scared about being back where i came from…there is nothing to be afraid of, but the past, and i am not the past self i was. I hope (that’s the fear – have i evolved enough?) and yet that’s what i’m doing anyway (so it’s where i must be, right?)

          Speaking of Venus, today’s weather here reminds me of the Ray Bradbury short story set on planet Venus, called The Day It Rained Forever.

          • I can understand being scared of going back to where you came from as if it may revert you somehow, you know?

            No rain here. Cold and sunny. Glad you have a good accupunturist.

  31. Oh i’m having one of those terrible names moments…and i tried the archives to find it but got lost…is this toromojorising? Perhaps i’ve mixed names, and if so, sorry. But i do remember you.

    Anyway, i have been wondering since january how your seafaring has been. Pisceans rarely get seasick but we get sea-obsessed PLUS sea-frightened, so i cannot imagine how it is for a well earthed Taurus!

    I think i’m in love with your serendipitous experience of Drake’s Crossing/Pablo Neruda nautical house shimmering into view.

    I did ask you last winter to send my mind back on a whale if you saw it but you sound awfully busy and, well, i’m doing fine without it.

    Lots of love xxx

    • I remember that and thinking your mind on a whale would be a whale. Like your mind is a big, majestic swimmer. How’s your move going?

      • That is quite the compliment, 12HV, thank you!

        Been busy, and walking that fine line between getting stuff done and looking after self. Fell off that line a few times this week but going ok since acupuncture. Which made my third eye PULSE. Seriously some forehead muscle starting squinching.

        So much stuff, big jobs, small jobs to do. Think i need to take the afternoon off.

        Then my Mars in Cap says, “Noone on Drake’s Crossing had the luxury of an afternoon off.” I would really like to be Mars in Something Else for a mo.

        How is your interviewing/job seeking? Much more importantly, how is the self nurture going?

        • Well, I am smoking again. Thursday was a dark day. The job interview went great. Recuriter said they’d likely have an offer to me on Monday. I still have interviews with 2 or 3 companies to set up. Not sure how long I want to play this job-dating game. It is merc retro…

          It was nice to be desired today by an employer. How Virgo is that? Celebrated by making my daughter go out to eat with me. She refused to eat anyting, but kept complementing the chef.

          Don’t think even your Mars in Cap could fight the Pisces vibes of now. Don’t let it guilt you. Or is guilt for not working yourself to death a Virgo thing only? xo

          • Good luck w the job 12th house Virgo!!! I am sure once you get more stability the smoking will be easier if you still wanna stop. πŸ™‚

          • No Mars in Cap gave a big sigh and Piscean me just took over looking up the story of a nun who helps merchant ship workers.

            Brilliant on the interview front. Believe me, 12HV you have my full respect for taking such a hit to the ego and still putting yourself out there at interviews, and tryinhg to shine. I just had this thought about smiling at work etc…some places make you smile. You know, not grinning like the village idiot at nothing, but just throwing these random moments or people at you that make you smile. I hope you find one of these places πŸ™‚

    • Ah yes, tis me!! Thanks for the kind comments.I actually didn’t see your mind down there. Perhaps it’s in the Caribbean in the sun? That’s where my mind is!

      • hey there im not good at this stuff but i do know im taurus with a taurus moon and I worked on the ocean for 5 years… I was always very respectful of the ocean and never believed i would work with her let alone in her… too afraid to be set adrift within her and never come back…Death…. but then i watched that movie the perfect calm i think its called and everybody dies…. in my memory not everyone dies someone gets saved and since watching that movie i decided it was worth the risk…. Out on the ocean somehow I feel more grounded I dont know how or why but i do I feel peace even in the rough scary sea at the mercy of the ocean πŸ™‚

      • Awesome read!
        I agree with an earlier comment, checked out if anything is transitting your Neptune or vice versa?

        Perhaps you could recoin the zap-zone as a spin-zone πŸ˜‰

  32. Well in my opinion, I don’t find it surprising that you wandered into Neruda’s house. You just spent two extremely intense months out at sea, your vibrational frequency must be soaked through with the vibrations of the sea and your experience. You may find yourself being attracted to and attracting all sorts of sea related phenomena to yourself for the next couple of days, if not weeks!

    Then I guess the next question I would have is, “How much water do you have in your chart? See, my own chart is lacking very much in any water at all and thus (as Mystic advised me) I find it particularly therapeutic to be in or near water, fresh or salt it don’t matter. Perhaps your intentional or unintentional attraction to water at this point is related to some lack of water element in your chart, either natal or at the moment?

    And finally what I find most ironic about your experience is that though you were immersed in water, it was probably the most claustrophobic way to experience it ever. In fact, I daresay, instead of immersing yourself in water, you actually created for yourself an experience that was more like the punishment of Tantalus. You desire water but are kept from it. You are physically surrounded by water but you cannot touch or taste it, you cannot absorb of the rejuvenatory aspects of it as you are kept apart from it by cold hard manmade metal. Water is a female element, yet you find yourself surrounded by absolutely male energy. You sought to find yourself and evolve and yet from what I can see you have only succeeded to driving yourself into a hole in yourself in order to protect whatever is left of your sanity from your forced interactions with the men.

    Perhaps what you should be asking yourself is, “Did I choose what I was looking for? Or was I not even knowing of what I was looking for before I chose this experience for myself?”

    Because it sounds to me, on some level, that you chose this experience out of an intellectual need to follow the Zap Zone protocol rather than on the urgings of some genuine inner calling and direction.

    I.e. It was too forced, therefore you created and attracted right back to you an enforcement. A ‘forced’ situation where everything is ‘forced’. Get it?

      • Well, it is, but the decision was made some time last year and although i cannot analyse it for you now, i feel it was made in a different light, not specifically for astro purposes, and in line with deeper desires than more external rationalisations. I think this is just the right journey for Toromojo (dear me, if that is the right moniker.)

  33. Proving that Tauruses have an immense tolerance level and can put up with sooooo much shite and still keep on living. You have my respect, Triple Taurus.

  34. What a great story an perspective you have on it. Enjoy earthly comforts. I’m sure you have a new and lasting appreciation from them after your adventures.

  35. What a great life experience story. Looking at your picture posted I can’t imagine the adjustment you had to go thru to understand what you just committed to. But you did it and look what you were brought to: a sign to help you process something about yourself regarding water.

    Water to me is extremely relaxing. (Sun in Virgo though). Even if the water is dangerous I would still enjoy the sound.

    I am not very creative in describing what I mean but like I said above I need to be near water. It allows me to expand my thoughts because there are no walls and what a beautiful sight when looking at the ocean.

    Thanks for posting. I felt like I was in a 3D movier or ride.


  36. Loved this… I’m a double Taurus myself. I’ve never been to sea but the horror of a taurus not having a decent breakfast is something I can relate to!

    I wonder if the wateriness of this experience has anything to do with the pile up of planets in Pisces that’s been building all this year? I feel this ‘all at sea-ness’ expressed more metaphorically … Back at home and unemployed and a very ill parent (my 6th house is Pisces).

    Hoping you enjoy that bed and dry land!

    • Yes you & the Triple Taurus have your priorites in good order! My daughter has Taurus stellium (Moon Venus Mercury all in the 9th LOL) and especially looks forward to her decent 2-course breakfast everyday, and I (Multi Virgo- Pisces with cancer moon) prepare it exactly as hoped for…I didn’t have any breakfast for years…Just bit & pieces, scraps on the run…

  37. Oh my, what an amazing experience. (Not that I am envious; that sort of experience is for Other People to just tell me about). Sounds like a lot to process.

  38. …yes, but you left out the most important part!! Did you get laid??

    (Forgive me but I am a multi-conjunct Pisces having the biggest Neptune/Chiron/Eros/Venus transit of this lifetime πŸ™‚ )

    Kudos to you as a triple Taurus for putting yourself through that. All of the Taureans I know need the earth like I need water.

    I would have willingly endured all of that just to get to Neruda’s house. xx

    • LOL.. that is EXACTLY what I was thinking! Military types… get the love swing out if there is room.

      What a great story of a true life experience!!


    • I would think that it would be a very, very bad idea to sleep with any crew. I mean if you did, that’s great, but in such a confined space and with no “decompression” for two months, it could go / have gone mental. Not nec in a threatening way. But i would always err on the side of “professional” just in case (damn you Cap moon).

      so anyway, were they hot?

  39. Geez. The last place I would imagine a tripple Taurus to be! Perhaps asking the obvious, but what sort of Neptune transit are you having?

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